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So I guess Sunday is Mother’s Day and I’m just basically watching Ted Lasso (finally, says the crowd collectively) and recovering from standardized testing last week. I kind of know what day it is, but really, I’m kind of in survival mode.

So. If you’re a procrastinator like I am and need to know what to get all the moms in your lives, I’m here for you. If you dread Mother’s Day for whatever reason (and trust me, I know…there are a lot of reasons), then I fully give you permission to treat yo self. Here are a few of my favorite things, ranging from a few dollars to a little more high-end. I also give you permission to hate Mother’s Day, pretend Mother’s Day isn’t happening, or relish the breakfast in bed and loving gifts. Dads, just in case you’re wondering, this sketch also applies to Mother’s Day:

ANYWAY. Onto a few of my favorite things. With the exception of 1 item, if you’re quick like a cricket, these will arrive by this weekend.

1. Corduroy ToteI spontaneously ordered this from a Facebook ad a couple of years ago, forgot about it, then it arrived from China months later and the tag said, “…” It’s quirky and adorable and a great size. Then my daughter decided to order one from Amazon a couple of months ago and it’s just as cute for her. It comes in tons of colors and is a great little tote for so many things!

Tiny Nutella Jars. Have you ever thought to yourself, you know, everything would be better if I just had a tiny little perfect jar of Nutella in my corduroy tote right now? Yeah, I didn’t either and then I had a charcuterie board last fall that had these perfect, adorable, tiny jars of Nutella. Glass jars. You know how it’s a thing to pick up an item and see if it sparks joy? These spark ALL THE JOY. I guarantee, unless your mom hates Nutella, she wants to have an adorable miniature glass jar of Nutella with her at all times. Period.

Kris Nations Earrings. So you may have seen on my Instagram story a couple of months ago that I got my ears re-pierced. It’s a long story that’s kind of gross and weird and ended with a giant cyst in one earlobe and then my ear getting stitched up and losing my piercing in one ear and me getting tired of earring-less ears. Whew. I’m happy to say that I’m a few months out, haven’t had any infections (more about that if you’re interested in details), no bleeding, no pain, and I’m switching out my earrings now all the time! However, no more cheap earrings for me. My skin is too sensitive. My favorite brand has been Kris Nations, for a lot of reasons–adorable packaging, high-quality (but affordable) hypoallergenic metals, SO CUTE, tons of variety, and they sell earrings as pairs or singles, so you can mix and match! They also have lightning-fast shipping–I ordered some last Wednesday evening for a gift and they came on Saturday. Plus, if you use this link, you can get $10 off your order.

PensWhen I was a kid, you didn’t touch my dad’s comb, scissors, stapler, or pens. I thought he was insane. And then I became an adult and all I want is good pens that nobody touches, which pretty much sums up why being an adult is overrated. These pens are my absolute favorites, and they come in black, blue, or a variety of colors!

Cardigan.  We may be moving into the summer months, but honestly, like Taylor Swift, I’ll never say no to a cardigan. These are a great length, come in tons of colors, and have POCKETS (😍).

HeadbandsI’ve shared items from my friend Candy’s Etsy shop for forever, but she just keeps adding amazing things. I have never been able to wear headbands for very long–I think I have a weird-shaped head–but her headbands fit just right, don’t hurt, and add some fun variety to my hair-styling options.

L’ange Brush Dryer. We haven’t shared stuff from L’ange in a LONG time (L’ange time?), but I still love their products. This brush dryer is the BEST thing I’ve used in forever! I blow dry my hair with a regular blowdryer until it’s about 60% dry and then I use this on the rest. It’s like getting a blowout. Breaks my styling time down like fractions (points if you get the reference) and gets me closer to salon hair than any other thing I’ve used. You need it. And there are always L’ange codes floating around!

Olive & JuneOlive & June is the one thing that may not get here by Mother’s Day. I love a lot of things about them, but their shipping time is painfully slow (while we’re cancelling stuff, can we cancel DHL??) That said, their manicure kit has been a GAME CHANGER for me!!! I promise, if I can paint my nails and have them look great, anyone can. I love having pretty nails, but I hate salon manicures because they chip in 48 hours (or less) and I REALLY hate being held hostage by gel or powder. You can find their products at Target, but not the whole line. Plus, if you order using this link, you can get 20% off your order.

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