Quick Fix: Sweet & Salty Salad Wrap

Every Sunday this month we’re going to share a “Quick Fix” meal with you. These are things that we don’t necessarily need an entire recipe and step by step photos for. It’s more of an idea of things you can throw together for a quick and delicious meal. And since we’re celebrating feta this month- they’re all going to involve that!

This salad wrap is in the category of “Mommy Lunch” for me. Didn’t know there was such a thing? How many of you stay home with your kids and find yourself at lunch time nibbling on chicken nuggets and gogurt? Or how many of you go to work and have to either pack a lunch or buy something instead? Or how many of you fly right by the lunch hour because you either don’t notice it has come and gone or you just don’t have the energy to prepare something so you end up grabbing convenience foods? Well with a few simple staples you can throw this together in a flash and have a real, grown-up meal. The sweetness of the dressing and craisens combined with the saltiness of the feta and bacon is out of this world!



Stay tuned every Sunday this month for a new idea!


  1. Do you make your own precooked chicken breast and freeze it? If so, do you have a certain marinade or recipe you like for the chicken. Or do you just buy like the Tyson precooked chicken strips?

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