{New Size!} Extra Large Garlic!

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We’ve mentioned before that the #1 Top Seller in our Shop is…

Garlic Proof Crop Square

Which really comes as no surprise.  To make our Garlic Oil, ripe California olives are crushed right along with actual cloves of fresh garlic, resulting in an amazingly flavorful oil that’s perfect for all-purpose cooking.

OBB Garlic Olive Oil

And if you’re like Kate and Me, you often use it as the standard oil in your kitchen, because what doesn’t taste better with a little garlic?  Last night we had fresh baked artisan bread and dipped it in this oil, with a head of roasted garlic mixed in and a couple splashes of balsamic vinegar.  The entire loaf was demolished in about 47 seconds flat.

Looks like you’ve all been doing similar things because we’ve had lots of re-orders on our garlic, and so many of you have requested it be available in a larger bottle.  Today is your day!  Because of the requests, we pulled in some extra large bottles of Garlic.

Garlic Sizes

It’s now available in 3 sizes, which you can see here for comparison.  Our small bottles are the size that come in our Flavor Variety Gift Sets (which are in stock now, if you missed that!), the bottle in the middle is our standard flavor size (available in Garlic, Lemon, Chili, and Basil), and now the big daddy extra large size bottle is available in not only Extra Virgin, but also Garlic.

obb bottle sizes

If you go to the Garlic listing in The Shop, just select the 500ml bottle from the drop down menu.

Right now you can grab an extra large bottle of Garlic, along with the same size in Extra Virgin, for 30 bucks, which is a fantastic deal.  I promise you’ll use this stuff like crazy, so go get on it!

Large Garlic Deal


  1. Dying to try this…. Trying to figure out how I can have it shipped to my hotel
    Next time we are in the states!!!!!!! Darn canada!

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