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Alright guys, it’s been 3 weeks since we started the Fit Club and it’s time to check-in!  If you downloaded our printable chart (If you missed it, click here to download ) we encouraged you to weigh yourself and record it just once a week, and to do body measurements every three weeks.

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I’ve found that 3 weeks is the perfect amount of time.  It’s long enough that if you’re working hard, you’re usually able to see some noticeable changes, but it’s a short enough time to re-group and start fresh if you’re not doing so well.  This weekend marks the three week mark!  We hope you’re all following along on Instagram, so much fun stuff is happening there and we’re loving the conversations.

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We need you to now all pipe in and report back!  (That means if you’re reading this via email or feed service, click over here to join us!) We want to know how you’re doing and how you’re feeling.  What are you struggling with?  What are you doing well with?  Do you have any questions?  Any topics you’d like us to address here on the blog?  Feel free to pipe up with anything and we’ll do our best to read every comment and respond to the questions.  The most important part is that we hear from you.  Like we keep saying, as long as the interest is still strong for this group- we’re going to keep it going.  I can’t even tell you how much YOU all have motivated Kate and me!  We’ve got a lot of great stuff coming up this month, can’t wait to share it with you all!
Now it’s your turn- how’s it going??



  1. I am doing well in eating healthy. I have been working out but it is hard due to my living situation (in an apartment and as a graduate student have limited funds to a gym). I did sign up for a gym this weekend and I hope that I can get in more of these workouts that have been posted because I love them! I am thankful to be a part of something bigger and to work toward my goal of being healthy– not just losing weight (though that is a HUGE bonus!) 🙂

  2. I actually just started this week because I just wasn’t committed until now. I have a baby about the age of Sara’s and I’m nursing him. I am having a hard time with getting hungry and shaky a lot. I am trying to eat about 1800 cals a day and I’m doing good getting the right balance of carbs/protein/fat. I have actually eaten at least 2000 a day and I’m still having issues with feeling weak and hungry. Any ideas to help with this?

    1. Coming from someone with NO credentials… if you’re seeing progress, feel free to up the caloric load. I found that while nursing my son, I could eat 2,500 calories a day and still lose a pound a week. Every person is different. The worst that could happen is you stop seeing progress, which means you need to bring the calories back down again. Living hungry and weak with a baby is NO FUN (and in my opinion, not good for anyone, you or the baby both physically and mentally – and I repeat: my totally un-credentialed, un-knowledgeable opinion ;-P)

      1. I second the higher calorie suggestion. (I am also not a professional, just a mom who’s been in really great shape before and trying to get that back 🙂 I found the same thing when I was nursing my last baby and trying to lose weight. In fact, I lost weight a little faster when I ate more. And it is amazing how much you can eat when it’s all (or almost all) nutritious! Also, making sure you’re getting enough protein can help with the shaky feeling, especially if you’re doing resistance training and your body’s trying to build muscle. Good luck!

    2. Also not a professional, but yeah, I’d say up your calories. I did Weight Watchers with all three of mine and while I’m not exactly sure how many more calories I was eating while I was nursing, I know that it was very, very, very painful to come down to non-nursing points, hahaha! Like…I think I could eat 14 more points a day while I was nursing and still lose weight.

      I also know that I feel weak, hungry, and shaky when carbs are taking too much of that balance. It’s completely bizarre to me how I could eat 1600 calories with about 50% (or more) of them coming from carbs and still feel hungry. Try eating some full-fat yogurt, adding some healthy oils, or spreading some peanut or almond butter on an apple and see if that helps. 🙂

      1. Thank you! I have upped my calories and I feel so much better and I have lost 2 lbs! I have definitely been eating more protein and fats too and that has helped a lot. Maybe I’ll just nurse forever so I can always eat this much:).

  3. This is motivating to me and I love the different workout ideas that don’t require a gym or ton of gear and healthy, but realistic eating ideas. What has been tough the last two weeks is my husband and kids being sick. They have all gone through the flu and between taking care of them and my 3 yr old still waking me up at night leaves me so tired the next day that I’m either too tired to do a good workout or if I do I’m exhausted for the rest of the day and fall off the diet wagon. I crave bready things, chocolate. I honestly don’t know how you do this with a baby! Thank you for doing this!

  4. I actually started Jan 5th and was losing weight every week and feeling motivated… Until this week. Then I just got sick of logging calories and not eating ice cream every night! I actually weighed in and gained a pound back this morning, but after measuring, I realized I had lost an inch off my waist! So, now I’m feeling energized to re-commit and get back on the healthy train. But the last ten pounds are the hardest. I’m really anxious to get some ideas on weight training and what to do with Dumbbells and gym equipment. My knees have been hurting too much for running so I’m looking for low impact exercises to do until my knee feels better. Running always helps me keep my weight in check and without it, I feel like I don’t know what to do

    1. WITH YOU!! I just injured my knee and plan on using weight training as a “replacement” for now, and “in conjunction” when I can run again 🙂

      1. I just injured my knew was well. I was back on a running plan and feeling great, and now I can barely walk up and down the stairs in my house. It’s so frustrating! I’m hoping that a good weight work out will keep me on track since I’m a zero cardio right now. Changed eating to a high protein/tons of veggies and fruit diet and haven’t lost a pund. Frustrating, but I can see a huge difference in my torso–less bloating.

  5. Snack ideas! Low-sugar ones. I love to bake and won’t give that up but I feel like EVERYTHING has added sugar, ugh. Anything filling. Thanks!

    Loving the workouts, tried the AMRAP today and it was hard! I did about 5 1/2 times though in the 20 min. but admittedly took breaks for water…and to catch my breath! 😉

  6. I’m loving everything you guys are doing! I’m motivated but it’s so hard with a young baby! My little guy is almost 4 months old. Hard to get a workout in without enough sleep and I feel like I’m always starving! I’m definitely feeling stronger though so that makes me feel good!

  7. loving this! I was doing great until I got mad at the hubby tonight and ate more sugar than I have had all week. Darn emotional eating! Love the workouts and the encouragement. It is so much easier to stay on track knowing how hard you are working.

  8. I’m loving this! The motivation and food ideas on IG are great. I love the weekly workouts I can do at home! I get bored easily or want to give up if it’s hard, but knowing that the next workout is all picked out for me and it will be something different from the week before is awesome. Thanks so much girls!

  9. I’m loving the posts and have been doing ok with my food choices, BUT workouts have been a no-go for the past two weeks (life !). I made it to the gym yesterday and I’m getting ready to go again right now! Keep up the inspiration and motivation!

  10. I’m loving it, actually lost two pounds but no inches. I was happy when I realized that I no longer have to unzip my jeans to take them off though. Mainly I’m drinking more water and cutting down on calories. My one year old isn’t consistently sleeping through the night and if he gets up before me I don’t have time for a workout. I’ve tried working out at night but then I don’t sleep very well. Keep up what you’re doing, it’s keeping me motivated! 🙂

  11. I’m starting fresh again this coming week. The first week of the club my girls and I got the flu, hate when you get your flu shot and you still get it :-(. A side affect of the flu we had was a pretty bad cough in which I couldn’t take a deep breath without coughing which I had all of week two. I did get a couple of workouts in last week, but was still weak and had some work problems that took a toll. All in all not a good couple of weeks but am determined to start again fresh tomorrow morning!! Not giving up.

  12. Re-committing this week as well. Overall down 3.8 pounds in 3 weeks, but could be doing better on strength training which is what I know it takes to transform my body. Will work harder this week!!!

  13. Church bake sale. Mother-in-law dropped off chocolate covered chips. Eating has been heinous the last couple weeks. I printed the chart and am doing weight and measurements today. Also going to record number of workouts/week and number of “good eating/no junk snacks” days per week.

    I’ve loved the HIIT and AMRAP workouts. My kids have been passing around colds and rashes that have kept me from the gym and I’m so thankful to have a good at-home alternative.

    I’d like to lose a couple pounds and a couple inches from my mid-section and I’m hoping that a 14-week chart gets me there, starting NOW.

  14. Although I’ve been following along and impressed by the resources, I haven’t started. But I read through the comments (and commented on some :-P) and I’m thinking I might weigh-in and measure-in and kick it up today… especially since I injured my knee and will be attempting to make an appointment to see HOW BAD tomorrow. (which means I can’t do my twice weekly runs 🙁 – I did well with them before Christmas and haven’t gotten back on the bandwagon until I wrecked myself tripping)

    So please keep it up… if nothing else for me so far than a reminder that I should (and today… that I CAN.) 🙂

  15. I’m loving all of this!! I am especially loving the workouts. My kids have been sick so I can’t take them to the gym day care so those workouts have been lifesavers!! I am losing about 1.5-2 pounds every week and I feel so good!! I think this has been fun to connect over health and fitness with you girls!! Thanks for the tips, reminders, and food ideas! I feel so motivated!

  16. Struggling (only 2 pounds lost), but stinking with it. Loving the myfitnesspal app! I’m doing great tracking my food, but I just cant seem to consistently exercise. I feel exhausted and stretched to the max every day (adjusting to three kids is HARD), but I know that I wont meet my goal without working out. Recommiting to do better with that this week. I love all the updates and encouragement on instagram, its a great reminder to get off my phone and get to work!

  17. I am LOVING this!!! I haven’t taken my measurements, but I’m down 4 lbs, which is slow and steady so I’m ok with it. I just love the random encouragement on my Instagram newsfeed, and some of your tips for snacks and workouts have been helpful and motivating. It’s just been awesome positive encouragement that I need to keep going! A highlight of my week was doing a few Fitbit challenges with Kate & some other girls this last week. Keep them coming!! I was sick one of the days, but it was still fun to check in on the other girls and “cheer” them on in their step goals! I would love to hear more about what you both eat daily – how much? How often? How many calories? I know everyone is different and you can’t necessarily make recommendations for us, but it would just be interesting to know what you eat to get success! I’d also love an update from you two – have you lost any lbs or inches?? Thanks for doing this, it’s been so great!!!

    1. I want to do a post on this really soon. 🙂 I’ve lost about 10 pounds since the beginning of the year and almost a pants size. I’m also venturing into smaller shirt sizes, so all of that has been good!

      When I started, I was very strict. It was my own made-up meal that was basically a mash-up of all the things that have worked for me in the past WITHOUT the things that didn’t work. It was basically a less-strict version of Phase 1 of South Beach, which is basically no sugar, low carbs (so fruits, root vegetables, and whole grains are all out), and low fat. And no Diet Coke (yikes). When I’ve done it in the past, I’ve lost weight, but I’ve also been a miserable, horrible person and I didn’t have enough energy to work out because all my glycogen stores were depleted.

      So anyway, I didn’t restrict fat. I still got my Diet Coke. I still ate carrots and peas. And I had 1 serving of whole grain (whole wheat toast, oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, etc.) and 1-2 servings of fruit a day, plus 2-3 squares of dark chocolate a day as a treat. I lost very, very easily eating like this and I still had the energy to work out.

      I’ve loosened up a little and really, I should probably get back on track, but the second half of January was kind of horrible. But I’m still losing inches and building muscle. I try to stay away from candy, super refined carbs, etc., but I figure as long as my fat/carb/protein ratios are relatively balanced and I’m staying in a good calorie range, I’m not overly concerned.

      I’ll try and post a menu plan and stuff soon and hopefully that will help! 🙂

  18. So far I am gaining a pound a week 🙁 I’ve done good with workouts, but my diet could be better. I have cut back on a lot of sweets and feel like I’m making better choices but it’s definitely not showing on the scale. I did see a small improvement with my measurements so I will take it. I love the workouts that have been posted and also the snack ideas and motivational IG posts! Thank you for putting the time and effort into this!

  19. I’m still trying to find balance with working out, eating and sleeping. It sounds like a lot of us have relatively new babies, mine is 9 weeks. It’s hard to work out when I can barely find time to do anything else even when I don’t.

    I do love the workouts though. I tried really hard to exercise and decrease calories one week and lost 4 lbs. Unfortunately my baby was hungrier because my milk supply suffered.

    All in all great, just trying to make it work for my life.

    1. That is SO hard! I’ll be honest and say I take a rather relaxed attitude towards all this while I’m nursing, haha! I’m always nervous about decreasing my milk supply and I’m just so dang tired all the time. Take it one step at a time–maybe find a good groove for you diet-wise and then when you’ve got that down, start with taking a walk with the babe and go from there! You just made a human, don’t be too hard on yourself! 🙂

  20. Love what you both are doing for this! It’s been motivated, I’ve lost a few pounds but been lazy about taking measurements. I would love to see “a day/week in the life of Sara/Kate”. After a few weeks of eating healthy I get frustrated that I can’t make what I want to make. It would be interesting to see what you eat on a daily/weekly basis:).

  21. This has been so great for me! I am loving the workouts and being able to change it up each week! Keep them coming. I have lost 5 lbs. can’t wait to lose more! Thanks so much for doing this!

  22. I am loving all this! The workouts are great and can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the food recipes, snack ideas and great food finds for losing weight!!! I am in heaven with the Kodiak pancake mix from Costco!!! Never would have looked for it!! I am doing okay, lost a total of 3 pounds……feels slow but good!! I am struggling with keeping self-motivated with the workouts. Some days I get it done and others I just don’t. Keeping active with some basic cardio at least 4 days a week, plus or minus your workouts. Feeling good about my daily caloric intake during the week, thanks to MFP, but weekends are harder. SOOOOO appreciate all the info about fitbit and other fitness trackers. I have mine ordered, can’t wait to start. I think it’s going to be another good motivational tool. Love your instagram posts…….they really help me to stay motivated!!! You two rock! Thanks again for all your work on this!!

  23. The constant reminders in Instagram are so helpful!! I know I’m not alone in trying to lose baby weight and just generally try to take better care of myself. Being in a little group and seeing everyone’s comments and experiences is so nice- I know I’m not alone! I didn’t take measurements last time so I took them today… We’lol see what happens! 🙂

  24. I am loving it! I tried zoodles for the first time last week and was so happy! They didn’t ruin the flavor of my dish and the texture was just perfect. I didn’t miss my pasta at all! I love trying new workouts and I am down 7lbs so far. I am a little worried about maintaining when I finally get to my goal. I have more work to do, and I don’t want it to all come back when I stop. So any advice on how to maintain would be great!!

  25. This fitclub has been great for me! I love the IG posts and all the little tricks of the trade. Keep them coming, please!!!

  26. I’m doing good! I’m down 11 lbs!! We’ve been eating healthier as a family and I’ve been throwing in workouts when I can! I have 5 kids(one newborn) and a hubby in the military. Makes for finding the time or energy to workout hard to do… but the more I try things, the more I’m figuring out what/when works and what/when doesn’t! I’m a little concerned for after my hubs deploys… that will be the true test of my emotional eating/willpower! But I’m in this for the life changes for me and my family, so on we go! Thanks for this group! It’s so helpful to be able to follow others and also chat about successes as well as failures without feeling judged! Woot!

  27. Thanks for the check in!! I haven’t lost anything yet… Looking back on the past 3 weeks I realize I need to be more consistant on diet and exercise. Ideas for easy lunch and breakfast ideas would be great. I have loved the different workout ideas! 🙂

  28. I love the weekly workouts that are easy to do at home. Although I confess that I choose to sleep in most mornings instead of getting up and actually doing them. Also, I am having trouble making good choices on a daily basis about eating well. I know what I should do in theory, but I seem to have a hard time planning ahead for healthy meals & snacks for the week, so I end up eating junk because it’s quick and easy. I need to use this check-in to regroup and get motivated! I am going to be so mad at myself if I am still 30 pounds overweight when summer gets here!!

  29. A few pounds down, January was tough! So busy and crazy, but I feel like I have finally hit a great rhythm. Trying to do the weekly workouts more than just once. Trying the zoodles this week! I would love more ideas on meals that are healthy, but the whole family likes? My husband is a beanpole and LOVES food, but I think he doesn’t always love when I make super healthy food and ends up making a PB&J about an hour after dinner!

    1. I always know dinner was a rousing success when he quietly goes into the kitchen and makes himself a bowl of cereal an hour after dinner, hahaha!

      One of our goals with our new book is that we wanted it to be food the whole family will want to eat. So hopefully when it comes out, it will give you some ideas of meals your whole family will enjoy! We do have a lot of recipes on the blog already that are family-friendly AND healthy, but it might take some digging–that’s a great idea for a future post! 🙂

  30. Thank you for all the tips, recipes, exercise ideas, snack ideas……..okay everything! Most of all I love that you are “real”……..like talking about having a diet coke and Reese’s PB Egg and the tank top making you look like a stuffed sausage!

  31. I struggle wanting to eat treats. Sometimes I just want a yummy chocolate donut from the gas station and not one ingredient banana ice cream. Why can’t those donuts be banished?

    1. I know, right?! I spent the better part of this afternoon trying to stay out of my kids’ Valentine’s candy. And it wasn’t even the good stuff. I kept telling myself that if I was gonna cheat, it needed to be with some gelato and not a Fun Dip, lol!

  32. Loving this! Down 6lbs and just finished week four of working out 5-6 times a week. I feel so much healthier and happier. Keeping track of calories on fitness pal and working out works. I have loved the excercise ideas and I especially love the Instagram account. Thanks so much!

  33. I’m doing ok with the healthy eating but not so much with exercise. I could make a million excuses (snowstorms, work, lack of support from husband) but I really just haven’t made it a priority. But I’m feeling guilty about it so I guess that’s a start! My work situation changes in a month and I know I’ll have more time then, but I don’t want it to be one of those things that gets put off to a “better time.” Baby steps and tomorrow is a new day!

    1. Baby steps!!! And I’m with you. Eating healthy is pretty easy for me, but if something’s going to fall apart, it’s almost always the exercise. Start with one thing and everything else will gradually happen over time–it’s a lifestyle change, not a 100-yard dash! 🙂

  34. I’ve lost about 3 pounds and am very excited to keep going! It has been really helpful using fitness pal, and I have been surprised how much I’m learning just from tracking calories. My problem is eating healthy during our birthday stretch–3 birthdays in a month means lots of treats and making everyone’s favorite (typically not healthy) food! I will just have to eat smaller portions, right?

    1. We have 3 birthdays in 3 weeks too!! I have only eaten one piece of each cake, which has only amounted to 300 calories per piece, so that worked out for me.

  35. I am down 15 pounds; sounds like a lot, but I have a LOT to lose and I have been sick this week which has diminished my appetite. I am struggling with doing the workouts (as in, I’m not doing them at all). I HATE to exercise and I don’t know how to get motivated to get myself moving. I mainly lost the 15 pounds by eating better. I joined Weight Watchers online which has helped me with portion control. I would love to see some more ideas for quick, healthy lunches that I can take to work and also some make-ahead breakfast ideas that I can make over the weekend and eat on all week. Thanks for starting the Fit Club!

    1. First of all, 15 pounds is fantastic no matter how much you have to lose!

      Exercise can be hard for me, too. I’m not naturally athletic and I don’t love trying new things, haha! So. If these workouts are not your thing, try something else. I hate running (well, I love how running makes me feel, but actual running makes me want to die, even when I was on the high school track team), but it turns out I love stuff like kickboxing and Zumba. No matter how great a workout is, if you don’t want to do it, it’s not really doing you a whole lot of good. So. You have my permission to explore all kinds of exercise and find what you like doing, haha! 🙂

  36. Things are going well here, and I’m really enjoying these posts! I haven’t figured out if I can join instagram without an iphone or not yet. The posts there look cute!

    I have lost 4 pounds in 5 weeks. I work out with the personal trainer 2x a week, then do 3-4 other workouts a week that he tells me to do. I had been keeping my calories to 1600-1800 a day for the first few weeks, now they are more like 1400-1500. I am tracking all of them, and my water.

    We did measurements in the middle of January. He wants us to do them every 6 weeks, so we haven’t measured again yet. This might partly be because I’m already within about 10 pounds of my goal anyway, so maybe progress is slower at that point? I’m not sure. I have also been measuring my resting heart rate and blood pressure, and those are good, haven’t seen major changes at this point though.

    I’d love a couple more HIIT workouts! We do this workout for 30 minutes, with 30 seconds of exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest, so far. It is SO convenient, and I love not needing any equipment but still getting my sweat going! I’d love more food and snack ideas, especially ones around 100 calories. I’ll try to start following on instagram because it looks like there is fun stuff happening there!

  37. I have lost an inch and 2 pounds. I LOVE the workouts and the motivation on IG it helps me to stay strong but I think I need to eat a little better. Thanks so much this is helping me to lose the last few pounds from my baby! Keep it up! I would like to know how many calories you eat while breast feeding because that is what I am trying to figure out!

  38. I am loving it! Feeling stronger and leaner everyday. Lost several inches and pounds!! My husband is even doing it with me, doing the workouts is like our nightly dates!

  39. The closer I’ve gotten to my goal the harder it has been to loose weight. Is that normal? I just need 4lbs to finish off all that baby weight and in the last few weeks it hasn’t gone anywhere. Why?

    1. Totally normal!! That’s why on The Biggest Loser, people who have lots and lots of weight to lose are losing huge numbers every week while the lighter ones just aren’t. Your body is kind of holding onto those last few pounds for dear life, but keep doing what you’re doing, drinking your water, mixing up your workouts and your diet, and it will eventually happen! 🙂

  40. I have LOVED your focus on healthy, balanced living. I’ve also enjoyed trying out the different workouts. I injured my knees several years ago, and I now have to be VERY careful with what I do. I can’t jump, kneel, run, or do anything else that is high impact on them. I would LOVE a good workout from your trainer, designed to get high intensity without being high impact on the joints. The only cardio I’ve found that I can do is walking or an elliptical. I would love if someone qualified could come up with something a little more exciting for someone like me. Thanks for all your motivation!

  41. I am loving the IG!! I love seeing the healthy food products you guys like! The workouts are awesome!!!
    I’m loving the Fit Club!! If anything I would love more meal plan kind of stuff …. If only your new cookbook was out already!! 🙂

  42. I just learned about the group this week but I’m so excited to be a party of it (workouts and on IG). I’ve been doing my own thing before but this will be awesome to get me to push a little harder. Thanks ladies. I can hardly wait for your new cookbook!

  43. Sara, if you are nursing, I would love to hear about how you take that into account while trying to get healthier. I’m due with number 2 in March so I plan on starting after that, but my biggest hurdles will be lack of sleep and low energy levels combines with a ravenous appetite thanks to breastfeeding. I actually gained back baby weight I lost the first few weeks after birth breastfeeding my first! ***tired zombie mom reaches for another PB & J**

  44. I’ve been doing ok with eating – trying to retrain my brain on proper portion sizes is hard! I appreciate all the snack ideas. Would love to see more quick, easy lunch ideas – that’s the meal I struggle with the most!
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  45. I am LOVING the OBB Fit Club!!! I need to get more motivated again- I’m within about 10 pounds of my goal weight and I’ve been losing and gaining these last 10 pounds for almost 2 years! I know it should be easy because it is only 10 pounds, but I find that it is going much slower and it comes right back on the second I slip up! Any suggestions?

  46. The last three weeks have been so hard–sickness, emergencies, hospitals, etc. But my eating had been more on track than it would’ve been otherwise, thanks to this group. I’m going to be happy for that and recommit myself today. Consistency is hard for me.

    I also have some injuries that severely limit what I can do for exercise (I loved the squat and push-up challenge!), so I second the idea for a low impact, high intensity workout. It’s so hard figuring out what to do for exercise–everything is about going hard and pushing yourself, so I try and end up making my conditions worse.

    I love how you keep it so real! I would love tips/experiences/success stories about dealing with setbacks–injuries, sick kids, not sleeping through the night, etc. If I let all these things get me off track, I’ll hardly ever be on-track! 🙂 I would love some stories to help keep morale up when things are tough!

    And I would love ideas for meal planning and a week in the life of kate and Sara! Also, if you’re eating in you calorie range and doing all you can for exercise, what should you do next, nutritionally? What are your guidelines nutritionally? I know you talk a lot about moderation, but…if calorie counting isn’t doing it, what should the next step be?

    Lastly, it is so hard to give up the diet mentality sometimes. It’s hard for me to make “healthy eating” the goal. It’s seems too broad. I think the strict parameters super low carb/no sugar are hard to stick with, but make it easy to know what to eat (basically, the few things that are “allowed”). I know the results don’t last, but they are quick, so it feels like a leap of faith to believe this healthy habits slow and steady wins the race thing will actually work, especially when the numbers aren’t budging much. Is that dumb, or do others feel this way?

    Thanks for all you do–I’m loving this fit club. You girls are awesome.

    1. Hi, Catherine!! You’ve pretty much described my life. January was a TERRIBLE month for me and it took everything I had not to fly off the dieting rails, haha!

      Check out comment #20.1. Calorie counting just does not work for me, at least not anymore. Ideally, I like my carbs to be about 35-40% and everything else healthy fats and proteins–that seems to be the sweet spot for me losing weight. If you’re running into stubborn weight, maybe try my “stricter” plan in that comment–no added sugar, about 1 serving of whole grain a day, 1-2 servings of fruit a day, lots of veggies, healthy fats, and lean proteins. That always seems to get things moving in the right direction for me!

      Once I’ve done that for a few weeks, I slowly add a little more here and there; another piece of whole grain toast, a banana after dinner, occasional (like once a week) bowl of ice cream. Because if I can’t eat like a person, I don’t want to be a person. 🙂

  47. I’ve been working on getting healthier since last summer and lost about 60lbs between June and November. But then the holidays came and we went on a month long vacation to Florida and Disney World and I struggled. I only gained about 2lbs while I was gone so I was pleased with that. It’s taken a few weeks since we got back for me to get back with the program but this last week has been great. A few more lbs gone! I still have a long ways to go though but I’m giving it my all!

  48. I’m loving this group and all the updates, especially on instagram. And a big thank you for the workouts. I love going to the gym but so often feel like i have no idea what to do since i know you shouldn’t do cardio the whole time. Do you recommend doing these workouts every day? Every other day? And do we add them on top of a regular gym workout?

  49. I’m loving the workouts and have done the ones from Jani multiple times. I also have loved the recipes and snack ideas. I ende up losing close to six lbs last month and a couple of inches. I finally fit into my “skinny” jeans a couple days ago but then kind of relaxed the last couple days and have been craving chocolate. I haven’t gone crazy but I hate feeling guilty. I HATE feeling guilty for indulging just a tiny bit more than normal. Tomorrow is a new day and I’m excited to get back on track and hopefully lose a couple more lbs and inches this month. Thanks for all you’ve done to help me stay motivated. 🙂

  50. I have been on vacation for the past 9 days but I’m excited to get back on track. I had lost a few pounds and was starting to feel good again. I really enjoy the simple but effective workouts, the healthy cooking ideas and the fitness gear reviews. You have given me so many good ideas for snacking and cooking. Please continue the club, I’m still in!

  51. With computer problems, lost track of what I was supposed to be doing , I probably missed the emails that said, “Ready, Set, Go!” So in reality I am just beginning. Can I go back to the beginning and read your messages so I can do this right? Where would I find them?

  52. Loving the workouts, saw some progress but then pms hit and I was eating everything in sight. Getting back on the wagon today (tracking food is so tedious). What I really need is someone to follow me around and smack the cookie out of my hand…

  53. I’ve had some very sick (almost in the hospital sick) kids and some setbacks due to just keeping my head above water. I’m still here and trying. I’ve been holding the baby almost nonstop this past week bc he’s been so sick. I did manage a few workouts this week before he woke up and my hubby left for work. I’m starting back up tomorrow. I’m ready. Anyway, due to all of the sickness these past three weeks I’ve lost nothing.

    1. Hang in there, girl!!! I hear you. And I can hear the discouragement in your voice–it’s okay!! Life happens! Kids get sick and things get hard sometimes our goals kind of fall away in the midst of all that (believe me, I KNOW.) Do what you can, pick one small goal and go from there!

  54. Great group and great posts! thank you!

    Would like to see meal ideas for: Breakfast and Lunch: 200-250 calories, Dinner 500 calories all in one spot – keep offering ideas. Lunch is my hardest!

    Also how about “Wisdom Wednesdays” or something like that where you post some info/research regarding a topic. For example: How to read a label, why vitamin ___ (insert B12, D, A, etc) is so important and how to get it via your food, why is sleep important, how to sneak protein into your diet, good fat vs. bad, what to choose when you eat out, sleep how much and why, etc. I am not a health guru, but I want to learn. However, it is crazy trying to filter out all the info and try to read up in simplified terms about these types of areas.

    How many pounds a week are you losing by eating 1300 calories a day?

    Your posts, my fitbit, my fitness pal (i log my food here – it is better than fitbit) are major helps.

    Tracking has also been an eyeopener! Whew! I’ve learned I’m a grazer more than I ever thought with kids.

    Just keep going please! You are loved by many! In it to finish it!

    1. It’s hard to say how much I’m losing because it can fluctuate so much from week to week (hi, PMS, I’m talking to you.) And I’m also building muscle and getting smaller even if it’s not really reflecting on the scale. But there’s definite progress and I’ve lost about 10 pounds since the beginning of the year.

      Thanks for all your kind words! 🙂

  55. So I feel like a poser actually commenting, but I want to let you know I’m following this with good intentions. I have worked out ONE TIME with “you guys” so far (the HIIT). I always have “motivation” at night to workout the next morning/day, but actually summoning it in the right moment is a struggle. I deal with chronic major depressive disorder, so success is, let’s just say, all relative. I know there are others like me trying to lose weight while struggling with depression, and I just wanted to voice that we’re not alone. 🙂
    I’ve been logging calories, usually going over by 200 or so (hey–at least I’m logging! And still cutting back.). My stats: age: 35, ht: 5’4″, wt:154. Recently felt like I’ve gained weight, but really it has been losing muscle (that I built over last year), being replaced by fat. Same weight but I feel a lot yuckier and clothes don’t look/feel good. Goal for this week: 2 workouts + food logging. I can do it!

  56. I just need to up my game. I know some food or meal plans for the whole day, just laid out there for me, snacks included, would help for starting.

  57. I love this group and is really motivating me to exercise. I am not trying to lose weight, just trying to get strong. I am a stay at home mom with one car so it is hard to get out and exercise.

    I love your exercises. Just for me I would like them to be made available on Saturday, so I have time to review them before the Monday comes around. I like to do it in the morning and as soon as I get on the computer my morning are a lot less productive. You must have a lot going, so I only say that as a suggestion. I will still keep doing the workouts no matter when you post them. =)

  58. Going great. Started a challenge with friends right around when OBB Fit Club started. Perfect timing. I have support from my friends and love checking in with OBB. I feel so much better, clothes are getting lose, and my family is seeing changes! Thanks for the additional motivation.

  59. I need to start the workouts, we’ve just been so busy with everything else. I did buy new workout shoes at the end of last week, so I’m on ‘step’ closer. I can give lots of excuses, but I just need to get started. I’m loving the information you’re providing though and would like to hear more about the weight lifting side of exercise.

  60. I didn’t start until almost a week after you I think. There was some trouble with scales at my house so I don’t know how much weight I’ve released overall, but I bought a new one and I released over a pound of weight from one week to anther. I’ll actually be measuring inches again on Friday of this week. I’m really enjoying the workouts. I’m running and swimming as well, but I love that the workouts have a strengthening aspect to them. Mostly for my upper body b/c it’s the most resistant to strengthening. 🙂 I’m so grateful for the great resources I’m getting from you guys!

    1. Just cuz I know you’re dying to know my progress ;): did measurements today and I’ve gone down an average of an inch everywhere! I only released about two pounds, but the measurements are nice! Also, my husband (who’s an athletic trainer) has a fancy scale at work that checks body fat (among other things). According to that scale I’ve lost nearly 3% of my body fat! Woot! That scale also says that the desirable range of body fat (factoring in my age/gender/height etc.) is 21-33% and I’m less than 1% over the top of that range. Pretty darn pleased with my progress so far.

  61. Thank you thank you! I’m losing about a pound a week. I LOVE the workouts! I would love to see a post like “what you ate in one day”. Or maybe what you prep on the weekends to make it easier to eat healthy during the week.

  62. I have been doing other workouts and following along, but still continuing to eat crummy. Today is my first ‘all in’ day. Hoping for some big results in 3 weeks now that I am buckling down. 🙂

  63. So far I’m down 3 lbs and have lost 3.5 inches off my waist and an inch off my hips. I’m struggling with eating too much sugar and too many carbs, but overall super happy with my progress so far. Thanks for this great motivating group, it is definitely helping me stay focused!

  64. I’m a week behind on the measuring. I’ve lost seven pounds so far. Doing carb-cycling. It’s going pretty well. It’s no too hard so far.

  65. Just filled out my stats to start today so I’m a bit behind. I think all the other comments from all of the other ladies is a motivator for me. Just feeling that I’m not alone in the process helps tons!

  66. Not doing as good as I could, but I am recommitting this week to better eating. I would love to hear more about your strength training workouts, as I want to take your advice to spend more time strength training and less time doing cardio and I am not sure where to start!

  67. Stats: weight -1 lb, high waist -1/2 in, hips @ biggest part of booty -1 in, thigh -1/4 in. Everything else is just the same (darn that baby belly roll). I’m a bit discouraged because I did HIIT 3 times the 1st week, squats/pushups 6 times the 2nd week, and AMRAP 3 times the 3rd week plus my normal 20 miles running, 10-15 miles walking, and planks galore. I am still determined to hang in for the full 14 weeks. Thank you for setting all of this up!
    Questions: 1)What heart rate should we be aiming for with HIIT and AMRAP workouts? I am not getting above 125 even with 4 x AMRAP in 21 minutes.
    2)Like Jessica above, it would be great if there were suggestions for achy knee modifications. I’ve just been making them up as I go along, hoping they’re close enough to the intended exercise.

    1. Because there are many things that can affect your heart rate, I usually suggest for most healthy individuals to use the Rate of Percieved Exertion method when exercising verses target heart rate. When you do HIIT and AMRAP workouts you should “feel” like you are working at an intensity that is hard to very hard. Depending on what your age is, 125 BPM is roughly about 60-65% of your max HR, which on the perceived exertion scale would be “somewhat hard”. And that is perfectly OKAY!! It could be that the modifications you are doing to prevent achy knees might keep you from being able to work out at a higher intensity. In which case, you are doing the right thing. You definitely don’t want to put your knees at risk in order to work out harder. If working out harder bothers your knees, then maybe try adding just a few more minutes to the workout and take the modifications needed to protect your joints. Make sense? Hopefully I didn’t just make this more confusing to you. 😉

      1. It makes sense – thanks. I’m dripping sweat, shaking arms, wobbly balance, and heart pounding (just not pounding fast, apparently ;)) by the end so I’ll just keep it up there (125 = 69% of max HR) and be patient. 🙂

  68. i am loving the workouts, food ideas and support. i would like to see a video of the first HIIT workout, more healthy lunch ideas, and i second JessK’s requests to see what you eat in one day and what you prep on the weekends to be ready for the week ahead. also, more details on how to lose weight and look toned versus looking “skinny fat”.

  69. I’m loving all of it! Please keep it up. I’m down 7 pounds but have struggled the last few weeks with eating clean. I’ve recommitted today!

  70. I want to say thank you to you both for your real, positive, supportive attitudes toward this whole project. I’ve been logging my food with great intentions, but I’m finding it very, VERY hard to break old eating habits and make my calorie goals for the day. Kate, I must be like you and need to keep my cals low, even if exercise makes my log look like I can eat more, because the scale is not budging. I’m pretty active, so the key for me looks like it’s going to be nutrition. *sigh*

  71. Hi Ladies!! Love this. My biggest struggle is the eating. I know most success lies in what I eat. Sara, will you please let me know what you are eating or what you did eat last time you lost all your weight? I feel like everyone is so vague with it & I want in on the nitty-gritty what you’re really eating everyday, all day to make it happen. How much protein are you aiming for each day? Do you eat protein with every meal & snack? What? Please fill me in! I love you for sharing all you have already. This is inspired & I’m grateful!!

  72. Hardest part is calorie counting, for sure. I just can’t get through one entire day of keeping track of calories… I’ll keep trying, though!

  73. I haven’t lost any lbs., but need to measure. I feel like I am definitely getting stronger. I’ve loved the workouts, but have been eating very naughty. LOL.

  74. I have loved these fitness posts. I’ve stalked your instagram feed but want to be able to comment and participate more there, so I’m signing up for instagram just for you guys in a minute here.

    I did really great with eating and exercise the first couple of weeks. I started losing my milk (I have a 5 month old) about a week ago, and started freaking out a bit. I was afraid it was because I was getting too few calories, and threw all caution to the wind and gained everything back that I lost and then some. Anyway, the good news is that my milk is coming back in, and that I’ve determined that even if I need more calories, they had better come from lean protein, complex carbs, and veggies…(not the nutella or peanut butter jar which is where I realized I look when stressed…I know, it’s awful!) Anyway, today was a great day and I’m looking forward to continuing healthier habits!

  75. Went on vacation a week after the challenge started. Time to re-group, start over and get going again! Thank you for the inspiration!

  76. I have been halfheartedly trying since the beginning of the year. I didn’t really get serious until a couple of weeks ago, but I’m already starting to see some results! I really appreciated your post where you talked about fitness trackers– I ended up buying a Fitbit flex because of that post and I LOVE it! I have exercised more in the last week than I probably have ever just because I can’t stand for the lines to not all be green at the end of the day! Thanks for motivating me with that one! You guys are awesome!

  77. I usualky super good during the day – I workout and eat well – but then at night I become a TOTAL binger! Anyone else like this?! I’m sure it’s all psychological, but I’m having serious difficulty stopping this habit. All my hard work during the gets wasted and it’s frustrating but yet I do it almost every night. Any advice is welcome!

  78. I started working out last week and have been doing pretty well with doing that daily with a rest day on Sunday. Good on counting calories (with MyFitnessPal App) but I’m terrible with my salt intake though. Probably because I LOVE sauces (fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sweet chili sauce). I grew up in an Asian culture where my mother cooked with a lot of sodium in our diet even though everything else was pretty low fat. How do you deal with the sodium? Especially in chicken broth, cheese, breads and whatnot?

    I would say sleep is getting a bit better (hah. I’m writing this at about 11:30 PM). I really should go to bed soon. Barely scraping by with 6.5-7 hours of sleep at night even though I think my body functions way better with about 8 hours of sleep.

    Tomorrow I’ll be trying out the Total Body HIIT workout.

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