OBB Cookbook Launch Event and Book Signings!

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We like to cook.  We like to party. We like you.
Let’s put them all together, shall we??
To kick off the debut of our book, we’re having a launch event,
and a few of you lucky readers will get to join us!
Date: Friday March 11, 2011
Place: Salt Lake City, UT: Orson Gygi
Time: 10am – 12pm
We’ll be there.  We’re fun, we promise.
We’re going to be doing a live cooking demo, making some of our favorite recipes from the book.  We’ll cook, we’ll laugh, we’ll chat, and of course we’ll eat!
And what’s a party without presents?
Prizes, and giveaways too!
Orson Gygi has gorgeous demo kitchens, here’s where we’ll be:
And seats for some of you!
We sure wish you all could be there, but that would be a pretty tight squeeze.  So here’s the deal.
We have about 30 tickets to give away right now.  There will be more given away from other sources so we’ll make sure to let you know when that happens!
For now, we’d love to know who would like to come!  We’re planning on giving these tickets away in pairs (because you totally want to bring a friend, right??) so please specify if for some reason you’d just like a single ticket.
You must be in Salt Lake City, UT on March 11th
Please don’t enter unless that applies to you.
To enter to win free tickets to the event, leave a comment below.  PLEASE remember to include contact information!  Otherwise we’ll have to pass you up.
Tell us in your comment why you’re the biggest OBB fan!
Book Signings
Our blog wouldn’t be what it is today without you, our dear readers!  And we would LOVE to meet you!  So while only a select few can attend the launch event, we will have a few book signings while we’re in town as well!  Make note of these, tell your friends, and please come say hi!
Thursday, March 10
Deseret Book
1076 S. 750 E.
Orem, UT 84097
Friday, March 11
12pm – 1pm (directly after the event)
Orson Gygi
3900 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, UT
Friday, March 11
Deseret Book
1110 E. Fort Union Blvd.
Midvale, UT 84047
Just added!
Saturday Afternoon (3/12) 11 am-1 pm Deseret Book 135 N 545 W Bountiful, UT



  1. I would love to come! I'm the biggest fan because I love to cook for my family, especially since my Mom jokes that I couldn't even boil water when I left her house. Thank heavens for blogs and in-laws!!


  2. I am an OBB fan because I am always on the look out for yummy recipes, clever and fun baking tips with helpful pics. Thanks for making your blog practical and fun to read. I need you with my family of six.
    I hope to see you girls live! Pick me please.


  3. I'm a mom and I love OBB because you guys help to make that job a little easier. I love the ideas you give to get my little helpers involved in the kitchen! Besides it is a party and food – who could resist.

    Wendy (wenghimire@yahoo.com)

  4. I am squealing with excitement that you saved a seat for me and a friend! Yay! I really am the biggest fan of OBB because your recipes got me to enjoy cooking and to get excited about cooking! I used to dread dinner time, but now we celebrate it! I quite simply HAVE to thank you in person!!! (kidzorg.blogspot@gmail.com)

  5. I am a OBB fan because we eat Stuffed Pizza Rolls, the chicken, bacon, ranch ones, seriously like once a week.


  6. I have been in love with your blog for quite some time now!! I have converted many-a-family member to your recipes!! I would love to come up to Salt Lake and watch a demonstration!! I will definitely bring my sister in law because she loves your recipes too!!! And you can sing both of our books!!! (Mine already has stains on it from cooking 😉 )

  7. I'm the biggest OBB fan because I used to use the smoke alarm as a timer when I cooked! Now that I found you guys I can actually cook…somewhat 🙂 I'm learning! I'd love to see you guys! Thank you!

  8. Oh My Heck! I would LOVE to attend! I'm not the best of cooks and I feed three boys plus my husband! Your recipes have helped me so much! That's why I am your biggest fan! I would LOVE to come! (shannon_staker@hotmail.com) I was just at Orson Gygi today and would LOVE to go back to see you!!!

  9. I am an OBB biggest fan because you make cooking fun. I have always liked to cook, but you seem to make it very fun and add some extra details. I would LOVE to come to this party and meet you gals in person. You are fun to watch on TV, but in person would be the best.

    supermombritt at hotmail dot com
    (I know this format is goofy, but someone told me it makes it harder for automatic scanning programs to pick up your email address.)

  10. Nobody is a bigger fan than me! I have told all of my family and friends about you and several of them are regular followers now because of it. I bought your cookbook as soon as you told us it was coming out for not only me, but some family members. I have almost all of your recipes and I have followed you from day one! I would love to come with my sister!

  11. I am OBB biggest fan because I just can't get enough! I keep comming back for more delish recipes, which is a first for me! You always have something new and GrEaT!! I am your biggest fan because I lOvE LoVe lOvE your instructions (fool proof)! And I'm your biggest fan because it is helping me convince my family that (in the kitchen at least) I secretly wear a cape!!!
    Thanks so much!!

  12. Me Me Me, Pick Me. I love to cook and bake and I love all your ideas. The Sweetie Pies were perfect for Valentines Day. Pick Me Please.

  13. I read your blog everyday and try a lot of the recipes. I'm a huge fan because you guys are awesome. You have great ideas! I would love to come to your book signing at Orson Gygi!

  14. Pick me! Pick me! I love OBB. At least half of my recipes come from here and I would love to add more once I get your cookbook. And to be at the launch event would be icing on the cake!

  15. I read your blog everyday and try a lot of the recipes. I'm a huge fan because you guys are awesome. You have great ideas! I would love to come to your book signing at Orson Gygi! (amieingram@yahoo.com)

  16. I am the biggest OBB fan! I LOVE to cook and trying new recipes is my favorite. Whenever I'm wondering what to cook for dinner, I just get on your site and I am never disappointed! I have become a better cook because of OBB. (and my husband thanks you!)


  17. You two are so inspiring to me. I love how fun your recipes are. And your book is just amazing. Life is much better when you look forward to cooking, and your blog is just the boost I needed to help me get in the mood to cook meals for my family. Thanks for all that you do. Hcbarrus@gmail.com

  18. Not only do I love your great recipes and techniques but I love how hilarious your writing is. It makes me feel like I'm cooking with friends. I also am a veteran of the Rainbow Cupcakes: made green, red and yellow ones for my son's Very Hungry Caterpillar 2nd birthday party and pink and white striped ones for a Valentine's Day playdate. People rave about them! (christina dot billings at gmail dot com).

  19. I love to cook and I love food. I am a teacher and have taught 1st or 2nd grade for 6 years now, and if I could do it all over again I think I just might go to cooking school instead. Since that didn't happen I enjoy your blog and making your recipes. It's my little OBB training! The date for the Launch Event is perfect because I will have a day off that day. Wednesday and Thursday are Parent Teacher Conferences and Friday is our comp day! Perfect!! One of my coworkers introduced me to your site so I will for sure bring her!!
    -K. Durfey

  20. You make it so easy to be the greatest OBB fan ever. I can't begin to tell you how many of your recipes I have tried and loved but the thing I love best about you is your technique tips. Those have made my life sooo much easier! tandy178@hotmail.com

  21. I love new recipes and have become a big fan in just a few short months. I'd like to think that a big fan tells everyone they know about a good thing…believe me, I tell everyone about OBB!
    I'd love to come see you guys in some cooking action!

  22. I would LOVE to come! I absolutely LOVE your website. It has seriously saved me so many nights. I love how easy and delicious each and every one of your recipes are. I may or may not make your coconut curry chicken strips on a weekly basis. 🙂

    Anyway, I would love to be able to come and see you ladies work your magic in person. It is also my mom's birthday weekend, so this would be such a fun surprise for her! Thanks for the opportunity!
    -Ashley (ashleyfsaunders at gmail dot com)

  23. I don't remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but let me tell you, I hit the foodie jack pot when I did! I have turned everyone I know on to Best Bites. I plan to give your cook book away to all my loved ones for gifts this year. Best of all, my family looks forward to every meal every day, because they are all Best Bites! Could I be any bigger of a fan? You guys rock the kitchen!!! p.s. I am also a sugar cookie snob;)

  24. I might be your biggest fan and sing your praises all the time! My husband will be out of town that whole week and I will be home with the twins…so this would be a LOVELY getaway after a looooooong week 🙂 mjallday@gmail.com

  25. Thank Thank you for all you do!!! I can't come because I live in AZ… But I am watching and waiting my mailbox for my cookbook to arrive! Good Luck! and agan… Thanks!

  26. I would love to come!!! I have always struggled coming up with things to make for dinner, and your blog has been a lifesaver! I am on it a few times a week getting ideas, and my family and I have loved everything I have made from it. I love the detailed instructions! It makes cooking fun and easy for me.


  27. I would love to come to the event. It sounds like so much fun. I am the biggest fan because I love your recipes and I love that you have gotten me out of some of my cooking ruts with your wonderful recipes.

  28. I'm flying in to Salt Lake that week – perfect! I've used so many recipes from your blog, and am always finding new ones to use! I would love to come and spend the morning with the two of you!


  29. I'm the biggest fan because I made my own OBB t shirt! Ok, I haven't yet, but if I win tickets, I'll make one for each of my two sisters who'll have to go in my place since I don't live there, but they do!

  30. I'm your biggest fan because I always use your blog and have given away two cookbooks, but didn't keep one for myself – I am still trying to figure out how to get a signed cookbook from Wyoming! Good thing SLC isn't too far if I win!

  31. I would love to come to your meet you and I love all your recipes! And at Orson Gygi I'm like a kid in a candy store at that place I you pick me!

  32. I'm the biggest fan because I got straight to your website whenever I'm looking for a certain recipe, or want inspiration to try something new! I have told SO many people about your blog because I love it!!!

  33. Oh Wow! This is exactly what I've been waitin' for! I am your bigest fan because I rely on your wonderful recipes at least once a week! I live in Orem, so I'll definitely hit the D.B. signing! I would also LOVE to win two tickets to the cooking demo! Enter me in PRETTY PLEASE!

    my email: leslvart(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

  34. Oh, I would LOVE to be there! You guys have helped me develop a talent that I didn't know I had (copying other people's recipes!) and my husband is very grateful for all the ideas you've shared with me. So happy for all of your success.


  35. I love that you cook a variety of food! I've loved making your Brazilian recipes and I love that everything I've ever made has been delish!! My sisters and I will email each other when we've made something from the site and and then we'll all rush and make it! We'd love to see you in person! 🙂

  36. I would love to come, and would bring my mom.She taught me how to cook, and did a pretty good job if I say so myself! I love your site because everything I have tried (and thats a lot) has always come out tasting yummy. I haven't ordered a cookbook due to financial reasons, but its on my birthday list. My mom and I would love a chance to meet you and watch you cook! Oh, and eat. That too!

  37. I so the biggest OBB fan! I tell everyone I talk to about your site and totally have to get my recipes from you site for all my meals lately!! LOVE you guys!!! Love your food and you attitude!! Oh, it would be awesome to win!! Thanks!!!


  38. I'm your biggest fan because I make recipes from your site every week, rave about them to friends, and refer the to your site. Congrats on the book and I'd love to thank you in person for the tickets to the event!
    klkimble at gmail dot com

  39. I'm the biggest fan because…
    two weeks ago, when I found out I was moving to Utah, the first thing I said is "I'll go as long as I'm there in time for an OBB book signing."

    I am your gal!
    p.s. I'm making a cook book right now for my senior project. Maybe you could give me some tips?


  40. I'm OBB biggest fan because I actually cook what you post…alot! So, with that said, I hope I win.

    shelisemayer at gmail dot com

  41. i'm your biggest fan because i love how you lay your directions out so simply in writing and photos that even my sweet husband could follow them and make something wonderful- if only he'd try!

  42. {WAVING HANDS ALL CRAZY LIKE} I will bring my best friend in the whole world! We adore you guys and we love to bake, cook, entertain and decorate and you guys help us look like we have it all together! I even gave her your cookbook for Christmas- and she would love to get it signed. Pick us, you won't regret it! (disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that we won't attempt to cut a lock of your hair) ~LeeAnne leeanne.allred@qwest.com

  43. I would love to come!!! I am the biggest fan becuse so many of YOUR recipes are THE recipes I've been looking for. choc. chip cookies, sugar cookies, alfredo sauce, just tried the blueberry muffins, and definitely the hot fudge to name just a few!!!! Thank you!!

  44. That would be fantastic!!! Ever since I found OBB a little over a year ago, I've stopped using my recipe books…I just use OBB. :0)


  45. It's hard to be witty when you're trying to sell yourself to win a ticket. So, I'll just say that thanks to this blog, I have stolen a few recipes and added them to my repertoire. I don't sell them for profit. I just use them and look like an even more amazing cook (I was an amazing cook before the blog – I'm just too lazy to finish my own food blog).

    I'd love to come and hang out in SLC.


  46. I am a new follower of OBB – I love it! I would love to personally meet you and learn some of your cooking secrets!

  47. I am a huge fan of you ladies. I have always had a great love for food and and reading your recipes and drooling over your fantastic pictures make me a die hard fan. Plus every recipe I have made from your site has been delish! Thanks for everything you do!


  48. I saw OBB from my sister in laws blog awhile ago and have been hooked since! I first tried the brazillian lemonade and I figured if the rest of your recipes were half as good then I will be cooking your stuff for the rest of my life! 🙂 I would love to bring along my sister in law, since she introduced me to it! I love your pictures on your blog and how helpful they are, but seeing you in person cooking would be that much better! 🙂 Pick me pick me! 🙂

  49. Ooooh, I would love to come. brookefav at gmail .com. Congrats on the launch. I love your popcorn, and kid food crafts.

  50. You had me at Jello. Glass Block Jello that is. That's what intersted me in your blog and brought me there for the first time. Since then, I have been cooking almost exclusively from your blog. I can count how many times we've been out to dinner on one hand since finding your scrumptious blog about two months ago.

    I watched you on Studio 5 a few weeks ago and you were hilarious. We could be for reals friends.

    I would love to come to your Orson Gygi demo. I would love it love it. It would be a date night for me and my husband. He loves you guys too (mainly because of all the new and delicious food he's been privledged to eat.)

    Also I would blog about your event on my blog. I blog about all the exciting things we do. This would for sure be one of them. http://thevocalsokool.blogspot.com/ (This is not a bribe)(okay maybe it is, but its just the truth)

    So in conclusion…please pick me. I just might be your biggest fan for reals.


  51. I am a new fan of OBB and LOVE it!! I love to cook and try new recipe's. You guys have the funnest and yummiest ideas! It makes me feel like a fun Mom and wife when I try new fun things and my family likes it too!


  52. I am the biggest OBB fan because my husband crowned me best wife ever due to your recipes! He LOVES your creamy cheesecake, your taquitos, and all your Brazilian recipes (he served a mission in Curitiba). I love checking your site for new recipes!
    Kim nksmithfamily@gmail.com

  53. Wow, I would love to be there. I saw your book at costco! I was so excited to get it!. I love your blog because the recipes are so easy to follow, and it is food I usually have on hand. Everything I have made turns out AWESOME! Also, love the pictures!

  54. I may not be your biggest fan, but I am your newest. I found you a couple of week ago and I love everything you do. I don't get out much and would love to go see you. I live in Eagle Mountain so I can totally be there. I hope I hear from you soon.


  55. i'm your biggest fan because nine times out of ten when people ask me where i got a recipe for something, i say "our best bites!" anytime i need a recipe for something, your site is the first place i check.

    also, after making something, i'll call my mom or sister and say "i made the best ____ last night." they'll say, "where did you get the recipe?" and i only have to say, "guess!" and they know it came from you!


  56. Just got a message from Amazon that your first book has shipped. Can't wait to see it and wish I lived in SLC so I could see you two in person. Keep up the great work.

  57. I found your blog just a few weeks ago, but I'm a huge fan! Your enthusiasm is contagious and has me smiling in the kitchen. I've got your book at the top of my shopping list. Why wait until you guys are in town to buy! I want it now!

    I forgot my e-mail, silly me!


  58. eeep!! that would be so much fun!! I love this blog, and have been following for a few years. obviously, the recipes are amazing, but i also love the humor and personality you put into your posts. it makes it so much more fun to read than just a recipe. I hope i can win and get to see you ladies in action soon! 😉

    *oops, almost forgot my email! alisquire1@yahoo.com

  59. I love your yummy recipes, with step by step instructions, awesome pictures and tips! I love that you include witty humor and everyday mommy banter! I Love OBB for the awesome love I get when I share your recipes with others! I would be ecstatic if you picked me! ~ Aubrei


  60. I'm in such a craze right now for finding yummy new recipes and I keep coming back to your blog! I think your new cook book would be to die for .I would love to come to your cooking show and get a book signed. Please pick me, mom of 3, and dedicated to cooking good food for the family!

  61. I would LOVE to go! I've followed your blog since the beginning (when you first announced it on BBC. Every recipe I try turns into a family favorite. And I love Orson Gygi. It would give me a good excuse to buy some new kitchen stuff, too! LOL.
    Please pick me! 🙂

  62. I want to come! Please, please, please pick me! 🙂 I'm your biggest fan because every recipe I have tried from your site, not only have I love, but my husband has loved! You've made me look like a cooking queen in his eyes. 🙂

    my email: grasara(at)gmail(dot)com

  63. I would love to come!! I am the biggest fan because I love to cook and its so nice to have a place to come to get recipes that I know my family will love!!

  64. My daughter and I love to cook together and love to read your blog together. I think this would be a fantastic evening for the 2 of us! We could do a mother/daughter date! Thanks so much for the giveaway and GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE!!

  65. I'm a huge fan! Your recipes have made me look awesome in front of my family and friends, even though I'm usually a dunce in the kitchen. Plus I love all your kid-friendly recipes, my son thinks I'm pretty cool too!


  66. I want to go!!! They know me by name at Orson, and I think you know me by name too! I love your recipes! They are always perfect the first time. Every one we've tried has become a family favorite, and has convinced neighbors and family that I CAN cook! Thanks!

  67. I SO want to be there! I'm your biggest fan because you share the yummiest recipes, give awesome instructions, you're very funny and seriously, what's not to love? You guys are awesome! adia79 at hotmail dot com

  68. Oh, I wish! Could you come to AZ and do a signing! Lots of us here love you to! My cookbook is on the way and I am sooo excited!

  69. I am your biggest fan because I check your blog daily (sometimes more) in hopes of finding my next favorite recipe. I would absolutely LOVE to come to the launch event. Sounds like so much fun!


  70. Oh! Pick me! Pick me! A friend of mine introduced me to this site about a year ago and it's changed my life, seriously! I found myself cooking the same 'ol things week after week and it was getting boring. You guys made cooking fun again and every time I browse your site I find new things I HAVE to try. Everything turns out great, I'm a happy camper and my husband is too! Would seriously LOVE to come to your show.

  71. I would love to win tickets! I am your biggest fan, I oredered your book in December and am anxiously waiting for it. Your blog is amazing!

  72. I am dying to go! That would be so very cool. I am your biggest fan – I've been with you from the start. I've had your button on my blog for years now and have brought so many into the religion that is "Our Best Bites Foodligion".
    Love ya girls!

  73. Oh geez! That would be CRAZY FUN!!! I LOVE you're blog and although I SWORE I wouldn't buy any more cookbooks, I can't wait to get yours (I may even do it as gifts this mother's day!)!!! I have told SOOOO many people about you and everyone agrees that your recipes are FAB! It would be cool to go to your show but no matter what I just want to THANK, THANK, THANK you for having this blog and sharing your yummy recipes!

    Rachel Tebbs

  74. I love finding new recipes, especially ones that are kid-friendly. I've really enjoyed following your site because so many of your ideas are things my kids will actually eat.

  75. I have been an OBB fan a relatively short time, but believe me, I was HOOKED as soon as I made your Peter's Lasagna recipe! Then came your dinner rolls and breadsticks and I was in love! 🙂
    I love that your recipes are easy to read and make and you don't use such off-the-wall ingredients that I will have in my pantry for years trying to get rid of!
    I just love your site . . . period. 🙂

    Please pick me!

  76. I love your blog, I love your recipes, I check your blog daily. I have made so many WONDERFUL things inspired by you, I would LOVE to come to your book launch! Pick me!

  77. I love that your recipes are things my family will eat…made even better and so much fun! I don't have to struggle with "what should I make for dinner" anymore. I just go to your blog! 🙂 Love it!

  78. I'm your biggest fan because I leave a pile of drool on my keyboard every time I read your blog. It gets a little slimy on the fingers but I keep surfing. Can't wait to get my hands on a cookbook!!

    P.S. Great article about you guys today in the Deseret News!

    lori at csyp.org

  79. Oh, I would love, love, LOVE a ticket. I could bring a friend, or I could fly solo. Whatever works. I teach cooking at Logan High, and would LOVE to learn some new tricks/recipes to help teach!!! I would love to come down to SLC for this event. PS, we made the sweetie pie pops in my class, and my students loved them (for valentines day!) Email me at rockstarjuje@gmail.com (yes, that is ROCKSTARJUJE… I made it up in middle school, and 10 years later I still use it).

  80. Ohh I love Orson Gygi and I love your website even more.I've tried so many of your recipes, last night was taquitos for the 5th time. I hope I get picked.

  81. I am a devoted follower. Love the blog and all of your fun commentary! I just picked up the cookbook last week! Love it!!
    I would love to come!!


  82. I just recently got introduced your blog and I'm in love! We're making the Brazillian cheese rolls for a party tonight and chocolate chip cookie pie tomorrow for dessert. Can't wait to try them!

    coralie stokes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  83. My sister and I would love to come! I teach a high school Foods class and project your tutorials and recipes up on the big screen all of the time for my students.
    Also, my sister is a senior in high school and is planning on going to culinary school soon.
    ALSO, I lived/taught/went to school in Logan for the past 5 years. I love Cache Valley.
    Pick us!


  84. I would love Love LOVE to wi! I am the biggest OBB fan because my husband thinks I am a gourmet cook when I use your recipes! I definitely tell him where I got the recipes so credit is given where credit is due. I love getting compliments every time I use your recipes and love it when I compliment someone else on their food and they say "Oh, it's from Our Best Bites, have you heard of that website?!" Um, ya…it's my favorite!!


  85. I love your blog and tell everyone about it. In fact, ironically, I posted about your cookbook on my blog this morning before coming here :o) The cookbook exceeds any expectations that I had and I'm sure will be one of my most used books! Thanks for such a great high quality product at a reasonable price! (kweisenburger@novell.com)

  86. I want to come! I am notorious for NOT cooking. Whenever I have dinner (or a treat) ready my husband know's it's thanks to you. He says "Is this from that blog again?". And I am now famous for mint brownies thanks to YOUR amazing recipe (once I figured out not to use sweetened chocolate :))
    susan gedge at gmail dot com

  87. oh my goodness! this would be a dream come true!!! i am the biggest fan because i use your cookbook (already have it and LOVE it) almost everyday. your blog is my go-to source for any recipe i'm looking for and for any occasion that i need to bring something fabulous to. I would be beyond excited to be invited to the event. thanks!


  88. I've been following you since you started and love your recipes and ideas. You are also entertaining 🙂 Even if I don't get picked,what a fun way to launch your book! Congrats!

  89. I am your biggest fan because I am going to buy an airline ticket to come see you that weekend. NOw hurry up and pick me so I can get that ticket!! I love you guys!

  90. I just recently found you guys and love it . So far I have tried 6 recipes and am still searching through everything to find my next favorite. I would love to come see you cook and pick up your book. I have to have one!!! My kids love everything I've made, your food was a hit at the Superbowl party, my mother in law loved it all too!

  91. I want to come! I am the biggest fan! I love all of your recipes and my family does too! I am always looking at your blog when I probably should be doing other things but I love it!

  92. I am a HUGE fan. I check your blog everyday because I love your recipes and every one has been fantastic. I also tell everyone about your website.

  93. Your blog truly changed my life! This is my first source for recipes for dinner group, dates, birthdays, etc! I even wrote a paper about this blog in my English Class of how amazing it was. Having the chance to be there and learn from the asters would be just as fun as reading your stories here and feeling like we're cooking together! (not being creepy at all!)
    If I get a ticket (one single one, I can't think of anybody that would love to come with me so far) I would be so happy and of course I would be there!

  94. I love all of the creative ideas you two come up with and share on here. Your recipes are wonderful too. It would be so much fun to get to go to your launch event and meet you in real life. I'm definitely going to be at one of those signings, but sure would be fun to be at the launch too.


  95. I would LOVE to come. I love your blog and Orson Gigi. You two inspire me to create a great meal for my family to come together at the dinner table and enjoy great food and conversation. I will definently be buying your book.

  96. I love OBB! They have made me look like I know what I am doing in the kitchen! 🙂 Every recipe I have tried is awesome and do-able!You guys are the best!! I would love to see you live and in your element! 🙂

  97. Pick me! When I had my baby and became a stay at home mom, I didn't have very many excuses for not cooking anymore. I discovered your blog one day, and that's how I finally got excited about cooking! I love your blog and have yet to find one that compares!


  98. I'm the biggest OBB fan because I was an awful cook and would surf the internet for easy fun recipes for my family but as soon as I found your website I never go anywhere else!!! And why would I need too? you have all the best recipes for everything imaginable! and I always make everyone else make your recipes! I tell everyone I know about you guys you are amazing! I would die to get to go to Utah to your launch!!!! Jessica Justourloch@gmail.com (www.lochridgeland.blogspot.com)

  99. My mom is the best cook but I hate to cook. I have become your biggest fan as you have inspired me to find a way to enjoy cooking(and your recipes are so practical – things I have in my kitchen already and things my 2 year old might attempt to eat). My husband has started to wonder if I am the same wife he has had for 7 years as I have never cooked before. I seriously refer everyone to you and I am excited to try so many of the recipes in the cookbook that can't come soon enough! Please pick me!

  100. I love OBB because you make me look like I know what I am doing in the kitchen! You guys are the best! Great recipes, tips…you make everything do-able! 🙂 I would love to see you live and in your element! 🙂

  101. I am so excited to hear that you both will be back in Utah again. YAY for us. I would love to win tickets to your event. Though I am new to OBB blog I have found it a necessary tool in my kitchen arsenal. I have always loved cooking, but with child number 3 on the way. Ugh. Life has quickly sped up on me. I find your blog and cookbook so helpful. Easy, quick and VERY yummy recipes. It is excited to finally find a cookbook that allows me to spend quality time with my children. My daughter has become a great companion in the kitchen as we review the cookbook together and she learns to read by reading the recipes and keeping me on track. I feel so grateful for all the time and energy that you put into this adventure in your life. THANK you, though it just doesn't seem to say all that is in my heart.((hugs))

    To live a life with Gratitude forever in our hearts
    is to touch heaven. -Thomas S. Monson.
    Ann Anderson (chris.ann.anderson@gmail.com)

  102. I love OBB! I plan my monthly menu based solely off your recipes! I've always wanted to be a good cook and now because of you, I am! I can totally be in SLC…it's just a short drive down from good ol' Logan. I'd love to meet you both!


  103. I'm an OBB-a-holic!!! Ü I would LOVE to bring my daughter who is squealing with excitement at thought of tickets! She is 19, moving out into the world and learning to cook for herself. We'd LOVE to meet you in person. Thanks for your incredibly fun, informative and creative blog! You're the best!


  104. Pick me! Pick me! I have spend HOURS on your site printing and trying several recipes. They always work, they taste great, they are easy and always look like I'm a PRO!

    Can't wait to see you March 11. (Hint!)


  105. Ever since I was introduced to your blog by some friends, I have become obsessed. When I want something fun to make for a party, the first place I go is Our Best Bites. In addition I have hosted several cooking get togethers where we get together to make your creative treats (i.e., Brownies in a jar, and pie pops) There is only one problem with my obsession, it is shared by many of my friends. Since our New Years Eve incident when two of us showed up with the same 7 Layer Greek Dip from Our Best Bites, we now have a disclaimer on all invitations…if bringing a dish from Our Best Bites, please clear the dish with the hostess to avoid duplication 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talents. Tiffany

  106. Who wouldn't want to come!! I'm your biggest fan because I love to try new things, my husband makes fun of me that we hardly ever have the same thing twice.. Until I found your blog, now I have a lot of reoccurring recipes!


  107. I would LOVE to come!!! I am such a huge fan. I know that anything I make from your blog is going to be a big hit in my house. Whenever I make something new from OBB, my husband knows that I got the recipe from my friends Kate and Sara. My husband already knows that on the top of my birthday wish list is your book, I can't wait!


  108. I would love to come! I'd bring my mom because we both love your blog and cookbook. I've never been excited to cook, menu plan, or go grocery shopping until now!!! Plus, I'd love to see Kate after oh 20+ years (2nd grade BFFs we were!)!!!

  109. I would love to see you ladies in person!I stalk your blog because you have such great taste! LoVe your recipes (of course) and my family thanks you! Before your blog I continually became stuck in the same routine meals, blah! You are entertaining to read and you always get back on questions readers have. Let me not forget to mention you have the cutest little crafts that anyone can pull off as well! Best Bites is the whole package :)Pick me!! Thanks!

  110. I am a fan because you have helped inspire my sister and I to follow our dreams and are now teaching a few classes ourselves! Thanks for the many fabulous recipes and tips!

  111. My daughter and I share the love of cooking and we are always sharing recipes and ideas we find, especially from YOUR website. We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to attend your cooking event at Orson Gigis. (we will of course have to do some shopping there also!!) wink wink

  112. Because you saved my marriage. Well, not really, but I was in a major rut when it came to cooking when I found OBB. Everything I've made is delish. Plus, I'm moving to NM on March 13th so this would be a fun last hurrah for me before we go.

  113. I am a long-standing OBB fan! I've tried practically all your recipes. I run the blog for our Relief Society and 90% of the time I link to your recipes, I've got my ward hooked! And I've been NEEDING a trip to Utah. This would help me justify the drive. Please!! I'll grovel if you like?


  114. It just so happens that I like cooking, partying,and you! And it also happens that I will be in Salt Lake on the 11th! I would love to take my husband to this with me! And I feel lucky! We are your biggest fans because I love making your delicious food, and he loves to eat it! (and sometimes even clean up afterwards) 🙂

  115. Although I am a "newer" fan, I have already tried over a dozen of your recipes and have yet to be disappointed! In fact, I love them so much, I regularly recommend you! I live in Salt Lake City, and can boast two friends in England are now "fans" of yours as well! My friends and family in the US have to hear about you too! 😉 Our favorite by far? The pizza rolls! Thanks!
    ~Kim Carlson

  116. I am completely addicted to our best bites! I tell all my friends about it and get them addicted too. One weekend I left my computer at work and I was super sad because I couldn't try any of your new recipes. But if that happened now I have your cookbook so I will be covered:)
    I teach 2nd grade and I have that day off because of parent teacher conferences. I would love to bring one of my coworkers who is addicted too.
    Pyper (pyperj@gmail.com)

  117. Although I am a "newer" fan, I have already tried over a dozen of your recipes and have yet to be disappointed! In fact, I love them so much, I regularly recommend you! I live in Salt Lake City, and can boast two friends in England are now "fans" of yours as well! My friends and family in the US have to hear about you too! 😉 Our favorite by far? The pizza rolls! Thanks!
    ~Kim Carlson

  118. I am a college guy learning that I love to cook–especially all of your recipes. Plus, how impressive of a date would this be!

    Jeff (jalaidlaw@gmail.com)

  119. I would SOOOO love to come!! I love OBB because I had no idea how to cook anything before, especially bread/yeast things even though that is what I love to eat the most!! I have been trying to learn for a while, and then I found your site and now almost everything I make turns out great! My husband is sooo appreciative as he actually gets home cooked food now. Thanks!!

  120. I have loved your site from the beginning! I would love to meet you. I'm constantly telling everyone about your site and have many favorites. I enjoy your simple, family friendly recipes that use fresh ingredients (in an easy way) to get great tasting food!

  121. Because my almost 3 year-old son eats your Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos! They are on his list with only 7 or 8 other items. I have a rotating stock in my freezer at all times. That recipe has saved my life! =)
    I'd love to come with my super cute and fun sis-in-law Kim! She turned me on to your website back when it was the "Daily Bite" and we've been loyal followers ever since! Congrats on your book!

  122. Would love to come, being the food connoisseur that I am! Not only do I love cooking it, but I love eating in general! Oh, and I love, love, love your blog. It is a daily addiction of mine. . . as well as food. Did I already say that?


  123. My good friend Katy introduced me to your blog with the Cheesy Garlic Swirls recipe, and it's been love ever since. I've mount countless numbers of your recipes since, my favorite being Buttermilk pancakes with Caramel syrup (yum!) Your practical tips make being a full-time pharmacy student, employee, wife, and cook much easier. Thanks for the tips! I'd love to meet you!


  124. Call me cheesy but I love you guys because you are real gals and real moms with real families! I can relate! And I love your recipes!!! I would love to come!

    Julie (edwards.juliem@gmail.com)

  125. I'm excited! I could actually go to this, my husband would be home that day! Yay! I'm such a huge fan of yours, I tell everyone about your blog and check it everyday. I love your tutorials and the Guiltless Alfredo is so yummy! Everything is so family and husband friendly. Thanks so much for this opportunity and this blog!

  126. I found your website after seeing you in LDS living magazine…and I have been HOOKED ever since! I planned an entire month of menus straight from your website! My kids are LOVING the new food choices and I love the variety of meals. I would absolutely LOVE to come and meet you in person, as you have become an integral part of our family! I hope I win!!

  127. I was only introduced to your blog a couple of weeks ago, but I love it! You have real food from real ingredients that real people can make. I would love to come to your launch. email goes to .gmail.com, not hotmail.com ( I can't seem to get it fixed)

  128. I love OBB! I faithfully check your blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Well, actually I am on your blog nearly everyday looking up a recipe. Your blog is ranked #3 on my Google Chrome Homepage (right behind Facebook and my Etsy shop)!!!

    I love your cookbook! I love your amazing recipes!! I especially love the detailed instructions and step by step photos on your blog.

    I honestly am not sure what my family ate before I found your blog. You gals are amazing!! It would be so fun to meet you and attend your party!

    BreAna – mathisgr8@gmail.com

  129. This past year has been my first year married, thus my first year cooking for reals! OBB gives me recipes guaranteed to be a hit. I'm the biggest fan thanks to the pictures that help me with every step! Plus I live in Texas but luckily that's the one weekend I will be in Utah. Oh I would love to come!
    ~Whitney (whitwewh@gmail.com)

  130. This sounds super exciting. I would love to come. I am an OBB fan because you two are marvelous. I have been checking M, W, and F, and days in between for over 2 years. We eat your food all the time. Pick me. amb256@hotmail.com

  131. I am a OBB fan because I can finally make rolls using your World's Best Dinner Rolls recipe. Woohoo!

    korilee_2000 at yahoo dot com

  132. I would love to come and watch you two in action! You are inspiring because you both are REAL MOMS who have a passion to make YUMMY FOOD! You both are truly selfless to have shared so much with the blogging world for FREE!

    Robyn christensen

  133. Oh this would be so much fun! I am a huge fan! I absolutely love your recipes and your blog. Everything I make of yours is always so good. So many of your recipes have become my go to recipes; pizza dough and sauce, sugar cookies, taquitos, guiltless alfredo, and so many more. My husband knows that if I am making a recipe from Our Best Bites that it will be good, he is a fan too! Oh and I love all your helpful hints and tips. Truly I have become a better cook. Thank you!


  134. Just say the word, and I'm there.

    There are sooo many cooking blogs out there with fabulous pictures, that totally trick me into thinking they taste good too. They don't. But, your recipes, without fail, look AND taste good. So, thank you!!

    I would love to meet you both 🙂


  135. Only your biggest fan would open their email and get baking instead of working. That's what I did yesterday with the blueberry muffins…YUM! I have loved every recipe I've tried and it's all thanks to my sister, Angie, who told me about your blog. That's who I would take with me to watch you work some kitchen magic. Thanks for the opprotunity! Trisha


  136. I am your biggest fan because you totally got me out of a huge cooking rut. I started enjoying cooking again after trying some of your recipes. Last night I made your Cafe Rio enchilada sauce. I loved it! I would love to come and learn more. Plus, you totally crack me up with your witty comments. Please pick me!


  137. Basically any time I need the perfect recipe, I know exactly where to go…OBB! Other than the crazy jello block incident, everything I have made from your site has rocked. I am constantly texting my friend Allison, "Have you made the _____ yet?!" We are obsessed! We're your biggest fans for sure! As in, we would come all the way from Texas with our new little babies just to hang out with y'all!


  138. This would be such an awesome experience for me!!I am the biggest fan because I check the blog religiously…My husband would starve if it wasn't for this blog. I had the hardest time cooking until you two wonderful ladies came along…THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  139. I would love love love to come! I know just who would want to come with me too! Me and my friend always have dinner with our little families to try out new OBB recipes. My inlaws and hubby's especially liked those pie suckers you posted before Valentines. So cute! My cookbook is on it's way and I can't wait!!! I check my email several times a day, you could reach me at smartblondekari@hotmail.com. I don't live far from gygi's and would love to finally get in that beautiful demo kitchen!
    Kari Ellis

  140. It's just been WAY too long since I've seen either one of you girls … with all this fame, it might be my only chance to see you. 😉

  141. I just found your blog a couple of months ago and I have been in luv with you ever since. I check it several times a day looking at all the amazing dishes and have tried a few of them and have loved every one. I am on a mission to try every single one. Please pick me!!! (amy@infiniti-construction.com)

  142. Oh my friend and I were just talking about getting the cookbook yesterday! We so want to be there! I love OBB and use it almost daily. I have gotten my whole family hooked and most of my friends.


  143. I would love to come! My husband has always been the better cook between us, but thanks to you guys, I get to shine sometimes now. I not only love the recipes, but that I feel like I can actually make these without panicking. 🙂 tiffany(dot)gibson(at)gmail(dot)com

  144. I would love to come (and bring a friend)! I'm the biggest OBB fan because y'all are seriously the only blog I've found that produces original recipes that are consistently amazing. I've absolutely loved every single recipe I've tried on here.

  145. I NEED to meet you two!! You are my only girlfriends that I have never actually met, but I check in with you everyday. The two of you have made dinner exciting at my house, and I would really like to thank you in person!! I have loved every one of your recipes and more than a few times have decided to ditch the diet and embrace my curves because I ABSOLUTELY have to try one of your recipes. I think you girls are abolutely fabulous and your blog and cookbook make me want to smile, laugh, and COOK!!
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Kelly Clark

  146. I NEED to meet you two!! You are my only girlfriends that I have never actually met, but I check in with you everyday. The two of you have made dinner exciting at my house, and I would really like to thank you in person!! I have loved every one of your recipes and more than a few times have decided to ditch the diet and embrace my curves because I ABSOLUTELY have to try one of your recipes. I think you girls are abolutely fabulous and your blog and cookbook make me want to smile, laugh, and COOK!!
    Thank you for all that you do!
    Kelly Clark

  147. I would love to come! I can't tell you how much I love your blog! It is a go to essential for our family. My husband even looks up recipes. Your blog gets my whole family involved! If you can get husbands searching recipe indexes, then you gals can do pretty much anything!


  148. Why would I love to hang out with you two?

    Because you're fun, and cute and great cooks, too!

    Your recipes are delicious, the food is divine!

    If I were to win, well, that would be fine!

    But you two go ahead and choose who you think is best.

    (I'll pay you a little now, once I win you'll get the rest.)


  149. I would absolutley love to come. I just got your cookbook yesterday and I am so excited about it. Not only do I LOVE your recipes and tutorials, but I love that I feel like I know you guys!!! I love reading your posts. You make everything seem doable and fun. I have a sister who lives in Boise (I live in SLC) but I always tell her she needs to find Sara and become friends with her cause she seems so awesome!

  150. Don't even know WHaT my family was eating before finding your site … you have literally taught me HOW to cook a meal … I've read EVERY post on your blog … linking all the way thru "older posts" to the very FIRST one … I have a 32 meal list of new recipes to try from your new cookbook … I think your salad dressings might be your best kept secret … love the way you put flavors together … I now always have LIMES on hand … maybe I'd bring my husband to your class because we could use a date … yesterday we had thai peanut noodle salad for lunch, OBB chicken tortilla soup for dinner and the new sour cream pound cake as an afterschool snack … and that's a typical day! … my 8-year old daughter found 6-7 recipes SHE wants to make from your new cookbook … would love tickets, and I'll be at your book signing for absolute sure … can't wait to meet you two … you are definite celebrity status in my world 🙂


  151. Whenever I am looking for a recipe…I come straight to your blog. I have so many cookbooks, but since I have found your blog I have forgotten that closet and always checked here first. My favorites have been the holidays! You both are so creative and my family thanks you for that!

  152. Wow, it looks like I'm the millionth person to say something like this but before I found your blog I had never made a single sugar cookie or even attempted to make a valentines day decoration. I love you guys because you're real, you make me laugh, and you put everything into idiot-proof steps that I can follow. I have become more of a homemaker because of you and my kids, hubby, and I are all grateful. Sign me up please!


  153. I am an OBB fan because you are my main source for Dinner I have 5 hungry mouths to feed and with you guys I never fail!! We just moved to Utah in January and we would love to go out and be able to come do something fun like this!

  154. I would love to come! My family knows the food's gonna be great when I tell them I found the recipe on Our Best Bites. I can't wait for the cookbook!

    Lindsay (blueplasticdino@yahoo.com)

  155. I am a fan because pies and cupcakes in a jar are by far the cutest food gift I've ever seen, and they are delicious, too! Those got me started, then came taquitos, coconut chicken fingers… The list goes on! Your blog is fun and yummy, what can I say more? Pick me!:)


  156. I check your site religiously…every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and usually every day in between). There is not a week that goes by that I don't make one or more of your recipes. Your recipes have gotten me many compliments and who doesn't like those! You guys rock!

  157. I am so excited for your event and book signing!

    I have learned to cook like a REAL cook through your blog! Your step-by-step directions are perfect and your recipes are so tasty. My husband has been a very happy man with all the OBB recipes I've tried over the last year or so!

    I am a huge fan and tell everyone I know about your blog. You ladies are the best!


  158. You mean besdies the fact that we eat something from your web site at least 3 times a week? Or the fact that you guys are so awesome and nice and answer my tweets and help me out? What about the fact that I have converted many people to your site through word of mouth (the food I'm giving them that I made from your site also helps) …I like to talk…a lot. Then probably the reason why I am your biggest OBB fan is because I am the head of your self-proclaimed fan club. DUH! And your guys authorized it, right?! You had no idea what you were getting yourself into, did you? Muahaha! 🙂


  159. Sign me up hot mamas! I'm THE biggest OBB fan because well, I'll just lay it to you straight here- you've simply saved my culinary reputation! And on top of that you make me look DANG good! Before this blog entered my life oh my poor husband….now, the man thinks I'm a chef mastermind. Too bad he'll never know the truth, muahhahahah!!
    x_treme009@hotmail.com (Whitni)

  160. My sister and I are huge fans of you guys. Whenever I am on the hunt for a new recipe, I always check here first! I would love to meet you in person. Thank goodness for you and your blog. (ljhess@msn.com)

  161. I use this website every week planning dinners. I don't think we've ever had a recipe we didn't like! I'd love to be there with a friend 🙂 and eat some delicious food!

  162. My sister and I would love to go! I think between the two of us we make something from your blog every night of the week 😀 (you can click my name for my email address)

  163. I love cooking and I love trying out your recipes! Yours is the only cooking blog that I follow because it's the best! I recently shared your website with my roommate and now she spends all her time going through all your recipes. It would be so fun if she and I could come to the demo! (claricefenn@gmail.com)

  164. Oh my gosh, you're coming?? How cool is this?? I'm OBBs biggest fan for sure! I check your website at least once a day…hoping that some days you might do a little something extra! I'm a mother of almost 3, and have impressed everyone I know with my "cooking skills"…..all recipes from OBB! I stay at home and therefore have tons of time to cook, but it would be an awesome afternoon out with my girlfriend if I could attend your launch party!

    Thanks for making me a great chef and being so dang hilarious in your blog posts!


  165. Aha! The blog finally came up on my computer and I get to leave a comment! My friend introduced me to Best Bites a couple of years ago with the Cinnabon Caramel Corn recipe. We made "tons" and gave it out to everyone we came in contact with that Christmas. It was a big hit. I would love to come to the cookbook launch, but even if I don't get tickets, I think I'll just come hangout anyway. Gygi's is a great store, and I could at least get my book signed. 🙂 btmellor@hoyt.com

  166. I love OBB because you guys are REAL! Real women, real moms, real everything! I love all the recipe's I have tried and you come up with creative fun ideas. I love the cookbook (although my husband hoped it was a hot Mormon moms calendar). He is enjoying the food from it anyway:)
    Hope to see you at Orson Gygi!!!


  167. You guys are the best ever since my husband showed me your blog about pie in a jar he found on a geek blog I've been hooked!! I love how the two of you are down to earth and witty and your recipes are fantastic-thanks for being on facebook too!! Hope to see you live 🙂

  168. I am SUCH a fan of yours that not only did I almost cry from happiness at receiving your cookbook for Valentines Day BUT all my girl friends think I should get paid for the OBB promoting I do. Srsly. Im that crazy for you. But don't worry, if I win the tickets I wont get crazy stalkerish on you. At least I don't think I will. But I will probably pee my pants from the excitement. Ah the curse of having children 😉

  169. I'm a huge fan!!! You have simple recipes that are quick and fun to make. I also feel like I know you…is that weird? My friend and I thought about starting a food blog for college students, and then we realized it would just be ourbestbites part 2, so I just direct people straight to your site instead! 🙂

    Love you guys, and would love to come up to Salt Lake and meet you!!

  170. I'm the biggest OBB fan, because I love that your recipes are tried and true and delicious. When I want to make something new or try something basic I love your simple directions and that I can count on the recipe being good. Some of my favorite recipes from you include… Everyday cinnamon rolls, Elote, pizza and breadstick dough, sugar cookies, etc etc. I love your blog and am grateful for your cooking help and inspiration.

    I can't wait to get my hands on your cookbook and would love to come to your book debut. ashlanengaATgmailDOTcom

  171. How fun! I've wanted to meet you ladies for a long time!! I liked you when you first started (from BBC) and I haven't found a bad recipe yet and tell all my friends!

  172. Oooh! Sounds like so much fun!! I just discovered your blog a week ago and have already made some meals and am preparing to make some tonight (well, ok – it's actually not a meal, it's the chocolate chip cookie pie – sounds delicious!) Love to see what you got "in person" and have some fun! Love how you explain the recipes – it makes them seem easy, even when in other circumstances they are really not : )

    LeslieG34@yahoo.com – hope to see you at the party!

  173. I'd love to come! I live in Colorado but I'm planning to be in SLC that week visiting my folks. I'd love to come because I love that you post recipes that are do-able and yummy. I'm still dreaming about the chocolate-cream filled cream puffs you posted last year or so–they are TO DIE FOR!


  174. I would love to come!! I love your blog and would LOVE to meet the women who inspire me as a cook and as mother!! This would truly be a dream come true for me! Thanks for all you do!!
    PS I just got my cook book and I LOVE it! Great Job 🙂


  175. I ache for those MWF mornings that I can drool over your awesome recipes and then watch my husband roll his eyes as I go on and on about how good the recipe sounds. (Like gooey oatmeal raisin cookies in a bowl for breakfast?! Drool.)

    Please pick me! I would love to meet you guys – and cheer you on for your amazing book release!


  176. How fun!! I would love to join you. I ♥ your recipes and your blog….I have been following for quite a while. Cooking is one of my passions!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

    Amy ♥
    crickett4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  177. I am your biggest fan because you have the best recipes. I love to try new things and you always have lots to choose from. I would love to win tickets for my brother and his wife that live close by. They love to cook together and have shared lots of great recipes with. Also March 11 is his birthday and since he lives so far away I would love to be able to do something for him. Thanks for all the amazing pictures and walk throughs.


  178. I have been addicted to your site since I found it a couple months ago. If I want something I head here knowing there's a VERY good chance you have a similar recipe to what I am looking for. I love the photos, and the personality of your site!!! LOVE it all!! What a fantastic idea for a debut, count me in for wanting to be there 🙂

    ttmom 42 at yahoo dot com

  179. I AM SERIOUSLY YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! I have been culinarily (is that a word?) challenged all my life, until my dear sister Lisa A. (who lives in Cedar City) told me about your blog – and now I am hooked. I have finally been able to have some cooking successes (you girls make it so fun and easy!) I'm getting Lisa your cookbook for her birthday in March but I would LOVE to take her in person to the show as well!! PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  180. I AM SERIOUSLY YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! I have been culinarily (is that a word?) challenged all my life, until my dear sister Lisa A. (who lives in Cedar City) told me about your blog – and now I am hooked. I have finally been able to have some cooking successes (you girls make it so fun and easy!) I'm getting Lisa your cookbook for her birthday in March but I would LOVE to take her in person to the show as well!! PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  181. I found your blog at just the right time… I was in a food "rut"; ya know, making the same 8 things over and over again. You have such a great variety and we LOVE the recipes from Brazil! (My hubby served an LDS mission there). I would love to come see you ladies in action! Keeping my toes and fingers crossed that you'll pick me.


  182. You're recipes are awesome,and the photography is beautiful. I would love to come and bring my daughter in laws(they love your site!) who are all learning how to cook! It would be a great "girl excursion"!

  183. I LOVE your blog. Before I heard about your blog (I saw it on STUDIO5)I always struggled with what to make for dinner. Now I get excited! The best part is that my daughter that is autistic has loved every recipe I have made from your blog. It has been such a blessing to have her branch out from her usual bland foods. Now we can actually eat as a family instead of me having to make something different for her. Thank You! I would love to meet you gals in person.

  184. I would bring my sister in law who is pregnant and thinks she is fat. I tell her to just keep eating and enjoy it. Plus she is the one who introduced me to Our Best Bites.

  185. I AM THE BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My life was not complete, until you posted the Tucano's Brazilian Lemonade recipe. The chicken mango skewers, …the list goes on. That is my favorite restaurant. I go there every year for my birthday, which is on March 17th. So seeing how this event is on March 11th, this would make for a fabulous birthday present. I have yet to try a recipe I haven't LOVED. I share your recipes on facebook, email them to family and friends, and deliver my tested goods to friends and neighbors who have now come to adore you. I would LOVE to get these tickets!. I live in the area and would definitely be able to attend.

  186. I love you guys. I'm so excited to see what will be in the e-mail when your post comes in. I love that it not only has the recipe, but tips pictures, and your fun stories.

    Pick me, please!

    Thanks for everything- Pamela (pamgreg@rampton.com)

  187. I became a fan of ourbestbites this last December, my sister raved about you and I've been hooked ever since. I'm a daily follower, sometimes a "several times" a day follower.My 3 year loves to help me cook, each morning she asks "what should we make today" we find a recipe on your site and were off. Haven't been disappointed yet. I would love to attend this book launch/party, and bring my mom who is the bomb diggity cook of all time. thanks so much,

  188. LOVE Our Best Bites! LOVE Orson Gygi! My sister-in-law and I are always sharing which recipe we've most recently tried. I'm trying to teach my teenage daughter to cook, and I always refer her to your site. Thank you for your fun blog! Pleeease let us go!!

  189. Oh my goodness!!! I want to come! I am the biggest OBB fan because I tell everyone about you guys. Since I found your website I go there daily to drool over all the recipes and your amazing pictures. I have not made anything from your site that I have not loved. I love how you guys have great recipes and tips and how easy going your posts are. I am so excited. Thanks again.

  190. What's not to love?!?!?! Ever since my sister in law introduced me to your site, I'm here EVERY DAY! My husband finally stopped asking what website I was drooling over every day. I find something new every time and have yet to try something I didn't just love! I love to cook for my family and I love to eat! OBB is SO my style! I love it when I discover one of your recipes that isn't too far off from my own thinking, but you put my crazy flavor wants into recipes. THANK YOU! I have to admit that we eat Baked Creamy Chicken Toquitos at least once a week. Especially being pregnant right now, I can't get enough! My sisters and I get together once a week for craft day, and lots of times that intails baking or cooking something off OBB. My mom just got home from being in Russia for two years and I have missed cooking with her SO much! This would be the BEST outing for us girls to get back into the swing of things together! Love you girls! Keep up the good work!

  191. I love OBB because your recipes are the best. I would love to come to the party. Crossing my fingers I will win. Jamerz1891(at) gmail (dot) com.

  192. I am your biggest fan because I knew the moment I found your site, hadn't even cooked anything yet and I was I love with everything I saw. Even better is that ever thing I have tried my husband has liked. That is saying a lot for his picky pallet! I'd love to go to the show!

  193. I am your biggest fan because your apple streusal bars made my husband and I fall in love all over again. It's a funny story I like to share when I tell people that they need to follow your blog. I like Orson Gygi too, so pick me pick me!


  194. I am your biggest fan because…

    At the age of 10 (or so) I declared to my mother that my children would only know the likes of delivery pizza and McDonald's. My mother was (and is) an excellent cook. I loved her food but hated taking any part in it's creation. I stuck to my declaration through college. It was there that I met a man and decided I would like to cook for him. I browsed and looked, but every recipe I encountered left me hopeless. After I married this man I found your website (a double bonus!) and now I see how easy and enjoyable cooking can be! So maybe it's really that my husband and mother are your biggest fans. My husband loves you for showing me how to make delicious food for his taste buds. And my mother loves you for allowing her to say "I told you so." (:

    Please choose me so I can bring the woman who birthed me to come see you!


  195. TOTALLY want to come! I'm a HUGE fan. I'll even drive from Idaho to be there. That would be a great adventure and well worth the trip. Please pick me!! (ericandtam@cableone.net)

  196. I TOTALLY want to come! I am a HUGE fan and consider you part of my family since your recipes are such a big part of my life. I would enjoy nothing more than to drive from Idaho to come and make it a grand adventure. SO worth the trip! PLEASE pick me!!!

  197. PLEASE PICK ME!! It's fate- I'm going to be in SLC to visit family that week and would LOVE to come to the launch event! I adore your blog, I check it every single day and use your recipes all the time. I love your humor and stories and your great photos and tutorials. You are an inspiration!!


  198. I would really love to come! I truly haven't tried a recipe on your site that I haven't loved! My sisters got me hooked and I'd love to bring one of them too!

  199. I would LOVE to come! Your blog is always my "go-to" blog when I am wanting to make something to impress. Currently I am in love with your cheesecake tutorial/ recipe. 🙂

    Kdolinar at gmail.com

  200. How fun! I am a big OBB fan because everything I have tried on your site has been yummy. My kids have eaten everything I have tried…..which is seriously saying something! I would love to see you guys live!

  201. Ladies, I am YOUR BIGGEST FAN! Everyone I know I tell them to bookmark your blog. You ladies are so inspiring and I love cooking your food. I love that your blog isn't just about food. You add so much more to it than that. I love reading each of your post's and your tutorials have truly saved me. I'm wishing on my lucky start that you choose me!

  202. No one is a bigger fan than I am – truly!! I hate to cook. I only do it because i have a family to feed. And I have never enjoyed it…until I was told about your blog and I tried a few recipes – LOVE you guys and your recipes! My husband and my son thank you!

    I would love to come see you!

  203. I LOVE OBB!!! Your blog is my first stop when I need a new recipe, or I'm planning my menu for the week!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to come to your launch event at Orson Gygi!!


  204. I would love to be there! I am seriously the biggest fan because I cook recipes from here every other day! I have told all my friends about y'all and you even helped inspire me to start my own food blog! You are both great-witty and down to earth with the tastiest recipes! Pick me!



  205. Oh man- looks at all these comments- I wish you didn't have so many fans around here!! LOL! I would totally love to come. Sometimes I feel like I am missionary for OBB- cause I share the site with everyone! I would be so excited to come to your demonstration, but if I don't get picked you know I will be at one of the book signings!

  206. I love, love, love Our Best Bites blog and cookbook. I've already bought one for me, my daughter, my mom and one for a gift. It's going to be my go to wedding present this year, and I go to a lot of weddings! It the perfect cookbook for beginners as well as avid cooks (like me). Every recipe I have tried is "a keeper" and something my family wants again and again. You have made dinner time a lot more delicious in my house and I think you are both absolutely adorable!

    Lisa M.
    (b-for books, bb-for bubble baths, n- for naps and c-for chocolate, the best things in life!)

  207. I would love to come! I am a big OBB fan! The number one reason that your recipes taste great, but also that they are no-fail! I share them with everyone!

  208. I just got back from serving a two year mission in Russia with my husband and heard about your blog from my daughters. It's a common conversation starter around my house. You have such great family recipes. I tried to teach my four daughters to cook while they were growing up, but now they're the ones teaching me tricks or sharing recipes with me. This would be such a fun experience to share with my daughters.

  209. I would love to be there! Every recipe I have tried has gotten rave reviews and I always tell them where I got it from! My 3 year old LOVED the rainbow cupcakes and everyone thought they were the neatest thing. I would love to meet you in person and see the demos!

  210. I'm posting this for my wife. With money being tight with two little girls and one on the way, we didn't do anything for eachother for Christmas or birthdays this year. My wife loves your site, I think she's on here every day at least once. It would be the best Christmas/birthday present combined for her to win these tickets and get to meet you! Please help her have something fun as a late Christmas and birthday present! (She turned 25 on January 16th) Please help me make her happy!

  211. I love, love, love Our Best Bites blog and cookbook! Finding you guys has brought joy and yummy dinners into my life.

    I've already bought a cookbook for me and my daughter then went back and bought one for my mom and another one for a gift. This is going to be my go-to wedding present this year and I end up going to a lot of weddings! It's the perfect cook book for beginners as well as foodies, which I like to think I am.
    I think you are both adorable and would love to meet you!
    Lisa M.

  212. I am the BIGGEST OBB fan, because I tell EVERYONE I know about your sight! I love it! My most recent dinner party I had at my house I made the Baked Potato soup…It was a hit! I also live in Salt Lake and just happen to have the day off!

  213. I would love to come! I'm the biggest fan because I check your blog every day and you are my main source for recipies. My husband lived in Brazil for 2 years, so I am especially fond of your little cheese roll things, the black bean soup, and the brazillian limade! They're the best….You guys are the best!

  214. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. It makes me hungry every time I look at it and I love your recipes! I'm a huge fan and would be so ECSTATIC to win those tickets and attend the launch. PLEASE pick me 🙂
    Lisa Adams

  215. I LOVE cooking/baking and I live in Orem…that's super close to Salt Lake. AND only need one ticket (none of my friends enjoy cooking..what's wrong with them you ask? I still don't know) pick me pretty please…you girls are awesome!


  216. me and my bestest bud across the street love your blog, she already has your book preordered! We would love to come and party with you! We both love to cook!! Pick us! or me and I will bring her!

  217. You ladies have made my cooking yummy and easy! Thank you! My friend introduced me to your blog and we would love to come together to meet the Sassy Cooks!

  218. The reason I love OBB is simple, good recipes, fun to read, down to earth women that know how to blog!

  219. Reasons I am your biggest fan/you should pick me:
    1. i live in utah!
    2. i make something from "OBB" EVERY DAY
    3. i feel like we are already best friends. I refer to Kate & Sara everyday and my husband knows who I mean. (bless his heart)
    4. You'll love me…right?? i hope. anyway! i love you! pick me! oh please please.

  220. I AM one of your GREATEST OBB fans! Ever since I found your blog I have faithfully followed you! I have NEVER tried a recipe that I haven't loved from your blog and I have tried many! I tell people about your blog and recipes all the time and even forward your emailed recipes to them! I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on your new cookbook – so of course, I would LOVE to have it signed!! And I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you girls in person! Of course I'd love to bring a friend and I will even make sure we are home early from Spring Break if I win!!!Here's HOPING you pick me!!! robynm57@hotmail.com

  221. OH…this is going to be great! My favorite recipe bloggers at my favorite kitchen store! Who could ask for anything better!! I would love to have two tickets. My daughter got me hooked on your website, and it just happens to be her birthday on March 12th. What a way for a mother and daughter to celebrate! PLEASE CAN I HAVE TWO TICKETS??!!!


  222. As a mom of 4 kids, I love any resource that makes my job easier! I'm teaching my 2 daughters (ages 9 and 8) to cook and we are having such a great time in the kitchen. I would love, Love, LOVE to win tickets. PLEASE, pick me!

  223. Oh I would love, love, love to meet the both of you. Food and fun..I am in! I am obsessed with your blog. It's gotten so bad that anytime I cook for someone they say, "Is this a best bites recipe too?". My response is always yes. I don't know what I would do without your yummy recipes.

  224. I some how found your blog when I was on the computer one night. I loved all your recipes so I had to preorder your book. Well, I have received and I LOVE it. I would love to see you all. Have a great week!

    Lisa Visone

  225. I love OBB because you have fun with your cooking and posts. I should come to your event because I love eating and have fun with food. And my wife would love to come in the week after her birthday!

  226. I have loved every recipe I use from your site! At the last family party I made Creamy Chicken Taquitos and they were a hit, thanks to you! I recommended your site to all of my sisters and sister-in-laws!

  227. My sister and I love cooking!!!!!! I have tried many of your recipes and love them! Thanks to OBB I am famous among my friends for the cinnamon roll popcorn recipe. Last week I made the creamy corn chowder and my family loved it. I love OBB and Orson & Gygi’s

  228. My sister and I love cooking!!!!!! I have tried many of your recipes and love them! Thanks to OBB I am famous among my friends for the cinnamon roll popcorn recipe. Last week I made the creamy corn chowder and my family loved it. I love OBB and Orson & Gygi’s

  229. oh please pick me!! OBB is my all time favorite blog. Everytime I need something yummy I get on OBB to bust amazing food in the kitchen! Food makes people happy thats why I LOVE to cook! Thats why I love your recipes! My all time fav recipe is your apple struesel bars. I could eat a whole pan by myself. YIKES! not really but ALMOST! I have a link on my blog so people see it all the time. I love orson gygi too! Woot! I admire you girls so much! THANKS For being awesome!

    -brianne 🙂

  230. I'm brilliant…you even told me to remember my contact information in my post and I still forgot it. It must have been all the excitement of thinking about winning a chance to see the two of you cook and tasting your delicious food. So here it is: email me at missjanuari@gmail.com.

  231. I am the biggest fan because when I see a recipe that looks good, I immediately print it up, laminate it and put it in my recipe card collection. My daughter (who is thirteen and hopes to become a chef) and I LOVE to try out your recipes. I also LOVE the pics that go along with the recipe so I know my attempt looks like yours. We would love to go to Gygi. I just saw an advertisement for them on a billboard in Provo and am going to check out the place this weekend (with my daughter)

  232. I have a sister who lives only an hour away but works full time away from home so we don't get to spend time together anymore. We are very close and been through alot together. I would love to surprise her with a ticket to go with me. I just got her started on your blog and recipes.
    This past year I have really stepped up when it comes to feeding my family good homemade meals. Your recipes have been key in this endeavor. So thank you!

  233. I am your biggest fan. I have been reading your blog for a long time. I love the fact that Kate and I have switched places. I grew up in Louisiana and now live in Utah, and you were in Utah and are now living in my old stomping grounds! I have cooked a recipe from your book every day since I received it in the mail. I LOVE the blog, the book, and you two cute girls. I would LOVE to be there to meet you guys in person. 🙂

  234. I am a fan because the pictures, the recipes and the blog never disappoint. I would love to attend in person and enjoy an evening of cooking experiences!

  235. I am a HUGE fan of OBB. I love reading your posts because you give so much personality and and life to the food you make! Plus I am always printing out recipes because they are delicious! I hope I win!
    2 Tickets Please

  236. I am a huge fan of OBB not only because I know Sara's dirtiest secrets (ok, not really) but also because you have great recipes that are used frequently in my home. I do my best to support and spread the word of your site to all I know. Love you!


  237. I would love, love, love to be there! I am the biggest fan (and getting bigger, quite literally, due to your plethora of incredible desserts) because at least one of your recipes appears on my menu weekly. And your desserts, several times a week. And your food is the thing I blog about the most, second to my child.


  238. I am the biggest fan in the literal sense of the word. Since I started reading your blog I've gained 10 pounds. Pretty sure that deserves some tickets:).


  239. Wow! Sure wish I lived closer, cause I would be there. My dh does most of the cooking, but when I feel sorry for him I turn to OBB for my recipes cause I know they are tried and true! Love the photos. You gals are the best! Have lots of fun!

  240. I have been using your site since about Nov. 2010. I am an OBB fan because I love to try new recipes,and your presentation of new recipes is so enticing and user friendly, I can't resist trying almost everything I come across! From the basic to the exotic, I'm trying whatever you can throw at me!! So far, my family has absolutely loved everything I've tried from you guys!! Thanks~ Amber jakentfam@yahoo.com

  241. I am a huge fan, have tried lots of different recipes from your website, all with fantastic results! My family and friends (I cook for people a lot) all enjoy the recipes I've tried so far, and I look up recipes all the time from you guys. I think the best part is the step by step pictures/tutorials and the fun way you teach us to make such yummy foods!! Thanks~Amber

  242. I am a total OBB fan because I have never been a fan of cooking, and you girls have changed that! I have made so many of your recipes, and loved them all. My kids get to eat healthy, homemade food thanks to your step by step instructions!I'd love to meet you girls!

  243. I would LOVE to come! I am your biggest fan because I didn't even know how to cook anything if it didn't come out of the microwave until I found your blog. People were amazed! I thought about keeping your blog a secret and just letting them think I was a super genius…but alas, I couldn't do it! So now I share it with EVERYBODY!I think they may be tired of hearing about it! But that doesn't stop me!

  244. I want to come so bad!!! I am a huge fan of yours! I look at your blog at least once a day and usually about 10 times a day! I love all your recipes and have referred so many people to your blog. I just received my OBB cookbook in the mail yesterday and have been drooling over it! I love it so much! Please pick me to come! Thanks! spaget601@aol.com

  245. I would love to come see you in person! Your recipes are awesome, your writing is witty, and I have become your biggest fan because my Brazilian husband thinks it's awesome that I can make him yummy Brazilian recipes. We love your black beans. Your recipes are always a hit.


  246. I would love to get tickets for my wife and I. She loves you site and we just bought your new book today at Costco. My wife has been talking about doing a 30 day only OBB recipes for a while. I think she was waiting for the book and this event will make her so happy. We would love to get tickets. Thanks so much!


  247. I am definitely the biggest OBB fan! I love your website! My whole life my mom tried to get me to cook and I never liked it – until I found your website. My husband loves your recipes! We have already cooked several from the new cookbook! Please let us come to your launch event so we can meet both you fabulous ladies in person!!

  248. I LOVE Our Best Bites! I am ALWAYS making recipes from your website and I love every single one. My husband doesn't even ask any more where I got the recipe from, he just knows. I love drooling over the pictures and you guys have fun commentary as well.
    I would love, love, LOVE to win this!
    jlsorensen at gmail dot com

  249. I would love to go. I have bought your cookbook to give to my friend for her birthday in March. I would love to add a ticket to this event to the gift!

  250. Who wouldn't want to come Food, Friends, FANS and Fun! Add for Free, Wow sounds like the perfect recipe! I love your blog and recipes, and cooking tips which are always much needed, Yes I am a BIG OBB FAN. andzfarr@gmail.com

  251. Probably half of what I cook comes from your blog. I love it! And if I ever need a great food gift idea, OBB is the first place I look. Congrats on your new book. I will definitely be buying a copy!

  252. I love your blog! I am in a recipe group and I bring lots of dishes that you have shared on your blog. Thanks for always making me look so good at my recipe group. Your recipes ROCK!! Would Love to meet you

  253. I'm a fan because: 1 – you make delicious food! 2 – the way you write about and affiliate your recipes to your lives is something I can relate too! 3 – I love how you love your readers. Your blog is a pleasure to read and the recipes have brought lots of good eats to my kitchen table. I would LOVE to be at your launch party!!!! emileehunter77{at}yahoo{dot}com

  254. I am your biggest and probably your newest fan…let me tell you why. Four months ago my awesome mission companion from Brazil visited me and brought Yoki Cassava flour. Of course she made me PAO DE QUIEJO!!! (we topped it off with Cajuina…) but alas, she only brought enough Yoki for one batch which was consumed amazingly fast. It wasn't until my mother found your recipe for Pao de Queijo that my dream of having some of this without buying imported Yoki became a reality! I love all cooking but any Brazilian recipes available that don't require translation are AWESOME!!! OBRIGADA!!!

    Forgot my contact info: rebeccalowry@gmail.com

  255. PIck me. its my sisters Bday and we looooovvvveee OBB. I would love to treat her to this. Thanks for always posting so many pictures, it helps me to a better cook.

  256. I am your biggest fan because cooking is pretty much the only creative thing I get to do. I have a few children with disabilities. I work. But when I get home, I find your posts and dream of creations in my kitchen. Take me away Best Bites!

  257. I am your biggest fan because you saved my marriage.
    My husband has always wanted me to cook and now i do.
    I just got my cookbook today from Amazon that I preordered months ago!

    Yea. I love you girls. The book is beautiful. I love the size, i love the bookmark in the front, i love the colors, i love the page references to other recipes, i just down right love it!!!
    and if I came I would wear pink and who does not love to look at the color pink while they are teaching something!!

    Kristi – pinkeverythingpink@yahoo.com

  258. My comments don't seem to be showing up (maybe I'm doing this wrong) but I do love your blog. Every recipe I've made I've really enjoyed. In fact, your sausage tortellini soup is on the stove as I type this! Hope I can get a ticket to your event in SLC! 🙂

  259. WHY am I your biggest FAN?
    1- I have used so many of your recipes I can't evern count!! (only the pounds I have added on)
    2- I have told way too many people about your site that I can't even count!!
    3- I have the same philosophy as you do about the reason why you love to cook!!! It's all about the Love!! And I love you guys!!

  260. I am the biggest OBB fan. I make all your stuff but my most fav is the coconut chicken Mmmmmmmmmm I just love it! Pick me I would love to come!!!

  261. My daughter and I love cooking! We think it brings families together and we have loved your recipes! We have both pre-ordered your cookbook and can't wait for it's arrival. I live here in Utah and my daughter lives in Texas and….it just so happens that she and her family are coming to visit and will be here for the 11th. We would love a girl get-away and would love to party with you!!

  262. I'm totally the biggest fan. I check your blog and cook from your blog daily. My friends and family think I'm a good cook because of you! I would love to meet you girls and eat your food!


  263. Wait! I forgot to give my contact information! whjx@msn.com

    My daughter and I love cooking! We think it brings families together and we have loved your recipes! We have both pre-ordered your cookbook and can't wait for it's arrival. I live here in Utah and my daughter lives in Texas and….it just so happens that she and her family are coming to visit and will be here for the 11th. We would love a girl get-away and would love to party with you!!

  264. I absolutely love your blog and look forward everyday to check out whats new. It is a highlight. Excited about your new cookbook. My two daughters also love you!

  265. I would love to come see you gals at a cooking demo. I'm the biggest fan because I'd actually consider naming my first born daughter after you girls- Sara Kate! What do ya think? I love learning new things about cooking and I learn best when it is hands on! (udycutie@gmail.com)

  266. I Wanna Come!! Pretty Please with Sugar on Top!!!! Eyes, Fingers, Arms, Toes, Legs, Crossed!!!! I've got to win one of these blog things sometime! 🙂
    pick me….Pick Me….
    PICK ME!!!! You gals are amazing and I'd love to get to know you in person!!! Thanks.

  267. I've been reading your blog for as long as I can remember. I am pretty much obsessed with you. The minute your book came out I bought it and read it like a novel. I love your recipes. They're doable, delicious, and something that's impressive to make. I would love to win. Plus my birthday is the 12th!

  268. I would love to come!! I have catered for 15 years, and there are not many sites that have such unique and delicious recipes. I now cook just for my family, and love finding something new they like to eat. Almost always it is one of your recipes.

  269. Wahoo, count me in. Double fun, Orson Gygi is a favorite of mine! I am a huge fan of normal people food, with normal ingrediants, that a normal (or not so normal) family can eat!
    About the book signing….Kate you of all people should know how dissapointing it is that no one EVER travels north of Salt Lake! You have huge fans here in Cache Valley Utah that would love a local visit. Somethin to think about. 🙂

  270. I would looove to come!! i am a huge fan because i love how you make all your recipes easy to understand. and your pictures are always so clear and beautiful! not to mention, the food is so yummy!

  271. Love your blog, love your recipes, love your book, love your humor, and I love that you make me love to cook. Please pick me!!! My birthday is March 7 and I would LOVE to come celebrate a belated birthday! Plus, my husband will be in Las Vegas watching the MWC basketball tournament the night of the launch and winning this would make being left at home with 4 kids so okay with me.
    Thanks for the chance!

  272. ME ME ME ME!!! Are your friends allowed to win? I am your BIGGEST fan! I am one of the original followers! My link to your site still says "The Daily Bite". Yours is the ONLY food blog I read and use with any regularity at all. Tonight I even made your brussel sprouts! You are an inspiration. Plus, I think it would be so fun for me (and Kim if she could come) to cheer you on! jones.marcie@gmail.com

  273. I have followed your blog since the beginning (when you were "the daily bite")! I love you guys! Why am I your biggest OBB fan? ***Because you make me look good!!!*** Seriously, my husband thinks I'm the greatest cook on earth…thanks to you!

    gooseylloyd at yahoo dot com

  274. Pick me! I would totally miss work to be there.
    I was one of your first fans, even before you were OBB. I have fond memories of learning to cook with Kate when we were both in high school. Blog-stalking is one thing but it would be awesome to see her once again in person!!

  275. as part of the twitter chicks honorary fan club I'm definitely a good choice 🙂 I basically only make your recipes for dinner and have made most of the treats you've posted. i LOVE love LOVE your site and recipes! Thanks for always giving awesome ideas to us uncreative people 🙂

  276. I've been following the two of you since I saw you do a demo at Macey's in American Fork. I've talked about you so much that now most of my friends follow you as well! When I need a go-to recipe, I "go to" your blog!

  277. The only food that I have impressed my in-laws with, have been recipces from this blog. It has saved me time and TIME again. Anything else I can learn will be extremely apperciated!! Trust me I am the biggest and most grateful fan ever!!

    – Hayley

  278. Whenever my wife wants to try a new recipe my first question is always "Is it from 'Our Best Bites'". I have no idea where my wife gets any of her other recipes, nor do I care; I know one thing 'OBB' = great dinner!

  279. My sister loves you guys! I am not in utah but I would love to win two tickets for my mom and my sister!

    suzie_seaman@hotmail dot com

  280. The only recipes that I have been able to impress my in-laws with have been from this OBB blog. I owe a lot to this blog!! It has saved me time and time again. I love this blog more than anyone can understand, because their no better way to people’s hearts then food. I would be extremely appreciative to attend, so I can continue to learn more. Thanks!!

    -Hayley – hbhbatgirl@gmail.com

  281. My friend Sarah and I are big fans! We will drive from WINDY WYOMING to see you because you deserve a hug for the World's Best Rolls (and we deserve a hug for being so loyal)!

  282. I am a mom of three little kids from Vancouver Wa. I have been following your blog for the last year and a half. I've always been intimidated of cooking until I came across your blog. I'm not afraid to try anything on your blog because you include such fantastic instructions. I am such a fan I'll come to Utah just to meet you. What a great experience to take back to Washington. Please consider me for tickets to the show. emy390@gmail.com


  283. The Perfect Cupcake Frosting Recipe is what made me fall in love…
    I love bestbites because it's made cooking in my home fun again…and it's made me look really good among my circle of friends!
    Thanks for helping me out in the kitchen!

  284. You have inspired me! My cooking life gets so boring…and each time I get an email from you with a new idea, I get so excited. Thanks for all you do to keep my life exciting. I'm a better mom for it. I'm anxiously awaiting your next email with a new idea!


  285. You had me at how to cook bacon, and I've never looked back! Your recipes are (usually) simple; I have yet to find one I don't love (hello, Chunky Monkey Pancakes w/ PB syrup? I think I'm still in heaven); and your crafty ideas are simple as well. I have already ordered a book and would LOVE to come to this party. Can I buy a ticket?


  286. I am a huge fan because I love food, but I get bored- I'm always on the look out for something new!

    bend_me_betty at yahoo dot com

  287. I am so giddy I found your blog! I have been addicted ever since! Why would I not want to share in your success?! You are both a hoot! I love to cook and eat, of course! I also love Orson Gygi! PICK ME!! See you there!- Jamie (jmgirl94@msn.com)

  288. Ever since I found your blog I have been your biggest fan. I like to try new recipes and yours are absolutely delish and easy to make. Love your step by step instructions… I would love to be part of your audience.


  289. I love Our Best Bites! I look forward to every post-pics and commentary :)…I not only bought a book for myself but for my best friend and sister. I have them both hooked as well. I made the White Chicken Chili tonight and came to work and shared the recipe with my coworkers…they are now hooked as well! I love OUR BEST BITES!

  290. I would LOVE 2 tickets for March 11th! I am brand spankin new to your blog(as of tonight)! A friend just posted your blog on FB, I read it and I am hooked. You guys are amazing. I would love to come learn, taste, and have fun with you!
    Thanks so much!
    matthiasohana at comcast dot net

  291. BiGgEsT fAn EvEr! I wake every morning to check for new postings (even before I check facebook). I make your recipe for "worlds best rolls" daily. And I am excited to be making them for a RS bday dinner next week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog.

  292. I think my husband is actually the biggest OBB fan. Since I found your blog, he can't stop raving about my cooking. It wasn't like that before! I love your recipes and I love the compliments I get from everyone when I make your recipes. I would love to come see you!

  293. I love your darling ideas. Now that I'm a grandma I need cute ideas for my granddaughters. You both are so cute. I would love to bring my daughter to your show. Kate I'm a long lost friend of your sister. Would love to see you again.


  294. I wish I could come! I would totally have if not for having a baby any day now. Even though I live in NY, I would have been there! I have wanted to visit UT again anyway. Alas. Have a blast!!

  295. Every week, we plan a menu before we food shop. Your blog is one of the first places I check for ideas. I am on right now at 5am. Does that show loyalty? :). That is why I am a biggest fan!!

  296. I found your site 6 weeks into my pregnancy and for the remaining months made almost every post and several from your archives. Now that my son is almost 8 months, my family and friends are convinced that his love for a verity of foods is from all the meals we tried and are still trying from your site! I would love to meet the two women that have helped shape my sons love of food!

    Ashley ~ aepaulin221@gmail.com

  297. You guys are a recent discovery for me. I found you from your posts on Make It and Love It. I've been so surprised and delighted by your happy prose and delicious recipes. I'd love to see you demonstrate your talents in person!


  298. Wow what a great opportunity you're creating for some very lucky people! I would love to be one of those 30 – woohoo! I'm a fan of best bites because it helps me get out of my rut. I actually do cook quite a bit, but being a mom it's easy to fall into the 5 or 6 recipe repetition that gets old fast. So I now make at least one of your recipes every day, whether it's a main dish, side, or dessert. You got my creative juices flowing again, and for that I will forever be a fan. I got all of sisters-in-law just as hooked on your site as I am, and I'd love to take one of them with me if I won!!!!

  299. I am seriously your biggest fan. My life has changed since I found your blog–for the yummier! I check every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to see the latest posts. And I'm constantly telling friends and family about my favorite blog!!

    shellycameron @gmail.com

  300. Yay!! This sounds like a blast! I am a faithful fan of OURBESTBITES because you two inspired me to enjoy cooking again! Your recipes are fantastic, delicious and fun! I hope I can meet you guys in person and watch you cook something fun!
    My name is Holly and you can contact me at hmevans1970@gmail.com
    See you soon!

  301. I would love, love, love to come. I've never commented on a blog before & have to use my husbands account, but it's only right since he wants to come too.

  302. I broke my jaw two summers ago and had to be wired shut for two whole months, living off nothing but liquids. I discovered your blog around the same time and basically ate through my eyes by looking at all of your beautiful pictures. I made lists of the recipes I wanted to try once I got my wires off and just couldn't wait! Since then I've tried many recipes, and not one has disappointed! I am your biggest OBB fan!!


  303. I'd love to go! (even if you only have one odd ticket left) BECUASE without your blog I wouldn't be making the best use of my darling little basement apartment kitchen! And, when people tell me they are bored with their cooking, need new recipes, etc. my husband will attest that the first place I refer them to is your blog…in fact, he would do it for me if I weren't present because he knows he'd be a bit doomed without it as well 🙂


  304. I absolutley love your blog and cookbook. I love that you are able to use ingredients that we already have in our home and make amazing dishes out of it. I preordered your cookbook for my Christmas present. My husband has even cooked out of it. Every recipe has been a success. Pretty please pick me! 🙂


  305. Your blog has inspired me to do more "home" cooking rather than the easier way… and low and behold, even though its "home" cooked, it is just as easy. Your recipes are fun, delicious and best of all, perfect for the home cook with a family. You have made me reach out of my comfort level and try more things. Thank you both! It would be incredible to watch you both demo some of your "Best Bites" and even more, be able to taste it as well.
    Thank you!
    Hollie B

  306. Wow! I just found your blog the other day and I am already a huge OBB fan! I wish I would have found this sooner. I have been wanting to learn tips, tricks, and recipes to start cooking better for my family and now I have. You guys are so fun! I love to cook, but I feel like I need a little help to make my cooking that little something special and you guys have helped me start to do that. And I love that you give me tips to get my four kids involved. I would LOVE LOVE to come to your cooking show/party. I can't wait to share this blog with all my family and friends. And I can't wait to see your cookbook. Please pick me to come! Then the only hard part will be containing my excitement and picking one of my sisters to bring with me. 🙂 Thanks for such a great blog!


  307. my oh my! what a delight! i never win these things, so is it ok if i happen to be 'haning out' at gygi's sometime after 2? lol! LOVE you guys!


  308. Absolutely love all your fabulous recipes. There is constantly a puddle of drool at my feet when I read your recipes. So yummy!

    staci dot jones at gmail dot com

  309. No need to hop on a plane to Disneyland, Our Best Bites is a happy place for me. Medical care, behaviour issues, and special dietary needs have replaced my favorite past time of cooking and baking which was a great stress relief for me. I'm the biggest OBB fan because reading your blog has given me a new way to drown my worries away. I would love to come and meet you gals!

  310. I am the biggest OBB fan! I already bought your cookbook and have told all my friends and family to go get it. My kids don't even know what store bought hamburger or hot dogs buns are, thanks to your great hoagie/bun recipe. The only problems is that I think we have all gained a few pounds from the Tres leches cupcake recipe. Yummy! Love ya both and start working on the next cookbook, so I can buy it.:)

  311. I would love to come! I love OBB because I am the mom of five boys and every one of your recipes I have tried has been a crowd pleaser. My son wants to be a chef when he grows up. I think coming to your event would be the ultimate mommy-son date!

    …oh, and today is my 30th birthday. Tickets would be an awesome birthday gift! 🙂

    nesloeilatan (at) gmail (dot) com

  312. I'm a new fan of our best bites. I saw your book at seagull while I was buying books for my kids. I fell in love with it and found your blog! I would love to come! Plus, I never get out anymore! Having kids and a husband with a full time job and going to college at night will do that to you! I would make him come along, Friday is his only free night! 🙂


  313. Pick me! Pick me! I want to EAT!! That's why you should pick me. 😉 (why beat around the bush?)

    P.S… your crepe recipe is to die for! (even my picky 4 year old loves them!)


  314. How fun! I would love to join you for your special event 🙂 I am a huge OBB fan because I have 7 kids and I am always trying to be creative with what I make for them and you make it so easy. Can't wait to get my hands on the book! Thanks, thanks, thanks! -Sara (saraolsen1@gmail.com)

  315. I love you guys because you help me keep up my charade that I can actually cook. And I love your food. Pretty simple really.

  316. My mom, Vicki Rasmussen, loves Sarah, so I love Sarah! I love your cookbook, and so does my 16 year old daughter. She now wants your cookbook for her birthday. 🙂
    I would love to come and see you in person! silke4@juno.com

  317. I just click with you gals and your busy lives with kids and family and your love for good food! And you're both hilarious, your blog is so FUN to read! Your recipes are ones that I would really make and really eat unlike a lot of cookbooks out there! 🙂 Thanks!!

  318. You guys are new to me, but I think you're great. I found out about you through Kate's sister, Annie (she's my sis-in-law). Would love to come to your event.
    ~Gigi (gmorgan82@msn.com)

  319. I love love love your blog! I'm on everyday and have enjoyed everything I've ever tried from your recipes! I would love to come see you in action :)You have made cooking and creating so much fun for me and my family. Thank you!

  320. I would love to come! I am always excited to see what you have posted each time I visit your blog! I love using your recipes! They are ALWAYS right on. Easy recipes to follow, down to earth, great home cooked meals that taste great!

    Katie (beattika@yahoo.com)

  321. I would love to be there and I will brave the cold weather from beautiful sunny, Southern Utah. I recently found out about your blog and I follow it faithfully, I follow you on Facebook and I've converted others too. As soon as your cookbook came out I bought it and bought it for others too. So, please allow me to venture North, leave San Jorge to have the best bite ever!!


  322. I love food, which means I love your blog, and I am a cake decorator, which means I love Orson Gygi as well. But after reading all these pleas I might feel bad if I won and denied someone else that coveted spot…but I would get over it pretty quick!
    stoutinelsalvador @hotmail.com

  323. I'm a genius :>)I posted a comment as Jennifer yesterday about my 3 year old and I cooking and how i'd like to bring my bomb diggity mom to the party and I didn't leave an e-mail or a way to get a hold of me, like I said I"m a genius.


  324. I'm your biggest fan because:
    * I hate to cook
    * My cooking style involves a lot of opening cans and reheating.

    … HOWEVER …

    Your site does the seemingly impossible and actually motivates me to shop. And cook. And do more than reheat. And actually enjoy it, too.

    And it that isn't enough, then let me just say that the cooked white frosting rocked my world and I have now made it more than twenty times. For reals.

  325. I am starting to be your biggest fan!! I learned about you from the ladies at Alta View Hospital and fell in love (all ready made the cheese balls!)I hope to see you live and learn some new tricks!

  326. I AM the biggest fan of OBB because my family has made me the biggest fan of OBB. I'm a stay at home mom after 20 years in the work place and your website and cookbook has saved me more times than I can say. And my family no longer dreads whats going to hit the table come dinner time. I think they thank you even more than I do!! Plus you ladies make me laugh at the end of a crazy day. Thanks!!! Brenda

  327. I'm your biggest fan because you guys are freaking awesome!!! I try one of your recipes pretty much every week, with much sucess I might add. My family feels much better (safer) knowing I'm trying one of your recipes than most other places. 🙂 I'm waiting on pins and needles for my own copy of your cookbook to come this week. Your posts make me laugh – you both have a fantastic writing style. I'd love to meet you in person, so pick me, please!


  328. I love OBB because not only are your recipes great, but you're both so dang funny! I'm fairly new, but I've already tried and loved several of your recipes (I think my family would eat baked chicken taquitos every other day if they could) with plans for so many more. And now my sister is hooked on OBB, too! I'd love to bring her to the event with me.

    melanee_parker [at] yahoo [dot] com

  329. Everything I have tried from your blog (and so excited to get my hands on your cookbook soon!!) has been fabulous. You are now my #1 go-to for recipe searches! Would love to come!


  330. I am actually entering on behalf of my sister, who lives in Utah. I'm in TX (darn it!). We are both big fans, because your recipes are just plain awesome! I am a fairly good cook, but my sister is just learning. We found your blog at the same time, and it is helping her to become more confident in her kitchen, and it allows us to cook the same meals together (over the phone), and it feels like we are spending time together! It's great 🙂

    meglutenfree at gmail dot com

  331. yipee yipee!!! first, orson gygi is the coolest store in the world! and i'm your biggest fan because i actually make the stuff you post and can vouch that it's DELICIOUS!!! and i tell my friends! we all love you! thanks!

    🙂 stacie

  332. I love your recipes, your fun writing style, and your great photos. I have made many of your recipes and they have all turned out great. I have seriously considered starting at the top of the recipe index and making each and every one. Maybe I'll do it when my recipe book arrives from Amazon. I'd love to meet you in person.


  333. I am loving OBB. I want to make every recipe that I see on the site. I have six children who are picky eaters, so I love to find new recipes to get me out of the same old thing for dinner rut. Thanks for the blog!!!

  334. I love love love your blog. I love all the recipes I have tried on your blog and I can't wait to buy your book and come to meet you! I hope my sister and I win!!!

  335. LOVE your blog! It's well-designed, beautiful AND informative. The added bonus? I look amazing every time I make something from your website. 🙂 Couldn't have made those incredible Sugar Cookies with Glace Icing without your help. I would LOVE to come see you in person and although I'm rarely SLC – I will be that day. My parents fly in that night after spending 1 1/2 years in Russia! Tickets would just make March 11 even better! Pick me! Pick me! deonne{at}gmail{dot}com.

  336. Shoulda added to my earlier post (2/23/11 9:06 PM) that I have a Pineville connection. She says you're awesome! Does that help my case? 🙂

  337. I am an obb fan because of your baked creamy chicken taquitos, my very favorite, ihave been hooked ever since those went on the blog!
    Please Pick me!! besides orson gygi is like a playground for me, i need any excuse to get there!

    Susie (shupeohana@gmail.com)

  338. This is the coolest blog I have ever read!! I LOVE YOU guys! these are foodtastic recipes and I love getting great new tips on how to prepare favs and new things. Hubs loves you too, he just doesn't know you are my secret!!

  339. This is the coolest blog site I have ever found!! I LOVE YOU guys!! I enjoy all the great recipes and tips to making new adventures in my kitchen!! The Hubs loves you too, he just doesn't know you are my little secret!! see you on March 11th!

  340. I love your blog because it makes a big part of my day, "cooking" fun and exciting. It has been fun to see my husband get more interested in cooking when I use more creative recipes. Thanks for all the tips and ideas. I would love to come!

  341. I think I am your biggest fan because I love good food and good people for some good fun-
    p.s. I am one of your newer fans! I "found" you when you were featured on Studio 5. I was in a nail salon. The nail tech had studio 5 tuned in and voila…love at first sight (or "site" as in blog site. Hahaha I can be so funny.)!

  342. I am a fan of OBB because pretty much everything I make comes from your sight (seriously though). My husband loves your site too because my cooking has improved greatly. It is great to come to your blog and find realistic meals that everyone loves.

    The tutorials and info you post has helped me so much too.

    Basically I love you guys and would be SO excited to come to Orson Gygi's to see you (that is my favorite store!)


  343. I am your biggest fan! I have lived in Virginia for the last four years, and have looked at your blog religiously! But now we are moving back to Idaho, and I will be in SLC visiting! I want to meet the girls who have changed my cooking forever! Thanks!

  344. I haven't always loved food and cooking. But finding your picture filled blog has convinced me food is beautiful and can be fun to create. All the pictures help me believe in myself that it is possible to do it just like you. When food is pretty it has to taste good- so I am being daring and trying lots of new foods I wouldn't have otherwise tried. I want to try everything on your blog!

  345. We love your blog, recipes, WE LOVE YOU! We also live in Utah and would be very ecstatic to be there with you guys! We show your cookbook to everyone we know because we think it is SO AWESOME! When we need to cook something we always look on your blog!We would be so grateful to come!

  346. i am your biggest fan because you have made me excited about cooking! i love your new and fun recipes that push my expectations for dinner. i would love to come with my sister who introduced me to your blog and gave me your cookbook for my birthday. pick me pick me!

  347. I am sooo excited, I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!! Your recipes are so yummy and easy to make. You make all of us look like we really know what we are doing in the kitchen. Ha Ha fooled you again hubby. I even used the pie in a jar for friends Christmas gifts and they all wanted the recipe. I have 5 daughters ranging in age from 16 – 2 and I love your ideas for little helpers in the kitchen. It makes it fun for all of us girls. Please send tickets my way!!!


  348. Cooking, laughing and meeting new foodie friends? Yes, I NEED to come! I think you guys are hilarious and talented, and would love to meet you. Plus, you're not coming up my way for a book signing, so I DEFINITELY deserve to come! 2 tickets, please!


  349. I just barely found your site. It looks wonderful and I think I need more days added to my weeks so I can try all the yummy-looking recipes!

    I would thoroughly enjoy coming to your cooking demonstration! blairlaurie@juno.com

  350. (Woah, you guys are so popular!) I just bought your cookbook on Saturday and I adore it! You guys did an awesome job putting it together – with the adorable cover, pictures of each recipe, and cute layout. It is my new favorite cookbook. Of course, I was excited to see some of my favorite recipes in there. I'm used to having your blog up on my iMac so that I can see the recipe while I cook, but I do love cooking with a traditional cookbook on the counter.

    I would be super thrilled if I got to attend the event! I'm [one of] your biggest fan[s] because I make at least one of your recipes every week and tell everyone I know about how awesome your blog is. Can't wait to see you!

  351. I'm not gonna lie…I just found your website tonight but I will tell you that I already bookmarked it. So I am now the biggest OBB fan because I am in awe of people who can come up with yummy fun things to make all the time and then be nice enough to share it with others.



  352. After just making your cadbury cookie recipe and re-reading your blog I realize my first entry did not do me justice in saying why I am the biggest fan. Some people read books before they go to bed, I read your blog and peruse your recipe index before I go to bed. Plus I feel like a kindred spirit to Sara because I grew up in Puyallup (near Seattle) and went to BYU and graduated in horticulture….I realize I am border line brown noser and biggest fan. I would love love love to meet you ladies. Plus, who wouldn't want to spend the day at Orson Gygi!!!!

  353. I am the biggest OBB fan, because I have the philosophy the LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO EAT BORING FOOD! And OBB fits that philospohy perfectly. Cheers!

    Donna Kelly

  354. I'm definitely your biggest fan! Whenever I go back to my hometown my family gets excited for some OBB recipes. 🙂 I've converted them all! I would LOVE to come!! And if it means I have to come by myself, I'd even take a single ticket! 🙂


  355. I just found about you and your blog when the bride received your book at her shower. I couldn't put it down. Love your blog and already bought the book. I would love to be in attendance and see you in action.


  356. I would love to win tickets! I have only recently discovered your blog, have already ordered your cookbook- it is being shipped to me as I write this and think it would be a lot of fun to see you at Orson Gygi!

  357. Wahoo..can't think of anything I'd rather do, then spend a few hours with both of you. I'm an OBB FAN you see, as I've found your blog of recipes. Pictures galore and yummy food to eat, I hope you'll save my friend and I a seat. Orem would be great…we're just a few streets away. So give us a chance to be there that day. But just in case this place won't do, We'd be happy to go where we can just be with you!

  358. I've been telling all my friends (and all the RS ladies in my ward) about your website for months! You gals are great because your recipes are for things I would actually make with ingredients I would actually buy! I hope I get to be at your sweet demo (although my husband thinks Orson Gygi is a dangerous place for me to be).


  359. I love using the recipes from OBB! I would love to come join you for a cooking demo. I just wish my twin sister could come with me. She's an even bigger foodie, but I would sacrifice an hour drive to come!

  360. Oh, pick me, pick me! I love your blog. I love to cook. I love trying new recipes! And I love Orson Gygi, too! What better way to bring all my "loves" together than at a demonstration! That would be totally awesome.

  361. I would love love love to come to your cooking demo. I love you blog because ALL the recipes I make of your are easy and delicious. I love that you two keep it real on your blog.

  362. You both seem like such great people (humorous, good-natured, great cooks – of course) on your blog that meeting you in person would probably blow my mind 🙂

    I always print off your recipes and share your site with everybody!! My mom is hilarious (and is who I would bring with me) because I'll tell her about a recipe I saw on here and she'll say "Oh yeah, we'll definitely be making that!!"

    Go OBB!!


  363. Oh, I happen to have a weekend planned in Salt Lake that weekend, and will be with my sisters! It would be a blast to come to your launch! I am a new follower of your blog, but I am loving it. I love your tips on how to let kids help out in the kitchen. And all your fantastic-looking recipes! ckmessick@gmail.com

  364. My family totally thanks you for your site!!! I am getting in love with cooking again!! Now if I could only get a bigger kitchen:) Love your site!!! I have made so many dinners and goodies, Thanks a ton!!! Already had my book pre-ordered from amazon:)

  365. I love MWF cuz that's when I get my OOB emails. Thanks for all the yummy food. I would love to see you in person.

    Sandy (isitonsale@yahoo.com)

  366. I would love to come! I'm a OBB biggest fan because I have been reading your blog from the beginning, and tell everyone about it!!

  367. I posted my comment on 2/23/11 at 11:23am and forgot to leave my contact info. I can't see how to delete it so I am reposting.I am a OBB fan because I Love all the food you make, it all looks yummy and tastes yummy. I am always telling my friends to check out you blog whenever they want a new recipe. I love that you are real Moms who know the stress of life with little kids and try to make all your recipes easy. I would love to come to your demonstration and soak in your energy and excitement for cooking!

  368. I am the biggest OBB fan because I just barely bought your cookbook and I already have my meals planned out for the next month based on the recipes! Seriously, I keep neglecting my family so that I can read the book over and over again!

  369. Pick me! Your blog is the first one I go to when I need dinner ideas! I'd be happy to have one or two tickets.
    jeffandmele at yahoo.com

  370. I would love to come! I love all aspects of your blog! I'm trying to connect with my inner June Cleaver, and you guys have taught me so much already!

    Sewing, baking, crafts, photography… you have it all! I'm a big fan!




  371. What a fabulous opprotunity! I would LOVE to come. I have just stumbled onto your site and I am loving planning these fun new recipes into our mix!!

  372. I love OBB!! I do believe on twitter you named our baking club presidents of your fan club..a week doesn't go by that each of us doesn't include at least one OBB recipe in our menus. We love you girls and your recipes

  373. I'm the biggest OBB fan because you make me look so good in the kitchen. My family loves every recipe from you, and I just bought your cookbook, so pick me please!!


  374. When I saw this announcement, I had palpitations. Yes, PALPITATIONS. You'll be here? AND at one of the stores that makes me tingle? I want to be there. My fan-dome of OBB increases daily, just like the ol' waistline. So inspiring, so delicious. Thank you for providing my therapy.


  375. OHH I would love to come to that! I am your guys' biggest fan because you make cooking for my husband and baby girl so easy! I don't have to worry about if what I make for them is good or not because your recipes are ALWAYS good and easy to make and have very helpful tips and suggestions.

    Thanks, I look forward to getting a hand on your cookbook too.


  376. I just learned about your website/book. My sister gave me your book for my upcoming birthday…it arrived today! Just looking at a few pages, I LOVE this book- the recipes look "doable" (which is the most important thing for any cook) and the pictures are gorgeous!! Scoring tickets for this event would be awesome since I'd take her (her b-day is on the 17th, mine is the 8th- of March). I admire you guys for getting to this point. That's fabulous!

  377. I am your biggest fan because you are so REAL. You're moms-like me- who are busy but love to cook. My family LOVES your recipes and I feel like I have learned so much from reading your blog. Please pick me!!


  378. I LOVE this blog and the great food and funny dialog….you make my day (well, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday anyway) and I've shared you with my mom and sisters, too! Please, please, please, pick me!!


  379. I love the fact that you two are such close friends. My best friend and I spent years together in SLC until I moved back East. We stayed very connected on the phone, no blogging then, until I returned to SLC 10 years later. We picked up right where we left off, having a business together, cooking, playing, and raising our families together. We would love to share time with the two of you in your class. Friendships never die.

    Hope to see you soon!


  380. My mom and I would LOVE to come!! OBB is my most favorite site EVER and all of my super delicious meals come from your genius! Oh… and because it’s always a delight for me to see my most favorite famous cousin!! Love ya!


  381. I found out about your blog while I lived in Texas but now I live in Utah so I could totally come if you pick me! I bought your cookbook for my birthday which is next week but I don't know if I can hold out that long. The torture of it all! This would be the perfect birthday present if I could come! I love your recipes and think that you ladies are two very talented people.


  382. It's delightful to see that the two of you are such good friends. My best friend and I spent most days together for years until I moved from SLC to the East Coast. We stayed very connected by the use of the phone, no blogging then, until I returned to SLC 10 years later. We pick up right where we left off not missing a beat. We now are in business together, continue to raise our children and grandchildren together, play, cook, and act crazy together. Great friends and soul sisters never die! We both are looking forward to attending your class because we enjoy you so much.
    I hope we are awarded the tickets and are able to see you soon!

  383. I found out about your blog while I lived in Texas but now I live in Utah so I could totally come if you pick me! I bought your cookbook for my birthday which is next week but I don't know if I can hold out that long. The torture of it all! This would be the perfect birthday present if I could come! I love your recipes and think that you ladies are two very talented people.


  384. I love food! Simply said. That is also why I love OBB! I have learned to go outside my comfort zone in the kitchen and have tried to many great things thanks to OBB. It doens't hurt one bit that the pictures are gorgeous and mouthwatering 🙂 I would love to come and get a first hand cooking demo from you girls!


  385. I wanna come, I wanna come!! I heart your blog totally. I constantly check back to your blog to find new fabulous meals. Plus, I've blogged about your blog! (cheepeatsandsweets.blogspot.com)
    And seriously, I love that two mormon girls are making their mark on the food blog world, big time. You do it with spunk, and sass, and when I grow up I wanna be just like you. Hahaha! 🙂


  386. Because you are BYU alumni, and I'm currently a BYU stundent. And because you're recipes convinced my husband that I can cook. Hehe

  387. What isn't there to love about OBB? I am your biggest fan cause I have been here since the beginning! (I am an old BBC gal) Would love to finally meet you guys in person!

    Your website keeps getting better and better!

    lovingmylittleones @ gmail.com

  388. I just found out about you ladies and your blog this week. I must have seen something in the newspaper I think. I was intruiged and couldn't wait to check out your blog! I love it! I love the simplicity of the recipies and have already printed a few out to try! Tomorrow I am going to bake the white chocolate coconut bownies! Sounds so delicious! I would love to come and see you live! (bleuluai@gmail.com)

  389. Pick me pick me!!! This would be amazing. I am your biggest fan because when I don't know what to make for dinner (which is every week!) I come hear and make your amazing recipes. My email is stacieaho at gmail dot com.


  390. I would love love love to go! I am a big OBB fan. I am a newlywed learning how to cook and come to this site EVERYDAY looking for tips and recipes to try on my loving husband. Your recipes and how-tos are fool proof I tell you. Fool proof. You can make anyone look good! (although I have a feeling my creations aren't half as good as yours!!!)


  391. You know you are a big fan when you find yourself looking at recipes while trying to watch your favorite tv show. You totally trump the tv! Would love to come!!(almorden@hotmail.com)

  392. Saw you on TV recently. Tried your recipe, family loved it! Looking forward to testing other recipes. I would love to see you in person at Orson Gygi!

  393. Does the fact that I have not left my computer since I found your blog tell you how badly I want to attend? I haven’t showered in days and my house is a wreck cause all I wanna do is “ooh & ahhhh” over your blog! Coming to see your work in person might be the only way to save me! 🙂

  394. Hi Ladies!

    I am a huge fan of your blog and love your soup recipes. We just ordered the cookbook and now even my husband has been trying his hand at some of your recipes. My husband said, “Every cookbook should be like this one and have a picture for every recipe!” Our six year old ran into our bedroom first thing in the morning the day after we made your crepes recipe asking if we could please have those “crets” again for breakfast. And we made the *magic mayo* last night and all the kids agreed it made our turkey wraps taste so much better! Thanks for inspiring our family in the kitchen and making the mundane more manageable. I’d love to come and see you and watch your demo in person. The hardest part will be narrowing it down who to bring with me! Thanks for your consideration – Your biggest fan!

  395. Lets just say….before my friend introduced me to this blog I NEVER cooked! You gals make it fun and of course its a good read as well! Everything I’ve made is so easy and super yummy (and kid friendly)! Thank you so much for helping my husband and kids like me!

  396. Is the contest over to attend the book signing at Orson Gygi store this friday? I just found out about this. My daughter in Illinois really really wanted this book for her birthday, which is March 28th, and I ordered it a month ago and just got it last week. It would be rather cool to have it autographed before I send it to her. Let me know. Thanks, Susan Boyce

    1. Susan–We’ve already given away the tickets to the event, but we’ll be doing a book signing at Orson Gygi at 12:00 and then another one at 6:00 at the Fort Union Deseret Book. We’d love to see you! 🙂

  397. I am your fan because you save me on a weekly basis from stressing out about dinners.. Your recipes and directions are REAL.. I feel like you’re right in the kitchen with me! I heart your blog and cannot wait to get my hands on that cookbook! You are my modern day Julia Child!


  398. My hubby and I could be there and would love to come together. Plus, it would give me an excuse to get up to Gygi and get more vanilla since I’m almost out!

  399. I loooooove your website and cookbook and love to cook myself. Every time I use your recipe everyone is so impressed and love the food. And whenever I’m a little sad all I have to do is open your cookbook and just looking at the recipes and pictures brings a smile to my face…. then I usually get hungry too 🙂

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