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I have a running joke with a friend who always says I could post a picture on Instagram holding an Olympic Gold Medal I just won, or a Nobel Peace Prize or an announcement stating I had single-handedly eradicated the Ebola virus, and the first comment would still be about my hair.  I get a lot of questions about baking.  I get a lot of questions about gardening.  And I get a LOT of questions about my hair.  So I thought it would be fun to show you guys the secret weapon I use at home for beautiful, smooth, beachy waves and curls and give you a KILLER deal on one for yourself!  

The Best Curling Wand

I have tried a LOT of styling tools and methods, and my hands-down favorite is a good curling wand. 

Teal Wand

I use NuMe wands, which normally run for $139-$149.  I bought my first NuMe wand with a great discount and I’ve been waiting to share them until I could get a huge discount for YOU guys!  Are you ready for this??  Use the code BESTBITES28 and you can get any curling wand from NuMe for $28.  That’s not a typo.  Twenty-eight dollars, people!!  Do I need to scream that even louder??  That’s as low as you will spend on something from Target or Walmart so seriously, snatch these up!  This is a Memorial Day Sale so the offer is good through May 31st.  Don’t wait!

Nume Sale

I know it can be a little confusing when looking at the different sizes and styles, so I’ll tell you from experience what I use because I have all 3 sizes!  They have Classic Wands and Magic Wands.  The classic are made from tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrels and the Magic Wands are titanium.  The other difference is that the Classic Wands just have an on/off switch with one heat setting, and the Magic Wands have adjustable heat.  All of my wands are the Classic model, and Kate uses a Magic Wand.  I’ll warn you right now that there is an uncomfortably large amount of selfies in this post. Sorry about that, but really.  It’s the best way to show you real-life application here, not some model with a professional team.  I decided to even mostly use my phone camera here because I wanted to show you very real, natural, unedited photos.  This are all just taken at home after my everyday routine.  Anyone can do this!

Sara by Dogwood Tree

These wands come in 3 sizes: 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm.  They also come in the BEST colors.  (It should come as no surprise that I have a teal ones, but I am also digging the pink and purple.) 

Purple Wand

The size I use the most is the 25mm, which is the middle one.  If in doubt, this is a good size to go with.  It produces loose, full curls, and if you run your hands through them more and more, you’ll get big waves of volume.  Here’s a picture after using the 25mm.  And I should note that I did my hair at 7am and this is probably around 3pm.  (Both of the photos up until this point in the post were also done with the 25mm)

Curling Wands

The larger 32mm gives you big beachy waves.  The kind they show you in magazines and tell you they can be achieved by spraying salt in your hair and letting in air dry in the sand.  (Lies!)  You get those with a larger barreled curing wand.


I use this one when I want mostly wavy volume. Here’s a picture after using the 32mm. 
Nume wand-2

From the front it looks similar to the 25mm, but you can see from the side it’s pretty wavy.


The smallest 19mm looks so tiny.  And you’ll probably think it’s too small for anything but ringlets on a child, but not so!  It will give a tight curl, that loosens out as you run your fingers through.  

19 mm curling wand

These pics were taken after using the 19mm.

19 mm wand

And here’s a little while later after it had relaxed a bit and I ran my fingers through even more.  Still lots of soft, bouncy, smooth curls.


I have fairly long hair, but these wands work great for shorter hair as well.  If you have medium/short hair, I would probably stick to the 25mm or smaller.  Here’s a couple shots of Kate, who has shoulder-length hair and is using the 25 mm wand.

nume wand kate-2 nume wand kate-1

There is also this Reverse wand, and the Pearl style.  I haven’t used either of these, but I have friends who love them!

So there you have it.  Treat yo self this weekend and grab one of these fun wands and have fun adding something to your beauty routine.  Don’t forget to use code BESTBITES28 to get any of the wands for $28 bucks!  –>Click Here to Shop!<–

Nume Sale


This post is in partnership with NuMe and contains affiliate links.  All opinions expressed are our own.  We use and love these products!


  1. Help! I was so excited about the price and immediately clicked to order 2 of these. After applying the code I was given a 50% discount and not the $28 dollar price.

    1. You can get two, you just have to do separate orders. Kind of a bummer you can’t combine shipping but it’s still cheaper than buy both in one transaction.

      Thanks for the deal!

  2. Thanks, girls! SO excited! I’ve been trying to achieve this look with a regular curling iron and it just doesn’t cut it.

  3. I just ordered one…anything to have hair like you & Kate! Do you put any product in your hair before you curl to get the curls to hold better? I was just wondering if you had any recommendations. Thanks!

  4. Kate and Sara, thanks for the discount code! I’ve been wanting to try NuMe for a while and I’m excited to try this product out! I’ve been a long time reader and have met you gals a couple times (even cooked crepes together at Pinners Conference) I feel like we’re friends. So, friends, I’m trusting you on this one. 😉 Thanks for always being so sweet to this fangirl!

      1. 🙂 While I have been practicing my crepe skills I was not the girl who could flip them in the pan, how amazing was that?!

  5. Yahoo… I’ve been looking into these since I have super fine hair and I’ve been told the only thing that will work is a “wand” but I’m super old, so I was like “a what?” lol! Do I need some kind of heat glove to use with it? And also, what kind of hair products do you use to get it all to stay for a while…. another fine hair issue!! Thanks for this wonderful deal!

    1. Haha, it comes with a glove! Once you get the hang of it, you can skip the glove if you want. I actually have pretty fine hair, too. I curl it and then rub mousse in my hands and gently press everything up (scrunching the curls) before running my hands through and it stays all day! It also works great, and holds even better curl I think, on 2nd day hair.

  6. Thank you for the amazing discount. I ordered one to give one of my daughters for her birthday. Now I just have to decide which daughter gets it!

  7. Love this post! How large are the sections of hair that you curl when you use your wand? Are they pretty small sections?

  8. I just ordered the 25mm wand but I was wondering how long does it take you to curl your whole head of hair? I have pretty stick straight hair so I was wondering how much time I was looking at in the morning to “do” my hair. I was tempted to get the 19mm but that looks like A LOT of time involved. Is it? Thanks for the deal!!

    1. I’m pretty fast now; it probably takes me about 10 minutes to do my whole head? I clip up the top 2/3 of my hair and curl the bottom, then I let down the next third, and then finally the top third. My hair is pretty long, but not super thick so I get through it pretty quick!

  9. My daughter has super thick hair, and lots of it. We’ve wanted something that will work without taking forever. Any thoughts? Will this do the trick?

    1. I think it will work, but it might not be quick, haha. I think with thicker hair, you’ll probably need to curl smaller sections of hair at a time. It does go pretty quick though since you’re just wrapping each piece around and they don’t take long to set. I can’t promise anything though!

  10. Do you know if they will be getting any more of the 19 mm wands in while they are running this special? My hair is not quite shoulder length so I think that size would work best. This is such a great deal. I hate to miss it. Thanks. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

    1. I’m not sure if they’ll have any before the weekend is over, but this has been so popular I’m hoping we can get a discount again for you guys in the future, so if you want to hold out you can cross your fingers!

  11. I have always wanted to try one of these & love using premium beauty products! Treated myself to one. Yay! You ladies are the best!

  12. Got a 25mm! Been tempted to try a wand for a while and the good deal and good rec sold it! I was bummed that the 19mm sold out but maybe next time. Thanks!

  13. I love a good deal. This is an AMAZING discount!!! Thank you :-). Now it’s time for you ladies to post a tutorial video…. I’m hair styling challenged.

  14. THANK YOU!!! I am excited to try this!!! Question…how do you wrap your hair around the wand? Do you have to hold it in place? Do you spray a heat protector or anything on your hair before you used the wand to curl your hair?

  15. I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting one forever…thanks for the coupon code & you are absolutely right about the salt spray…. LIES!

  16. So now we need a post with some video tutorials on how to…..! ;-), with a question and answer section.

    I am wondering what brand name of products do you use before and after styling. You mentioned mousse after, but what about to prior styling?

    Thank you so much for the amazing deal!!!! Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford it! I purchased a 25 mm teal one!

  17. I purchased one of these and am excited to try it! Is there any way you could post a tutorial from start to finish on how you do your hair?

    1. Try it. I just did it and the code worked fine. If you want 2, do it in separate transactions. You have to pay for shipping twice, but it is still cheaper than full price.

  18. I’m way late to this party but I just used the code and it still works! Thank you SO SO much! I’ve been wanting one of these but didn’t want to buy a cheap one and didn’t have the money for a good one. Thank you!!

  19. I just ordered this today, June 15th and the coupon code still worked! . . . and the 19mm is back in stock. Thanks ladies!

  20. Ladies you are the best, thought I had missed out too, but just picked up the 25mm with the code!! Now lets see if I can actually make it work.

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