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So I have kind of a weird life. My husband works for Procter & Gamble, so we frequently get huge amounts of P&G products (usually laundry products, like Tide, Bounce, Downy, etc., but also diapers and wipes, deodorant, and CoverGirl foundation for people with a MUCH darker complexion than I have). Then we also frequently get blog-related products to sample, many of which I end up using and loving and also many of which get shoved into a corner cupboard somewhere.

Here’s the deal: I need to downsize. So I want to give someone some of my stuff. I don’t know whatΒ stuff it will be yet, but I can pretty much guarantee it will include more dryer sheets than you’ll ever know what to do with and some cookbooks (I have waaaaaaaay too many).

Here’s what I do know:

  • It will be at least $100 worth of stuff.
  • It will all either be new (I’m not going to send you a half-used bottle of shampoo) or like-new (it might be a kitchen tool I’ve only used once or twice and don’t have space for.)
  • You may not want it all. In that case, you are more than welcome to make your newly-acquired stuff someone else’s stuff.
  • I will try and tailor at least some of the stuff to your own needs/wants/interests. Like I said, I have a lot of stuff.

If you want to take a box of stuff off my hands, tell me a random fact about yourself. Like, for instance, if I were entering, I might say, “Hi, I’m Kate, and I can’t buy metal appliances without touching them first because there are some types of metal that I can’t touch without getting the shivers.”

A few rules:

  • The giveaway ends the evening of October 9. Β I’ll pick a winner and announce it in my post on Friday, October 10.
  • It’s only open to residents of the United States.
  • Enter with your name and an email address that you check kate's stuff


  1. Hi, I’m Sheriece. I buy tons of sewing patterns that I have yet to ever use…. Also, I dream of a super short pixie cut, but I have yet to get the guts to actually go through with it.

  2. How fun! I hail from Cincinnati–home to P&G. Random fact: I’m on my 3rd Kitchen Aid mixer in 11 years. Either the quality has gone down, or I bake way too much!

    1. Yep! You are right! Apparently KitchenAid decided to cut their costs a bit so they could make more per piece, so internal parts are now made of… PLASTIC! If you read the nitty gritty, you aren’t supposed to do heavy duty mixing. It’s a pansy now. Since I need mine to be a workhorse, I bought a cuisinart and it’s still going strong after almost 7 years of making whole wheat bread regularly as well as cookies, cakes, muffins etc. You might want to give it a try!

  3. I’m obsessed with seasonal/monthly/small rituals and traditions – such as getting a Salted Caramel beverage from Starbucks on the first rainy day of the season.

  4. i love green veggie but I can’t cook them. I hate the way they look while they cook. If I want a green veggie my mother makes it and brings it to my house (I only live a mile away)

  5. I’m NaDell and I LOVE doing laundry. I’m obsessed with having it all done and put away so that only the pajamas we are wearing and bedding we are on is not clean. Good thing I’m a night owl…

    1. OMG me too!! I also get a weird satisfaction out of going as long as I can without using the dryer… like line-drying everything, including socks. #laundrynerd

  6. Hi, I’m Dezi and I would choose to sit on my bed and read a book over going to a party, watching tv or pretty much anything else.

    1. Hi Dezi, I’m Cheryl and I feel the same way! In fact, I love books and reading so much that over the past few years I have created my own library in my basement with over 4,000 books!

  7. I look forward to making my monthly menu. Like crazy excited because I LOVE making lists! and then I only make like 3 recipes from it because either a) I found other recipes or b) I was lazy. (Most likely ) or c) hubby thinks he will die if he has to eat any of the things on the menu. I give myself pep talks about sticking to the menu every single month and then it just doesn’t happen. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves about myself.

  8. I love to bake but hate to cook -any shortcut I can find for cooking will make me smile!! I also love to do the dishes – yes I am strange that way!!

  9. Tend to buy pantry staples like boxed stock and cans of diced tomatoes as if I was feeding an army. Then when I finally stop I’m overwhelmed by my stock pile enough to stop. But when I start running out or running low. Throws me into a panic πŸ˜›

  10. good morning! I’m Christy and I’m awake at 4:45 am because I just had a dream (nightmare) that our baby being born in 4 days was a girl even though they told us boy. I didn’t wake up for 2 weeks and my husband had named her Angel! I also really dislike those tree shaped air fresheners. The texture & smell…yuck!

  11. Hi, I’m Asia and I like warm hugs! Haha, not from strangers though… Creepy. Aaaanyway, a random fact about me is I hate cream cheese, mayo and sour cream but love all things cheesecake and onion dip (which doesn’t say much for mayo).

  12. Hello, my name is Marlie and I’m addicted to coffee. I have started collecting various brewing methods. Next on my lost is an espresso machine!

  13. These comments are fun to read! My name is Michelle, and I am so glad it’s getting cooler out! I haven’t felt like baking all summer, but hopefully pumpkinpalooza will respark my interest!

  14. Hi I’m Elissa and I win random contests — I’ve won some nice big ones like a flat screen TV, a $500 spa package on a cruise and also things like a lunch box, giant stuffed animals and free tortillas!

  15. Hi, I’m Fran and the worst thing I ever did in the kitchen was when I was 10 and substituted tartar sauce in a recipe for cream of tartar. My family still teases me about it…more than 30 years later…

  16. I’m Melanie and I’m an Excel spreadsheet addict, as in I might need an Excel addiction intervention. I even have a (very large) Excel spreadsheet of all the OBB recipes I want to try, with color coding for recipes I have tried, and cell comments for my family’s opinion of them (always awesome πŸ˜‰ and little notes about how long I cooked it for or any minor tweaks I made for spiciness, seasoning, etc. It’s one of my favorite spreadsheets (because it’s perfectly normal to have a favorite spreadsheet πŸ™‚

  17. Hey Kate! I am sort of a kitchen hack. I do not follow recipes and prefer to wing it. Sometimes we have delicious meals, and sometimes it’s a “never again, what have I done” dinner πŸ˜‰

  18. Hi! My name is Amrita and I can’t stop collecting pretty housewares that I never use. Instead I put them on display around our house, except we’re starting to run out of space for that…But you never know when we might need to hold a party with vintage tea cups? Thanks for doing a giveaway πŸ™‚

  19. Hi, I’m Lynness, and my husband would say I am all about saving time and money, but I would probably say I love to read (like Dezi- more than going to a party or watching TV) and I’m a picky eater…

  20. Hi Kate, I’m Sam! When I go grocery shopping, I like to pick items from the back of the shelf so they don’t feel bad about not being placed in the front.

  21. I love to collect recipes. I don’t make a majority of them. I just like to hoard them and read them. Sometimes I read recipe books for fun.

  22. Hi Kate – I’m Meredith, and making pie crust absolutely terrifies me. It sounds so hard. It takes so much time. I’ll never get the butter crumbled in correctly. I avoid making pies altogether which I feel bad about because it’s my husband’s favorite treat.

  23. Greetings! I’m Nina and I love to read self-help books and manuals. I love building stuff with instructions that involve a screwdriver and allen wrenches (i.e. bookshelves, chairs, cribs etc.).

  24. Hello, I’m Melanie. I have a hypo plastic thumb. That means my left thumb is shorter than normal and I’m missing the muscle that moves it. It makes it so I can not snap my fingers because my thumb won’t let me!

  25. Fact about me: I think I enjoy the ritual of preparing my morning cup(s) of coffee more than I like drinking the actual coffee.

  26. Hello! I’m Shaylee and I do not have a uvula (the hangy thing in the back of your throat). They accidentally removed that too when I had my tonsils out!

  27. I LOVE cookbooks and I buy them or borrow them from the library. I ooh and ahh over the pretty pictures and bookmark what looks good, but I won’t end up actually making those dishes. :-/

  28. Hi there! I’m Kristi and I mentally go through the produce department alphabetically when I am trying to fall asleep. Asparagus, bok choy, canataloupe. . . . .zzzzzz! Thanks for the chance to win your stuff!

    1. Me too! A few months ago I read that this was a good way to fall asleep. So for the past few months, every night I pick a different topic (produce comes up from time to time!). I rarely make it past the letter M.

      I can’t win this (I’m not in the US) but I wanted to say I love how nerdy everyone is…I have so much in common with so many of you!

  29. Hi, I’m Kelli. I once saw you guys at Time Out For Women in Harrisburg, PA, and I was certain that if we met in real life we would be best friends.

  30. Hi! I’m Coco, and I am addicted to the flowing, soft pants that are so popular right now – I can’t stop purchasing them!

  31. I’m addicted to “to do” lists. Sometimes when my husband is out for a guys’ night I love it because I can out my daughter to bed and work on my “to dos” all night without him getting in the way.

  32. Hi Kate. My name is Natalie. I love to look at food blogs, even though I don’t love cooking; especially when I have to cut up meat. I do love baking.

  33. Hi, my name is Crystal and I’m jealous of Elissa because I never win anything. I like to cook and bake but more so on the weekends because after a long day at work I just want to relax.

  34. My name is also Kate. My husband, 2 kids and I live n a tiny 1-bedroom apt in brookyn so I have no business entering this but I can’t help myself.

  35. Hello Kate. My name is Anthony, I am a father of six(Brady Bunch style), and I frequent your blog for the great ideas to help me keep it fresh in the kitchen for everyone!

  36. I have a crazy sensitive sense of smell. It was great when my kids were little and I needed to find that random piece of fruit they left somewhere in the house, but now that my boys are bigger, it’s sensory overload!

  37. Hi, I’m Laurel. When I moved cross-country, among the things deemed “too precious to ship” were my Crock Pot, food processor, and wine glasses (I crammed them into my Honda Civic).

  38. Hi, I’m Stephanie! I bake cookies and other treats when I’m trying to avoid doing chores that actually need to be done, like cleaning the bathroom. Plus, if I’m having company for dinner, I always plan the dessert first, and fit the rest of the meal around it πŸ™‚

  39. Hi, my name is Erica and though I don’t look like a hoarder I am one. I’m a digital hoarder. I’m obsessed with lists and saving every recipe I ever come across. Luckily my phone helps me hide this obsession. The app on my phone allows me to store as many recipes as I’d like, though I’ll never be able to cook them all!

  40. Hi,I’m Jessica. I’m a momma with two toddlers A’s a job. I don’t mind laundry but I hate dishes. I do love love cooking fun things though!

  41. I’m Holly, and while I LOVE to read cooking magazines and food blogs and cookbooks (cover to cover, like a novel), I detest actually cooking. I tell The Hubs “cook this!” and he does. Win, Win.

  42. Hi I’m Janet and I don’t like things that smell. I mean food is good but if you could send non-stinky dryer sheets that would be awesome!

  43. Hi I’m Lisa and I’m always paranoid that I left the oven/hair straightener/iron on. I have to check like 4 times before I am able to chill out about it.

  44. Hi! I’m Lindsay, and I got married this summer! I’m 6′ and my husband is 6’6″, so we enjoy making our home tall-people-friendly by putting things on top shelves, enjoying our California King bed, and installing extra tall shower heads.

  45. My name is Alicia and I have a thing about toilet paper… If we don’t have at least 18 rolls of mega rolls, I feel really nervous that we are going to suddenly run out and something bad will happen.

  46. Hi, I’m Malia and one of my adventures this year is to celebrate bizarre, unknown, crazy, silly holidays. Did you know this Saturday is Toot Your Flute day, World Card Making Day, National Vodka Day, Frugal Fun Day and National Taco Day? Yup, I’m having a party to serve vodka (cosmos!) and tacos, will bring out my flute for everyone to toot and the card-making supplies to make cards. Oh, and not buying anything for the party — it’s Frugal Fun Day, after all!

  47. Hi, I’m Kathi. I avoid bookstores because I’m like an addict when I go near them– I can’t stop myself! At one time I had nearly 2,000 books, but I had to downsize when I moved. I still have over 300 in storage that I can’t possibly live without.

  48. Hi, I’m Megan and I would make blankets out of dryer sheets if I could…smells so lovely! I have been known to stick them in my car, my drawers, anywhere that needs freshening…yum πŸ™‚

  49. Hi Kate, my name is Amy and I LOVE free stuff. My husband is a mail carrier and sees the end of everyone’s garage sales when they just want to get rid of things. He wanted our family to have a second mini-van so he could bring home all of his treasures (we got a RAV4 instead).

  50. Hi I’m Megan, and I LOVE to organize. When I am stressed about my own life, I go next door to my neighbors house and help her organize. She moved in with her parents to take care of them, and so she is sifting through 40+ years of their stuff. I come home less stressed after being able to sort things into give away, throw away and keep. One day I’m going to make organizing my full time job.

  51. This is so kind of you! I’m Kym and I was brought up spelling my name “KIM” but I changed it in college because I wanted to be different. It’s just a nickname, after all (I’m still a Kimberly for formal occasions). I like it and it’s stuck. My parents hate it. Still. I’m 41 and my parents think I’ll grow out of it. πŸ™‚

  52. Hi. I’m Barbara. I write my grocery lists in the way I navigate through the store. For example-I write all of the produce items first because that is the first stop. Secondly, I walk through meats, so that stuff is written right after produce, and etc. I HAVE to write things this way because I cannot stand having to go back because I forgot something. Not to mention dragging 4 little kids behind me makes me want to find the quickest and shortest way out of the store! I still write the lists this way when I shop without the kids…so that must make ME be the weird one….

  53. Hi Kate! Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway. I’m Brittany and I really hate popcicle sticks. Something about the wood makes me gag and gives me shivers. I do however love dark chocolate:)

  54. Hi, I’m Emilee and I can’t stand loud eating sounds. It drives me up the wall to listen to people eat cold cereal. But I hide it well enough that my husband just found it out after being married 9 years, and only because I told him. He loves cold cereal.

  55. Such a fun idea!
    I’m Brittany and I have weird quirks. Like if I’m eating cake it has to have frosting, cupcakes are good without frosting; if I’m eating chicken strips I like BBQ sauce but chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken I like ranch :).

  56. My name is Trina, and I am honestly one of those people that never has enough stuff. I’m always out of …everything. And it has to be because I really hate shopping. Go figure. Thanks Kate!

  57. (my mom worked for Colgate Palmolive when I was little so I totally “get” having an abundance of products and it was quite a shock when she left and I had to buy my own toothpaste!)

    Hi, I’m Kristin, I’m a wipes-aholic. Shopping carts, hotel rooms, and gym equipment are my biggest targets. I’m thankful for wipes.

  58. Hi! I’m Jamee and I don’t how this happened, but I just noticed that I am down to 1 set of sheets for my queen sized bed! I like to have more than 1 set of sheets per bed in the home.

  59. Hi! I’m Charity. I love to try new stuff, but I’m incredibly “thrifty” (my husband says, “cheap”) and don’t like to pay full price for anything. “Free” is my favorite word!

  60. Hi, I’m Heather. I got in trouble with my mom one time bc I threw some old Southern Living Magazines away. She was horrified. When people ask her for recipes it’s common for her to say something like, “it’s in the December 1988 Southern Living, don’t you have that”? She gets really confused when people confess to not keeping them all.

  61. I can’t stand to touch raw poultry of any kind. If we do a turkey for Thanksgiving, someone else has to deal with taking the stuff out and putting it in the pan. The same with chicken – I have to use tongs. If I touch it, I can’t eat it. It just creeps me out.

  62. My name is Elisabeth, and I have a major weakness for limited edition flavors of EVERYTHING. We try a lot of Oreos, yogurt flavors, new ice creams, crackers, you name it.

  63. hi, I’m Samantha. I hate the feeling of loose cotton or cotton balls, so I only buy the cotton pads. I work for an interior designer who specializes in Christmas so when we are working with cotton, I have to wear gloves.

  64. I hate wasting things…that pioneer motto “Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without” is somehow burned into my soul. So I do silly things like use up the soaps from hotels.

  65. Hi, my name is Kimberly and I am obsessed with color coordination. My closet, calendar, mail…everything. Love the organization.

  66. Hi Kate, I am Tracey and I am an identical twin. My sister and I look so alike that people confuse us all the time. Apparently we also sound alike.

  67. Hi! I’m Shirley and I love to watch cooking shows and read cookbooks so I can try new recipes. (This is why I am always reading your blog and own both your cookbooks. πŸ™‚

  68. I use pinterest as a menu. My husband goes to the “menu”, selects chicken or beef, etc. And then picks what he wants me to make. This has totally changed the way we plan the week and has made meal planning sooooo much easier!

  69. I am Michelle. I am also a sheet snob. I need to get into bed and have my sheets be cool, they need to breathe and they cannot catch the rough skin on the heels of my feet or I go insane!!

  70. I love trying new recipes, especially ones from around the world. Some of our family’s favorite include Indian Butter Chicken and New Mexican Sopapillas.

  71. My name is Julie. I have 3 children under the age of 5 and we clean up a lot. Dishes, laundry, toys… I LOVE to cook and also love all sorts of baking tools/pans/unique ingredients.
    *Love this idea by the way!

  72. What a fun post! And the comments are super fun to read!
    Hi, I’m Sandy and I LOVE grocery stores and grocery shopping, really love it! I’ve loved the grocery since I was a child and have always thought being a check out clerk would be awesome.

  73. Hi, I’m Breanne, and I like to eat chex cereal because of the “pop” they make when pushed against the top of my mouth.

  74. I’m Abby πŸ™‚ If watching British murder mysteries was an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist by now (ok, maybe not gold, but at least silver). And, I enjoying cleaning bathrooms and sweeping.

  75. I’m Sara. πŸ™‚ I have to eat things in even numbers. (2 cookies etc….but really it’s prob more like 6 cookies ha ha )

  76. My name is Lisa and I am mortally afraid of the car wash. Being enclosed in a room with high powered water shooting all around me? Ugh, hyperventilating….

  77. Hi, I’m Zoey and I love graphic design. When I see a word that I like on a plaque or poster or something, I count the serifs and lines of each letter and see if the whole word adds to multiples of five. If they don’t, then I make up different ways to break up the letter so that they do add up to a multiple of five. I don’t even know how I invented this little game for myself.

  78. Hi, I’m Rachel, and I don’t like apples in my fruit salad because all of the other fruits (peaches, pears, pineapple, grapes, berries, etc.) are soft and biting into a crunchy apple is jarring!

    Oh, and a bonus freaky fact – I have no cartilage in the end of my nose, so I can smush it flat!


  79. I love baking, hoard chocolate, get excited about new shampoos, and can’t stand perfumey laundry. I wish I didn’t have a long commute so I could cook dinner more often rather than eating my husband’s cooking (he is…an experimenter!)

  80. Hi! I’m Heather, and I have a non-cancerous tumor in my head.
    On a lighter note, I HATE winter (except for the holidays).

  81. Hi, I’m Jessica. I hate shopping for clothes, but I could spend hours looking around home improvement stores or kitchen stores (like Williams Sonoma!).

  82. Hi, I’m CrystalLee, and my husband says I’m a digital hoarder. Nevermind that I took 24 photos of my child within the span of 45 seconds, and most of them are blurry or he’s screaming or looking away from a camera. I just cannot bring myself to delete any of them, as they’re pics of my kid, and I want to see it all. Oh, and Pinterest my digital hoarding wonderland. πŸ™‚

  83. Hello! I’m Nicole. I love chicken, but I have a really hard time eating any kind of chicken that involves bones. I also steer away from ribs for about the same reason. It’s not that I can’t eat it, in fact, it’s usually delicious. Left to my own devices though, I don’t think I would ever purchase any meat with bones in it. I have an insanely hard time with fish for this reason.

  84. Hi I’m Aubrynn. I love sewing and baking treats. I also like doing diy projects when I have time. I recently realized I need more time for that because I have one halloween/fall decoration in my house! I need to take more advantage of naptime apparently! πŸ™‚

  85. Hello, my name is Jennifer but I also go by Jen but NEVER Jenny (blech!). I am enthralled with make up and hair products. For some reason I just love to buy them and the funny thing is, is that I hardly ever use them because I just don’t know how to apply make up all that well, so I end up using the same crap over and over again!!! oh well!

  86. I am completely obsessed with Abraham Lincoln. I’m a high school English teacher and have a life-sized cutout of him in my classroom that I routinely move to new places because it messes with my students and fellow staff members!

  87. I understand having way too much stuff! I have this obsession about collecting kids books for my kids. As a result, we now have so many books I don’t know where to put them (we already have three bookshelves full of my books and kids books)! I feel like they’re something worth collecting!

  88. Hello. My name is Liberty. I can’t have too many books around waiting for me to read, I adore anything with the word Chipotle in it and I love make up so much I get giddy inside (and probably on the outside) when I buy something new.

  89. Hi, I’m Michelle, and my husband thinks I have a problem with wearing only one shirt. Really, I just layers… and I don’t see any shame in wearing a few shirts and cardigan if it looks awesome. πŸ™‚ Also, never ask me to bring dessert because I will bring like three. Because every recipe will look too good and I won’t be able to decide… so I’ll just make them all.

  90. My name is Sarah and my favorite part of eating Frosted Mini Wheats is the bowl that you get at the end of the box when it is mostly crumbs, frosting powder, and a few big pieces left.

  91. Hi Kate! Everytime I go in the kitchen I open all the cupboards and fridge even if I don’t need anything from there.

  92. I’m Ana, and Fall is my favorite season. I love the cool crisp weather (I’ve never been a fan of sunny summers) and I LOVE Halloween — I think it’s the best holiday of all. My family and I go all out for Halloween. We plan out costumes sometimes a year in advance. I start decorating for Halloween mid-September, and sometimes won’t take the decorations down until Veteran’s day (once, not till Thanksgiving). That said, I like celebrating any holiday, and try to do something a little special for each of them… but none get the kind of attention from our house as Halloween does.

  93. Hi, I’m Trulie. Random fact: The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten is a black widow spider. I don’t remember it, and I don’t think I swallowed most of it, but I definitely bit one in half as a toddler.

  94. Hello! I am Annita and I love homemade soup and hot rolls with honey butter. I also love listening to audiobooks and riding my bike (sometimes I do both at the same time). Fall is definitely my favorite season because I love wearing sweaters.

  95. HI my name is Sarah. I love avocados, but absolutely hate guacamole – or even slightly mashed avocado for that matter. Recently, I pinned and framed a black widow for my son, who wanted to keep it.

  96. I love fall and the thing I like best is crunchy leaves. I am over 30 years old and I still go out of my way to step on a good, crunchy leaf!

  97. Hi! I’m Stephanie and I own and regularly use 3 different computers. πŸ™‚ I have a basic PC, an iMac and a Chromebook. Maybe some day I’ll downgrade to just 2.

  98. I’m Carly. I’m a Sonic Diet Coke loving, Netflix binging, Harry Potter reading mom from Vegas who is DYING for the weather to cool down and stay cooled down.

  99. I’m Jasmine and I just discovered banana waffles. And my boys love them (I have 4 boys and 1 baby girl). I wish I could eat more banana waffles instead of cleaning my kitchen.

  100. Hi I’m Marybeth and I have to admit that I shudder when people use loose instead of lose when they write. I just don’t understand how they know lost has one o but can’t write lose.

  101. I’m Mikayla and I’m obsessed with sloths. I don’t just love sloths, I am Kristen-Bell-level-obsessed with them. I’m a teacher and a have an entire bulletin board devoted to them in my classroom.

  102. Hi, I’m Cathy and I have a very similar problem with books! I love them, I’m a book blogger and I get sent free ones (very handy) except my house is getting over run with them!

  103. Hi I’m Vanessa and I am 36 weeks pregnant with my FOURTH girl and I want to bake all of the treats you guys post on here. And like eat the whole pan by myself in one afternoon.

  104. My first baby is 2 weeks old and I am experiencing the appropriate mix of love, terror, and yoga pants. Also I am addicted to Target’s archer fans buffalo wing potato chips and that might just be wait propels me out of the house in the coming days πŸ™‚

  105. For years, I have cut my own hair. I get tons of compliments on it, but am always hesitant to tell people I did it myself!

  106. I’m Jessica. I’m a natural redhead and have never dyed my hair, I’ve also had chicken pox twice and I’m an extreme germiphobe. πŸ™‚

  107. Hi my name is Cindy – Little Cindy is what my family calls me. I grew up in a house with two Cindy’s (Little Cindy and Big Cindy). My mother married a man who also had a daughter named Cindy, who is older than me is why she is Big Cindy, not her size. He adopted me when I was young, I changed my last name to his, thus two Cindy’s in the same house, with the same last name. When people would call and ask for Cindy, we’d have to ask big or little Cindy? Those who didn’t know us well were at a loss for words.

  108. I’m Annette. I’m reading Harry Potter for the bajillionth time because I finally convinced my husband to read it for the first time and I can’t not experience it with him.

  109. I’ve never painted my own toenails, although my toes are almost always painted. I go to the nail salon a few times a year, but mostly my husband paints my toenails. I just can’t paint them.

  110. Hi! I’m amber and I am a bakeaholic. I love chocolate and all things bread, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, bars, basically anything with lots of sugar. Baking is therapeutic to me and therefore I do it almost daily.

  111. I’m having my third kid in a month. Also I can’t stand microfiber cleaning cloths because they catch on my dry skinned hands.

  112. I love mixers! I own way more than a normal person should and I have a long list that I would still like to own. It’s kind of like yard work sometimes you need a shovel (my hand mixer) and sometimes you need to bring in the excavator (my bosch). When I put it like that my husband immediately understood the NEED part!

  113. I’m Jessica and I (like Erin #36) count things. Only there’s no point to it. Like I count the silverware as I put it away in the drawer, and I count how many seconds it takes to fill up my cup with water from the dispenser (I can tell you how many seconds it takes to fill up each size cup at my house… frightening, I know).

  114. Hi, I’m Katie, and I count things: steps, motions, letters, everything! Another fun fact: I’m actually terrible at math…

  115. I like to eat things by the even number. For example, two cookies, not three. If I eat three, then I feel the need to eat a fourth. Weird, I know!

  116. I’m Cari and I love color-changing cups. Like so you know if the water is still cold. What a fun giveaway. Hope I win!

  117. My name is Lauri & I am addicted to baking & collecting cake stands & cookbooks. I bought an old library cart from my school, painted it, & use it to hold my ever-growing cookbook collection.

  118. Hello! I’m Thanh and I love all things kitchen, gadgets, a new spatula, hosting platters, you name it. I love cooking, baking, making homemade food and trying new recipes, but it’s been hard with two little boys to enjoy it as much. Thank you for the opportunity to help you downsize! Have a great week!

  119. Fact: I can’t stand the sound of Styrofoam. Like really, really can’t stand it, makes me want to scream and run far far away. I hate touching it or having anyone else anywhere near me with it. I avoid buying anything with styrofoam packaging.

    1. I guess I pushed the wrong key on my keyboard. I have to know what color M&M’s I’m eating before putting it in my mouth. I usually try to arrange the colors so they are eaten together (i.e. I’ll eat all the yellows, then blues…). I don’t like eating M&M’s at the movie theater because I can’t see!

  120. Hi, I’m Wendy. I LOVE the smell of Twinkies, I have to smell my kids Twinkies before they eat them but I hate the way they taste.

  121. I’m Heather and I love to bake. Lately we’ve had a never ending supply of cookies in the freezer. I’m kind of afraid of the holidays this year. Baby #5 loves his chocolate πŸ˜‰

  122. Hi, I’m Liv and I love candy corn and twizzlers…something about the waxy texture really appeals to me. Also I love ginger stuff (really spicy ginger ale, ginger candy, etc.) but I won’t eat actual ginger.

  123. Super fun to read what everyone’s “thing” is! Mine is that I’m a math geek. When I was in high school I did some work for a friend of my parents copying contact info onto 3×5 cards and to entertain myself during this horribly boring job I would check to see if the phone numbers “canceled out” (could be added and subtracted to get to zero). When I got to college, I took it as a good sign that my dorm room phone number canceled out.

  124. I always have to stop and look at the pans and kitchen gadgets whenever I go to the grocery store. Most of the time I don’t need any, but it gives me pleasure to look at them and imagine what I might make with them.

  125. I love to cook and bake but I have a hard time following recipes. I’m always trying new ideas, taking short cuts or swapping ingredients. My goal is to follow a recipe start to finish with no tweeks!

  126. Hi, I’m Karen! I love browsing Pinterest for cool crafts and DIY projects but it takes nearly an act of God for me to actually use one of those industrious pins. Help!

  127. Hi, I’m Rebecca! I look cooking even though I have seven children under the age of 12…including a set of fraternal twins. They were a big surprise since twins definitely do not run in my family!

  128. Hi, I’m Heather! I think I may be the only (or 1 of very few) that hates all things flavored pumpkin. Completely grosses me out. I am also notorious for buying craft/sewing items, and IF I actually start the project, never finishing it.

  129. Hey, I’m Judson and I love cooking. Fell in love with OurBestBites in 2011 and have followed you ever since. Love cooking but lack useful kitchen gadgets to simplify the process, so I often resort to frozen or boxed dinners. But cooking from scratch is my favorite.

  130. Hi! I’m Alissa and I absolutely love doing our monthly budget. I look forward to it all month and am sad when I finish and have to wait another month! I’m also in love with spreadsheets and am currently obsessed with the one I made to track our mortgage and can adjust it to how much extra we pay on it and love seeing that we’ll finish at least 15 years early!

  131. Hello! I’m Amy. My weird thing is that I won’t throw things away until they are completely (I mean, the last drops of ketchup have been pounded, the shampoo rinsed out, or crumbs of chips eaten) gone. It drives my husband crazy, but I can’t waste it.

  132. Hi my name is Kacey and I always save the best bite of my meal for last. My husband almost didn’t make the cut because he loved to steal the last bite of my meal and a much meaner form of myself would emerge.

  133. Hi I’m Janell! I love living my childhood through my two girls. If I find/see a toy that I had as a kid or wanted as a kid I will get it for “my girls” ( when who am I kidding I get it for me….I want to play with it!!)

  134. I would love to get a random box of stuff! Random fact about me: I like to drink the milk from a cereal bowl first before I eat the cereal. πŸ™‚

  135. Hi I’m Lauren, but my name isn’t really Lauren, it’s Christina, but no one ever calls me by it. So, really, I’m not sure who I am! =)

  136. Hi Kate! I’m Apryl. I’m a newlywed and brand new homeowner who loves all things holiday. My husband and I had our first argument about when it’s appropriate to put up the Christmas tree. (The day after Thanksgiving, obvi.)

  137. Hi! My name is Adina and I like to eat my kit kats and twix bars in a very special way by eating the top layer of chocolate off first. It drives my husband nuts!

  138. Hi Kate…I love family get togethers, one of our fav holiday activities is a night time easter egg hunt. In the back yard, after dark, all our neighbors bring a bag of individ wrapped candies and a ‘prize’ for each kids….we throw it out all over the yard and let the kids find it in the dark with a flashlight. We also do indoor trick or treating where the parents go behind insidedoors and let the kids come knock….that way the parents get to see their kids faces as we open the door.

  139. Hi, I’m Gayle and I love Apricot Pistachio ice cream and baking. I bake every Friday and take the results to work on Saturday to share with my co-workers.

  140. Hi, my name is Suzette. I have two teen daughters that love to use/lose my kitchen utensils, so I replace them regularly. Also, one of them recently left home to go to college, so I am stocking a college dorm. We love colorful utensils because they are cheerful and make us smile. They are so much more fun to use than a plain old white one, aren’t they?! πŸ™‚

  141. I’m a total fabric addict. Sometimes the cutting lady will ask me what I’m making with the fabric she’s cutting, I’ll say, “Oh nothing planned. I’m just buying a yard cause it’s cute.” They look at me like I’m a total lunatic.

  142. I daydream about making lists and getting my house/life organized, but when I actually try to do it, I tell myself, it can wait til tomorrow, so I’m pretty sure that the whole being organized thing will never happen for me.

  143. Hello there my passion is trying a different recipe be it baking,cooking or anything that involves food i make something different 365 days a year for my Husband and Kids and Family and Friends and neighbours.I used to make the same boring meals before then i got very adventurous.I take a picture everyday of the things i make and put it in my album.No im not crazy.

  144. I’m Andrea and I love shopping at the DI, and obsessing about pinterest and my next project! (ok so only 1/8 of those projects ever happen, or ever turn out!!)

  145. Hi I’m Emily and when I play cards I have to straighten the piles because it drives me crazy when the discard pile gets all out of control.

  146. I’m Marseille and I can’t stand pb&j. Keep the bread separate and I can eat it. But put them together and pull them apart? No way

  147. Hi! I am Amy, I love books and fabric. I also enjoy chocolate that I hide from my kids. I am not picky and like getting fun stuff in the mail!

  148. I’m Carolyn. I’m addicted to Trader Joe’s Artichoke Antipasta. I have it a minimum of twice a day. Its been going on for a couple of months. I think I’m ready for a pumpkin intervention.

  149. Hi, I’m Ashley. Salads only taste good when someone else makes them. And I have to wear flip flops in my own shower- always have, ever since college πŸ˜‰ here’s hoping I win !!!

  150. Hi, I’m Jamie, and I have a weakness for buying fitness clothing. But don’t send me your used workout clothing… I like kitchen stuff too.

  151. I’m Erica and I like to read. I can never, ever get library books turned in on time. So my family basically supports our county library system due to my forgetfulness. And I’d love some free stuff!

  152. Hi, I’m Brek and I can’t go to sleep at night unless there is something piled on my feet. We turn the bed down and then I pile pillows at the end of my side of the bed. Then when I settle in I find it soooo relaxing to burrow my feet under the weight of the pillows. Weird, I know.

  153. Hi Ms. Kate! I have to stand in the “flamingo pose” whenever I’m in my kitchen cooking or baking. (one foot resting on inner part of knee)

  154. Fuuuuuun! Hello there, I’m Megan. I like to craft, craft, craft in the Fall. But I tend to forget that I have four children who need clean clothing and meals provided for them. Love checking your site regularly for food inspirations!
    Thank you!

  155. Hi I’m Natalie and I have a baking addiction. I bought a beautiful green 6-quart KitchenAid mixer and then my mother stole it. THE NERVE! Trying to find some new things to trade her – maybe one of your boxes filled with goodies πŸ™‚

  156. Hi, Kate. I start all of our Christmas letters with the phrase, “Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse….”
    After that, it could be “3 crazy teenagers live in my house,” or “Grandpa and Grandma love kids in their house,” etc.etc…

  157. Hi! My name is Erin. I’m obsessed with stationery and have more than I could ever use in a lifetime. Whoops! I think paper goods are just so much fun!!!! Love this idea and hoping that I’ll win!!!! Especially if there are cookbooks involved, those come a close second to stationery!

  158. Hi I am Heidi and I hate the feel of cotton balls. Especially pulling them apart. It makes me shudder just to write this. It doesn’t help that I am a child care provider. Do you know how many crafts for little people involve those little balls of torture?!

  159. Hi my name is Sandy and I love stuff too. Especially finding old kitchen tools that work Wayyyyyyyy better than new ones!

    Love your site!

  160. I didn’t get a chance to read everyone else’s comments, but I have a couple of things about myself which I am proud to share with the world. One, I always do all of my dishes by hand (even though I’ve owned a dishwasher most of my married life, which has passed the 30+ years mark), and, two, I have not had cable TV in my home for over 15 years, and I really don’t miss it (whatever TV show you want to watch nowadays can be seen on DVD without commercial interruption!). And I’m so glad that my KitchenAid mixer is an older one – please let it keep on ticking for many, many years to come!!!

  161. I’m Amanda and I can’t get enough of fall- there were small pumpkins, large pumpkins, pumpkin-flavored coffee, pumpkin-shaped candles, pumpkin bread, carved pumpkins…

  162. I am Nicole and I love cookbooks. I always promise myself that I won’t buy anymore, and still I do. But your cookbooks are my favorite. I bought four copies of your last cookbook: one for me, one for my mom, and one for each of my sisters.

  163. Hi, I’m Angi, and I’m a foodie. I stalk your blog for new recipes to try. One of my goals is to try every recipe that involves cheesecake! Yum! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  164. I’m Ashley and I like to read slightly inappropriate romance novels and I have an agreement w my sister to steal my kindle if anything were to happen to me to save me from embarrassment from the grave. Thank you!

  165. Hi, I’m Summer and I get obsessive (some say) about redoing a certain space in the house to make it more organized..Then I finish that space, and move right on to another. Wait 6 months (cuz I’m burnt out!) and then do it all, again!

  166. I’m Erika and I love the color pink. When i was 2 my mom asked if i wanted a blueberry muffin. I said no i want pinkberry. In college, someone even described me as, “I have this friend… She wears a lot of pink” I also love sparkly things. And Gilmore girls. And football. Go figure.

  167. I’m Nancie, I love looking up new receipes but am terrified to actually try and make them (also I have to smell ALL the fabric softener before I buy any, even if I end up buying the same thing everytime)

  168. Hi! I’m Tracy and I have never had a cup of coffee. I can never get past the smell. My family makes fun of me because I’m 48 and still drink hot chocolate “)

  169. Hi, I’m Kristin and I color coordinate everything in my life. My mugs, for example, go from red to purple (left to right), with black, brown, white, and gray on the far right. Same with towels and sheets, spare/replacement candles and soaps, and my clothes in my closet (did I also mention the clothes are on color coordinated hangers, too?). Makes finding things easier. πŸ™‚

  170. Hi! I’m Christine. I’ve been on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ lipstick for ME for years. I have tried A LOT but I’m still searching …

  171. This is a great idea! My name is tipling and I am expecting my first baby in the spring. I love to cook, hate to do dishes but don’t mind doing laundry. I also love the smell of bleach (strange?) Thank you!


  172. I have to have the left side of my double sided sink empty. I realized this last pregnancy (my 4th). It was due to always having morning sickness in the kitchen.

  173. Hi, I’m Karen. I love, love, love to bake, especially when the weather cools down. There’s nothing better than walking into the house and smelling freshly baked cookies and bread!

  174. I’m Stevi and I’m currently infinity weeks pregnant with my first child. Some swag may make these last few weeks a little more tolerable!

  175. I’m about to have my 4th baby and I’m terrified. It’s been 5 years since I’ve had a baby and I don’t think I remember how to do this.

  176. Hi, I’m Shanna! I love working out and am obsessed with the black bean dip and blue corn tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s!

  177. My name is Misty. I am addicted to home makeovers. Home makeover shows, home makeover magazines..and my house is ALWAYS messy and every room (except nursery) needs painting!

  178. I am a cook that loves kitchen stuff,appliances,tool,pans etc. Iam also a sewer of doll clothes. I HAVE A VERY LIMITED SS INCOME so I get everything I can used.

  179. Hi! My name is Jerusha! I had a double lung transplant five months ago ! I can breath! I can smell!
    I am living life to the fullest because of a donor!
    I love cookbooks, spices and anything yellow!

  180. Hello- my name’s Stephanie. I have an unnatural fear of windmills (the really big power-generating ones). I can’t say for sure why, but watching them slowly turning, just creeps me out! Uhhh-goosebumps even thinking about it.

  181. Hi there! I LOVE to cook and bake. I have lots of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks and I love them! We recently moved and a friend helping me unpack in the kitchen commented that she has never seen one person have so many kitchen gadgets!

  182. I’m Julie and I’m a readaholic! I read about 100 books a year, give or take. Don’t ask me what my favorite book is…it would be a LOOOONG list. πŸ™‚

  183. Hi I’m Jaclyn and I love eating stashed chocolate. I think it’s tastes even better when no one else knows about it πŸ™‚

  184. Hi I’m Deborah–I crochet, clay and …..collect penguins! I’m also given a lot of penguin’y (is that a word?) stuff from friends/family/coworkers/complete strangers…

  185. I hate raw meat–cooking with it/touching it! I would totally go without if I didn’t have a husband to feed πŸ™‚

  186. Hi, I’m Rachel. I love the changing of the seasons and celebrating different times of year, but I stock up on the Glade Cinnamon Apple spray around the holidays because I love to smell it all year round.

  187. Hi, I’m Heather. I just finished binge watching Once Upon a Time & have a major crush on Captain Hook. I feel ok saying that here as you’ve expressed your fervent love for Tim Riggins. This is a safe place:)

  188. I’m Brianna and I rotate my dishes so everything gets used equally. A total pain in the a$$ when I’m putting dishes away because I have to put it underneath all of the stuff that’s already in the cupboard or drawer. The thought of the same 3 or 4 plates or 5 or 6 forks getting most or all of the action just totally erks me. Totally crazy I know but it’s my thing.

  189. Hi, my name is also Kate. When I look for something on Amazon, I have to look at of the search results – just in case the best thing is at the very end.

  190. I have 2 boys that are the same age but not twins-and a daughter-oh and by the way I have a MUCH darker complexion than you (honey beige) and love cover girl. Love Ya!!

  191. Hi I’m Mary and I can’t stand flavored water. The idea that it looks like water but tastes like something else is too confusing for me.

  192. Hi there! My name is Cindy, and I absolutely love the smell of a freshly cleaned refrigerator! There is something about that chilled Clorox-y scent that perks me up (and it’s not the fumes or the cold air!)!

  193. My name is Sara and I love the smell of new books. Weird, I know. The even stranger thing about it is I’ve seen (caught) my 8 year old daughter (who btw has no knowledge of my affinity for the scent of books) sniff books before reading them as well.

  194. I love to cook for and with my family but I/we haven’t done much of that in the last year. My baby boy was born and my 2 year old had brain surgery to remove her tumor. We are starting pull things back together and cook again, yea!

  195. My husband and I went from it being just the two of us, after our 4 daughters had grown and moved on, to a household of 10 now, due to an illness one of our daughters had, needing help from us with her two children, another daughter and her husband starting up their own business and a granddaughter who felt a little more secure with Papa and Nana! Dang – going from doing two loads of laundry a week for my husband and I to right around 8 loads a week – yikes! But, it’s okay. Life is good!

  196. I’m Nicole, and I like to completely finish each food item on my plate before moving on to the next. And I really prefer to not drink anything until I’ve completed the entire meal-though sometimes if the food is really dry, spicy, or tastes bad, I will make an exception.

  197. What an awesome giveaway! I’m Kathy… I love to cook, can’t get enough kitchen gadgets and could read cookbooks and recipes all day long.

  198. I’m a mess in the kitchen (literally & figuratively), so I use a recipe for just about everything (yes, even how to boil eggs). :-/

  199. I am Diane and I love all kinds of cooking items, and gadgets and also a fan of cook books. I live for kitchen stuff! I am an avid colector. Silly me.Have a great day all!

  200. Hi, I’m Christine, and I’d love to have your stuff! I have seven kids who would also love it if I got your stuff so I could make cool things for them! Fun fact: I live on 126 acres in the Southern Missouri Ozarks, on a farm with about 60 Jacob four-horned sheep & Kiko goats, 60 chickens and two donkeys, and 13 formerly homeless guests.

  201. Hi, I’m Stacey and I work for P&G, too! I also have a magazine and cookbook obsession. My husband does not enjoy it πŸ™‚

  202. Hi, I’m Katie and I love dogs. I really want a golden retriever or a lab, but I’m a full-time teacher and don’t have enough time to raise a puppy right now. Instead, I volunteer at a shelter once a week, and creepily run up to people walking cute dogs and ask to pet them. Thanks for your great blog; I’m making your chicken taquitos tonight.

  203. My name is Faith and this year we packed up our family of seven (read: 4 kids under 7 and a preteen) and DROVE to California to live near family. Then, it didn’t work out and we came back to VA. all within like five months. And we are sane, normal people. promise.

  204. I love making lists, baking cookies, eating freshly baked bread, playing around on the violin, sewing, reading, traveling to new and distant places, watching movies, being with my family, putting together puzzles…. oh! – and I love to make lists!

  205. Hi! I would love to have your stuff, used or not. I love anything scrapbooking and have a real desire to have more paper than I could EVER use. Also, I NEED dryer sheets!

  206. Hi! I am Ashley and I love crafty stuff, but I don’t have time to get to half of the projects that I want to. A random fact about me is: I cough every time I clean out my ears. It is weird but true.

  207. I’m Mindy… And I kissed David Copperfield. When I was like 10. Because I thought he was cute, and so I just asked him if I could.

  208. Hi, I’m Brooke! I have spent the last 10 minutes reading through everyone else’s points, trying to come up with something original. I am who I am, and really don’t need to come up with an exciting answer if it’s just not happening, right? Thanks for the giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  209. Hi! My Name is Mary & I love cookbooks!!! I have a ton of them….and not enough time to put those recipes to good use!

  210. Hi Kate! I’m Ramie. I can never pass up on an opportunity to win something. I think FREE things are the coolest. They are always way better than anything I actually buy and will always find room and a need for them even if I don’t need it. So I am always on the lookout for free things. (Like my neighbor’s grapes. Or my mother-in-law’s apples. Or smoothie mixes my husband would bring home from trade shoes.) And after 6 years and thousands of attempts at Giveaways online – I haven’t won anything. Guess I’ll have to stick to free garden stuff.

  211. I always think of what scent of hand soap I can buy next. And what lotion will work best on my hands since they are dry from always washing them.

  212. Hi! I am Lynne. I am a teacher, a mom, and a grandma. i LOVE kids, animals, reading, baking decadent treats, and chocolate!!

  213. Hi, I’m Debbie and I was expelled from Kindergarten for bad behavior. Technically I was moved up to first grade to keep me too busy to get into trouble. It worked.

  214. My name is Sarah and I can’t stand the feel of flour on my hands. It complicates my life because I love baking!

  215. Hi, I am Amanda and I have two kids under two and I am obsessed with washing my hands all the time which feed my hand lotion obsession. Nothing is worse than having cracked hands.

  216. Hi my name is Anne and I am not the best cook but I am also not the worst, but it never fails….if I am ever out of an ingredient and I try to substitute it with something else even if it is a teaspoon size amount my husband always……always says something. Picky eater!

  217. Hola! I’m Lauree – I’m a firm believer that you can’t win if you don’t play…so here I am trying my luck! I also LOVE to read, hike and spend as much time as possible with my people! Thanks!

  218. Hi, I’m Allison.
    When I was little I always loved getting the mail to see if there was anything for me. To this day I still love checking the mailbox for mail. I even know what our mailmans truck sounds like without looking out the window!

  219. I’ve been checking out houses to rent lately and I’ve realized I never want to buy an old house, no matter how many DIY blogs I follow that remodel their old houses into awesomeness. Not for me. I want a nice, new, clean, and lovely place and that will do me just fine. πŸ™‚

  220. Hi, I’m Auntie Patch. I had elbow surgery last week and I’m using the hunt and peck system of typing. Why is it that your fingers can fly across a keyboard with 2 hands but become stumped when 1 hand is taken out of the equation?

  221. Hi, I’m Candace! :0) <—- Doesn't that smiley look like the Hamburger Helper glove/guy/thingy? Lol! OK, so on to my random fact: after cutting the roof of my mouth a few times as a child, I no longer eat the pointy/sharp tips of French fries. I tear or bite them off and place them in a neat pile on my plate.

  222. Hey Kate, I’m Erin and I’m accident prone. I’ve been hit by a car, thrown off a motorcycle where I landed on my head (thank goodness for helmets!!) and was in the hospital for 2 months and was awake and talking but can’t remember a thing, broke my collarbone on a water slide at Seven Peaks here in Utah, and have almost been kidnapped twice. At this point, if I die of old age, it’ll be a miracle πŸ™‚

  223. I am addicted to my fitbit. If I haven’t made my goal by the end of the day, I will run in place in my room. Have to make those steps!

  224. I am Beth and I am addicted to Amazon and Costco. You just can’t beat free 2-day shipping or bulk foods. If you can’t buy it at one of those two places, I just might not need it.

  225. I’m Sharon, a mom of 3 kids (ages 3, 2, and 7mo), a wife of a grad student, and I love sewing, music, cooking, baking, children’s books, and much more!

  226. I’m Kimberly and I get compliments all the time about my posture and how straight or nicely I stand up. But the truth is I had scoliosis surgery in jr. high so I have metal spinal rods and can only stand up straight. Hoping that comes in handy when I’m really old.

  227. Hi – I’m Pam and I love to eat with plastic utensils. Especially a plastic spoon….better than regular flatware.

  228. Hi, I’m Donna Bywater and I am currently working on swimming 100 miles. Not all in one day though. I am on about mile number 33.

  229. Hey I’m Heather and I get paid to exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor and I LOVE IT! I am also a Mammographer and want to remind all you ladies 40 and over to get your yearly Mammmogram!! 85% of breast cancers happen in women WITHOUT a family history and 1 in 8 will get it, so get on it and no more excuses!!

  230. My name is Jackie and I broke my wrist when I was little because I fell off of a dog house! My friend was scared of the dog and I told her that if the dog went after her, all she had to do was climb on top of the dog house. Then I fell off of it. Ah, the innocence (and ignorance?) of youth!

  231. I hate when my food touches (especially baked beans touching the cheetoes on a bbq picnic plate). If I had cafeteria treys for the rest of my life, I’d be one happy gal.

  232. i am penny. I love to bake but have a hard time with cooking real food and knowing what to fix for dinner with my picky husband and kids! the regulars they will eat like spagetti get old. . . I am the only one that LOVES tomatoes, and most veggies! I love reading your blog and dreaming about fixing all of your yummy food!

  233. I’m Lindsey and I have problem with starting a books and movies and leaving the majority unfinished. This happens all the time. I just don’t want to know how they end it!

  234. Hello, I’m Emily and I can’t go to sleep at night unless my kitchen is spotless. All other parts of the house can be a total disaster, but the floors, counters, appliances, and dishes all have to be done in the kitchen. This is a huge problem when it’s 11:00 pm and I’m about to fall over asleep, but instead I’m mopping my floor.

  235. Hi I’m Jennifer and I lost 141 lbs in less than a year- the good, old fashioned way πŸ™‚ I started walking… then became a runner, and I watched what I ate (no special diet or gimmick). I’m a completely new person than I was 2 years ago. πŸ™‚

  236. I LOVE clocks (the kind with hands). I would put more than one in every room if I had enough or bought all the ones I would like to buy…

  237. I am a sucker for mini anything! Especially if it has cute packaging (which drives my husband crazy since the mini versions are never a good deal). Yesterday I almost night mini Coke Zero cans because why not!? (

  238. Dear Kate, My name is Wendy, and I used to scramble to make a mediocre dinner every night before I “met you and Sarah”. Now, I have a meal plan and my family eats lovely meals every night. I live in Los Angeles and have a giant herd of deer that live on our property. It’s tough to feel like I’m in the city when I see the deer ambling by.

  239. I am a closet nail polish hoarder….I have over 200 bottles of polish. I haven’t painted my nails in over 3 years – with 2 kids under 3. I love nail polish.

  240. I’m a single mother with two teenage boys. I am a department store manager full time and teach Argentine tango and went coast swing.

  241. I have to sweep my kitchen floor 3 times a day, and I vacuum my house daily. Unless I’m out of town. I have a thing for clean floors. I’m constantly on the look out for new brooms and have over 15 of them at present time. Drives my husband crazy.

  242. Hi, I’m Christie. We’ve eaten entirely too many pb&j sandwiches for dinner since I’ve gone back to teaching after being home for 10 years.

  243. Hi, I’m Juliann, and I cannot sit in traffic under an underpass without getting nervous goosebumps. I physically shake because the unrealistic thought of it crashing down on me, freaks. me. out.!!

  244. Hi…I’m Ilene. I’m obsessed with food blogs and subscribe to too many of them. I have bookmarked and printed way too many to ever make, but I won’t stop.

  245. I’m Grace and I love to grow tomatoes; roma, cherry, beefsteak, any kind, but I hate eating them raw. When my kids pop them in their mouths and I see the seeds and juices… just, ew. But cook those tomatoes for a bit and I love them.

  246. Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m slightly addicted to getting kitchen tools, gadgets and serveware (but they have to be a good deal, too). πŸ™‚

  247. Hi, I’m Katie and I am a Jane Austen addict. I reread my leather bound copy (with gold edging of course) of her entire works once a year and sew while watching videos based on her novels.

  248. Hi, my name is Kristy and I VERY rarely cook the same thing twice. In fact, my husband will often say, “This is yummy! Am I ever going to see it again?” πŸ˜‰

  249. Hi! I’m Margaret, and my two favorite foods are chocolate and tomatoes…but not together, ’cause that’s just not right, even in mole sauce. Thank you for the giveaway!

  250. Hi, I am Stacie. Random fact. I lost my house in the 89 Santa Cruz earthquake, and I would still never live anywhere else.

  251. I’m Keshia, a 28 year old graduate student, I just bought my first sewing machine ever(!), and just learned how to use it πŸ™‚

  252. Hi my name is Paige and I am sorta like Bill Cosby’s character from the Cosby show in that I love new kitchen appliances a LOT until I get them home and use them once…then they collect dust while I salivate over the next cool thing.

  253. Hello, hello πŸ™‚ My name is Darcy and my favorite curl-up-on-the-couch-and-watch-mindless-tv-snack would have to be jelly beans & hot tea (Starburst jelly beans specifically cuz they’re crazy tasty & some Honey Chamomile w/a bit of sugar) ~aaahhh, now I just need to find out where to buy a 10 pound bag of those little nibbles of awesome-ness… πŸ™‚

  254. Hi, I’m Nazra – and I have made up my mind to stop buying toys for my two girls (under the age of 4). That sounds so mean but I’ve noticed…99% of time they play with everything BUT their toys. (One is using the couch as I wrote this as a trampoline and the other is busying herself by plugging an iPhone charger into & out of an old iPhone. You’ll often hear me say things like “oh sorry, we aren’t going to use the chandelier to hang giant paper clips on” or “sorry, but we aren’t going to take the air pump on a walk with us”. However, the thought of more-than-I-know-what-to-do-with dryer sheets makes me happy because I know they’d give my girls plenty of entertainment as well as any (safe) kitchen gadget (they’d be in play heaven)! πŸ™‚

  255. I would gladly take some of your cookbooks off of your hands. As far as a PROCTER & GAMBLE product I can’t do without my Secret CLINICAL STRENGTH.

  256. Hi Kate! I love to organize. If you open any closet, door or drawer, it’s organized! BUT, while I’m busy organizing I forget to clean πŸ˜‰

  257. Hi! So I rarely cook without finding a recipe but then I rarely make the recipe as stated and then I rarely make the recipe a second time even if we really enjoyed it…so now I have 16 recipes for banana bread in my cookbook and I am looking for a new one on BB right now for this weekend.

  258. Hi, I’m Janice and I love the smell of fresh tomatoes, I sometimes stop and pick them up from a basket on my counter just to take a whiff as I go by them.

  259. I work out just about every day, so that means I have to launder my gym clothes every week. I always hang dry my gym clothes instead of putting them in the dryer because I’m afraid of them shrinking in the slightest and giving me a muffin top… I work too hard for that nonsense!

  260. Hi, I’m Shea, and I daydream about going thrift shopping at least once a day. I was at a thrift store a few days ago, and when my total came to 42 bucks for 5 items, I was thinking “MAN! Thrifting is getting so expensive!!” and I had to remind myself I could spend that same amount on one shirt somewhere else. Also, I don’t get why people think wearing something from a thrift store is gross. I mean, every time you go to a restaurant, you are eating with a fork hundreds of other people have eaten with. Chew on that! πŸ˜‰

  261. Hi! My name is Leslie and I collect cookbooks too, but I don’t have too many! Is there REALLY such a thing? I just moved into my house 2 years ago and we still haven’t finished unpacking! Mainly the stuff for our family and scrapbook/art studio are still in boxes since those rooms are still being worked on. Thanks for the chance and being so nice to share!

  262. Hi I’m Emily and I am absolutely obsessed with starting new crafts…… Unfortunately I have a really really hard time finishing them!!

  263. Hi! I’m a mom of 3 teen boys who love to eat and a 5 year-old boy too. And I do a ton of laundry so I could use dryer sheets for sure. I grew up in a family of 5 kids and always said that I was only going to have two kids – no big family for me. Ha!

  264. Hi, I’m Lorie, and I am scared of big white vans with no windows in the back. I think I’ve watched too many crime shows.

  265. I’m Robin, mother of 3, wife to one wonderful guy and I can’t fall asleep even if it’s 102 and humid without at least a sheet over my shoulder.

    Thanks for sharing your stuff!!

  266. Hi, I’m Kelsey and LOVE cookbooks. I will sit for hours looking at food blogs or new cookbooks (only those with pictures of course!). I also go through a TON of laundry soap now that I have a new, very cute and very spitty baby.

  267. Hi there! My name is Lisa and I’m a runner who has not been allowed to run for three months because of hip bursitis. So I am now a stressed out Mom who can’t wait to get back on the road!

  268. I’m Anne. I have a ridiculous number of spices… so many that, besides the ones in my pantry that I actually use, I keep two Rubbermaid drawers (A-L and M-Z) under my stove. Just In Case.

  269. Hi, I’m Kristy and I can relate pretty much any experience, conversation, event, etc. in my life to Friends (the TV show). I’m a very pregnant mom that LOVES getting packages in the mail!

  270. Hi my name is Zeina and I try to love juicing because I know it is so good for you but all of them taste like a sweaty armpit to me.

  271. Hi I’m Melanie!! I love cooking and find myself always wanting to get cookbooks even though I’ve invested in some really good ones. πŸ™‚ And because I love cooking I’m always interested in the kitchen gadgets that are available and I always say to myself, “I gotta have this!!!”

  272. I’m Jackie and I get anxious when all the food on my plate is the same color (a meal of chicken nuggets, corn, and biscuits sends me over the edge)

  273. Hi! I love tea. Tea is my favorite. I like to bake and eat sweet stuff. I also like to read (all books, but especially cookbooks!). Back to school time has always been my favorite time of year for so many reasons!

  274. I love looking at recipes and cookbooks. If I feel like making something I start looking at recipes to try to decide what to make and by the time I finish looking, I don’t feel like making something, yet feel satisfied by searching recipes. One of the many reasons I love reading your blog!

  275. My name is meg and I change poopie diapers all day long. No joke. Today before noon I changed my 2 years diaper 4 times and after/ during nap changed 5 more times! holy crap!

  276. Hello, I’m Mallory! I love, love, your recipes! In fact, my sister-in-law (who loves your recipes just as much as I do) and I were joking yesterday about how if we were friends with you girls it would be awkward because we couldn’t tell you about your own new recipes that we tried.
    Anyway, something random about me is I don’t really like ketchup, pickles, or mustard (you know, typical hamburger toppings) but I love fry sauce, cucumbers, and I have mustard in the fridge just to make deviled eggs. You know what the best part of this randomness is, my husband has those same dislikes, and we eat hamburgers A LOT at our house.

  277. I’m Rachael. I used to be a huge saver and when I got married I became a huge spender. I made a goal for the next few months not to buy anything. Also I’m 35 weeks pregnant.

  278. Hi. I’m Cathi. I have been unemployed for more than a year and a half. I love to cook and do crafts and sew when I get the chance. I am trying to start a business selling things that I make including candles and coasters.

  279. My name is regan! I am a young school teacher. I have a super cute husband who would appreciate more delicious meals and nice smelling laundry!

  280. It just took me over 3 months to read 1 book. And I’m certified to teach Reading. Bad, I know. I’ll be moving into my first home with my husband and we’d love free laundry products πŸ™‚

  281. Hi, I am Lori and I am addicted to free sample sights on the web. Nothing makes me more giddy then looking in the mailbox and finding a sample goods from a manufacture. Weeee!!

  282. Hi Kate, I’m Lisa. This week I started listening to Christmas music…in Spanish. I don’t actually speak Spanish but I felt like Christmas songs were a good place to start. Also I feel a lot better about listening to Christmas music if I can’t understand most of it anyway.

  283. Hi I am Shelly and I hate boogers in my kids nose. If I can see them, they have to be removed. They can either blow their nose or I will attack them with a tissue myself. I just can’t stand to look at boogers….ewww.

    1. ME TOO! I love this blog post! I thought I was the only one! The thought of licking a wooden spoon also makes me want to die.

  284. My name is Ruth and I get to clean up my child’s vomit daily (feeding tube/oral aversion) so I would LOVE to get a box of fun stuff to brighten my day πŸ™‚

  285. I thought I would go for really random: in high school, I once wrote a paper comparing “A Tale of Two Cities” to “Three Little Pigs.”

  286. Hi, I’m Shauna and would love to live in Oregon or Washington, but I’m afraid I’d miss the sunshine too much!! (I live in NorCal)

  287. Hey I’m Daphne and I love New cleaning supplies, it makes me excited to clean! I also love all different kinds of kitchen gadgets even if I only use them once. I also love everything to do with the month October!!!

  288. Hi Kate! I’m sure you have some great stuff! I’m a grown woman and I still run and jump onto my bed at night so nothing can grab my feet from underneath the bed.

  289. Hi, I’m Tamara πŸ™‚ I really like to cook and try new recipes, but my husband would be happy to eat tacoes every night for the rest of his life! I’m also pregnant with #3 right now and due on Thanksgiving day but really hoping this baby is a week early. I can’t stand the thought of eating a thanksgiving meal from the hospital cafeteria!!

  290. I’m Stephanie and I have to touch everything, especially when shopping. I’m even tempted to touch things in museums! (I can usually resist.)

  291. Hi! I am Allison and I have a thing about vaseline. I love the stuff. I use it for everything and can’t travel without it. I have been known to forget it and before I can do anything on vacation, I have to stop at a store to buy some more vaseline. I might have a problem. πŸ™‚

  292. H! I’m Maren and I’m not allergic to mosquitoes. They still bite me but I don’t get the itchy red bumps. It’s my super power.

  293. What a fun giveaway! I love to organize things and to check things off of my to-do list (which I only write on paper… with colored pens)!

  294. My name is Wendy. I am probably your typical blog follower – I ADORE cookbooks (and food, of course). I have two boys. I like to craft and read.

    We had such a blast making your ginormous bubble recipe and the homemade noodle recipe is next up on my to-do list. Thanks for sharing all your great recipes!

  295. What a fun idea for a giveaway! I can’t STAND wooden spoons or spatulas with wooden handles. I hate to touch them & hate to hear it scrape on the bottom of a pan. {{shivers}}

    1. YAY! I thought I was the only one who had this phobia!!! I can’t stand popsicle sticks, either. The thought of licking a wooden spoon causes me to physically shudder.

  296. Hey, I’m Emily. I recently lost my job so I’m going to go spend a couple of months volunteering oversees before getting back into the saddle!

  297. Hiya! My name is Christina, aka Jinx and this is my random fact: I have to smell everything in drink or eat, first, before I put it in my mouth. This is not only in private lol but in public.

  298. Hi! I’m Chrisanthy and anytime I try a new food or drink I always smell it first. Weird I know and people make fun of me every time I do it.

  299. I’m Melody. My worst kitchen blunder was as a kid – using DRIED minced onion when the meatloaf recipe called for minced onion (not yet knowing the difference). We all figured out the difference all afternoon…bodily gaseous emissions were unbearable. Especially for my physician father who had to frequently high tail it out of patient rooms. Sorry, Dad! But cooking as a kid did come in handy…now and forever a foodie.

  300. Hi, my name is Danielle. I too suffer from Haptodysphoriaphobia. Look it up. You will be amazed to find that the fear of the way things feel actually has a name and diagnosis. Lol. No really.

    1. Uuummmm…. okay…you can look it up but don’t actually click on any links for it. Just read the google blurb. Apparently its a dicey phobia.

  301. Hi, I’m Dana, and I always cross my big toe over the toe next to it on both feet when I’m sitting. I don’t know why, but it’s comfortable and my college roommates got a kick out of it!

  302. I love to read. I have 3 kids and fear I will never be organized or have a neat/clean house again. In our house, everyone wants to be the first to smell the new jar of peanut butter.

  303. I’m Lacey, and my super power is meticulously sorting the laundry and taking care to choose just the perfect settings on the washer, and then leaving the clothes in there for 2 days before I remember them. Nothing like mildewy laundry on it’s 3rd wash cycle.

  304. Hi, I’m Dee. I have a hard time with some things due to a stroke. It’s really funny sometimes how you have to adjust in order to do simple things you never even thought of before. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  305. I cook meals nearly every day but I seldom ever bake any desserts. My philosophy about baking is that (although I love sweets) it leaves the kitchen messy and only makes me fat. I try to avoid both.

  306. Hi! My name is Lindsey and about the time we had our second child I gave up on making my bed. It’s been well over a year since I made it :).

  307. Love this! Random fact: I can’t eat anything white/creamy ~ it makes me gag! No sour cream, cream cheese, ranch, yogurt, mayo, miracle whip, cottage cheese, alfredo sauce, cheese sauce, etc. The ONLY exception: Frosting!! of course!!

  308. Hi, my name is Kristy, and I completely totaled my Toyota Sequoia yesterday. First accident ever. My little girl (age two) and I are fine, thank heavens. But I could definitely go for some FREE stuff right now, considering the whole mess was my fault . . .

  309. Hi there! I’m Merideth & I am a completely snobbish obsessive thrifter. Like queen on a pauper budget. Somehow I was born with an eye for the luxurious, yet thrive on a thrifty budget & can always sniff out the “good stuff”! As in, it’s kind of becoming a running joke with all of my closest friends. “Need xyz? Ask Merideth, she can probably find it for .50!” So, duh, free fun goodies seem like a no-brainer, too! πŸ™‚ Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  310. Hi, I’m Laura and it took me until my junior year in high school to reach my maximum height of 5 feet tall. My friends and now my husband love to tease me about being so small.

  311. I am a closet hoarder of cooking utensils. My drawer is so full it won’t shut unless you lay them a certain way! I think I have like 3 spatulas, 4 whisks, 7 (yikes!) rubber scrapers…and a whole army of others! I hate having to wash one off when I’m in the middle of cooking several things at once.

  312. I enjoy making my kids do chores, even though they say none of their friends have chores. I don’t want my kids to be that roommate that doesn’t know how to clean a bathroom.

  313. My passion is knitting. I always peruse a yarn shop numerous times, just to touch/feel the yarn. AND…my best dream is getting locked in overnight at a Sur la Table store (or its equivalent).

  314. I sew, crochet, write, and substitute teach while being disabled from Ankylosing Spondylitis. I’m also raising my grandson after we lost his mom, my youngest a few years back. My eldest, who has given me 3 more grandbabies, shared your blog with me and together we have all enjoyed your recipes πŸ™‚
    Thanks BTW

  315. I’m Caitlin and I have crazy OCD, which means I own a label maker, laminator, several chalkboard stickers, a million whiteboards, and I think 3 different places that I keep a family calendar…and yet my house still has stuff just EVERYWHERE and I am late to almost everything πŸ˜‰

  316. I have to be strict with myself about the pretty colored kitchen things. For example, I have beautiful green dutch oven that I really like. But I was in Sam’s last weekend and saw that they now have purple and charcoal ones and I had to actively stop myself from buying both.

  317. Hi! Love your website! Random fact about myself: I always, always, always have to keep my toenails painted. The only time they are not is for the 5 minutes while I remove the polish and put on new polish! πŸ™‚

  318. Hi, I’m Stacey and I hate bellybuttons – even my own. I can’t really look at them for very long and can’t stand it if anyone gets close to touching mine. Thanks for this idea, it somehow makes me feel more normal – I guess because we’re all kind of weird, huh?! πŸ™‚

  319. Hi! I’m Lynette! Our cleaning service is scheduled to come in the morning to clean. Guess what I am doing tonight? CLEANING THE HOUSE! I can’t stand for them to come if the house is not tidy. Crazy, I know!

  320. When I step into Target…I get sucked into a time warp…seriously where did the last 2 hours go?!?!?!?

    Size 4 diapers would be awesome πŸ™‚

  321. Hi, my name is Janele and I am addicted to reading blogs! I am in love with my walk-in pantry and find doing laundry makes me happy:)

  322. Hi…I love having a clean house and get a since of satisfaction when the laundry is folded and put away all in the same day.

  323. Hi, my name is Jeri and I love kitchen stuff, all kitchen stuff. Sometimes I buy things and leave them in my trunk and only bring one thing up at a time so my fiance’ doesn’t know I bought more kitchen stuff. I told him if he passes away before me, since this is both our second marriages, that the only thing his kids cannot have is the stuff in the kitchen.

  324. Hi, I am Angela and I use a granite rock I found on vacation to smash garlic because I dont like to clean a garlic press.

  325. My name is Coby and I HATE to have my bare feet touch wet surfaces, unless it’s my own shower or the shower of a close friend or family member whose cleaning habits I am well acquainted with. I will walk on my heels or tiptoes to avoid having the entire bottoms of my feet touch a wet surface, especially a cold wet surface. Public swimming pools are the worst! (I used to be a lifeguard; I think this is where the phobia started!)

  326. My name is Allison. I love pens (I need to ban myself from office supply stores), I have 3 adorable backyard chickens, I usually have at least 15 windows open on my browser on my computer, and I hate matching and folding socks!!

  327. I am Linda and I lead a very dull life. I just turned 65 and I love to play on my computer. I keep mentally active by reading, doing sudoku, crosswords, cryptograms and word jumbles (no alzheimers for me). And, I am very spoiled. I don’t have to cook because my son and DIL cook for me. Yay!

  328. I have great intentions of doing awesome craft project get all the supplies but my perfectionism often takes over and it’s rare they even get started.

  329. I’m Cary and I just started back to school for a bachelors in ministry as a 38 year old mother of 4. Crazy and excited and loving it all at the same time.

  330. Hi, I’m Courtney in a Homeschooling mom of 3 and 2 toddlers! I have a culinary degree that I only use to satisfy the tastes of kids and a fortunate husband. I love to read cooking blogs , but they rarely apply to me due to our family size. I love to enter contest… though I’m a big loser and never win! I’m an optimist! I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I live in the Sweltering heat of Louisiana and I love snoballs! And…. weenie dogs! I’m also a closet nerd!

  331. My name is Ryleigh! I just moved to a new town and would love to buy anything kitchen related to help me cope but alas… Student loans don’t accomodate for such needs and my child needs diapers! Haha cute measuring spoons make me talk in a baby voice…

  332. I am LOVING all of these comments! Seriously. Best idea ever! I am Theresa and I love trying out new things, like things I never would pick out for myself but often end up enjoying. (i.e. clothing that someone else gives me, food someone else cooks for me, etc.)

  333. Hi, I’m Deborah. I do a home daycare so I can be home for my kids, I love to find meaning in numbers, love to exercise at home (could use some new choices), love Bath and Body hand soaps, etc., love NCIS and Blue Bloods, I’m highly organized, I’m a germ freak, hate doing laundry — do all of it in two days and don’t do it again until 3 weeks later, love fun gadgets in my kitchen, love cooking and baking and trying new recipes — love to get ideas from Pinterest and to make unique things like chocolates, suckers (could use more molds), cookies (could use more cutters), etc.).

  334. Hi, I’m Bonnie and I refuse to measure the food I eat. Not calories, grams, ounces, cups or anything else. I just found a visual food journal app and I’m in love.

  335. Hi I am Jane!! love your site and all the people on it … interesting fact … at the age of 50some I am back in Graduate school almost done with Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Never say never and go after those dreams!

  336. I have three small children: two daughters and a son and I spend WAY more time getting stains out of girls clothes than boys. Who knew that a girl’s creativity would be harder to clean than a boy who loves sports? Thanks for sharing your stuff with us!

  337. My name is Danielle and I cannot help but kiss my kiddos squishy cheeks and neck chub. It is irresistible to me! I have a 4 month old, so that type of behavior is fairly acceptable, but my 5 year old isn’t so excited about me squishing and blowing raspberries on her baby soft cheeks.

  338. Hi! My name is Jen and I HAVE to, (as in, absolutely must, regardless of time or circumstance) sleep in a bed that’s been made. Which means…if my husband is sleeping before me, the bed gets made over top him before I go to bed. He loves it. But not. Not even a little. πŸ™‚

  339. Random fact: I used to fill my mom’s mason jars with Seattle slugs (have you SEEN how big those guys are?!) and leave them for her to find on the doorstep. **Surprise!** But I won’t go any where near worms of slugs today. Please don’t give this idea to my littles…

  340. Hi I’m Heidi, I love Dr. Pepper with a passion. If I see any recipe on Pinterest with Dr. Pepper in it I have to pin it and try it. Every year on my birthday I find a dessert recipe with Dr. Pepper in it to make and eat: cupcakes, cake, ice cream… I love dirty Dr. Peppers too. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up. I’m totally addicted…

  341. My name is Johnie and I have over 100 tank tops, in every color and style. Racerback, tanks, spaghetti strap, you name it! I’m obsessed, I must have every color to go under every outfit!

  342. Hi, I’m Liz. When I grocery shop, I can’t pick an item off the shelfif it’s the first item. I’d have to move the first item, grab the one behind it to purchase, and then replace the original item back on the shelf. πŸ™‚

  343. Hey, Shelley, here! I hoard chocolate chips. I do this in part because I eat 1/2 of the bag before I ever get to the recipe. I also do this because I live in AK and random items completely disappear from the shelves in grocery stores for reasons unknown. Their return to said shelves is also be unknown. I cannot be without chocolate chips. The end.

  344. I live on a tropical island (Guam) and I’m not that fond of beaches. Maybe I should qualify that by saying that I don’t like going to the beach with my kids; going by myself would be another story!

  345. I am obsessed with reading recipes and imaging how they taste. Since I am now a widow and don’t enjoy cooking for myself, I just read the recipes and drool over them, print them out “just in case” and then file them away thinking maybe I’ll try them soon. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes you share. I have made several from your site and I enjoy and look forward to your blog!!!

  346. Hi I’m Kate … And I’m having a baby any day now. Hopefully she sleeps better when she’s outside than she has been on the inside.

  347. I’m Lisa, but because there were always so many Lisa’s in my elementary school, I became Lisa B. My younger brother HATES the texture of wooden spoons. So obviously I spent a good deal of my childhood chasing him around the house with one.

  348. Hi I’m Michelle. I read cookbooks like they are novels. I teach at the local high school and yesterday wondered why in the heck I didn’t major in elementary education!

  349. I’ve been obsessed with Greenland since before I can remember for some random reason. . . I remember doing a report on it in 6th grade. And yes, I know that Greenland is really Iceland and Iceland is really Greenland. . . I know, I know, but I still wanna go there someday! It’s on my bucket list!

  350. Hey! I’m Denise and I LOVE to iron! I’ve even hired myself out just so I can iron for someone. The satisfaction of a newly ironed dress shirt for my husband is wonderful!

  351. Hi I’m Becky and I have to count step when I’m going up or down them. Sometimes I get frustrated if I lose count. Weird, I know.

  352. Hi, I’m Alecia and I like being creative, singing, and have built an 8ft high, 5 ft wide shelving for sorting crafts and kids stuff, it has a drop down table and everything.

  353. I am extremely squeamish about raw meat in my kitchen. I keep doctor’s gloves in the kitchen to use when handling it (mostly because I HATE HATE HATE getting raw meat under my fingernails — ew!). And then I bleach everything that the meat could possibly have come in contact with. But we still eat meat on a regular basis.

  354. Hi I’m Day and love to bake, BUT can’t handle the sound of a metal spoon scraping a metal bowl, so I rely on wooden, plastic or silicone spoons πŸ™‚

  355. Hi I’m Barb, I’m 65 years old and im a baton twirler in The Beat Goes On Marching Band, on September 12th we represented the US when we were invited to perform in the Shanghai, China parade. Awesome experience, check out our website. Have a great day!!!

  356. I’m Michelle and my oldest son is a senior this year. I’m trying not to get melancholy, but I keep looking at everything we do this year as “the last” before my little family is going to change forever.

  357. I’m Jileen and my favorite job when I was younger was working at the theater. I tell my husband all the time that when we retire I want to work at the theater again. I just love the fun uniforms and the smell of fresh popcorn.

  358. Hi! I am Laura. I am mom to four kids, ages 8, 5, 3, and 5 months. I have a stack of novels by my bed that I want to read . . . but likely never will. Too tired at the end of the day!

  359. I spent my 18th birthday in jail. To clarify, it was youth conference that we held in an abandoned prison in NV and my birthday happened to fall during our time there. But it’s pretty fun telling people I spent my 18th birthday in jail πŸ˜‰

  360. I’m Sandy. I like quilting and one day hope to have the kind of stash I see on so many cute blogs. I also love eating. I LOVE ice cream and am pretty sure my heaven will be ice cream eating all day. Ice cream like manna!

  361. Hi, I’m Juje. I hate using paper napkins or paper towels because something about crunching them against my fingernails gives me chills up and down my body. Not the good kind of chills. The kind where your teeth grind together. Weird much?

  362. I’m Stacie and I’m very organized. When I got my label maker for Christmas, I nearly cried. One of the happiest days of my life πŸ™‚

  363. Hi,my name is Tiffany and I’m addicted to Our Best Bites (promise I’m not sucking up) πŸ™‚ People now know this so well that when I bring another AWESOME dish to something they say “Our Best Bites?” YUP! They’ve never let me down!

  364. Hi, my name is Jodi. I once was a Barbie Model for Mattel when I was a teenager. I almost threw up the morning of. I also have a space between my two front teeth. I kept wondering what the kids thought when they saw me. lol

  365. I’m Sara and I can’t take the front/top item of anything at the store. I always reach behind (or underneath) and grab a back item. I feel like those items are newer/cleaner/fresher. Drives my husband nuts. πŸ™‚

  366. I love getting random things. I love natural fiber yarn/knitting/collecting natural fiber yarn. Its borderline compulsive. I have cut back but still have enough to make socks and shawls for years after I have retired.

  367. Hi, I’m Becky and I love to grow a garden. My favorite things to grow are tomatoes even though I hate to eat them. People say they are so much better homegrown but I think they just have more flavor that I don’t like. So, I grow them for my neighbors and the occasional opportunity that my husband might want a slice on a hamburger or something:)

  368. hi, I’m Andrea..and my kitchen is always a disaster during canning season. and because of that I just had a glass pan blow up in my hands cuz i had it on the stove and turned on the wrong burner. really scary. yes, my husband still loves me even though it burned a spot on our new formica counter top.

  369. Hi I’m Violet…I do this thing when I brush my teeth I have to count to 8 for each side, bottom, top, front, back…all 8 times each because if I don’t I don’t feel like my teeth are clean lol.

  370. Hi, I’m Amy and my oldest two children just left home. So I think I will throw myself into painting rooms and baking fall things.

  371. I devour cookbooks like a novel, but rarely cook from them. Not until I get a second review (I love when you cook from the books!)

  372. I am obsessed with buying books. Like I have more than I could read in my life if I quit buying them today, which I would never do!

  373. Hi, I am Helena. All 5 of my children were born while living in different houses. As a married couple we have only lived in 5 different houses. I never want to move again. I also have a weird thing about making left hand turns. I try to avoid them always!

  374. I’m due with my second baby in exactly 4 weeks and totally forgot that I need to pack a hospital bag until my husband mentioned it last night – doh!

  375. I’m Shan Shan, and I can’t stand having hair on my face. Recently I thought I’d try bangs, since I like how they look on other people, and I had to pin my hair up every day until they grew long enough to tuck behind my ears.

  376. Hi, i’m Jennifer and I love smoothies but cannot and will not drink green smoothies! The color totally turns me off no matter how good it might taste.

  377. Hi, I’m Michele and I have to have all the eggs in the carton in a line, fullest line to the left. No empty spaces allowed.

  378. I’m Betty and I love Christmas. I’d have a tree in every room if I had the energy to put them up and then take them down or maybe I could just leave them up year round!!

  379. Hi. I’m Nichole. I’m addicted to buying clothes for my kids. They have way better wardrobes than me and I am actually jealous of my 6 months old wardrobe.

  380. I hate feet. I think they are the most disgusting thing in the world. However, I am an Athletic Trainer, so I tape ankles for a living.

  381. I’m Keri and I’m addicted to shampoos and conditioners. If I go to the store, I go down the shampoo aisle to check out new ones. I probably have 15 bottles of unused shampoo in my bathroom cabinet that I’ll get to one day!

  382. Hi, I’m Tonya. I’m kind of a grammar/spelling nerd. I once corrected every mistake in our town newspaper with red pen and sent it back.

  383. WOW! I love giveaways, but since I never win I don’t usually enter with much hope, but since I just got picked for jury duty with a 4 month trial, maybe my luck is changing.JK πŸ™
    But I do have a weird thing with certain types of fabric. My girls make fun of me for it, but if the fabric feel too silky or too textured I can not deal with it. Weird right? I don’t usually have a metal problem, good to know other people have texture issues too.

  384. Hi I’m Ashley and I eat cake in a bowl with milk poured on top. Everyone I’ve ever told thinks this is insanely disgusting, but it’s actually quite delicious πŸ˜‰

  385. I’m Sarah, I’m 30 years old and I have never eaten an orange. I used to throw them away when my mom packed them for lunch and now I just can’t get past the white rind. I love orange juice and all things flavored orange so I am sure I would like them. My husband tried to get me to try one at our wedding in lieu of cutting the wedding cake but I couldn’t do it!

  386. Hi, I’m Sandy. I have four children, named Sam, Craig, Amy and Rachel (all grown up). After they were born we realized their first initials spell “SCAR” which is funny since I had all c-sections. πŸ™‚

  387. Hi, I am Jamie. Whenever I am slicing something up…a banana for my cereal, a cucumber for a wrap…I count as I slice. I usually don’t realize it at first, for some reason my brain just does it!

  388. I can’t say no to a sale. If it’s a really good sale I tend to go overboard on stocking up, like buying 100 boxes of Cheerios or 400 jars of Prego!

  389. Hi Kate! I’m a fellow zoobie (undefeated so far!) and my husband and I are nearing the end of Friday Night Lights thanks to OBB. We’re kinda in love with that show. I dislike drinking water by itself. When we’re out to eat I only drink water because I hate paying $3 for a DDP.

  390. Hello!!! I’m Kristin and I’m a complete OCD Germa-phobe!!! And my biggest “phobe” is bathrooms…….the first thing my friends say when they know I’m coming over is “Ok, I’ll go clean the bathroom right now”…. πŸ™‚

  391. I’m Jennifer, and I LOVE office supplies. I buy new binders, crayons, markers, pens, notebooks, etc. every year at back-to-school even if I don’t have a need for them. There’s just something amazing about a new pack of crayons!

  392. Hi, I’m Cyndi and I love your comment about metal. My no touch zones are certain types of wood! Writing with a pencil creeps me out! Also my birthday is Oct. 19th so this would be an amazing birthday surprise! Thanks

  393. I love buying Project Life stuff because the designs are adorable even though I do not need any more at the moment. I also pulled a muscle today playing tennis and am feeling very bummed. A care package would be a great pick-me-up!! πŸ™‚

  394. My name is Joanna. My favorite part of doing a craft is buying the supplies. I love going through the store and looking at all the different supplies and then carefully selecting which ones to use. This goes for everything: fabric, buttons, paint, scrapbook paper etc. Hence I have a lot of UFOs (Unfinished Projects)

  395. Hello, I am Kris. I have a problem with touching rubber bands. To take the band off of the newspaper I get a piece of paper I am going to throw away and use it to get the rubber band off without having to touch it. I know it is very weird.

  396. Hi! I’m Katie. I’m a pretty good home cook – delicate sauces, tender smoked meats, and perfectly roasted veggies I have some how mastered. But for the life of me, I can’t seem to successfully cook eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches for my husband. πŸ™‚

  397. Love to get good ideas from people. I’m a good copier. I’m always working on a project. Never ever bored. This is the life! Will sew , craft and cook my way to they grave. Thanks for your wonderful recipes and ideas!!

  398. I’m Amanda and I LOVE to crochet (even though I get teased about having a “grandma” hobby)! But I have 5 kids so usually it’s either stay up late and crochet after bedtime, or sleep……sleep wins most of the time! πŸ˜‰

  399. Love reading the comments! Hi, I’m Michelle and my first baby was born on my birthday. He came 5 days early. At the time I wasn’t sure I wanted to share my birthday, but now I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  400. The wiper blades on the back for cars kinda freak me out. They are like demon arms. You can be behind a car minding your own business then out of nowhere the wiper goes off. It’s startling.

  401. Hi – I’m Ange & I like long walks on the beach & peeling my grapefruit before eating. I would also ADORE a box of awesome STUFF (diapers, dryer sheets & anything else!)

  402. I’m Julie and I love cake but rarely make it because my husband doesn’t like cake. The ‘frosting to cake ratio’ isn’t high enough for him. He prefers cupcakes with lots of frosting. I don’t like making cupcakes. This works out well for my waistline, but not so much for my sweet tooth! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  403. Hi, I’m Erin. What I really want it an exact replica of your dvr, along with all of the shows you record. But since that won’t be happening, I’m happy with dryer sheets and used kitchen utensils! πŸ™‚

  404. This is awesome! I can’t clean the lint out of the dryer, I have to make my husband do it. I HATE touching the mesh part. Gives me the creepy crawlies.

  405. Holler! I am Claire and I just gave birth to probably the sweetest and cutest little boy in existence. Just sayin’. I also have 6 names! Let’s just say my dear mother is indecisive and my father is cheap…. πŸ™‚

  406. When checking out at the grocery store, I have to organize everything on the little conveyor belt so that the bagger person puts items that go together in my fridge, pantry, closet, etc. Then when I get home with all my bags, I can put everything away from each bag in the places where they go together. Does that even make sense?

  407. Hi I’m Tarmy and have an unhealthy addiction to baked goods. If they are in my house, I eat them, even if I don’t like them. I’m trying to develop a healthier addiction to jogging to combat this, but it’s still 100 degrees where I live. Come on Fall!

  408. Hi, I’m RitaMarie and I love Jell-o! I’m known as the Jell-o queen in my family as I bring some sort of Jell-o creation to almost every family get-together. They laugh, but then they eat it:)

  409. Hi! I’m Jennifer and I read home decor blogs every day, but with 6 kids have no time or funds to make my dream house take shape. Learning to love what I have.

  410. Hi I’m Alison. I have a collection of ketchup bottles (full and unused) from around the world. I am currently at 19 bottles from 17 countries.

  411. I’m Sydney and reading these comments is seriously so fun. Random fact: I can’t freaking WAIT for the holidays. I take on the whole thanksgiving family for the entire family in my tiny apartment kitchen and I’m so excited.

  412. Hello! I am Julia, and 6 out of 8 people in my family have glasses… I’m not one of them! Also baking is what I do every Sunday, but your snickerdoodles are my fave!

  413. My name is Beth and I am addicted to fabric, pretty paper, and ribbons! I probably have more than I will ever use in an entire lifetime! I’m also currently pregnant with baby #5!

  414. Hi Kate, I’m Natalie! I hate talking on the phone and love watching the Spanish TV channels (even though I don’t speak Spanish) – also, cotton balls give me the shivers… ick!

  415. I’m Julie and I get a thrill out of grocery shopping and meal planning. I make my grocery list by aisle and love weaving in and out of the aisles and never looking back.