Fruit Smoothies

So smoothies are one of those culinary mysteries that have always kind of eluded me. They seem so simple, right? Fruit…juice…something with a little substance in it…and yet getting that right balance of flavors has always been so hard for me.

Well, we’ve officially reached the point in summer where I refuse to cook unless it’s absolutely necessary and preferably not inside my house. This has led to a lot of smoothie experimentation and with that experimentation, I’ve discovered that pretty much every smoothie is made of four parts: 2 bases and 2-ish types of fruit.

So after I came to this realization, I broke down typical smoothie fruits into different categories based on how strong their flavors are and realized that smoothie-making can be a really easy and pretty foolproof, choose-your-own-adventure-type of experience.

One thing I found is that when you can, frozen fruit is great because you don’t have to worry about the ice factor.

As cool as I think Sara and her Blendtec are, most people (including me) don’t have a blender nearly that awesome and therefore are likely to find giant chunks of ice in their smoothies. When you use frozen fruit, the sugar in the fruit prevents it from freezing completely solid (at least most of the time), so it blends smoother but still adds the body and coldness of blended ice.





  1. I always put smoothie mix into my juice-pop molds, and they turn out great!

    And I'm loving the pineapple sherbet idea…gonna try that next.

  2. I love smoothies and I'm definitely going to try some of these.
    I always make my smoothies way too huge and I have found one of the greatest things, due to my inability to throw out the extras of a good smoothie, is to put the extra into small single serving tupperware bowls and freeze it. Just grab a spoon and you've got a great desert or quick snack. I also find that it helps me to actually have a breakfast smoothie when I otherwise wouldn't have the time to make one in the morning.

  3. I love making smoothies. When I make the fruit salsa and make too much (which I always do), and we haven't eaten it after a couple days, I throw it in the blender with some yogurt usually, and it actually makes a delicious smoothie.

  4. This is such a great post. And hey, even with my fancy schmancy blender, I too have found the secret to a good smoothie is finding that perfect blend of proportions and flavors.

    One of my favorite add-ins is peanut butter. It's great with milk, banana and a little chocolate protein powder.

  5. Yay for smoothie goodness! I'll admit that yes, finding the right combo and measurements is pretty difficult. I usually end up with something lacking in the flavor department. Thanks for sharing this!!

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