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I was making an appointment over the phone today and they said something about being closed next week for the holiday and I had to frantically run over to my calendar because I had no idea what holiday they could be talking about. When I got there and flipped the page I thought, “What the heck- next week is 4th of July?!”  My family spent over half of June travelling, and then we got our new puppy (apparently once you are a “dog person”, you post pictures of your new dog baby everywhere and even show complete strangers. What is happening??  Here you go.  My new baby Finn.)

So back to the calendar.  Ya.  July sneaked up on me. I did however pull out my decorations and put up my July mantle in my kitchen.  That’s the one little place I decorate for just about every holiday and I love it!

What are you guys all doing for the holiday?  I think my family will be laying low and hopefully enjoying some fireworks from people around us.  If you’ve got a party or family BBQ or potluck, definitely check out our Independence Day Recipe Index! (The photos below aren’t linked- click here to access them all!)


I’d also look at our Grilling Index, and also our Frozen treats, because ice cream is always a good idea on the 4th!

And all of you that are members of our Meal Plan Service, you have a ton of awesome freebies to help you celebrate! There’s a fantastic 4th of July Meal Plan waiting for you in the “Bonuses Just For You” section of our Community, as well as our gorgeous 30+ page BBQ Printable Party Pack. The meal plan features a delicious Cowboy Burger and an exclusive, never-before-seen dessert…plus tons more! So hop on over to log in and grab them hot off the press!

If you’ve been eyeing our popular Ultimate Grill Guide Bundle, now is the time to grab it! We’ve marked the price down just for this weekend. Grab the entire bundle for just $9.99 (regular $14.99), or just the eBook from Amazon or iTunes for just $6.99 — 50% off! And, I should note — members of our Meal Plan Community can score this baby for only $4.99 (our lowest price on this EVER!)

We’ll also be having a sale in our Shop next week, so stay tuned for that, too.  So many great things coming!


  1. I want the blue wooden USA on your mantle!!! Where did you get that? I’m sure you’ve had it for years but I love it!

  2. Thanks for the patriotic recipes! Can you explain how to get the Ultimate Grill Guide Bundle for $4.99 as a Meal Plan Community member? Is there a separate link? Thanks.

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