March Madness!! {Plus, How To: Create a Color-Themed Table}

Kate and I both attended Brigham Young University and the boys of our Alma mater beat Gonzaga last week, securing a spot in the Sweet 16.  They take on the University of Florida this week- and guess where?  The Big Easy.  So of course we have to throw out a little Cougar-love on OBB!  And if you’re not a BYU fan, no worries- I thought this was the perfect opportunity to show some things that can be customized for any school colors (High School Graduations are coming up!) and sports teams because it’s something we get asked about a lot.

But for us, it’s all about the Blue today.  See that kid over there?  (Oh my gosh, I just referred to a college student as a “kid”, I’m officially old.)  That’s the Jimmer. I don’t know how anyone in the US right now doesn’t know who Jimmer Fredette is, but apparently they exist.  A phenomenon known as “Jimmer Mania” is sweeping the country.  Even President Obama loves the Jimmer!  He’s the MWC’s all-time leading scorer, MWC player of the year, and in my husband’s humble opinion, the 2011 NCAA Basketball player of the year.  All of that is just fancy talk for A-maz-ing.  Grown men squeal like girls when they watch him play, and girls actually watch him play.  But what I think is almost cooler than all of that is the fact that his name has become a part of the daily vocabulary of millions of Americans.  As they just said on ESPN the other day, “Jimmer is a noun, a verb, and an adverb.”  Want proof?  His name has its own glossary. I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign that you’ve made something of yourself.  Seriously.  That’s so Jimmer.

Since we’re celebrating the Sweet 16, I thought a collection of sugary delights was in order.  Have pizza for dinner and save room for the treats!  (Okay, and hello- blue and white?  Not too many options when it comes to savory foods.  If your team is red or green you’re set.  Us, not so much.)

You know how much we love our Sugar Cookies with Glace Icing.  You can make just about anything your cookie-loving heart desires.  But we also know that sugar cookies can be time-consuming and annoying sometimes too.  So I will tell you a little secret.

Sometimes I cheat.

Not on important things like driver’s tests and board games, but on cookies?  Yes.  Sometimes.  For a quickie thing like this I’ll just buy plain, un-frosted sugar cookies from the bakery at the grocery store. These cute basketball cookies took me 20 minutes start to finish.  No joke people!  And by finished, I mean dishes in the dishwasher and everything.  Boo ya.

You could easily use your team colors and put player’s numbers on them too.  There was a full-on battle at our house regarding who got to eat the Jimmer cookie.  The kid who screamed the loudest won.  Pretty sure it shouldn’t work like that, but at our house, sometimes it does.

Colorburst Cupcakes– also a great one to customize with team colors.  You could get fancy and use our Striped Icing Tutorial , or just place 2 colors of frosting in your piping bag like I did  here.

You’ll have to forgive the Carolina Blue (even though it IS my favorite color!)  There’s only so much you can do with navy – shades of blue are okay in my book!

And if the rainbow version of these cupcakes seems labor intensive to you, a two-color scheme is easy breezy!  You don’t even have to layer- I just spooned blobs of batter in the cups, alternating as they filled up.

For whatever reason, Dipped Pretzel Rods are always one of the first things to go when I do spreads like this.  Kids especially love them, and they’re SO easy to make, and to customize.  I used almond bark and blue candy melts, plus blue and white sprinkles to decorate these bad boys.  Quick and easy.

Plus you can run around with them pretending they’re magic wands and cast imaginary spells on people.  Not that I’ve ever done that, but it’s sounding really fun.

And hey- if you’re dippin’ anyway, toss some marshmallows in there too! You can never have enough dipped finger foods rolled in sprinkles.  Seriously.  The world needs more of that.  Just like it needs more Jimmer.

Marshmallow Pops make me smile.  They’re happy.  They look cute all wrapped up if you want to give them out as favors too.

Here’s another trick- whenever I’m serving things on sticks, I like to use candies to hold them up in the container.  I find that regular glass drinking cups are a great size for the pops, and colored jelly beans or M&M’s make the perfect base.  Then people can eat those too!  (If you don’t have anything fun and colorful for your cups, dry rice works great)My last sweet is Fruity Candy Popcorn.  One of my faves.  There’s just one problem- the only flavor of Jello that doesn’t work (at least of all the ones I’ve tried) is blue.  It actually looks okay when you first mix it up, but if you bake it, it’s turns green!  Plus they usually only sell blue jello in the summer around the 4th of July.  So to get around that, I cheated again.  Man, I’m such a cheater.  I made my favorite Caramel Corn recipe, but I used white sugar instead of brown.  Then right before pouring the hot caramel on the popcorn, I added some blue food coloring.  Worked great- just don’t bake it!  The white will turn brown and the blue will turn green and suddenly you will be supporting the wrong team.

My other favorite table filler is M&M’s.  You can usually find custom colors at good party supply stores, but if not (and you have a school with normal colors) you can always buy a few bags of regular M&M’s and pick out the colors you need!

And really, if you have some great food, you don’t need a ton of decorations.  At the same time, a few things will really perk up the look of the food!  So you definitely want a bit of both.  My quickest and cheapest additions for parties are plain ol’ curling ribbon (makes anything look festive!) and computer print-outs.

I just printed those Y’s on regular paper, cut them out and scattered them.  I’ve done hearts, flowers, stars, etc  for other types of table spreads.  Super easy and looks great!

So there you have it.  Super easy, not too time consuming, and awesomely fun.  Bust out your school spirit (whatever school it may be) and show some pride!  It’s what The Jimmer would do.

Now I especially expect to hear from all my Cougar fans out there!  Show some spirit by clicking the links below to share this post on Facebook and Twitter, or give it a stumble.  And of course we’d love to hear a holla’ in a comment!

If you don’t bleed blue- give your own team a shout-out. Let’s see who’s got the loudest fans!



  1. Wow! What a great spread of FUN goodies! Everything looks so Great! I’m throwing my daughter a 6th birthday party in May, I’m thinking I’m going to use a lot of your snack ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Okay, So I loved you guys already, but when you showed you were Cougar alumni and fans, I loved you even more! I am finishing up my degree this Aug. at BYU, after 3 kids and 10 years going at it. It will be a relief when I’m finally done, that’s for sure! I’m not much of a sports person, majoring in music and all, but I catch an occasional game, usually on the radio when my husband, who is also not much of a sports guy, listens. lol! I AM thrilled that BYU is getting so much attention over Jimmer lately! It’s so awesome! I have heard someone in my community orchestra use his name as a verb! Our director asked his section to play a trombone part a certain way and he said, “We’ll Jimmer it!” That got some laughs! I love your spread! I may have to steal that and hold a BYU fan party, or graduation party, sine our fam is not huge into sports. Great ideas! I love all the dipped stuff. And your posts are so funny to read! I laugh every time. 🙂

  3. Go Cougars! We are big fans here in PA. My husband and I are both alumni and our oldest is heading to Provo in September. My eight year old was feeling pretty cocky about his bracket here on Monday and superior to all of the PA fans after the big BYU win (he has them going all the way, of course!) and losses by both Pitt and Penn State. What a fun themed party you created!

  4. Oh! I’m loving the blue popcorn! And the cupcakes are definitely going to make an appearance at our house sometime soon. We don’t do much with sports in our house, but we do have a slew of birthdays coming this summer, and I’m really getting into the themed parties…these are some great pointers! My niece is turning 16 this year also, and is going to be having a Mardi Gras party…wouldn’t this stuff look great in purple, gold and green? 🙂

    1. Yes! It would be *awesome* in Mardi Gras colors! Don’t forget the king cake- we’ve got a good recipe for that too!

  5. My husband has the biggest “man crush” on THE Jimmer!! My v-day present to him was to go to BYU’s final home game and it was AWESOME! These ideas are so cute! It makes me want to throw a party. We already are going to have red beans and rice to celebrate them going to the big easy (my husbands request), but I think we might have to have a blue and white treat too. GO BYU!!!!

  6. Fabulous ideas….I could do without Carolina blue examples, but to each his own. Already use the York Mini Mints for my Duke blue and white! Thanks for such fun ideas and go Cougars (unless you are playing against Duke!) tee hee! ♥♥♥

    1. That’s a good idea Lora- it’s *really* hard to get everything Navy so I had to settle for shades of blue- even if they do look a little Carolina-ish! lol

  7. So glad our basketball team is doing well since Y football has gone down hill (sorta). I love Jimmer!!! Half my friends want to name their unborn child Jimmer, boy or not ha. I so wish I was still attending the Y so I could’ve come to your book signing 🙁

  8. Love the school spirit! Can you do Marshmellow Pops with homemade marshmallows? It’d be cool to do them in shapes! 🙂

    Side note: split peas make a great holder too – and if you’re doing anything spring/fairy/greeney themed it would really look good. Flower cookie pops in little flower pots w/ split peas would be SO cute!

  9. All you need to do is add some Orange to those snacks and you’ll be good to go, routing on the right team, GO GATORS!!!!! 😉

  10. TOTALLY love it! Both my teams (arizona & BYU) are in the sweet 16 so i think we have major reason to celebrate!! just might have to try this one!! thanks!

    1. Those are our favorite teams too! I thought I was going to have to keep my distance from the hubby if az didn’t win that game! Go AZ and BYU!!!

  11. Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!!!! Go Cougs! I love these ideas. I’m also a big fan of quick and easy these days.

  12. This would be so much fun since we LOVE the BYU (as my son calls them…not BYU but THE BYU!!) at our house!! Such cute ideas…and just so you know. Jimmer was named the College player of the year yesterday I believe…so you can tell your hubby it’s now official!!:) GO COUGS!!!

  13. I love it! I was just thinking about doing some fun “Sweet 16” things for the next game! Thanks for all of the fun ideas… and go Cougars!

  14. GO JIMMER! I went to BYU too, and loved the game! I can’t wait to watch them play again! Awesome ideas for a party, thanks!

  15. “The white will turn brown and the blue will turn green and suddenly you will be supporting the wrong team.” That statement completely cracked me up. Thanks for the great ideas and the laugh. Go Cougars!

  16. Jimmer really is amazing. I was watching a BYU game with a guy and he did squeal like a little girl. Of course he then tried to cover it up with a grunt or to. Gotta love March Madness!

  17. I laughed when you said grown men squeal like girls when Jimmer plays, because on Sunday I was coincidentally making your Bananas Foster Bread Pudding (soooo good, by the way) and my husband suddently screamed and giggled and shouted all at the same time and I ran into the room to see what had happened and he said “You should have seen that three that Jimmer just landed!” I thought he had hurt himself or others! It was funny. LOVE the table spread and I’m totally stealing it if BYU makes it to the playoffs! Or just the Elite 8 🙂 Thanks for such great ideas!

  18. I don’t think I have ever said this before…and probably won’t again…Go Cougars!
    I might be rooting for BYU but I will be wearing RED!

  19. You’re so right- I am actually caring about basketball for the first time ever! LOL! So proud of my cougars! Thanks for all the awesome treat ideas!

  20. We are so excited about the game tomorrow we can hardly stand it. I was just trying to think up a fun little evening for my family to celebrate Jimmer and our cougs. This is perfect! Thanks for the great ideas.

  21. RISE & SHOUT THE COUGARS ARE OUT!!!!!!! Love it! We bleed BYU Blue here too. 🙂

    And my husband has a man-crush on Jimmer. So does my 6 yo daughter. Go Cougs!

  22. That table is so cute. Wish my pregnant self could come up with the energy to pull that off! My husband is a die-hard Duke fan, but we got Jimmered this year too. Good thing the colors are the same!

  23. I love this! I was never in to basketball but no that I am married I have been indoctrinated into the Madness. I would love to use these ideas for a party!

  24. Having a BYU and a Duke grad in this house, I love the ideas! I will second the other poster who has to overlook the “Carolina Blue”. –that can’t be anywhere near my house. 😉 But, I love these ideas! 🙂

  25. You think blue and white is tough?! I’m a buckeye; know many appetizing scarlet and grey foods? And we’re diehards; you can’t do JUST scarlet. Only scarlet WITH grey will do.

  26. We are HUGE BYU fans. My son turned 4 last month and requested a BYU basketball party. It was a hit. I wish I would have had all these ideas for his party. I did basketball cupcakes with gaterade to drink. Tomorrow I’m hosting the family during the game so I’ll be sure to whip up a few of these treats. Go Cougars!!!

  27. I laughed when my husband pulled up this blog post first thing this morning…congrats on getting HIM to read a recipe blog! Especially before I see it! GO COUGARS!

  28. Go Cougars!!!!!! We love BYU at our house. My kids are sure that the Cougars will win if we make sugar cookies. Love your ideas.

  29. Oh, I love this post! We are BYU alum too and I can’t wait to watch Thursday’s game! Great ideas to make it even more fun. (And of course we love Jimmer too!) GO COUGS!!

  30. BOOM! Your blue and white table scores BIG around here! Thanks for all your fabulous ideas…loving those 20 minute balls ;D Gooooo C*O*U*G*A*R*S

  31. I was secretly hoping you would do something like this. 🙂 Go cougars! We bring our little baby to all BYU games. It’s our last year in Provo so we decided to make the most of it! We bought our baby blue noise-reduction headphones so I could stay in and watch the game amidst the noise. GO COUGARS!!!

  32. GOOOOOOOOOOOO COUGS!!! Ah, the Jimmer is phenomenal. I don’t have an athletic (or sports fan) bone in my body, but I went to the Y and my roommate/best friend went to Gonzaga, so it was ON. We were both amazed by this first glimpse of Jimmer. He’s captivating to watch! It’s like poetry on the court. I’m hooked and can’t WAIT for tomorrow’s game. Even my die-hard Zag fan of a friend had to admit that Jimmer’s not overhyped – he’s just. that. good. Thanks for the fun ideas!!!

  33. You’ve got some great ideas there! I have to admit, though, I am one of those strange people that have never even heard of the “Jimmer”. If it’s any consolation, my husband probably has – he sort of follows college ball at this time of year. I also have lots of Jim’s, Jimmy’s, and James’s in my life… does that help?

  34. I LOVE this post! I too am a BYU alumnist(is that even a word?). Anyway, you are so creative! Can I be invited to your BYU basketball party? JK I bought your new cookbook at Costco a couple weeks ago. I love it because you and Kate cook with fresh but simple ingredients that are easy to find. Go COUGS!

  35. Did you see that cute #12 guarding the basket so Jimmer could take his crazy shot? Yep, that handsome devil is my little brother! I couldn’t be more proud! I had to stay home with the munchkins while the fam all flew out to New Orleans for the games (boo). I’m going to have to make some of these treats for my little Cougar fans. We are in need of a cheer up since we aren’t at the real game! How fun! What an awesome spread! Can’t wait to tell Logan that he must be famous now…not only did his cute mug end up on the cover of SI, but now it’s on Our Best Bites!! Go Cougars!!

  36. GOOOOO MIGHTY COUGARS! I am so so excited for the game tomorrow! We are going to PARTY! We definitely bleed BLUE around here! Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  37. Huge BYU and Jimmer fan here– as in I have a life-sized poster in the high school classroom where I teach, and “Jimmer” taped on the floor in the back, where students get five points during review games if they make the shot from there.

    I love your ideas. I’m a big fan of throwing BYU parties. I bought a “Y” cookie cutter from the Creamery, which I used to cut out rice crispy treats, and dipped them in white chocolate. I dyed some chocolate blue (with an oil based dye, water based is a disaster), and drizzled it on the front. I’ll definitely be adding your ideas to my party tomorrow! Go Cougs!

    I’ll definitely be using some of your cute ideas this Thursday. Go Cougars! Beat the Gators!

  38. I seriuosly am in the party mood right now! NOw, I am not a Y or U fan, but SUU fan and so I might have to do a party with that theme or do hearts for my dads heart surgery! OHHHH, have you ever thought about doing one for Conference? How fun would it be to do a party themed around Pres. Monson or something?! I might have to try it! Check my blog later to see if I did! AHAHAHA!

  39. I LOVE this post! Of course we’re huge BYU fans here. 🙂 Can’t say anything bad when they are what gives you your living, lol. 🙂 I totally want to have a BYU party tomorrow now! Too bad Dale will be at an EQ party for it instead. Boo! They better win tomorrow so we can throw a party for the next game, lol.

  40. WOW- this all looks so awesome and fun! now if only my husband would let me invite people over for the game. . . he is a VERY serious watcher and doesn’t want the hoopla going on. GO BYU though!

  41. GO COUGS!!!! I’m one of those girls who doesn’t care about basketball at all but is now at least sort of keeping track of things… And The Jimmer. Sigh lol.

    And I want to eat those cupcakes sooo bad!! Yummmmm 🙂 everything looks so great!

  42. Love it! My daughter is a basketball player, 6th grade, and plays almost year round. Going to use these ideas for her end of the season party this summer! Thanks for sharing!!

  43. Go Cougs! We got spirit, yes we do!
    Sara! I just found out your famous and found your blog!
    We knew each other way back in VP at BYU…
    and now look at you… way to conquer the world!
    We lived in #4… you may or may not remember me but that is okay.
    I’m famous in my own way, as we all are, right? Actually
    I’m really a little person very excited to gather more recipes
    from a friend.
    Glad to see you’re blessing the world with foodie fabs.
    Take care and keep that jimmer shimmer shining!

  44. Rise and Shout! Love the spread. Hoping our Cougs pull off the win to make it into the Elite 8. That would definitely be worth a party! 🙂

  45. Thanks for the great ideas for a Carolina or Duke get-together! BYU would be third at my house…nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina!

  46. That’s funny, Ty was all excited for March Madness yesterday and was talking up all the treats you were making. Who wouldn’t be excited with all those cute sweets hanging out at their house?

  47. Got me some Jimma Feva here too!! I love your party ideas! Everything looks awesome. Pretty sure we’re gonna score another victory on Thursday! All because of the major love coming from OBB!!! You gals rock!

  48. Hee hee I am so on the Jimmer bandwagon. Totally made me forget (almost) how bad the Jazz suck this year because I’m cheering for him and the Y. I’m afraid to jinx them though and they’ll lose (I’m pretty superstitious about stuff like that). I love this idea!! Love the cookies! Just sugar cookies with your glace frosting?? Love the cupcakes too. Gotta try this!! Great ideas, as always!

  49. I admit that I think of you two like friends and then I have to remind myself that we’ve never met and you don’t know me and you might think that is a little creepy. Love your posts and humor. Your site is the first I head to when I need a delicious recipe.

    We’ve got Jimmer-mania here too, GOOOOOO COUGARS!!

  50. This might be the cutest post on the planet! GO JIMMER! I decided if I ever went to a game, I’d make a sign that said, “JIMMER JIMMER CHICKEN DINNER!” Get? HAHAH! I’m so punny.

  51. Yes, finally a post that my husband can get excited about (he does not get the whole food blog thing, however my cooking skills beg to differ). The hubby thinks kid number three will be named Jimmer no matter the gender 🙁 Thanks for the great ideas for our Thursday night get together! Go Cougs!

  52. I feel kind of sorry for #3 on the Zags. He made it on the cover of Sports Illustrated and he was totally “posterized”. Ha! Gotta love how the Cougar team is playing right now, don’t ya?

  53. JImmermania is happening at our house!! Love the timing of the post. I will definitely be using these ideas at our Sweet 16 party tomorrow! Bleeding blue and love Jimmer too!!

  54. I love this!!! We are really needing a great party for the game tomorrow night to help us feel better about not actually being there. We even live in New Orleans, but it’s just too expensive for student loans. 🙁 Thanks so much for all the great ideas!

    GO COUGS!!!!

  55. wow, what great ideas…inspires me to get back in the kitchen for fun ideas. can you imagine using the same ideas for Easter,4th of July, Halloween, christmas?? lovet these idess…thanks Mark!

  56. The first song our kids learned was the fight song! Rah-rah-rah-rah-rah GOOOOOO Cougars! Love the basketball cookies and the swirl cupcakes! So, so, so cute!

  57. I was lovin’ on this website before. After this post, you can Fredette about any ounce of infidelity. There is no question in my mind of how truly converted I am to it. I had strong hunches you girls attended BYU, but the fact that you have been Jimmered and posted about it has truly made my entire year. GO COUGARS!!

  58. Love the decor ideas and the cougar love! If only we weren’t still students on a student budget…thanks for the ideas for making the day a celebration even if we are still a 1000 miles away from the game. Rise up Cougs! Be Jimmers.

  59. I loves’ me some Jimmer! You can bet that this house will be screaming come Thursday night. I might have to bump up my festive spread after seeing your ideas. Go COUGS!

  60. Gotta love the COUGAR FOODS! We BYU types like our sugar, sad to say…and you’ve given lots of great ideas here. It was fun to be one of the many in the crowd and meet you (at the Orem Deseret Book) and buy your cookbook–I love your blog so much, and it always brings a smile to my lips and a satisfying feeling to my tummy. Thanks for the great blue & white treats ideas! Very fun.

  61. The Zaga game was the first BYU game I’ve watched in years, and Jimmer was definitely a-maz-ing. I might have to throw us a BYU food party just to celebrate his awesomeness. Rah! Rah! Rahrahrah! Goooooooo Cougars!

  62. I love the Cougars- but the ones from Washington State University (who didn’t make it very far in the tournament, unfortunately). Love your posts, and your cook book! I bought 2 so I could give one away. 🙂

  63. I bleed Blue. And I’m grabbing keys to go to the store and buy a white cake mix so we can have those excellent cupcakes for tomorrow! BYU! BYU! BYU!

  64. Thanks for posting! We have jimmer mania at our house too! If we would have hosted for last weekends game then this would have been perfect. Hopefully we’ll beat FL tomorrow so I can host on Saturday!

  65. Go COUGS!!! Washington State University Cougars that is! ;0) We’re not in the Big Dance though, but am enjoying hosting the NIT here in our little town. Such fun ideas that can be used for so many different parties!

  66. Black and Red will be my colors of choice tomorrow. Gotta love a Cinderella story from my hometown – San Diego State Aztecs!!! The only team we can’t beat is that darn Jimmer and his friends from BYU! ;P Sweet 16 games are going to be awesome. GO AZTECS!!!!

  67. No joke, you gals ROCK MY WORLD!!! I’ve never really been into cooking, but since finding your website recently and buying your cookbook- wowzers! I’ve turned into one cooking fool! I have gained so much confidence in cooking since EVERY SINGLE RECIPE I make of yours is A-mazing! Seriously, thank you so much for doing what you do! Just ordered 4 more cookbooks for mother’s day and birthdays coming up!

  68. Let’s just say BYU basketball is a heck of a lot more fun to watch when we actually win in the tourney – especially when the broadcasters say we won’t. Looks like they got Jimmered too! Go Cougs!

  69. So fun!! I am having a baby boy in about 4 weeks we have thought about calling him Jimmer…Just Kidding..kind of! 🙂

  70. Go Cougars. I’ll be honest, I don’t understand what the big deal with this Jimmer guy is, but then again when you live in northern NV and have really, really horrible cable service you are unable to watch any BYU games on TV and miss out on a lot. At least this march madness stuff is on CBS and can gert back into my BYU sports.

  71. I go to BYU and love your blog. When I opened it up and saw this post I was so excited, I have Jimmer-fever! Ra ra ra ra ra gooooooooo Cougars!

  72. Rise and Shout…..that is one awesome Cougar spread!!! I will definitely be using every one of these cute ideas! Thanks, girlies!

    Diane (a proud BYU alumnus)

  73. You ladies come up with such great and yummy ideas that I just can’t wait to try out! I just have one quick question. Right now, it’s just me and the bf so when I try out all of these recipes, we wind up with so many goodies that it’s definitely not good for our figures! I’m always nervous to breakdown recipes but what do you suggest? Thanks! 🙂

    1. I know the sugar cookies can be frozen. I would either cut just a basic shape like the circles that can be adapted to almost any theme. Or cut just enough for this event, and then think of what’s coming next, maybe some Easter shapes. The icing seems to last pretty well, but I don’t know what the best way to store that is. Cupcakes can always be frozen after baked too. Just experiment, some things work better than others to reduce, obviously it’s hard to half an egg, spices can always be adjusted, just play around and you’ll find what works.

  74. We BLEED BLUE at our house too, but unfortunately we live in the middle of Ute country, where everyone bleeds red, all the time!! DOn’t worry, we’ll “rise and shout that the cougars are out”!
    Love the ideas for treats and parties!! Thanks ladies!!

  75. Sara, I know navy is hard but it can be done. Remember my jersey cookies that I posted on Facebook? For stuff that can be colored I’ve actually found that the powdered food colors work better even in the chocolate to get some of the darker colors without an odd taste, I mixed blue and a little black. It took a lot of blue to the black and I didn’t think it was quite the right color but when they dried it was perfect. You can also find navy blue candy melts, I know they can be bought at Hobby Center in Nampa, they aren’t Wilton, but another brand, possibly CK Products but I don’t remember and don’t have any right now. I usually just play until I get the right color and think of all the different ways to make that color.

  76. I love our best bites, but now I really LOVE our best bites. Thanks for this post – great to see you highlighting the Jimmer Fever with your own ideas. Love it. Go Cougs!

  77. I also have always liked this site but love it even more after reading this post. I am a mega byu sports fan and hope we win our game tomorrow. Earlier today my 4 year old girl was walking around the house singing “teach me how to Jimmer.” Great party ideas. Go cougs!

  78. Okay seriously your candy table is SO CUTE! I love my Cougar basketball, and am so stoked for the game tomorrow!!! I am totally making basketball sugar cookies! Love it!

  79. We have BYU themed parties all the time… no need to wait for the Sweet 16…. we make BYU Creamery mint brownies but put food coloring in to make mint part blue also use white frosting to put “Y” on top of brownies. Blue Hawaiian punch to drink…..

  80. Oh, I wish I had seen this post yesterday! Darn! Not sure how much I can get done before the game tonight, but since I’ve been on a cupcake-baking kick lately (inspired by DC Cupcakes, my new favorite show), I am definitely going to make some with that awesome icing! I only have one problem….I went to both UF and BYU! Guess I’ll be doing some orange and blue along with the blue and white! 🙂

  81. You two are soooooo awesome! Love, love, love your recipes! And, yes, this is my favorite post ever. I got Jimmered at the beginning of the year and everyone thinks I’m now obsessed. They’re right! Jimmer’s an incredible young man. And I’m so happy for the whole team. They’re all winners! I’ve had Cougar blue blood since I was baptized back in 1981. I worked full time in the HBLL for four years; we have had two daughters and a son attend BYU — and three more planning to. Tonight’s gonna be a good night! Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night!

  82. Love it! And now that my hubby’s Texas Longhorns are out of the Big Dance, we can all cheer freely for my Cougars! (But hopefully I’ll get to use these ideas for orange and white next year, like when Texas plays BYU in football this September!)

  83. Reading all the comments has been the most fun I’ve had all week! Thanks for keeping the Jimmermania going. You gals are the best. GO COUGARS!!

  84. The cookies are so cute and you are so smart! It took me 2 hours to frost the cookies!!! Apparently, I need lot of practice.

  85. GO COUGARS!!!!! Thanks for such an awesome post. I am so excited to throw a BYU-themed party for my husband and kids tonight so we can watch Jimmer (and co.) waste Florida. You are the best!

  86. We are HUGE BYU fans and are so excited they have come this far! Love Jimmer and the gang! Very cute and creative ideas for the “Sweet Sixteen” game. I think I will serve some of these on our BYU plates and platters.

  87. I love it!!! True Blue through & through!!! I definitely know what I’m going to be bringing to our Jimmer Party this weekend!!!

  88. Jimmer grew up in a nearby town and we got to see him play when he was in high school. It’s definitely more fun to see him on the television and hear all the “hoop-la” about him now. Go BYU!!

  89. I have a few of these treats ready for tonight and now I’m actually as excited as my husband is for the game to start. I used the York Patty bites to fill the cups with. They are only blue and white and are cheaper than m &m’s and jelly beans. Now I’m REALLY hoping they win this game so I can do the rest of your goodies for Saturday’s game.

  90. Oh Yeah!! My husband is on his way to New Orleans as we speak! And I had to download “Teach me how to Jimmer” on my boys’ ipods this morning. Gotta love the Jimmer!

  91. 5:27 cannot come soon enough here!! The Jimmer will prevail!! Choose ye this day who you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Jimmer.

  92. My facebook profile pic has been Jimmer for over a week now, I’ve been Jimmerized! It’s 1/2 time and it’s tied couldn’t be more proud!!! GO BLUE!! Super Blue treats!!!

  93. Dont worry, that blue is the ORIGINAL BYU Blue. 🙂 BYU tried to be cool by ripping off UTAH STATE which is the TRUE BLUE!! So yes, I bleed blue…. but the true blue.
    However, both of my parents were BYU alum, and I frequently woke up to “Rise and Shout the Cougars are out…” by my father. I’m not a Cougar hater. Too bad they lost.

    Love the post. Love the whole blog.

  94. Even though we lost…thanks for the fun party ideas! We had neighbors over & I wasn’t planning on doing anything festive until I read this post. I hit up the candy isle at Target and found varieties of blue candy, dipped pretzels & marshmallows, and made the blue carmel popcorn. SO FUN!

  95. Even though I am behind the “ball” time wise and was sad to see BYU loose their momentum in the sweet 16, this post was so much fun! Jimmer is from the area where I live and my husband grew up knowing their family (more the older brother. there is that “old” word again). So it has been a blast to see the local news stations be oh so excited about our local star. And odd to see them cheering on my Alma mater… Oh and squeeling like girls. And I watched basketball for the first time ever (and still would be if they were still in). So weird and wonderful!

  96. I know this is probably REALLY late in coming but my Mom came across your site and told me to check it out. And I love it!! This post is especially great–I just started working at BYU and in the Athletic Department nonetheless and I’ve been needing some great party and gift ideas for coworkers and for different things! So thanks for being awesome BYU fans and for sharing this!! 🙂

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