Introducing: The Fit & Fast Meal Plan!

We are SO excited to be launching a brand-new meal plan today! We have literally been working on this for months, tweaking menus, extras, tips, and tricks to make it something we believe will be an invaluable resource for your family!

Thousands of you are raving about our Meal Plan Service and how it’s helped make meal time at your house run smoother, more efficiently and just more fun!  If you are not subscribed to our service, you can read all about it by clicking here–you can try out our plans and community for just $1 for the first month, then right now, it’s only $5.99 a month!.  Here’s what just one of our happy customers had to say:

I LOVE the grocery lists. I love seeing what each and every ingredient is being used for, so I can easily eliminate what I don’t need based on my schedule for that week. The recipes cannot be beaten, either. My family is always happy with the meals…we have yet to try one we don’t like! The “Thinking Ahead” notes are very useful in helping me to simplify things or work ahead, too. I feel like I learn so much from just the tips, let alone the recipes! Simply put, this plan is some of the best money I’ve spent on myself and my family.
Monica – Tampa, FL

So what is the new FIT & FAST plan?  Well if you are already subscribed to our Meal Plan Service, this is a great addition (it doesn’t come with the subscription, so if you subscribe, be sure and snag yourself a copy. Members get the best deal! Watch for an email or check it out in the “Bonuses” section of the community)!  And if you’re not a subscriber, you can purchase this separately!  The Fit and Fast plan is not a monthly subscription; it’s a one-time purchase.  It contains  6 weeks of meal plans focusing on family-friendly meals with a healthier spin. If you already use and love our meal plan service, this would be a great one to have on hand and sub in a week at a time or so, or swap out single meals every once and a while.  OR you may just want to purchase it for the bonus content (more about that in a second!)  That alone is worth the price!

What you’ll get in the Fit & Fast Plan:

  • 6 full weeks of healthy recipes, including 1 dinner for each day of the week.
  • Full nutritional information for every recipe.
  • Organized grocery lists by week with everything you’ll need to make the meals for that week.
  • Bonus recipes including lighter desserts, fun snacks, and weekend breakfasts.

In addition to all of that content, we’re throwing in some *EXTRAS*!

  • Full pantry list of items both Sara and I stock in our own kitchens that are staples for healthier cooking. You can use this guide as a starting point and slowly add items to your own kitchens.
  • Our go-to reference list of FIFTY healthy snacks for both you and kids!  As moms, we often encourage our kids to grab something other than packaged fruit snacks, crackers or chips.  However telling kids to go grab a handful of carrots doesn’t always go over that well, either!  We’ve created this reference sheet with both you AND your kids in mind to hit that middle ground between straight up fruits and veggies and packaged garbage.  They are all snacks that require minimal ingredients and no “cooking” other than microwaves and toasters.  We’ll even tell you what to buy, so it couldn’t be easier!  We’ve been using this guide in our house and it’s made a WORLD of difference.  My kids are happy creating snacks and I’m happy they can do them by themselves, and I know they’re eating better!
  • Our TOP TIPS for getting younger kids to be better eaters.  This can be a tricky one, but we’ve got some advice up our sleeves that has made all the difference with our own kids.  We can’t perform miracles or make guarantees, but we can sure give you the best we’ve got!

We hope you love this plan as much as we do! It’s truly been a labor of love and we know this plan will become a regular part of your meal-planning rotation!

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    1. Hey, Jessica–your comment must have slipped through the cracks. I think we didn’t totally understand your question, so forgive me if I’m not answering your actual question. If you purchase the meal plan without subscribing to our regular plan, it’s $14.99. How that helps!

  1. Hey guys, so excited about this. I just ordered it and it sent me a link to download. When I clicked the link to download I just got a bunch of code. Not sure how to access the meal plan now. What did I do wrong?

    1. It’s kind of up to you and what level of comfort you have in swapping out dairy. There aren’t a TON of dairy-heavy recipes, though (although if you have some favorite dairy-free cheeses, that might be helpful. 🙂 )

  2. I purchased both the fit and fast meal plan and the grill guide with the special offer today but I haven’t gotten an email with the link to the grill guide and I downloaded the fit and fast cookbook to my computer but the files won’t open. What should I do?

  3. Quick question! I have the 100 calories or less cookbook you made, would this meal include existing recipes like that or lots of new ones?? Just trying to decide if it’s worth the additional investment. You are my go-to gals/site for recipes!!!!!!

    1. There ARE some recipes from there in the meal plan (and from the blog)…the difference, I guess is that it’s all laid out for you. All the meals are coordinated to stretch your grocery budget (so we’ve figured out how to use up all those extra ingredients… 🙂 ) and they’re already planned for you. It’s definitely a convenience, save-your-mental-energy thing! 🙂

    1. Most of them serve 4-6 people. It’s not scalable right now, but you can always omit recipes and eat leftovers, or just cut the recipes in half. Hope that helps!

  4. I have to say I am disappointed with my purchase. I cannot say all of the meals are already on your blog, but I know so many of them are already there. Yes, things are compiled nicely for weekly dinner plans and a list, but i was hoping for some new recipes.

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed! It definitely is a convenience thing–I have all the cookbooks in the world, but picking what to make is what kills me, ugh! I hope you’ll still get some use from it!

  5. Hi, will all the nutrients be listed per meal? For example, Sodium, Saturated Fats, Total Fat as well as whether a recipe contains any tropical oils such as palm or coconut oils?

    1. We didn’t include all the nutrients (for various reasons, mostly because of space). As far as the oils go, if there are oils you can’t or prefer not to use, you can sub them out (although I’m almost positive we don’t have a single recipe calling for palm oils. 🙂 )

  6. This looks like a great idea! Can you tell me approximately what type of weekly, or even monthly budget, you’d need to purchase the food needed?

    1. I’m sorry, I can’t answer that question. It really depends on where you live and where you shop and what you tend to have at home so it will really vary!

  7. Is this the no-cooking summer plan that I heard that you were working on a few weeks ago? I got on some kind of mailing list…Summer Simplified…? Hurry, because my summer is 1/3 over and not simplified at all!!!!!

  8. I hate to say it, but I am disappointed too. When I am trying to eat healthy, I usually start by cutting pastas, rice and bread (which I feel like is the most common way to eat healthier, isn’t it?). But these recipes were chalked full of pasta and rice. I was hoping for lots more grilled chicken, salads, and pretty much anything in a lettuce cup. I get that healthy eating is interpreted in lots of different ways, but I can’t imagine anyone who would look at this list and think it would be considered a healthy meal plan. Sorry, I still love you guys. Just disappointed!

    1. Hey Sarah! Our approach to healthy eating is not cutting out food groups. We have a very balanced approach and one of our goals is to show people that you CAN maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes all food groups (including carbs!) I lost 50 pounds using this approach and eating the meals in this plan so I believe in balanced nutrition! We use a smart approach to create recipes that feature a healthy portion size of these food groups and balance them out with lean proteins and lots of vegetables. For example, I took a traditional pasta alfredo and transformed it to a small portion of pasta with a large portion of broccoli and chicken and a light sauce so you still get everything, but in a healthier way. If your definition of “healthy” is salads and lettuce cups then you’ll want to look for a very specialized low-carb diet plan. Hope that helps!

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