Kate’s Holiday Wish List

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So we share a lot of favorites, gift-giving ideas, etc., but I don’t think we’ve ever told you guys what we want. You know, just in case you don’t have anything you want and you’re looking for ideas.

Until today.

I really don’t wind up buying stuff that’s just for me very often–if I shop, I’m shopping for my kids, things for my home and family, things for work, things for my job at church, but I really hardly ever buy anything just for me. And then my husband always asks me for a Christmas list (and birthday–my birthday is at the beginning of December) and I always throw a few things onto an Amazon wish list that he thinks are weird (I’m pretty sure I asked for kitchen sponges last year) and then he gets me a Harry Potter Lego set and I promise myself I’ll think about it a little more the next year.

So this is my year.

Now…keep in mind some of these are splurges, things I would most likely not buy for myself. Which is why they’d make great gifts. At least that’s what I tell myself, right? Also, a few of things are things I already have, but I love them so much that I have to share.

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1. The Shore Bag by Tiny Seamstress. Have. I started following Tiffany (aka the Tiny Seamstress) on Instagram awhile back and am just blown away again and again by her talent. I may not be able to turn on my sewing machine, but I can totally appreciate the talent of people who sew and especially people who create their own patterns. Like…I just can’t even wrap my brain around it.

So anyway, this bag popped up awhile back and I knew I needed it. Everywhere I go with it, everyone compliments me on it. It’s unique and adorable and girls in your life (you?) need one. The bag is roomy but not cavernous and has all the pockets I need without being overwhelming. Plus, it matches my wallet, so, you know, all the most important things…

I mentioned to Tiffany that I was going to include this on a holiday gift roundup and she  has offered a 15% discount in her shop! Be sure to peek around her shop and then use the code OBB at checkout.

2. 2014 Slipper Socks. Want.  No, you’re not dreaming things–I did include slipper socks in my winter favorites last year. But those were 2013 slipper socks and after Sneauxmageddon early this year, I’m probably in need of 2014 slipper socks. I’ve had my eye on these ones at Target for weeks now, but I haven’t pulled the trigger.

3. Taylor Swift 1989. Have. You guys. I can’t even count how many times I’ve mocked Taylor Swift, from her rabid teenybopper following to her “never ever ever getting back together” with whoever it was. I usually end up buying a song or two off of each album and then feel ashamed, but this one…I went all out. I bought it. I listen to it. My kids wish I’d stop listening to it (if you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the picture of my two-year-old plugging his ears and telling me my music was killing him.) I’ve since seen the SNL Swiftamine skit and can say that pretty much the whole thing is applicable to me.

4. Mason Bar Company Lids. Have…want more. These are nifty little lids in perfect colors that replace the flat lid that fits under the screw-on lid on Mason jars. They have a hole that you can slip a straw through and then drink your beverage of choice like a true hipster.

But really. Turns out there’s nothing I’d rather drink from than a 24-ounce wide-mouth mason jar. While listening to Taylor Swift. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I will say I think these lids are overpriced, BUT all you need is one or two, and they frequently go on sale, so if you follow them on Instagram, you can snag them for a great price. Be sure to be mindful of the lid you’re getting–emotionally speaking, I don’t think I could ever drink from the narrower Mason jars (I should probably get diagnosed), so only the wide-mouth lids for me. Also, you can buy your own 24-ounce glass Mason jar for significantly cheaper. Just sayin’.

5. Lindt Excellence Intense Orange Dark ChocolateDon’t Currently Have Any. Must Acquire More Immediately. This is my favorite treat, especially when I’m trying to eat healthy, because a couple of squares usually does the trick without making me feel deprived. The sea salt dark chocolate isn’t too shabby, either.

6. Lisa Leonard Nativity. Want. Sara and I saw this nativity set a few weeks ago and immediately exchanged texts on how desperately we both wanted it (sadly, the one with the gold Baby Jesus is sold out). I keep sending my husband email hints, but I don’t know if he’s taking me seriously or not, especially since I also frequently send him cat videos and Studio C clips.

7. West Elm Glass Measuring Beaker. Want. Because in addition to my 2-cup glass measuring cup (not to mention my 1-, 4-, and 8-cup glass measuring cups) and my 2-cup silicone measuring cup, and my 2 decorative ceramic liquid measuring bowls/mugs, and my stackable measuring cups that look like a milk bottle, and my 2 practical sets of dry measuring cups, and my 1 heart-shaped set of dry measuring cups, I need a glass measuring beaker. I’m fully aware I have a problem and am choosing to put it on my list anyway. Because measuring beaker.

8. Ayres Patagonia Body Butter. Want. I got a tiny pot of this in my Ipsy bag last month and have fallen in love with it–it absorbs quickly, is a great moisturizer, and makes me smell like I just went to a spa. And since most of my days are spent cooking, cleaning, and being lovingly degraded by my two-year-old, I will take a spa in any form I can get it.

9. Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products (Especially the Dish Soap.) I do a lot of dishes. A lot. Of dishes. I have a dishwasher, but I do wash several things by hand (and there’s always the manual scrubbing when things don’t get properly rinsed or when things have been properly burned.) It’s a splurge to spend $3-ish on dish soap when I could get it for less than a dollar (or free from my husband’s work), but I figure it’s cheaper than hiring someone to do my dishes for me, and also cheaper than a therapist, so $3 dish soap it is. If you’re wondering what scent to get, radish is my favorite. For the record, no radishes I’ve ever purchased smell like this, but I’m totally at peace with that.

10. Blendtec. Want. This would be a HUGE splurge because I already have a Blendtec and I love it. You guys know this. I love it so much that I loved the jar into a smoking, burning mess (the blender motor is just fine, don’t worry. I know you were worried.) I haven’t been able to bring myself to replace my big jar yet, so I have taken to blending everything in tiny batches in my little Twister jar. One of the reasons why I’ve hesitated taking the leap is because I secretly (well, it’s not so much of a secret now) want that Tiffany blue-colored countertop workhorse. Rawr.

UPDATE: So thanks to all your comments, I called Blendtec and they’re replacing my overloved blender jar for free! Their customer service AND their blenders are the best–they seriously have my business for life.

So. There’s my Christmas list. What do you guys want (besides world peace, a happy, healthy family, and all the things that really matter)???

P.S. Speaking of holiday wishes, if you haven’t already entered our MightyNest giveaway, be sure to head over there and do it–$250 worth of baking gear for you and a $250 donation to the school of your choice!


  1. Kate, for Christmas I want us to be best friends. Like, real life best friends and not just best friends in my imagination because your posts (and especially your commentary) are the BEST!!! 🙂

  2. Well, now I want that bag, and the nativity, and the blender! But until this morning, my list included a FitBit, glass mixing bowls and a fleece fall jacket. For a change, I’m not having trouble thinking of things I want this year!

  3. Those Nativity sets are too adorable. I do have the Mason Bar lids, wide mouth, in every color they offer. I got hooked, and my green smoothies are all cool and hip now…or so I want to think!

    I would say I would love a Blendtec too! I have been eyeing one on Costco for so long and just haven’t had the nerve to splurge on it. My 15 year old Oster just doesn’t cut it anymore!!!!!

    Great list Kate, this made me laugh out loud a couple of times. 🙂

  4. this is awesome. Kate you are the sweetest thing and deserve to have some really nice things that you really really want! (aka -not a harry potter lego set, um-okay!)

  5. That nativity is beautiful!! I’ve wanted a Blendtec for a couple years, but have just been getting by with my old blender…
    Also on my wish list, a pair of nice (and trendy, but not too trendy) boots.

  6. I’d love a yoga mat, new jeans (practically hopeless), and a really cute clock for my dining room.
    And you’ve convinced me to check out Taylor Swift!

  7. Ahhh, the blendtec…only in my dreams! I lean practical in my gifts. Give me tights and my favorite toothpaste and I’m a happy girl.

  8. You need to call blendtec! I bet they would replace your jar! They have an awesome warranty! I also have never smelled a radish that smells as good as Mrs. Meyers! Its my second favorite! I LOVE the basil!!

  9. Blendtec blenders have an 8 year warranty, including the jar. If anything happens they will replace it for free.

    Also my husband is a Director at Blendtec. I *may* have pointed him in your direction. 😉

  10. This had me laughing all the way through 🙂 I think my husband will kill me if I get another measuring cup…so I’ll just live vicariously through the pictures of all of yours! I just want my toddler to sleep past 7 am is that too much to ask?

  11. After years of asking for a Blendtec I finally got one last summer for my birthday. So now I move on to project get a silhouette…

  12. Great list! I hope you get it all! As an aside, you are my favorite person that I don’t actually know that I follow on IG. You crack me up with your funny pictures/posts!

  13. clothes! 10 months post baby and i don’t have much that fits. plus, who has time to go clothes shopping with kids!?!? i need clothes. that bag is way cute!

  14. Seriously love you! For Christmas I want a splurge gift. Specifically the Kate spade bag that I didn’t by during the surprise sale because I’m crazy like that. Always next year right?!

  15. I love the Lisa Leonard Nativity, the color of that Blendtec and the Lindt. You can’t go wrong with Lindt chocolate, it is my favorite treat too.

  16. I would love a Blendtec! My sad little blender just doesn’t get the job done.

    And Taylor Swift…well, I have been a fan since the beginning. I have a son named Drew and I’m quite embarrassed to admit that I liked the name and then heard her song “Teardrops on my Guitar” and I knew we had to name him that!

  17. Someday, i will have a kitchen aid (or a bosch, I’m begging, not choosing). I am mocked by all my friends as I stir my cookie dough and beat my brownies by hand. Okay, gently teased, but the mocking makes it seem that much more desperate that I get one. That’s my wishlist item.

  18. I have a December birthday, too! Love this post, you are great:) Oh I would love a Blendtec! My little guy dropped my glass blender and it shattered…oops! I have the Taylor Swift CD on my list too, and now I have a few more things to add, thanks for sharing!

  19. I wouldn’t even know about Blendtec if it wasn’t for you guys! When our green smoothie habit got to be too much for our bullet brand blender I knew just where to look because of all your recipes that you use a Blendtec for, so… good advertising! I’m really glad I bought it and I’ve discovered I can make cottage cheese into far more palatable items using it…protein pancakes anyone?!

  20. I am also in love with the Lisa Leonard nativity. I saw it a while ago and have been telling myself I really won’t die if I don’t get it. (Sadly, that’s not working so well.) I hope you get what you truly want for Christmas. 🙂

  21. The Lindt Intense Orange chocolate bar is the best! You are correct when you say that one or two squares quiets the craving. I would also like a Blendtec for Christmas. I have a love/hate relationship with my current blender.

  22. I was dying when you were explaining how many measuring cups you already have. It actually made me feel better about my situation. I have about 4 sets of dry cups (white, red, orange, and tiffany blue to be exact), a full set of pyrex liquid measuring cups, plus a set of the OXO liquid ones that you can see the measurement from the top. And yes, I still eye the different colors available when shopping. 🙂
    I’m so glad blendtec is getting you another jar. How exciting!

  23. Oh no!! I’m so sorry to hear that Blendtec replaced your jar! Now you’ve lost the excuse to buy that Tiffany blue one which you really, really need ;-C
    You’ve told so many of us about Blendtec that I think they should just automatically give you the Tiffany one and follow that with whatever new versions they create just as soon as they come out! April, are you still there? If you are, pass this on to your hubby!
    Seriously, I had never heard of the company until I saw it on your blog and I bet I’m not the only one.

  24. I dream of blendtecs lol. And I have heard so many good things about that CD I think it’s becoming a Christmas wish list item for me! I like your taste, right down to cat clips and Studio C. 🙂

    1. We didn’t think we could either but when we did the math (on our Canadian price), that 8-year warranty worked out to paying about $0.15 a day which actually made it much cheaper (in theory) than our cheap blender that barely lasted a year and only had a 1-year warranty. We’re so glad we made the switch!

  25. I love that nativity! My mom has a thing for nativities that has passed on to me. I especially like unique and international ones.
    On my list this year is a bigger car for our expanding family, and maternity jeans for my expanding belly.

  26. So I just woke up singing “Blank Space”! I have high that the CD running nonstop for a week now! I will admit to being a forever fan though. I have been to two concerts of hers and never looked back:)! Thank you for this list! It has so many fun things on it and I want them too!

  27. Awesome list–I definitely want some of those! I would have to say that one of the number one things on my Christmas list this year would have to be a new diaper bag since I’m having a baby soon 🙂

  28. Your comment on the measuring beaker, “Because measuring beaker.” totally made me laugh! It reminded me of a friend who often says things like that on Facebook, and she cracks me up too. 🙂

    1. I’ve never used a Vitamix, but you can’t go wrong with either one. Things may have changed since I got my Blendtec, but the reasons why I chose Team Blendtec were:

      1) I used to work in a deli that had Blendtecs and I loved them then–I knew firsthand that they were amazing.
      2) They fit under my countertops.
      3) The Vitamixes were pretty ugly a few years ago. I think I’ve seen one recently and it had definitely gotten a makeover.

      Hope that helps!!

  29. I just looked at the glass beaker and the ship date isn’t until March of 2015. There must be a lot of people that want this. 🙂

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