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First of all, I’m going to be doing a Facebook live TODAY at 2:00 pm CT–I’m going to be sharing an AMAZING cannoli recipe and would LOVE it if you joined me!

It’s fall, y’all. Sorry. I couldn’t help it. It actually hasn’t felt like fall here in Louisiana until yesterday–in fact, on Monday afternoon/evening, it was in the nineties and then on Tuesday, I woke up and it was in the fifties and I was pretty sure that I personally was being rewarded for something. 

But even when it was in the nineties, I was in denial. Like, every year, I think if I start dressing like it’s fall and burn fall-ish candles, the weather will magically change. It does…eventually…but I’m pretty sure I have very little to do with it.

To celebrate my newfound fall weather (and yeah, I’m pretty sure most everyone else has been experiencing fall for a good, solid six weeks now), I’m giving away a box of my current fall favorites! I’ll send off a box of everything in this post, plus a few little odds and ends that make me happy (like an iTunes gift card…music taste is too personal for me to just gift you something!)

  1. Cozy Knee Socks. I’m such a sucker for cozy socks in the fall and winter, the more ridiculous, the better. Like fuzzy knee socks? That won’t fit into shoes and that I’ll never wear outside the house? Sign me up, please. I’ll see you when I leave the house again in April.
  2. Zapp’s Voodo Kettle Chips. Zapp’s is a Louisiana brand–I don’t remember if I ever saw them before we moved here, but I know I definitely had never had them. They. Are. So. Good. They come in all sorts of fun flavors like dill pickle and spicy crawtator, but my favorite are the Voodoo chips. They’re a little sweet, a tiny bit spicy, but totally packed with flavor. Yesterday, after an incredibly stressful day, I sat down with a full size bag and ate an embarrassing amount of them. And I wasn’t really all that sorry.
  3. Leaves Candle. Leaves has been a long-time favorite of ours, and this is not the first time we’ve written about it, but it is a classic and it is fall for me. Bath and Body Works actually had an incredible fall candle earlier this year called Mahogany Apple–it was sweet and smoky and perfect, but I can’t find it anymore, so Leaves it is. If you’ve never smelled it, you must.
  4. Popcorn Indiana Black & White Popcorn. Speaking of eating an embarrassing amount of something straight out of the bag. Sam’s Club sells this stuff in giant bags and let’s just say out of self-preservation, I can’t buy that size anymore if I’m not taking it directly to a party. This stuff is incredibly addictive. Proceed at your own risk.
  5. “I Wish I Was Full of Tacos” Mug. I have a few of these adorable mugs from this Etsy shop –they’re enamel-coated metal, so they’re pretty rough and tumble. They look small, but they actually hold an ounce more than traditional mugs. I love mine so much–they’re my go-to for hot or cold drinks–and they also make really wonderful gifts; everyone I’ve ever given one to absolutely loves them!

Okay. So. To win all these things (plus a handful of other goodies), leave me a comment telling me your current favorite thing about fall–it could be what you’re up to in your life or your favorite product or just something wonderful going on right now! Giveaway ends Sunday (October 22, 2017) at 9:00 pm CT and I’ll announce the winner in my post on Monday morning! You must have a United States address to win. Good luck! 🙂

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  1. I love baking all my fall faves: caramel apple cake, pumpkin muffins (of course OBB recipe) and molasses cookies. Love the open windows with a fall candle burning and a warm blankie to watch a movie. Yep, fall is my fave!!

  2. I love the leaves, all the red, gold and orange colors and especially love that drop in the humidity that finally makes it feel like fall in NC!

  3. The weather is just turning cool and I LOVE it. It’s nice to pull out some cozy cardigans & light jackets in the morning and it’s so refreshing. 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  4. I love the crisp fall weather — give me jeans and a cozy sweatshirt and I’m happy as can be. There is one thing that makes it even better though — munching on a delicious honey crisp apple and sipping warm cocoa!

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