How To Juice Lemons and Limes

Here’s a great tip on how to juice lemons or limes – without a juicer!

Slice limes or lemons in half. Take one half in your hand and stick a spoon in it.

Now twist the spoon over a small bowl or cup. If you want, you can pretend that you’re gouging out the eyes of someone you don’t like very much. Afterwards, you’ll have a couple tablespoons of juice and your lime half will look like this:

If you really want to get a juicer, though, I love this one!

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  1. This saved my life while trying to make a pitcher of mojitos… For a minute there I was about to gouge my own eyes out, just for an excuse. ;] Thanks chica!

  2. something else i’ve tried that works relatively well is after you’ve gotten most of the juice out (or at least softened the flesh), using metal kitchen tongs as a way to squeeze the last drops out. love the pics! makes me want to go squeeze a lime.

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