One-Ingredient Ice Cream

Did that title pique your interest?

It did mine when I first saw it on the internet. In fact, this little phenomenon has been popping up on food blogs all over the place lately. If you’re like me you’re probably wondering what could possibly possess all of the properties necessary so that just the item itself could be enough to magically transform into ice cream. Right? Apparently bananas.

I’ll admit I was very skeptical. When I think of banana ice cream, I think of something more like THIS. And obviously a frozen banana isn’t going to compare. But I have to say I was very surprised and very pleased with the results. Somehow whipping up frozen banana chunks creates some magical reaction and really does turn it into a creamy-smooth ice cream-like substance. Wanna see how?




  1. What a great idea. Love it. I am a banana holic LOL

    Heads up about our $50 give away. Nothing to do but comment.

  2. This is totally MY post:) First, I LOOOVE bananas. I usually eat one every morning. Second, I'm getting my tonsils out in 2 wks and guess what…I think this will be my "ice cream" of choice. Yipee…a lot less calories. And third, my husband just bought me a food processor for my anniversary and it's dying to be used. I have no excuses now.

  3. Oh what a wonderful idea! I always crave ice cream so this frozen bananas would be excellent for me whenever I crave ice cream. 🙂

  4. We have a gelato store in Princeton that sells "banana whip" which is exactly what you posted – frozen bananas. They use a machine from Italy to whip the bananas in a gelato form, but now I'm going to try your food processor method.

  5. What a great idea!! I'm always craving something sweet after dinner, but don't want unhealthy ice cream. I will CERTAINLY be giving this a try.

  6. We have been making Banana Ice cream in my omega juicer for about 8 years. I think it would work in a pasta extruder too. Frozen bananas in one side, soft serve banana ice cream cone out the other side. This is the only kind of ice cream my children had for years.

    Extra bonus, an NONE fruit eating, I hate bananas preteen started eating bananas every day in this form. So, not only for the banana lover!

  7. OMG, my son is gonna FLIP OUT! The kid eats 2-3 bananas per day. Perhaps this will nudge his sisters into eating some as well! Thanks!!

  8. My siblings were intolerant to milk, so while I was growing up my parents would freeze bananas (whole) and run them through our Champion juicer with the blank. It made for yummy "ice cream". I have a Champion juicer and have done the same, but I think I might try my food processor next time I get a hankering for banana ice cream! It looks like the texture will resemble ice cream more this way.

  9. Sorry Ryley- not many! Some people have had luck using a really powerful blender like a Blendtec or Vitamix, but I don't even thing those work that well for this. You might just have to eat a frozen banana on a stick 🙂

    Actually, you could try grating it with a cheese grater, and then stirring it up. That might actually work…

    1. Hi – I actually used an old blender that we have had for over 20 years (I think it’s an Osterizer). Looking forward to getting a replacement Vita-Mix but…the blender I have will do for now. Not very powerful anymore but it did the trick and make yummy creamy ice-cream out of the frozen bananas. Just make sure you stop every 10-20 seconds to scrape or push down the frozen stuff.

      Good luck!

  10. I have some bananas on the counter that look just like yours. I was contemplating whether or not to throw them away, but now I have something to do with them. Thanks!

  11. I've read about this on other blogs and was intrigued but now that it was posted on this tried-and-true blog, I'll definitely be trying it. I've always loved banana milkshakes (frozen bananas and milk in the blender) so I'm sure this will be great. Can't wait to see if my fruit-hating two year old goes for it.

  12. Yumm! I've made a "milkshake" using frozen banana and a bit of milk and a hand blender, but I've never tried straight bananas. It sounds delicious.

  13. This would work great as a "trying-to-lose-my-baby-pounds" after pregnancy treat instead of something else I might make a grab for…like a candy bar…or real ice cream. This recipe will definitely be filed with my "to-make" recipes!

  14. This looks great! I love, love ice cream and would eat it for just about every meal if I could. Has anyone else tried different add-ins? I'm thinking chocolate chips would be a good addition in the food processor. Maybe even a swirl of strawberry jelly by hand too. The possibilities are endless!!

  15. Just tried this and it was great. I don't like bananas, but I liked this because it didn't have the texture of bananas. An added bonus to it being only one ingredient was that my 7 month old could eat food right out of Mommy's bowl–which made her very happy.

    I think I'd freeze my bananas a little longer next time. Mine were only in the freezer about four hours. They mixed up smooth in the food processor, but were a bit more melty than if the bananas were frozen more.

  16. We love banana ice cream! I buy around 15 pounds of bananas at a time when they go on sale because they're getting too ripe, then freeze them. We usually use soy milk too because I like them thinner. Cinnamon and Nutmeg make a "eggnog" tasting ice cream.

  17. I had to be a jerk, but the phrase is "pique" your interest 🙂

    Peak = mountain peak
    Peek = to peek through the bushes at someone
    Pique = to spark the interest of

    🙂 Looks delish!

  18. Chaviva- I definitely know the difference between all of the spellings! My mistake just means that 1. I'm writing my posts waaay too late at night, and 2. Kate isn't paying attention today because she's the resident grammar nazi around here! Thanks for pointing it out, I'll go edit!

    By the way, did you mean "hate" to be a jerk? Because the word "had" doesn't make much sense in your sentence 😉

  19. This is funny. I've been doing this exact thing for years. I got it as a tip from a dietitian several years ago. My favorite is to mix in some frozen strawberries or any berry for that matter. Also good, chopped raw almonds. Yummy!

  20. OMG you guys just keep flooring me recipe after recipe :)This looks awesome. I heart bananas. This is soo going on my blog. With a HUGE shout out to you of course!

  21. I made this ALL the time when my kids were small–on occassion I would add honey and vanilla mmmmm but IMO you must eat fast before it starts to melt!

  22. Wow! What a neat idea! I always end up with 1/2 of my bananas looking like this before they get eaten at our house. You would think I would learn and just buy less…And I have been banned from making banana bread in my house since it never EVER turns out right. So this is a really neat alternative to throwing away all those bananas! Thanks for sharing!

  23. We totally made this yesterday and it was good. Even my 2 year old that has NEVER eaten even pieces of bananas in her entire life ate the small portion we gave her.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Oh yummy! I love bananas and I am going to definitely try this! I am going to mix coconut in mine because I love coconut and that goes well with bananas! Mmmmm

  25. I was so excited to try this recipe, and then reading the comments, I was bummed to find out it probably wouldn't work without a food processor, a juicer or an insanely powerful blender.

    I had already frozen my banana chunks, so I looked at my KitchenAid an thought "What could it hurt?"

    It worked!! It was a tiny bit more "complicated" then a food processor, but really, all I had to do was break up big chunks and keep an eye on the speed.

    The banana "ice cream" is amazing! I added a spoonful of Nutella, yum!!!

  26. I really wish I had read this post before I threw away the brown bananas on my counter this morning! So excited to try this- we just started a new diet and the old brown bananas couldn't be made into banana bread- too many calories! Hooray for a low calorie sweet treat!!

  27. Sooooo good. I've made this 3x since reading your blog last week. My husband and I started a new diet and this works perfect for our sweet tooth moments.

    Do you know if you can make ahead and store in the freezer?

  28. Jennifer- so glad you've been enjoying this! I'm sure you could make this ahead of time and freeze it, but it would definitely get rock hard. You'd have to let it sit out before you could get a spoon into it!

  29. LOVE THIS! I tried it this morning with my two kids (4 and 2 1/2) and it was a huge hit! We even put a few sprinkles on it to make it sparkly (as my kids say). My daughter (4) suggested we try it with raspberries next time too!

    Thank you so much! It was just what we needed for an easy breakfast/snack while we are trying to move!

  30. Love it. I'm trying to eat a little healthier and ice cream for breakfast last week really hit the spot. It was such a great after workout treat.

  31. This is a totally awesome "dessert" for kids. I also feed this to my 6 month old nephew who is teething. It works great because the cold soothes the gums and it is only bananas so he can eat it!!

  32. This is AWESOME – I've just shared it with all my friends.

    For folks without a food processor: I did have to use a blender, and it did work. The only problem is that I had to blend it soooo long to get the banana chunks all smooth – so by the time it was done the consistency was closer to half-melted ice cream instead of like the scoop in your picture. But it was still delicious, and if this is the cost of having to use a blender, I can live with that. Next time I'll break the bananas into smaller chunks before freezing and see if that makes a difference.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  33. What an awesome idea!
    I just tried it, and it really does taste like ice cream and even has the same texture!!
    I even used super ripe bananas that had been frozen in their skins and it turned out great!

  34. I was really excited about this idea since I'm really trying to focus on good, healthy snacks for our 2.5yo daughter. I just made this in our Ninja Blender and it didn't even take a few minutes. I was tempted to throw in some frozen blueberries or strawberries that was beside my ginormous bag of frozen banana chunks, but I decided to try it plain the first time. My little one loved it!!
    This is a perfect recipe for my family, because any time our bananas start getting too mushy I break them up in pieces and throw them in a bag in the freezer. I figure this is a way better way to eat them than making banana bread or something yummy that likes my hips too much. 🙂

  35. I haven't made this in awhile, but it's always a winner! I like to add frozen strawberries and sometimes a bit of yogurt. As long as there are enough bananas, it still has that ice cream-y consistency instead of going sherbet. I put it in a cone for my 2-year old and he loves it! I'm thrilled that it doesn't require an ice cream maker, as that won't make the top of my priority purchase list any time soon.

  36. Yes, I'm late to the party on this one but WOW! Made this for my kids for breakfast this morning and they loved it. I loved it too. Next time we'll be trying some mix-ins…stir in a little peanut butter for protein and that's a whole meal!

  37. I just stumbled upon your blog today and am so excited! My son is allergic to wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, and rice…and it's extremely difficult to find coconut milk ice cream that he can eat…and of course, he loves ice cream! 🙂
    I am going to the store today to buy bananas to try this out for him! Can't wait to see how he loves it!!!

  38. Oh! I am going to have to try the Nutella! We made banana ice cream with frozen bananas, honey and cream, but I will have to try this the next time I don't have cream on hand!

  39. I've seen this before, but forgotten all about it. We're definitely banana fans around here, so thanks for the reminder. I'll HAVE to try it now.

  40. Thanks for gathering these healthy meal ideas together. I'm going to try the frozen banana dessert this week. I love my tasty indulgences, but I'm always on the lookout for healthy meal ideas!

  41. YUM! You were right that it does taste like bananas, so not an ice cream replacement but I was surprised at how good it actually was. It was especially good with a little chocolate syrup on top!

  42. Tried this for an after school snack for the kids and was totally amazed at the results! I had to freeze the bananas overnight before they were hard enough, and I, too, tried it plain…but I'll definitely be playing with mix-ins! Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, maybe cold "hot" fudge would make it an amazing dessert, will have to try it with berries, and I love the idea of cinnamon and nutmeg! Yum! I'll be making banana splits with this for my lactose-intolerant Dad, and what a fun summer treat this will be for a teething baby!

    Anyway, the real reason I'm commenting is that I topped our treat with home made granola that I made this morning. It turned out pretty well, but I love clusters in granola and did not end up with any. I would love an OBB recipe and walk-through if you're ever hurting for ideas – not likely, but I can hope! 🙂

  43. This is perfect! I didn't add any extras to this, but came up a handful that would be good with it. After I ate this my craving for ice cream was gone and I really felt like I was getting a treat!!! The best part about this was that I got in my fruit which I don't get enough of! And for me one banana was enough. I did two and split it with my husband. We thought this would be a great topper for those low point brownies with a small drizzle of chocolate sauce. A perfect hot fudge banana split birthday treat and practically guilt free!

  44. I would LOVE to try this but I don't have a food processor! I have been making this shake/smoothie, though, that is SO yummy that reminds me of this. I use frozen bananas, chocolate soy milk, and a scoop of peanut butter. I blend it all together in my Magic Bullet and it is a really yummy chocolate/peanut butter/banana shake. I would never know there wasn't ice cream. Oh, and I also sneak some spinach in there from time to time. I can't even taste the difference!

  45. Just made this tonight (along with the lettuce wraps) for the first time and oh my wow…delicious! I even saved a bit for myself as a treat for later. Totally yummy!

  46. the first time i made this my bananas weren’t fully frozen and when i took it out of the food processor i realized it looked exactly like pudding! i had one spoonful and loved it! i mixed some peanut butter into mine and that was really yummy.

  47. I have been wanting to try this for ages but I don’t have a food processor… So i finally decided to try it in my magic bullet and it worked! Mostly. I did have to break up the frozen block of banana chunks into the individual pieces of banana and I had to do it in two batches but it worked! I tossed a few blackberries into the banana mixture and it’s delicious. I was going to be virtuous and eat it as a healthy snack.. but I couldn’t help drizzling some hot fudge on it.. MmmMmmmmm amazing idea!

  48. Mmmm Nutella! I will definitely have to try that one. My favorite quote: some people look at things and say, “why not?” I look at things and say, “why not with Nutella?” 😉

  49. Did you know that there is a machine that does this banana ice cream job? I know, one more appliance to add to your cupboard. But seriously, I never thought of using a food processor, and it is probably easier to use that. Just so you know, this appliance is called Yonanas. Hope I helped!

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