Free Holiday Gift Tags!

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Sometimes all you need is the a cute gift tag to take even a simple gift and turn it into something extra special.  These free, printable gift tags are our very favorite.  One of our favorite people, Susie from Charmed, Inc. is the genius here.  Susie has been a part of Our Best Bites for a long time. If we put out anything that is awesomely adorable or wonderfully stylish, chances are it’s because Susie’s touched it. She’s put together tons of holiday tags in a rainbow of color combinations so all YOU need to do is print, cut and gift!  Click Here to access all the tags!

Free Personalized Holiday Gift Tags

Free Personalized Holiday Gift Tags

Free Personalized Holiday Gift Tags

Free Personalized Holiday Gift Tags

Free Personalized Holiday Gift Tags





  1. These are so awesome. My kids loved customizing them for their teacher gifts (peppermint bark rice krispie treats…). Thank you!!!

  2. Can I tell you a short story? My husband, up until yesterday, didn’t believe in narwhals. He somehow missed them in all the nature/animal documentaries we watched with the kids. So last year my daughter says something about a narwhal toy. “What’s a narwhal?” We show him Nat’l Geo, Wikipedia, Google. He’s not buying it LOL. “That animal can’t be real.” Needless to say he had a narwhal themed birthday last year. But YESTERDAY we were watching about the Natives in Northern Canada and the native is speaking about all the hunting they do to survive. Seals, caribou, beluga and NARWHAL. With handy photos of each animal. “Huh. I guess they do exists. That guy has no reason to lie.” Men.

    1. Lol. That is sooo funny! Btw, I’d never heard about narwhals (narwhales?) until about 12 yrs ago or so, either.

  3. Today I left the store and realized I had forgotten gift tags for the homemade hot cocoa mix gift my kids are giving their teachers. You saved me! That warm wishes tag is perfect!

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