Lime Coconut Cheesecake

I like making cakes, but it’s not something I do very often.  Pretty much when someone’s birthday rolls around.  And since I don’t do it very often, I take a long time planning them when I do.  My husband had a birthday last week and I had a rich, dark, highly caloric (naturally) chocolate number all planned out in my head.  When it came time to run to the store last minute for ingredients he admitted he had something else in mind.  Hmm…maybe I should have asked the birthday boy for his opinion??  He was right though, it was the middle of August and insanely hot out and he said something cold and citrus-y sounded better.  I thought of cheesecake (cold) and my most favorite citrus (if you don’t know that, you need to read this blog more often!) and this beauty was born.  It wasn’t until I was actually whipping the cream for the top that I thought to take a cue from my Strawberry-Lime Shortcakes and go with a coconut cream.  We served this for birthday guests with rave reviews.  It’s a definite new favorite at our house and I promise you will freak with happiness and joy if you make it.  Seriously. Love.

The crust starts off like any other cheesecake crust with crushed graham crackers, sugar, and melted butter, only this one has a little secret- coconut.

The batter is an easy mix of cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and eggs,

and then it gets a tangy tropical twist with lime zest,

and fresh lime juice.  Remember to always zest first and then juice!

Also, below is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the oxo juicer.  One of my friends told me I should tell you guys about things I love, so here you go!  (I shared another one in this post).  For quick juices, I just use this method, but if you’ve got a few limes, lemons, or oranges to juice, this is really handy.  The bottom part is a measuring cup so you can measure as you go, and the top flips over with a large side for oranges and grapefruit and bottom is small for limes and lemons.  I use it all the time- love it!

Anyway… spike that cheesecake batter with both lime juice and zest.  I love the little specks of green floating around in there.  Then pour it in the prepared crust.

Now don’t be scared of the water bath- it’s easy!  Just make sure the bottom of your cheesecake pan is  covered in foil- a few layers.  And then put it in a larger pan.  All you need to do is pour some hot water in the larger pan and you have a water bath.  Now, that being said, if you don’t have a large pan to use, or you have deep fears of the water bath, then it’s honestly not the end of the world if you don’t use one.  It helps the cheesecake to cook evenly and keeps the texture soft, and the top crack free.  But the cheesecake won’t be ruined if you don’t use it.  It will just get a little more cooked around the edge of the pan and the top may not be as pretty.  But it will still taste amazing.  Just know if you decide to skip it, the baking time will change, so set the timer for about 60 minutes and keep an eye on it.

When the cheesecake comes out it needs to cool completely and then chill overnight.  This cheesecake is super creamy so a thorough chill is key!

When it’s ready for the finishing touches, whip up your coconut whipped cream. You’ll notice in the pictures my whipped cream looks pretty stiff.  I beat it past the normal soft peak stage so it’s firm enough to pipe.  If you don’t want to pipe a decorative edge, then you can whip it however you like and just plop it on there if you want.

If you want to do yours like I have pictured, then just spread out about 2/3 of the whipped cream on top and smooth it out with a spoon.

Put the remaining whipped cream in a piping bag (or a ziplock bag or whatever).  I’m using a Wilton 2D tip (the same one I use for my cupcakes, like seen here) and I just went around the edge.

The sprinkle some toasted coconut on top (click here for a how-to.  On toasting coconut that is, not on sprinkling coconut.  I would hope the latter comes naturally to most of you 🙂

Garnish with a lime slice or two, or three…

and slice up and enjoy.

I was so happy with the blend of flavors.  The coconut is really subtle; it’s more of a lime cheesecake with hits of coconut and it all comes together perfectly.  And the inside is SO creamy.  Ahhh…it’s perfection.

Make it.  Eat it.  Love it.




  1. I made one of your pumpkin cheesecakes last year and…the water got through my layers of foil and ruined it.


    (Stupid cheap leaky old pan!!!!)

    So (since I still really wanted to eat that cheesecake) I made another one and this time I wrapped the pan in folded (length-wise), dripping wet paper towels. Worked like a charm. This trick also makes cake rise more evenly with a flatter top. (which is what I usually do and why I thought to try it.)

    Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there in case anyone else has a stupid cheap leaky old spring-form pan!

  2. Oh thank you! Coconut lime is one of my favorite concoctions.

    I have a mini-cheesecake pan and these seem like the perfect thing to make with it. I'm a freak about mini-desserts! LOL!

  3. My mouth is watering. It looks amazing! Is the water bath mandatory for it to turn out. I don't have a large pan like that? Is the paper towel idea in the first comment a good solution?

  4. This looks divine! I have never used a water bath before when baking cheesecakes – can you give me the skinny on why you do this?

    Happy Day,
    Jasey @ Crazy Daisy

  5. Laurel- of COURSE that's what I'm saying 🙂

    Everyone else- about the water bath: if you don't have a large pan to use, or you have deep fears of the water bath, then it's honestly not the end of the world if you don't use one. It helps the cheesecake to cook evenly and keeps the texture soft, and the top crack free. But the cheesecake won't be ruined if you don't use it. It will just get a little more cooked around the edge of the pan and the top may not be as pretty. But it will still taste amazing. Just know if you decide to skip it, the baking time will change, so set the timer for about 60 minutes and keep an eye on it.

  6. okay, I've requested your pumpkin cheesecake for my b-day (my hubbie makes awesome cheesecake!) but after seeing this I may just have to change my mind!! Or maybe we'll just have two! Thanks for you great recipes.

  7. I have never been brave enough to make a cheesecake before…it is my most favorite thing in the world and would be totally sad if it's a Fail. However, you have created this recipe that I just cannot stop thinking about, I mean come on..lime-coconut-cheesecake..all together…I Must Try This!

  8. Ok! I'm out in the open. I have been stalking your blog for some time now (LOVE IT, BTW) but I can't keep it in any longer! I am trying to cut back on sugar but after seeing this I am getting anxious and antsy to go and make it. I am a SUCKER for cheesecake, lime, and coconut. I can't take it! It looks SO SO GOOD!

  9. I make a similar crust for my key lime pie. Adds an extra oomph! I also chop up macadamia nuts (or any nuts i have on hand really) for the crust and use raw sugar, for even more yummy texture/taste.

  10. This is my first time here and I already like it. I didn't realize all these things could be purchased. I have a metal cabinet for a pantry and am always having to check dates even though I try hard to keep them in some order. Winning anything from you would be an honor. Thank you
    Carol Harris

  11. I have never used a spring-form pan before….so much easier!!!!! I made this cheesecake last night for a family dinner….EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!! I almost made another one today (yes, to eat all by myself) it was THAT good!!! Mmmm…definately will be adding this to my tried and true!!!!

  12. FYI…I searched for this recipe on your blog and had a hard time finding it because there's no link to it in the recipe index. You might want to add it in the index under "Cheesecakes." Looks good…I'll have to give it a try!

  13. Thanks to you, I am now enjoying rock star status with all of my cousin's friends! We were invited to a Labor Day party at my cousin's home and I brought a Lime coconut cheesecake. It was heaven on earth!!! I love cheesecake, but I think this has to be my favorite! I'm going to have to make another one very soon. One I don't have to share. With anyone. It's that good. Sinfully good. Good enough that I ate it for breakfast and don't feel guilty about it. What I do feel guilty about is absconding with the cheesecake from the party when it still had three pieces left. What can I say? I loved that cheesecake!

  14. I made this for labor day weekend and it was AMAZING!!! It was actually my first time making cheesecake and I even experimented and made a mini soy one for a friend who can't eat dairy and had never had cheesecake. Pretty sure I made his week. The soy was so good you couldn't even tell the difference with the Tofutti fake cream cheese. I made extra of the coconut infused whip cream to dip strawberries in later. So yumm!! Thanks!!

  15. WOW! This was my first foray into cheesecake making and I loved it. Thanks so much for sharing. I made this for a family gathering to make sure I wouldn’t be eating it all myself. YUMMY!

  16. Do you spray the springform pan with cooking spray and then press the graham cracker mixture into the pan or do you just apply it to a dry springform pan? I made this once three weeks ago {AMAZING and DELICIOUS} but either water got into the layers of foil or because I used cooking spray, some of the crust was damp and soggy. Still tasted incredible though! I have one in the oven right now but I didn’t use cooking spray this time. We’ll see how it turns out! This time, I’m making it for a friend that requested I make it for her daughter for her birthday. Thanks for the splendid recipe!

    1. Lexi, it was probably water leaking in through the foil. I’ve decided foil sucks at keeping out the water, so I’ve started using turkey roasting bags instead and they work amazingly well!

      1. Kate, it’s funny you say that because today I wrapped that puppy in two layers of foil AND used a large oven bag (typically used for roasts) to make sure that it didn’t happen again. I haven’t peeked at the crust yet because it’s currently cooling on my counter but I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll be perfect tomorrow! 🙂

      2. Wanting to make this for my hubby’s upcoming birthday. Would this work with key limes? He is a huge key lime cheesecake fan, but I don’t know how interchangeable they are in recipes like this.

  17. I found a book on cheesecakes at a thrift store bought a couple of pans and now my family asks for them all the time the rest is history. This lime coconut cheesecake is my next for them. Thanks for the recipe.

  18. This was the best cheesecake I’ve ever made…and pretty much the best I’ve ever tasted. That creamy consistency with the lime and coconut is ridiculously delicious. Thank you!

  19. You gals are my go-to source for amazing recipes and this one did not disappoint. I am so confident in your recipes that I made it for a big church function without having tried it out first! I got rave reviews thanks to y’all!

  20. This was brought to a girl’s camp dessert auction fundraiser tonight. Not only did it bring a handsome price, it was delicious!

  21. I am making this tonight (Friday) for mothers day om sunday. How much before serving can I get away with adding the whipped cream if I’m driving it 20 min to my aunts house? If I omit the whipped cream, would that be a sin?

    1. Yes, it would be a sin to omit the whipped cream! It should be just fine driving 20 minutes- as long as you’re not driving in a super hot car. Just keep the ac on and you’ll be golden! Also, I’d whip it a little firmer than normal and that should help too.

  22. Me and my sis made this the other day and I love Love LOVE it!!!!! And i love how all the flavors blend so well together. So rich and creamy and limey!! Yum! Definitely goin to make it again. Oh and the coconut whipped cream?…..probably the best thing you’ll ever taste!!

  23. So funny story… I stumbled upon your website several months ago when I was looking for the perfect cream cheese frosting, and loved what I found, so I started exploring. I found this recipe and had just gotten back from Hawaii and had lime and coconut together there for the first time (pathetic huh). So I could not wait to try this cheesecake recipe! I was pregnant then so I was not able to enjoy food as much and decided to wait until after. I told my sister and she said I could make it for her birthday on June 22nd. So I geared up for that in mouthwatering anticipation. Now the funny part. We had her party planned for Sunday July 1st, and I went to get on your web site on the 30th and it was down! I tried all day with no success and was so disappointed, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Sunday was the same, but thankfully I discovered this little button on the web called cached and because I had opened it so many times I got a text only copy which gave me the recipe, saved! I was so happy and the cake was fabulous and was received with rave reviews. I also did the fruit salsa with cinnamon chips and that was delicious too. I tell all my friends about your website and the next thing to try is the white choc mac nut cookies with lime and coconut.

    Thank you for a wonderful site and for getting it back up!

  24. Do key limes work in this recipe? My husband has requested key lime cheesecake for his birthday, and this looks so good. But I don’t know if they are interchangeable in a recipe like this.

  25. This cheesecake was incredible – thank you so much for sharing! I couldn’t get over all the “wow”s and other kudos as I was serving it up…then I tasted it and understood! Wow, wow, wow!

  26. I just made this cheesecake. Set the timer for 75 minutes and 5 minutes before the timer went off the top was completely browned. I use an oven thermometer so I know the temp is accurate. I think it would have been done at 60 minutes even using a waterbath. It looked nothing like the cheesecake in the picture. Really hope it tastes ok as I’m bringing it to a party!

  27. Do you think this recipe could be combined with the creamy cheesecake recipe posted by Kate on 9.19.10? I would like a tall, creamy cheesecake with the lime flavor. Thanks!

  28. I just got a hand mixer finally!! So I wanted to try out a lime meringue pie but I know that some people in my family find citrus curds to be too sour and your recipe seems to be a good plan b, although would this cheesecake go well with meringue? I havent made meringue since I wasc in home-ech which was years ago because of the lack of mixer so I really want to have a go at that. Also how would the water bath work with 12cm loose base tart tins and how much would you adjust the recipe as I am making 8 of them. Thank you.

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