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A few weeks ago my husband walked into the room where I was sitting with our  2 month-old baby, took a look at my outfit, and said, “Babe!  Back in the skinny jeans?  Niiiice!”  To which I replied, “If by ‘back in the skinny jeans’ you mean, ‘Babe!  You went to Target today and bought really huge skinny jeans!’ Then yes.  Yes I am.”

Many of you will remember that about a year ago I shared my experiences losing weight and getting fit.


I accomplished that a few years ago and successfully kept the weigh off until recently.  I know there are lot of people in this world who can carry a child for 9 months and then pop back into their skinny jeans a few weeks later.

I am not one of those people.

I knew that going into my pregnancy and I was actually okay with it.  I knew I would probably gain quite a bit of weight, and I did.  The difference between this post-pregnancy and my 3 previous ones is that now I’m not afraid and depressed of the “after.”  Right now I look a lot like I did in that “before” photo up there, but it’s not scary for me anymore because I transformed my body once and I know I can do it again.  I know exactly how to do it and I have the confidence I can.  Even more importantly, I honestly and truly don’t care how many pounds I have to deal with when I have this to show for it:

Sara Wells Baby

Not to get all cheesy, but I can’t hate my belly rolls when I look into those little blue eyes.  Carrying a child inside you for almost a year is an amazing, and also rigorous thing to put your body through, so I had a tendancy to reward that body with things like ice cream and onion rings-which is now very apparent.

SO.  Why am I talking about all of this again?  Because when I was working to shed those pounds a few years ago, I did it very privately.  And when I finally shared my story last year, the response blew me away.  Hundreds of you commented, and just as many have sent me emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram comments about how that post inspired YOU.  I cannot even explain how awesome it has been to read your stories and cheer you on from the other side of the computer screen.  So many of you had questions and needed help, guidance, and support, and now I’m in a unique position where I’m doing it all over again- so I figured a lot of us out there could do it together!


(Let’s be clear- I’m back at the “then” in that photo!)

Kate and I would like to do a regular series here focused on health and fitness, but we want to cater it to your interests according to your feedback.  Obviously our main focus here at Our Best Bites is food, so we won’t take away from that.  For all of you out there who don’t give a flip about all of this health and fitness stuff, no worries. Yummy recipes are still coming, and will always be the focus around here.  But we thought it would be cool to use this great community for an OBB Fit Club for the next few months.  Some random ideas I had were a weekly series,  group challenges, workout plans, maybe a Facebook page to chat- some cool giveaways and prizes??  We’re up for anything.  I just know from experience that it helps to have a support network.

A goal without a plan is simply a wish

So speak up.  If this is something that interests you, you MUST leave a comment on this blog post!  If you’re reading this via email, click here to hop over and leave a comment.  If there isn’t much interest we’ll bag it and do it on our own!  We don’t know unless you leave comments and tell us.  If you guys speak up and want this to happen, let us know, and tell what you’d like to see/learn/do and we’ll make it happen!  Together we can crush those New Year’s Resolutions!



  1. I’d love there to be some sort of group challenge! Your post did really inspire me and got me to start weight training again. I would also love some nutrition tips!

  2. I loved reading your story! Although I am personally not ready to diet and exercise it gave me encouragement to know that when I am ready there are success stories like you!

  3. I desperately WANT to be in… life makes me so tired though! I need easy things I can make (and do) that fit in with my regular life and food that my super picky kids might eat! Also, snack ideas that are easy. I want to be healthy AND strong!

    1. I 100% agree with this comment. Plus I work 3+ nights a week until midnight, then get up bright and early to get my elementary age kids off to school.

    2. I couldn’t agree more! The only excuses I have are family and work. I believe that I am my only obstacle. But I am bound and determined to make 2015 my year. With your encouragement I believe I can be another success story.

    3. I think sometimes you just have to say, “I’m tired, and that’s just the way it is!” I found myself thinking/saying “I’m tired” a lot over the last few months and realized that I’m just going to be tired, so I might as well do something because I’ll be tired no matter what. Just a thought–hopefully taken the right way. Life is exhausting! You can do it!

  4. Yes please. The more I am supported (and inundated) with healthy ways to get my butt in action, the more I do it!

  5. Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!!! I need some motivation! Something! My son is coming home in 4 months and I need a transformation, a fairy, something! I mostly just need a friend to help me along this journey!

  6. I would love this! I have about 15-20 lbs of baby weight I still want to loose (like you I indulge while pregnant and have healthy chunky babies). Easy and healthy recipes would be what I would love most. Plus maybe some “at home” exercise tips would be nice!

  7. Oh my gosh I am SO in! I’m due Feb. 24th so it’d be nice if it were longer than a few months because I wouldn’t be able to participate much, but I could really use some support while getting in shape after this pregnancy!

  8. I’m in basically the exact same position as you. My 4th baby (all boys for me too!) is almost 3 months old and I definitely am an indulger when pregnant too. I just started working out again a couple weeks ago and have a good 25 lbs to lose and some serious muscle to gain! I’d love some support and inspiration!

    1. I’m in the same spot too (sweet baby #4) and 25 lbs off and muscle gain to go! But also not afraid this time either. Grateful for my wee son and know what needs to be done to be fit and strong…now just to actually DO it! Would love basic, healthy recipes that don’t require too many ingredients, especially the expensive ones (on a PhD budget here :)). I’d be game for a challenge too! Thanks for all your work and positive, down-to-earth posts!

  9. This is going to sound super weird but this seems like a huge answer to my prayers. I need this and I can’t wait to get back to being a healthier person. You guys really are inspired.

  10. I’d love to be part of something like this. My babies are all grown up and I had lost the weight the good old fashioned way way back when and kept it off. Now that I am in my mid 40’s I have let about 20 lbs creep back on and it is a bear to come off. Would love some new motivation and yummy recipes to help.

  11. Yes, Yes, Yes! I need this! I love all the ideas – weekly posts, group challenges, Facebook group! I would love to hear as a busy mom exactly HOW you make time to workout and find time to make healthy meals/snacks and any time savers and tips. My first baby is almost six months old and I am still struggling to figure this out! I definitely need quick and easy ideas as baby boy likes to be held right now.

    1. Yes! Exactly this! I’m in the same boat with my first baby being almost 7 months old! Any support and ideas from the “real world” would be so appreciated! 🙂

  12. Yes please! It’s like you gals read my mind with this wonderful idea!!! I am currently trying to lose weight before my wedding in May and although I want to “lose weight” my main focus is being healthy. I would love to see some healthy recipes, advice on meal planning, group challenges etc etc. Please and Thank You!

  13. I’m in- my baby (#5) came the day after yours, so I assume we’re similarly sleep deprived and unmotivated on our own- I know how to do it, I just haven’t made the time.

  14. Yes yes yes!! We joined a new gym this year (we moved a year ago and waited until we were on our feet here before finding one). I’m back at it. Can we have a closed, private discussion group somewhere? Maybe Facebook?. Thank you for initiating this!!

  15. I referred to your post so many times in my own weight-loss journey this past year — I even tried your travel workout your trainer gave you! I am at a good place now, but would love to hear more tips and just generally have support (I need to get back into the exercise full swing after vacation!). Pretty proud of myself for maintaining through the holidays though!

  16. I think all of the ideas are good ones if you could kinda incorporate them all together – have a weekly series with the group challenges, giveaways, FB chats, etc. I’m totally for it.

  17. I’m in! Would love group challenges, Facebook group, new healthy recipes (can’t wait for the new cookbook), and favorite things!

  18. I’m like you– gain about a bazillion in baby weight that DOESN’T just come right off. In fact, I really have a difficult time losing weight while nursing. Every little thing affects my milk supply. I would LOVE to see encouragement for healthy eating and exercise. I don’t really need ‘how-to’s’ since I’ve also done this before…. but seeing other people’s realistic progress is always motivating. Emphasis on realistic. I only find it frustrating to see other people already back in their pre-prego clothes talking about how simple it is to bounce back. My body doesn’t respond that way and those kind of things just discourage me. I’d rather see “You can do it” posts and challenges than “See How Easy This is?” posts. 🙂

  19. Love this idea. I’m struggling to lose my own baby weight. Some new motivation and ideas would be great!

  20. YES! I start every day reading your blog. Not on facebook, but I am completely interested in seeing great tasting, light recipes and joining on the journey.

  21. I would love to see info/posts on how to stay healthy and as fit as possible during pregnancy (without going overboard of course). So tips on eating right and working out safely and effectively during pregnancy would be great!

  22. Absolutely! I have been needing this exactly. I have been trying but lacking some motivation. Challenges, support, accountability, that’s what I need.

  23. I lost 100 pounds on WW 15 yrs ago and have slowly put most back on. I struggle with getting motivated to exercise. I made some protein and veggie snacks and have started green smoothies. This would be awesome!!! I look forward to ideas and inspiration!

  24. I would love something like this! I just started a group fitness challenge this week and I’m always looking for more support, ideas, inspiration, and motivation. Count me in!

  25. I would love to have some good challenges to join in on, particularly if they are things that can be done at home. I work full time outside the house and have a young child, so spending extra hours in the gym only happens once or twice a week. If I could also find some exercises that I could do at night after he goes to bed or in the mornings at my house before I leave for work, that would be wonderful.

    1. I’m in your boat, Marie. A soon-to-be single parent of a toddler who never had much help, plus working full time. Sucks big time. Never feel I have time for anything for “me”

  26. It looks like you have a lot of support fire this idea. I’m completely in favor of balanced nutrition and an active lifestyle, and I certainly know how powerful a supportive community can be. Please tread carefully. There is a fine line between supporting a healthy lifestyle and objectifying the female body. If this blog becomes another place where the message becomes about pounds and inches and looking great in that dress I will stop reading even though I live all of your recipes.

      1. Yaa….Anyone heard about fitnessblender.com? Best ever..all about living healthily and being fit….you don’t need a six pack to be fit. They use strictly common sense: exercise and real food.

  27. YES! I want to lose about 20 pounds before trying to get pregnant later this year. Motivational tips would be so great to keep me on track. It’s always so difficult to go to the gym after a long, stressful days at work. Also, protein-based snacks for pre- or post-workouts would be fabulous!

  28. I am about 6 weeks away from having a baby, so not quite ready to participate with you, but I LOVE this idea and would definitely look forward to joining in the journey.

  29. I don’t really need to lose many pounds, but I do need some motivation to keep me exercising each day… Healthy, inexpensive recipes are always welcome!

  30. I would like to hear some basics about lifting weights. I read your story and was intrigued by the fact that you lost weight faster because of the weight training you did. I have lost weight by controlling my diet before but have not combined it with exercise (I had a hip problem which made exercise excruciatingly painful). I am now in possession of a new hip and would like some exercise guidance. Having a structured approach and knowing I am doing this with others will be very helpful. Thank you for doing this!

  31. I’m in!!! All of your ideas sound awesome. I recently fell off my determined/solid mindset and need a reset! A support group would be great. Thanks! Your blog is my favorite :] (and I’m not just here for the food…)

  32. I would love this! I am 39 weeks pregnant so I might not be such an active participant at first but when I read your post last year I was so inspired and I actually lost a lot in large thanks to that great post, then got pregnant and you know how that goes. 🙂

  33. That is such a great idea!! I’d love to see some healthy vegetarian options! Maybe things that don’t focus as mushrooms or tofu as the base.

  34. YES! Your original post over a year ago was my motivation to start exercising! I was actually regularly exercising and seeing the benefits of it for the first time in my life. I loved having more energy as a mom. Then I became pregnant and was too sick to keep exercising. Well, I had baby boy #2 (I think he’s just a week or two younger than your baby) and I am ready to start exercising again! I would love to read about the exercises you do. I also had a c-section and was curious if that changes your approach to exercising for the first few months. Anything to motivate me and hold me accountable would be super helpful! And, of course, healthy recipes, especially for snacks!

  35. I’m in! Some motivation and teamwork would be great. Then I can stop disappointing Jacob with my weight bouncing. Looking forward to the cookbook!

  36. I’m in! I’m getting married in 10 weeks and although I’ve got a fitness plan in place already, I would love the additional motivation and support!

    1. Also, something I’d love to see is ideas for at-home/body weight workouts. There are some days when going to the gym just isn’t going to happen, and I’d love to have an arsenal of 30 to 45 minute workouts I can do at home.

  37. I’d love some at-home workout ideas. I have three small kids and a husband that works long hours so it’s unrealistic for me to see ideas about going to the gym for a few hours a day. Also, I need some easy, healthy snack ideas. That is my downfall– being home all day with kids and only poor snack choices. Thank you! This will be great!

  38. Yes, yes, yes!!!!! I have referred to your blog post many times last year, and then I don’t know what happened, but from October through December I gained 15lbs!!! I am tired of living in yoga pants!!

  39. Love the idea!! I think any help or motivation can’t hurt 🙂 plus it will be that constant reminder to never give up

  40. Yes! I had my 6th baby a year ago and even though I have lost 20 lbs (40 lbs if you count pregnancy weight) last year I am still flabby. I had been weight training before I got pregnant with a surprise pregnancy and was happy with my efforts before, but this past year I have not done weight training. I have been trying to stay home and do more videos but that doesn’t work as well for me. I am about to join a gym again and get serious. So I am in! I need motivation. I liked having muscle and being stronger and I want that again.

  41. I am very interested! I just had my third baby 2 months ago. So far I have not had much of a desire or motivation to do much about my post-baby flab, but just reading about your idea is sparking some motivation. Any chance you could add some tips specifically for post-pregnancy abs?

  42. Great idea! I’d love to see workout tips and motivational posts. Looking forward to your new cookbook as well!

  43. Your story completely inspired me. I started exercising in February last year (at 5:30 in the am to fit it in with 2 kids, full time job, husband and getting my Master’s part time) and counting calories. I lost 25 lbs. and then injured my back and gained some back. I let it heal and am now back at it. It is a constant struggle but your story was inspiring and I would like to read more about it! Happy New Year!

  44. This is perfect! I love the idea of the fb group and it would be awesome to see home workout ideas too for those of us who can’t (or are too lazy!) to go to the gym!

  45. Yes I’d love to participate! I’ve been wanting to work on getting fit, but doing it alone makes it easy for me to give up.

  46. Yes, yes, yes!! I refer so many people to your post, but I’m back in a position where I need the support. Love all the ideas.

  47. Yes please, please, please! My little baby is officially toddling around, so I don’t feel so chained to the couch. I too went out and bought bigger skinny jeans recently. 🙂 I’d love advice and support on losing the weight while working and caring for family. The first (and last) time I lost 40lbs, I was single, right out of college, and had lots of free time to dedicate to the gym. Life has changed a lot in 10 years (yep, kept it off 10 years). I don’t need to lose 40 again, but 10 (plus some muscle) would slide me back in those skinny jeans! Facebook group and challenges/workout plans sound great.

    I’m also starting to meal plan a bit, to prevent late night pizza ordering. Thoughts on that are also welcome.

  48. I’m in but I’m not necessarily into losing weight because this year I choose to love myself and see what happens (this has been a 41 year struggle of mine). In spite of that, I do work out at Kosama regularly and loved your protein shake recommendation – I use it after I lift every time! I would love to see some unique and refreshing protein shake ideas. I’d also like to see some creative high protein meals. Lastly, I’ve taken an interest in tabata(sp?) and I’m not where to start or I’ll find one on pinterest and be like ‘eek, I don’t like that one set, so I guess that one is out. bummer’. So options or how to mix it up or replace what I don’t like, etc… Maybe a guest post from your trainer????

    thanks much and your baby is such a doll. I just want to reach through the screen and gobble him up! congrats again!

  49. I’d really love to do this! I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and I know from past experience that most of my weight will just sit there unless I work hard and eat well.

  50. I love this idea! I’m not losing baby weight like so many of the posters above but I’ve been working on losing weight to have a baby and be able to have a healthy pregnancy without any issues because of my weight. My husband and I have been making a lot of changes with what we eat, working out, etc so it would be great to have another facet of support to help along.

    I would love to see some healthy recipes (particularly for picky eaters as I never can find any) and some group challenges that encourage everyone to make some little changes that add up over time. And the Facebook group is a great way to build in some support for everyone! I think this is a really awesome idea, so glad I found this blog 🙂

  51. What I am most interested in is the weight lifting aspect of your health. You mentioned how it was the most crucial factor in changing the way you exercise, but for those of us who can’t afford a personal trainer it would be helpful to know exactly what kind of weights you’re doing. I have no experience with weights at all do I just go in and start lifting five pounders? How do I know what weight of weights I need? how do I know what exercises to do with those weights?

  52. Count me in!! I would love healthy veggie/protein recipes, I use lots of yours already and am looking forward to your new book! Plus motivation on workouts, etc. Wahoo!

  53. I’m so in. My baby is now 5 and started Kindergarten this year 🙁 It’d be really nice to lose this extra weight by the end of this year!

  54. I’ve love to participate. After holiday eating, I need to get back in the gym and start eating better. Looking for realistic recipes with normal ingredients that taste good and are easy. Also something kids would like too. I know that’s a tall order but no one said it was going to be easy!

  55. Yes, please! Some at home exercise ideas and meal plans. Do I make separate meals for me? How can my family with a meatatarian husband and picky kids eat my healthier meals? Thanks!

  56. I’m in! I have baby weight to lose and she is already 3 years old (can that still count as baby weight?!?!). Went out and bought bigger work pants and NEED to lose 60 lbs. Your post was so inspirational about your weight loss – let’s do it again together!

  57. I was also inspired after reading your posts. I’m in! It would help to have some type of a support/accountability factor.

  58. I love it! I would love to see exercise helps-maybe teach us some strength exercises we can do at home with weights because your gym/trainer sounded great but there is nothing that close or as cheap where I live (I have looked and looked!). Also, I would love to see some yummy vegetarian/vegan meals to increase vegetable consumption.

  59. I’m 22 weeks with boy #3, so I will definitely need help later this year to drop the baby weight. For now, I would love healthy recipes (can’t wait for your new book!) and motivation to get moving. The holidays really helped me pack on a few extra pounds and I’m dealing with pregnancy insomnia so I have a hard time wanting to exercise every day. I always do better when I’m accountable to someone!

  60. Yes. Please!!! I’m so excited. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. (Not that the recipes aren’t great. But this is a fantastic idea!)

  61. Yes! I’m in! I’m particularly interested in healthy recipes that are catered to busy moms (your healthy Thai chicken salad for one is an all-time favorite!). And yes, your baby is the sweetest.

  62. I will take all the help/support I can find in getting fit! And finding it from one of my favorite recipe blogs seems like a huuuuge blessing for me.

  63. You were my inspiration last year to start training and I loved it. I would love to have a support network through you.

  64. Definitely in. Like many others I would love tips on some quick, easy meals that I can eat and share with my family. I also would love some advice on exercise/ strength training “routines” that spell out exercises.

  65. I would love this! I am going through my own journey of trying to make my life as healthy as I can and I would love more healthy (tasty) recipes and tips for fitting in all the food prep that eating whole food takes.

  66. I’d love to try a group challenge, and read a weekly series and be part of a FB discussion page (so long as it was private!). What I find most helpful from online forums is hearing what other people have discovered to help them along their way. I like hearing new exercises people have tried, new snacks, etc.–anything to break up what can be a monotonous, long-term task. Just trying new things, even if they don’t work out for me, can help me stay interested and motivated. For example, the protein shake you shared here previously has been such a breakthrough for me. I made up my own super chocolatey-peanut buttery shake based off that template. It’s 225 calories, makes more than 2 cups of shake, and is just so delicious. It’s been enormously helpful! So stuff like that helps.

  67. Since turning 40 the pounds creep on quickly and without reason. Always love to hear how people succeed and changes they make in their lives based on goals, and also a great time of year to recommit! Fully and completely interested in any direction you have to offer … you obviously know how to do this based on your remarkable success in the past. I actually really enjoy working out and eating healthy but sometimes just need something new and interesting!! Ive scrolled through your healthy meals section more than any other tab in your index and have made those meals over and over again because they are great. Your new cookbook has been pre-ordered but would love some new healthy meal ideas in the meantime along with any tips on how you have found success on this weight loss journey. Your site is my hands-down go-to for meals for my family, so anything you add to provide more health will be much appreciated. Thanks for all you and Kate do to share your amazing skills!!

  68. Yes! I would love to see a weekly challenge and as always–great, healthy recipes from your site that are my go-to for weeknight dinners!
    And I really appreciate your approach to weight loss as a means to getting healthy, and not as a punishment for being pregnant/being 40/enjoying food too much! We are all “foodies” which is why we love your site, so to celebrate fitness while still enjoying good food is what I would love.

  69. I’ve taught myself some basic yoga from YouTube, but I have no idea what I’m doing in a gym and can’t afford a personal trainer. My workplace has a gym but I’m scared to use it and I don’t know anyone who does! I’d love some really basic tutorials on gym procedures, etiquette, how to use hand weights and machines, etc.

  70. I’m in! My baby boy is now 6 months and while I technically fit into my pre-preggo clothes, I feel soft and weak! I have been wanting to start working out and this may the extra push I need 🙂

  71. I’m so in….I had my own little guy almost a year ago. And while I actually have lost the weight I gained, I don’t feel like I’m really in shape.

  72. I love this! Having some sort of ‘buddy’ keeps me accountable and I would love to get more fit. Healthy snacks is where I lack the most, home work outs would be great (I do have a treadmill, weight machine and some free weights). I was only doing cardio until I read your post very inspiring! Count me in. Also like the FB group idea.

  73. I would love a meal plan/recipes and workout schedule that we could all follow together. This sounds awesome, I am excited! 🙂

  74. I would love to see more about fitness! I’d be especially interested in nutrition and exercises you can do without a gym. 🙂

  75. The food portion of being healthy is the make it or break it for me. I would love healthy meal ideas (which I know you guys already do a greet job of). I wouldn’t be opposed to some at home workout recommendations too. Baby is due anyday now and I know I won’t be back in the gym for a couple months.

  76. This is such a good idea! I had baby # 6 about two weeks after you and I really need the motivation. I’d love to know any tips you and Kate have, as busy moms, for creating a healthy lifestyle. It is so nice to see how real people make these changes. Thanks for being willing to share!

  77. Love this idea! Yes please I love hearing what works for others. I’d also love to hear tips and helps about maintenance sounds like you were a rockstar at maintaining that great goal weight. That seems to be my biggest challenge.

  78. I would love the see a OBB fit club. I have struggled to get healthy lately. honestly I have had success and then fail, gaining all the weight back. This has become a major road block for me, I can’t start because I’m always afraid I’m going to fail again. With your help and inspiration I might just be able to over come this hurdle.

  79. I would love to see weight-lifting plans. I finally have become a runner-or slow jogger 🙂 but I love what it’s done for me. I’ve p90x twice, but I can’t take Tony anymore 🙂

  80. This would be awesome. I think that it would be so helpful to get information. Like, eat carbs following a workout because… I also think the group challenges and workout routines would be great. I have the at home one posted on my wall so I can work on it or remember to do my own. I think this is such a great idea and one I have been hoping you would do when you felt up to it after baby!

  81. I am in! I am like you, I finally lost all my baby weight after baby #5, then I had baby #6 and it’s all back on again. Last time I lost the weight simply by how I ate. (I know exercise is important, but it’s never helped me lose weight. I’m in a weekly jazz/tap class now and am hoping to get back to Harley Pasternak’s 5 Factor fitness exercises.) Anyway, last time I pretty much cut out breads/pastas, dairy, and sweets. (I do eat raw oats and plain -3 ingredient- yogurt.) I try to eat as many raw veggies and fruits I can; steamed veggies; lean chicken, fish, and eggs; and beans/lentils. Some days I love what I eat, other days I abhor it. I would love to see some tasty, yet simple “clean” recipes on here :).

  82. Sounds awesome. I’m in the preparing to have another baby stage and wanting to continue to focus on eating healthy and exercising. I’m with you on the gaining a ton of weight while I’m pregnant so hoping once again to start with a solid foundation and hope for improvement next time. I don’t beat myself up at all about gaining all the weight but I just wonder if I can help my body be more balanced so I don’t seek comfort in food. It’s so hard when you have less outlets like being as active as I’d like. I’ve had so much success with vitamins this year helping me balance my energy, mood and focus that I am hopeful they will only help my future pregnancy too. I love that commenting gives us a chance to let our thoughts materialize even if you don’t have time to read all or comment back. Thanks so much for all you too do!

  83. I love this idea! I think a weekly series would be great, or anything really. I’m all about positive inspiration when it comes to being healthy!

  84. Very interested! Lost 37 pounds last year, would like to lose about 15-20 more. Always looking for ways to change up what I’m already doing successfully.

  85. I’d love to be involved! Something really step-by-step would be awesome! even your original posts are still a little daunting! thanks! 🙂

  86. OOO OOO OOO! ME! ME! ME! yes, please, and thank you. I read your story for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it was the first time ever I felt someone was in the exact same shape/size/predicament/cycle as I. Diet, lose a few then get happy and eat again. Different diet, lose a few then eat again. I have my first trainer appointment Sunday, so…yes, please! My only caveat is that throughout the process, I eat real, healthful food. NO DIETS. As soon as I go on a “diet,” I obsess about food and want all the things I’m not supposed to have being on the “diet.” YAY!

  87. Yes – I’m interested!! I am due in 8 weeks and also lost weight before this pregnancy started (my 3rd) and am more hopeful, yet realistic, about doing what it takes to lose the baby weight after.

    Idea: Once the group gets going, I’d love to read compiled tips/tricks that worked for your readers!

  88. Yes! I am always looking for ways to be healthier and it’s great to see what’s working for others. This is going to be awesome! I would love to see healthy snacks and lunches.

  89. Yes! I would love this! Your other posts were so inspiring and helpful. I’d like to learn more about weight lifting specifically.

  90. I would love you guys to have a fit series! Info on what to eat, recipes and maybe some total body workouts that can be done at home. I don’t have access to a gym and had 3 little girls in 2.5 yrs(no twins!), so getting out to gym is insane. Love your guys personality in posts and all your recipes. Excited to see what you guys are going to do!

  91. I am currently pregnant (due March 5) but have gestational diabetes and so have been following a pretty strict diet almost since I found out I was pregnant. (I had diabetes with my first child and so knew it was likely I’d have it again.) I’d love some high-protein, low-carb recipes (or carb-optional foods, as my family does still have to eat). I work full time and have two kids, so time is of the essence, but I don’t mind putting in some extra time the night before for one of your recipes because I know they are always worth it. 🙂 Thanks!

  92. I would love to see a fit series and healthier recipes! It will be really cool to see your progress as you go also! Seems to give me and I’m sure lots of others motivation to keep working at their goals!

  93. I would love a weekly focus on losing the weight/gaining muscle in a particular area- ie the best exercises to do so. (Belly, hip, under upper arm, shoulders, etc) and ideally exercises you can do from home!

  94. Yes Please!!! My “baby” turned 3 and it’s beyond time to let those extra pounds go. I’d LOVE to be apart of anything you do!!

  95. Love this! In two months I’ll have #3 and probably 30+ lbs to lose. I love reading about your journey-it sounds so much like my current state. I run (not much at 7 months pregnant) but really need some guidance and accountability on weight training and nutrition. Super excited to start!

  96. Love it! My babe is 6 months old today, so I am right there with you on the baby weight thing. I started to watch what I’m eating and exercise a few months back and am seeing good results… but more motivation is NEVER a bad thing!

  97. I have considered getting a personal trainer but and nervous about the amount of money they cost vs the results. Most of the ones I have heard about don’t really show great results (though I realize that the personal trainer isn’t the only one responsible for showing results, the client has to do the work too!). So what I am wondering is how you found a trainer that helped you while still respecting your individual concerns? Did you get lucky, was there an interview process? Sorry for rambling. I think this is a great idea and I look forward to participating in it!

  98. Love this! Your journey has been so inspiring to me! I am especially interested in strength training workouts that you do at home, and healthy eats!

  99. I think this is an awesome idea! My baby just turned one and I could use some extra support to lose the “baby weight.” I can still call it that, even though I’ve had some of it for 6 years, right??? I’m wanting to do a half marathon this year, and start some weight training.

  100. I would love to be a part of this! We have been trying to have a baby for a year now and so I have not wanted to try and lose weight. But your story is inspiring! I love your confidence in being able to transform your body again is contagious! It makes me think I can do it, too!

  101. I’m in! I would love to see what a day of eating looks like when you’re trying to eat healthy and exercise, (basically, meal plans). I don’t own a gym membership and can’t afford one so all of my exercises are from home or using the great outdoors. Super excited for this!

  102. I LOVE this idea, and oh so need a kick in the butt. I’m definitely your “before” picture and have never gotten the motivation to even try for the “after”…so it’s long overdue. I found your blog originally after seeing a link tn the story you shared about your initial weight loss and have enjoyed following since. I’m in!

  103. Yes! Yes! Yes!

    I would love healthy snack ideas. I’m doing a protein/carb balance plan where I eat 5 small snacks and a “lean & green” dinner. It’s working well, but sometimes I get tired of the same snacks all the time. Two years ago I lost 10 pounds and kept off 5 (due to holidays). Last year I lost 25 and kept off 18 (due to cross-country move right before the holidays). This year I plan to lose 35 and run a half marathon. Let’s do it!

  104. Would love to see this happen! Would love easy, healthy recipes and exercises that can be done at home. Love you girls! 🙂

  105. I’m in! My baby is a few weeks older than yours and I am struggling to get the weight off too. Nutrition is probably my biggest struggle and I would love tips on how to get the most from my workouts

  106. I’m a bit OBB fan and have been following for years. I am currently pregnant with our first, due in late March and TERRIFIED of what my post-baby body will look like. It would be great if, for OBB Fit Club, you could touch upon smart eating (without having a salad for every meal!). I hope to breastfeed and will need to take it a lot of calories but still want to shed the baby weight. My workouts will be pretty limited for a while so I want to start off my post natal plan with the right foods that won’t have me longing for my pre-natal indulgences. Looking forward to it!

  107. I’m definitely in! I don’t even have pregnancy to use as an excuse, but have a two-week vacation next summer that I need to get ready for. Just signed up for the gym at work yesterday and would love to have a community to cheer on, and be cheered by. Thanks for doing this!

  108. Just started back to the gym last week for the first time in two years…still have too much baby weight and my baby is now 11! I’m definitely in!

  109. So need help with this, I need to lose 30 pounds. Help with meal planning, and good quick healthy snack and meal ideas for 1200 calories a day would be great. Love this idea!!

  110. I would be all for a fit club! I am not in the same situation as most of the people commenting here. I am 47 years old and my babies are 17-22 years old. I have lost weight in the past but somehow that doesn’t give me confidence that I can do it again. I am very discouraged and the thought of doing this again (weight loss) just makes me want to run to the doughnut shop and cry. I have a gym membership, go at least 2 or more times a week and walk with friends on other days. I would say my biggest challenge is eating when I’m stressed or bored. Any help you have to offer would be great. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

    1. I’m with you on the age/older children. My babies are 13-18, but still…

      It’s harder to lose weight, at least for me, the older I get.

    2. I’M IN! Kirstin and Alicia, my baby is grown and now has her own babies. I can relate to what you’re saying. As I’ve gotten older, it has become more difficult to lose weight. Extra lbs have crept up on me. I seem to always become discouraged because I’m not dropping the weight as quickly as when I was younger. I end up throwing the towel in. I hate that I do that! I am determined that 2015 is going to be my year of success! January 2nd, I began my journey to healthier eating habits and getting back to a dedicated exercise plan. I’ve been doing this in private but would love to share the journey with others who have similar goals and challenges so we can cheer each other on. It will be a big motivation. Sara and Kate, it would be great to include some exercise routines that can be divided into short segments. Some menu plans that include lower sodium and lower carbs would be helpful. I am not a big fish fan but know fish is an important part of healthy eating. I’m interested in recipes that have lots of flavor to camouflage the fishy taste. I’m interested in what others have to share. Let’s have some fun!

  111. I am interested! I just had a baby the week before you did and my body is the same way after having babies! I lost it all last time too but I am feeling overwhelmed and depressed about how hard it is going to be to do it all over again. What I want is lots of healthy recipes or food ideas for lunch and dinner.

    Also…I want to know how the heck anyone finds time to exercise with little kids, especially while completely exhausted from a baby who is not sleeping through the night (also we are still in the student phase of life so no money for a gym pass). Struggling with figuring that out over here.

  112. Super interested! Things I need help with: Meals that are high in protein and/or healthy that my husband and kids actually want to eat. Snacks we all want to eat. Quick meals that are healthy. Love to hear of your success and exercise plan. Can your trainer you love get involved. They sound great. I would be willing to pay money for a plan. Also, I bought those big white bowls from Costco you talked about. Love them!

  113. I would love to know more about your workout routine. I know you mentioned previously that you were lifting weights as part of your workout. I know that’s great for losing fat and for continuing to burn calories even after the workout is over. I just have no idea where to even start with something like that!

  114. YES!! I don’t post comments very often, however, I do read every post. I’m all about the next tasty meal but in order for me to continue eating those tasty meals, I have to workout to earn them. Right now, breastfeeding is helping. 😉 I’d like to see more healthy recipes and want to get my husband on board too! Excited to see future posts on this!

  115. Yes, yes, yes! I am super-excited for this! I know what I need to do, but I’m having a hard time “just doing it” I have been exercising consistently, but can’t seem to get my nutrition in check (SUGAR is my nemesis). Would love the support of a community on here.

  116. I’d love if you did this! I know I’ve gained weight over the holidays and I’m really having a hard time finding the motivation to get back on track.

  117. I would love this! I’m currently pregnant with #3 and due at the end of April. Once I’m ready post-baby, I’d love some great ideas for workouts! We’re moving to a new city and state in a week and a half and I don’t know what my gym situation will be, so at home or outside non-gym workout plans would be amazing! Can’t wait for your new cookbook too!

  118. I would love to read more. I am especially interested in how to fit workout into a busy schedule. I have a 2 year old that doesn’t like to sleep alone and I work full time. Time manangement and sleep deprivation are my issues. Thank you for doing such a great job on this site. I look foward to reading it!

  119. You inspired me last spring! I went from 145 pounds to 127 pounds, I feel great and have more energy. I would love some motivation to help me maintain my weight.

  120. Yes, please! I’m trying hard to eat right and exercise to get my body back to its best and I would love any extra motivation,

  121. I think this is a great idea!! I’m totally in! I too just had a baby boy 2 months ago and need some motivation and good ideas to get my body to where I would like it to be. Thanks for being willing to do this!! Excited to get started!

  122. I’m in!! It always helps to have a support group. I love the idea of weekly challenges, to keep it fresh and mix things up. I get bored with the same diet/workout.

  123. I’m in! I would love a real program to follow. If you include exercise, I would love a low impact option due to my bad knees. I am new to your site but have heard of it from friends. This is just a bonus to find that you are focusing on fitness and weight loss including healthy recipes. Thanks!

  124. This sounds so great! I’m embarassed to say that I’m a dietitian and have over the past year become overweight. I broke my leg last January and am still not able to do a lot of exercises (running, playing basketball, etc.) My goal is to fit into my clothes that are sitting in my closet right now and be in normal BMI range. Hey, sometimes dietitians need motivation too!

  125. I’m in. Stepped on the scale right after Thanksgiving and I weighed what I did when they admitted me to deliver my 1st child (a 10.5 lb baby!) Talk about a wake up call. I started right then and I’m already down 13 lbs, but still have a long way to go.

  126. I would love to be involved. I am pregnant with baby number 2. I got health and fit before the first one but need to get motivated to be healthy now and continue after the birth. Thanks!

  127. I’m in! I’ve shed 90 pounds through WW but am staring down the last 25 and would love a support group with you lovely ladies!

  128. yes please! Living in a small rural community in the mid west we only have a wal mart and a Kroger for groceries, so I’m wondering if you can post about healthy food choices and ingredients that don’t have to come from trendy places like Trader Joes…

  129. Yes! Do it!!! I loved your transformation post! I’ve been there myself and I so wish I would have documented it when I lost 85 pounds. My hubby lost 100 this year! Crazy! Our new life if great and I think to teach people it’s a lifestyle and not a diet is a great thing! Excited for your new book too!

  130. I love this for the new year! I mainly need help with the eating. What to eat and to stay on track through motivation:) thank you for doing this!

  131. I would live to be a part of this! While I didn’t have a baby, I did have grad school. Which means I also chose ice cream and onion rings! I would really appreciate help trying to manage two different goals in one meal, my hope to cut calories and lose weight and the boyfriends goal of gaining muscle.

  132. I think this is a really exciting idea-so much more inspiring to see it from someone who has struggled with weight in the past then someone who it comes to more naturally.

    Mostly I want to thank you for the way you wrote that post. As someone who struggles with infertility and would give just about anything to have a baby, I cannot stand to hear the women who constantly lament about the baby weight. I want to say to them, guess what, if you don’t want it, I will gladly take it! Love your perspective and realizing how worth it it is.

  133. Another vote for YES YES YES! I recently re-read all of your previous posts and was bummed there weren’t more. I love the “this is real-life” attitude/style you’ve shown with getting fit. Would love to see posts on really anything from you with this really!

  134. I would love to hear anything you have to say about this topic! You inspired me so much with your story! Definitely in!

  135. Great idea. My struggles are eating less sugar and tracking what I eat. Any help would be wonderful. Also home exercise ideas. I live way out in the country with no gym around. Thanks, I can’t wait.

  136. I have read and re-read your weight loss post many times. It really did motivate me to get fit and take control of my eating. I was able to lose 30 pounds and get into great shape. You recommended Jillian Michael’s workouts so I tried them and now I am hooked. She is fantastic! I love the quote “Lose weight in the kitchen, get fit in the gym”. I would love to see you take it from both sides. Lots of healthy and delicious recipes and great ideas for working out and staying on track. The constant reminders and success stories are what motivate me. I need to see them often.

  137. i would love to see some workout plans! After your post about getting fit, I joined a gym. It is a small gym and doesn’t have classes and I can’t afford a trainer, so I am doing it on my own, and could really use some ideas. Especially since I had never set foot in a gym prior to last August!

  138. I’d love to join in! I had a new years resolution to eat healthier and exercise every day and I’ve already messed it up. I don’t have any great ideas for you at the moment, but a plan to follow along with and comment when we do it, to keep us accountable, might be great. I’d prefer no facebook, but I know a lot of people like it.

  139. I am totally perplexed by weights. I know people spend a lot of time there, but I am usually down with all the weights in 10 minutes. I would love advice in that area.

  140. I’m in! I loved your story and have since joined a gym to get back into shape after having 4 kids. I like how you talked about not doing just cardio but lifting weights as well to shed the weight and get strong. I’d like some ideas for doing that without having to look like a dumb girl with all the beefy men at the gym! 🙂

  141. I am so in!!! I had a little boy two days after you did. I had a pretty good routine while I was pregnant but now I’m stuggling to figure out how to lose the baby weight and nurse my baby. Last time I nursed I ended up gaining weight 🙁

  142. I would love this! I’m in a similar situation where I did personal training and got fit a couple years ago but need to get back into shape. I know what to do, I just need support and some mix-it-up ideas for meals and workouts. You’re awesome!

  143. Yes please! I am in! I would love to have support in eating well but not following a crazy diet. Sugar is my biggest fight, it would be nice to find ways to control it. I know when I meal plan it helps so much, so maybe having a meal planning component (with real food 🙂 could be added. This last week I went through my OBB cookbooks and found recipes that I had forgotten about – it has worked well ( can’t wait for the new cookbook to come out) 🙂

  144. I’m definitely interested. I’m having my fourth baby any day now and would love to lose the baby weight quickly! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  145. I’m turning 50 this year and would love to lose the extra 25 pounds that have crept on over the years. I’m in!

  146. I feel like I am asking the impossible- but I would love to see healthy, low cost, calorie conscious, can be made in a reasonable amount of time, semi-picky family recipes that my brood will eat! I love your blog (and have referred to you guys for awhile) and have already used a bunch of recipes and tips that have become part of my cooking- Thank You!!!

  147. I would love to see an OBB Fit Series! I was so inspired by your story, Sara, that I signed up for a TRx class at my local Y. And I love it! I would love to see you incorporate the food side of your blog into the Fit series, perhaps a personal food diary or something similar so we can see the types of foods you’re eating while getting fit (just to give us ideas for simple things to be eating/making, even if you don’t think that meal requires its own recipe post). Do it, girls!!! Oh yeah, would love to see you do a post on your motivating music playlist for working out…I know you mentioned that’s on your list, so just wanted to let you know there’s still interest for a blog post on that topic!

  148. I’m in! I’d love to see healthy recipes and/or workout plans. I do alright with the exercise piece and have a great free gym at work, it’s really the eating well and not succumbing to emotional eating that I struggle most with.

  149. Had a baby a year ago. Still haven’t gotten back to where I was kicking butt pre-pregnancy. Any motivation will help.

  150. Any tips/routines for exercising at home (inexpensively) would be awesome! I’ve got 3 young kids, and my husband is crazy busy (finishing up grad school), so I can’t just leave them with him while I go exercise. Plus, it’s freezing outside, and I’m a wimp. 🙂

  151. I would LOVE to participate!! Love the idea of a weekly series, workout plans that are do-able, a Facebook group…all the things you mentioned! My goal this year is to be more fit and healthy, not to lose weight, I just want to feel better and have more energy!

  152. This would be great. I have always wanted to eat healthier but it seems to fizzle out after February. Healthy recipes for meals and snacks would be great. I’m trying to convince myself to join a gym for the first time and I just might do it!

  153. Yes please! I’m in almost an identical situation! But I agree these beautiful babies are worth the work that is coming

  154. I’m in. I need accountability. I’m right about the weight I want to be again (post baby) but need to get healthier and more fit.

  155. I would love to see workout routines and other fitness tips! I made your awesome baked creamy chicken taquitos tonight and it is still one of my absolute favorite recipes ever!

  156. I would love clean eating type recipes for families. Something that my picky kids will eat with out all the processed foods. Also, I commented on instagram about weight lifting. Some tips would be great. I went to the sites you sent me too but have yet to dive into it. Sara-Thanks so much for answering back! I’m excited to see what you guys come up with. So far I’ve been working out everyday and trying to eat clean foods. I’m hoping that will help….I’ve also looked at your new cookbook coming out and am curious as to how kid friendly the recipes are and if there are a lot of “clean eating” recipes in there also?? Or at least a lot that don’t have a lot of processed foods in them like the canned soup, etc. I really am looking into getting it. I have your other two books and love the recipes out of them. Thanks so much for all you do! 🙂

  157. I LOVE the idea! I am currently involved in a 12 week ‘Biggest Loser’ Competition at work (we are on week 5) and it is pushing me. A competition doesn’t really work too well via the internet, but a Facebook group with some accountability is a great way to get started!! You guys already do a great job covering great recipes, so maybe some posts on fitness routines that can be done at home (important for those who live in climates that are currently experiencing below zero temperatures and also for those who don’t have access to a gym) would be great. I do attend regular fitness classes at a gym, but I also take note of the workouts that require no special equipment and I regularly repeat those workouts at home when I can’t make it to the gym.

  158. I’m in! I got a fitbit for Christmas and am logging food on My Fitness Pal and steps/exercise on FitBit. Definitely keep the series!!! My babies are 5, 3, and 1. It’s finally time for me to focus on MY health and MY body. Can’t wait!

  159. Sign me up! This sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what a positive difference this will make in our lives.

  160. Yes, I need this! My baby #3 is 8 months old and I still have weight left from baby #1! My biggest struggle is finding time to consistently workout. Early morning seems to be best, but with a baby who still gets me up at night some mornings it just doesn’t work! I would love some sort of challenge or support group.

  161. Look at all those comments, I would say there is an interest. I was intrigued at the emphasis on weight lifting, and very jealous at the great price of your gym..

  162. I would love this! I’m coming off a broken ankle so I don’t have a cute baby to “blame” my weight on, just an injury and would love motivation. I would enjoy a facebook group, some challenges and workout ideas (especially for busy moms) and meal plan ideas. Thanks!

  163. I am right in with you. I had lost some weight before the holidays and have been too afraid to check how much I gained back. But I am really wanting to find healthier meals for my family as well. That way we are all doing it together.

  164. YES!!! I am on my own personal journey to “FINISH IT” (50 lbs. since April 2014- woot!) and would love the encouragement, support, and ideas!

  165. This sounds great! I think a Facebook group is a great idea along with challenges, etc. I really struggle with my willpower and resisting cravings, particularly with sweets; I would love to have a community of people to discuss that with and motivate me!

  166. I love this idea! would just love some healthy dinner and lunch ideas that are realistic and something that the whole family will enjoy cause I am not making two dinners!

  167. I would love to see any fitness related posts! Your weight loss posts last year were very inspiring to me 🙂

  168. I was just online looking for healthy new recipes and speed at your blog since it is my favorite. I would love more healthy recipes that actually Taye great like yours always do. It would even be nice to find some healthier desserts so you can occasionally get a sweet now and again. 🙂

  169. I’m super-interested in this! I think your insights are right on, it is much easier to do this with support. I’d be interested in recipes (of course), but also training tips and thoughts on how to deal with the emotional side of things. Thanks!

  170. Count me in! I would love more info on weight training, and any sort of giveaways or surprises to help keep me motivated. This is awesome!

  171. I am so glad you’re making this a public experience! You have the power to influence many for good. I would love easy and healthy meal ideas along with exercise ideas. Love the idea of a facebook group. Let’s get Kate in on the action too!

  172. This sounds like a great idea! I had twins boys back in November and want to get into some better workout habits this year.

  173. I’m in. I would love to have some simple, healthy recipes, as a older Mom, okay Grandmother, who does try to make it to the gym 5 times a week, but after working all day, need simple, easy, healthy things to fix for lunches and dinners. And not salads!!

  174. Sigh….it’s too bad nobody seems to be interested in this idea. 😉 😉 I’m on board and I also think your baby is delightfully delicious!!

  175. I would love to participate! I REALLY would love specific work out plans. When you posted about your weight loss a while back I was dying to know what you did in your workouts. I have started working out regularly (mostly running), and while I feel I definitely have more endurance, I don’t feel like I look more in shape. I need to know specifics so I know how to work out more effective. I would also love more healthy meal ideas. A Facebook group is a fun idea as well.

  176. Ha ha, 350 comments in less than a morning, I think people are interested! I would love whatever you have to offer, but mostly just a reminder that I can keep trying and other people are out there doing the same thing.

  177. I think this is a great idea. I went through a small weight loss battle last year and came out victorious just in time for my wedding, I’ve struggled to find time to work out while juggling a master’s degree and a new home. That said, I am managing my weight by diet and would LOVE LOVE LOVE some healthy recipes that do not revolve around salads as I am allergic to lettuce and can’t eat it. Sadly, that actually exists. So, any recipe guidance for healthy meals would be greatly appreciated!

  178. YES please! this would be amazing. I welcomed a sweet baby girl in August and would love a support group to hold me accountable. Great idea ladies!

  179. I want in! I need some motivation and help. Especially with weight training. I have no clue where to start or how to do it.

  180. I’d love to be apart of this. I’m in the same boat of post pregnancy weight that I want to get rid of again! I’m always checking out your website for new dishes and I’d love to have a good idea of which ones are more on the lower calorie side.

  181. DEFINITELY!!! I keep telling myself it’s because I have had twins – twice, or that I had a baby, but my baby is now 3, and I can’t use him as my excuse any more! So something like this would be great to help me get going.

  182. I would absolutely love to learn from you! I had my son 6 weeks ago and his cute chubby little 9.2lb newborn self took quite a toll on my body! I’d love to learn how to find time to exercise with two little ones. I’m also breastfeeding, so I’d love some healthy (but non “diet”) and yummy recipes too.

  183. I am very interested. I lost weight a couple of years ago and have gained it back for a few reasons. The motivation and group participation is definitely an interest – along with healthy recipes that my family will eat 🙂

  184. Count me in on your health and fitness ideas! For the first time in twenty years, I’m seriously working to lose weight and get healthy, and I will take all the info and encouragement I can get! I’m down eight pounds so far, only 67 more to go!

  185. I’m in!!! I would love to see some fitness challenge that could be done at home and some healthy eating that is truly budget and kid friendly… Cause you guys are miracle workers right!?!?! I think a blend tec blender giveaway would be awesome. I got one for Christmas and being able to quickly make a quality healthy smoothie or protein shake had been the best thing for me!

  186. Me, me me! I’m in! I like all the ideas you mentioned, though I don’t care too much about the prizes. Group challenges/goals would be great – meal planning ideas? Some kind of sliding scale to determine roughly what nutritional targets should be? That’s something I have a hard time with…

  187. I wish I had time to read all of these comments, but I do not. I too lost weight, but have gained some of it back [sadly, I cannot “blame it” on a baby–it was just me eating and not exercising! 🙁 ]. I am eating healthier, drinking less wine and exercising. I would like recipes that are low carb–not zero carbs, but simply low carbs. That is the easy way for me to lose weight. Your baby is beautiful!


  188. I am not a new mom but I have a goal, so I’m in! I was there right until Thanksgiving, losing ten pounds and doing really well. Then I gained it back. ARGH!

  189. It would be awesome Ito have a place to go to get real life tips, trucks, motivation and share struggles with getting fit!!!! I’m in!

  190. I’m in! I’ve been trying to get pregnant for the last year and have been unsuccessful which has led to drowning my sorrows in junk food. I’m believing for 2015 to be the year when everything turns around for me and that includes losing some weight. I started exercising and eating healthier this week so I’m definitely up for any tips that you already know work!

  191. Sounds like you’ll make it REAL!!! Gotta like that! Let’s give it a try as you are living proof of the changes that helped you to lose weight and be healthier.
    Best wishes on your renew efforts! ~Sandie

  192. I think this would be awesome. It would be great to see how others are accomplishing their goals and to have some ideas from others that maybe I could try. Whether its nutrion or fitness. And give each other tips!

  193. My baby is 12, soon to be 13. I don’t have any excuse other than middle age & a mean sweet tooth, combined w/ a bum shoulder that had me drop out of my beloved fitness studio (zumba, yoga, weights – no good w/ a tear in there, then surgery from which I’m still recovering!)

    I joined a ‘gym’, though I have yet to get there. (Do you know how cold it is here?! lol) I *need* to get there.

    I’ve started a sugar fast – almost completely cut it out, but still find myself w/ a few grams here & there that have snuck in. I’m working on that. I need to increase vegetable consumption, in a big way. Living in an anti-vegetable household, however, it’s challenging. (I have lots of excuses, it would seem.)

    Anyway, I’m in. Accountability is a wonderful thing!

  194. Absolutely love, love, love this idea!! I’ll take all of the tips, motivation and healthy recipes I can get my hands on!

  195. Yes, I’m totally in!! I was very inspired by your story. I’m so excited to see what tips you might have and simply encouragement to keep pressing on…

  196. Planning on going about this privately and on my own for 2015 but if you get enough responses would love to have some challenges and encouragement along the way. Any help to keep me focused and on track is welcome. Thank you for sharing your story – I have enjoyed following!

  197. I’m in like Flynn!! I would love a community/support group along with some healthy food/recipe options, as that’s the hardest part for me. I hope this works out!!! Congrats on the precious babe!

  198. I would totally be interested in this! I’m restarting this year after getting sidetracked by life problems last fall and could use the motivation and support 🙂

  199. I love your blog and all your yummy recipes, and I’m super excited about the challenge you are starting! I’m in for the healthy eating/exercise challenge! I am a mother of 3, and need to lose the rest of my pounds from baby #3 (who is now 3 years old). :-). I lost all my weight after kid number 2, but haven’t had the motivation to get going after #3. I’d like to lose 30 pounds. I’d love your guys help with meal planning, especially lunch. Lunch is very hard for me! I also like the idea of exercise tips. Great ideas!!!!

  200. What a great idea! And just what I needed to get off my duff and finally get fit (again)! My baby is 3 years old now, so no more excuses. I’d love to get some ideas for quick weeknight meals that 1) don’t involve fast food, 2) don’t take all night to cook, and 3) are customizable for those picky eaters that may not be lovin on the veggies and stuff like I am. I also get stuck in a lunch rut, since I work full-time outside the home, it’s one extreme or the other. Frozen microwave meal, or take out. You are indeed such an inspiration!

  201. YES! I love this idea! I just had baby #5 in November and I desperately want to get healthy and lose weight so I can have more energy and be a better, more patient mom! Plus, I have about 30 pounds I would really like to lose before my brother’s wedding in June! I love the idea for a FB group!

  202. Omg, he is soooo cute! Totally worth the weight gain. Btw I am so in, tis the season to shed some lbs. This is totally a great idea!

  203. Please go for it… I am so interested in all that you suggested…
    I fight a yearly battle with my weight– In my Fifties…Luv to Cook and Luv to eat…
    Luv to try new recipes.. n exercises..

    Love your blog and Facebook page… and always read your emails…

  204. I’m in! I personally can use help with overall planning. Planning meals; planning to work out; plan, plan, plan. Also, accountability and sharing – misery loves company, I’m told. Thanks for doing this!

  205. I’m so in for this!! I’ve got about 40 pounds of baby weight to lose and that baby will be 29 this month! I am especially interested in fantastic tasting healthy foods along with some exercise tips and lots of motivation!

  206. I am completely excited about this!!! Count me in. I would love to have a plan to follow. I’d love to do it along with you guys and the whole community. Thanks!!!!!!

  207. Yes! Yes! Yes!! You are an inspiration to me, and I would LOVE you to do this! With all the diet plans and stuff out there, it’s refreshing to have someone with experience who is in the SAME situation as I am. I have 4 kids, with still have more babies to come. It can be frustrating to work so hard on your body, then have to start over from square one. So after two of my kids, I didn’t. You are just the positive inspiration I need!!

  208. I’m in! I took a health assessment today for my health insurance plan and it told me I needed to lose at least 20 lbs. to be considered healthy. Would love to do a group thing to help stay motivated!

  209. I’m in! I lost 35lbs a couple of yrs ago; I’m progressively gaining it back. I know what I should be doing, but haven’t gotten motivated enuff yet! So, you’ve put me on notice! 🙂

  210. Would love to be a participant in anything you roll out. I am very interested in meal plan information as well as workouts that can be done at home.

  211. YAHOO! simple & easy (few ingredients) recipes…some indoor exercises (it’s -8° out today!)…i’m ready to go!

  212. Count me IN!!! at 49 years 10 months and 16 days I NEED this!!!! OH and Kate I desperately need your address as I lost it…. you can send it to my e-mail which is filled out in the comment info. Thanks!!

  213. I LOVE this idea! I’m starting to focus on my health now that my little ones are getting bigger and I need the energy to keep up with them. 🙂

  214. Here are some things I would love to see posted about. 1- How to lose weight without losing your milk supply. 2- Ideas for post workout high protein snacks. 3- Easter and or holiday guide to healthy eating. 4- Workout ideas with young kids. 5-smaller mini meals to split the calories up evenly throughout the day. 6- Hydration options that aren’t just water, but aren’t super caloric either. 7-super low calorie tricks to change up the menu- ie. salsa. 8- plate ideas of grains to protein to vegetable ratios.
    Thanks Guys!

  215. I’m in as well! I echo quite a few comments when I say it would be wonderful to have strength training/weight lifting help (I get super overwhelmed with what to do, when, etc etc) and a challenge or two never hurt either. 😉 Having rambled on, no matter what you cook up, it will be wonderful and will help all of us!

  216. Yes please! My fourth just turned six months old today, and I am just barely starting to get my act together in the health department. I like sweets entirely too much and I have bad knees and a bad back and I use those as excuses to not workout as hard as I know I should. Motivation would really be helpful for me!

  217. Definitely in! I would love to get some exercise routines that I can do during my guilty pleasures (namely Bridezillas and TMZ. Don’t judge 😉 ).

  218. I’m beyond interested. Please do this! I am interested in all the ideas you mentioned but especially love the Facebook page and prize giveaways. That would be very motivating!

  219. I love this idea. I am in a good place exercise wise thanks to your post last year. I’m exercising six days a week including lifting weights. But my eating habits are horrible. I need motivation for healthy eating. Especially dinners that my whole family will like. I’m excited for your new book!

  220. Your story is so inspiring! You face every day challenges just like everyone else and yet made your health a priority, which I struggle with. I’d love to see a health & fitness group on your blog:)

  221. YES! I just finished chemo (BC) and actually gained weight. I know I was able to tolerate the treatments because I really tried to eat well…ok, pretty well…any form of potato, salt and butter really tasted good at odd times 😉 But the lack of energy really took its toll. My energy is back and I’m ready to get strong and get rid of these lbs!

  222. Yes…yes….yes! I loved when you shared your story. As a mom of 5I need all the help and support tovlosecthe extra fluff I continue to carry around! Also, as a foodie myself I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things y’all come up with. Here in southern Louisiana we’re about comfort southern food and all things rich and spicy. So, I say bring it on! I’m sure most of us could use some health advice and choices!

  223. I’m definitely IN!! I would love to see some healthy, clean eating recipes every now and again – maybe even healthy remakes of comfort foods?

    Also, I work 10 hour days, 4 days a week, so exercise on those days is kind of hard for me. If there are any ideas on getting something in on those days, especially during the cold winter months, that would be awesome. One of the problems is we got to work in the dark, and it’s dark again by the time we get home.

    I’m excited about having this group to lean on! You gals are inspirational anyway, and this is just one more thing to add to the mix.

    Thank you for everything you do!!

    1. Do you exercise at lunchtime, Jill? Either at the gym or just walking or climbing up and down the stairs in your building. Then you can eat at your desk when you’re done. For some reason it didn’t occur to me until about 12 or 13 years ago to do this, but now I walk over to the gym every single day at lunch and get my weight lifting done. If it’s possible for you, you might really like it!

  224. I read your fitness journey earlier, and I need the encouragement from someone who has been so successful. I’m an older reader of your blog, and would appreciate fitness exercises that I could do. I would like crock pot recipes. Thank you.

  225. I’m in! I loved reading about your journey…and have actually read it a couple times just for more inspiration! Because you are doing it the “old fashioned” way, I would be happy with reading anything! I don’t belong to a gym, but am happy to do things at home and outdoors when I can. So keep it simple for those of us that can’t afford the private trainer! 🙂

  226. YES! YES! YES!!! I want to join in! I have wanted to do this ever since you posted about it the first time, but I just don’t feel like I can do it alone. I would honestly love to see what you are doing and eating EVERY DAY! And especially if you are doing short workouts and easy meals, that would be awesome–I’m all about simple.

  227. I usually run but I would love other ideas for workouts (I use your travel workout plan when it’s really ugly outside and I can’t stand the thought of the elliptical in the basement again). Also, more of the healthy snacks (store-bought or homemade). I also just got an awesome blender so some yummy healthy things to make in those would be great. And, as always, giveaways are wonderful!

  228. This is great. I’ve let two New Year’s go by and have not really done what I said I would (get healthy inside and out). It is difficult to be healthy on a budget and more difficult still to like what I’ve made. Easy, delicious meals that can be made in a pinch is what I’m looking for. Good luck with your plans!

  229. A thousand times yes! I just had my fourth (and last) baby via c section six weeks ago and had worked out with a trainer until 38 weeks-I’m excited to get my forever body and you have been such an inspiration! I would love a facebook group for interaction between members and any posts you have to offer!

  230. I would love this so much!! I am two and a half months from my fifth bundle of joy making his appearance and will be right where you are when he does. Eating healthy and exercising while nursing is always my biggest concern after having a baby, but I know I will LOVE whatever you share. 🙂 Thanks for such great recipes and inspiration!

  231. I’m in! I am 11 weeks pregnant, but out of shape and would like “someone” to “exercise with”, even if I have to do it at my level. The FB stuff sounds good.

  232. Yes! So interested! I would love to see some of the heavy lifting plans you’ve followed in the past that you mentioned before, and some daily meal plans from your actual life. I see so many “here’s what you should eat” posts from lots of people, but real, tried-and-true “here’s what I ate today” examples would be super-helpful!

  233. I have started walking around my neighborhood in the morning and it would be nice to have some more encouragement to keep it going. I hope to run a half marathon this year but am lacking the motivation to actually start running.

  234. Yes! I’m in! Would love to hear more about nutrition – incorporating our family meals into this lifestyle. Would love to hear about new gear and work out clothes to keep it fun. Seriously cute baby . . . you go girl!

  235. I’m in. Would love some meal plans and exercise ideas. Ideally some crockpot recipes (tax time for us Accountants). Would love to come out of tax season thinner and healthier.

  236. Thank you!!! I am a total fitness snob and I love working out. The problem is that I like snacking too much. I work out every day but can’t quite discipline myself to snack healthier and lose the weight. I think that’s why I am not shedding the weight fast enough. I have tried what you did in the post where you shared all your snacks and food while doing the diet. It works but I need to be more disciplined. I like the idea of doing it together. I want to be you in the picture above and to get there I need help. I recently bought a kettle bell and will be doing that at home on a daily basis. We’ll see what happens!

  237. I’ve enjoyed reading about your hard work and Success! I will often go back and re read your posts and have shared them with friends. I agree, the rolls are nothing when compared to an adorable child!
    Looking forward to hearing more on your “new journey”, enjoy your baby and your work outs.
    FINISH IT!!!

  238. I would love it. Been low-carbing for 2 years and lost 50 pounds. Did a little backslide over the holidays and gained 4 pounds after being stalled for a few months. I’m ready to get back in it and lose 20 more pounds. I would love low-carb recipes (cause that’s the only “diet” that has ever worked for me and I would love a FB page where I could ask questions and hear from others who are struggling like me. Thanks for doing this!

  239. Not interested in reading an exercise/fitness blog and hope we would still see recipes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I love your food blog! Please don’t forget the yummy recipes.

  240. I would love this. It sounds so real and down-to-earth. I have done WW and might do it again, but have to do it online and it is so hard without encouragement and accountability. It would be so nice to have a FB group for that as well as smaller challenges along the way. I would love it!

  241. Yes!! I need all the hell and motivation I can get! I look much like that before picture too. Ready for a change!

  242. I’ve fought my weight for 19 years – since I had a hysterectomy. I’d love to see more info re: hormones & weight loss!! Will definitely follow along! I already exercise 5-6 days a week & eat healthy (DH is a diabetic) so love new recipes & info! Keep up the good work & congrats on that beautiful baby!!

  243. I would love to hear about what workouts everyone is doing. I think I have hit a plateau with what I have been doing and would love to change it up. Healthy recipes are a bonus! Thanks!

  244. I am totally interested! This is what I need – I had twins 2 years ago and have not dealt with my physical health yet! Would love to have a community to do this with – I think this is a great idea.

  245. I’d love to see it! My baby is five months old, and just like with my first, I seem to gain weight breastfeeding (I’m not one of those fortunate women who loses weight breastfeeding). :/ I technically weigh more now than I did pre-pregnancy, though I only gained 14 lbs when I was pregnant (though I’d lost to 10 lbs lighter than pre-pregnancy right after I had her). Anyway, I’m not so concerned about pounds right now as I am with how my clothes fit, and they’re getting tight! So I’d love to join you in your efforts (and keep my clothes from getting any tighter)!

  246. A million times YES! I’ve just begun to work on a fit lifestyle for myself and ultimately my family. I would love a little extra guidance along our journey.

  247. Nutrition is where I FAIL miserably at. 6 years ago I started exercising (mainly crossing training with kettle bells) regularly and have come to crave it – 3-4 days a week. I still don’t LOVE exercise, but I love how I feel. I work full time and am raising 3 kiddos (8, 7 & 4 yrs old). Sometimes (okay, a lot) it is super easy to grab take out, Chinese, pizza, etc. So meals, meal planning etc would be helpful.

  248. SOOOOoooooo count me in! I’m starting a boot camp with a personal trainer next week so the timing is perfect. I need a support group for sure!

  249. I’m IN . . . need all the support and knowledge as to how to do it right. Thank for doing this and sharing as well 🙂

  250. You look so Blazing Hot in your after picture! I am starting a 3-day juice cleanse on Monday to kick start my loss goal of 15 lbs. Trying to kick the after dinner snacking is my challenge. My hubby bought me a Fitbit for Christmas, Bless His Heart. I go to the gym 3X week and put in an hour on the ellyptical plus a few weights, but after a “certain age” it just gets tougher. Plus, I love to cook and am addicted to food blogs!

  251. I would love to see this happen. I’m not trying to lose weight, but I’m incredibly bored with my gym stuff right now and am interested in seeing what others are doing. I vote yes!

  252. I would love to do this it sounds awesome! Something that would be helpful is a full on meal plan. Tell me exactly what to eat! I need that…. The easier the better. I don’t just want this to be a life change for me but I want to help my family eat healthier too!

  253. Would love to see a list of simple exercises or tools (weights, bands?) that would be easy to do at home (in the winter especially) if you don’t have access to a gym or a trainer or even work out videos.

  254. I would love weight training help (I know how to cardio) and some good ideas on yummy healthy low calorie/fat snacks. I feel that’s where I fall down. When I need a little something to snack on and have had enough fruit what is there to eat?

  255. Im in. Help me lose this weight. Im also like many others, I can’t afford a gym membership or anything like that. Plus, I am 48 years old. But I would love your help.
    Very much! (oh…and my daughter is getting married in August and I would love to look pretty at her wedding)

  256. I would love to join in!
    I love your recipes, and am always so excited to see the January ones with nutritional information. Your posts, even before your big weight loss one, inspired me to get a body bugg, too, and it makes things so much easier when I have nutritional information. I like to do recipe exchanges, and see what others have made that is tasty, and good for you. I’m not very creative with ideas, but whatever you choose to do, I’ll be up for it!

  257. My youngest and last baby is turning 9 months, I am now feeling ready to not just lose some weight but just feel healthy and be active.

  258. I’m totally up for it. What I would love to see are easy meals that the whole family will enjoy and that are easy to prepare with kiddos running around during the bewitching hour. I would also be super interested in workouts that are totally doable from home without fancy equipment. Thanks, and way to go!!

  259. I love this idea. I would really like some recipes that are healthy and great to eat when you are trying to watch calories. I can handle the exercise part much easier that the nutrition part 🙂

  260. Why would you not do this? We all love good food, but we also all want to look and feel great. Looking for ways to add a lot more veggies to my diet that are super yummy and super fast.

  261. Awesome! I too just had a baby two months ago and am having a hard time finding the motivation to cut back on the junk. On the other hand, I teach Zumba fitness at Idaho fitness factory so the exercise part is a breeze for me… It’s the accountability and food I need help with!!!

  262. I love how you keep it real. I am interested in all your tips and tricks especially nutrition and feeding the family. However, I am not on Facebook and would like to other options. Thanks!

  263. I’m totally game for this idea. I’m stuck in this weight that I don’t want to be in for years now! I go to the gym and work out but not lose anything. Once I stop working out, I immediately gain weight! Fast! It feels very unfair but I know that I could eat better. I don’t eat blatantly horrible, but still, could do better! Your weight loss story was amazing and inspiring to me! I am cheering for you to do it again!

  264. Im in! I’d love any info on avoiding setbacks like what you do to curb cravings, what you do when you get the snackies, meal plans etc. I really need help on the nutrition side. Also could use help on the exercise side. Finding time to exercise with little ones is hard, how do people fit it in? Home exercises would be helpful.

  265. Someone said her due date was February 24th. Mine too!….ONLY 28 years ago! No, seriously I DID take it off through Weight Watchers and have learned when all else fails go that route BUT this time I am so blessed to be watching a grandson, 2 weeks old; and soon a granddaughter! As a former Infant and Toddler Development professor I am in my Glory and now, my short answer is I am “In” to lose 25 that inched on!

  266. I did what you did 5 times, I lost the weight before having the next baby. It has been a lot of work. My youngest is 2.5 years old. I need to lose the last 7 pounds and tighten up. I find this is the hardest stage of losing weight, I need inspiration and some structure. I just finished a huge renovation to our home and am now needing to establish a new routine, one that doesn’t involve putting on my work or painting clothes every day but Sunday! Although I did lose some weight with this rountine, every wall is painted and every room is finished (other than a few ikea kitchen doors and baseboards). I think putting on the runners and workout clothes would be good and establishing some better meal and food routines!!! I am in. Thanks for putting it out there.

  267. Great idea! I’m always struggling with my weight challenges so I would love extra ideas and support to keep me motivated and going strong.

  268. I’m definitely in! You’ve inspired me more than you’ll ever know and I can’t wait for your new cookbook to come out!!!!:)

  269. I’m in.

    A few things. One, your baby is ADORABLE. Two, I literally cried reading your weight loss post last year, I was so proud (and somewhat inspired/jealous). Three, I would love to try this year – just had a major surgery (including hysterectomy) and when I am cleared for activity I would love to lose 20 pounds and more importantly get in shape and be happy!


  270. I’m totally in. Still working out, that’s the easy part for me. The hardest thing is the food. Your post totally inspired me to get down 55 lbs, 45 to go! So bring on all the motivation! A facebook page would be awesome with a challenge each week maybe?

  271. I’m in, I’ve already started on my own and I would love for you to do anything you suggested. Every kind of motivation helps and I will say your original post was a definite motivation.

  272. I am currently pregnant, but would love to have some motivation to get moving once I’m cleared to exercise.

  273. I have been a somewhat regular about exercising for years but it’s all been sabotaged by my desire for “bad” food. My taste buds go blah at the idea of baby carrots and apples. I love them both but how could I spice up the usual snacks without overindulging. Advanced meal prep, menu planning ideas would also help me eat better and help with my spending diet resolution by reducing the amount I eat out. Love the idea of workout plans as well.

  274. I’d love to join in too. I recently had a baby and need to get back with it. It’s always helps to have friends to keep each other motivated.

  275. YES, YES, YES. I am “celebrating” my 40th this year, and am tired of the way I feel. I have done lots of stuff before, but really want to make it work this time. I can’t afford a trainer so that’s always been a challenge – the motivation, workout ideas etc. I would love to see whatever you gals come up with. It’s always the best.

  276. I’m in! I would love to incorporate ‘real food’ like the foods on your site into a plan that I can still lose with. I know if I’m deprived for too long it just back fires big time. And, my family needs to not feel like they are dieting with me. So, I would love to have real food for dinner balanced with really healthy sides — so a little bit of yum, and a lot of the good — balanced with lighter fare all day long. If I can feed my family real food for dinner we are all happy.

  277. I’d love recipes that are quickly, healthy, taste good and are kid friendly. Not sure more than two exist!? 🙂 I’d also love to see workout plans too. New ideas to change up my routine would be fun.
    You two are great! OBB is awesome! I imagine OBB Fit Club will be a huge success as well. 🙂

  278. I would love to do this with you! I am currently pregnant, but due in 4-1/2 weeks and can’t wait to see the beautiful little eyes that will stare back at me. 🙂 I’m going a little crazy waiting to be able to exercise again like I used to.

  279. I’m totally in. Please help! I’m a newlywed who’s about to start having baby talks and my goal this year is to lose enough that I’m not depressed or terrified about adding baby weight on top of already too much.

  280. I would love to learn more about your weight resistance routine that helped you reach your goals before baby #4. Good healthy recipes are always something I’m on the look-out for as well. Although I have many dietary restrictions with gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs, soy, peanut, etc. good clean whole-food recipes are what I need.

  281. I’m in. I totally ditto commenter 199 – I need meal plans and at home work out routines. I am not going to a gym. I don’t really care about workout clothes. I have to lose weight – it is really out of control. Please keep posts focused and weekly. An every day thing I will not keep up but If I know the weekly posts comes on a certain morning then I will plan on that and work toward it. Thanks so much.

  282. Count me in!!!
    I think I make pretty healthy dinners for my family (thanks to your Salad recipe index!) However breakfast and lunch are a different matter, especially when I am home by myself on weekdays, but it was also that way when my kids were tiny & at home with me. “Healthy” goes right out the window because nothing seems worth the effort. So that is my request– how to make better breakfasts and lunches without spending the entire day in the kitchen because I’m already in the kitchen for two hours making dinner. Maybe something like a quinoa bowl that we could prep for a couple days’ worth of lunches? I know I could assemble something myself but I know your flavor combos would be so much better than I could come up with. Sara– I’m in the same boat with 50 pounds to lose. I sooo appreciate you doing this 🙂

  283. Love this idea! I would especially like to see some more healthy, flavorful recipes. Our family just started a sugar fast until school gets out in May so we would enjoy some yummy treat recipes without refined white (or brown) sugar! I know there are some out there somewhere!

  284. Awesome! How do you contend with boredom? Any workout is great for a month and then any shiny object has me distracted. How do you start when you are woefully out of shape? Thanks!

  285. I am definitely in! I love this site and both of you fabulous ladies! I was very inspired when I read your initial post, and I’m ready to continue to be inspired! Thanks!!

  286. This makes me SO happy. I was inspired by your story especially when I saw that you actually LOST WEIGHT IN DECEMBER!!! Amazing. I saw that and thought I can too and now I feel amazing because I lost 10lbs during the month of December and now I need the motivation to keep it up for the next few months in order to get to my goal (which I then plan on having baby number 4 and probably ending up with some work to do after, but whatevah… :0 )

  287. Um yeah. I’m so in. Due to some serious back issues I’ve regained all the weight I’d lost in the previous year, and then some. I’m tired of feeling winded just from walking across the room. I realize there isn’t a lot I can do because of my back (I’m currently waiting for surgery) but I’d like to do SOMETHING! So yes, please count me in. Thanks!

  288. Really, really yes. I have been looking for motivators. My biggest problem is after lunch. I feed my stress after lunch.

  289. Oh my gracious, this is the greatest idea EVER!!! I would love ideas for weekly meal plans and the motivation of knowing we’re all in this together!!!

  290. I’m totally in! I was so inspired by your story before & I love your mindset now…that your beautiful baby is totally worth every bit of it! I have been needing to do something myself & would love it if you did a group thing! Thanks for all you do!

  291. Definitely in!! Please include lots of healthy recipes that have no weird ingredients, just stuff many of us are likely to have on hand. Thanks for sharing your photos!! Especially the baby, they really are worth it.

  292. I would be in but I am 5 months pregnant so my goal right now is to just continue with my exercise routine for as long as I can and to eat healthy. I was inspired by your post last year and got my butt in gear and lost 44 pounds.

  293. How crazy that I just put up that quote on my board by my computer today!! I am totally in!! You know what I would love is just some recipes that I can fix for my family that they will like and that are healthy for all of us!! I am a diet addict and will lose 10 lbs. in a short amount of time just to gain in back again. I am done!! I need something I can stick with!! Can you help??

  294. My 5th baby turned 16 and I am still working on that healthy fit body. It is a long constant job. I would love to get more inspiration!

  295. I’m interested. I’d love a weekly series, I love challenges, and who doesn’t want to win prizes. I can’t wait to see what you do.

  296. I’m recovering from uterine cancer surgery. I’m very happy to report all went well but I realized time for a lifestyle change. My husband and I have already started eating healthier and are looking for new recipes. We also need to incorporate exercise into our daily activity.

    Many of my friends my age are now experiencing cancer. The conversations we have had is processed foods,GMO’s and insecticides are contributing factors along with what we ate when we were children. Remember TV dinners we thought it was a treat. Too much candy, cookies, ice cream growing up, you get the picture.

    I’m not a junk food eater but too many carbs, sugar and fats. I a lot of chicken and fish but not enough green veggies.

  297. Would love to be a part of the OBB fit club. Encouragement and motivation goes a long way in this type of journey. However, there are those who simply do not know where to start therefore, workout plans would be an added benefit.

  298. I’m in! I lost fifty pounds last year,and even though I had about 25 more to go, I gained ten back. 🙁 So now, thirty five more to go.

  299. I, too, love reading about your journey! And I can’t wait to see what happens this time! I want to be part of this, but feel like I need to be kind of gentle with myself just now. I’m pregnant for the third time in a year and hope to stay that way! No high-impact for me. . .

  300. I’m recovering from uterine cancer surgery. I’m very happy to report all went well but I realized time for a lifestyle change. My husband and I have already started eating healthier and are looking for new recipes.
    We are always interested in trying healthy recipes that incorporates fresh ingredients. During the winter we love soups because they can be made quickly and for several meals.
    I’m looking forward to your exercise suggestions and new menus!
    Your baby is gorgeous !

  301. I would love this. The problem for me is finding the workout time/space and what workouts to do since I have some neck and foot issues.

  302. I love the idea!! But is there anyway you can do it so those of us not on Facebook can participate too? Please!!?? And meal plans would be super duper!! You guys rock! Thx so much for the incredible recipes and fun!!! And that baby is perfectly gorgeous!!

  303. I would love nutrition and fitness advice/support! I need new food ideas for my family that are healthy but still kid approved. I hope you get good feedback. Oh! And congrats on your new gorgeous baby!!!

  304. I love the idea of more diet and fitness posts. I need all the support I can get. Work-out plans, recipes–anything to inspire would be wonderful. Oh-and giveaways are always a plus!

  305. Please! I would love the support. I might get me motivated to start. I would love to see a few challenges and workouts to follow.

  306. I’m game for anything. Facebook, challenges, weeklys…. anything that provides inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and/or accountability helps me along my own way back to a healthier, stronger me. 🙂

  307. We are in ! My husband and I just started a “Healthy Eating” program yesterday and would love to see some ideas on here. Did this a few years ago now just need a “Tune up” ☺ Thanks

  308. I’m in. 2 pounds down, 20 to go. Although if the scale doesn’t change I won’t care, as long as I shrink!

  309. Yes!! I hope HOPE you do this! I would like to see some lightened up versions your heavier calorie recipes because, let’s be honest, your recipes are DA BOMB!!

  310. I found your website back in September through google searching for blogs of successful weightloss. I was one who was truly inspired by you. I’ve been overweight my whole life, and it became my calling card. At age 30, I just accepted it. Then, all of a sudden, for the first time in my life (age 31), I actually felt how heavy it was. I mean, I felt like I need something to lean on/rest my arms on things, because I just couldn’t manage the heft by myself. That was agony to realize and what led me here. I started walking on this beautiful community trail, strength training and carido with fitnessblender.com because I couldn’t afford a gym membership, and eating portioned GOOD food, not diet food. At the time, I was 287 pounds and the good news is that I am now at 259. But the problem is I have been at 259 since November. The weather got cold, I got sick back to back to back, and my excuses and lack of “want to” started mounting. I am really a team of one here in my spot of the world. It’s just me and so that makes it easy to give in when I don’t really feel like exercising or watching my portions. I am still drinking water though, and not soda, which is a big deal for me, so that is my one advantage right now. All this to say, I do still want to lose this weight and I’m definitely in. I’m easily motivated, but unfortunately, I’m also easily unmotivated. I don’t know how you could go about holding us accountable or helping us with self-accountability (those of us who say we’re in) other than submitting comments, but that’s the biggest thing for me to overcome. If anything, know that I will read each and every word you type on this subject and that is a powerful, wonderful, helpful thing. I appreciate your drive, your encouragement, your message, and your fabulous, delicious recipes (I currently have 3 of your soup recipes frozen in portions-for-one in my freezer!). I know I’ve wrote a lot here, and you may not even read this, but honestly just typing has already started helping me get some motivation again. I can’t wait to keep reading OBB posts and hopefully, moving along with you! 🙂

  311. Love the idea! Would love some weight training ideas to do at home. I live in the country with no gym in sight:) Would also love challenges too!!

  312. I’m in! I’m in the same spot as you are – I spent 2 years losing weight and getting in great shape only to gain it all back in the last 6 months when life challenges poured down. Now I’m trying to do it all again. I know I can do this – but it’s so much better when you are not doing it by yourself!

  313. I would love it! When I start losing motivation. I re-read your fitness posts and it really helps! I would love some new stuff

  314. I’m in! I’m turning 60 in a few months and would love to shed my “baby fat” from my 32 yr old baby 🙂 But seriously I do need help!

  315. Yes!!!!! Your previous posts have inspired me so much, I’m down 10 but still have at least 20 to go! I would love to participate with you and can use all the advice and motivation I can get! So excited!

  316. Love getting your emails every day and would LOVE to hear more about your weight loss tips and tricks.

    Yep, that gorgeous baby is worth the extra weight – especially since you know what to do to get rid of it again! Congratulations on the cutie!

  317. Count me in! If I could love exercise as much as I love cookies, life would be so much more balanced. Maybe a little OBB Fit Club will inspire me to do just that!

  318. I know I don’t need to lose weight but I definately want to tone up and I always need healthy recipes. So yes! I would love to see this happen. Best wishes to you and that darling baby!

  319. I need help and I’m willing to get on board with you. I have 7 children and I’m in the grandma stage but I don’t have to look like I can’t be healthy. I’m committing! I’m excited!

  320. I’m in! I’m in the midst of a life change. I started with one thing at a time, making and trying small changes. 3 months ago, I pulled together my new foods, new portion sizes, carb cycling diet plan and a walking plan that fizzled with a lower back problem. I went from fast food, all kinds of sugar, Diet Coke to a much better balanced diet. I’m SO proud of it! But, I have let myself slide over the holidays and must admit without the exercise, I was not losing much weight (about 10 lbs in 3 mos.) So, my resolution this year is to add exercise to my schedule. I would LOVE some great low carb recipes and a group to help me be accountable to exercise!

  321. Count me in. I lost 30# last year and need to loose that last 10. Its soooo hard when it gets to the end. I would love the support!

  322. I wanted to say thanks to you guys! After reading that original post I got the motivation do something about my muffin top. I have never been heavy but after 4 kids and 20 years I had put on about 25 lbs to my frame and just wasn’t confident about my body like I had been before having kids. I signed up for My Fitness Pal, got a fitbit and went to work. I’ve lost about 20 pounds (5 more than my target weight!) and am more confident than ever and feel great. Most importantly I’ve done it through tough work, discipline and a healthy lifestyle. I love never saying I’m on a diet, to me that means I can’t have something which makes me just want the forbidden food more. This is a lifestyle. I would absolutely be in for a weekly challenge! Thank you for all you do!

  323. I’m in! I’m in! I’m in!!!! I love the idea of challenges, a Facebook page…I can do with or without give always. The best gift for me is feeling like a have a group that is on the same page as me. Thank you so much!!!!

  324. Yes, I would be delighted with a regular blog report on food and exercises you are using to get back in shape! Please do it! And thank you for the photo of that precious baby boy….I am a sucker for boys….I had two of my own and have six grandsons. Boys are the greatest!

  325. I am in my middle 50’s. I gotten really out of shape. I work and have a long commute so I don’t have a lot of time for working out. I can’t afford gyms, I can’t afford personal trainers.

    I am a picky eater, I don’t like veggies and I don’t like most meats. I don’t take the time to go shopping much either so I rely on the staples in my pantry.

    I started walking because we have a wellness program at work so I try to be sure to get my 10,000 steps in every day – at least 6 days a week. I walk during breaks at work so that when I get home I don’t have to put in a lot of effort to get my 10,000 steps.

    I don’t like coming home to cook or bother to eat right so I think that if I’m walking and getting my steps in and not eat a ton then I’m ok. I have lost weigt but my muscle tone and strength still isn’t there.

    I wish I had someone to cook good stuff for me but that isn’t going to happen.

  326. I’m so in! I think workout plans (maybe with differing levels of intensity because I like to push it) and low calorie but filling meal ideas would be awesome!

  327. I’m like you. I can not lose the weight, after carrying a baby for 9 months. I definitely need to lose 30 pounds or more. I’m in!

  328. DO IT!!

    I recently celebrated losing 50# after my 3rd babe was born last Christmas… It was after reading your post that I decided to skip the fads & gimmicks and just start focusing on real exercise regularly and better food choices… I’m in better shape now than I was when I got married 12 years ago (not to mention wearing sizes that I’ve NEVER worn before!).

    I would be so encouraged by following your honest & entertaining posts… Like the best friend I’ve always wanted! 😉 Keep me accountable and maybe even reach my all-time goal weight & healthy lifestyle for my littles!

  329. Yes, please! I’m definitely keen for challenge/inspiration/encouragement 🙂

    I don’t have any budget to spare, but am working towards living healthier as I hope to start a family soon.

  330. Yes, please! I’m back up to the weight that I was when I delivered my two girls almost 40 years ago…ugh:( Would it be possible to incorporate tips & strategies for those of us that are 60 plus? It really is SO much harder to lose that weight & incorporate fitness when those birthdays begin accumulating!

  331. This sounds great! I’d love a weight training schedule and meal plan. We’re trying to cut down on carbs a little bit. Thank you!

  332. I would love to be part of your get fit challenge. I appreciate any help, advice, and/or recipes you will be sharing

  333. I’m in! I have been juicing since May and working out a ton. I still have 13 pounds to lose and am nervous about when I start eating real food again. I have lost 118!

  334. I would love this. My handsome man is 3 months old and I need to lose some pounds. Especially the ones I should of lost before being pregnant anyways. Glad I’m not the only one.

  335. I am totally in! I’ve gained more than 10 pounds by just sitting at my day job, and I know that may not seem like a lot–but it’s enough that I can’t fit in my clothes comfortably. I’d love some ideas (particularly food ideas, because that helps me even more than exercise, even though both are important and helpful). Thanks for the inspiration!

  336. I’m so in! I’ve been trying to lose baby weight for a year but it’s hard to find time or motivation to do it, I can use all the help I can get!

  337. I’ve been trying (and failing) to find some way to fit exercise into my schedule. I was running for a while, but I can’t even find an hour to do that anymore. I’ve been looking for some sort of 5-10 minute a day challenge with a social aspect (maybe someone knows of one, even if OBB can’t provide it?) to keep me motivated and beat the excuse of not having time. Ideally, a challenge that switches things up once in a while (doing one more pushup every day just gets boring).

  338. Would love to do this! The hardest part for me are quick, easy, healthy and clean eating recipes. Also, would like to see different weight training/cardio exercises plans.

  339. Sharing how you balance 4 kids but allowing yourself the gift and schedule of the exercise – I end up throwing up my hands and just sitting with the kids.

  340. First of all, your baby is absolutely adorable.

    I would love to be part of the project. For me what I need most would be motivational/inspirational moments. Like, when we feel overwhelmed by the amount of things we have to do (and no help from others)…
    Post-dinner snacks would be awesome too 🙂

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  341. I would LOVE to get fit along with you. I have read your amazing weight loss story many times and would love to see a transformation of my body like you did to yours. You are a true inspiration. Count me in.

  342. It’s funny cause i wrote about my weight loss journey today on my blog. So far I’ve lost 53 pounds with another 35 to go. So u can defvcount me in too. 🙂

  343. I would really like to lose 20 pounds and permanently keep it off. I am a mother of seven beautiful kiddos, so I can’t complain about my jelly roll either – but I would be so much happier to be eating, being & looking fit! I would like to know what foods are really “no-no’s” and if there are superfoods that actually keep cravings down (like chia??? avocados? almonds?) I would like to know that they are not just gimmicks but really do help. Great idea! Thanks!

  344. Yes, yes, yes!! I’d love to see recipes that show us how to swap out some ingredients with healthier options. Also much about dealing with food issues is mental/emotional so any tips or guidance you’ve learned along the way would be awesome! Can’t wait!

  345. I am interested in the fit club! My hardest thing is how to stop snacking, BUT even worse is the late afternoon when I’m tired I START to snack. I keeps me awake. What can I do to keep myself awake without oversnacking??

  346. I’d love this series! I love all your healthy lunch ideas on the blog. I’d love any ideas for building muscle at home…the gym doesn’t work for me right now.