Join the Giant Cookie Bake-Along!


We LOVE seeing you guys having fun in the kitchen and we’ve especially loved seeing a surge of kids in the kitchen during this unique time of quarantine. This week we are doing something fun that all of you can participate in and there’s $PRIZES$ involved!  Read on for all the details because this starts NOW!!

The OBB Giant Cookie Bake-Along!

Our Big Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie already has a cult following so we came up with FOUR MORE giant cookie recipes for you!  We’re going to drop a new giant cookie recipe every day this week, and here’s where you come in.

Get in the kitchen and whip up a giant cookie and then share a photo with us!  There are 4 places to share your photo and each one counts as 1 entry to win prizes.

1. Share your photo on the specified cookie post in our Facebook Group.
There will be a new Pinned Post in our Facebook Group each day.  You will need to leave a comment on the specific cookie thread – not just to our page.  (Note our Group is not the same as our normal fan page. You can join the group, here!)

2.  Share your photo to specified cookie post pinned to the top of our Facebook Page (again, please share your photo to the specific pinned post created for that day, it will always be pinned to the top of the page!)

3.  Post a photo in your Instagram feed
Tag both @Sara_OurBestBites and @Kate_OurBestBites and (don’t forget this part) USE THE HASHTAG #ObbGiantCookie.  This way we can find all your photos!

4.  Post a photo in your Instagram STORIES
Tag both @Sara_OurBestBites and @Kate_OurBestBites and (don’t forget this part) USE THE HASHTAG #ObbGiantCookie.  This way we can find all your photos!

note: if your instagram accounts are private, we cannot see your posts.  If you have private accounts, I suggest sharing on facebook options!  You can dm us, but there’s always a chance those get lost in a mountain of dm’s, just being honest here!

Don’t forget to use the Hashtag or we won’t be able to find you!  Tag us as well.


Because we know it’s what people really want during this crazy time, we’re giving away cold hard cash!  We’ll give $50 to a random participant every single day this week!  Yes, you can enter every day!  We challenge you to make the new featured cookie from that day, but if you lack ingredients or have an allergy or any other reason, you are welcome to repeat one of our other featured cookies from the week.  Prize money will be sent via PayPal.  If you cannot accept payment via Paypal, another winner will be chosen.


Are you ready to get started??  Since we’re dropping all the details today, our first featured cookie is our Classic Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie!  If you already made this one and have a photo, feel free to enter using any of the methods above!  We can’t WAIT to see your cookies!!  Happy Baking!!  The cash winners will be announced the morning of the following day so you have until midnight to enter!  Make sure to check back tomorrow for a new Giant Cookie!

Fine Print:  This is open to EVERYONE no matter where you live.  As long as you have PayPal and can *easily* accept money from the US to accept a prize if you win, you’re good to go!  Prize will be $50 US dollars. 

Note:  Someone recommended we post a list of ingredients needed for all the cookies this week so you don’t have to make additional trips to the store.  We specifically used basic pantry ingredients so here’s what you’ll need to have on hand: Butter, Sugar, Brown Sugar, all Purpose Flour, Cocoa Powder, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Cream of Tartar, Salt (optional, flaky sea salt), Eggs, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Oats, Chocolate Chips


  1. I’m excited for this! I planned to make one today for my youngest’s little friend whose birthday is tomorrow and drop it off, because what 6 year old wouldn’t love a giant cookie 🍪!

  2. How exciting! We did our first giant cookie yesterday and it was delicious. My 4yr old came in while I was making it and told me it was big enough to share – not know that was the idea 😉 It inspired my 12 year old to make another one. Thank you!

  3. I love the idea, and we will be making some cookies regardless (even though I made cookies last night!) but is the contest open to Canadians?

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