New Flavor in The Shop, Plus Free Mother’s Day Printable!


Happy news for all of you who ordered our Gift Sets last week- they’re being packed and shipped as we speak!  We had no idea those would sell out SO fast and we’ve had so many requests for more.  No worries- they’re on their way!  But since they won’t be here until after Mother’s Day, we thought we’d give you one more fun idea (make sure to read all the way to the bottom for the Mother’s Day Printable!)  We announced the addition of the chili flavor in our gift sets, but we’re actually offering full-size bottles of this as well, and they’re now available in The Shop!
OBB Chili Oil Vert 3

This is one of our favorites for cooking, because it adds such a great flavor and subtle spice.  Use it to saute your vegetables, or drizzle a little into your favorite vinaigrette.  I love it used in marinades for chicken and steak, or in fajitas or Asian dishes.  It works great in place of hot sauce or pepper flakes because it’s all right there in the oil. It’s also a great finishing oil, meaning you can drizzle it right on top of a finished dish, like our Chinese Orange Beef, for a little extra kick.

OBB Chili Oil Vrt 1

For your favorite hot momma, we’ve created this printable tag to go along with it!

OBB Chili Oil for Mother's Day

Pop this tag on, and pair the oil with a cute tea towel or your favorite kitchen utensil, and you have a fun, unique, and useful gift!

OBB Chili Oil vrt

If you’d like to order our chili oil in time for Mother’s Day, we suggest you get your order in today (Tuesday 5/6), or at the very latest, by tomorrow (Wed 5/7) at 9pm Mountain time.  All of our packages are shipped Priority 2-day mail, so while we can’t guarantee arrival, barring any mishaps by the postal service, it should arrive right on time.

We’ll also extend our deal with discount code: EXTRAVIRGIN, where you can get a Chili Oil (or any other flavor) along with an extra large bottle of Extra Virgin for $25 bucks.  Get on this one before these are gone, too!

OBB Chili Oil Hrz

Click Here to Purchase the Chili Olive Oil from The Shop

 Click Here to Download Printable Labels



  1. From the blog, it sounds like the four bottle gift mother’s day gift sets will be in stock again? Am I reading that right? I wanted to order with the free shipping and see it now shows as sold out. I’m excited to give them a try and get some for my daughter too.


    1. It’s definitely pleasantly spicy. I have a very low heat tolerance and I can even enjoy a chunk of bread dipped in it. That being said, when used in marinades and dressings, it definitely adds a little kick. Very mild kick, though.

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