Our Best Bites Cookbook Giveaway!

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Do you ever have those days where you feel like the universe is conspiring against you? Getting today’s post ready was painful and it was not happening. So…change of plans.

If you’ve just joined us in the last few months, about 2 years ago, we wrote a book.

Our Best Bites Cook Book Cover

And people liked it! Like…it became a national bestseller! So we wrote another one…
The brand new Our Best Bites Cook Book!

And that one became a national bestseller. Which was awesome.

Some other awesome things about our books?

-There is a picture for every recipe.

-It has a spiral binding on the inside so you can lay it flat while you’re cooking, but the spine is printed with the title, so you can find it when you need to.

Our Best Bites Cook Book




-It has this adorable bookmark with a conversion chart on it.book mark-Both books have a “rollover index” where you can look up recipes by ingredient. So if you buy a whole quart of buttermilk or a bunch of cilantro and you’re looking for a way to use them up, we’re your girls.

So since things were not going my way today, I’m having a bowl of ice cream and giving away 3 books to 3 lucky friends!

our best bites cookbook giveaway


Here’s the deal:

-To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite season, holiday, or tradition.
-The giveaway runs from today, 3/6/13 until 3/13/13.
-We’ll pick 3 winners and notify them via the email address they use to enter the giveaway. Be sure to use an email address you check often and not the email address you use when you order something from Bath & Body Works because you know you’re going to get 10 advertisement emails a day.
-The winners will get to choose either Our Best Bites: Mormon Moms in the Kitchen or Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites.
The winner must respond within 48 hours of when we send the notification email. If we don’t hear from you, we will select another winner.
-If you want to forgo the whole contest thing, you can purchase the books from Amazon, Deseret Book, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and many other bookstores. If you are unable to find it, any bookstore should be happy to order it for you.

Ready? Set? Go! I’m gonna go eat some ice cream and lick my sad corrupted memory card wounds…


  1. So excited!! My favorite season is fall: beautiful weather, delicious food, fun holidays, changing leaves, etc. But my favorite holiday is Christmas and so much of my Christmas revolves around FOOD!

  2. I was going to say fall, but then I was thinking, Spring is pretty good too. And Summer. And winter’s pretty awesome. I like all the seasons. Perpetual optimist?

  3. First, I love your blog..I read it three times a week. Second, I have never had a recipe of your not turn out. I think you two are just wonderful and I use ideas from you blog for work almost every week. So, Thank You. My favorite season is Fall because of the extra baking. I am able to use all of the stuff I have gathered in my baking pantry AND go out and buy more for the next year.
    I am very happy for your success and wish you all the Best in every bite!

    Aloha, Amy from Maui

  4. My favorite season is summer. Even though it can get crazy hot in summer, I love the barbecues, outdoor fun, cold treats, and late nights!

  5. Birthdays are my all-time favorite holidays! I know all my friends’ birthdays and I usually bake them their favorite treats for their special day.

  6. I ove fall because it just starts to get chilly for soups (even though I eat soup year round, it makes my belly happy on a chilly day) and anything pumpkin!! And a close tie with summer as I love eating and cooking outside.

  7. My favorite Christmas tradition is having the kids (big and little alike!) open up a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve.

    Thanks for the chance to win one of your awesome cookbooks!

  8. I love winter! Especially the sparkly snow, warm cozy clothes and scarves, hot drinks and all things associated with Christmas!

  9. At first I was going to say fall because we have some great soup and stew recipes (not to mention pumpkin desserts) but then I thought about all of the fresh produce during the summer and now I can’t decide.

  10. I like Spring the best. I’m so happy that it’s nearly here. It reminds me of so many afternoons spent on the tennis court and enjoying my high school years. It’s been entirely too long since I played at this point, but I hope to play again when my kids get a little bigger.

  11. My favorite holiday would be Christmas, and I am sure that I am the only who likes Christmas the best of all the holidays.:)

  12. My favorite holiday is definitely Valentine’s Day! These awesome cookbooks would be a great present for me right now since I’m going to be having a baby in 3 weeks! I LOVE your blog, ladies!

  13. My new favorite tradition goes along with Thanksgiving. My husband is Irish and we were in Ireland during this past Thanksgiving. They wanted to make sure I felt “at home” and so my father-in-law got a bunch of tiny American flags and put them all over the dining room and table. Conventional? No way. Hilarious and will be done every year from now on in our family? Absolutely!

  14. I love Spring! Just that feeling you get after the gloomy winter around here, the birds are out and flowers are budding and blooming. Makes me smile just thinking about it right now. Popcorn Popping is a favorite song.

  15. I love spring, when everything bursts into full bloom, buzy buzzing, and the first home grown veggies of the year make it into the kitchen. Yum.

  16. I love the Christmas holiday season! My entire hometown decorates for Christmas and I love my family tradition of going out driving in pajamas looking at Christmas lights. I can’t wait for this year as we will be celebrating with our first child!

  17. I love early summer because it’s warm enough to be outside and enjoy doing, well, anything outside! Right now it’s too cold to want to play in the garden or bike or walk, but in late summer it’s too dang hot to be out there, either!

  18. My favourite holiday is Christmas as over this time I get to spend lots of time with my family. We go away camping and swimming as it is hot and my children are excited and although they love getting presents they are also at an age now where they love giving gifts and seeing how happy people are to get them.

  19. Christmas! I just love the cooler weather, the cheery dispositions, and family all around. Summer comes a close second because it’s always been fun, even if the heat is sometimes unbearable 🙂

  20. By far, Fall is my favorite season and Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. I live on a farm in the Midwest, so autumn is glorious here! Thanks for sharing your fabulous recipes and fun giveaways!

  21. My favorite season is Fall. I love everything about it – the weather changing, the smells, the colors. My favorite time of year for sure!

  22. My favorite season changes a lot…. right now it is spring! I can’t wait for that first really warm, gorgeous day of spring, especially since it just snowed a bunch last night!

  23. I’ll tell you all three! My favorite season is definitely summer!! I’m a summer baby, I love the warm weather, and now that I’m a mamma of 5 I love the relaxed schedules without school and extracurriculars.
    My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas!! All of my senses get to indulge and love is just magnified.
    My new favorite tradition is Friday movie night. I’m now making treats to go with the movie, thanks to you girls!

  24. My favorite season is spring in Northern New England…..bye, bye snow….hello flowers and warmer days! 🙂 I have (and totally love) both of your cookbooks, but I would love to give one to my BFF. 🙂

  25. There is so much to look forward to food-wise in each season. Right now, I’m anxious for asparagus and strawberries to start showing up at the farmers’ market. I do love pumpkin, though and love when I have any excuse to cook with it!

  26. I love spring because I love seeing everything turn green and all of the blossoms on the trees! I bought your first book and use it weekly and would love to add the second one to my collection. Love you gals!

  27. Hmmm, one favorite? I love it all; all holidays and traditions! Maybe I love birthdays the best, love celebrating the people I adore!

  28. My favourite season is Winter. Simply because its the most manic time of year for me. I work in theatre and always work on the 10 week pantomime that spans right from middle of November to the end of January. 2 shows a day – nearly every day! (We got 6 days off in 2012 – christmas eve and christmas day included – and then 4 days off in January 2013.) Through all of this, my most favourite thing to do on the occasion of a one day show or a day off is to bake. I make roughly 30-70 cupcakes a go, depending on how generous I want to be with my time or how tired I am. I get requests right from the beginning of rehearsals and old cast telling the new guys “Oh you have to try her cupcakes!” I make cookies and cakepops, gluten free or dairy free along with all their yummy toppings and other things too but the basic cupcakes seem to stand out the most.
    Although it is incredibly busy and I only see my family for Christmas eve and Christmas day and my home becomes a total clutter of clean clothes not put away, I still seem to love every second of the madness. The extra work brings in extra cash which allows me to buy more ingredients and stock up on decorating supplies. It also allows me an audience to test my new creations on!
    Yep, Winter is definitely my favourite season. 🙂

  29. My favorite tradition is celebrating birthdays of loved ones that have already passed on. I like to use this opportunity to teach my kids about my awesome grandparents. I usually make a meal that that grandparent loved. Also I bake their favorite cake or make their favorite dessert, tell stories about them and show pictures. This is a good way to keep the memory of them alive. I also use it as an opportunity to ask my parents about any forgotten memories about their parents. And that’s my favorite tradition 🙂

  30. BBQ season!! I love to grill and love anything that comes off the grill! Thanks for the chance to win, fingers crossed it’s me!! 🙂

  31. Love your cookbook. I bought it a couple of years ago and it’s one of my favorites! I like Halloween as far as holidays go. And your cookbook makes such a perfect gift for new brides!

  32. Love cooking during all seasons but especially when seasons are changing like now when I’m going from soups to light and healthy with the change in weather! I would love the savoring the seasons cookbook!

  33. Hmmm. I love Christmas and all the fun things that go along with it. But there’s also the crisp weather of fall and the flowers of spring and the Popsicles of summer….I can’t decide!

  34. My fav season is fall – the weather, color changes, football & apple pie!
    I bought both your books but would love to win won and give to a friend to share your wonderful book and website! Love it!!

  35. My favorite season is a tie between summer and autumn. I like summer because of the obvious – it’s summer! Warm, sunny, and lots of activities to do 🙂 Autumn is still mildly warm and I love the holidays in autumn and all the colors.

  36. I love Christmas traditions! Opening one present on Christmas Eve, stocking stuffers Christmas morning, Christmas breakfast with breakfast casserole, muffins & orange Julius’, reading the Christmas story from the Bible and spending lots of quality time with family. It’s awesome!!

  37. My favorite season is winter 🙂 I love the first whiff of an incoming snow on the wind. I love walking to town with my son on a snowy Saturday morning, stopping to grab a hot cocoa from the convenience store along the way. And then the Christmas cookies… I start counting down to Christmas in July 🙂

  38. My favorite season is Spring because I’m usually so tired of winter and I’m in a hurry for warm weather and pretty flowers.

  39. I love all the seasons – after in central NC the saying goes something like “If you don’t like the weather today – that’s okay. It will change tomorrow”.

  40. I love summer! Swimming, hiking, just being out of doors with the kids, grilling, and making ice cream (my grandma’s recipe!). But my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love making Christmas treats with my family–fudge and candy bar cookies with my dad, decorated sugar cookies with the kids, and fun new recipes with my mom. Fun, fellowship, warmth, light, laughter–I love Christmas!

  41. My favorite holiday used to be Christmas, but now it is my kids’ birthdays. I love taking a day to celebrate the things that they enjoy.

  42. I love fall and spring (relief from the extremes) — nature, sports, fresh air. But, like most, Christmas is my favorite holiday — family, decorations, treats, music, faith.

  43. My favorite holiday is Christmas. It’s magical, especially where I live since we get lots of sparkly snow and have small children who are so excited for all the traditions. But most of all, because it’s celebration of the Savior’s birth and we have the chance to focus on the joy and gratitude we have for him and his life. EVeryone is so focused on kindness and giving. I wish Christmas was all year round!

  44. I love Fall and all the holidays that come with it. 🙂
    I love fire crackling and making the first seasons smores and apple cider and hot cocoa.

  45. Typically, Fall is my favorite season…cool crisp air, perfect sweatshirt weather! However, there’s something to be said about Spring…seems like a good time for a fresh start, we can come out of hibernation, etc. =)

  46. I had to think long and hard about this one since I love holidays and there’s something I love about every season, but I’m going to say my favorite season is summer. There’s just nothing that I don’t love about it!

  47. My favorite holiday tradition is caroling to widows and widowers and then coming home for some hot chocolate. But I really dislike the cold, so my favorite season is summer — really hoping for warmer weather soon.

  48. My favorite tradition we do as a family is on New Year’s Eve we fill out “predictions” for the coming year… what new things we’ll do/try, who/what will change the most etc. and then after we make predictions for the new year we read our predictions from the previous year. We also write down all our favorite memories from the year and goals for the new year. It is always a blast to see how our kids grow and change each year.

  49. My favorite season is summer! I am lucky enough to have a husband and daughter that share my love for the season, so we spend every free second outside. We enjoy baseball, the park, the beach, nature hikes, and just enjoying our home and our yard. BRING ON THE SUN!!!

  50. My favorite season is autumn. I love the falling leaves, the crisp, cool air, the satisfaction of a garden harvest and Thanksgiving … my favorite holiday.

  51. My favorite time if year is fall. I live being able to open windows. I love the colors and of course college football (high school too as my husband is a has coach). It’s also the start of holiday seasons!

  52. My favorite season? Hmm it all depends where we are living…. but overall it would be early summer or early fall. You know when the temperatures are in the 70’s, the humidity is down, and things are growing like mad in the garden. I LOVE, Love, love fresh produce! Being able to go out and pick at leisure fresh veggies and fruit. Having an abundance of fresh eggs. OH my I’m making myself hungry!

  53. Fall, Fall, Fall! Apples and soups and stews and warm rolls and pie..mmm, pie. I hope your day gets better. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Fall! Cozy soups and breads and treats!
    Sorry about your bad day. I think I’ll have to eat some ice cream, too, as a show of support! 🙂

  55. My favorite tradition is to invite anyone and everyone to our house for Thanksgiving. We don’t want anyone to spend the holiday alone. Even our friends and family who come know to invite anyone and everyone they know. It’s a fun mix of people and there is usually no shortage of laughter. So, with that said, what are YOU doing for Thanksgiving this year??

  56. I love baking for my children and family at Christmas. I stay up late prepping homemade cinnamon rolls, sausage biscuit balls, prepping a cider baked ham, and keeping an eye out for Santa. Watching my children inhale the delicious foods I baked with love warms my heart. Being able to share my gift of cooking with my husband and our families is what the Christmas season is all about!

  57. I love cookbooks let me just say. Your cookbooks are so thought out – pictures, spiral books and the recipes are also fabulous! I love Fall – cooking comfort food, soups, apples and all the yummy food Fall brings out way. Love your blog.

  58. I wish I could pick just one……..I love them all. I love decorate and
    have fun and to be creative and I just love the change. Love you blog cookbook etc, thank you!

  59. Autumn is my favourite time of year. As the leaves turn colours and the crisp air descends from the brilliant blue sky, there is nothing like warming the house with something baking in the oven and then settling into the couch with a treat and a hot cocoa, snuggled up with little loved ones.

  60. There just seems to be something great about all of them–donuts and cider in the Fall, hot cocoa in the winter, watching the signs of Spring and then enjoying time with lots of family in the summer. I’m thankful to live in a place with so many changes!

  61. I love Easter and all the chocolatey goodness that comes with it! Also this year our 2nd child will join us hopefully in time to enjoy the celebration!! I would love to have something yummy to read while I spend hours on the couch nursing!!

  62. My favorite holiday is Christmas, and one my favorite traditions is watching Father of the Bride 2 while we put up the Christmas tree! (I have no idea how that tradition got started, but it is a fun one that is uniquely ours 🙂 )

  63. Christmas is hands down my favorite season, holiday, and tradition! I love the sounds, sights, smells, and good will.

  64. Oh I would love to win this…..favorite season would have to be spring. I hate winter (even though I’m spoiled living in the south right now) and spring is always so refreshing!

  65. We have a new tradition thanks to you- 12 days of valentine’s 🙂 we used the notes you provided and left them a note for the 12 days before Valentine’s day. They loved getting mail every morning! Thanks for the great idea, and the giveaway. Hope your memory cards recover.

  66. I LOVE SPRING!!! Yes, I have lived in “4 seasons” weather for more than a decade, but even when I grew up in sunny Southern CA, I have always loved Spring! The newness, the beautiful greens and flowers. It’s a fresh start!

  67. My favorite tradition is eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve! I’m learning how to actually cook it so maybe one year it won’t have to be take-out (though that does make a lot less mess!!)

  68. I love any season when my family is together. Whenever my whole family-siblings, parents etc get together we all draw questions out of a journal jar, write the answers down and then share. It’s fun to learn about each other.

  69. Spring is my fave season. After the long, cold N. Canadian winter here, I love when the fresh green leaves start popping out, and the cool, crisp mornings, with the birds singing and life starting anew outside, and that it holds the promise of summer ahead. Sigh… ♥
    Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  70. We love St. Patty’s Day! We always go to a parade (even in Chicago, even when its snowing!) and swoon at the bagpipe music. We always wear all kinds of crazy green stuff and dine on all manner of Irish and/or green food!

  71. I already browsed your blog on a regular basis, but I got your Savor the Seasons book for Christmas, and I love it! We’ve been OBB’ing it up at least a couple times a week since December. I love ALL the seasons. I can’t ever pick one. There are awesome things about all of them: snow, sunshine, christmas, birthdays, summer vacations, fresh berries, gingerbread, apple pie, etc. I love peaches because the town I’m from celebrates the local peach harvest every year. That is always a nostalgic time for me,

  72. I love the summer- long sunny days, working in the garden, and backyard coookouts. There’s nothing like sitting on the porch with your friends on a summer night.

  73. My favorite holiday by far is Christmas! I make cookies upon cookies including some recipes I have conveniently found here!

  74. My favorite tradition is general conference morning. We go to grandmas Sunday morning for cinnamon rolls eggs bacon fruit oj milk the works. Gorge ourselves while being spiritually fed.

  75. I love Summer….the warmth(well I’m from the south, so its actually not warmth, but heat!), love having my kiddos home, and no schedule!! I would love a book, because I gave some away for Christmas, but sadly did not buy one for myself. Thanks!!

  76. Fall has to be my favorite season! My family and friends always go apple picking at the local fruit farm and we went up with pounds and pounds of delicious apples! We always head to one of our houses afterwords and have a pizza party complete with apples and caramel and karaoke. The apples have no comparison with store bought apples; they’re almost a different fruit entirely!!! They’re so delicious but I’ve never tried making apple pie with them… Maybe this year I’ll try to tackle an apple pie with your recipe!

  77. My favorite tradition is a Christmas tradition in my husbands family. On Christmas Eve, they get together with their cousins and do a big family talent show. There is a ton of food to eat, including a few dished they have had every year for many years. It us so much fun!

    I would love to win any of your books!

  78. Summer; swimming, barbecues, popsicles,, beach trips, salads for dinner, fresh berries and peaches and squash! And, after this colder than usual winter (we’re about to bundle up to go sledding in a snow storm), I’m ready for it!

  79. I’ve always loved summer the best… but as soon as spring starts this year I’m having another baby, so I’m itching for just that to get here!

  80. Favorite season is spring — sun streaming through the windows, birds chirping, flowers blooming, trees blossoming! So much renewal and hope!

  81. Fall is my favorite season because of the colors and cooler weather (that was before we moved to Texas). My husband’s favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, so I’m going to try and go all out this year!

  82. My favorite season is summer. Living in the midwest, winters can be harsh, but summer is the best. BBQs, swimming, eating outdoors, kids playing outside. Nothing beats it!

    1. Wow! All the comments that are already here! My favorite season is summertime. Warm breezes, lots of sunshine, flowers, sitting outside in the evening enjoying a far-away lightening show with empending rain in the distance. Long days, picnics, cookouts, family get-togethers, hearing the birds singing in the early mornings. Can you tell I live in the Midwest where we have winter approx. 8 months of the year (it feels like anyway!)and summer is just a blink of the eye. That’s why I love it so much.

  83. Fall is my favorite season because there is nothing like apple picking, warm ciders and watching the leaves turn. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  84. I just LOVE summer. I know it gets super hot (and humid here in the south) but I love BBQ’s, ice cream, & swimming with the kids.

  85. I love fall (or autumn as we call it here in Scotland), I love the crisp air, hurrying home from school to snuggle under blankets and the excitement of birthdays, halloween and bonfire night celebrations.

  86. Right now spring is my favorite. I’m ready for it. When it gets hot and I’m sick of summer, I’ll love fall!

  87. Love, love Christmas! Tradition: being a secret Santa for a needy family or making cookies and taking them around as we go caroling to the widows/widowers in the neighborhood.

  88. Maybe I am a little biased right now because I am desperately longing for it, but SPRING!! Spring is so full of hope and new life and expectations. I adore SPRING!!

  89. Fall is a beautiful time of the year to enjoy the harvest from your garden and all the delicious meals to place on the table before your gathered family.

  90. This is so hard because I think every season has its beautiful things, fun traditions. But I think the most magical one for our family is winter/Christmas. The anticipation of Santa and Christmas day is unforgettable!

  91. You would think with my name being Summer, it would be a given that summer is my favorite season, but….. I really love Spring!

  92. I don’t think I can pick just one! I love the changing of seasons. Just when I think I can’t stand one more day of dreary grey winter, spring comes. Then after a long hot summer, fall brings beautiful colors and cool “sleep with the windows open” nights. And then snow… I love it all. For a few months at least….

  93. Yay! My favorite season is Fall. The overbearing heat of Summer finally lets off, the trees start turning their gorgoeus colors, and did I mention pumpkin pie? 🙂

  94. Most of the year I would say Christmas is my favorite holiday but right now I am just desperate for spring to arrive (and my baby too)!! So I will have to say that I love spring the very most right now!

  95. My all-time favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love that it’s not commercialized and that it encourages gratitude. Having family and friends together to eat is one of my favorite things in life.

  96. My all time favorite holiday is Halloween. There are so many crafts and fun foodie type things you can do for Halloween. Each year our dinner menu contains “witches coins” = sliced carrots, “Mummy dogs” = hotdogs wrapped in pizza crust or crescent rolls, and then something new each year. This year we had “snotty noodles” = noodles with pesto. The kids LOVE IT! 🙂

  97. Absolutely fall. It’s the beginning of football season, leaves start to turn, you get to look forward to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I also love that it starts to cool down a bit and we can enjoy being outside more!

  98. My favorite season is Spring. Spring in Texas means you finally have a couple weeks to be outside before it gets too hot. All the leaves and flowers are growing again and the earth is beautiful.

  99. Any holiday that revolves around family. Food is just the excuse we use to be together and share/make things for the people we love.

  100. My favorite time of year is August when our family camps at Pine Lake for a ghost town reunion that has been taking place for over sixty-five years.

  101. Autumn! After the heat of summer I am ready for some cool, crisp days. I love the colorful trees and the smell of a fireplace burning.

  102. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Days go by so fast, but I have noticed that at Christmas time, I really try to make the most of every day. I don’t mind the early dark nights because it gives me more time to cuddle with my kids, look at our trees and read more stories.

  103. My favorite holiday season is Christmas! I ALWAYS gain about 8 lbs, but since it’s cold I can wear sweaters and stretchy pants and bake to my heart’s content. And I looooooove you guys and your recipes and if I lived near either of you I would insist we be best friends 🙂

  104. It’s always hard for me to decide, but I think that fall is my favorite season. It’s cooling off, and I can wear sweaters again. I can eat warm soups and root vegetables. And the leaves are turning. Yes, I think fall is my favorite.

  105. I love fall…the welcome relief of cooler weather after such a hot summer is always so nice. The fall also holds my birthday and my oldest son’s birthday. I love spring too…for the warm weather after a cold winter!! 🙂 My youngest son and husband have birthdays in the spring so it’s time to celebrate then too!! Really, there’s something wonderful year round, but fall and spring are my faves.

  106. I love Thanksgiving. The comfort foods, the idea of giving God thanks, and especially the lack of commercialism. Marketing has ruined so many holidays.

  107. My favorite tradition for a season is on Christmas morning. My Grandma always used to make sticky buns and egg bake for our family. Even though Grandma has passed, we still carry on this tradition

  108. Spring for sure! Light breezes, blue skies, lush vegetation, AND (finally) the thawing out of winter 😀 Not too cold, not too hot–as Goldilocks once said.

  109. Usually I’d say that Fall is my favorite season, but it’s March and it’s been a long, snowy winter in NE Wisconsin, so I’m going to have to say Spring!

  110. I love all the seasons, but right now I’m really looking forward to spring! (so the tax season will be over and my husband will be done working 14 hour days) 🙂

  111. My favorite season is spring. I love the first time you walk outside and you can smell spring in the air. Spring is just full of new life and new beginning. I love the warm, sunny days and the freedom from the snow and dreary days of winter!

  112. My favorite season is Christmas (living in Texas, wouldn’t like a break from the heat!). I love our family’s tradition of getting together and going to a mexican restaurant that goes all out for Christmas decorating. Then going to a gated community and enjoying a lovely, crisp night, driving around looking at the Christmas lights. My other favorite part about Christmas is going to a Christmas tree farm and picking out a tree. We have a cursed habit of picking the crooked ones (nothing a string tied to the top of the tree and attached to the wall can’t fix)!
    Thank you for this wonderful website.

  113. Definitely fall. I love the smells, the cooler but not freezing weather, the beautiful colors, and the food! It helps that my birthday is also during the fall, I guess. 🙂

  114. I’m loving this Spring. Almost all of our family birthdays are in Spring. When you add in Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day this is a three month long party season for us. Everyone feels the energy and it brings so much joy to the end of winter, beginning of Spring.

  115. I love fall and winter cooking, but I also love fresh produce from our summer garden and canning. I guess there is no bad time of year to spend time in the kitchen!

  116. I love fall/winter! I love to make homemade soups and living in AZ it gives us a break from the heat but I can still wear flip flops year round. 🙂

  117. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love everything about it — especially the focus on Christ and giving to others.

  118. Favorite season – used to be fall, but now it’s spring. It seems like I am always waiting and anticipating the warmer weather and the end of winter. Can’t wait.

  119. I love the fall. I live in a very scenic area and fall is magnificent. I also love fall cooking with the spices and flavors that go with it. PS Your recipes have saved me a zillion times-Thanks

  120. Spring! Everything is turning green again, I can open all the windows and let fresh air in, we can eat our meals outside and there aren’t any bugs yet!

  121. Fall. Definitely Fall. Love the harvest season with all the fall treats. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, butternut squash raviolis,… I could go on but I’d rather not drool on my desk. ;P

  122. It’s got to be Spring in the UK, especially when i’m on the school run in a morning and drive down rhe road to school and it’s canopied by big beautiful pink blossom trees. I would love to win one of your books, I love your blog.

  123. I love every season and all their food glory, but I especially looking forward to having angel food cake with fresh strawberries and cream. A staple at my mom’s around Easter.

  124. I LOVE Spring! I love everything coming back to life, all the flowers, and getting to spend more time outside. Plus my birthday is in spring.

  125. Fall! “Cooler” weather — I live in Texas, we don’t really get a fall — but it’s still warm enough to grill and go for walks without feeling like your skin will melt off. Plus it’s daylight savings time, and that extra hour of sleep is a huge bonus with 3 kids!

  126. Summer! The light coming through the windows so early in the morning and getting out in the dirt before anyone else in the house is out of bed.

  127. My favorite Holiday is Halloween… I love fall and pumpkins and how its the first holiday that kicks off the entire Holiday Season. I love it so much my husband and I had a fall/halloween themed wedding with hay bales and white pumpkins!

  128. My favorite season is Spring because of all the pretty flowers and the lovely weather. I just moved into my new home this past Friday and for the first time ever, I will have my own flowers to plant. 🙂

  129. My favorite season is definitely Spring! I sort of feel a sense of accomplishment for making it through yet another cold winter, and I reward myself with bike rides, hikes, neighborhood walks- anything outside!

  130. Right now my favorite season is Spring because I just can’t stand this snow anymore! But usually it’s fall because of the delicious cooking possibilities, crisp yummy air, warm fall sunshine and of course, everything pumpkin…

  131. I love fall, but it seems that it never lasts very long in Utah. 🙁 I love the cool, crisp air and when it cools down and I can wear sweatshirts and pants comfortably outside. Not to mention that I love anything pumpkin!

  132. My favorite season is fall; which is break between the heat and humidity of summer and the cold and often treacherous weather of winter.

  133. When we lived in Utah, my favorite season was winter. I love the snow. Now, we live in the Pacific NW and I don’t love rainy winters, but I do love the mild summers we get here. Thanks for the chance to win.

  134. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons! I love cooking holiday themed meals, so the seasons cookbook would be perfect for me. I always enter these things and never win, though.

  135. I have your first cook book and use it ALL the time and rave about your recipes to everyone!! I would LOVE to get your new cook book for FREE! Thank you!

  136. I love every season for its own beauty and every holiday for all the fun they bring and I can talk and talk about each of them. But one of my favorite traditions that we started not so long ago with my own family is the New Year’s Eve one. During the day we go sledding with the kids. Then we make a Russian feast (I am originally from Russia, where we just LOVE to celebrate everything) and have a candle lit dinner. We all take our sleeping bags (and some desserts!) and nest on the family room floor and have a movie marathon watching great Christmas movies until midnight at which point we go outside and have fun with the sparklers … and then back to our movie marathon. The next day is the pajama day. We have 4 little kids, and they just LOVE it! And so do we!

  137. I love the Christmas season. 🙂 Snow, family gatherings, and lots of cookies! It doesn’t get much better in my book!

  138. I know everyone does, but I just love everything about the Christmas season. I’m always sad when Christmas day comes because it’s all over and then its time to clean up! 🙁

  139. My favorite traditions are ALL of my family’s on Christmas: From our Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas song sing-a-long and reading of the nativity story from the Bible, to our matching PJs, and the order in which we open presents and then head to my grandma’s for dinner and MORE presents! It’s the perfect time!

  140. My favorite season is fall. It’s possible to enjoy beautiful autumn weather outside or get cozy inside with a book and a mug of tea!

  141. Hands down, my two favorite cook books. Ever. I love to cook and love to try new recipes, and you ladies are always knocking it out of the park! Thanks.

  142. Normally, I’d say fall… the leaves turning beautiful colors, the air becoming crisp, and the smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. But for now, I’m sick of winter, and I can’t wait for SPRING with its blossoms, picnics, and car shows.

  143. Autumn is my favorite season, but Christmas is my favorite holiday. Weird right?!? I love being outside during autumn and being inside during Christmastime. As you can imagine, January is often a rough month for me… 🙂

  144. I think it would be great to win one of your books! Thanks for the chance! My favorite season is spring. I live in the desert, and I love hiking around and seeing all the wildflowers bloom. The weather is wonderful that time of year!

  145. Summer Summer Summer! I love being outside, and I love the warm temps and good picnic/BBQ foods of summer, and everyone getting together over a good meal.

  146. Usually my favorite season is fall– but I am so sick of the cold right now, I am REALLY looking forward to spring!! I already have this cookbook and have loved trying out the new recipes! I would love to win another one and give it as a gift!

  147. Jello eggs are an absolute must for Easter. I’m known as Aunt Jello in my family – just sent jello and an egg mold to my niece in Texas – she told her mom she had to have Jello in shapes like Anut Jello makes:)

  148. So hard to choose a favorite season or holiday, but I do love Christmas SO much! But I have always dreamt of having a big backyard barbeque/party for the Fourth of July…with your cookbook I might just be able to pull it off someday.

  149. At Christmas time my husband finds every strand of colored ligths we own and strings them around the basement. He uses green painters tape to tape the lights to the wall. My kids LOVE it and call it Christmas Land. Needless to say, he is NOT allowed to decorate upstairs 🙂

  150. My favorite season is fall. Pumpkin flavored everything and the weather is finally starting to cool down, which is a big thing when you live in Arizona and have endured 6 months of 90+ degrees! 🙂

  151. I love spring! Everything coming back from a cold winter is just nice. I do have to say that I am always ready for every season by the time the season comes.

  152. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the turkey and dressing, putting up our Christmas decorations and spending the weekend with all of my family!!

  153. My favorite season is fall-love the changing colors and cooler weather. Love your site and all the recipes you provide.

  154. My favorite season is fall. I love, love, love driving around and looking at the colors! I also love the perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold) and the smells (apple, pumpkin, cinnamon).

  155. I recently bought the second book and I LOVE IT! I would love to win the first book. My favorite season or holiday is always the one coming next. Is that weird? I love the cycle of the seasons and whatever holiday or season coming is always my favorite. I love to cook with seasonal ingredients and love that the second book is laid out that way. So…pick me!!

  156. How to pick just one season…love living somewhere that truly has all 4 seasons…fave is probably summer though…grilling, family time, eating from the garden, kiddos & popsicles,swimming pools & camping!

  157. Spring for sure… pretty flowers blooming and also the start of baseball season 🙂 Take me out to the ball gameeeee!!!

  158. My favorite season is summer and my favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I love homemade ice cream, bbq’s, swimming and fireworks. It all spells PERFECT.

  159. Thanks for the chance to win. Since we got snow again yesterday, I am choosing Spring as my favorite season–just can’t wait for some warmer temps and the opportunity to spend some more time outside getting my garden ready for some planting.

  160. any other day of the week i would have said fall. but today it is raining again in the pacific nw, so i choose summer. i need some sunshine!

  161. I love each major holiday, because each has its own unique traditions. But my favorite right now is 4th of July — our neighborhood does a huge BBQ together with games and bounce houses for the kids. It is a lot of fun!

  162. I love all the seasons especially when there’s a transition from one to the next. In Minnesota we can move quickly from one to the other.

  163. i love each holiday as they come and try to cook or bake something fun with my kids for each one. Like for Easter, we always make a round, layered chocolate cake with peeps of all different colors on the top and toffee bits in the middle of them.

  164. I do love all the seasons and the food that comes with them but, my favorite season/holiday/tradition all rolled into one is my Mom’s birthday! It is the day before St Patty’s day and she loves Corned Beef and Cabbage. So every year I make her a special dinner of Corned Beef and Cabbage (with plenty for leftovers) and I make her the McCall’s “Perfect Chocolate Cake”. We enjoy a wonderful evening together and we make many happy memories! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your books….they look delightful!

  165. My favorite tradition comes from my mom’s spanish heritage, so part of the love is the history and connection I feel to my ancestors, but most of the love is the fried bread we ALWAYS have for Christmas day breakfast. I love fried bread!

  166. My favorite season is fall. I grew up on the East Coast where fall is so beautiful and smells amazing. Every fall I am filled with so many warm fuzzy memories!

  167. I love the cool, crisp days of autumn but my favorite food season is summer…I can eat my weight in fresh tomatoes!

  168. My favorite season is fall. New start to school. Temperatures drop, leaves drop, the air smells crisp, baking and cooking yummy comforting things, looking forward to fall & winter holidays. Mmmm, it’s all good.

  169. Fall is my favorite – it’s still warm enough to eat outside and I love all of the fall things to bake with apples and pumpkins

  170. It’s such a hard choice, but I love fall! I love the beauty of the changing leaves and the smells, but I love the switch to comfort food. It is full of wonderful memories!

  171. Every 4th of July my extended family get together for a big picnic–complete with a waterslide and the inevitable waterfight. My mom always makes new peas and creamed potatoes. Yum!! I love your blog and cookbooks and I appreciate all you ladies do to make me look like an amazing cook.

  172. I love every holiday as it comes. I always tell my husband, “Easter is my favorite!” and then Halloween comes, “Halloween is definitely my favorite!” and it happens every holiday. I love it all.

  173. Spring! I love the newness of the season with the fresh flowers, tree buds and Easter. Plus my two favorite girls were born in Spring! 🙂

  174. I love all the seasons, but Fall and early Summer are my favorite. I love your website but have yet to own either of these cookbooks and would love to have one!

  175. I love the end of summer/beginning of fall because you can finally see the fruits of your labors with your garden.

  176. We have pretty long winters, so I always look forward to new life, promise of renewal, rejuvenation, and vitamin D sunshine in the spring.

  177. Summer is my favorite season hands down. Long, sunny days at the beach and pool make my soul happy. I swear by your first book and would love to win a copy of Savoring the Seasons! Thank you!

  178. Autumn….aaahhhhh…sweet relief from the blazing hot, campfires, amazing colors crunching leaves underfoot, and of course comfort food! 🙂

  179. My favorite season is Fall! I love the tastes and smells and colors, but living in Florida doesn’t really lend itself to much of Fall so that leaves the tastes of Fall!!

  180. My favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. We go to Camano Island, sit back and watch as the entire beach tries to set the world on fire.

  181. Autumn is probably my favorite season, but summer is magical, and I love the winter holidays. And spring is kind of perfect too. Hope that narrows it down 🙂

  182. Well, I am a Christmas gal but Easter is special too. We love to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I also still like to make Easter baskets for my boys. To my middle, 6’4″ son, it is not Easter without a Russel Stover Chocolate Easter bunny! I LOVE that!

  183. My favorite season is Spring! Any my favorite holiday is Christmas. We have so many traditions around Christmas that surround food and togetherness. If I can cook a yummy meal or dessert for my fam and we can just be together, that is the best thing ever!

  184. I love ALL the seasons! I would have a hard time living somewhere where temperatures remained similar year round. Right now I’m loving spring, but each time the seasons change I decide the one one I’m in is my new favorite!!!

  185. I love fall, especially since I live in Las Vegas, it is football season and sweatshirt weather. It is perfect and full of new things. I want to make some reference to a bouquet of pencils and the beginning of school, but I will refrain. I have the Best Bites book, and really would like the Savoring the Seasons!

  186. Hmmm, I would normally say Christmas is my favorite time of year along with all the traditions that go along with it. However as this seems like it has been a long winter, and I am very ready for warmer weather I am going to go with summer! Ice-cream, swimming, playing outside, hiking are some traditions my family loves to enjoy!

  187. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I love the entire fall season. Once fall is here and it cools off, I love cooking again!

  188. I love celebrating all the holidays somehow. There is nothing that beats making traditions and memories for my kids, but out of all of them my fave holiday is by far Christmas.

  189. I love the spring! Not only is my birthday then, haha, but I can start pulling out cute spring time dresses from my closet. I think dressing for warmer weather really brightens my mood.

  190. My favorite season is definitely Autumn! The NW is so pretty that time of year and I get to make all things pumpkin-flavored with no shame 🙂

  191. My favorite season for food is spring. I love all the fun bright colors that start coming out, being able to start eating outside and playing longer because it is lighter longer. Everything is better at springtime 🙂

  192. I love Christmas. Hands down my favorite holiday. Although, I certainly do love it when it gets warm though and you can go outside.

  193. Oh thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win! My favorite holiday is Christmas, but my favorite season is Summer because it is warm and my birthday is in June.

  194. Spring is my favorite season. There’s just something about it when everything comes back to “life” again. Plus, it has been an awful long winter this year for me. My baby girl has had RSV – it’s been rough! Spring can’t come soon enough!!

  195. Fall. I love dressing up with the kids for Halloween and eating homemade treats. Cheering on my favorite football team definitely is a plus. Go Denver!!!

  196. My favorite season is fall. I love when the temperature cools down and sweaters start making an appearance. The colors of the leaves and the warm comforting flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, and soups…

  197. My favorite tradition is in Advent (the 4 weeks before Christmas) of baking oodles and oodles of favorite cookie recipes. I love Spring too…since things are starting to grow again (and its getting warmer).
    Oh how I would love to add another cookbook to my growing collection. (Savoring bites)

  198. Being that I live in AZ late fall is my favorite time of year, when it finally starts cooling down and I remember why I love to live in AZ!

  199. My favorite season is fall, with winter as a close second. I love your blog and would LOVE LOVE to win one of these cookbooks! Thanks for the chance.

  200. I love the Fall, the cool weather and the building up to a whole bunch of fun holidays. However, right now I can’t possibly wait for Spring to arrive and warm weather to start.

  201. I love fall! Everything about it, from the cool weather, to the pretty leaves, to the pumpkins, and to the traditions! Thanks for the giveaway!

  202. I love Spring! I love taking off the layers of winter and being able to walk around in the sunshine in a t-shirt and flip flops! I also love picnics and BBQs outside on the back porch!

  203. My favorite season/holiday is Christmas for sure! We always do gingerbread houses and make Christmas cookies for Santa. So fun!

  204. My favorite season is the fall. When the weather starts to cool from the summer, the leaves are crunchy underfoot, and the colors are just breathtaking.

  205. Of course my favorite season/holiday is Christmas! A few years ago I started making Monkey Bread for breakfast on Christmas Morning. It was an instant hit! My family loves it and they always scarf it down. It has even become well-known among my kids’ friends who conveniently show up at our house when it is fresh out of the oven! 🙂

  206. Fall and Spring! Love when it’s not too hot and not too cold. The leaves changing in fall along with the cool crisp chill in the air not to mention Thanksgiving food…YUMMM! Who doesn’t love spring?! Flowers starting to bloom and the air getting warmer, you can’t help but smile all season long 🙂

  207. Fall is my favorite season and the season I miss the most. I LOVE wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and crunching through the leaves, smelling the fresh, crisp air. Thankfully, summer mornings in northern Wisconsin can easily resemble fall (at least by temperature) and so I put on my jeans and sweatshirt and walk through the woods.

  208. I love making shortbread cookies at Christmas to celebrate our Scottish heritage. When I was little, my mom bought a bunch of cookie stamps. My husband and I still use them to stamp thistles and Christmas trees on the cookies we give to our friends and neighbors.

  209. Love your honesty! Fall is for sure my favorite. With 5 boys, football, falling leaves, and finally back to school (I do love my boys but…) it’s the best! Plus birthdays and holiday make it lots of fun!

  210. My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas, but my favorite season is the Autumn. I think September is the perfect month. Here in Alberta, Canada, the light is beautiful, the days usually mild, but with that delicious crispness in the mornings, and the smell of ripening crops and wild grasses is everywhere.

  211. Thanks so much for this giveaway! Maybe I am just sick of winter, but I can’t wait for spring! Also can’t wait for the fresh fruits and veggies that will soon be appearing.

  212. I think Spring is my favorite. I love Fall and Winter too. But spring…oh, it’s so lovely and refreshing–even if it is only for 3 weeks!

  213. Spring- what is better than beautiful flowers peeking through snow, fresh strawberries on the table the opportunity for a fresh start…..yardwork even seems exciting this time of year!

  214. I absolutely love summer. Hot, humid summer. I despise being cold. Eating a big bowl of ice cream on the deck after a day of swimming with my family is one of my favorite things of all!

  215. Fall for sure! I love it when it cools off and I feel like cooking again, and pumpkin in everything sounds so good!

  216. Spring and Fall…I love the relief of the spring’s warmth after winter and Fall’s cool weather after a hot summer!

  217. Fall is my favorite season. I live in the desert so it’s hot 9 months out of the year and I love when the cooler weather rolls in and my family and I can enjoy the warm goodies of the season.

  218. My favorite tradition is getting to plan your birthday meal and birthday cake – i have picked out my cake this year Boston cream pie cake – the meal I am still thinking about. As with most things dessert comes first!

  219. Great giveaway! My favorite season is Summer! I love all of the great foods and desserts that go along with the Summer months, and of course the warm weather too!

  220. Though I certainly love the Christmas season, I also LOVE spring…the warmer weather, the colors of the season, the budding trees and flowers, celebrating our Risen Savior and my birthday!
    Love your blog, recipes and your books. Would love to win one!
    Thanks for letting me enter!

  221. love your recipes, and would LOVE this cookbook! my favorite holiday is valentines day..love it!
    hope your day gets better! thanks for the cute giveaway..xo

  222. I love the fall time! the weather isn’t unbearable and i can wear dresses or long sleeves and scaves!! i love when the leaves start to change also! and pumpkin is a favorite of mine and i love going to the farms around and seeing the pumpkins!

  223. Christmas Day by far is our Fav Holiday and all of our traditions seem to revolve around food (& football, but that’s another story!). We eat the same Christmas morning b-fast every year. It’s a recipe born or necessity and is really old. Cream Toast which is basically “S$!# on a Shingle” (tryin to keep it clean!) and started out 80 years or so ago in Michigan on the family farm by Great-Grandma as a way to use up old bread soaked in warm milk and was called Milk Toast..my grandmother thickened it up with a roux and added cut up hardboiled eggs..rich warm and creamy over toast..we must eat it first before any presents are opened..so it’s torture for the kids but it’s total holiday comfort. Thanks for the contest!!

  224. I agree with you that it’s fun to select the family traditions we grew up with and make them our own. I have really grown to love Thanksgiving, a favorite holiday of my husband and in-laws. Beside the wonderful food, it’s a low-key family day w/o the added stress of gift-giving. It’s a highlight in our year! Oh, btw, I have both cookbooks (which I LOVE) and I would share one with a dear friend if I win.

  225. LOVE your stuff!!! Our fave season is fall — football, Halloween, birthdays galore! Fave tradition is picking pumpkins and carving them!

  226. I love you guys! Summer is my favorite season — nothing beats a good summer bbq. I use your first cookbook constantly so I would love to add the Savoring the Seasons to my collection!

  227. Right now our favorite season is spring – because we can’t wait for it to get here!!! One of our favorite things about spring is that we always get a batch of new baby chicks. We love having fresh eggs!

  228. I love spring. I love everything coming to life, the nicer weather, flowers blooming, etc. Plus, our anniversary is in the spring and our first child will be born this spring.

  229. My favorite holiday is Passover – tons of work, but so meaningful and rewarding and such great family memories. Sorry to hear the memory card woes! Hope you can recover the pix/data…

  230. I really enjoy the 4th of July. I love spending time outside with good friends and family, I love remembering the awesome things about the USA, and I love good bbq food.

  231. My favorite tradition is baking cheese straws at Christmas! I wasn’t able to do the baking this year, but my mom made some and brought them to me – what a treat!

  232. My favorite Season is the summer time! Oh how I’m missing the sun after this long long winter! But I also love the fall… beginning of soup season!!!

  233. I LOVE Christmas and everything about it! The decorations, traditions, family gatherings, weather, and mostly the holiday spirit!!

  234. I LOVE Summer! The fresh fruits and veggies, the sunshine, the fun activities, the long days — I love it all! I’m also a California girl at heart – always have been, always will be – so even though I live in Utah (and will for the foreseeable future….) a California summer is my happy place 🙂

  235. My favorite family tradition has to be decorating the Christmas tree. Unwrapping the ornaments from years past, ones made my little fingers that bring back so many memories. Definitely my favorite. 🙂

  236. I have never left a comment, but I love your site! My favorite season…there is something to love about all of them (minus the last month of winter). I would say fall. I love the colors, the crisp air. I got married in the fall and had my first little one in the fall. So, I will say fall!

  237. I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, but it’s a nice opportunity for your loyal readers, isn’t it?
    I think spring is my favorite season—aaaand, it’s just around the corner!

  238. It seems my favorite season is the opposite of the one we are in! So since I live in utah.. when its crazy hot outside I am dreaming of sweater weather. When the inversion is so thick and its freezing cold I am wishing I could see the sun and work on my tan!

  239. Summer! The kids can play outside all of the time and there is plenty of fresh, flavorful produce. I was thinking that for your next cookbook you should do a “January” version (if you know what I mean). You have some amazing healthy recipes and I’d love to see more in a cookbook.

  240. Fall. In my neighborhood the leaves change and it is just beautiful. Halloween is so much fun and Thanksgiving is my favorite meal. The wather is cooler, but still sunny. My kids go to school and come home having missed me and can’t wait to tell me all the exciting things they did while they were gone. I love Fall.

  241. Each season holds certain delights for me but my absolute favorite is Spring. Warmer days, new buds on the trees and lilacs, and spring plants pushing up through the soil bring extra joy to my soul. While we BBQ and Dutch oven cook year round, the warmer weather brings more people than just the cook outdoors allowing us to savor star lit nights, outdoor dining, and fresh air. Also, we can start playing night games on full moon night and not freeze our tush off. Spring will be here soon. Spring will be here soon. Spring will…..

  242. Spring has to be my favorite because I get soooo tired of winter, and it just puts a spring into your step knowing you can go on and things will be better. I love Easter time and having lamb for dinner for both religious reasons and because it reminds me of my dad who raised sheep for a living.

  243. Fall is my favorite season by far because it is the absolute perfect time to bake and the foliage is gorgeous. Not to mention it’s football season 🙂

  244. I love this time of year when the days are getting longer and it seems like we are coming to the end of this molt we’ve been in for months. 🙂

  245. 4th of July is my favorite. The food, the parade, the fireworks, and the weather. It doesn’t get better than that!

  246. My favorite season is winter by far! I love the cold weather, fireplaces, and hot chocolate. My family doesn’t agree with me at all but I will own it! We live in a small town in Tennessee and so we get snow very rarely and when we do, I demand a snowman in the yard! I would love to get a copy of your cookbook, I have loved every recipe I have tried from the website! Thanks for sharing!

  247. I LOVE the fall–and especially Halloween. At our house we plan for months about what we should be for Halloween. I love dressing up and playing the part!

  248. My favorite season is summer. I often try to convince myself otherwise but mid-February I can no longer deny it. Summer rules!

  249. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas! They are special times in my family where we all get to see eachother despite our busy schedules.

  250. First of all THANK YOU for your awesome website! I found it in December and have loved all recipies the I have tried. My favorite holiday is Easter. For about 6 yrs now my family has celebrated the week before easter, learning about the life of Christ and as my children have gotten older the activites have changed a little. It is absolutely the BEST week of the year.

  251. I can’t wait for summer! I love the long days and barbecues, and I’m expecting my second little boy this July. 🙂 I got Savoring the Seasons for Christmas, so I would LOVE to own your first book too! For reals. There is a roasted red pepper dip that my friend made for our play group that i know is in that book! Yum!

  252. I’m one of those people who loves the beginning of every season. I think my favorite is fall though, and my favorite holiday is Christmas! 🙂

  253. I love, love summer. We love to spend time in our yard and also at our firepit. We love spending time in our garden. Love all all the great veggies that we grow in our raised beds. My favorite holiday though is Halloween. My brother and I share the same birthday (the day before Halloween)and my mom always made it special for both of us. I love your website and use many recipes. I would love to win one of the cookbooks.

  254. Since I feel that winter has lasted way too long around here, I am looking forward to Spring. When it finally arrives it will be my new favorite season this year! I do enjoy the green grass and mountains and the excitement of seeing new leaves starting to grow on the trees. Tulips are so beautiful and always a surprise when they appear places you never even planted them.

    A new favorite holiday that has become more fun since I am a mom and have my own kids is Valentine’s day. I always felt it was singles awareness day, but I have tried to turn it into a day to just tell anyone you love that you love them.
    I make a special dinner that everyone loves and we eat it as a family by candlelight. We each give each other a love notes throughout the day and before the day is over I give my kids a little fun thing like treat or toy. They really look forward to Valentine’s and it has really changed the holiday for me too!
    Thank you for this website and the delicious recipes that you share here! My kids all love every dish I have made and one of their favorites are the chicken or beef taquitos. There are four of them and all 6 and under. I love making good food for them and my husband and seeing them gobble it up! Thanks!

  255. This is simple but I love having colored pancakes for the various holidays: red for Valentine’s, green for St. Patrick’s, etc.

  256. Harvest—it seems the freshness of the harvests. Spring becasue of new beginnings–summer sunshine–Winter the cold I can’t pick jsut one do I really have to. YOu can’t have one season with out the other and if I have to say one I would use this word ALL Seasons.

  257. My husband and I are in the process of starting family traditions. Our favorite so far is New Years: we ear lil’smokies and meatballs made with the ketchup and grape jelly recipe, drink sparkling cider in goblets, and sneak a kiss at midnight. One I am working on now is for St. Patrick’s Day: a leprechaun is going to sneak into our apt and leave a treasure hunt– for now my husband gets to play along, but someday we will have little ones to share in the fun (I have to practice now, so I can have a collection of rhyming clues). 🙂 Thank you for teaching me to cook!

  258. My favorite season is Summer… BBQ’s, lemonade, popsicles, salads, etc.

    I would choose Mormon Moms in the Kitchen. 🙂 Thank you!!

  259. My favorite season is autumn. I love the cooler weather and the beautiful leaves. My husband and I love to go on Sunday drives, especially in the autumn to look at all of the lovely foliage. Thanks for having this giveaway! I am sorry for your posting woes but I am excited about your books! 🙂

    PS (my email is zoe.smith06@gmail.com)

  260. We have a little tradition in our family …we pick a food and buy either a variety of that item or different brands and sample and pick the one we like best, like least, etc… and do a critique on the item. We have sampled different kinds of apples, chocolate chip cookies, fruit snacks, different kinds of olives, chocolate milks, and at Christmas time, we splurge and buy about 6-7 different kinds of cheeses from around the world and samples those. We do it every few months. Our next venture will be sampling chocolates (good quality and different country’s chocolates….YUM!)

  261. Spring for certain. The world warms up and I get to watch my 6-yr-old ladybug snip flowers from the yard. Dandilions hold a whole new meaning for me now.

  262. Spring! I’m so glad it’s almost here. I love planting new flowers and seeing new blossoms on the trees. It brings a freshness to life.

  263. although I am antsy to get summer here now I love Christmas time. nothing beats the cold weather outside being in a warm home all the parties all the family time all the activities and of course all of the great food! you guys are great I love this blog like so many others! sure hope I win!

  264. I absolutely love Christmas. There is something magical about it. One tradition we had when I was growing up (before the whole fancy Elf on the Shelf thing) was Santa’s elves would leave unshelled peanuts on the windowsill or the doorstep letting us know they were watching us and that we were being good. For Christmas eve, our family makes a dinner out of delicious hors d’oeuvres such as shrimp with cocktail sauce and bacon-wrapped chestnuts to name a few. So fun!

  265. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I really love it now that my daughter is old enough to be excited about everything, but in general I really enjoy how festive everything feels at Christmas time. However, as a season, I love Fall. All those beautiful colors. The days are still warm, but the mornings/evening are a little cool. It’s just lovely.

  266. Summer! I have 5 kids and during the summer they all where sandals so that means I don’t have to wash and sort socks, WOOHOO! I also don’t have to worry about them getting holes in the knees of their pants. Besides that I love the warm weather, and the break from school.

  267. I would love to win! I need Mormon moms in the kitchen! I have savoring the seasons and I love it! I use it all the time! My favorite season is spring. I llove everything turning green, the holidays, and the newness of everything! Thanks for the chance to win!

  268. Love the Christmas season! My favorite tradition is my parents hiding a tiny pickle ornament on the tree and all the “kids” racing to find it for an extra special pickle gift!

  269. It’s so hard to decide my favorite because I love a part of every season! Christmas is probably my favorite holiday; the lights, the snow, the cheer, the music, the memories… I love spring for its colors and new life, the sun and the mild temperature. I abhor the summer heat but I love the fun that can be had in it, the beach, BBQs, theme parks, etc. I love fall because it reminds me of elementary school (and I want to teach elementary), the foliage, the cool temperatures, pumpkin everything and Thanksgiving!

  270. I love fall and crazy as it might seem, winter. Warm soups, crock pot meals, the smells of fall, pumkpin pies, fall harvest, apple picking. Winter brings me smell of fresh cut pinetree. Everything going to sleep for the winter.

  271. I love the 4th of July because there are so many fun things to do with food! I would love the Savoring the Season’s cookbook because I don’t have it yet 🙂 I have your other one and I LOVE it!!

  272. I love spring and all the joy of feeling the sun again, though my favorite seasonal tradition might be the onslaught of soup making that happens when Fall hits.

  273. My favorite season is fall – although I love all seasons and really appreciate the blessing of living some in a place where we have 4 distinct seasons. There are wonderful things about every season, but by the end of each one, I’m always (or nearly always) ready for the one to start. =) – Thanks for the great give away! I hope you’re able to recover your membory card!

  274. My favorite tradition is the service gifts that we exchange at Christmas. Each person in the family gives everyone else a piece of paper (or several) with a service written down that they will perform for that person, redeemable throughout the coming year. Even my 3 year old participates and it’s such fun to see what the kids come up with!

  275. Spring! Flowers start to bloom, the grass turns green and the leaves come back on the trees. It’s like everything comes back to life!

  276. I love Halloween! The creepy, spooky stuff is my favorite. I hate the bloody, gory stuff though. Plus my favorite foods and flavors start to come out. Pumpkin, hot cider, stews… I could go on!

  277. I love fall. I love seeing the leaves change colors. I also love the my daughter’s birthday is in the fall, and mine as well. I also love fall because we get a break from the hot, Texas summer.

  278. I live in AZ, and love what we call spring. To the rest of the country it’s still winter, but it is absolutely gorgeous here. It makes me want to grill and make salads a lot, which is a good thing. But it’s still cool enough to bake if I feel like it (unlike summer when we pretend the oven doesn’t exist).

  279. I like winter the best since where I live now it’s always like summer. Wish I would be able to see some snow here. Also, winter is good since it has all the holidays(Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s day) with all the food I like.

  280. Hope your day gets better! My favorite holidays are Valentines, for the red and pink and hearty goodness, and Christmas because I love giving and receiving gifts. And St. Pat’s for the beer. = )

  281. I glanced through one of your books and would LOVE to have my own!!! A picture for every recipe is extremely helpful! My favorite season is Fall. So many good foods and flavors, warm and comforting!

  282. I just want to say that they best cooks are Mormon moms! When I moved to Utah the best thing was going for dinner for my friend’s houses <3 And my favorite holiday is Christmas 🙂

  283. My favorite season is spring. It’s finally warm enough to get out of the house and see the world. And I get to eat lots of watermelon.

  284. My favorite season always the season we’re in 🙂 I love Christmas at Christmas time, but now it’s spring and I couldn’t be happier! I love the fresh berries and the weather warming up. I’m so excited for Easter and April Fool’s day 🙂 I love the spring!

  285. My favorite season (especially after this long and snowy winter) is spring. If only it would come! Once the weather turns warm, I can let the kids out in the backyard and get some much needed peace and quiet inside!

  286. My favorite tradition is definitely Sunday dinner. Growing up in a family of 8, the dining room table became our gathering place. My mom always made family and friends alike feel loved and welcome while we enjoyed good ‘ole Southern comfort food. To this day we still have Sunday dinner with my parents and siblings, and I have friends who are grown and married with kids who still like to stop by for Sunday dinner now and again.

  287. Without question, Thanksgiving! I love the family time, and the wonderful time spent in the kitchen preparing the feast.

  288. Didn’t see anything about only US citizens commenting so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping! 🙂 My favorite season is Spring. All the snow leaving and everything blooming and budding. So pretty.

  289. My favorite holiday is Easter. All of our family gets together to have a picnic and have a giant easter egg hunt. I just love getting together with all the cousins and catching up on everything.

  290. oh my gosh i love your cookbooks!! my favorite season is spring! if it would just get here already… i love buying flowers and planting time! thanks for a great giveaway!

  291. So nice of you guys! My favorite season is spring. I love the snow, but by the time i get to february, I’m itching for warmth and spring is such a pleasant surprise–I love the flowers and greenery!

  292. My favorite holiday is my birthday. It’s not on any actual holiday, except national grouch day, but that totally fits me. My favorite season is fall/autumn, because my birthday falls in that season.

  293. I am a winter girl at heart…especially when it snows! Then I have the perfect excuse to make warm soups and delicious hot treats to keep my family toasty!

  294. I love summer with all the family bbq’s, late nights with tons of light, and the Fourth of July, not to mention lots of home made ice cream!

  295. My favorite season is Spring and I’d love a cookbook and since I already have your first one, I’d love to have Savoring the Seasons 🙂

  296. For traditions and wonderful food and family time, my favorite season is Christmas! There is something to love in every season, but Christmastime is my favorite 🙂

  297. Thanksgiving is my favorite! I love eating good food, being with family and expressing gratitude for everything I have.

  298. I just put your newest cookbook on my Amazon Wish List so that’s the one I’d choose! My favorite season used to be Summer but I think as I’ve gotten older it might have changed to Autumn. My least favorite is Spring–it’s the pits here in Colorado!

  299. One of my favorite traditions is eating my Mom’s homemade cinnamon roles on Christmas morning. I always loved waking up to that smell!

  300. Mt favourite season is early fall when it’s still decently warm during the day but it feels like fall is in the air and everything is starting to look pretty.

  301. Fall is a fave. Cooler weather, boot season, pumpkin everything, fall foliage… Well pictures of fall foliage because all we have here in San Diego are palm trees. 🙂 First world problems…

  302. Hard to choose a favorite season! I love spring, summer and fall! And although I’m not in love with winter, my favorite holiday is Christmas! Just so much joy and good cheer!

  303. I love summer. Everything about summer, carefree days, working hard and then enjoying ice cream, reading books because it is too hot to do anything else.

  304. My favorite season is Spring. The flowers are all blooming and the weather warms up. Even though it doesn’t last long where I live it is my favorite.

  305. My favorite season is fall. I love the cooler temperatures and the changing colors and the shorter days so we can just be with our family at home in the evenings.

  306. My favorite season is Fall! I love the weather and it is the intro the the holiday season and spending lots of time with family, which is something that I absolutey love!!! Oh… and it also means the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back… 🙂

  307. I love your first cookbook–if I ever have a night that I just don’t know what to make, I just open your cookbook and find something I have the ingredients for, and I’ve never been disappointed!

    Summer is the best! I love the food that’s in season, I love wearing shorts, and I love feelings like the world isn’t a hazy inversiony mess (like Utah in the winter…). Bring on summer!

  308. My favorite season in fall because it is the perfect time to cook and bake the things I love! Something about fall makes certain ingredients come alive…like cinnamon, pumpkin,ginger, zucchini, etc. I am always in the kitchen making something I can’t wait to eat or share. It is always a favorite time of year for me and my taste buds 🙂

  309. Favorite season would have to be fall. I am in love with pumpkin. I love to put it in all sorts of recipes, my favorite is pancakes. mmmmmm
    Love your blog, you are my go to place for recipes!!!!

  310. I just heard a mom telling her son that it smelled like spring today– she was right and I love it! 60 degrees and sunny today in Denver helps me ignore the weatherman saying it will be 30 and snowing by Saturday! I’d love to have your cookbook, thanks for the chance to win!

  311. My favorite holiday is Easter. My grandmother was always in charge of Easter and I have taken over the tradition. I only wish I had helped her while she prepared Easter feasts while she was still with us.

  312. I really love Easter and Halloween. Isn’t that kind of funny? Halloween has all the decorating fun of Christmas without the huge cost of gifts and Easter has the BEST candy of the year. Funny reason right? Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  313. I love Spring! Unfortunately, I live in a part of Arizona where there isn’t really any spring, or fall… just “hot” and “not hot”.

  314. I’m not sure what my favorite holiday is, I truly love them all, I love to bake, cook special things, decorate the house, dress-up for them all and everything else!

  315. My favorite season is Spring!!! Rain, thunderstorms, budding flowers and trees, and the promise of warmth! I love it. Especially in the Midwest.

  316. Living in the Pacific Northwest, there is no other answer besides SUMMER. We have beautiful, almost never too hot, summers and I can not wait to see that big yellow ball in the sky again!

  317. Normally I would say fall. I love everything about it. But…today I am going for summer. Western Washington gray is changing my mind…for today only:)

  318. i love you sweet, sweet girl! made my day!!!! 🙂 One of our fave traditions is going to the pumpkin patch in the fall and then eating pumpkin spice donuts afterward.

  319. I absolutely love fall! Living in AZ, the summer weather can wreak havoc on a person and I’m always so grateful when the weather starts to cool down. I love the decorating and cooking for Halloween through Christmas and spending time with family!

  320. I’m partial to Presidents’ Day, myself. My husband proposed to me on a Presidents’ Day, and we baked a pie to celebrate. We still do, usually. Of course, pie is good for any holiday…

  321. I love the fourth of July. Swimming at the lake in the day and getting cozy to watch fireworks at night. P.s I made the beef recipe you posted yesterday and it was a huge hit! Thanks!

  322. I think my favourite season is anything but winter!!! Having some major spring fever, want to get outside with the kiddos and enjoy the yard!!!!

  323. I LOVE the 4th of July!! I love the fireworks, the cookouts and good food and family time! Plus its during my favorite season of summer with all the great fresh fruit!! My mouth is watering thinking of all the good food and good fun!

  324. I love the beginning of every season because by the end of the previous one I need a change! But I love summer because with the kids out of school and the weather nice, we are able to schedule our time around playing together. We love going on weekend adventures when dad has time to join us, too.

  325. I love spring & summer. And I love when we BBQ in the backyard and have homemade ice cream and just relax and play. Best. Days. Ever.

  326. My favorite is spring. There is something so refreshing about coming out of the cold weather cycle and seeing things green up and grow.

  327. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. No costumes, no gifts, no real decorations, no unmet expectations as long as there are plenty of good traditional foods! Yay for turkey and all the fixin’s!

  328. Thanks for the giveaway!

    My favorite season is spring. After a long winter, I just love knowing the days are just getting warmer, things are getting greener, the skies are getting sunnier!

  329. I love fall because of the great weather, the beautiful colors, and the great harvest produce. So I need your cookbook to make great recipes from delicious fruits and veggies.

  330. I love winter!!! It’s the season to fill our bellies with lots and lots of soup 🙂 And it is also the perfect excuse to have some hot chocolate with cookies, invite friends over for more hot chocolate…. =)

  331. I like Mantines Day the best–I celebrate it every Feb. 17 and I give the men in my life (this includes my husband and my friends/family members who are men) good food and manly gifts!

  332. My favorite season is fall. I love the changing leaves, the cool
    Crisp weather, apple picking, Halloween, and the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  333. My favourite holiday is New Year’s! I love the food and family of Christmas, and the tradition of Easter, but New Year’s for me is a personal and sacred moment, where take stock of my life, and I am always reminded of how blessed I am!

  334. I love all the season but currently I’m in love with Spring because it is the closest! I love moving all my indoor seedlings outside and having impromptu picnics with my kiddos.

  335. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. We have a huge family (over 100) that gets together for great food, water games (couple 1000 water balloons) and lots of fun. Plus fireworks, can’t go wrong.

  336. Hands down my favorite season is spring here in Southeast Texas. Yes, we may feel spring temps. in January but it’s when the azaleas start to bloom and the wildflowers start teasing us with the foliage. We get to plant the garden and start dreaming or plannig for all the things that we’ll make with all those bell peppers and tomatoes. Definitely Spring!

  337. I am still trying to implement some great holiday traditions in my family, because I love the holidays (pretty much all of them) and I want my kids to love them, too. So I’m not sure what my favorite is yet. But as I have seen many others post, my favorite season is Autumn! Love everything about it. I already have your first book, but I would love to win the second one! Thanks for turning your misfortune into something fun for us! 🙂

  338. I absolutely love the fall! I love the colors, the crispness in the air, football, pumpkins, my birthday, sweaters…it’s just a cozy time! 🙂

  339. I love spring! The weather is starting to get warmer. We can start going outside more and not being cooped up inside. Spring flowers are so pretty. I’m getting exciting for spring 🙂

  340. Summer! Warm weather, BBQ’s, swimming suits, vacations, fireworks, late nights under the stars, and watermelon. What’s better than that?

  341. Wonderful!!! I absolutely LOVE winter! I love the snow and the cold and just how everything is so beautiful in winter. No, I don’t like to stay outside for long periods of time or driving in the snow but I think it’s a fun season.

    You guys are THE BEST!!!

  342. Right now, all I can think about is Spring finally springing! I want to make popcorn, jello cookies, and smell hamburgers grilling in the rain… ahhhhhh, the good life!

  343. I’m trying to make being thankful a way of life, and step out of the impress others via Pinterest holiday decor, soooo my fav is now Thanksgiving!

  344. I leave in Texas…so my favorite season is Spring. I love watching everything turn green and the flowers blooming. Plus, it is warm, but not hot. Thanks for the chance to win a cookbook. I love following your blog.

  345. I love spring because it means I survived the long cold, gray months of January and February. It’s the promise of longer days, beautiful flowers, green grass and trees and summer soon to arrive!

  346. summer! I love the weather, the light in the evenings, running into friends while out walking and visiting parks, and the smell of barbecues. 🙂

  347. My favorite season is spring. Outside things start blooming and getting green, but before that. Stores are filled with the best candy of the year. I love Reese’s peanut butter cups but Reese’s peanut butter mini eggs are my weakness along with starburst jelly beans and cadbury mini eggs. I love spring!!

  348. My favorite season is Fall all the way!! Especially here in Texas, the smell of Fall and the cooler weather is wonderful…not to mention all of the yummy treats you get to start making for the holidays!I do not have one of your cookbooks yet, but I would LOVE one! I hear great things!

  349. I love any holiday because it means we can celebrate with FOOD! Since having my girls, it is even more fun to have them help in the planning and in the kitchen.

  350. My favorite holiday is Fall. I love the change of weather and the savory foods. Plus this fall will be my first wedding anniversay!

  351. I love all the seasons in their elements!!! I love how someone said birthdays were their favorite holidays-I would agree! I adore birthdays!!! My other 2 top favorites are 4th of July & Christmas!!! A favorite Independence Day tradition is going canoeing on the lake with my family early in the morning before all the boaters come & before it gets too hot! Good times, good times 😉

  352. My favorite tradition is the night of Priesthood meeting for general conference. Many families may do this but the girls in my family always get together while the boys are at the meeting and do a fun craft or go shopping together. When the boys get home we have ice cream ready and all the toppings to make babana splits. We rarely take the time to have lots of topping for our ice cream so this is extra special. then we sit around, eat all the ice cream we can handle and the boys tell us what was said during preisthood meeting. All great traditions revolve around food 🙂

  353. My favorite holiday(s) are: Christmas & Thanksgiving. I love being with family and showing my kids the true meaning of these holidays. I want them growing up praising the baby in the manger NOT WORRIED ABOUT WHAT & HOW MANY GIFTS they get. I also like for them to spend their own $ giving to families less fortunate,so they know how wonderful giving feels. Thank you for this opportunity to try & win a cookbook.

  354. Spring is my favorite season. The rains have usually ended, things are green and flowers are blooming and it isn’t over-the-top hot yet.