How To: Make a Homemade Snow Globe

As Kate so delicately alluded to earlier this week, I am somewhat of a holiday junkie.  And Christmas is the holiday of all holidays for me.  I decorated a week before Thanksgiving; yep, I’m one of those people.  One of my most favorite holiday traditions as a child was our little family advent calendar and now that my kids are old enough to enjoy some fun and creative activities, I’ve filled up our little numbered stockings with slips of paper instead of candy.  Well, slips of paper intermingled with candy.  It’s December; we have to have candy.  I let the kiddos pull day #1 a little early so I could blog about it!  I tried to word everything creatively so they could have fun trying to figure it out.

(There have been lots of questions about my advent calendar, and what I put into it.  You can read all about it here!)

Snow globes are magical, whimsical, and fun.  And they’re super easy to make at home.

The first thing you need are jars, with nice snug lids.  Check out your fridge; I grabbed an almost empty bottle of peperoncini peppers (that I have been using on Greek Salads and Greek Tacos, you’d think I was the pregnant one with the cravings I have for those.  I am most definitely not.)  I also had a bottle of capers that I finally finished by making one last batch of this Grown Up Dipping Sauce (another obsession, you guys need to all try that one), and a big jar from marinara that we used for dipping Pizza Rolls.  Marinated artichoke heart jars work really great for these, as do little teeny tiny baby food jars.  Really any size jar works; you just have to find things to fit inside of them.

You can be creative with the items that go inside your snow globe, it’s just important that they are made of materials that won’t break down in water.  Think plastic, ceramic, etc.  If you’re not sure, just try placing the items in a bowl of water for a few hours and see if they start doing weird things.  Try thrift and craft stores for little winter-themed figurines.  And if you don’t have any of those, try some crap that belongs to your children that you want to throw away anyway fun stuff like this and try a silly snow globe.

Another really fun thing is to make your own little figurines with Sculpey Clay.  You can buy all different colors at almost any craft store and it just bakes in the oven.  A snowman would be super easy to make!  I snipped all of my greenery off of artificial garlands I have around my house.

I decided to take it up a notch though, and put something extra special inside.  I can’t tell you how much I love it when I have an idea in my head and it actually works like I thought it would!  I just took a photo of each kiddo, printed it out on my home printer, cut it out, and ran it through my laminator (the laminator you all recommended to me on Facebook that I got and love.  Muah!) If you don’t have a laminator, most copy stores have lamination services that don’t cost much.  Make sure when you cut around your lamination, you leave a tiny border so it stays sealed up.

You will create your scene on the underside of the jar lid.  I just use plain ol’ hot glue.  You might want to take a piece of sand paper and rough up the inside of the jar lid so the glue adheres better.  I didn’t do that with this batch and everything has stayed put just fine, but something you can try.  If you have things with wide, flat bases, they’re easy to just glue right on.  But if you have something like my little plastic pictures, or a tree sprig with a tiny twig at the bottom, I’ve found that it’s easier for me if I have something like little rocks (those blue things you see in the photos; they’re aquarium rocks from the pet store that I had from another project) to help keep things in place.  It will make sense when you do it, but basically you can pile some glue down there, put your object in, and then mound some pebbles around it to adhere everything together as the glue dries.  Check out my little snow bunnies:

It’s just important to remember to keep things away from the edges enough that you can still screw the lid onto the jar, so don’t fill the entire base with glue or rocks.  When everything is dry turn it upside down and shake it a few times to make sure nothing falls off!

The next step is filling up your jar with water, almost to the very top and dumping in a bunch of glitter.  I recommend adding a little more glitter than you think you need, especially if you have greenery because some of it will get stuck in there.

One thing you can do is add some glycerin, which makes the glitter float down a little slower than it does in plain water.  (Or several readers have commented that baby oil accomplishes the same thing.  You can also find snow globe “snow” on eBay at at some craft stores.)  Glycerin can be found in the baking aisle of craft supply stores in small bottles or on Amazon.  If you have some already, or find it easily, you can try that out.  I did a side by side test and found that it didn’t make a huge difference, unless I added quite a bit.  Probably at least 2-3 teaspoons per cup of water.

You know the Wilton gel colors we use in everything?  Well if those get dried out, you can add glycerin to them to restore the consistency.  You can also add it to homemade soap bubbles to make the bubbles stronger. I’ve heard you can also buy it at drug stores, often near the first aid supplies.   Isn’t it kind of interesting when things can be found in both the cake decorating and first aid aisles??  Didn’t know that, but I read it on the internet, and if there’s one thing we all should know by now it is that everything on the internet is true.  The internet is also where I discovered that if you have some benzoic acid laying around, you can make your own snow.  Crap.  I’m out of benzoic acid.

Anyhoo…just carefully squish your stuff in the jar as you put the lid on and tighten it.  You can put hot glue on the edge of the jar if you’re want to seal it up.  Or you could put some colored electrical tape around the edge of the jar.  I left mine un-glued  (and I strongly suggest you do, at least at first) in case I had to open them up to fix anything, or store them without water until next year, or change the water if it got cloudy, etc.  I found out that one of my little red berries was painted and turned the entire snow globe pink so I was glad they weren’t glued shut and I could just snip it out and re-fill it.  My jars haven’t leaked.  I do flip them over sometimes and set them lid-side-up just in case.  Either way it’s best to display them somewhere that won’t be damaged if a little water leaks out.

You can also paint your lids if you want to cover up the labels on them.  I’m much too lazy for paint.  (But not too lazy to laminate my children and put them in winter scenes inside of snow globes.  It’s all about priorities, people.)

Now all that is left to do is watch your kids marvel in amazement and listen to them ask 50 times a day, “Mom, can I shake my snow globe?!”

My jars stay on my windowsill in front of my kitchen sink so they can stare at me, mocking, as I do dishes and they play in the snow.

Seriously- Best. Craft. Ever.

Bonus fun, make giant freaky eyeballs and giggle your heart out:

FYI- I wondered if the lamination would hold up in the water.  I didn’t expect it to last forever, I was aiming for a few weeks at least, but it looks great; no water seeping in whatsoever.  These have been in water for a couple weeks now and they look just like they did when I made them.  Maybe they will last forever?  (Edit:  one commenter said her daughter made a snow globe with a laminated picture inside 12 years ago and it still looks great!)

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    1. Kewlicious, I’m a polymer clay designer But I also had a Large amount of tiny Christmas ecorstions I bought after Christmas one year, the real tiny ones. I also bought a Big bunch of Christmas limbs at Michael’s that you can use to make wreaths, and other decorations, they were on sale for $3.00. There’s enough of the Christmas limbs to cut up for at least 50 snow globes. I did Not know about laminating pictures so I’m very excited about that, thanks. I also enjoyed the Baby Oil idea.

  1. This is super cute!!! I love that you put the kids in the snowglobe. I never thought of making my own, now I probably will since you made it look so easy. Thanks.

    1. I was thinking of making all DIY things this year for Christmas and a snow globe crossed my mined. When I read your idea I realised I could do it without the glue rotting away. thx

  2. I love this idea. Have you seen the laminating sheets that you can get at office supply stores. They are self adhesive laminating sheet – basically really thick clear contact (Australian product name).
    They are fantastic as they are really sticky, don’t need heat and work really well. Although I am not sure if they are better than good quality laminating.
    I am definitely going to try this with my children next year – they are a little young this year.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. These are so cute! Not sure if I have time to go collect all the cute things and a jar to make a snowglobe for my kid, but I work in a chemistry lab and I am so going to make some benzoic acid snow in a beaker for my desk at work!

  4. I LOVE this! Here’s where I have to tell my silly story. I used to work with a bunch of guys that would play golf together fairly often (surprise, surprise). One time, a couple of them accidentally left their cart situated in such a way so that when they were paying attention to their shot, the cart started rolling into a water hazard. Fortunately they got to it before it went all the way in, but the story lived on. That Christmas, with donations from the rest of the group, I made them snow globes with miniature golf carts that looked like they were at the bottom of a lake. I found tiny golf clubs and glitter in the shape of autumn leaves, and made little golf balls out of sculpy clay. It was an office hit!

  5. Snow globes so cute and maybe I can even make one. I LOVE the calendar. Did you make it or where did you buy it? If you made it, any way to get a pattern? It is the cutest one EVER!!!

  6. Your poor future daughter-in-laws, so much to live up to! I’m going to start looking for jars around my house now! :o)

  7. You always have so many great ideas…can’t wait until my daughter is older so we can enjoy these crafts together.

    On a side note, where can I get that family advent calendar? I LOVE it!

  8. Love the advent calendar! Are you willing to share what you have inside the other days too? Or do we have to be “patient” like the kids and wait for each day?! πŸ™‚ LOL

    Merry Christmas!!!

  9. How did you cut out the photos with such precision? I would have thought you’d have to leave a little edge of lamination around the cut line to keep it sealed. Evidently not. Super cute, Sara!
    And, Happy Birthday to Kate tomorrow!!! Kate- don’t cook anything!

    1. My hands have the precision of razor blades, Patti. Ha, no, I really just snipped around them with scissors, and yes I did leave a bit of a border, I should clarify that because that part is important- you probably just can’t tell in the pics!

  10. I was honestly just thinking about making these last night. So fun and I’m loving the pictures of the kids inside!!

  11. Very cute idea to add pics of the kids. I wonder if you could also use the shrinky dink inkjet paper instead of laminating photos.

  12. This is the COOLEST idea ever. I love it. I have some empty baby food jars at home but will save a larger one too. Love this!!

  13. another use for glycerin is to mix some in to the kind of bubbles your kids blow for fun. it sort of toughens them up so they can blow bigger and more bubbles. my mom used to do this for me when i was a kid. πŸ™‚

  14. Great tutorial. I saw this somewhere else and so wanted to do it, now just to get on the ball and do it. I was curious about your advent calendar stockings. Did you make them your self? It is so adorable!

  15. I’ve seen this idea floating around on Pinterest and have been planning on making it with my boyfriend’s little brother and his nieces and nephew but after reading your post I realized – I’ve been planning on using Mason jars! If I hot glued the seal into the lid on the inside that they would stay waterproof? Also, did you need to sand paper the bottoms at all to get stuff to stick?

    1. Yeah, I thought about mason jars as well and I’m just not sure; you’d have to do some tests first! And yes, you can sand the lids to rough them up. I didn’t, and mine have stuck just fine.

  16. You gals have some of the most fun ideas. I pinned a picture of these snow globes on Pinterest. I hope I did it correctly so that if people like it they can get to this site to see how to do it.

  17. This is officially the best craft ever. My 3 year old son was very enamored of a little mickey snow globe yesterday and then he dropped it on our wood floor while shaking it. No more mickey snow globe but maybe now I can make him a customized personal snow globe! Great timing on this post! πŸ™‚

  18. Using baby oil or mineral oil instead of water also helps to make the glitter fall slower. Also, you can get snow globe snow at many craft stores or on ebay!

  19. I ran across a snow globe my granddaughter made for me when she was about 9 years old. She is now 21 almost 22 and the laminated photo inside the globe is still just like it was when I got it. Such a neat idea and especially for presents for grandparents.

  20. I think you could add some light corn syrup to the water instead to get it thicker for the glitter. I tried an “i-spy” jar with that once. Very cute idea with the kids’ pictures in them!

  21. How did you cut out the photos? Did you cut them out by hand or did you use a Silhouette? I have a Silhouette machine but I haven’t quite figured out how to use it yet.

  22. OH WOW!!! This is the COOLEST thing ever!! I have a special place in my heart for snow globes but have never made one myself. This just might be the craft of the year for me. :))

  23. My kids and I were going to make these, this year. My 12 yr old said he would eat many jars of banana baby food, so we could have the jars! I’ve been searching everywhere for waterproof figurines…this is a great idea!

  24. Sara, I needed some glycerin for making homemade bubble bath for Kate’s B-Day. All I did was call Rob and The Pharmacy, and he gladly brought it home that night. Who knew you could find it in so many places!

    Oh, and the homemade bubble bath was an epic FAIL! We went with good ol’ Mr. Bubble!

  25. I love these! I wanted to let you know that I featured this on my “What I Bookmarked This Week” post – stop by and see!

  26. I am soo excited you posted this!! I had this idea on our advent activity, etc. list and finally decided it was not going to happen after reading very complicated directions on another site (ahem, martha stewart!) but your directions make so much more sense! and I love that you used photos! We are definitely making this now, thank you!!

  27. I made some and they turned out beautiful…then 48 hours later the water was murky and kind of yellowish like muddy. It had those real mini pine cones that were painted white and sprinkled in glitter. (I wanted a shabby chic look) maybe the paint from the pine cones? or the cones themselves because they are not synthetic… Im sad about this. I made 5 all different sizes.

  28. I bet those marshmallows would be amazing in hot chocolate… PS do you guys have any secrets for making your own hot chocolate? I know it’s pretty basic to make if from scratch, but I’ve realized through trial and error that there really is a method to it… so just wondering… πŸ™‚

    1. okay I swear I was looking at the peppermint marshmallow post not the snow globes, so this comment if for that… sorry, I’m going crazy!

    2. You know what my favorite recipe is? The one on the Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder container! One secret is that with unsweetened powder, it’s activated in boiling water, so you have to make sure to boil that part first and then add things like milk. Try out that recipe; it’s yummy!

    1. You just need to measure your jars and then create a photo to fit. I created an image in photoshop so it would fit perfectly; it will depend on your jar size and the size of the kid in your photo!

  29. Man I posted this on my website…mine looked terrible!! Yours are SO cute. I am just not meant to craft. Thanks for sharing though!

  30. I made this last night and my little laminated cousin is so cute staring back at me! But, the glitter seems to be attracted to him and won’t get off him, even when I shake the jar. There’s so much on there that I can’t see his features, just a goofy, glittery shape. Is there a special secret to keep the glitter from sticking to the laminated surface? I haven’t tried adding baby oil or glycerin yet, is that the magic trick? Thank you!

    1. Nope, just the hot glue, but that’s why I use that mound of pebbles on the bottom, and also I stick a tree behind each one to prop them up.

  31. I love these, they are so cute. I tried to make some the other day but ran into a couple problems and I was hoping you could help me out. I glued some aquarium rocks to the bottom(the round glass kind that are about the size of a nickel). I used hot glue, but when they got wet all of them came off. I was super sad. What can I do about this? Also, Ive tried a few different kinds of glitter but they all seem to float. Is there a kind that is better than others? Thanks!

    1. I would rough up the jar lid with sand paper first; that should help. And I’m not sure about the glitter; a few people have had floating glitter problems, but all the glitter I’ve ever used has worked great!

  32. I knew I saved those old pizza sauce jars for a reason! I had four of them on a shelf, empty, waiting to be used for something. This is PERFECT! I just started my first ‘globe’ tonight. I’m in a small, small town in Germany so I’m not sure I’ll be able to find anyone to laminate my photos … but we’ll see! Fingers crossed. Thanks so much for sharing this brilliant idea!

  33. Such a great idea! Tried it today… once with baby oil and once with just plain old water. I can’t keep my glitter from clumping together? It floats at the top or clumps at the bottom and on the picture. Any ideas? I got the glitter from the craft section at Smith’s. Should be fine I would think.

    1. hmmm…I’m not sure about the glitter. i just use regular stuff from the craft store as well and didn’t have any clumping. Strange!

  34. Sadness…I was so excited to do this and my son loved it…until the stuff in his snow globe came unglued the next morning and started floating. My daughter’s did the same thing (with smaller, lighter items), so I must have cheap hot glue. πŸ™ I’m hoping to try again with better glue, because I love the idea!!

    1. About 10 years ago, I made one for my aunt. I used Epoxy to seal my item to the lid, and also to seal the glass container and lid together. Worked perfectly.

  35. If anyone is worried about glass with smaller kids or other special needs I found plastic empty snow globes to do this exact thing at Michael’s for 3.49. I am making them for some kids with sensory issues in our lives so glass was out of the question. I can’t wait, thanks so much for the idea!!!!!!

  36. Love the fact that I can ask a question….I am making snow globe ornaments, my confetti and glitter aren’t cooperating, and sitting on top….using glycerin with water…help

    1. Brenda, several people have said this same thing and I have no idea! I’ve never, ever had that happen. Did you stir it in before you added your stuff?

  37. I am so PSYCHED I found your blog. This is soooo awesome. I am building one tonight for my little niece for Xmas. She collects snow globes – and wait till she see’s her aunt Dee ( Wen-“Dee” ) waving from behind a tree!!!

  38. I am so PSYCHED I found your blog. This is soooo awesome. I am building one tonight for my little niece for Xmas. She collects snow globes – and wait till she see’s her aunt Dee ( Wen-“Dee” ) waving from behind a tree – in a globe! !!!

  39. These are adorable. I had everyone in the office at my desk checking out the website. They all have small children and I have 6 grandchildren.. I can see this being a Mothers Day gift that my Brownie Girl Scouts can make as well. I will definatly share the idea, THANKS!

  40. I did this for a lab with teens, they still love this stuff!!! I didn’t have much luck with baby oil, if you try this I recommend finding the glycerin. Many sites say baby oil is OK but it made all the glitter clump.

  41. I experienced “glitter clump/float” as well when I made a globe. Using distilled water with glycerin instead tap water seemed to help a bit. Also, the “snow” (shiny white crystals) purchased from a craft store (Michael’s) did not float well – too heavy.

  42. This is a great idea, but I would say that it is more geared for kids ages 8 and older. I was going to have this be a craft for my son’s pre-K class, but after I made one by myself the night before…NO WAY.

    I ended up making all of them for the kids and their moms and they did something much, MUCH simpler.

    Definitely try out your ‘extras’ to make certain that they do not disintegrate in the water. Maybe overnight. I had to redo one of the globes because it had floaties and was milky from a fake lollipop.

  43. All of mine turned brown??? I love this idea and want to salvage mine as they are christmas gifts:) Did the snips of green turn your water eventually??? I am so sad. I am not sure how to make them not turn colors?? Should I seal the branches and stuff with a spray of some kind?

  44. I just tried making this and I used a glue gun to glue down a photo holder to the lid then I added it into the water and it came off the lid.. Any glue recommendations??

  45. Thanks for the idea and the giggle. You have a great sense of humor – it’s rare that I read all the way through someone’s blog but I had to read yours. I think I will try this even though my kids are teenagers – good way to torture them since teenagers and smiling don’t go together very often. πŸ™‚

  46. I have to tell you a huge thanks! I made this for my son’s girlfriend. She is here while he is away at BYUI. I put in a pic of the 2 of them at Disneyland in front of the Christmas tree. She has it on her desk at work. She said everyone at work is amazed with it. See we can even impress big kids with adorable ideas! πŸ™‚ I did make a few different ones and made some observations. Canning jars work fine. The glitter doesn’t stick as much to the pics with glycerin versus baby oil. (It was horrible with the baby oil)I also discovered regular craft glue works fine for the first few hours. THEN it somehow disipates and clouds up the water big time! So I think only glue guns will work. I had fun being a scientist and trying different versions. I am sure that is how you feel doing it.

  47. These are just awesome! I’m doing a snow-themed birthday party for my daughter in early Feburary, and based on other reading, I’d ruled out having kids makes snowglobes AT the party, because the epoxy that others suggest using takes 12 hours to dry before it can be placed in the water. I’m so excited to try this using just hot glue, as it will solve that problem! One quick question — do you always end up with an air bubble inside the jar? It’s not a big deal, but if you have a tip as to how to avoid one, I’d love to hear about it! Thanks for your great, great post on this project!

  48. I made one of these to give to a friend last week (he has a party where everyone brings a homemade gift for someone). I had an adorable picture of him with his 2 dogs in the snow that I wanted to use for something and this was the perfect idea. I used Gorilla glue to glue everything into place – there is a white version that is supposed to be 100% waterproof. It foams up and expands when it dries, which added to the snow effect and made it easier to stick everything into place. I also used the self stick laminating sheets for the photo since I don’t have a laminator. They don’t seem as good as the heat sealed ones though. I cut off pieces of greenery from an artificial wreath and trimmed them in a Christmas tree shape to use as trees. I filled it with just water and glitter (no glycerin or baby oil) and it seems fine. Also I wrapped some plumber’s/thread sealing tape around the jar threads before putting on the lid to help prevent leakage and that seemed to work well. Just wanted to share some of the things that helped mine work, since my first version didn’t (the craft glue wasn’t waterproof and the jar leaked). My second version seems to have held up and everyone at the party loved it! Thanks for the great instructions.

  49. I made these about 20 years ago with my son and his fellow cub scouts. Used plumbers putty to secure to baked clay figures to the lid and to seal the jars. His is still in my Christmas globe collection and we are getting ready to make them with my grand daughter. Really fun and lasts…….

  50. looks lovely!! really good job πŸ™‚ as just a suggestion to prolong photo life even longer…maybe coating the photos in modpodge first too πŸ™‚

  51. I made these in baby food jars for my son to sell at his 4th grade Christmas store where everything had to be handmade. Sold fast. I used white glitter for the snow with glycerin added to the jar. I used mini ornaments meant for the little 3′ Christmas trees…Hot glued everything together. For more personalized I love the pictures!

  52. This is unbelievable! I just discovered your blog today and I absolutely love it. This idea of a snow globe is probably the best. I always have my home stuffed with jars (you know the feeling when you feel you should throw things out but then again you just think you may need them one day?). Now these will turn into snow globes. I promise them that!

  53. these look amazing!
    i work in childcare, in the toddlers room and i am planing to make these for the children and their families for christmas!
    the hardest part is getting good pictures that will look nice in the snow globes!
    thank you so much for this.
    yours are the best i’ve seen by far!!
    well, wish me luck! πŸ™‚

  54. I wonder if a plastic Mayo jar would still have the same effect? That way I don’t have to worry about my 2 year old dropping and breaking it!

  55. Wow! I think that the project is such a great idea that I have even thought about making my own snow globe and giving to one of my close friends as a present!

    1. About hot glue. Make sure that the lid is clean and dry. I noticed in the instructions it said you can rough the surface of the lid with sandpaper to help the glue stick. If you don’t have a laminating machine you may be able to find clear contact paper. We used this at a preschool where I use to work.

      Maybe even gluing a piece of bunched up white fabric down first then gluing the items to that would work.

  56. About hot glue. Make sure that the lid is clean and dry. I noticed in the instructions it said you can rough the surface of the lid with sandpaper to help the glue stick. If you don’t have a laminating machine you may be able to find clear contact paper. We used this at a preschool where I use to work.

  57. I agree about possibly using plastic jars for a small child to play with. You would have to use ones that you can see through obviously. Definitely worth a try!

  58. Hi. Using the photos is a great idea, thanks.
    I’m wondering whether figures made of plasticine would go inside a snow globe. I know it’s waterproof, but not sure if they would stand the shaking. Has anyone tried it? Maybe if they were coated with varnish before glueing them down?

  59. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Looking for a craft my special needs students would really enjoy, and actually be excited to take home! THIS IS A WINNER!!!

  60. I have wanted to make these since I saw this post last year! I decided this is the year I’m going to do it with my kids! I’m linking up to this project from my website. Thanks for sharing!

  61. We had made snow globes as an art project at school several years ago. We used a silicone sealant to glue the figures and seal the jar. The figures stayed put, eventually the jar did leak though. Love the idea of using photos! You’ve reinvented the snow globe and made it fun again! You’ve inspired me to make one! Thanks!

  62. Sorry if anyone has already commented on that. I just thought that the easiest way to hide lid labels without painting them would be adding a ribbon with a bow.

  63. Thanks a million!! I am going to do this today and give it ro my sister and parents and grandparents!!

  64. I am doing this craft right now. I was putting the finished product into the glittery water and everything fell of the jar cover. I am using a hot glue gun… Help please. This is a Christmas present for 5 people.

  65. wow! what a great idea!! I take the kids school pictures every year, cut them to size, put them in a clear Christmas tree bulb with garland behind them to hold them in place, write the name and year on the back and hang them on my tree. The kids always look for their pictures and they can see how they have grown from year to year.

  66. If you don’t have time to go out and have these laminated, just use packing tape (it’s wide and you may have to overlap)…cut around your photo, leave a bit of a border so water can’t seep in. Just watched a show about it today…and looked it up online and found this site! I’m going to try this tomorrow! Great idea!:)

  67. THANK YOU for such great directions. I’m taking an entire snow globe “kit” with me when we visit the grandkids for Christmas. My kit includes a picture book called “The Snow Globe Family” (found on Amazon), jars, glitter, decorative elements, etc. And my crafty daughter is getting a laminator for a gift! Thanks again for helping me to get together what I think will be a memorable gift!

  68. i am having a hard time with my glitter….for some reason when i added the baby oil it all globbed together and when i did just water it all floated to the top….what am i doing wrong? can you please send me a message on my facebook i’m under starlyn knappe

  69. Hello,
    SO cute.
    I think I will make two for my neices kids..
    but I think I will make them w/o water. just glue sparkels & super small snow flakes I have around the inside of the jar..
    thanks SO much for the inspiration.

  70. Just have to say how much I love this craft but mostly I love your description!! I think you could write computer instructions & I would enjoy it. If you ever write a book, please let me know

  71. Great idea! I’m doing this with my entire kindergarten class this week πŸ™‚ I’ll probably skip the benzoic acid though and just call it a victory if I don’t send 20 kids home encrusted with broken glass.

  72. So excited to make these……have been saving jars and almost have what I need for my entire class. Will take pictures on Monday, develop and laminate. Then we will make these to enjoy the rest of the year. I was thinking perhaps I would take them with the coat, hat, scarf and mittens on…what do you think??

    thanks for the great idea.

  73. I cant begin to thank you for this wonderful wonderful craft that you’ve shared with us.I’m planning to make one for my husband…he doesn’t know what I’m up to with the sandpaper and glue and all.Loved your ideas for stuff to fit inside the jar.I’m getting started on this right now!!

  74. Hi I am only 9 and I was just looking for some craft ideas and BOOM your website popped up u have so many great ideas and I cant wait to try them all!!!

  75. Hi! This looks really cool! How can I laminate MY pictures? I’m 10 and my parents don’t want to spend anything and I have no money…

  76. Thank you for the detailed instructions! These are simply adorable! I’ve got several ideas from this. Would make great wedding reception centerpieces with a picture of the couple inside! Or baby shower centerpieces with baby like items inside! πŸ™‚

  77. I have been searching snow globe how-to crafts for 3 days now, (read countless pages) and yours is by far the best!! I read on another site that covering the pictures with clear packaging tape and leaving a small area around them when you trim works as well as laminating too. I will be laminating mine. Going to cut and paste some garland around the lid base to hide the jar factor! Thank You, my search is complete!

  78. Kia Ora from NZ!!! I’d heard about easy snow globes so googled images to check howto make it for a relief society project (I as unaware of your religious affiliations), what caught my eye was ur gorgeous idea to insert a photo (I have 3 handsome subjects). I also had questions regarding glycerine/substitute ideas etc which were answered in your blog-thank you. Offhandedly I decided I’d watch your vid and heard some magically unifying words “ward” and then “Mormon” and made the connection that I had seen your books at our “time out for women”. People search for meaning and belonging and in our church we know that though we have never met and likely never will, that we are infact connected by virtue of our faith, we both love our families and like to make, learn, beautify and to be engaged in worthwhile activities, I am grateful and appreciative of your work and want you to know that a fair few people here in New Zealand will make and receive these lovely, fun, frugal snow globes this Christmas and I know every lucky subject will be so proud of and love these. Not to mention that any present that can materialise from stuff that might otherwise go to the dump (jars, bits and pieces, glitter-practically free!) into treasured keepsakes holds an appropriate lesson for giver and recipient at Christmas time, about what really matters and true joy Thanks again.

  79. I am doing this craft with a whole classroom of kids. We are using a plastic container instead of glass. I am wondering if you could tell me how to seal the lid with hot glue. A lot of snow globe directions online say to do this but I’m not a craft person and don’t follow things unless detailed. Should I put the hot glue on the rim and then screw the lid on or put the lid on and then glue around the bottom? With a whole classroom of kids I could annoyed parents if they open these up in the car on their way home. Thanks!

  80. I’m curious if, a year later, the pictures are still intact? Would love an update! πŸ™‚ This is such a fun idea; I will be making them for grandparents this year!

  81. Hi there, I am going to try the snow globes using photos of the grandchildren..I have done dozens of mason jar projects, but this is the first for the snow globes. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  82. I tried to make these with my class for their parents. The glue did not work and they were all floating everywhere. Used a ceramic, plastic adhesive glue that would stick your fingers together but under water it gave way after a few days:(

  83. I am making this with a trio of my students (81 total) for gifts for their parents. Thus far it has gone well….EXCEPT the berries have bled in the first one poured water in. The water is now red….eeeeek! I used berries that looked just like the ones in the picture, but apparently the ones I’m using aren’t water proof. Does anyone know if there is something I can add to the water or spray on the berries so they don’t bleed?

  84. One other tip, I did the self laminating photo paper too. It did not work even when I remembered to cut a 1/4 inch around the picture. What helped was using a laminator that had heat and a thick laminate. The 1/4 inch or more is important too.

  85. I’m wondering why quite a bit of glitter stays on top of the water in the jar. I’ve added a lot of glycerin. Is it better to buy the snow globe snow?

  86. Help! I don’t understand how her pictures of her children have nothing in the background. I’m not sure I can word this question right, but if you take a picture and cut it out, unless you carefully cut along the entire edges of the child, there’s going to be some background image/color showing? Her pictures are perfect, they are just of her children as if they are a real cut out. I don’t understand why there is nothing else in the background.

    1. She cut along the lines of the kids. I totally messed up this project, but I was able to that part correctly. You just have to be slow and careful.

  87. Made one of these globes 20 years ago with my son. Now I’am making one with his daughter this week, an it will have a picture of her in there. Oh…. I must tell you that 20 year old snow globe still looks like the we made it! Thank you for shareing!

  88. Cute idea! But, much harder to execute than it looks. Thought it would be fun for me & 5 year old to make for dad for Christmas. But, she ended up not being able to anything but pouring the glitter. The hot glue didn’t work at all, dried before I could arrange things and just created a mess. Tried rubber cement, which allowed for more flexibility, but I couldn’t get anything to stay up. I used beads instead of fish rocks, so maybe that was the problem. But, everything kept falling down. 5 attempts and 2 hours later I think I finally have it (though right now I have the objects propped up by other things until the glue dries all the way.. they seem to be staying though). Wasn’t fun at all for us. But, then again… it could just be because I’m not crafty at all (even though my brain wants to be).

    1. Note: Rubber Cement does not work either. Spent 3 hours on this craft yesterday. Everything was unglued and floating around this morning.

  89. Works really well, is super easy and is a perfect gift for my mom. My only slight change would be finding a way to make the glitter not stick to the picture so much.

  90. I love this snow globe idea! I can’t wait to make them for my nieces and nephews next Christmas! In fact, I was thinking…why wait? Go throught your albums and get pics of your children at different holidays, and go with the theme! An Easter snow globe, a valentine snow globe with tiny hearts instead of
    glitter! You get the picture…no pun intended!

  91. A snow globe crossed my mind to make for my family for Christmas but I thought things would go yuck(glue rotting water going mouldy etc.)but thankfully they didn’t

      1. I plan on making this tomorrow & will use Gorilla Glue (white version 100% waterproof) based on comments saying laminated picture may come loose. I plan on printing the same picture twice; however, the second one as the “mirror image.” Then I’ll cut out & glue together back to back & then laminate. That way the snow globe can be 360 degrees. We’ll see how this pans out as I have 4 I am intending on making!

        1. To Mandy who wanted to glue back-to-back pictures. This will only work if the silhouette is perfectly symmetric, which would be very difficult to achieve. To do this, you will have to cut the person in a square, circle, or triangle, and have the cuts be made almost perfectly, so that you don’t see the backside of the picture from the other side. Just a word of warning.

  92. I made these today as Christmas presents, but I am having trouble with my glitter clumping up as well as it sticking to the laminated photo. Any suggestions?

  93. Hi, these look fabulous. I mentioned you on my blog as another idea for great snow globes. I think I will try yours next year.

  94. These are adorable!!! Did you use any particular type of glitter? Was it more coarse or just the regular glitter you find in any craft aisle?

    1. We tried making it for the last few days and finally, we figured it out – HERE IS THE SECRET of CLUMP of GLITTER – Add a few beads (any shape and size you wish) into your jars and your glitter clumps will be broken off by these beads (we used a 500ml mason jar and only used 3 beads). I was almost teary when this finally worked as we were going to make this for our to-be 5-yo daughter’s birthday in 3 days – as a birthday DIY craft.

  95. I’m hoping someone can help me find a solution to a problem. I made one for each of my children, like these with laminated pictures. Not sure why but the glitter is sticking to the laminate and is covering much of their faces. I haven’t glued the lids on yet so I was trying to think of something I could do or a product I could use to repel the glitter from the laminate. any ideas?

  96. Im in the process of making one of these for valentines day! Found a great jar online that has “made with love” printed across it! Im going to use red and silver glitter and tie a ribbon around the lid to hide the lid πŸ™‚ my first diy anything so heres hoping it all works out haha πŸ™‚

  97. I’m making a snowglobe for the first time, and I was using dollhouse miniatures to create a scene. Is there some kind of coating I could use to protect the fabric and the characters I painted with in the snow globe?

  98. To Margot:
    I recommend using repositionable window decals paper from Staples. It’s transparent and it has an adhesive side. It will cover your image just like laminating. Also the glitter shouldn’t be able to stick to it.

  99. I love the snow globe idea, just wondered if you have any tips on how you cut the picture out so exact before laminating. I am assuming tiny cuticle scissors might be the answer. Thanks for sharing, grandkids will love this.

  100. just for peace of mind we had Grampa use clear bathtub caulk around the lid after we put it on. These are great fun for the kids year round we even have Easter ones!!

  101. I made this today and it’s awesome. Globe is perfect … Except… All the glitter stuck to the laminated picture. Wouldn’t even shake off. It almost completely covered my pic πŸ™ how do I keep the glitter to sticking to the laminate? Any helpful ideas? (I only put glitter and water. No glycerin

    1. We added dish soap to our when we mad them 25 years ago and it was my understanding that it was to keep the glitter from sticking. Maybe it would help?

  102. Cant wait to try this snow globe I have many of them Been collecting them for years but have never made my own I have a new grand daughter so you no what’s going in my snowglobe Thanks so much for sharing

  103. The only thing about the laminated photos….if you keep them in your window sill most of the time, the sun will likely fade the picture. And the glycerin, Walmart has in the pharmacy section with peroxide and rubbing alcohol, etc. Brilliant project though.

  104. I made these with my children 25 years ago and they are still not leaking, we used the clay and make little houses and trees and added reindeer and other Christmas items from the store. We used silicone to seal the lids and added dish washing liquid to keep the glitter from sticking. Now my oldest is making them with his children! I love this idea of the pictures!

  105. In my snow globe I have a small plastic tree with snow (snow is not plastic–it’s that fake snow that’s glued on). Do you know of any kind of water-proof sealant that I could buy to spray on the trees to make them waterproof?

  106. Hey I saw this and was so excited !! I told my art teacher and we are doing it next Friday for art club !! We just have to get all the supplies together so excited thank you!!

  107. What a cute mom you are. Keep it up. I always made a big deal about all of the holidays and now my kids are doing the same for their kids. Love your snow globe – I’m making one for my granddaughter. Merry Christmas!

  108. I’m letting my toddler do a Mother’s Day themed one for the Grandmas this year. Love the idea. I used some left over clear plastic, a hot iron, and a towel to make the pictures water proof.

  109. This year alot of Family Dollar stores are selling the snow globe snow with their christmas stuff. I was wondering about using the baby oil instead of the glycerin, is it the same ratio 2-3 tap per cup of water?

  110. I absolutely love these and am going to make them this year. I need to send one in the mail. How well do you think they would travel if packed well to prevent breakage. I worry about it leaking or expanding. Have you ever mailed one?

  111. I absolutely adore these. Christmas may be over, but I’m still going to make a few…like, for winter birthdays, smile-makers for ME, and awe inspiring decor for visitors.

  112. I am a preschool teacher………….I did this with my students as a Christmas gift for their parents. Making 15 snowglobes was very time consuming, but the outcome was 15 absolutely thrilled families!!!

  113. this is so cute, but it would look a little better with round globes, have you considered betta fish bowls and cork or wood stoppers with a little silicone aquarium sealer?

  114. I made some Halloween ones a few years ago. I used water and glycerin. I used wine bottles and glued the lids on. I found one in my craft supplies. Now that it’s 2 years it is murky. I’m not sure if it was the glycerin or one of the items I used (glow in dark skeletons). Anyway there a big hit when they done just won’t last forever

    Oh I say a comment from a child asking about laminating. They said their parents won’t buy laminating for them. I wish I could send some to them

  115. Love the idea! Did you have a problem with rust in your jar after sanding the lid so the hot glue would work better? I made one and wanted to make more, but I’m not sure how’s to prevent the rust in future ones.

  116. The snow globes are so cute! I’d love to make these with my students this year. Any update on how the laminated pictures held up?

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