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First of all, I’m going to be doing a Facebook live TODAY at 2:00 pm CT–I’m going to be sharing an AMAZING cannoli recipe and would LOVE it if you joined me!

It’s fall, y’all. Sorry. I couldn’t help it. It actually hasn’t felt like fall here in Louisiana until yesterday–in fact, on Monday afternoon/evening, it was in the nineties and then on Tuesday, I woke up and it was in the fifties and I was pretty sure that I personally was being rewarded for something. 

But even when it was in the nineties, I was in denial. Like, every year, I think if I start dressing like it’s fall and burn fall-ish candles, the weather will magically change. It does…eventually…but I’m pretty sure I have very little to do with it.

To celebrate my newfound fall weather (and yeah, I’m pretty sure most everyone else has been experiencing fall for a good, solid six weeks now), I’m giving away a box of my current fall favorites! I’ll send off a box of everything in this post, plus a few little odds and ends that make me happy (like an iTunes gift card…music taste is too personal for me to just gift you something!)

  1. Cozy Knee Socks. I’m such a sucker for cozy socks in the fall and winter, the more ridiculous, the better. Like fuzzy knee socks? That won’t fit into shoes and that I’ll never wear outside the house? Sign me up, please. I’ll see you when I leave the house again in April.
  2. Zapp’s Voodo Kettle Chips. Zapp’s is a Louisiana brand–I don’t remember if I ever saw them before we moved here, but I know I definitely had never had them. They. Are. So. Good. They come in all sorts of fun flavors like dill pickle and spicy crawtator, but my favorite are the Voodoo chips. They’re a little sweet, a tiny bit spicy, but totally packed with flavor. Yesterday, after an incredibly stressful day, I sat down with a full size bag and ate an embarrassing amount of them. And I wasn’t really all that sorry.
  3. Leaves Candle. Leaves has been a long-time favorite of ours, and this is not the first time we’ve written about it, but it is a classic and it is fall for me. Bath and Body Works actually had an incredible fall candle earlier this year called Mahogany Apple–it was sweet and smoky and perfect, but I can’t find it anymore, so Leaves it is. If you’ve never smelled it, you must.
  4. Popcorn Indiana Black & White Popcorn. Speaking of eating an embarrassing amount of something straight out of the bag. Sam’s Club sells this stuff in giant bags and let’s just say out of self-preservation, I can’t buy that size anymore if I’m not taking it directly to a party. This stuff is incredibly addictive. Proceed at your own risk.
  5. “I Wish I Was Full of Tacos” Mug. I have a few of these adorable mugs from this Etsy shop –they’re enamel-coated metal, so they’re pretty rough and tumble. They look small, but they actually hold an ounce more than traditional mugs. I love mine so much–they’re my go-to for hot or cold drinks–and they also make really wonderful gifts; everyone I’ve ever given one to absolutely loves them!

Okay. So. To win all these things (plus a handful of other goodies), leave me a comment telling me your current favorite thing about fall–it could be what you’re up to in your life or your favorite product or just something wonderful going on right now! Giveaway ends Sunday (October 22, 2017) at 9:00 pm CT and I’ll announce the winner in my post on Monday morning! You must have a United States address to win. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I love the crisp fall weather — give me jeans and a cozy sweatshirt and I’m happy as can be. There is one thing that makes it even better though — munching on a delicious honey crisp apple and sipping warm cocoa!

  2. The weather is just turning cool and I LOVE it. It’s nice to pull out some cozy cardigans & light jackets in the morning and it’s so refreshing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  3. I live in Michigan so it’s definitely the leaves changing and our whole state turning red, orange and yellow. Love!!

  4. I love fall! The leaves, cooler weather, and layering clothes! Oh and all the smells. Food smells.

  5. I love the leaves, all the red, gold and orange colors and especially love that drop in the humidity that finally makes it feel like fall in NC!

  6. I love baking all my fall faves: caramel apple cake, pumpkin muffins (of course OBB recipe) and molasses cookies. Love the open windows with a fall candle burning and a warm blankie to watch a movie. Yep, fall is my fave!!

  7. Jeans, boots, a cozy sweatshirt for a crisp fall day and watching the kids on the soccer field.

  8. I love the color of the leaves changing. I love to see the beauty as I drive. I love the cooler weather. Not so much a hot weather person. I so enjoy college football games too. love apple cider and apple cider donuts. I also enjoy baking and as the cooler weather comes on I bake more for others.

  9. My favorite thing about fall is the crisp mornings. I like to open my windows and snuggle under the blanket. I live in a fairly humid place in the summer so fall mornings are a welcome change!

  10. Iโ€™m in Houston, so my favorite thing is to open the doors and windows and let air in. The humidity isnโ€™t gone, but itโ€™s going. . I know you know what all abt that in la.

  11. I sort of miss wearing layers. It’s too hot to wear layers in Texas. The weather has been nice though! Very grateful for that. I can take my kids out to play without scorching! YAY FOR FALL!!!

  12. As the weather has turned cooler it means that my son, who has been serving a mission for the past 2 years, will be home soon!!!

  13. My family and I all love all things pumpkin and apple! I love the Leaves changing (but not the falling off) and the sweater/jacket weather. W shave beautiful fall colors in VA.

  14. I Love fall. Apple Crisp hot out of the oven. Anything pumpkin (Almost) and I love Halloween. Fuzzy Socks are a must & Zapps are awesome…wish I could find them in my city!

  15. I love going out to the garden at the end of the season and picking the pumpkins! It is so satisfying to see the golden orange pumpkins shining through the frozen dying vines.

  16. I love being able to have the AC off and the windows open when I get home from work. Also, love being able to wear cozy clothes!

  17. I love hiking in the fall leaves. When the leaves are changing color all around me and some are on the ground. Crunching through the leaves is such a fun thing.

  18. I love when you guys do a favorites post- and even more love for this one because fall is my fav! Give me all the pumpkins! I am loving them all this fall.

  19. I love the apples! My family and I went apple picking for the first time and it was so fun. I made some caramel apples with them from a recipe from one your cookbooks actually and it was amazing.

  20. I’m in Florida, so I feel like all the things I love about fall are things I really miss since living here! My most favorite thing is the cool weather, and my second favorite thing has got to be burning my fall candles. I’m still waiting for the weather to change but I’ve been burning my candles for a month now. ?

  21. My favorite thing is breaking out my favorite fall perfumes that just smell like fall leaves, pumpkin lattes, and cranberries.

  22. Cinnamon, pumpkins, leaves, crisp weather & turkey!! Not to mention a slew of fall birthdays which means lots of time with family ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I live in the DC region, and we are also just finally getting some fall weather this week! I love so much about fall (sweaters and boots, pumpkins and changing leaves, a fire in the fire pit) but one of my favorite things is how much better it feels to run outdoors when the humidity finally clears and there’s a chill in the air. Makes something that can feel torturous in the summer actually feel enjoyable…at least until it gets TOO cold!

  24. Love pretty much everything about fall! It’s my favorite season!! But I think I will go with high school marching band season – very busy, but super fun! Thanks!

  25. Taking my 3 boys on hikes while the fall leaves are changing and putting in the most splendid show. Fall is my favorite time of year

  26. Pumpkin everything, my cinnamon broom from Trader Joes and warm apple cider are my favs. Plus watching my 2 littles play in the leaves- it is magical!

  27. I love summer, but fall makes it so much easier to move into winter. Gradually layering clothing, wrapping up in soft and cozy blankets, and spending more time at home with my family.

  28. I love taking my kids apple picking and on a hayride. This year it was 80 degrees and didnโ€™t feel like fall but we still had fun!

  29. Obviously the gorgeous leaves, but really probably the best thing is that I can wear my hair down again because itโ€™s finally not too hot to have to have it up in a ponytail!

  30. I’m in Arizona with highs still in the upper 90’s, but the overnight temps have been dropping. My current Fall fav is opening my windows at 5:00 am when I get up, and feeling the cool air. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. The beautiful colors of the leaves with the October sunshine lighting them up; wearing jeans and a sweatshirt with boots; picking out pumpkins with my family; SOUP SEASON!

  32. I live in Ohio and this time of year is absolutely beautiful!!! All the different colors of leaves against the bright blue sky, I love it!!!! And of course the apple orchards, just went on Saturday and made applesauce on Sunday, going back next weekend for apple butter apples!!!! ????

  33. Favorite thing currently about fall is the amazing weather we’ve been having! cool at night but warm during the day.

  34. I love going for walks these crisp mornings and watching the trees create rainbows of colors. Also have loved the pumpkin spice bagels.

  35. My birthday! Except, this year, being “the big one” (I shall now say WHICH “big one”), I am happy but hope everyone else forgets it is my birthday!
    Also, love-love the foliage..crisp mornings…snuggling in sweaters and sweats…a warm cup of anything nestled between my hands!
    Also, baking without considering if it will “heat up” the house…bring on the oven temperatures!

  36. I love that itโ€™s not 100* in Arizona anymore! Also that the mornings are getting cooler, and that I can dress my baby in cute, slightly warmer clothes. Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hoodie? I donโ€™t think so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I like being able to bake again. It’s too hot during summer and I refuse to turn on my oven. It’s just starting to cool down here too.

  38. I love the changing color of leaves, cooler weather, and going to the Pumpkin Walk with my family.

  39. One of my favorite things about Fall right now is pumpkin flavored everything. Is that too obvious? I just feel the pumpkin obsession strong this year. Bread, cookies, etc. Thanks for the giveaway chance! <3

  40. I love the sweaters, the beautiful colors, and cooler temps, but my favorite thing is that it gets dark earlier which means my kids will go to bed earlier!

  41. I love the colors that Fall brings, leggings w/sweaters and boots, apple & pumpkin desserts, and little to no humidity!

  42. Fall is usually my favorite because I love the holidays- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and most of my Christmas celebrating is technically in the fall season ;). This fall my favorite thing is that my husband is moving back from India in 10 days, so our family can be reunited again!!

  43. The smell of soup simmering on the stove wafting through the house while windows are still able to be cracked open and exterior doors opened to screen doors. The crispness of outside and leaves falling is another favorite scent!

  44. I love the weather in the fall. I live in Vegas so it gets so hot here so I am grateful for when it starts to cool off!

  45. I love the beautiful Fall leaves, cardigans, pumpkin spice, lighting a Fall candle after Iโ€™ve cleaned up the kitchen, the return of โ€œThursday soup and roll nightโ€ and all the fun family traditions that come with the upcoming holidays. Oh and for sure the return of This Is Us.

  46. I love seeing the leaves change on the mountains. This year has been specatular! And Leaves candles are my very favorite. I may or may not have one on my night stand all year round :).

  47. I love fall because of the cooler temperatures and the color changes. I just want to be outdoors all of the time! Being able to put on a warm, chunky sweater, sitting around a fire, drinking a hot chocolate.

  48. Caramel Apples! We went apple picking and I can’t stop with the caramel apples, not that anyone’s complaining!

  49. The fall weather, the fall clothes, the fall food, the fall leaves, the fall smells, Halloween, Thanksiving, the overall cozy feeling of fall that makes me want to curl up and read or watch episode after episode of Gilmore GIrls. Too many wonderful things about this season to just pick one favorite!

  50. I love the cool, crisp weather and especially the gorgeous colors on all of the maple trees. There are several streets in my area lined with maple trees and they all turn the most beautiful and vibrant shade of scarlet!

  51. The weather in central NY has been CRAZY! It was almost 90 degrees HERE on Sunday! It’s been great weather for some fun fall activities like apple and pumpkin picking, but I’m excited for some cool (even rainy?) weather for an excuse to light the pellet stove, wear some cozy clothes, and spend the afternoon watching football! Also, I’m hosting my VERY FIRST Thanksgiving this year (in my new house) so I’ve been enjoying putting up fall decorations.

  52. The ash tree in front of my house that’s all yellow right now. I love it. Every time I pull into the driveway I take a minute and notice how beautiful it is.

  53. I am currently digging throwing pumpkin and pumpkin spice into EVERYTHING I bake. Gah I canโ€™t get enough! And that popcorn you talked about sounds right up my alley! Gotta love a ginormous bag of goodness!

  54. I love the beautiful rich Fall colors, cardigans and boots, cooler weather, pumpkin spice recipes, Fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works. Fall is just the BEST!!!

  55. We have 4 birthdays and host a neighborhood Halloween party each fall. I wouldn’t want to keep this pace all the time, but I love all the gifts and cakes and celebrations. It’s such a fun time.

  56. I love all the trees in their fall colors! I love walking in the evening light and hearing the crunching of leaves underfoot.

  57. My favorite part of fall this year is the super clear and crisp mornings we sometimes get (when it’s not raining!).

  58. I love the extra time spent with extended family members. We host family for trick or treating, I have a fall favorite things brunch for the ladies in my family, and we have several bonfire and game nights all season long. It’s the best!

  59. Jackets and scarves and cozy sweaters. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fun socks. My electric fireplace. Watching my toddler play on the leaves. The smells. Mmm.

  60. I love the color of the changing fall leaves! I lived in Florida for 4 years so I know about fall being too hot and completely devoid of fall colors, so I really appreciate them now that I live in Idaho!

  61. I live in wyoming, and right now weโ€™re having beautifully warm weather but the leaves have all changed and itโ€™s really the best of both worlds! Plus, my kid is back in school and settled into that routine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. Love all the Fall colors! We have a giant maple tree in our backyard that turns bright red that makes my heart happy.

  63. Leaf colors, soup, clear crisp mornings and nights, and pumpkin everything are my favorite fall things.

  64. I love being able to crunch the leaves as I walk around outside, all the apple recipes I can use, and the beautiful colors all around.

  65. Football! Miss seeing the seasons really change, as we live in southern california and I grew up in Boise. But at least there is football.

  66. I am from Missouri and my favorite part about fall is the fresh apples!! I LOVE taking my boys apple picking and then coming home and making a pie and an apple crisp. I am pretty much living on baked apples and greek yogurt right now.

  67. There is so much to love about fall, but I must admit that one of my favorite things about fall is that there are fewer bugs (especially of the biting kind)!

  68. Soup and anything made with apples! I live in california and can’t wait for the temps to drop and the fires and smoke to go away!

  69. My favorite thing about fall has been running down the canyon. The leaves were at the perfect peak and it was 10 miles of pure bliss that felt like a fake postcard.

  70. We don’t really have fall in southern California. It has been over 100 every day this week. But next week I’m meeting 12 of my dearest friends in Chicago and there will be fall weather and BFFs and Hamilton and it will be the best fall ever.

  71. I love seeing the fall leaves and the cooler fall air. There is something that satisfies the soul to see the sights of fall!

  72. Opening the windows! I’m in Dallas and we were still 90* too up until Sunday or so. We’ve had 3 days in the 70s and I love it! We can go outside again!

  73. My favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather and getting to wear boots and sweaters. Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. The freshest apples – right off the tree and then of course applesauce and dried apples and apple crisp ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. I love the cool, crisp air! It is so inviting yet makes me want to curl up with good book at the same time.

  76. I am most happy that fall weather brings low humidity which allows my hair to look a little less chaotic!

  77. I love so many things about fall! Football season is probably at the top. I’ll be heading to Blacksburg, VA this weekend to watch Virginia Tech play and there is nothing better than being in the mountains watching my favorite team play at this time of year.

    I also LOVE cooking every stew, soup, and chili that I can find!

  78. I love the smell, as generic as that sounds. It’s the mix of that sharpness in the colder air with the wet leaves and that occasional whiff of someone’s fire. It’s the very best.

  79. I love the changing of the season. It’s time for hot chocolate, chili, beef stew, homemade bread, cider. I love being outside with the changing of the colors.

  80. I feel like I’m dying all summer in the intense heat, so when it finally starts to cool down I feel like I can breathe again. Plus boots, cardigans, and scarves are collectively my spirit animal. I just feel more *me* in the fall, you know? It’s when I come alive. There’s nothing prettier IMO than a drive through the canyon when the leaves are changing. And I love the anticipation of the holidays coming up, I love to bake all the fall things, and I love the transition to soup and comfort food. So…basically I love everything about fall!

  81. I am a teacher. I love meeting my new group of kids every Fall and getting to know their individual personalities!

  82. Everything! Fall is my favorite. Warm drinks, beautiful trail runs, and pumpkin everything.

  83. Cooler weather and fall foliage. Well pictures of fall foliage since I live in San Diego, CA. Haha.

  84. Reading mysteries in the fall by the fire. Right now Iโ€™m rereading Murder on the Orient Express so I can feel good about seeing the movie later this fall.

  85. Fall is my favorite! I love the sweaters and jackets and boots. My favorite thing this year has been the return of the school schedule. I love all things order and routine and school makes that so much easier. Plus I get an ice cream cone and Hulu and naptime and I don’t have to share with anybody.

  86. Cooler weather (although not yet for me) jeans, sweatshirts, pumpkins and all fall decorations are my favorite things about fall. The fact that my first and last children were born in October is also something to celebrate!

  87. A morning motorcycle ride up the canyon with the sun setting the beautiful fall leaves ablaze with color!

  88. Leaves changing colors and pumpkins… I just love using my gas fireplace no heat or airconditioning , just the fireplace so cozy?

  89. Sweaters, boots, fall candles, the colors of the leaves! We aren’t getting much as far as color in Illinois this year with all the heat we’ve had ๐Ÿ™

  90. I’ve been making homemade chai lattes (yay, I can make them dairy-free and with way less sugar!) and they’re so cozy and warm – the perfect drink for fall, sorry not sorry PSL!

  91. My favorite thing about fall is being able to play outside again! (Arizona…sad trombone) Runner up is my birthday–it’s today!

  92. I love all of the Fall foods out at the Farmer’s Markets (apple cider, pumpkin bread) and the fact that everywhere I look the leaves have turned color. I love that it gets darker faster at night and I can cozy up under a blanket and watch This is Us. I like planning out what we will wear for family pictures in this beautiful weather and starting to think about Halloween parties and Thanksgiving.. not Christmas just yet.. I like to savor my Fall holidays. So much to love about FALL!

  93. The beginning of fall and the holidays for our family is our “three birthdays in three days” extravaganza! My husband’s is Oct 12th, mine is Oct 13th, and our son’s is Oct 14th! So we celebrate “Happy Birth Week” in our house! ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. My favorite thing about fall is knowing that I survived the hot summer and now get to wear light layers and cute plaids. Thanks for the chance to win this generous giveaway!

  95. I love fall because it’s finally acceptable to eat pumpkin again! Oh, and I can bake during the day, instead of waiting until nighttime, when it’s finally below 90 degrees.

  96. I’m all about pumpkin spice and decorating for Halloween. I love adding to my decorations every year.

  97. I love the change in the weather. It’s a time to pull out the cozy sweaters, drink hot chocolate by the fire.

  98. I love everything fall except for we don’t get a fall in Florida. ๐Ÿ™ So mostly, it’s caramel dipped apples and apple cider to get in the mood!

  99. I love that I want to snuggle up in blankets instead of run around with as little clothes as possible. And my birthday- its next week and a favorite thing about fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  100. My favorite thing about fall is marching band. I figure that if you want to take little kids to a musical performance, something outside on bleachers with loud percussion and girls twirling flags and rifles is the way to go!

  101. We just barely started fall a week or so ago ourselves, so I know what you mean by waiting for it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love being able to be outside again after 100+ temps all summer. My kids and I love walks, so it’s always nice to get back to it!

  102. I am very pregnant so this cooler weather has been a lifesaver. Also pumpkin pie is back at Costco?

  103. I love the point when I can start sleeping under the covers again! Summer is so freaking hot, it’s miserable waking up in a pool of sweat. Sleeping is the best during FALL!

  104. I love fall baking! I live in Savannah, GA so it doesn’t get super cold here but there is nothing better than filling the kitchen with those delicious smells!

  105. I love crunchy, fallen leaves. I love wind blowing leaves off trees and watching leaves flutter and swirl in the wind as if to defy gravity as they fall. I love looking at the covers of food magazines and seeing all the yummy fall baking. It’s as if you can smell the baking…. Mmmmmm good! I love chamomile tea before I brave the crisp, fall air.

  106. Since I’m in Houston, I love the lower humidity that comes with fall. I also love anything pumpkin!

  107. Fall leaf color has been incredible here in the PNW. And I love burning tealights in my glassybabies–so cozy!

  108. Love sleeping with the windows open- and getting the extra quilt out because I get chilly sleeping with the windows open!

  109. I’m enjoying college football, sweaters, light jackets (no coats yet!) and making pumpkin break for my kids.

  110. I love the fall colors- the bright leaves against the blue, blue sky and the grass that is still green. I love fall baking too!

  111. I live in the mountains, so i LOVE the changing colors, cooler temps mixed with sun and all the holidays coming up! My & my girlfriends do a mamas Halloween party so I always look forward to our themed event and dressing up. Thanksgiving with friends and family is always something to look forward to also. What’s not to love about fall!!

  112. The colors of Fall, the crisp refreshing coolness outdoors and staying warm and cozy with a yummy pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice muffins or a Jewish apple cake baking in the oven. All the aromas of Autumn puts me in a very happy place!

  113. I love everything about fall! The weather cooling, leaves changing, birthdays, (my son and mine.) And just feeling cozy!

  114. My favorite thing is the cooler, crisper air. No matter how my day goes, I always have a smile on my face when I walk outside and that cool breeze hits me! Pure joy!

  115. Wearing boots and sweaters! But I live in central California and it’s still not Fall weather. It’s been in the 80’s and if you dress for Fall yet, you’re roasting by the afternoon!

  116. I love all things pumpkin at the grocery store. I love the colors of fall, but here in Northern California fall has been delayed to later November/early December. Halloween gas been in the 70s and 80s during the day.???

  117. My favorite fall thing is watching the kids play outside. The air is crisp & clean, and the kids seem to play a little smarter and with a little more abandon; I’m sure they’re enjoying the weather and know their days without coats, mittens, hats, and boots are numbered!

  118. Love the weather change wearing boots and sweaters. I love the fall holidays and decor and baking !

  119. I love being able to add more options to our menu. I get excited when fall comeS around and I can start making soup and other comfort foods like that again. Don’t get me wrong – I love making salads and grilling a lot in the summer, but the options are endless when the weather turns cool again. I don’t use the oven much in the summer, so it’s fun add that option back when it’s cool outside.

  120. Colorful fall leaves (which are SO good right now through Sardine Canyon), Friday night high school football games and hoodies just to name a few!

  121. The COLORS!! I love the colors that falls brings. Even though it swings the color wheel to the warm side of spectrum, you can always blend in cool colors to create the most spectacular presentation of fall. It’s just a cozy time of year!!

  122. Homemade applesauce!! We spend one whole day making it and then eat it for the next year. I also love the cool crisp air!!

  123. Those Voodoo chips just happen to be my favorite as well. My favorite thing about fall is getting to wear leggings and big shirts to hide my white legs and belly rolls. Maybe if I would lay off the Voodoo chips I wouldn’t have those belly rolls, right? I also love cooler days and seeing the farmers complete their harvest.

  124. Halloween, baked goods, sweaters, knee-high socks, open windows, cool nights, fire in the fireplace, popcorn, caramel apples, World Series, and hopefully RAIN in So. Calif.

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