Kate’s Favorite Things Christmas 2019

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner and I am woefully unprepared. I think because Thanksgiving was so late this year, I’m way behind on everything. If any of you are in the same boat and are looking for some last-minute Christmas gifts, I’m your gal!

kate's favorite things

  1. Yesterday. This was maybe my favorite movie of 2019. And we saw a lot of movies this year (I justified it because we didn’t take a vacation this year, haha.) I didn’t even see it in the theater because no one wanted to see it with me, so I had to wait until I could spring it on my kids as a fun surprise when they couldn’t escape my motherly tentacles. But we ALL loved it (even with the hostage situation). From an artistic perspective, Rocketman was a better movie. But from the way it made me feel, and a movie I would watch over and and over again, Yesterday is the winner. If you’re feeling a little rough heading into the holiday season, go put on some cozy socks and make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and watch this.
  2. Topo Chico. I’m not super into the sparkling water scene. I’ll drink a coconut La Croix from time to time if I want something bubbly but don’t want caffeine or sugar, but it’s rarely my drink of choice. But. I love Topo Chico. I love the plain sparkling water, I love the grapefruit and lime varieties. I love it all. I don’t know why it’s different, but it is. Even my teenage son liked them, once he got his brain past the idea that it was going to taste like soda.
  3. Reusable Starbucks Cups. This is one of those little things I stumbled into and now I’m addicted. I got a hot chocolate there in a cute little reusable cup a couple of years ago and found myself using it again and again for everything. Now they sell the cups in 6 packs and they are my favorite go-to cups for everything, hot and cold. They’re adorable, not too big, not too small, have lids so my cats don’t drink my water and ice doesn’t hurt my teeth, fit in my car cup holders, I can easily pop them in my dishwasher (a lot of water bottles are kind of a pain to wash), and if I happen to lose one, I’d be sad but it’s not like I lost a Hydroflask or something. They’re like sippy cups for grown-ups. They sell them in 6-pack boxes at Starbucks locations.
  4. ScrunchiesI posted about these Scrunchies on my Instagram story a couple of months ago and I’m still in love with them. 40 scrunchies for $12 (they were $8 in October, but $12 is still a pretty great deal). Unleash your inner VSCO girl (or your bad self from the ’90s) and have a velour scrunchie in every color you can possibly imagine!
  5. Educated. I heard Tara Westover in a radio interview and was intrigued, so I ordered Educated and then it sat on my nightstand for a long time. Then I saw it pop up everywhere and with everyone and had to hop on the train. It was fascinating, especially since it took place very close to where I grew up and she’s only a few years younger than me. It reminded me a lot of The Glass Castle, but I liked it better.
  6. Wells + Co Candles. Sara’s candle venture is amazing. She gave me some of her candles when we visited in the summer of 2018 and they became some of my favorites and then for my birthday this year, she sent me her entire line of Christmas candles. And wax warmers. And a tiny little vial of rainbow matches. And it was amazing. And my daughter, who is obsessed with candles, cried. Sign up for her mailing list here and check out her Insta stories about her candles here.
  7. Zenni Optical. We are a glasses-wearing family. Everyone but my youngest wears contacts, but we all need glasses, too. It ends up being a better deal for us to use our insurance benefit on contacts instead of glasses, so glasses end up being a huge expense (not kidding, my 14-year-old son’s glasses cost in the neighborhood of $600 because of his tricky prescription), and his prescription has always changed at least once during the year. In January, we ordered him a pair of Zennis and they were amazing–the quality, the fact that they nailed the prescription, and that they were less than $100. When his prescription changed in November, we ordered him 2 new pairs and paid $120 for both of them. And he loves those, too. I ordered myself some and they’re my favorite glasses.

Basically, you order them directly from the manufacturer. It’s a little nerve-racking to order them without trying them on, but we’ve all been very happy. You’ll need a current prescription and your pupillary distance (I recommend having it measured by the eye doctor…it’s not always on the prescription.) If it’s off even a little bit, the glasses won’t work correctly. The first time we ordered them, it took just under two weeks to get them, but this time, we got Clark’s glasses in a week.

8. Function of BeautyThis is one of my splurges. I have difficult hair and living in Louisiana makes it more difficult. It’s fine and wavy and has a tendency to frizz. I love that I can customize what I want my shampoo to do. When I started using it, I got so many compliments on my hair–people could really notice a difference. Between this and the scrunchies, I’ve had way less breakage and my hair has been much healthier (I also use the leave-in treatment.) They sell gift cards, so you can send that to someone if you want to gift it and then they can customize it how they’d like! If you use this link, you’ll get $5 off your order!

I hope that gives you some last-minute gifting ideas! Merry Christmas!!


  1. Hey thanks for the ideas. I ordered the shampoo and conditioner for my sister and myself. I hope I love them.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! My husband and I LOVE Yesterday!! We both grew up in the 60’s so it’s a natural fit! Also, thank you for your hair product recommendation! We just moved from CA to ID and my hair is going crazy! I, too, have fine naturally curly/wavy hair and it’s a challenge! I can’t wait to try that product!
    Have the merriest of Christmases!

  3. Love the candles but can’t figure out how to buy them–nothing on the website or instastories seems to allow purchase. Ideas?

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