Orange Ginger Cookies with White Chocolate

Is it cheating to post a recipe that isn’t really a recipe, but rather just a slight variation of a recipe you posted a couple of months ago? Maybe. But as Kate mentioned in her last post, we’re also technically supposed to be sitting around in our pajamas right now on a blogging vacation, so isn’t this better than seeing a big note that says “See ya next year!”? Hopefully so! I also thought this would be a good one to post because being quick and easy, it’s a perfect last-minute treat recipe for anyone who still has to whip something up for holiday parties in these few days before Christmas.

I know a lot of you have made and loved the ginger spice cookies. In that post I told you how my mind went crazy thinking of all of the things I could do to these cookies to make them even better, but that after I tasted them I decided they definitely needed to be left alone. While it’s true that they are fabulous left completely alone, I couldn’t stop thinking about some way to incorporate two of my favorite flavors:

White Chocolate and Orange Zest.

I was making these for a friend the other day for her birthday, and while the cookies taste incredible plain, this friend is anything but plain, so I thought it would be a perfect excuse to fancy them up. Enter white chocolate and orange zest. The creamy white chocolate is just enough to add something rich, without overpowering the other flavors. And the orange zest is practically meant to go with the other warm spices. Match made in heaven!


And while we’re on the topic of variations, my sister sent me this picture. She made the ginger spice cookies and pressed the dough into muffin tins before baking. The result were these adorable and delicious little cookie bowls that she filled with ice cream. How cute is that? Love it. If any of you have any fun ideas or variations of our recipes, email us- we’d love to hear about it!

Since we’re talking about warm cookies, who out there is snowed in?! There’s winter storms hitting all over the place, including my house! Hooray for a white Christmas!


  1. I LOVE these cookies, every time I think of fall or Christmas I crave these . . . wonderful flavor, I could eat the entire batch myself (and I’m pretty sure I tried to the first time I made them, lol). THANK YOU!!!

  2. What if you shaped them into bird’s nests and placed a chocolate egg in there, wouldn’t that be cute? (By the way… I’m a kid!

  3. I am a little late at commenting on this post, but I have to say that I made the ginger spice cookies and rolled the dough out and cut them into gingerbread men! The turned out fabulous and went they out to my whole neighborhood! I have had at least 4 people call and tell me they were the best “gingerbread” cookies ever!!

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