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We’re excited to let you all know about a great new feature on Our Best Bites!  You’ll notice at the end of each post there is now a “Save Recipe” button.

This allows you to easily save your favorite recipes from Our Best Bites to your own online recipe box! You’ve all been asking for something like this for a long time so we’re thrilled to be able to make it happen!

Another great thing is that when you click the “Save Recipe” button, you’ll have the option to add the recipe to your recipe box and also to a shopping list. My poor recipe box is empty right now 🙁  But that will soon change!

We teamed up with ZipList to make this project happen; they power the recipe boxes and shopping lists you find online at,,, and more.  You can save recipes from any of those sources, and many others, and they all will get saved into your recipe box here.  Fantastic, right?!

If you want to access your online recipe box or shopping list from Our Best Bites, just click on the icon you see in our sidebar to the right- directly below our lovely photo and about us section.

Ready for the last bonus??  There are free mobile apps!

So go click on the icon right now and create your own recipe box; we’re excited to hear what you think!  We also wanted to note that we’re in the process of making all of our recipes formatted for easy printing.  Right now, older recipes are in a different format and we’re slowly making our way through those.  The recipe box app should work on those old recipes as well, but we’re going to hurry and get them all formatted to avoid any kinks and make things easier for you!  Okay, go play!


  1. I LOVE this! There are several of your recipes that I got back to time and time again. This will help save time from searching through the recipe index. Rock on!

  2. YAY! I had been bookmarking all the OBB recipes I wanted to try, but I had to quit when my bookmarks list got too long for my screen. This makes my life so much simpler! Thanks!

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