Pre-Order the Our Best Bites Cook Book!


We recently announced the upcoming release of our Cookbook! We are flattered that so many of you wish it was going to be available for Christmas gift-giving. It may not be in stores until February, but this just might be the easiest holiday gift ever! The Our Best Bites Cookbook is available for pre-order right now.

You can order the book directly from Deseret Book, and receive a 15% discount when you enter the promo code: BESTBITES at check out. -> Click Here <- to go directly to the Pre-Order Page. The book is also available for pre-order at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Pre-ordering the book for friends and family makes a great gift, but it does leave you empty handed with something to actually hand over, which is why we have this little treat for you!

This is a great little card designed for us by the talented Amy Locurto of It has info about the cook book, a little blurb about us and our blog (in case they’re not familiar with it) and even a sample recipe!

This way, you can pre-order the book for someone and then print out this cute note, pop it in an envelope with a pretty bow and place it under the tree, or in a stocking, or in the mail! You could email it as well. The book will be paid for and delivered straight to their door as soon as it’s ready. Below you will find a customizable version as well, where you can enter someone’s name. (Amy is so smart!)

Here’s another version you can save to your computer and email or print:

Or how about making one of your favorite OBB treats, like Candycane Kiss Cookies, or Peppermint Bark Popcorn, or Candy Cane Brownies, or a Peppermint-Fudge Cupcake Jar (can you tell we like Peppermint and Chocolate??) and gift it with the card?


Or, if it’s YOU that wants the gift, then right now click on the title of this post. Copy the web address and paste it into an email with the subject line “hint, hint” and send it to someone that should be buying YOU a gift this year!

To Print or Email the Free Gift Card:

1. Click on the actual picture of the cards in this post. Right click and save it to your computer as a jpg. This file can be sent in an email.

2. Click here for a customizable pdf file of the card.  In this file you can enter a “To” and “From” and then print it off, or click “Save As” and email it.

*To view the pdf file you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. (There’s a good chance you already have it) Make sure anyone who you email it to knows that as well.

Happy Gifting!!
~ Sara & Kate

Please help us thank Amy by clicking here to check out her blog! Go to the right hand side and you can subscribe to her *free* newsletter. I get it and I love it. I think of Amy as my eyes and ears in the blog-o-sphere. It seems like she’s just a good friend who finds the best stuff on the internet (crafts, food, entertaining, printables and more) and sends them straight to my inbox! I seriously find so much cool stuff through her e-news (that’s how the fabric flower wreath got started), so go sign up! Bonus is that you get a free gift just for signing up! And subscribers get fun stuff all the time like this cute Cookie Swap set.

Also, visit her Facebook page! “Like” it and you’ll keep up with more fun stuff and be the first to hear about free printables. Thank you Amy!


  1. So exciting! I have some Amazon gift cards that I wanted to use on it- can you use the code on that website as well to save 15%?

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