glinda_the_good_witch_wands-5 square 2So I have always been a big fan of all things Oz. The Judy Garland movie was one of my mom’s favorite movies and I remember watching it with her for the first time (in fact, it’s the first movie I remember, like, sitting down and watching.) After that, I became obsessed with all things Oz. The books. Remember Return to Oz, with those freaky wheelers and Mombi, the witch that would switch heads? I was simultaneously terrified and fascinated by that movie. When I got older, I discovered Wicked (the musical, which I loved, and then the book which ended up being a little too disturbing for me.) Last year, I bought the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes for Glinda and Theodora (the wicked witch) from Oz the Great and Powerful. So when we were asked by Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return if we’d be interested in helping them celebrate the release of the movie (this Friday! Eeek!), that was definitely a yes.

The cast is kind of amazing–Lea Michele as Dorothy, Dan Aykroyd as the Scarecrow, Jim Belushi as The Lion, Kelsey Grammer as The Tin Man, Bernadette Peters as Glinda, Martin Short as The Jester (he’s a new character and the villain), Oliver Platt as Wiser the Owl, Hugh Dancy as Marshal Mallow, Megan Hilty as The China Princess, and Patrick Stewart as Tugg the Tugboat. I mean, right?

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I’ve always loved Glinda, so when we were thinking of something we could make to go along with the movie, I was pretty sure we needed wands.


After a series of thwarted efforts to get things off the ground (sheer inability to find pretzel rods ANYWHERE, sugar cookies that would just kept failing), I wound up with wands that I loved better than any of my original plans. Plus, they were easy, delicious, AND adorable, which is a trifecta of difficulty.

Glinda the Good Witch Wands from Our Best BitesYou’re going to need to make a batch of Rice Krispie Treats with 3 tablespoons butter, an 8-ounce bag of strawberry marshmallows, and 5 cups of Rice Krispies. Melt the butter in a large stock pot over medium-low heat, then add the marshmallows and stir frequently. When the marshmallows are melted and bubbling, remove from heat and add the cereal. Press into a greased 9×9″ pan (or a 9×13″ pan, but press the mixture tightly into about half of the pan.) You’ll also need small wooden dowels (available in craft stores and the craft section of department stores), a large star-shaped cookie cutter, almond bark, white or pink sanding sugar, and pink and white ribbons.

Glinda the Good Witch Wands suppliesCut the Rice Krispie Treats into stars (greasing the cookie cutter can help. Also, if it’s not deep enough to cut all the way through, you can trace the edges with a sharp knife. ALSO. You can combine the scraps to about the same thickness and then cut them again, just be sure to pack it together pretty tightly so the stars don’t fall off the dowels.) You should get about 6-8 stars (if you use the scraps.)

Cutting out rice krispie treatsCarefully insert a dowel into the bottom of each star (if you have extra time, you can freeze them first, but you don’t have to. Just make sure they’re completely cool before you cut them.)

stars on dowelsMelt the almond bark and then carefully dip one side of the star into the white chocolate.

dipping rice krispie wandsdipping rice krispie wandsPlace them non-dipped side down on a flat surface and then sprinkle generously with sanding sugar (I used this opal sanding sugar from Orson Gygi that I snagged on our trip to Utah a couple of weeks ago.)

decorated rice krispie treat wandsRepeat with the remaining wands and allow them to set up completely (you can let them chill out in the fridge or freezer). When they’re ready, tie each wand with pink and white ribbons and enjoy!

Glinda the Good Witch Wands from Our Best Bites


These were a huge hit at our house with the grown-ups and kids (and the girls and the boys, although my 9-year-old boy would swear up and down that he was only mildly interested in the non-pink parts. Which was a lie.)


This post was sponsored by Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, but all ideas, opinions, and Glinda the Good Witch Wands are our own.









  1. What a great idea! We’re having a “star” themed party soon for eight little girls, and this will be a perfect treat. It’s thematic, tasty, easily made, impressive looking, portable and less messy than cupcakes. Win, win, win.

  2. So cute! Just a note: I see you tagged this as “gluten free”. You need to make sure you get the Rice Krispies labeled as “gluten free”—made with brown rice. The regular Rice Krispies have malt flavoring, which is a wheat product. I learned this from a friend who has celiacs disease. I assumed Rice Krispies were safe because wheat was not in the ingredients.(Same with soy sauce–though you are not putting THAT in the Rice Krispies treats)..

  3. Darling! Perfect for Glinda or for any princess birthday party, really. Or I might use a snowflake cookie cutter and do the same thing for a frozen birthday party.

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