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With Christmas just around the corner, we wanted to show you some of the great gifts available in our Shop!  We’ve been teasing you on Instagram with some of our fun new holiday stuff and it’s finally here!  I guarantee this will sell quickly.  Our specialty items always do and then we get sad/angry emails about being out of stock.  If you see something you like, grab it quick!  Certain Oils and Vinegars always seem to sell out around the holidays as well, we just can’t keep them stocked enough, so move quickly.  We have SO many great gifts!

Great Holiday Gift Idea

First of all, I personally am so excited about our ceramic camp-style mugs.  These are sturdy and charming and I hand-lettered the designs myself!  It was SO fun having you all vote on the phrases and designs- in a way, you designed these, too!

Hand-Lettered Mugs

We have a limited number of mugs available for purchase by themselves (most are available in a gift set, below) so I anticipate the single mugs won’t be available for long- in fact, probably sold out by the time most of you are reading this!  But don’t worry, we have lots in gift sets!

And with every mug, you need something warm to put in it!  We are so thrilled to put our name on this Gourmet Cocoa.

Great Holiday Gift Idea

It’s all-natural, and made under fair-trade practices in Africa with some of the finest cocoa in the world.  Just the highest quality cocoa and natural sugar create an intensely great cup of hot chocolate.  No artificial flavors, no fillers, only 2 ingredients on the label, three if you count the peppermint!

To make gift-giving super easy, we’re so excited about these gift sets!

Great Christmas Gift Idea

They come in a box as shown and you can choose a combo with the mug and cocoa flavor of your choice.  It comes with a darling Heart Whisk that’s the PERFECT size for whisking up a cup of cocoa!  Find them here!

Great Christmas Gift Idea

Now onto caramels.  So many of you have been waiting for these.  You guys blew us away at Mother’s Day when we first released caramels and we sold out in about an hour of them going live!  I expect these to go fast as well!  We have expanded our line to FOUR amazing flavors!  In individual bags, you’ll find Salted and Cinnamon-Sugar.

Great Holiday Gift Idea

The Salted Caramel has flakes of sea salt in it, and the Cinnamon Sugar is a very mild, warm cinnamon flavor, reminiscent of a churro!  I’m obsessed with both of these.

We also have these totally darling Caramel Gift Boxes.  The boxes themselves don’t even need wrapping they’re so gorgeous.

Great Holiday Gift Idea

They have clever touches around each corner Christmas Gift Ideas

Inside you will find four flavors of caramels.  Both the Salted and Cinnamon-Sugar, plus Caramel Apple, and Anise.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas

You guys, I am OBSESSED with the Anise.  The black licorice flavor is mild enough that the buttery caramel still comes through and it’s the most amazing thing.  If you know someone who likes that flavor they will LOVE these.  Find the Boxes, here!

When it comes to Oils, we even have festive colors!  I love Lime and Chili together all year long, but they look especially great around Christmas.  (Psssst- LIME is on sale!  It’s my favorite citrus oil!)

Great holiday gift ideas

One of our most popular gift items around the holidays are our Balsamics. If you’ve never tried them, they’re thick and syrupy and work just as well drizzled on a dessert as they do glazed over chicken or pork.  And they are absolutely phenomenal poured over cheese and served on crackers.  The large bottles come in gorgeous frosted glass bottles and make really elegant gifts.


Another top-selling gift item is our Dipping Oil.  If you asked me what my favorite thing is in our whole shop, I’d probably say this.  You might see a couple different bottles on these, just FYI.  They are actually the same exact size, just different shapes!  Our larger bottles are imported from Italy and got delayed so we are using the round bottles in the mean time.  I love this drizzled on sandwhiches, pizza, salad, roasted vegetables, pretty much anything and everything.

Lastly, one of our most popular items around the holidays especially are our gift boxes.  The 4-pack sampler is a great way to try out several flavors; you can fill it with whatever you like, and it’s on sale right now!

Great Christmas Gift Idea

We hope this gives you some ideas for fun and delicious gifting this year!  Click here to go shop!


  1. Please get more single mugs in – they went way too quickly! I’m in the sad, not mad, category but, if you would just tell me who bought my mugs, I could fix that!! 🙂

  2. The mugs sold out way too fast! Please make more! I bought two sets but I need more individual mugs! I know, I’m whining…

  3. I completely forgot to add the dipping oil to my order!!! CRAP! Any way you can throw a bottle of that onto my existing order so I don’t have to pay shipping again????? I’m such a dummy!

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