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You have a few more days to get orders in for Christmas delivery!  Click here to shop our  oils, vinegars, and our new holiday line with hand-lettered mugs, cocoa sets, and caramel gift boxes!!  

I gave you guys a sneak-peek of these tags on Instagram and I’ve received tons of messages asking when they’ll be live!  Lucky you, today’s the day!  You may remember other tags we’ve done like this, like these holiday tags, and these amazing Mother’s Day tags.  These are pure magic.  One of our favorite people, Susie from The Little Umbrella, is the genius here.  Susie has been a part of Our Best Bites for a long time. If we put out anything that is awesomely adorable or wonderfully stylish, chances are it’s because Susie’s touched it. If you’ve never used these tags before, wait until you hear how they work!

There are several adorable designs and YOU pick all the colors.  You use a little color picker and the preview of your labels updates right before your eyes and then you can print them out yourself for FREE!  

You can also fill in all of the “To” and “From” fields and they will print with all the information right on there.  I LOVE how these turned out in black, white, and red.

And blue and red is pretty darn cute, too. 

But heck, you could make them purple, green, orange, and neon pink if you want. The sky is the limit!  Since you pick the colors yourself, you can match it perfectly to any wrapping paper or gift container which makes everything look really custom.  How cute does this look with our Cozy Cocoa Set from our Shop??  Hello, easiest gift EVER. 

To play with these tags and print some off for yourself, Click Here!  

Our Miss Susie also has a super darling Etsy shop and I’ve got a discount for you!  I just ordered some of her designer wrapping paper.  My Christmas wish is for ALL of my gifts to be wrapped in Narwhal paper.  Is that too much to ask??  The paper itself would be a really fun gift.  

Susie also has my all-time favorite Nursery print (makes such a sweet baby shower gift) that you can customize, and so much more.  Go take a peek over there and use code OURBESTBITES for 20% off!  Just make sure you get your orders in by December 16th for holiday delivery (except for these cute mugs, those can’t be guaranteed by Christmas). 

Then make sure to customize your own set of tags and pop them on something fun this holiday season.  Make sure to snap a picture and tag us on Instagram so we can see!

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  1. Today I left the store and realized I had forgotten gift tags for the homemade hot cocoa mix gift my kids are giving their teachers. You saved me! That warm wishes tag is perfect!

  2. Can I tell you a short story? My husband, up until yesterday, didn’t believe in narwhals. He somehow missed them in all the nature/animal documentaries we watched with the kids. So last year my daughter says something about a narwhal toy. “What’s a narwhal?” We show him Nat’l Geo, Wikipedia, Google. He’s not buying it LOL. “That animal can’t be real.” Needless to say he had a narwhal themed birthday last year. But YESTERDAY we were watching about the Natives in Northern Canada and the native is speaking about all the hunting they do to survive. Seals, caribou, beluga and NARWHAL. With handy photos of each animal. “Huh. I guess they do exists. That guy has no reason to lie.” Men.

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