Mother’s Day 2017 Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, love it or not, chances are, you’re either looking for gift ideas or someone is looking for gift ideas for you. So we’re here to help. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite gifts and ideas! These will go clockwise, starting from the top lefthand corner.

  1. Bread Box. Most people don’t really bake all their bread anymore, so a bread box feels kind of antiquated, but that’s what makes this so cute! A little old-fashioned and coming in adorable colors, this is something Mom probably isn’t going to buy herself, but it makes a great gift.
  2. Our Best Bites stuff. If she’s been eyeballing the Menu Plan, needs new cookbooks (or has loved 400 Calories or LessSavoring the Seasons150 Family-Friendly Recipes to death and wants a clean copy), or if she has been coveting one of our new tumblers in our Shop, we’ve got you covered!
  3. You don’t have to go buy her a guitar–chances are not every mom (or most moms) are going to want a guitar. But. Is there something she’s always talked about wanting to do? Learn to play the guitar? Take voice lessons? Learn to paint? Tap dance? Speaking from experience, I think a lot of moms are like, “My chance to do that stuff is over,” so if she’s got an unfulfilled dream, help her make it come true! Lessons, memberships, instruments, etc. are all great gifts that help remind her her dreams are still important! (And if she is interested in playing the guitar, this is a great starter guitar, especially is she’s got a small frame.)
  4. When I wrote my ice cream post last week, I got a lot of requests for ice cream maker recommendations. I’ve had this one for years and I highly recommend it, especially if you’re just getting started. If you’re looking to up your ice cream game, there are mixers with cold compressors, so you don’t have to worry about freezing the canister. This is the maker I have my eye on, which is a little more middle-of-the-road but has great reviews. Sara has this high-end machine and loves it.
  5. Sara and I have talked about this J.R. Watkins Hand Cream before, but we have to bring it up again. It smells so delicious (especially the lemon and coconut, in my opinion–the lemon smells like a lemon cupcake). It’s the perfect little luxury item at a great price (Amazon seems to be the cheapest place to find it.)
  6. This Charcoal Scrub is a great way for her to feel pampered (especially if you pair it with the hand cream.) It’s a great natural exfoliator and feels high-end without the high-end price tag.
  7. I’ve used these Cake Boss Bowls in some photographs and always get tons of questions about them. They’re inexpensive and adorable and the perfect little gift.
  8. This Lodge Covered Casserole is one of my most favorite recent purchases. A fraction of the cost of Le Creuset and just as gorgeous, it’s the perfect size for everyday use. It’s like the best of both worlds of a skillet and a large Dutch oven pot.

I hope that helps with your Mother’s Day gift-giving!





  1. From this recommendation, I got the lodge casserole dish for Mother’s Day. I was so excited! But so far, everything I have cooked in it has stuck to the pan so bad. Is there a trick to cooking with it?

    1. There’s kind of a learning curve, especially if you’re used to cooking with non-stick cookware. You may need to play around with the heat and and oil/butter–generally, adding something straight to the fridge to a hot pan is going to lead to more sticking. Eggs are always tricky. The hotter your Pan, the more sticking there is going to be when you’re sautéing, so maybe bring the temp down a little at first and then gradually increase it as needed. Hope that helps!

  2. I love the JR Watkins lemon hand cream it smells so good. You can get the brand at my work in the organic dept or Cracker Barrel stores inside their gift shop. I love that it’s reasonably priced.

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! Question for you – I was just looking through the shop to place an order, but I can’t find your rainbow whisks. I already have two sets but I need a replacement and I was hoping to buy another set. Are they coming back? They’ve been my favorite whisks!

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