Introducing: Our Best Bites Membership Site and Weekly Meal Plan Service!

You guys!  Today is the day.  We’re launching something you have been asking for, for YEARS: An exclusive membership area on our website and a weekly meal plan service!  Instead of writing it out, I wanted to tell you all about it, and everything that inspired it, so turn on your volume or pop in your headphones and let’s chat!

This is for YOU!

Hopefully you made it through the whole video, because I explain every last detail in there and give you a peek inside.  We’re super stoked about having a private membership area on our website and we can’t wait to give you special content in there.  We already have added tons of quick-fix breakfast ideas in your meal plans that aren’t found anywhere else on our website!  AND all members will get a different members-only discount or deal each month to our shop.  (If you’re one of our newsletter subscribers, keep reading- you get a discount!)

If you’re loving all of this and wanting to sign up, I’ll sweeten the pot a bit!  Anyone who joins in the first 48 hours- so now through Tuesday April 18 at midnight will automatically be entered to win a $100 gift card to Amazon- woot!  The odds should be pretty good so jump on it!

An important note:  We are offering a special discounted price on our meal plans to newsletter subscribers.  If you aren’t a subscriber already, simply CLICK HERE.  After you sign up, you’ll see the sale price offer for the meal plan service.  If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, check your inbox!  Emails will start going out to you first thing on Monday morning so check it to get your email (including junk and promotions folders) and if you need help after tomorrow, feel free to email and our team will get you taken care of!

Okay, what are you waiting for?? Click below to check out our membership area and weekly Meal Plan Service!  We can’t wait to have you join us!






  1. Thank you! This is amazing! I already used the plan to make dinner and a treat tonight and a quick breakfast for back to school tomorrow!

  2. What if you sign up for the whole year and it doesn’t end up being what I need/want? Am I just out the $45? That is definitely the best deal and I love your recipes but, I’ve just never done anything like this so I don’t know how much I’ll use it until I try it!

    1. The meals are all recipes from our site, and occasionally new and exclusive ones. So it’s a mix of different styles of cooking. If you follow our site you know we lean toward fresh, whole foods, but we also aren’t afraid of butter 😉 You can definitely cancel at any time! There will be a cancellation link in there, or you can always email if you need any help.

  3. I totally just signed up with the awesome full year price!! Gotta love the discount. Almost 4 years ago I had to drastically change my eating habits due to an auto immune disease(Hashimotos) I found out I have. I have followed your site for 7 years now and I’m a huge fan. I pretty much only make family recipes or your recipes. Even though I can’t always eat exactly what is in your recipes, I have usually been able to adapt them to fit my needs…sometimes. (My biggest offenders I can’t eat are eggs and gluten) Taking much of the effort and planning away from this busy, tired mommy of 4 is such a blessing. Thank you and I look forward to using this service and making it work for my family. I have definitely been in a huge “whats for dinner” rut and I think this might help us out of it.

  4. How exciting! I am a big fan of following you both and this blog. Just a quick question, is the monthly subscription a one time purchase to try out the website or is it a recurring automatic payment? Thank you!!

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