Friday Faves: Skinny Snacks and Treats

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When we do live events one of the most common things we hear from people is, “You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but I totally feel like we’re BFF’s!!”  And no, it’s not crazy- because we love you, too!  In fact, when we find and fall in love with new things; whether it be a fun new foodie idea, an awesome cleaning product, a delicious restaurant, or a great movie (Hotel Transylvania- see it!) the first people we want to tell about it is YOU all!  We do kinda feel like when we’re typing stuff out here, we’re actually sitting at our kitchen tables chit-chatting over a cup of lemonade.  We’re all friends here.

Which is kind of what prompted a new feature we’re starting called “Friday Faves.”  It’s not something we’ll do every Friday, but occasionally when we have something worth sharing.  So here’s the deal, and we want to be very clear about what this is.  Friday Faves posts are never sponsored.  Ever.  It’s simply a little glimpse into our pantries, or our DVR’s, or our brains, or whatever.  Things we love, that we think you might love too.  That’s it.  Maybe if you love it a lot we’ll give some of our Friday Faves away.  For fun. Because we’re cool like that.

Which brings me to our first installment.  I’ve been working hard and have lost quite a bit of weight in the last few months.  It’s at the point where most people who know me have noticed and everyone’s first question is immediately, “What are you doing??”  Often with an undertone of “What are you taking”  “What program did you start?” etc.  Well let me answer that right now.  It’s groundbreaking, actually.  Get ready for this one; I’ve unearthed the secret to effective weight-loss.  Ready?

Burn more than you consume.

Or consume less than you burn.

I know.  It’s shocking that crap actually works.  In reality I have some not-so-secret weapons, like my beloved BodyBugg and a fantastic trainer who puts me through the ringer a couple times a week and makes me lift heavy stuff, but there’s no getting around the fact that good nutrition makes all the difference in the world.  For the most part, I eat clean.  Meaning good, well-rounded meals.  Nothing is off limits, I just try to keep my calorie count in check.  I can’t do the whole eat-steamed-broccoli-and-a-filet-of-fish for every meal thing.  Or the no carbs thing.  And certainly the no sugar thing.  I’m a food blogger for Pete’s sake!  I just try to do the “moderation in all things” thing.  Which means that while I try to mostly eat healthy, whole-food snacks like fruit and vegetables, sometimes I want chips.  Sometimes I want chocolate.  Most of the time I want ice cream.  Plus I’m a crazy busy Mom and I always have to have things I can grab and stash in my bag for later.  So I wanted to share some things that I’m obsessed with these days.  As in- I have industrial sized cases of every one of these things in my pantry or freezer.  Fo’ real.  These are all store-bought things that I certainly don’t eat all the time and I’m not touting as “health food”, but I really like having in my kitchen for when they’re convenient.  And I’m all about portion control.  As in, I have no willpower so I need forced portion control.  So if you’re looking for some munchy snacks and treats to fit into a healthy lifestyle, here’s some things that won’t totally destroy your diet.

Pop Chips– 100 Calories

I love that ad.  I buy these in the individual bags for portion control, they are my absolute favorite savory snack.  The day I saw the “Sea Salt and Vinegar” flavor at the store, I literally yelped out loud and for the very first time ever got the “look” from my 1st grader.  The look that immediately communicated without words feelings of, “Oh my gosh I am so embarrassed to be seen next to you right now.”  I really hate baked potato chips, I think they’re a total waste of calories because they aren’t even good.  These are light and crispy and crunchy and totally satisfy the crunchy-salty craving without the fat and calories of normal chips.  They’re not baked, and they’re not fried, they are quite literally “popped”.  They come in tortilla chip varieties too, and all of them are gluten free (and many flavors vegan, too). And since this is the only savory snack on the list (Hi, my name is Sara and I have a sweet tooth.) I should mention that one of my kids’ snacks isn’t half-bad calorie wise either: Pirate’s Booty.  My only problem is that I like to buy it in giant bags from Costco and I can’t stop eating it.  but if you do really weigh out a serving size (1 ounce) you’ll be amazed at how much it is, and for only about 100 calories.

Skinny Cow Candy – 110/120 Calories

Another awesome moment was finding out my favorite Skinny Cow Candy is now sold in big variety packs at Costco- woo hoo!  Granted you can definitely have half a snicker’s bar for this same calorie count, these are still a good bet.  They’re great for portion control, and at just over 100 calories, they’re actually good sized.  The peanutbutter crisp bars are my favorites, with the dark chocolate caramel crispy cluster thingies coming in a close second.

Clif Mojo Sweet and Salty Trail Mix bar – 190 Calories
{Peanut Butter Pretzel}

Have you ever been to the energy-bar section at the grocery store?  It’s completely overwhelming.  There are SO many different kind of bars.  A few months ago I just decided to go bonkers and buy one of almost everything and figure out what I liked.  These came out on the top of the pack.They’re low glycemic and have 9 grams of protein.  Once you jump up to the high-protein bars you’re into that chewy-gummy-protein-y tasting stuff.  These fit into the more granola-barish genre and they’re awesome.  They’re suuuper crunchy and have lots of peanut butter flavor in there too.  Great for an afternoon snack between meals.  I almost always have one of these, or the Luna Bars below, in my purse.

Luna Bar – 190 Calories
{Chocolate Dipped Coconut and Peanut Honey Pretzel}

I’ve been a long-time fan of Luna Bars.  When I was a freshman in college my Mom would mail me big boxes of the Chocolate Peppermint Stick ones (still a fave).  But they keep coming out with new flavors that knock my socks off.  This Chocolate Dipped Coconut reminds me of Samoa cookies, and the Peanut Honey Pretzel is fantastic too (it’s softer than the super crunchy Clif Bar of a similar flavor).

Skinny Cow Ice Cream – 100/150 Calories

Not too much to say here, other than I love every single ice cream product Skinny Cow makes.  That’s about it.  I keep track of the calories I eat and I almost always save 100-200 calories so at the end of the say after my kids are in bed I can plop on the couch and eat ice cream while I catch up with the hubby and the DVR.

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bars- 140 Calories

Okay, I honestly hate mentioning the word “Weight Watchers” because every time I do we suddenly get comments and emails with “Oh my gosh!  Awesome!  We all do Weight Watchers!!  Let’s be WW buddies!!  Send me the WW points for ALL of the recipes on your site!!!”  So.  For the record.  I’ve never done WW in my life.  I don’t use points.  I don’t even know what those are.  I just like the ice cream.  Got it?  These Ice Cream Candy Bars are my fave.  Peanut Butter Ice Cream, caramel layer, chunky peanuts, and completely covered in chocolate.  How can that not be good?

Weight Watchers– Strawberry Smoothie Pops 60 Calories

These babies have only 60 calories and I totally expected them to taste like artificial fake-sugary stuff.  But no- they taste just like a fresh strawberry smoothie.  Really great flavor and only 60 calories.  Can’t go wrong!  My other favorite fruity bar are the WW Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry Pops.  They taste like raspberry truffles, soooo good.

Snackwells Fudge-Drizzled Caramel Corn – 130 Calories


Lastly, SnackWell’s makes these yummy chocolate covered caramel corn packs.  Perfect for taking to a movie, or munching while watching tv or to curb a late-afternoon sweet tooth.  Love these.  The only problem is only eating one!

I hope that’s helpful for anyone out there needing some not-so-naughty treats.  Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments- I love discovering new yummies!

Totally unrelated to healthy snacking…

1.  If you missed our fun news on Facebook, our newly released book, Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites just landed its pretty little self on the National Bestseller List.  The Best Seller List for all non-fiction hardbacks (not just cook books).  For this, all we can say is, thank you thank you thank you thank you.  {Repeat 5 million times.}  We’re still in a state of shock and feel immensely grateful to all of YOU out there who support what we do!

2.  Very late notice, but Boise folks, I’ll be at the Deseret Book on Eagle Road (by Babies R Us, Pier 1, Old Navy, etc.) tomorrow (Saturday 10/6) from 6:30-7:30 for their “Ladies Night” event.  Bring a book and say hello!


  1. Thanks Sara! I really appreciate this type of post & can’t wait to try some of these suggestions. Let the weight loss begin!

  2. Fantastic Post Fantastic timing just getting ready to go to the store today, for some portion control snacks….because well my will power packed its bags and left about a year ago so I started packin me some bags too (the saddle kind 🙂 )

  3. Fantastic post! I am working on losing some baby weight, and this is exactly what I needed to read. I will not be eating carrot sticks for snack, it just won’t happen for me. Have you tried the Pirate’s Booty snacks? I like the whit cheddar ones. They taste like cheese puffs. Yum!

    1. Yes! In fact, I originally had Pirate’s Booty in this post and I took it out because my only problem is that I like to buy it in giant bags at Costco and I seriously have no portion control! lol. But a serving is an ounce, which is a LOT of Pirate’s Booty, so it’s a great one!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for the catch- SATURDAY! I was writing this post on Thursday night so when I wrote “tomorrow” I automatically thought Friday, lol.

  4. I just went to Target and got the Clif bars, Luna bars and some Skinny Cow ice cream bars!! They should totally compensate you for advertising! 🙂 I’m trying to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight from baby number 1. He’s four now…and I have another baby! LOL! I keep jumping on and falling off the bandwagon like it’s my job. Gotta stay motivated!! Thanks for this! I need stuff to keep me full between lunch and dinner…that’s the hard time for me!

    1. Woo hoo! I hope you love them. That’s a super tricky time for me too. About 4pm I start getting crazy-munchies!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I hate to spend/waste money on diet food trying things that I might hate. This is so helpful. I’m not a peanut butter fan, but my husband (I won’t say “dear” because he’s losing weight at the speed of sound and gets to eat twice as many calories as me and weighs less than me now) LOVES peanut butter, and would appreciate the surprise… Again, thanks so much!!

      1. My husband will eat a whole pan of brownies and still loose weight! Why is it that we have baby weight and THEY loose weight faster? GUH!

        Thanks for the tips! I’m considering energy bars because I’m about to switch to the swing shift, but the section at the store is so daunting! I’ll definitely give Clif a try!

        1. I know, and how is it that without working out men have nice, muscly arms and legs? And with working out I remain flabby? So not fair!

  6. You. Are. Too. Funny!!!!

    This is exactly what I needed! I get intimidated because healthy snacks are so expensive and what happens if it takes like cardboard dipped in a brown, plastic, chocolate wannabe substitute? You’re out big bucks! And now you’re alsao hosed when it comes 3:00 and you need a snack!!! My hubby eats those gummy weird food-like things and I just can’t do it! Thank you so much for helping to sort through the options!!

  7. This is great! I’m just starting to try to lose weight again (I was trying over the summer, and then I got pregnant, but now I’m not pregnant anymore…okay, that was much heavier than I was going for…), and I’m on the hunt for things like this. Right now I’m pretty well addicted to that Stretch Island Fruit Leather than you can get at Costco; at about 50 calories each, they’re a fantastic in-between-meal snack!

  8. You made me laugh because I just joined Weight Watchers 🙂 I’ve been on it for a week and a half and then your cookbook arrived at my door yesterday afternoon. Kudos to you for losing weight having the knowledge of your amazing-looking recipes. Peppermint fudge cupcake jars? S’mores hot chocolate? So excited to try all of the recipes!! In moderation of course.

  9. I love the peanut butter skinny cow bars – so yummy! I have such an issue with snacking – its bad. I need to figure it out and get it under control before I hit 30 (which is when everyone says your metabolism stops haha). I also keep swans chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer and eat 1 (or maybe several) for 130 calories.

    Another yummy thing I discovered recently (I love chocolate) is taking a carnation instant breakfast, and blending it with 1/2 frozen banana, 3/4 cup skim milk, and 1/2 cup ice cubes. yummy

  10. Im a sucker for sweet things also but I recently discovered Wholly Guacamole’s 100 calorie packs. They are perfect to pair with a few tortilla chips (baked or not) and they satisfy any salty craving I might have. Also, yogurt, cottage cheese and fruit have always been a go to dessert for me. The Light ‘n’ Fit yogurt is super yum! Good job to you though! I know losing weight is a struggle for many (including myself) so kiddos to you!

  11. I am in agreement with everyone else. And am grateful for the tips. I’m sad that watching calories is part of weight loss, because I can do the workout part easier. Oh well, I love rice cakes for a snack, but am excited to try these too!

  12. Great ideas! I will have to go stock up. One of my favorite go to snacks are fiber one bars. I love the oats and chocolate! I’ve also tried the ‘generic’ version at both walmart and smiths/kroger. They are pretty good as well.

    On a not so healthy side note ~ off to try making my own Dulche de Leche for the first time! I’m giving it out in cute little mason jars with a green apple (see, a little healthy!) on top for gifts. Loving the new cookbook! Wish me luck!

  13. Chocolate Peppermint Luna bars are key to my survival 🙂 I need to try some of the others you’ve posted, they sound yummy! Low Cal snacks have come a long way since rice cakes!

  14. I adore the new Healthy choice frozen greek yogurt. Find it by the Healthy Choice frozen dinners. Vanilla, Blueberry, Strawberry and Raspberry…yum! 100 calories of creamy deliciousness…add a little chocolate syrup and heaven isn’t far off! lol

  15. This is exactly what I need right now. EXACTLY! I’m trying to lose weight after baby #5 and I am NOT willing to give up snacking. The sad thing is that most of these things aren’t sold in Canada. Maybe I need to make a snack run to the US!

  16. Great post!! I have lost 50 pounds this year with the same type of thinking. Burn more than you consume and eat in moderation. I have chocolate every single day, but good quality chocolate so I am satisfied with just a little bit. Wholly Guacamole is another great find for me, with 100 calorie packs. Champion Cobani Greek Yogurt, frozen and slightly thawed, great dessert. So many great ways to enjoy food without huge restrictions. Great job on your weight loss. Continued success and thanks for your great cookbooks. Keep it up!!

  17. I have noticed how awesome you look. And I’m soooo glad you’re pushing the burn more than you consume so people can know it’s the only way!

  18. Funny, I decided to go back to the gym last night and see this post today. 😉 The WW ice cream candy bars are the best. I have a stash in my freezer and it hits the spot! Love this post.

  19. My husband and I have the same night time ritual! We love having one of those skinny cow or ww icecream treats at the end of the day while we watch stuff from our DVR! I am an avid calorie counter and my newest love is those dryers slow churned 1/2 the fat icecreams. Cookie dough, cookies and cream and S’mores are my favorite!

  20. this may sound crazy- but when I’m on my post baby crackdowns I eat pickles 🙂 lots of pickles 🙂 yes- high in sodium- but no fat or calories! and I love pickles! plus- for a snack as my ice cream- I do that crazy pureed frozen ripe bananas with some cocoa powder and a little splenda if my bananas aren’t sweet enough. those two things can almost always satisfy my sweet tooth or me salty cravings!!

  21. I *am* doing Weight Watchers, so I am always on the look out for new low-cal/low-fat snacks like these to add to my arsenal to help fight off my sweet tooth (and the salty one, too!) I was actually eating my Sugar free Jello cup in orange as I read this. They only have 10 calories each and are great if you like Jello. I like to top them with some fat free Cool Whip, too, and that adds all of 15 calories! It is a great way to combat a sweet tooth! My other new favorite is the Special K Pastry Crisps. Brown sugar cinnamon is my favorite (tastes like a PopTart!) but the chocolate one is great, too, and only 100 calories a package (2 to a package.)

  22. I use my Zoku maker and mix frozen berries with low fat yogurt for a treat. I LOVE it! That way I don’t end up eating a billion otter pops 🙂 hehe

  23. Thanks for the great post. I have been working on eating better and exercising more and I have lost some weight, yeah for us! With the battle still raging I love the suggestions but am also trying to stay away from artificial sugars, they worry me and I am also getting headaches after consuming them, a nasty side effect and a body warning that what I am eating is not good!
    The two of you are too clever not to be coming up with yummy desserts and snacks that are low sugar low carb that taste decent or better yet delicious. Help!

  24. I lost 40+ lbs twice (After each of my last 2 pregnancies). I did it with weight watchers, but recently just switched to counting calories to lose the last ten pounds, since it’s easier. I use my fitness pal app on my phone. I love popcorn in the microwave (Alton Brown style) with butter flavored cooking spray (yea, that’s kind of weird, but a lot less calories than butter) and then topped with popcorn flavorings. It’s awesome! I’ve wanted to try popchips but they aren’t sold around here. I also have an addiction to chocolate animal crackers ( we call it crack at our house) and veggie straws. I just need to practice that moderation thing a little better!

    1. I too love this snack! I sometimes sprinkle cinnamon and maybe a little sugar and it tastes like french toast! GACK..drooling now!

  25. I have baby weight to lose, and my “baby” is 3! I actually started watching what I eat in conjunction with the exercise. I struggled this week (it was only the 2nd week), so this post is very welcome! I also like snacking on some air popped popcorn with just a hint of salt on it… It’s a good source of fiber too. 🙂

  26. This is great, I need to try some of these. I am a firm believer in portion control, moderation, and lots of exercise. Congratulations on the weight you have lost. Seeing and feeling the results is such a great reward for all of the healthy eating and exercise. I’m excited for your “Friday Favs”, you ladies are the best!

  27. I have a tendency to crave something sweet when there is no possible way for me to get anything. During these times, I have a spoonful of peanut butter with a few chocolate chips! Sometimes I smear it on a Grammy. Much healthier than a lot of other stuff, and kicks the crave.
    Another snack I love is those cliff z bars! They are kids sized, but do a lot to get rid of a sweet craving.
    I have had a lot of luck loosing weight after my third baby. I weighed 200lbs after giving birth, and now I am 127lbs! Having you guys with your recipes has helped tons, and all these snacks look, like, super yummy. Especially the frozen candy bar….. Want!
    Thanks, as always, ladies

  28. Love your recipes! Love your website, and was just browsing through your latest cookbook in the store the other day! But, I have to tread lightly because I also calorie count (and like many of the above things you mentioned), and I also go to the gym and have a personal trainer (too funny!), but many of the recipes here are too over the top for this trying to lose weight Mama of 6! You guys are great and every recipe I’ve tried has been excellent! So I appreciated this post!!

  29. The snackwells popcorn is the BEST!! I love having Mars Mini’s (mini Snickers, Twix, Milky Way, 3 Musketeer, and Milky Way dark-my personal fave!) in my freezer too. A couple of those while I’m clearing my DVR gives me just enough chocolate to kick the withdrawals 🙂 I use hot chocolate a lot in the winter, add in some cinnamon or peppermint extract to spice it up a bit. Pudding packs hit the spot sometimes too. For salty I like to snack on edamame. Still like popcorn better but if I put salt on them they’re good and de-shelling them keeps me from eating too much while watching Castle 🙂 I air-pop popcorn too, still cuts the crunchy cravings and it’s cheap and not processed!

  30. Like Irene, I stay away from the artificial sugars, so portion control with sweet treats can be tricky! In my freezer I have tofutti’s ice cream sandwiches, just the right size and dairy free! On the go, I love Clif bars too! So many awesome flavors, and made with organic oats!

  31. My husband and I love the Kellogg’s pastry crisps (we’ve tried the brown sugar ones and strawberry-both are yummy) and their popcorn chips are REALLY good!! Especially the sweet and salty kind…somewhat tastes like kettlecorn! Plus gotta love the skinny cow ice favorite is the strawberry ice cream sandwiches! 🙂

  32. Thanks for the new suggestions! I love the Special K cracker chips in the sour cream and onion flavor-27 chips for 110 calories!

  33. So let me add my faves from the past two years of trying to pare down on the carbs and boosting my protein intake.
    ZONEPerfect Fudge Graham and Chocolate Caramel Cluster flavors: 200 calories and 14g of protein. Both are pretty granola bar-ish
    Target’s Market Pantry Chocolate PB bar: 210 calories and 14g protein and more like a PB cup in bar form.
    Lastly, Health Wise Protein Chips: my favorite is BBQ crunch. Although not fantastically low in calories (130) they still are only 14g carbs and 10g of protein. I get these at my gym so I don’t know if they are available in stores.
    These items have helped me shed 26 lbs without feeling deprived and wanting to clear an entire shelf of my pantry in an afternoon. Good luck!

  34. I just discovered Luna Bars and I love them! Lemon is my favorite. I think of you guys as my teachers, you’ve taught me so many great skills (you know like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills…)Anyway, thank you!

  35. Congrats on the weight loss! I have lost 45 lbs this last year as well & it is amazing the difference. And I did it the same way. Count calories & work out. It is funny that so many people are shocked by that response. It’s kind of a duh thing. It’s not a fad, it’s facts. You have to be committed & not find every excuse to not do what you need to do. Plus, for me it turned into a lifestyle thing because who wants to gain back the 45lbs it took me 7 months to lose? I have been maintaining beautifully & it’s wonderful. That bodybugg sounds interesting. I might want one! 🙂

    1. I stumbled upon your blog from another website (not sure which!) I lost 30 pounds this year by religiously calorie counting via and switching up my workout. I, too, have a HUGE sweet tooth and did give up a lot of the sweets for the first few months of my “diet”. Now that I’ve lost the weight I’m back on the “crack”, but moderately (Haribo gummi bears, Trader Joe’s Scottie Dogs and frozen Tootsie Rolls to name a few :))

      I recently discovered Stoneyfield Frozen Yogurts. The “After Dark Chocolate” has 100 calories per serving. That’s only 200 calories for HALF A PINT! I also love a bowl of Fage non-fat greek yogurt with fruit, honey, a few dark chocolate chips and a half of a crush graham cracker. MMMMMM.

  36. Great post. I’m trying to get back into my former healthy/calorie counting ways. Any chance, since you are figuring out the calorie count for whatever you eat, you might include the per-serving basic nutrition info (calories, protein, fat grams, fiber) with future recipes? I hand-write the nutrition info on the recipes I print, but it would be awesome to have it included. Just a thought.

    Keep up the good work!

  37. The whole “moderation in all things” and “eating clean” diet works for me too! It’s great to be able to indulge in the occasional treat without feeling guilty. And I have to say that this diet has also slowly changed my “taste buds” where I don’t crave artificial sugar anymore. Excited about these new Friday posts!

  38. Thanks for the suggestions–just what I’ve been looking for. You gals are great. Looking forward to the random Friday posts.

  39. I recently lost 40 lbs too! See, I knew we were BFFs. 😉 Thanks for all the great snack ideas. It’s good to have a healthier option in the afternoon when the kids get home and start grazing.

  40. Confession: when I eat those chocolate coconut Luna bars, I pretend it’s a giant Samoa! They are so good and definately satisfy my sweet tooth! The lemon ones are delicious too.

    And I love everything skinny cow makes, I don’t want to know what’s in them…I have always been disappointed by all of the weight watchers frozen desserts and they are more expensive than the skinny cow.

    And I know you guys don’t drink but a mixture of calorie free flavored soda (crystal light, anyone?) plus a little rum or vodka, makes it a low calorie alternative to a “real” mixed drink.

    1. As a side note, I should mention, I am making your chicken penne Alfredo pasta thing for dinner- not what I would call “skinny” anything. But it smells yummy so I’ll need a low calorie snack afterwards 😉

  41. SO happy to read this today– I am trying to lose weight since having my baby in July, and it’s so hard to stay on track when I’m nursing and HUNGRY! I was just thinking yesterday that I needed some good ideas for low-cal snacks to tide me over between meals. So thanks so much! LOVE all your recipes, can’t wait to get your new cookbook– it’s on my Christmas list! 🙂

  42. LOVE posts like this! No compensation…just honest opinions! I’m on the weight-loss train too and am always looking for good suggestions & recipes!

  43. OH yum! Thanks for sharing these. I need to check out some skinny cow stuff. So, one of my all time favorite snacks are “energy bites” – oats, coconut, ground flax seed, peanut butter/almond butter, honey, and chocolate chips. So so so good!!! It’s hard not to eat the whole bowl of it.

  44. I didn’t read all the comments above, so someone else may have mentioned it, but my new favorite is Fiber One brownies. The Chocolate Fudge and the Chocolate Chip flavors are wonderful (I also saw they have a peanut butter flavor I have not yet tried)! 90 calories and 5 grams of fiber.

  45. people that do the no sugar thing confuse me. Especially the part where they always seem to make their husbands do it with them. The only thing more unlikely than my husband agreeing to go off sugar with me is me suggesting it in the first place!

  46. LOVE the Pop chips too, esp sour cream and onion! Intuitive Eating (a book) would be right up your alley! It is the most psychologically healthy book about food I’ve ever read. Sounds like you would agree with it too.

  47. Thanks for all the great ideas! I also love the sugar free, fat free jello pudding cups. I know, I know, sounds revolting, but they are rich and chocolatey and don’t taste like fake sugar at all. Only 60 calories!

    So where can I get a bodybugg? The link sent me to 24 hour fitness…

    1. Not revolting at all- I love pudding cups with cool whip on top!

      I got my Bodybugg at Costco a couple of years ago, but they don’t always sell them. I would check Amazon, they usually have the best deal. Bodybugg is partnered with 24 hour Fitness (or at least they used to be) so that’s why you often see them together. But the link I posted shouldn’t go there, that’s weird. Try this link, or google for more info, and I’d check Amazon for purchase. I really love mine!

      1. Thanks for the tip, Sarah. FYI for anyone else who is interested – they now sell exclusively through 24 hour fitness, but you do NOT have to be a member to purchase one. The new model is compatible with all smartphones except the iPhone 5 (working on it) and they are $99 right now. Christmas?? 🙂

  48. I’ve lost 40 pounds since Memorial Day doing what you’re doing – only no desserts of any kind for me…it just feeds a sugar addiction that I’m happier living without. I try to eat lots of healthy foods with fresh produce in them. I love your thai noodle salad! Question…What are pop chips made out of? Thanks!

  49. Congrats Sara on your weight loss! Skinny Cow ice cream is one of our absolute fav especially their Mocha Fudge Bars. I also like chocolate frozen yogurt (but only a brand my local grocery store makes) and it is only 100 calories per serving.

  50. It’s nice that you let us all think we’re BFF’s with you. It was fun to see your commercial today, first one up straight after conference. Then, after I dropped my hubby off at the stake center for Priesthood session tonight the news was going to talk about the new age for missionaries. Instead of going to that story on tape, the radio started broadcasting instead, “Our Best Bites…” and then they came back live and said something lame like, “We’ll get to that other story in a minute.” So you got some free air time on KSL this evening.
    As far as you losing weight, BFF’s never notice when their friend is fat in the first place, but congrats on your hard work!

  51. I lost 60 pounds two years ago using your methods. And I’ve kept it off. I eat raw nuts and seeds for snacks mostly. I count or weigh them. Occasionally I make a batch of Jello fat free/sugar free pudding with skim milk and divide it into four servings in little tupperwares in the fridge. It’s easy to dress them up like “pie” with graham-cracker crumbles or flavored extracts. Or sometimes a dab of sugar-free preserves. I like the cheesecake flavor with a dab of strawberry preserves and graham crumbs.

  52. This is a very timely post because I’m currently on a 100 day weight loss challenge. My goal is to lose all of the weight I’ve gained in recent years and to get back in serious shape once again.

  53. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve just started counting calories again, and my sweet tooth keeps getting me into trouble. I’ll have to look for the ice cream 🙂

  54. Sara! I am graduating from the Dietetics program at BYU in the Spring, and I am so impressed with your outlook on healthy eating! THANK YOU for emphasizing the importance of portion control and moderation in all things. Because EVERY food can fit into a healthy, moderate diet. I think most people have a hard grasp on the idea of moderation—-like it has to be all or nothing for them! But we LOVE fat and sugar SO much, it adds so much to a meaningful life that it is pointless to totally cut out sugar, or carbs, or desserts, or whatever else fad diets tell you to do. So, THANK YOU again for posting these helpful hints for people that are looking for weight management. Good luck in all of your future endeavors!

  55. Love Laughing Cow cheese with a sliced red bell pepper. SO yummy! Just enough protein to keep me satisfied and I love the crisp sweetness of the pepper. I also love Gone Bananas from Trader Joe’s when I’m in the mood for ice cream or something sweet. (They’re just frozen banana slices dipped in chocolate, but they’re heaven I tell you.) You could easily make them yourself, but I love just having them on hand so that I don’t run out and buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s when I’m craving ice cream.

  56. I love this feature! I just saw you amazingly wonderful ladies in Logan at TOFW. You were great. I hadn’t been to your blog before and am loving it. Thank you for all of your hard work.
    And after TOFW, I can totally see why people say you are like their BFF. I couldn’t help laughing at the comments you and Kate made. Oh my gosh!! I could totally relate. I’m a mom of 3 boys: 7, 4, 16 mo. Life with 3 boys is always an adventure – cereal for breakfast (or any meal) is my 4 yr olds preference! And Kate’s odd numbers in Disneyland – HA HA! I still stress about it.
    Ok – lots of rambling! Thank you again for your fun presentation and your wonderful blog.

  57. My 2 new favorite “diet” foods are Vita tops (the chocolate ones are AWESOME if you pop them in the toaster, and they have 90-100 calories in 50% of tons of vitamins and minerals… I get them in the freezer section of my grocery store (Publix)). And for breakfast lately, I’ve been eating cottage cheese (Friendship brand is my preference) with 2 packets of Splenda and a sprinkle of cinnamon. It sounds wierd, but it’s really good, low cal, and all that protein keeps me full until lunch.

  58. Sara, Way to go! I am beginning my weight loss journey and needed some inspiration. I am thinking about the body bugg. Do you recommend it and which model do you have? Has it made a difference for you? Love your site and I received your new cookbook for my birthday, yea!

  59. Should I be worried that I haven’t seen a new post since this one? I get your post from facebook but this hasn’t been updated in a while. I miss you guys!

  60. These are awesome!! Personally, I love eggbeaters omlettes jammed with veggies. Another favorite is cookies and cream protein plus power bars (although a bit high in calories)

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