Grill-Roasted Corn and Tomato Salsa (and Salad!)

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One of the most common questions I get this time of year is “What can I do with tomatoes??” “How should I cook my zucchini??” Seems like anyone with a garden has always got plenty of both! So this week (and throughout the coming month really) I’m going to devote time to the garden bounty and show you a few things I like to do with mine. And if you’re wondering why I’m talking in “I” and not “we” it’s because Kate will be spending her week trying not to get swept away by hurricane Gustav! Keep her in your thoughts this week so she can be back cookin’ real soon.

Onto the food-
This dish was created out of necessity last summer when I had tomatoes coming out of my ears. We loved it so much we literally made it several times a week. However we never get tired of it, because as you’ll see there’s lots of different ways to use it. I serve this as a normal salsa with chips, but also as a side salad, or a main dish by tossing some grilled steak or chicken on top. It’s about as fresh and summery as you can get and perfect for a garden meal. You toss the corn and tomatoes right on the grill.
The corn gets super sweet as it caramelizes in its natural sugars and the tomatoes become smoky and tender. Everyone always loves this. Enjoy!

Look at all this yummy produce- you’ll need some olive oil and some spices too.
Plus: Green onions, black beans, corn, cilantro, avocado, tomato, and lime.

Oh ya, and happy Labor Day!
Is anyone even around, or are you all out having fun??


  1. I made this over the weekend. One word- AMAZING! It was better after sitting overnight in the fridge, as the flavors really had a chance to meld together. Was gobbled up!

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