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You ask, we deliver.  Or at least we try to.  When it’s reasonable.

We’re thrilled to announce that an Our Best Bites Mobile App is in the works!  It’s actually rather close to being ready, but funny thing happened.  I was chatting with a friend the other day and when the subject of our app came up she immediately listed off a whole bunch of things it needed to do.  Things she loves about cooking apps and things she hates.  And then a couple days later she emailed me a bunch more.  The part that struck me?  They were fabulous ideas.  Simple ideas.  And I hadn’t thought of a single one of them.  So that made me think- duh!  Ask the people who are going to use the app what they want it to do!

So here’s your chance.  We’re looking for real, constructive, useful feedback.  We already know that everyone would like an app available on every platform 🙂

– If you’re someone who has wanted an OBB app, what are you hoping for?
– What would be your main purpose in using the app?
– Are there any special features that you would love?
-Any ideas to make it especially unique and fun?
– Is there anything you don’t like about other cooking apps?

If you’re reading this via email, please do us a favor and click here to come on over to our site today- and then speak up, folks!  We want to hear from you! Feel free to comment on anything you can think of.  This is your shot to help design it in the final stages!  We’re going to read every single comment and consider all of your feedback, after all- you’re the ones who have been asking for this and we pretty much live to make you happy.  Really, we do. Muah!



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  1. The only cooking apps that I have found useful are ones that let you search by ingredient, and not just by name or course. The ability to build a menu or even a week of menus and then email yourself a shopping list is always a bonus too.

    Good luck app building 🙂

    1. I agree with Chipper! Good cooking apps allow shopping lists and building menus. Super helpful!!

      SO excited for the app!!

  2. I would love a feature that would suggest a full menu based off choosing one recipe. For example, if I looked up “Asian BBQ Chicken”, then it would possibly suggest “Lime-Cilantro Rice with Pineapple” as a side dish, etc. Linking related recipes together would be awesome to help put together a full menu. One other idea – having a way to make menu suggestions for particular occasions such as a baby shower, kids party, holidays, etc. In any case, I can’t wait for this app to come out – I am such a big fan of Kate & Sara! Thank you!!

    1. I agree with #2, #3, and #4. I’m constantly looking for side dishes for my main dish. Also I would like the app. to link to ziplist. I love you guys so much. I’ve made so many of your recipes and have never been disappointed. I’m a professional chef and it is so much fun to impress the other “prof” chefs with an outstanding recipe from OBB! Keep up the great work!! I need OBB! Thanks for asking our opinions.

  3. Please release an app. for Android too. It is really frustrating when I want an app but it is only available for iPhone. I can’t tell you how excited I am to use it.

    1. This a thousand times over. It’s really frustrating when an app is only available for a single OS, instead of all platforms.

      1. Yes, Android! Please! And once you have it on Android, don’t forget to get it on the Amazon app store for Kindle Fire users. So much easier to see recipes in the kitchen on the Fire vs. phone!

    2. Another vote for Android as well.

      Tablet friendly would be awesome too. I can see myself using this more on my (Android) tablet.

  4. We don’t have smartphones….we DO have a Kindle Fire….so an app that is available for more than smartphones would be DIVINE!

  5. I would love to use your cooking app! I am always looking up your website on my phone, which is a pain, but it works. I would love it if I could put in an ingredient or ingredients, and have it come up with a list of recipes. Also, as others have said, please make it for Android too. There is nothing more frustrating than finding out about a great app only to find out it is only for the iphone. Thanks so much for making an app!!

  6. I like weekly menu building apps – like, where I can select one recipe for the week, and the app suggests other meals for the week that use similar ingredients.

    I also second the idea of releasing for all of the platforms!!

    1. I would LOVE this feature. Kind of like your list in the back of the cookbook with recipes that use small amounts of different ingredients.

  7. 1. If you’re someone who has wanted an OBB app, what are you hoping for? Something I can use, on my phone, while at the grocery store. Something easy to use with multiple search options (ingredients, complimenting side dishes/desserts, time it takes to cook, etc.)

    2. What would be your main purpose in using the app? Meal planning and grocery shopping on the go.

    3. Are there any special features that you would love? Search options (as mentioned above)

    4. Any ideas to make it especially unique and fun? Being able to “like” it and have it post to my Facebook feed would be cool.

    5. Is there anything you don’t like about other cooking apps? not specifically. Really, generally, you get what you pay for.

    I echo the repeated comments about making the application available on multiple platforms. I have an android phone, but use a Nook and an iPad.

  8. Congratulations, super exciting! I agree, a weekly planner would be cool and ways to use a recipe’s leftovers or similar ingredients for the rest of the week (i.e. roast chicken, make into taquitos, etc). Scaling the recipe for different sized crowds. Nutritional information would also be really great.

    1. I agree about scaling the recipes, I know the math isn’t that tough, but if you’ve got a smart device that will do the work for you, I say bring it on! Also, I know this had been mentioned, but in case you’re tallying up votes, searching by ingredients, preferably multiple ingredients. So nice to be able to check an app when I think “dang I need to use up that leftover chicken and my chopped onions.”

  9. I would love it if I could make the device stay “on” without having to exit the app go into my settings. So frustrating to always have to touch the screen and unlock it when I am cooking. Some video clips would be cool, too!

    1. Melissa, I think that would be more of a phone setting, not an app setting.
      I do LOVE the ideas about using up the rest of the ingredients from another recipe. Also, a search by “spice” would be cool. I have spices I bought specifically for one recipe and never use again!

  10. I just want to be able to search for a recipe, and have it with me while I follow it!! Of course, a fabulous added option (which are probably not real easy) are to halve it, since I rarely make a full recipe of anything!! Although I also like Heather’s idea of suggesting accompanying dishes! But I figured I’d let you know that I’d probably be happy just being able to search easily (which can stump me on your website sometimes: like, I can’t search “pizza dough” and get to your pizza dough recipe… which I have to halve when I make it :-P… notice where my requests are coming from? lol! I’m not sure if it’s the site, or user error ;-P).

  11. I echo the menu builder and using leftovers. And use for kindle fire. What if there was a shopping list maker that you could click on a recipe like bbq cookoff sliders and it would make a list. But then if you click bbq pulled pork it would add what you need for that but it would take into account that you’re already buying a bottle of bbq sauce so it would only put it on once. Bad example but do you get what I mean?

  12. The most important feature of an app for me is the ability to search and find recipes quickly because when I am using the app it means I’m on the go. Probably standing in the produce aisle thinking, “What do I need for those Southwest Stuffed Bell Peppers?” So, I’m typically trying to pull up the recipe quickly.

    I also agree with other comments that say it is important to be able to search by main ingredients. That’s probably because I finally made it home without something and I’m like, “What am I going to do with all this quinoa and no bell peppers?”

    Anyway, much luck with the app. I’m sure it will be great!

  13. Can’t wait for the app! I’d like to be able to input an ingredient, and get a list of recipes. Also, I like it when the format is easy to see the ingredients at once, and then the directions at once. I hate having to scroll a lot with messy hands. Love the idea of choosing multiple recipes and getting a shopping list!

  14. Definitely less articles, more recipes. Folks will want to be able to search by ingredient for sure! Maybe a “recipe box” like Epicurious has, where you can favorite some things for quick reference later… trying to remember which recipe you wanted, knowing it had “chicken and lime,” then spending 10 minutes scrolling through 500 recipes with “chicken” “lime” or “chicken + lime” in them can mean resorting to whatever’s handy instead of trying that recipe. My two cents; can’t wait for the app! 🙂

  15. it would be awesome if it could open more than one recipie at once. i frequently cook more than one thing at a time {because i am crazy, obviously} and it would be so much easier to have multiple recipies open {like using tabs while on the internet}

  16. 1 – MUST be an app for Android. (I use my Android Tablet in the kitchen all the time)
    2 – suggestions of sides based off a main course recipe.

    3 – Recipe search based on 1 or 2 key ingredients

    4 – building of a shopping list

  17. Maybe a Make A Meal feature. Where you can add up to 4 recipes together that will figure what you need to make the entire meal. Like a salad, main course, side dish or more and of course dessert. This way if you have a main course that had chicken, lime and chili but your side dish had lime too it would total how many limes you needed. That way you don’t have to keep going back and forth on what items to get. 🙂 I use a lot of O.B.B. recipes so I would wear out this app. LOL
    I also like what someone else said about the favorite recipe part. So you can save it and go by favorites to keep from digging through many recipes to get one.
    Maybe a link to Pinterest too. (Pinaholic here)

  18. I don’t know if this is a given, but I would LOVE to have this app on my ipad. I can already imagine having one of your recipes right in front of me (well… to the side) while I prepare something yummy.
    It would be helpful to be able to scale a recipe. I usually wing it, but it doesn’t always taste the same.
    Ditto from above: Search by ingredient (especially critical by thursday of any given week when my boys have raided the pantry and fridge); share feature so I can share the love either via email or facebook.
    Perhaps created like a magazine subscription so that recipes can be added as you release more?

  19. I love using cooking apps on both my iPhone and my iPad. I think my biggest thing is being able to easily search for recipes several different ways, wither it be by name, meal or ingredient. I also find apps useful when they have quick references such as substitutions or measuring equivalents.

  20. I’m so excited!! I love how your cookbook has “rollover” ingredients, but I so wish that we could search by those! In this app, it would be great if we could type in our “rollover” ingredient, or whatever ingredient we have extra of that we don’t want to go to waste, and peruse the options. 🙂

  21. This isnt about app construction, but I would be more than willing to pay $1-$3 for this app, knowing how much work you ladies put into the blog… I use your recipes all the time via my iPad internet browser, and have looked them up on my iPhone in the grocery store many times! Though I’d mention this, in case some of these (awesome, suggested) features would only be possible if it was a paid app. Thanks!

  22. this OBB app, should have a “Pop-in” list so that it can automatically put on a shopping list all the ingredients needed for that particular recipe 🙂

    and a way to “save” the recipe in a certain file/folder location (if possible)!

    Thank you in advance,


  23. I am SO excited! I have been wanted this for over a year now!! I like the idea of searching by ingredient and menu building. I would like to be able to save my favorites in a folder. Photos are a bonus! At least one per recipe!

  24. YES! I’m so excited! just as long as it’s simple and easy to use, I am a happy camper. A recipe index like the one you have above is what I would like. Along with suggested sides to serve with it, like in the cookbook 🙂 and congrats to you guys, thats awesome!

  25. I’d love to be able to search by recipe title. I usually have one of your recipes on mind when I’m searching, and I’m just looking it up to double check the recipe at the store or on the kitchen. If I’m looking for a chicken recipe, I would like to be able to only see chicken recipes…not all recipes with “chicken” in the text (e.g., “serve with chicken”). Hope that makes sense!

  26. I love your organization by ethnicity lists, really helpful when I’m in the mood for a certain taste, helps me get an idea faster. Don’t forget to include that on your app. I have no idea if this is even possible, but I like to leave notes about recipes on your cookbook, such as which kids liked the recipe, could one do that with an app.? I haven’t used many apps because it seems the ones that would actually be useful to me aren’t available for android.

  27. I haven’t read all the comments, so this may have already been said but i would love to be able to plug in ingredients that I have and have it bring up the recipes with those ingredients. I would also love to be able to rate the recipes so I know which ones I tried and liked. It would also be nice to have a “notes” section or something where I can add comments for myself for future reference if I changed anything or how I felt about it. Can’t wait!!

  28. I’d love to have a way to increase or decrease the servings. Sometimes I just want to have a small plate, OR I’m throwing a party and need to serve 30 people. And I’m an android user too. I vote multi OS too! 🙂 And the shopping list suggestion is brilliant! Thanks so much and I’m excited to see it! 🙂

  29. Searchable by ingredient and shopping lists are must haves for mobile cooking apps, plus the ability to file favorites, create menus, and possibly add your own notes.

  30. Oh right, and the ability to share a recipe with a friend via email or something. That could work in your benefit if you embedded source information.

  31. This may be obnoxious, but I just want to say that I’d love to be able to access the OBB app, but I need to win one of those smart phones in your giveway. Pleeeaaaase! I really am your biggest fan!

  32. I think it would be really helpful to have links to pictures of the step-by-steps if possible, but also to have links to tutorials if there is a certain ingredient that has a tutorial already published on it.

    I also like the idea of a notes section but I would love to be able to save changes to the recipes if I want to.

    Saving favorites is another feature that would be nice to be able to access them easier in the future.

    I really like the idea listed earlier about having complimentary menu items listed.

  33. The thing I hate about my cooking apps that I use now are that list of ingredients and the list of instructions are on different pages, so I keep having to flip back and forth as I go along. I also hate that the phone turns off while I am cooking. I think this might be more of a preferences in my settings, but I am NOT touching my phone with chicken guts on my hand just to turn it back on again and see what the heck I am supposed to do next. Frustrating!
    I would be cool, like amazon, if it recommended recipes that were similar. “You loved this recipe? Chefs like you also enjoyed this one…”

  34. Congrats! I find myself often scrambing to your website in the middle of cooking because I forgot a recipe, or at the store and trying to remember the ingredients and trying to look it up on my mobile phone. It’d be really nice for your app to have easy access to look up the recipes you already have cataloged on your website. Thanks!

  35. One food app I really love is the Jamie Oliver one. I like how he has his recipes divided into categories such as Steps, Shopping Lists, etc. Check it out!

  36. A quick find measurement conversion table or calculator. Whatever measuring cup/spoon I need is usually is in the dishwasher, baby’s mouth, disposal 🙂

    Also, an option for a simple and neat full page recipe view.

  37. I can’t tell you how many times I’m in the store and forgot what the ingredients I needed to make a recipe were. (Even when I make my list… I mess up sometimes!) If on your app you made it easy to look up your recipes, maybe even a search option that would so useful! Usually I try to pull your web page up on my phone and it ends up taking a long time to get what I need.

  38. Search options by ingredient, name, type of dish. Recipe box function to save faves. Share option at least via email. I.can.not.wait!!!!

  39. Often I have several multiple ingredients and I want to figure out what I can make based off them without going to the store! So, I would like to search by MULTIPLE ingredients. Sometimes I want to figure out what I can do with fresh corn, tomatoes, avocados and lime!

  40. Here is what I like about some of the online recipe sites:
    Save recipes to a shopping list so I have a list of ingredients I need to make the receipes I save.
    Kraft’s 1 bag, 5 dinners. So – a weekly menu of suggested recipes w/ the shopping list attached. And the weekly menu is budget friendly.
    I can enter up to 3 ingredients that I have and get recipes with all 3 ingredients in it.
    I also like on one of my apps that it has a widget option with a recipe of the day on it so I can get new ideas.
    I also like having recipe categories so if I am in the mood for Chinese, Mexican, etc – I can find recipes in that category.

  41. Yeah. Can it make the food and clean up for me? Thanks. That would be fabulous.

    I would love to be able to star favorite recipes. I usually end up going to your website on my iphone when I’m at the store and frantically looking for a recipe before my kid has an utter meltdown in the middle of the aisle. Being able to get to it quickly would be lovely.

  42. LOVE!!!!! Main reason I would use an app would be to find a recipe I already know the name of. The current search feature on the website is not entirely helpful in this area…I can search using the exact name and still have to go through a page or two of recipes that are not the one I’m looking for. I imagine that’s because those recipes reference the one I want? I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s really frustrating when I’m on my phone (which is almost always the case). I’ve actually found it more helpful to google “our best bites [name of recipe]” when I want something specific. So an app that would make that easier would ROCK MY SOCKS OFF. Thanks! 🙂

  43. I think it would be Great to have your personal ” recipe box” with your favorite recipes in that box. One of my favorites is chicken Alfredo with bacon., That way if you are at the store and there is a great sale on chicken and bacon I can look up your Alfredo recipe from my recipe box and find out what else I need. What might also be helpful is a substitution tabs, some quick subs such as when baking what can stand in for eggs or sour cream etc. good luck ladies!- Shasta from houston

  44. I would love the ability to manage to see what I have in my pantry. I would love to be able to put in all the spices in my spice rack at home so when I get to the store I don’t have to wonder if I need pumpkin pie spice or not(btw I have 4, see why I need this?)I can’t wait for the app! Go girls!

  45. I’d love to be able to use it for weekly menu planning, and then have it organize the ingredients I need and thy qty of each. So basically, I want to have the app organize the recipes I choose, and apply them into a menu plan. Then list out the ingredients needed. And I would love for it to be available on the Kindle Fire as well as the iPhone. I use Kindle, my husband uses iPhone, so then I would love for us to be able to “sign in” to the app on either device and be able to access our “account”. Make sense? That way, either one of us can shop or cook using your app! Also, it would be cool to have the ability to forward the info to email, so then I could print it off my computer!

    That would be so COOL!!

  46. My biggest complaint about other cooking apps is not having the ability to save a recipe as a favorite. If I know it’s a frequently-used recipe, I don’t want to search through everything just to find it.

    I would also love to be able to add notes – if I substituted an ingredient or found that my oven takes longer, or similar changes.

    I’m so excited! I would definitely buy the app, even if it didn’t have any fancy features.

  47. I agree with searching by ingredient and course. I also would love to be able to mark recipes as favorites and *maybe* be able to add your own notes to your favorite recipes (like “next time, bake a little shorter”). And then, being able to share the recipe right from the app. How fun!

  48. My favorite cooking app is Weber’s On the Grill. Love the way it’s laid out. Easy to use, see ingredients, get directions, tag favorites, mouth-watering pictures! I’d like to see you get some tips or ideas from them. Also- we MUST be able to get updates on your app! It’s frustrating to see the same thing a year later. One of my apps still has Thanksgiving recipes highlighted when you open it! Argh!

  49. Obviously it’s been said already but search ability is HUGE. I think it’s also important with an app that it connects to other apps or websites well. The companies you guys work with ate good places to start, or developing a section just for your “scoops” and giveaways is big too. I know my biggest peeves with an app is when it doesn’t navigate well to different sections.

  50. Ideas:

    -“Star” recipes that you want to try and be added to a favorites list.
    -Be able to type what ingredients you have and what ingredients you don’t want and have all the recipes that fit your choices pop up.
    -Calorie checking.
    -Be notified when a new recipe is posted, AND be able to set it so you’re only notified when certain types of recipes are posted? Like I’m a vegetarian, so I’d like to set it to only notify me when a new vegetarian dish is posted. Something like that.
    -Step by step directions with photos. One step on each page, to get to the next page you slide your finger to the left or right to go to the previous or next step. Makes it easier to read and follow and would require less zooming in on the page.
    -Have options for substitutions for certain items. If a recipe calls for mayonaise but I don’t have any and don’t want to buy it since I never use it, I’d like to quickly and easily see what I can use instead. Maybe have a dropdown bar for substituions in a different section of the app.

  51. I would love to be able to create a cookbook of favorites or somehow star favorites for easy access. I love the idea of blocking it from going to sleep while I am cooking… Even as an optional setting.

  52. I would love to see a favorite recipe area or a bookmarks section, so that I can find my most used recipes from your site quickly. An ingredient grocery list would be awesome as well. I like how the search is set up on the site, but in an app I would like to have a couple different search options, like by ingredient.

  53. I love recipe boxes, ability to share or pin a recipe or post, must be able to build a shopping lost for
    The recipes

  54. Yay!!!! SO happy about this!!!

    I would love a recipe box for the recipes I make all the time, and it would be awesome to search by rollover ingredients!! A notes section for each recipe would be great too.

    Thank you!!!!

  55. My main purpose in using the app would be:

    – To look up a recipe while in the store so that I can buy all necessary ingredients
    – To refer to from my iPad or phone while making the recipe
    – To browse for new, exciting recipes

    My list of like-to-haves:

    – Tips & Tricks: This section of your site has been very helpful and I’d love to see it available in the app as well.
    – Recipe comments: Include these, if you can! Many of the comments people have left on your recipes over the years have really helped me avoid similar mistakes or know what substitutions work for a recipe.
    – Save a recipe: Some way to save recipes from within the app is a must!
    – Ratings: Some sort of rating system for recipes would be nice; I like being able to quickly see which recipes get the highest marks. Of course, yours are all so good this might be useless if everything gets 5 stars.
    – Keep advertising to a minimum: I’m not overly worried about this, but on a small platform such a phone even the smallest ads can be intrusive. Give careful thought to how you’re going to incorporate ads. You might also consider offering two versions of the app, one free (ad-supported) and one “pro” (small-fee) app that might have additional features as well.

  56. I would love if it had your recipes separated out like you have on your website in categories. Also, the ability to have multiple tabs open at once. It would be awesome to have multiple recipes available at once while I’m grocery shopping without having to exit each recipe to look at the others I’m shopping for. I can’t wait for the app to be released! 🙂

  57. I’m going to completely ignore what you write and just tell you i want a mobile app 😉 i kid.

    Being able to search by ingredient(s); ability to rate recipes, make personal notes; sort searches; accessible offline. It’d be fun if it had the capability to suggest recipes i might like based on ones I’ve tried/rated. Menu planning, a shopping list…

    This is going to be awesome.

  58. One thing that would be really cool is to be able to view both a “text only” version and a “photo walk through” version of each recipe, and switch back and forth with the touch of a button/switch/whatever. Sometimes if I’m really familiar with a recipe I don’t want to have to scroll through all the pictures, but maybe I have a question on one particular step, so I scroll back up to see how that worked, then scroll all the way back to the text recipe. A little cumbersome. So if there’s a way that could be integrated into the app (quick switching between photo and text steps), that would be awesome!

    Also, totally agree with everyone who has said iPhone AND iPad compatible. I use both of mine interchangeably depending on if I’m in the store getting ingredients or cooking at home.

    Oh and a MUST: Please please PLEASE make the app able to function without internet! 🙂 A great way of doing this without making the app too huge would be to have the recipes able to be downloaded as wanted–for instance, when you get the app, it comes with, say, 1-5 basic recipes, then has a list of all the others that you can download as you want them–including new ones that are posted that will pop up as “new” in the list whenever they’re published. Then you don’t have to keep releasing entire app updates with new recipes when they come out either 🙂

    Really excited and can’t wait to see it when you guys are done!! :):)

    1. Side note: I would happily, HAPPILY pay $2-5 for this kind of an app. So please make an ad-free paid version if you’re not already 🙂

      1. I think it would be great to have it function along with your site- like a recipe box thing where you can save your favorites, add notes, organize things, and then be able to also login on your app to access everything.

  59. 1. search by ingredients
    2. select recipes you want to make and have it automatically compile all of them into a shopping list
    3. make notes on recipes about adjustments, what did/didn’t like
    4. ability to rate recipes (would love to see this on the site as well)

  60. Yay! I will be getting this app on immediately! My only desire, other than having you girls on my phone, is to have a way to create a favorites list. There are a few recipes that we live by here, and I am horrible at remembering what all goes where and how long to do what. And although it’s not a huge concern, some apps continuously gather info from the net. It’d be nice if after the page is up, it stops gathering. Chances are I will be looking at a list for a bit in the grocery store, and I’d hate to have to raise my data up all of a sudden 😉

  61. This might just be a personal preference, but I would prefer that cooking app ONLY have the recipes. If I feel like reading a blog, it’s usually when I’m on a website and have time to read through it. If I’m using an app for recipes, it’s because I want the recipe quick and without hassle. No commentary, no “this is what we’ve been up to” type of things. Don’t get me wrong, I love your site and always read it, but it’s when I’m on my laptop. When I’m in the kitchen cooking, I always use my phone to find my recipes and it would be a lot quicker if an app only posted the recipe so I dont have to scroll down so much. The perfect app for *me* would be a very simple one, listing by food categories, having a search option in case I know the name of it, and suggesting items that go along with the food item at the bottom. Pictures but no additional writing. That’s it.

  62. I would really love to have nutritional info on the recipes. It would be so handy for trying to eat healthy! Thanks for your recipes!

  63. A place to store your favorite recipies, like a virtual recipe box. Within it you can store the ones that you want to make and the ones that you have already made.

  64. I definitely want to be able to search by ingredient or type of cuisine. Not just by meal. Sometimes you have chicken and you just want awesome chicken ideas!

  65. I would love the recipes to be searchable but also organized nicely so that they are easy to browse! It would also be nice to have a shopping list feature so it is easy to view everything you need to buy at the store! That is what I use recipe apps for a lot, when I’m out shopping and I think of a recipe that I want to try; I like the ingredient lists to be nice and clear! Can’t wait!

  66. I agree with a lot of the suggestions, but one of the things I love about your site and cookbooks is saying what do do with leftover ingredients, and what side dishes to pair it with-having those things pop up with a recipe would be great. Also, creating a shopping list, and facilitating the creation of a weekly meal plan would be so helpful because I use my phone to create a shopping list in notes usually. Otherwise, I’m just excited! Love your site!

  67. I would LOVE a “Read Later” option such as Pocket (formerly Read-It-Later) so that I can save recipes on my phone, yet read later and print from my computer. Thank you! Can’t wait to download the app!

  68. A mobile app! I’m so excited!!! I see most of my opinions have been mentioned up above, but I’ll second them 🙂 With explanations.

    1. Don’t let it keep downloading stuff in the background. That eats away at data plans like no other, and it’s frustrating to figure out what app is doing it. I would rather start out with a large app instead, that way if I’m in the store and see a new recipe and wonder what the ingredients are and if it could work, I’m not downloading on-the-fly.
    2. Text recipe first with perhaps a link or a flick-page to show a photo version. Like others said, I usually want the recipe for reference on my mobile phone, but occasionally with an unfamiliar recipe it’s nice to see the pictures too, but a pain in the butt to scroll down and up and back down again. Having them on two different “pages” that you can flick sideways between (I’m talking on apple iphone here) without having to back/forth reload like a webpage does, would be so helpful.
    3. Searchable by ingredient
    3a. HOWEVER I do like how your index is setup by default on the website, by category! I would love if the app could do both, like if the default was the categories, but then there was a link to “by ingredient” or something. You know, how like your cookbook has the ingredients in the index?
    4. Ability to give personal 5-star ratings to recipes within the app
    5. Ads = UGH. (Here comes the rant…) On a small screen like an iphone they get in the way so easily and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to scroll and accidentally clicked on an ad instead. I would prefer the app to be free, but if it needs to be an ad-supported free version, then make a pro/paid/ad-free version as well. I probably wouldn’t pay more than $2-3 for an app though, unless it is exceptionally well done, and I use the free versions to test it out. Please please don’t make a free version that only has a limited number of recipes, that’s so frustrating. Ads are better than only getting 5 of the 100 recipes you were expecting. Or maybe make the the free version a pared-down app in that it doesn’t have access to features like, say, photo walkthroughs, shopping list, or 5-star personal ratings, but still has access to all the basic recipes.
    6. It’s nice to have a little thumbnail next to the recipe to jog my memory what it is. I’m such a visual person, I don’t remember the names very well, but I remember the picture of “that one jello with colored squares in it.”

  69. If I had an iPhone maybe I’d tell ya. But I don’t, so I can’t. Unless I WIN one!!!
    I’m sure the app will be fabulous no matter what you do!

  70. I like to be able to type in 3 ingredients that I have: chicken, broccoli, rice and have it offer suggestions that have those ingredients in it. Mainly, I just like a recipe app for when I’m at the store to look up something that I remembered seeing at home. I’ve had your website up MANY times at the store to look up a few ingredients! Maybe a search menu that just lists the ingredients needed, not the actual directions. Exciting!

  71. Love this!!

    I would say have a way to 1/2 the recipe and double it – but ALSO is it possible to get a 1 1/2 of recipes?

    also to search by ingredient, but also by your categories like here on your website.

    oh and A way to mark your favorites


  72. I have an iPhone and would love to receive notifications when you post a new article on your blog, I would also love it if your app had a special section to enter contests and the ability to search the recipe archives. Thanks so much!!!

  73. I would love it if there was a way you could bookmark your favorite recipes, or save them in one spot, so I can find them quickly and easily (without going to another site) Thank you for taking our ideas into consideration!!

  74. I love all the ideas! 🙂 no need to post!” I JUST WANTED TO YELL”
    I would def pay 2.00 to 3.0 DOLLARS! EVERY PENNY WORTH IT!;) you help us sever AWESOME meals, we can repay for your time!!:•> you lady’s r GGRRREEEAAATTTT!

  75. I have a Kindle Fire and sure hope it’s on your list :). All your recipes turn out to be favorites so catagories to find reicpes would be lovely. Links to your blog, perhaps other dishes that would go well with the recipe I was on. I’m sure what ever you come up with will be wonderful! I always go to your girls to find just what I’m looking for. So excited to find out more about your app!

  76. i was going to suggest three things, which I see people have already suggested, so “ditto” on the these idea’s…1) would love to be able to put my favorite (most used) recipes in one spot for future reference 2) be able to look up a recipe by ingredient…so when i’m staring at the brisket in the grocery store that’s on sale and i don’t know what to do with it, i can get a recipe based on my ingredient and 3) would love to have suggested menu items (side dishes/dessert) that will go with what i’m making.
    Good luck! can’t wait for it!

  77. I second everyone else’s ideas about changing servings, searching by ingredient, multiple platform (Android and Amazon please!!) and shopping lists. Also, I don’t know how easy this would be it is since it would likely require some work on your awesome website (ie creating the option -not requirement- of setting up a personal account), but I would LOVE to be able to save favorite recipes on the website and have it sync with apps on various platforms (ie my Fire and my android phone). I hate it when apps don’t sync across platforms and I’m stuck with a recipe saved here and a recipe saved somewhere else. I also love the step by step pictures, when possible. They are really helpful. 🙂 LOVE your website, emails, and recipes.

  78. The amount of sodium in a recipe is the most important thing for me to know. Too much sodium and I can’t make it for my husband. He is on a really restrictive low sodium diet.

  79. It would be great if we could save a recipe or a shopping list on our device. I dont always have access to the internet so to be able to still use the recipes/shopping list without the internet would be helpful.

  80. Id like to be able to have a list of my favourite recipes and since there are so many, I’d like to be able to have categories or have them searchable. I’d also like to be able to search your recipes in general by type: entree, dessert, salads etc and cuisine: Mexican, Italian etc. And by main ingredients would be cool too so when I want to make chicken or pasta, I can search by those terms. And it has to be easy to use and always accessible. None of this server down crud so make sure who ever hosts it is very reliable.

  81. My daughter has recently moved out and is new to cooking and meal planning. What she needs is a grocery list feature and tips on how to purchase fruits and veggies, for example how to choose a good watermelon, how to determine if a fruit or veggie is ripe, and please include tutorials on how to prepare them, like your awesome watermelon cutting or how to peel a pomegranate. Also, including what appliance or tools needed would also be helpful, so you would get them out and ready and your not searching through drawers while preparing the meal.

  82. I like what Melissa said at the beginning about having it stay on, instead of going to sleep and you have to unlock it everytime to read what ingredient comes next! I’m so dang excited to use it on my iPhone!!

  83. ok, this sounds really great. I am assuming you will have this for the IPad as well. The only thing I can think of right at this moment is perhaps when you are writing your recipes, either for the app for the internet, is it possible for you to put in weights. Like when you say a medium onion. What on earth is a medium onion. Perhaps the weight of the onion would be most helpful. Five tomatoes. There again, what size would be best? So weight here would work beautifully.
    Don’t know if this is important, but to me it is on any recipe. Thanks. Good luck.

  84. I’m sure your friend has already mentioned this and possibly others but something like a ‘Save to Cart’ feature like your Ziplist does. So I can save multiple recipes (because let’s be honest… how many of us see a recipe and then go look for a side dish to go with it?) This way I can save multiple recipes and put it on a shopping list to go to the store. Then I don’t get home and say “Crap! I forgot the bacon to go on top of the meatloaf!” Then you give puppy eyes to your S/O.

  85. It would be nice I you could add a feature that lets
    You click on items you have and based on that
    It makes suggestions on what you can make based
    On those ingredients or by adding just one extra one

  86. I am so excited for an app! As a graphic artist I really like your blog, very colorful and easy to read! I am sure you are going to continue that theme with your upcoming app. A few others have mentioned this, but it would be great to have just a text only version of the recipe. I love your pictures, they are great examples, but phone screens are small and a text only version is often easier to follow, while holding to phone and making a recipe. Good luck!!!

  87. I didn’t read through all the posts, but here are some things I’d like:
    1) Multiple search features
    2) Recipe box to save favorite recipes
    3) Saved list of recipes I want to make
    4) Suggestions for complementary dishes
    5) Way to keep the screen from powering down (I hate when I’m shopping or cooking and the screen keeps turning off)
    6) Menu builder for single meal and up to one week of meals
    7) Shopping list builder and a way to make a combined list for multiple recipes being used
    8) Way to adjust recipe for number of people being served (like I’m making this for 12 people, so it adjusts the recipe and the ingredient amounts listed on my shopping list)
    9) Place for notes or comments about the recipe

  88. Just wanted to say that I really do hope you have a free version of the app! While I certainly wouldn’t mind paying up to $3 for the app, I honestly do NOT have the money. I’m a college student and without a job. So while the app would certainly be worth the money and you DO deserve it, not everyone can afford to spend money on apps, especially college students. Your fan base isn’t only adults with careers. That being said, if you do have a free version (most likely with ads) I really hope you don’t limit the content that the free users have access to. I don’t think that’s really fair and I know a lot of people will already buy the app because they hate ads.

  89. I currently don’t have a cooking app but I am in recently in the market. I would love an app to have an ingredient list – if I have cilantro, I want to know what I can make with it. Can’t wait to see it!

  90. I agree on being able to save recipes or put them in a favorite file or something. There are some great ideas!
    I cant wait to get it!
    I do have a question…is it going to be expensive or a reasonable purchase price to get it?
    Good luck!

  91. check out martha steward’s . A timer for the recipe. An appt for the ipad to stand in your kitchen and read while your cooking with the timer. Put recipe’s in category’s for easy search. Like I said, just look at Martha’s app and find out who did her’s. You know her, everything is perfect. 🙂 Best of luck. Would most appreciate printable recipes with pictures

  92. I have one recipe app that keeps my phone from going to sleep when I am open to a recipe. There’s nothing I hate more than having to push the button on my phone/Ipad with food all over my finger because the screen has gone black. Also, I think an iPad or other tablet sized app would be great. I use my iPad in my kitchen more than I do my phone, but I use my phone at the grocery store so having the app for both is great.

    Did I mention I am soooo excited about this news!!! YAY!

  93. I am SO excited about the app. I would love it, as others have said, if it were avail on other platforms. I also have an iPad. In fact when I cook thats what I use, but the iPhone app will be for “on the go” shopping. I really agree with Robert and Cherish on their wants and wishes. So Thank You Sara & Kate for your hard work.

  94. With your recent Microsoft posts, I presume you’ll make your app available on Windows phones. But, if that’s not already in the works, I’m BEGGING for it! That’s really my only request.

  95. this has already been suggested (I didnt read through all the comments) but the ability to select multiple recipes and have it make a shopping list from the recipes you select, and/or the ability to insert ingredients you have and have it pull up recipe suggestions. So excited for this app!!!

  96. Team Android! Also, (don’t know if this has been mentioned yet because I haven’t read all the comments), it would be great to be able to search for vegetarian recipes (veg entrees, veg appetizers, etc., etc.)

  97. I use the obb website to cook almost daily (if the recipe is not in the book) so I am so excited about the app. I would love the recipes easily assessible like they are on the website.

  98. I use a Nook Tablet, and would love an app I can pull up, wherever I am, at home or in the grocery store. The idea of an accompanying shopping list is a great one. I take my Tablet with me everywhere. To take an entire cookbook to the store with me would be fantastic.

  99. recipe box, so I could have quick access to the recipes I use often, of course organized by meal etc. Thanks, and Kindle fire please!

  100. I would love to be able to switch out of the app to check an incoming text or something and then be able to go back into the OBB app and have it be where I left off and not have to start all over. So excited! Thanks for doing this!

  101. I’ve skimmed lots of good comments already.

    Searchable by ingredients with rollovers
    A checkmark that I’ve made this before, with room for notes. (I may or may not have given your cookbook to my sister-in-law with a post-it or two on every recipe I’ve made…)
    Menu planner with suggested sides
    Prep time, sit time (marinades, yeasts, etc), cook time, total estimated time.

  102. 1. PLEASE make it available for Android…not just iphones.
    2. Ease of ‘finding’ recipes.
    3. PICTURES of the recipes.
    4. Ability to ‘share’/save recipes. I’ve got a Demy, which I would be totally lost without. It would be great to be able, with just a few clicks, to get a recipe to KeyIngredient to upload to my Demy.
    5. Colorful:-)

  103. The ability to mark my favorites for easy access, nutritional info. I would totally pay money for the app if it allowed you to make notes about the recipe. I am always tweaking and adjusting due to food allergies, oven temps, etc.

  104. I know there are apps that do nutritional information already, but it would be AWESOME if the information could already be calculated for me… which would include number and size of servings. That would be incredibly helpful!!! Also, I have to agree with the other requests that a shopping list & menu planner that work together to tell me what I need so I don’t end up with fourteen containers of sour cream would be great! And I love the idea of a favorites option. One more agreement with another commenter, the search engine on your site can be a little frustrating, so being able to key in on the recipes that really use the specific ingredient instead of just being mentioned… does that make sense? Anyway, you may just be my first pay app, I’m a cheapskate, but I’d pay for this!

  105. I’d need an iPad app, the phone is too small to see in the kitchen easily and I’d love it if the recipes showed alternative names for ingredients. In Australia we call cilantro coriander and our flour is either plain or self raising, wholemeal or white. We don’t have your selections to choose from. Good luck.

  106. 1. Easy to use recipe index
    2. Pictures to go with the recipe (just a simple finished product pic works great)
    3. Search ability
    4. Being able to access all of the website things…i.e Craft’s & Family Fun as well as recipes.

    I would use the mobile app while I was out shopping and would want to easily find the recipe for ingredients I may need to get or items for a project.

  107. Wow, you have a lot of reading to do! Thanks so much for giving us all this opportunity. I have to admit I didn’t slog through all the suggestions, but here is my 2 cents:

    1) Please be sure it will work off-line. I have an iPod touch and if I’m not at home or near a hot-spot the internet is not available.
    2) I would love to be able to export a recipe as text/email. (Making it possible to add it to the cooking program on my laptop.)
    3) Multiple search criteria would be wonderful (ex: search on category AND ingredient)
    4) Please don’t make it too expensive.
    5) It would be nice to be able to rate and/or add keywords to recipes. (Not that any of your recipes would ever be rated anything but the highest 🙂

    1. By the way (since you asked) my main use would be to have a copy of your recipe in my kitchen, so I don’t have to keep running out to the living room to read the recipe while I’m cooking.

      Oo, oo, and being able to add my own notes would be great.

  108. Easy recipe finding. I am always going on your site looking up recipes that I remember reading.
    Not expensive
    Easy Search criteria- by recipe or ingredient

  109. I would mostly use the app to look up recipes by keyword, so that while I am out shopping I can refer back to the recipe for ingredients I need to buy! This is exciting!

  110. I love your blog, but I have a difficult time printing jut the recipe. My printer ends up using about 4 – pages for a simple recipe. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration, and such good mothers.

  111. Ok, I’ve been a loyal follower for about a year now and I’ve tried hundreds (literally) of recipes from OBB, all of which have been amazing (in particular – the Lemon Cupcakes have become the thing I know how to make – coworkers,, family, friends, and the roomies request those gems on an almost weekly basis!!)! Anyway, I’ve never left a comment before so I just have so much to say that has been bottled up! I love you guys! You are amazing!

    The only thing more amazing than you is an OBB App! Eeeee! I’m so excited!

    I would love there to be shopping lists built into the app that connect to each recipe so that we could just click “shopping list” on a recipe and be taken to a list!

    Also, a favorite recipe section, a ‘Need to Try this’ section’ and then maybe an area for us to type notes next to the recipe that only we can read….. Or maybe to share too?

    Thank you both for all you do! My cooking and baking skills have greatly improved from OBB!!!!!

  112. Please make sure your little tips show up on the app for the recipes. I love the tips and will frequently pull the website up even though I have the recipe right in front of me, just so I can read the tips. Thanks!

  113. I would be interested in a calendar function, where you can plan your meals a week in advance (3 meals a day?), with shopping lists, ingredient search. Also helpful would be “make ahead” and “freezer” methods. Pictures are a must (I assume you would already have these, since they are already linked to all of your recipes). Also, star ratings so the community can rate their favorite dishes. Thanks!

  114. I’m hoping for an iPhone/iPad app 🙂 I would be super happy with your recipe index as an app. That’s the feature I use most on your website…love it!

  115. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    So many of the comments above cover what I would like, but i’m going to list them here anyway:

    Something that makes following a recipe an a smartphone or tablet easy, and the photos easily visible, etc.

    Menu building/meal planning would be AWESOME. Especially if it suggested recipes that contained similar ingredients. And suggested side dishes.

    I would love it if the app could download the recipe info, so that I didn’t have to be connected to the internet for it to work. I could simply “update” or “download” new recipes once a week or so, and then use it statically while I”m on the go. I have an ipod touch, and often don’t have access to the internet while I”m out and about (like at the grocery store.)

    What’s your time frame for putting this app out???

  116. Works with android.
    Has a metric conversion option for people who aren’t from the states.
    Shopping list from the ingredients.
    Search by occasion or type of meal.

  117. First, I love your website and the idea of making it into a moble ap. My idea, is it possible to also make your crafting ideas avaible as well, maybe through another tab with in the application?

  118. Can’t WAIT for the app to come out! I love all the suggestions, especially the “other recipes that use these this ingredient” feature. The thing that I would MOST like though, is a way to figure out nutritional information! You would be my best friends forever if you could do that! OK, I already kind of consider you my best friends, but I’d love you even more!

  119. It would be amazing if it could load a recipe or list into GroceryZen. That’s my favorite grocery app but I have to enter recipes manually. Sometimes it’s worth it, like for your Southwest Pasta Salad. 🙂

  120. I think that weekly menu planning and shopping lists are a great idea but one thing that would be really wonderful would a feature that allows the phone screen to stay on while I’m cooking. It sucks when you look up a recipe. On your phone and keep having to stop and wake up the phone while you are trying to cook!

    1. There should be a setting on your phone that you can change which allows your screen to stay on for as long as you’d like (minutes, hours, indefinitely). But yes, it’s annoying when that happens 🙂

  121. Being able to check off ingredients you have on hand and then it would bring up recipes for the ingredients you have. Also free would be nice. 🙂

  122. If you have any “watch me” videos to help with techniques, that would be nice to see as well!

    One thing I hate with some apps is when you start clicking around and then all of a sudden you’re in the totally wrong place and you want to get back, but you can’t without starting over. I don’t know how that can he helped, but really just an overall user-friendly app makes pretty much anything nicer.

    The comments I’ve read through so far have covered everything I think I’d want in your Super OBB App. Good luck!!! I think we’d be thrilled with just having an app, so the sooner it rolls out, the better! Updates can always be made!!

  123. -Search options:
    •Date or date range
    •Key ingredient
    •Recipe title
    •Combinations of search criteria would be awesome

    -Same format as blog (explanation, step-by-step instructions, then recipe alone)

    -Sharing options
    -Printing options (printout size, selection–just recipe or all, with or without pictures)
    -Personal favorite recipe
    -Bookmark to favorites
    -Date tag or option to put what date we made recipe
    -Offline option
    -HD app option (for those who would like to take advantage of a large screen)

  124. A lot of what I’d like has been covered.
    1. Available to nook
    2. Search by ingredient
    3. Make menus
    4. Suggested sides that go good with main dish
    5. Your crafts available somehow
    6. Foods/crafts by holidays, ie how you do it on your site
    7. Available without the need of internet. My nook doesn’t have mobile internet, so be able to pull up the saved lists/recipes at the store without needing the internet.
    You guys are awesome! Cannot wait!!!

  125. One of the main reasons I got a smartphone is so I could look up recipes at the grocery store to make sure I had all the ingredients. A quick efficient search of recipes and the ability to add ingredients to a shopping list would be awesome! You girls read my mind, yours is the food blog I follow most faithfully, and I always start here when I plan my menus! Thanks for being AWESOME!

  126. I think it would be awesome to be able to clap or slap other than having to tap the screen to flip the page when I am cooking. I don’t want to touch the iPad / iPhone when my hands are all nasty. Also I would for sure want it to have the native iPad app so that it uses the whole screen and take advantage of that. I am really excited about seeing the app, if you would like me to beta test for you I’d be more than happy to. I’d be able to give you feedback and see if I can find bugs, etc.

  127. -I would like to be able to use it even when I’m not online. I don’t have a phone, but I do have an iPod. I hate apps that have to log on to the internet to work because that doesn’t help me at all at the grocery store when I see chicken on sale and remember your yummy chicken recipe but can’t remember all the ingredients. So I’d like to at least be able to save recipes to my iPod so that I can refer to them at the grocery store.

    -I hate it when my iPod falls asleep while I’m working on a recipe, because then I have to wash my dirty hands to wake it up again. Another cooking app I use keeps my iPod from falling asleep, and that is very nice.

    -I like to modify/change the recipes once I’ve downloaded them. My kids hate spicy stuff, my husband hates parsley, etc. I like to delete those things from the ingredients list and the instructions.

    -Love the idea of suggesting things that go together. I spend most of my planning time trying to figure out the side dishes and that would save me some grief.

    -Find as many ways as possible to let me search your recipes: by meal, by course, by main ingredient, by vegetable, etc.

    -Love the idea of menu building. Would like to be able to create and save menus so that I can reuse them.

    Can’t wait to try your app!

  128. So I read through some of these and I agree with a lot of the ideas.
    1. I would love the option to be able to search by ingredient (it would be sweet if the website did that too… I have about 3 lbs of cherries and no idea what to do with them other than chocolate cherry ice cream :P)
    2. A menu builder that will allow me to not only choose a main dish and then give me side dish/dessert options that work well, but like the list in the back of the cookbook, a list of recipes that use similar ingredients.
    3. With baby #1 on the way I really want to get better at eating healthier meals at home and so this app would be used to help me plan a variety of meals (we have a tendency to stick to about 10 foolproof recipes)
    4. I have an android phone and an iPod touch so having this on multiple OS would be awesome!

    I’m so excited for this app!! Any idea how much it will cost?

  129. Sorry, no additional ideas from me – everyone else has come up with excellent ones! Include all of those and you’d have the best app on Earth 😉 I would totally love to just search by ingredient, and then optionally by an additional category like “dinner”, “side dish”, etc.

  130. Type in an ingredient I have and have it list my options – that would be awesome. Or be able to sort by “chicken” or “pasta” in case I’m in the mood for a certain type of food but don’t know what I want.

  131. I love recipe apps that have recipe rating features (simple as 1-5 stars is great)!
    I know that my family will love 99% of the recipes you blog about. However, when I use an app I’m usually not at home which means that I’m cooking for other people and would sometimes like a new recipe that appeals to lots of different tastes.

  132. I would love to have a calculator for those moments when you’re doubling a recipe or want to see how many tablespoons are in 3/4 cup. Maybe it xiuld automatically double or triple the recipe for you if needed. Also like the idea of having a connection for what sides to serve with the main dish.

  133. It would be great if you could search for recipes by ingredient. Also, having possible side dishes linked with main dishes would be wonderful too.

  134. Well, I picture myself bringing this up on my phone in the middle of the store while I’m gathering items for a recipe. Let’s say the recipe calls for flank steak, but the store doesn’t have any, or it’s like $50/lb. I think it would be awesome to have the app give me suggestions for alternate ingredients for those I can’t find/get.

  135. Urbanspoon has a really cool feature that I think would work great on a recipe app. You enter and ingredient and hit the spin button and it gives you a random recipe in the data base to try. This would be great for new comers that haven’t tried all the recipes, and have a hard time deciding what to cook. You could allow the options like ingredient, cooking time and course. You could also have an scanner that reads ingredients and gives recipes that go along with that recipe ( Yeah sounds impossible, but you have to admit that it would be cool.)

  136. yes, a recipe box…a place to collect your favorite recipes or star them. weekly meal planning with automated shopping list.

  137. I’d like to have it available to nook color, I don’t have an iphone, or android, or other notebook. 🙂 Seems like it will be fun!

  138. It would be neat if it could organize/cataloge/store all ingredients in my pantry, when looking at a recipe to make it would tell me if I needed to buy anything before making it. Generally speaking. I wouldn’t tell it I used 1/2 cup of flour or something silly…just that I had flour. Up to me to keep the items stocked/deleted in data base as purchases/used.

  139. If I’m at home, I would just use my computer to search your site (I have an iPhone but not an iPad or iTouch. So I would use the app principally when I’m at the grocery store to look up ingredients, particularly when I made an impromptu stop v. working from a list. If I had an iPad, I would love to use it to find recipes using ingredients that I have on hand.

  140. I have never used a cooking app before, but I have thought to myself a number times that I really wished you guys had an app! I am super excited for this! The biggest thing I think I would use this for, is while shopping to be able to easily pull up recipes and have a shopping list to go off of. But it would be helpful to still know the amounts of items. I hate when I make a shopping list based off of a recipe and I get to the store and realize that I don’t know if I need a big can or little can, etc. Just a thought. I am sure that this will be super useful though! Thanks for being so awesome! P.S. This post was may more exciting to me than a recipe would have been 🙂

  141. I haven’t read all the comments, but the ones I read are great suggestions. Maybe this has already been suggested and I’m sure you have already thought of it anyway, but I would like a recipe box. You know, somewhere I can store my favorites.

  142. ditto to everyone else!

    I would love to be able to find a recipe by ingredient. “I have 3 limes, cilantro, & green onion” what are my options? 🙂 I hate when i buy ingredients for a meal, don’t use them all, and they go bad because I didn’t think up another meal – boo –
    *Recipe box for sure
    *recipe’s in shopping list form – I have NO IDEA if this is possible, but it would be fantastic to be able to enter all the recipes i would be shopping for, and have the app give me a grand total of ingredients i needed to buy. So if 3 of my 7 meals each needed 3 cloves of garlic the list would tell me i needed 9 cloves total.
    *basically I’m just excited. I make weekly meal/grocery shopping lists and use your site every time.

  143. I know it wouldn’t work on my kindle fire, (no speaker) but I love how the America’s test kitchen on DS lets you say next, start (timer), stop (timer). I don’t have to touch the screen.

  144. It needs a REALLY good way to look up recipes without knowing all the adjectives in the title of the recipe. Please. Like if you want to look up “that amazing potato dish you made last week,” it should be under “potato” as well as “Classic mashed potato,” or whatever. (Sometimes it is hard to find recipes in your AMAZING cook book too. You could fix this on your app. It’s always worth the search, though.)

  145. I don’t know how important things about a food app are to me, but I really do think you need a mobile version of your site. I guess if you’re making an app, that makes the mobile version obsolete, but if you could also make your site go mobile, I’d really like it.

  146. If an ingredient used in a dish is not a common one, maybe suggestions on where to buy it. Also, what would be cool is a way to maybe have substitutes for ingredients that include alcohol, gluten, etc.

  147. Make searching easy by ingredient, name, recipe type, etc.
    I love to be able to save my fave recipes.
    Nutritional content would be cool too, but i figure that would be kind of hard to put together.
    I love you gals, keep doing a great job!!!

  148. -Menu planning tool.
    -Calendar so I could look at past menus.
    -Feature so I could enter my own favorite recipes.
    -Personalied grocery list
    -Offline option
    -A feature that would also show the nutritional content of recipes (both ones from you and favorite family recipes that I entered) would be a great option.

  149. I pretty much ditto everyone’s comments. I also think a favorites/recipe box function would be nice as well as the ability to add your own recipes so that they can be part of the shopping list/menu planning as well. I also love that a lot of your recipes include nutritional information, so including that in a search would be great too. I also think all of the pictures that go along with the recipes need to be included somewhere too. They help so much! I would pay “buccu” bucks for a recipe app that does all of these things and includes all of your wonderful recipes. You guys are awesome!

  150. Lots of comments! I haven’t read through them so I may be repeating. Most of my suggestions would be typical but could you also include a substitutions section? Examples: No eggs? Use this. Out of baking powder, use this. Not enough milk? Use this. That would be great on this site, too. One stop shopping!

  151. I had a thought come to me the other day regarding the new app. It would le AMAZING if I could have an option to add a recipe to a shopping list on your app. Just a fun and very convenient speck I would love!

  152. I like the idea of being able to *star* a recipe or put it in a favorites box so it can be easily accesible later without having to search for it again. Also, I know a few people mentioned an Ipad version. That would be awesome. The iphone works for while I’m grocery shopping but the Ipad is always easier in the kitchen. I’ve often just gone to your website on safari on my ipad while cooking. The app will make it so much easier! Love yall!

  153. Just as long as it is for BB and not expensive. I use similar apps in the supermarket when I am checking I have everything for a particular dish.

  154. I think it would be great if you could select a a few recipes, have it give you a grocery list that you can easily go through and mark off what you dont need (as well as mark off things as you are shopping). I also love the idea of adding the nutritional information (especially the carbs, protein, fat, & fiber for those of us wanting to calculate WW points and such). Also, since no one has said it yet, BLACKBERRY please! I feel like all the other smartphones get the cool stuff, dont leave us blackberry fans in the dark 😉

  155. I did at read all of the comments so I don’t know if this had already been said, but I would life to see a drag and drop option. To make a weekly menu, you just drop the recipe onto a calendar. and also for the shopping list, you just drag the ingredients from the recipe to the shopping list

  156. I didnt read all of the comments so I don’t know if this had already been said, but I would like to see a drag and drop option. To make a weekly menu, you just drop the recipe onto a calendar. and also for the shopping list, you just drag the ingredients from the recipe to the shopping list

  157. – A two week menu planner
    – ability to rate the recipes
    – Tell you the last time you made it (had it on your menu)
    – generates a grocery list for your menu
    – ability to enter the store and aisle for each item
    – option to have an ingredient show on grocery list or not (for example I don’t want “1/4 cup of water” to turn up on my grocery list
    – ability to edit recipes
    – add your own recipes by cutting and pasting
    – conversion to metric option
    – enter/take pictures of your meals
    – email recipe to a friend feature
    – When I’m cooking I often realize I’m running out of an ingredient so it would be good to be able to “add to grocery list” from a recipe while I’m cooking
    I currently use the mealboard app and I absolutely love it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I have to enter all your recipes in manually. Since I mostly cook your recpies I would love it if your app was as good or better than that app.
    Looking forward to seeing it!

  158. This is so cool! I would use it to easily access your recipes when I am at the store so I don’t forget ingredients. Similar to other comments: an app for other devices besides iphone (specifically android), easy to use, no unnecessary pop ups, side dish recommendations or recommendations to use extra/leftover ingredients (similar to your cookbooks).

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