Quick and Easy Mexican Dip

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Sara and I have talked at length about how we wish our readers could see how ordinary our lives are. As you’ve probably guessed, we’re lovers of all food and we definitely don’t discriminate against food we don’t cook ourselves!

Both of us have had experiences where people tell us they don’t want to cook food that we’ll be eating or they’re embarrassed about stuff they make. So we LOVE it when people are willing to share their culinary talents with us. Because hey, if we don’t have to cook or clean up, that makes everything even better!

My friend Jeni is a fabulous cook and I’m more than happy to let her cook or bring a treat to my house any time. She brought this dip with a bag of chips to a barbecue at my house a few weeks ago and it was literally gone within minutes. I really love how easy it is because it’s the perfect formula for party food–cheap, every day ingredients,

easy, super yummy, and minimal cleanup.

So thanks, Jeni, for not being scared of me (even if I do identify your laundry detergent scent at socially awkward times).



and we’ll love you even more than we already do!


  1. Reminds me of my favorite 'southern' specialty — browned sausage, cream cheese, and rotel. yummy yummy yummy. i could eat a lb and a half of this stuff!

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