Inside Peek: Sara’s Office

So we decided to do something a little different this week.  One of the interesting things about blogging is that you open up a little part of your life to the world.  I will admit one of my favorite things is getting to peek inside the creative spaces of my favorite bloggers; whether it be their kitchens, their craft rooms, their kids rooms, or any room really.  I feel like I already know them on a somewhat personal level, and seeing where their blog is actually created gives me an image to put with the voice.  Maybe it’s just my inner stalker, but I really enjoy that.  Kate has been in the midst of a much bigger home improvement project (which you’ll also get to see this week) but while she was completely gutting her kitchen, I was giving my office a fresh new look.  So we thought it would be fun to show you what we’ve been up to, and then round off the week with a fun home-improvement themed giveaway on Friday!  For those of you have absolutely no interest in our dumb house pictures and are getting ready to send us hate mail for having the audacity on our own blog to post something other than recipes (yes, happens every time!)  head on over to the recipe index and take a peek around; I guarantee there are a few things you haven’t seen before and it will be just like a new recipe 🙂   Halloween is coming up; go check out our Pumpkin Pie Milkshake.

For the rest of you, let’s get on with this since I have about five thousand photos in this post.  Our house was brand new when we moved into it about 5 years ago. I immediately painted our office a Hershey Bar brown, because naturally that’s what you should do with a semi-small room, right?  And then you should probably fill it with dark brown furniture just to enhance the… browness of it all.  What was I thinking??  Instead of a desk, I thought it would be super smart to get a ginormous table because then I could do crafts on it, and have plenty of work space, etc.  Really, it just provided plenty of space to load junk onto and absolutely no storage, resulting in a room that was constantly a mess.  Exhibit A:


The first thing we did is get rid of the chocolate brown.  I tested 437 shades of blue/teal and found it’s very hard to find the balance between toothpaste teal and baby’s room blue. I finally found perfection with Benjamin Moore’s “Sea Star” which I had matched at Lowe’s.  I can’t even tell you how much I love this color.  It’s so soothing to me; like a breath of fresh air.

We also ripped out the carpet.  The office is connected to the entry way, which is hard wood, so we extended that into the office and it made everything flow so much better.  Does this room not look five times larger already??

Then it was time to fill it back up.  I used a mix of old things, new things, things that were in other parts of my house…I love that part of decorating; finding new purpose for things you already own!

This little blog we write here started as a fun little hobby and has turned into a full-fledged business.  It takes a lot of time and work and organization to run and I really needed a space that was set up for that.  This new space is so much more functional than it was before.

I was so happy when I found this rug at Target that matched perfectly.  It’s like it was made for me.

The rug was a main color palette for the room, but I also added punches of color inspired by Our Best Bites!

The shelf was in our old office.  I had just bought a couple of boards from Lowe’s and stained them a dark espresso color.  You can buy those wall mounts for pretty cheap, and they’re the easiest shelves to make.

Try it; you’ll feel super  handy.

One of my favorite things about this room is the huge window.

I snagged that cool tree iron work thingy at Hobby Lobby for like, ten bucks.  Love Hobby Lobby!

Our one splurge for the room was the desk.  I searched and searched for the perfect desk thinking I could totally buy something old and refinish it to look all new and modern and awesome like my crafty blogger friends do.  What was I thinking?  I think about things like that, but I don’t actually do them.  So Pottery Barn did if for me, and I thank them.

I’m so happy we ended up getting the Bedford Desk because it’s modular; meaning you can add pieces and change the configuration, etc.  When we first did the office, we just had the corner desk, which ends right there where the little lamp is below.

After a couple of months my husband and I realized we needed more work space.  Too often we were both needing to be in there at the same time, so I bought another piece and added it to the corner desk.  This is where I keep my lap top and do a lot of my work, and I love it.

My husband had the great idea to put photos under the glass table top on my side.  (If anyone local needs glass, I have the best glass guy in Meridian, ID “Wes’s Glass”.  Best price I’ve found anywhere and he’s quick!)  I think it makes it so fun and I love switching them out and around with things that inspire me (like cake and kids, what more could a girl need??)  PS, do you notice my book ends in this picture?  I didn’t have any, and then I spotted those glass blocks I use for craft projects.  They’re heavy and pretty and work like a charm.  I actually have since filled them half way up with pebbles and they look so pretty.

I wanted to mix a lot of darks with lights, so while a lot of the large furniture is dark and traditional, I balanced it with light and modern pieces, like the chairs for example.  They’re knock-offs of expensive Herman Miller Chairs and we’ve been so happy with them.  Don’t you love it when you find a look you love for way less money than the actual look you love??  We bought our first one on Overstock, but when we needed a second one they were out.  Boo!  You can find them on Amazon though, and all over the place.  My husband found the best deal on a smaller office supply store online.  I don’t remember the name or I’d post it!

Love this lamp too, from Target.

And the Ikea book shelf that looked so ugly brown in the old office, looks happy and new when it’s all cleaned up and filled with things we actually use.  Go figure.  I always keep a couple of bins of toys in the office on a low shelf so my babies can go for those instead of much cooler things like my printer, and scissors.  I also love the modular tile boards you see in the photo below.  You can mix and match squares; I have a cork board, a calendar, and 2 dry erase boards that are constantly filled with recipe notes and to-do’s.  Actually, on that yellow/green one is a big list of recipes I’m working on for the new cook book we’re in the middle of!

And my husband, in all his awesomeness, totally gave me free reign in this room and didn’t complain one bit at the slightly girly edge it exudes 🙂

(Ceramic birdies from Hobby Lobby) The most important thing, for both of us, is that it’s finally functional.  Tons of storage, and everything has a home, as opposed to before when everything’s home was on top of the ginormous table.

This is the dark leather chair that was in the room before, but it’s brightened up with that cute throw (Target again, cha-ching! (In case you were wondering, that wasn’t a money-saving cha-ching, that was the sound of all of my earnings bleeding straight out of my pockets and into Target’s bank account…))  Silk pillow, stolen from another room in the house, from TJ Maxx.  Baby drool stains complementary of my own offspring.

So there you have it.  I can’t even explain how much I love being in this room now.  It’s very…”me”.  Having a creative space that actually feels creative, and organized, and relaxing, makes a world of difference in how I function!

Stay tuned Wednesday when Kate will finally walk us through her brand new kitchen!  You know what’s weird?  Kate and I have never been in each others homes.  I seriously don’t have a clue what hers looks like, so I can’t wait!


  1. I love the new office! It looks great and functionality is so important. It bothers me to have a messy space, then spend valuable time leafing through mess to find something. I also love the wall color – beautiful!

  2. I LOVE your office! I need to find the perfect color for mine! I might have to ‘borrow’ your blue idea! Great Job!

  3. I *love* your office space. . .and it’s fun to take a break from posting recipes (sometimes) and do something new and personal. Thank you. Funny enough I *just* finished painting our bathroom that same color!! I didn’t try 100 shades though. . .just went into BM, got some paint cards, came home, asked my husband’s opinion, and went back and got a gallon. Actually, their “lower-grade” stuff is just as cheap as Lowe’s. Anyway, glad to know that Target may have some accessorizing colors for that room. I’ve been contemplating the ceiling…what color did you use?

  4. I’m not much of a blue person even though it’s all around me lol even off the page that color looks refresing & soothing! I painted my sewing room yellow & it makes me want to scream, not calming at all! I may have to rethink the color blue LOL

  5. Thanks for sharing your office. I think there are a lot of us blog followers who feel connected to the blog writers. I love seeing home pictures. I think you did a great job on your office. Doesn’t getting organized feel so good. And, I love the paint color. I have a light baby blue in my master and absolutely love it!

  6. what a HUGE difference… looks amazing! would you be willing to pass along the details of your flooring? we’re in the market and i LOVE the wood you have… the variation in tone/color is exactly what i’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to find! 🙂

  7. I love the colors you used, my bedroom is almost the exact same color blue (with dark brown furniture)!! Also just ordered your cookbook and can’t wait for it to arrive!! 🙂

  8. love it! Our kitchen is now a baby blue. Next time I’ll remember the “sea star.” It’s perfect.

    Where did you find the knock-off chairs?

    1. We bought the first chair from overstock and then when we went to add the second desk and needed another chair, they were out! We found them everywhere, like on Amazon (for a higher price ( but my husband found it somewhere else (I can’t remember the name of the place, if you really want to know, email me 🙂 for a little cheaper than Amazon so we ordered the second one from there.

  9. Your office reminds me of you! You did a great job! Can’t believe you are in the middle of another cookbook….. you two are busy girls 🙂

  10. Oh, I love this room! The colors are simply amazing! That blue is exactly the color I’ve been going for in my living room. I can’t paint it though. Owning a house built in 1960 makes for thickly textured walls that are nigh unto impossible to paint. But I really love what you’ve done in here! Yay for functional and yay for sharing ideas of living space with all the rest of us! 🙂

  11. Oh it looks so beautiful! and SO much bigger and relaxing and refreshing! Thanks for sharing, I love looking at other’s spaces as well! 🙂

  12. It’s gorgeous! I would love an office like nobody’s business. I work for Google from home and my computer is out in the family room, so when it’s time to go to work, I’m still out with the family. Doesn’t work so great. Maybe some day!

    Also. When I was 12 or 13 I went with my dad to drop my sister off at BYU. He gave me $20 to shop in the bookstore (I’m a book fiend). Wanna know what I bought? A desk organizer. And scissors and push pins and pencils. It’s still the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever purchased. But I loved having my desk in my bedroom organized. THAT’S why I need an office. I was jonesing for one as a tween.

  13. umm.. ok cooking is awesome – but interior decorating?? 🙂 AMAZING room – super jealous – but it has inspired me.. one day my new house will be unpacked and I can think about touches… yes.. one day

  14. I love the office. I am WAY into genealogy and family history and I collect trees, so I love the tree plaque hanging over the window. When did you buy it at Hobby Lobby?

  15. Wow!! You did a fantastic job. The wall color and that carpet…perfect. Now I’m inspired to get organized. Where did you find those cute little bird statues?

    I imagined you & Kate as neighbors. Do you not live close?

  16. Gorgeous! You did a great job, Sara! I wish I could paint some of the rooms in my house a different color, but my husband has this thing about off-white. Sigh. I think I’ll copy a picture of your office/den to my computer desktop so I can pretend to be as cool as you.

  17. Ooh, I love it! I am in the process of redoing my craft room. We did new floor, paint, and got rid of the cottage cheese texture on the ceiling. Lots of work, but we’re almost done. And isn’t it fun when it’s finished and ‘your,’ room! I can’t believe you guys have never been in each others’ homes. I knew you lived in opposite ends of the country, but that is pretty crazy! Can’t wait to see more peeks!

  18. Sara, I LOVE your space! Between your writing, cooking & decorating style, I totally “get” you! 🙂 Normally, you inspire my recipes but today I am going to go give my little corner of an office, a little makeover! Enjoy your office and we ALL hope it helps you create & share more delicious recipes.

  19. Your office looks beautiful! I love the Target rug and the blue walls!

    As you are working on your new cookbook (yay! so excited!), please include the Southwest Pasta Salad. It is one of my favorite recipes! I also love the Mango Quinoa salad.

  20. Thanks for sharing your photos with us Sara! I love to see what people do to their homes, and for those blog lookers who don’t, well they don’t matter anyway! I can’t even imagine making a negative comment on someone’s blog, but I know it does happen. Love the new look of your office, it’s absolutely stunning, and looks so homey, nice job! I live in a log house, and long for more drywall to paint, I like to pick colors based on the names, so when it comes down to 2 or 3 remaining choices, sometimes it’s the name that totally makes the decision! Sea Star is a good one!

  21. Love it! Yes, my “craft area” was a huge long table, too, and recently I started work on it. Its interesting what you find in the strata! “Oh yeah, this was what I started two years ago!” Ugh.
    So I appreciate the inspiration, since I need to do an upgrade, too!

  22. For the people who take the time to send “hate” mail is beyond stupid to me..The time it takes for you to write how mad you are that someone didn’t post a recipe, you could have just clicked to a different blog….People suck..and HELLO! it’s YOUR blog! and you can post whatever the heck you want! Shoot I say take a picture of your kids poking there nose and post that! LOL!! I LOVE EVERYTHING you post..Rooms, crafts, recipes all of it is awesome! and there’s more life to live then worry about the sucky people who send hate mail! ..Awesome room, my oldest moved out and now I have a sewing room and it’s a pretty blue..Love it and it makes me smile! have a great week..

  23. Love, love, love that office! Super cute! I just moved into a new place about a month ago and it’s still looking a little bare. I think I may be visiting Target and Hobby Lobby more often!

  24. Can I just tell you how much this post has inspired me?? Usually when I see other people’s style manifested in pictures of their house, I think something like, “Oh that looks nice.” But it’s usually something I wouldn’t in my house do because I’m kind of picky and also unsure of my own decor style. HOWEVER, I would totally copy your office decor verbatim (in a non-stalker way of course); I love the color palette, the rug, the dark brown furniture, just the overall look suits my taste. It’s got style to it but (imo) the room isn’t dripping/tripping with crazy trendy pieces and colors. I would love an office like that. My “office” is like an anti-office, haha. Someday, someday I’ll carve out an office in my house and I’ll be coming back to this post for inspiration. 🙂

  25. Sara, I have only seen your office but I can already tell that your house is so cute. I read that you live in Boise– my husband and I are moving there in May. Any tips for finding a nice, new-ish house in the area?

  26. Beautiful! As much as I love to see your recipes I love to see pics of real homes too. I adore your floor too and would love to know the type/color of wood if you do figure it out. We are about to start a remodel as well (just got my stainless fridge and oven this weekend-yeah!) so I’m looking forward to the kitchen reveal too. Thanks for sharing; you girls are awesome!

  27. Soo, nice! I really want to do that with my hubby’s office, but he’d kill me. He wants it his way, but he never has the time to do it, so it’s always a mess. Your office turned out beautiful! Can’t wait to see your kitchen Kate! A Big and beautiful kitchen is #1 on my list for a dream house, or even my next house. The kitchen is the most important room in the house for me, hands down!

  28. LOVE the room! So inspiring. I NEED to know where you got your ceramic birds. I have been looking for the perfect ones for a long time, and those are them!

  29. Wow! I want your office! haha You inspire me! So many cute ideas! Love it! And that’s bizarre that you haven’t ever been in Sara’s house, nor she in yours!

  30. I LOVE your office…can you come decorate mine? I am horrible when it comes to accessorizing and adding finishing touches. I’m a huge fan of your site and have tried and LOVED so many of your recipes. Thanks so much for all your hard work and time you put into making this blog a success!

  31. So super cute, Sara! I love how clean and fresh it is. Amazing what that can do for your mood and productiveness. Way to go!

    1. Are you local Charlotte? I have the best glass guy here in town, it’s cheaper than anywhere else I’ve looked. If you’d like his contact info, email me and I’ll pass it onto you!

      1. Nope, I’m in Seattle. I’ve been looking at similar ideas on pinterest but haven’t really known where to look for glass/how much it should cost.

  32. Your office is stunning; it exudes peacefulness. Hmm… maybe we’ll be painting here soon. I have absolutely fallen in love with your milkshake recipe! I was driven to go ahead and make it immediately after seeing the picture and fortunate enough to already have everything we needed. My kids and I are in heaven! 🙂

  33. Love the office space. I am like you and love looking at other’s people spaces. Love the color scheme, rug, ceramic birdy, etc. You did a fantastic job. So now not only are you an AMAZING cook, you are also quite a fantastic decorator as well! Seriously your talent is never ending!

  34. Your office looks so good! No one should be giving you girls crap for not posting recipies! It’s your own blog and you can do what you want, I love your blog! Can’t wait to see Kates kitchen 🙂

  35. I love your office Sara, it is lovely, as I’m sitting here eating Memphis Style Coleslaw with wheat thins.:) I live in Eagle, ID, so we are “kinda close”! I’ve used many of your recipes lately and am impressing my son and the teenage boys out here!

  36. Hahahahahahaha! I love that when you hover over the picture of what your office USED to look like it says “Our Best Bites Scary Office”! hahahahahaha! I <3 your sense of humor. AND I also find it funny you two have never been in each other's homes. Hilarious. Beautiful decorating, BTW. 🙂

  37. Your new office is gorgeous! Fabulous job designing and decorating it! Green and blue are my absolute favorite colors, especially together, so I completely adore the rug and the walls! The room is picture-perfect!

  38. I love those chairs! I struggle with the ugliness of having my office chair out in the open (a pitfall of working from home in a City-Sized apartment). Perfect solution.

  39. Oh Sara,

    Thank you for posting this!
    Lucky me has seen this room in real life,
    but it was way fun to read your thoughts on putting it together!

    Very Fun!

    The color IS super AMAZING! SO peaceful and relaxing!
    You forgot to include in this post, that the organization and paint color- make for a happy place for your kids to be too! Which is kinda of good but kinda bad too when you need a little quiet to think!

  40. Your office is just fantastic! Don’t you love the nekkid (covered with the perfect area rug) floor? I also will look for those chairs. You two did a wonderful job – congratulation!

  41. I can’t even begin to express how jealous I am right now! You’ve pretty much created the exact office I want… only I want a door somewhere leading into a jewellery studio (now there’s something worthy of the “cha-ching”, lol).

    My current office is my dining room table, my glider (surrounded by shelves in a corner of the living room) or whatever free surface I can find at school. I remember how productive I used to be when I had a dedicated work space, but finding the time, money and space to create one doesn’t seem plausible at the moment.

    Oh, and I’m equally jealous that you’ve managed to make your blog into a business. Another thing I can’t seem to find the time for, lol. Kudos!

  42. Love your color scheme, and the rug is super cute! By the way, your milkshake is SO good, I made it last year when you posted it and I can’t tell you how many times I have made it since! It’s about that time of year though and it sounds delish! Going to have to make a few this week!

  43. where are your green boxes from? I need to replace some I used for card supplies and the ones I have are from and they don’t make the different sizes 🙁

  44. Looks like a completely different room! Fabulous- thanks for giving me some great decorating ideas besides the delicious recipes. 1 Question—would you mind telling me the color of your ceiling? It’s not white and gives a nice subtle contrast to the molding.

  45. I LOVE IT!!! I love cooking good food, but another thing I love is creating beautiful and functional spaces in my home . . . and looking at pictures of other people who have done the same thing. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty creating those spaces right now. It’s helpful to see other people be successful in that endeavor. 🙂

  46. I LOVE IT!!!! Your home office is everything I’d want mine to be. The colors, furniture, rug, lamp…EVERYTHING is absolutely perfect!! It looks very relaxing. Great job!

  47. i love to grill chicken breasts…make a caesar salad dressing (or buy it) …make some spaghetti and put the dressing on it. add lots of cut up veggies. when you are ready to eat…just add romaine and grated parmesan…cut up the chicken on top.

  48. My favorite weekday, quick meal is a quart of my homemade tomato soup and a grilled sheese made with hot pepper cheese and rye bread. Hubba, hubba! That’s a combination that’s hard to beat!


  49. Very nice! I had an “office” for scrapbooking, but since I switched to digital and then dumped scrapping and stamping for photography, it just turned into a mess! It’s a lot cleaner now, but my office area is part of my kitchen now…where I can make dinner and process photos at the same time. Okay, sorta at the same time. 🙂 I’d love to have an office again, but I think I’d have to prove that I can keep one clean first!

  50. I LOVE love LOVE your office. It is making me REALLY wish we were in our own place again instead of renting for the next 5 years (while hubby finishes school…again! LOL). The recipe book looks fabulous — our ‘go-to’ food that is quick and easy is taco soup. Yum yum! 🙂

  51. My favorite quick and easy meal is actually gourmet homemade macaroni and cheese! I add in whatever mix-ins I have on hand (sauted onions, garlic, bell peppers, sundried tomatoes, etc.). It’s SUPER easy to make and fun to mix in new flavors!

  52. I absolutely love your room! My house is very blue also! Love the floor and great rug! My favorite weekday meal is homemade pizza.

  53. Love the new office; you could be on HGTV, too! Love the posts that aren’t always recipe related. Love your personalities and the fact you share of yourselves – that’s what draws me to the blog! And LOVE that there’s a new cookbook in the works! Can’t wait. P.S. There’s a country song that goes, ‘beer is good, God is great, and people are crazy.’ For what it’s worth…it always plays in my head when ‘people are crazy’ (i.e. send hate mail!).

  54. Love your space. The blue on the walls gives the space a calm feeling.
    My favorite weekend meal would be the scrambled egg burritos. I can eat those any time of the day. While i was pregnant (4 months ago), i used to eat these burritos twice a week. Best recipe ever.

  55. Beautiful office! I love the blue! And the desk!
    And I know this isn’t an official dinner, but I have to say I’ve made it dinner before: your mint chocolate brownies for your book. Y-U-M!

  56. I for one LOVED the pictures! It’s nice to have a balance of recipes and other stuff. Thanks for the tour–it looks AMAZING!

  57. I LOVE your office! We’re having a major office crisis right now ourselves- with my DH and I both back in school we have no room and everything is a disaster! 🙁 But, I found your space so inspiring I went out and bought stuff to make shelves from Lowe’s tonight. It’s gorgeous, the perfect mix of classic, trendy, functional, the blue is awesome! Great job!

  58. I love the transformation. A room that you love being in has a magical way of shifting your energy and inspiring productivity. Now please tell me who makes that paint and what color it is 🙂 It’s perfect!

  59. I sooo love your new office. Just did Bamboo flooring in mine…LOVE it. now I need to paint…I see the error of my ways…should have done that first! Keep up the good words and recipes

  60. Loove the new office and you gave me a couple of great ideas. While working out at Curves last week we of course were talking about FOOD and I mentioned your site and the idea of baking pies in Bell Jars and now everyone is hitting your site. Keep up the good work, I am on your site a lot.

  61. you can post about decor any time. decorating my new office and that is the white desk chair i have been searching for. would love to know where you got such a great deal. thx for your great recipes.

  62. Your office looks great! I wish I could actually DO something like you did- I always have these visions and then I can never make them actually happen!

    My favorite weekday meal by far is your southwestern stuffed bell peppers. I love that almost everything is canned so it’s super quick, and I always have those chopped chipotles in the ice cube trays in the freezer like you guys suggested so that makes it ten times easier than getting out the food processor every time!! 🙂

  63. I love your new room. Without the extra clutter I bet you are creating tons of great stuff for us. Love reading your blog every day.

  64. I love it! I just got married and have been looking for ways to organize and decorate our home, and you gave me some great ideas of where to start! Your office is lovely, and I had so much fun peeking into your workspace. 🙂

  65. Very cool!! I am inspired by all that you do. You are inspiration to all of us, and thank you for sharing your other creative side to us. 🙂

  66. Love the office! It’s so PRETTY! My favorite weekend meal is probably a good tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. Nothing says relaxing as much as that! 🙂

  67. This room is inspiring! I want to redo my office now! Thanks for the great ideas and giving us a peek into your life.

  68. I love your new space! As soon as I am done typing this I am heading out to get the supplies for a new shelf. Where did you get your birds? I would love a set of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

  69. Love the new room!!! My mind might be playing tricks on me, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the black and white photo is supposed to be on your shelf. Help me out?! My husband is also one of those white/tan shade of wall people. Maybe one of these days I will just have to surprise him and paint while he is at work. 😉

  70. Sara, I love your new office. Actually I’m in the process of redecorating mine so thanks for some of your ideas. I was going to buy a table like you had in the “before” office and refinish it, but you got me thinking about storage and how important it is to have at my fingertips. All the photos were helpful to spark my creativity since I’m a visual person…Beautiful office!

  71. I love this post! I always think it’s so interesting to see how people live and work. Behind the scenes is super fun!! Love it!

  72. I LOVE your office! My office looks similar to your before picture, it’s time to brighten the place up! Thanks for sharing your room and all of your fun ideas!

  73. The new office is awesome ! Did the desk come with a glass or ? top? I’d love to have one for my dining room table. So, tell me, tell me, did it come with or did youn have to order it? A very quick dinner, especially with the weather cooperates, is oven nachos or BLT salad ! Hope I win a book !!!

  74. Great job on your office renovation! I enjoyed seeing it from start to finish! I have that same rug in a smaller version but in the brown and terra cotta colors in my house. It has been a winner since day one! I am an interior designer in Minneapolis. Check my website out:

    Best – Renae

  75. Love how the rug is angled – adds so much interest. It is also so adorable that the colors match the site 🙂 So happy you have created a space you love.


  76. I have the Hobby Lobby tree in my house too! Mine also hangs high up, but in my house it’s above the entry way to my kitchen. It was kinda strange to see it on another person’s wall. 🙂 Your office looks beautiful!

  77. Wow, I’m speechless. I just kept looking and thinking ‘I love that!’, ‘no, I love that more!’ ‘No! THAT’s awesome!’ Great job, and what a relaxing and wonderful space to work. Keep it coming, I’m such a fan!

  78. Absolutely gorgeous! I am currently working on remodeling our master bathroom and next is our kitchen and living room. Good inspiration! I think that is the great thing about blogging is sharing your good ideas with everyone else, I plan to try and do the same thing!

  79. I love you office, esp your wood floors-we are getting ready to put some in our first floor of our house. Do you know what kind you have?

  80. They say your house reflects who you are…you’re beautiful! I need a makeover…I’m a little bit disco. I love your glass on the desk. I’d like to do that on my kitchen table.

  81. Love, love, LOVE!!!! your office! It inspires me to throw all the junk out of my master bedroom that I don’t use and turn it into the office that I’ve always wanted it to be.

  82. I love the office. Big improvement! By the way, I have been using your website for quite some time and just now realized that that you served a mission in Brasil! I am a Brasilian girl who has lived in Idaho for 17 years now (couldn’t tell by my name, right?) and I have a bunch of Brasilian recipes that I have come to quite love like cocada, vinagrete, coxinha, etc. Some are family, others come from cook books. So cool to see Brasilian food on this site!

  83. Lovely Sara! I have the same question as Kelly. Specifically, what is the width of the back wall? Thanks for sharing!

  84. Love your new office. I’m in the process of trying to redo / tweak my office room and came across your blog because I’m interested in that Pottery Barn desk (still trying to decide if I want to dole out that much money though). If you don’t mind me asking, how big is your room?

  85. Love your new office. I’m in the process of trying to redo / tweak my office room and came across your blog because I’m interested in that Pottery Barn desk (still trying to decide if I want to dole out that much money though). Also, still afraid that it would take up most of the room as the current arrangement of desks do. If you don’t mind me asking, how big is your room?

  86. Sorry about the triple post here but I had one more question. Do you still have a printer in your new office? Just wondering, if you do, where did you place it?

  87. Can you come and remodel our office?? It definately needs a makeover!! I love the way it looks organized and you can find things! Right now I think we just don’t have enough space for our office area to put in the shelves I would like to. Hoping in a few months we can find something that will be a bit more versatile in all areas, at least till we can afford to buy a house of our own in a few years. When we do watch out, it will have all the things my husband and I both want in a home..: )

  88. I’m not much of a blue person even though it’s all around me lol even off the page that color looks refresing & soothing! I painted my sewing room yellow & it makes me want to scream, not calming at all!

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