Kate’s 5 Fun Things {Fall 2014}


So last week, I shared some of my big-ticket wish list items, the things I just can’t quite bring myself to buy but that I would love to have.


This week, I’m sharing the 5 things that I’ve fallen in love with in the last week. And the good news? They’re not $500 blenders. One of them is even free! Granted, movies aren’t particularly wallet-friendly, especially when you throw paying a babysitter into the mix, but the movies I’m excited about this week are both so good that they’re definitely worth it!

1. Interstellar.


Last weekend was the weekend of movies for our family. Before we had kids, my husband and I saw movies all.the.time. Since reproducing (and the more kids we have), we see fewer and fewer movies. Except for last weekend, apparently, when we saw two.

On Friday night, we got a babysitter and went to see Interstellar. I had zero hopes or expectations–in fact, when our babysitter asked what we were going to see, I said, “The Space Movie!” Space travel movies are generally not my genre of choice, and after a steady diet of animated features for the past almost-10 years, movies that are longer than 90 minutes are also generally not my first choice.

Well, I was wrong on every level. It blew me away. I sat on the edge of my seat, I had a good cathartic cry (or, like, 10…), and I never once felt like falling asleep. It was seriously the best movie I’ve seen in I can’t remember how long.

2. Big Hero 6.

big hero 6

The next day, we took our kids to see Big Hero 6. This was the first time we’ve taken 2-year-old Will to a movie since Oz the Great and Powerful when he was 9 months old and I paced up and down the steps of the theater for the second half of the movie. We all loved it. The animation was fantastic, the story was funny and touching, and Will not only sat for the whole thing, but he also left the movie saying, “Hairy baby!”, which made the entire experience worth it. Definitely a fun movie for the whole family.

3. Envy Apples.

envy apples

Envy apples are my favorite, but they’re rarely in season. Except for now! For the next few weeks, I’m stashing up on these crispy, sweet (but not too sweet), juicy apples that don’t brown when you cut them. Honeycrisps, move on over…

4. TrashHand Font.


I love this font–bold, easy-to-read, has a hand-written look. Plus, it’s free! Can’t beat that, right??

5. Mad Love Loafers.

Mad Love

If you think Toms are cute (or kind of cute), but you’re not prepared to pay high prices for mediocre shoes (even if they do go to a good cause), these shoes are a good compromise (they also filled the void when my Toms mysteriously disappeared…I’m pretty sure my husband was behind it.) Comfy, casual, great for fall, and not bank-breaking. Target, I can’t live without you.

So those are the little things I’m excited about this week! What about you guys?



  1. I hear ya on going to the movies pre-kids
    . Our two close in age babies are teenagers. Ow though, & able to watch their younger brother but we rarely take advantage of the free babysitting. Is it just me or has the movues gotten really expensive? Love Envy apples.although they’ve been nudged out by Pink Ladies. Love this post!

  2. (sigh) Cameos are my absolute favorite apples of all time, but they’re hard to find, too. Luckily we planted a baby Cameo tree this year so we should be up to our eyeballs in the delicious objects in another year or two. If the little tree doesn’t die. In the meantime, I’ll have to keep my eyes skinned for Envy.

  3. So wrong yet so right is the Christmas candy dish mix from Hershey. It has kisses, miniatures and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Pretty much heaven in a bag. If this has been around for years I have been missing out!

  4. I’m a huge fan of Ambrosia apples, but these Envy apples are grown in Lake Chelan, which is just 45 minutes away from where I live! I think it’s time to buy local. 🙂

  5. So many good ideas today! I’ll have to keep my eyes open for envy apples. And those shoes are definitely adorable. Are Toms not all they’re cracked up to be in terms of quality and comfort?

    1. They’d be okay if they were $20 or less. But both pairs that I’ve had offer little in terms of support and they tend to fall apart quickly. When I’m paying $60+ for shoes, I kind of expect more, you know?

  6. I’m excited for the day when we can get out and see a movie – I have a 2 month old who wont take a bottle so I’m feeling a little stir crazy!

  7. I’ve never seen envy apples but I’ll keep an eye out. I really want to take my kids to Big 6, I’ve heard great things, although I hear there are 3 deaths!

  8. So glad to hear interstellar is good. I’m excited to go see it. I also got some new throw pillows for the holidays. I’m pretty sure they’re called throw pillows because my kids throw them all over the floor.

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