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So we decided to do something a little different this week.  One of the interesting things about blogging is that you open up a little part of your life to the world.  I will admit one of my favorite things is getting to peek inside the creative spaces of my favorite bloggers; whether it be their kitchens, their craft rooms, their kids rooms, or any room really.  I feel like I already know them on a somewhat personal level, and seeing where their blog is actually created gives me an image to put with the voice.  Maybe it’s just my inner stalker, but I really enjoy that.  Kate has been in the midst of a much bigger home improvement project (which you’ll also get to see this week) but while she was completely gutting her kitchen, I was giving my office a fresh new look.  So we thought it would be fun to show you what we’ve been up to, and then round off the week with a fun home-improvement themed giveaway on Friday!  For those of you have absolutely no interest in our dumb house pictures and are getting ready to send us hate mail for having the audacity on our own blog to post something other than recipes (yes, happens every time!)  head on over to the recipe index and take a peek around; I guarantee there are a few things you haven’t seen before and it will be just like a new recipe 🙂   Halloween is coming up; go check out our Pumpkin Pie Milkshake.

For the rest of you, let’s get on with this since I have about five thousand photos in this post.  Our house was brand new when we moved into it about 5 years ago. I immediately painted our office a Hershey Bar brown, because naturally that’s what you should do with a semi-small room, right?  And then you should probably fill it with dark brown furniture just to enhance the… browness of it all.  What was I thinking??  Instead of a desk, I thought it would be super smart to get a ginormous table because then I could do crafts on it, and have plenty of work space, etc.  Really, it just provided plenty of space to load junk onto and absolutely no storage, resulting in a room that was constantly a mess.  Exhibit A:


The first thing we did is get rid of the chocolate brown.  I tested 437 shades of blue/teal and found it’s very hard to find the balance between toothpaste teal and baby’s room blue. I finally found perfection with Benjamin Moore’s “Sea Star” which I had matched at Lowe’s.  I can’t even tell you how much I love this color.  It’s so soothing to me; like a breath of fresh air.

We also ripped out the carpet.  The office is connected to the entry way, which is hard wood, so we extended that into the office and it made everything flow so much better.  Does this room not look five times larger already??

Then it was time to fill it back up.  I used a mix of old things, new things, things that were in other parts of my house…I love that part of decorating; finding new purpose for things you already own!

This little blog we write here started as a fun little hobby and has turned into a full-fledged business.  It takes a lot of time and work and organization to run and I really needed a space that was set up for that.  This new space is so much more functional than it was before.

I was so happy when I found this rug at Target that matched perfectly.  It’s like it was made for me.

The rug was a main color palette for the room, but I also added punches of color inspired by Our Best Bites!

The shelf was in our old office.  I had just bought a couple of boards from Lowe’s and stained them a dark espresso color.  You can buy those wall mounts for pretty cheap, and they’re the easiest shelves to make.

Try it; you’ll feel super  handy.

One of my favorite things about this room is the huge window.

I snagged that cool tree iron work thingy at Hobby Lobby for like, ten bucks.  Love Hobby Lobby!

Our one splurge for the room was the desk.  I searched and searched for the perfect desk thinking I could totally buy something old and refinish it to look all new and modern and awesome like my crafty blogger friends do.  What was I thinking?  I think about things like that, but I don’t actually do them.  So Pottery Barn did if for me, and I thank them.

I’m so happy we ended up getting the Bedford Desk because it’s modular; meaning you can add pieces and change the configuration, etc.  When we first did the office, we just had the corner desk, which ends right there where the little lamp is below.

After a couple of months my husband and I realized we needed more work space.  Too often we were both needing to be in there at the same time, so I bought another piece and added it to the corner desk.  This is where I keep my lap top and do a lot of my work, and I love it.

My husband had the great idea to put photos under the glass table top on my side.  (If anyone local needs glass, I have the best glass guy in Meridian, ID “Wes’s Glass”.  Best price I’ve found anywhere and he’s quick!)  I think it makes it so fun and I love switching them out and around with things that inspire me (like cake and kids, what more could a girl need??)  PS, do you notice my book ends in this picture?  I didn’t have any, and then I spotted those glass blocks I use for craft projects.  They’re heavy and pretty and work like a charm.  I actually have since filled them half way up with pebbles and they look so pretty.

I wanted to mix a lot of darks with lights, so while a lot of the large furniture is dark and traditional, I balanced it with light and modern pieces, like the chairs for example.  They’re knock-offs of expensive Herman Miller Chairs and we’ve been so happy with them.  Don’t you love it when you find a look you love for way less money than the actual look you love??  We bought our first one on Overstock, but when we needed a second one they were out.  Boo!  You can find them on Amazon though, and all over the place.  My husband found the best deal on a smaller office supply store online.  I don’t remember the name or I’d post it!

Love this lamp too, from Target.

And the Ikea book shelf that looked so ugly brown in the old office, looks happy and new when it’s all cleaned up and filled with things we actually use.  Go figure.  I always keep a couple of bins of toys in the office on a low shelf so my babies can go for those instead of much cooler things like my printer, and scissors.  I also love the modular tile boards you see in the photo below.  You can mix and match squares; I have a cork board, a calendar, and 2 dry erase boards that are constantly filled with recipe notes and to-do’s.  Actually, on that yellow/green one is a big list of recipes I’m working on for the new cook book we’re in the middle of!

And my husband, in all his awesomeness, totally gave me free reign in this room and didn’t complain one bit at the slightly girly edge it exudes 🙂

(Ceramic birdies from Hobby Lobby) The most important thing, for both of us, is that it’s finally functional.  Tons of storage, and everything has a home, as opposed to before when everything’s home was on top of the ginormous table.

This is the dark leather chair that was in the room before, but it’s brightened up with that cute throw (Target again, cha-ching! (In case you were wondering, that wasn’t a money-saving cha-ching, that was the sound of all of my earnings bleeding straight out of my pockets and into Target’s bank account…))  Silk pillow, stolen from another room in the house, from TJ Maxx.  Baby drool stains complementary of my own offspring.

So there you have it.  I can’t even explain how much I love being in this room now.  It’s very…”me”.  Having a creative space that actually feels creative, and organized, and relaxing, makes a world of difference in how I function!

Stay tuned Wednesday when Kate will finally walk us through her brand new kitchen!  You know what’s weird?  Kate and I have never been in each others homes.  I seriously don’t have a clue what hers looks like, so I can’t wait!


  1. I *love* your office space. . .and it’s fun to take a break from posting recipes (sometimes) and do something new and personal. Thank you. Funny enough I *just* finished painting our bathroom that same color!! I didn’t try 100 shades though. . .just went into BM, got some paint cards, came home, asked my husband’s opinion, and went back and got a gallon. Actually, their “lower-grade” stuff is just as cheap as Lowe’s. Anyway, glad to know that Target may have some accessorizing colors for that room. I’ve been contemplating the ceiling…what color did you use?

  2. I LOVE your office! I need to find the perfect color for mine! I might have to ‘borrow’ your blue idea! Great Job!

  3. I love the new office! It looks great and functionality is so important. It bothers me to have a messy space, then spend valuable time leafing through mess to find something. I also love the wall color – beautiful!

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