How To: Remove Corn from the Cob

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You all know how this drill works. You place the corn on a cutting board and slice right down it. The corn then flies all over the counter. If you’re lucky some of it actually stays on the cutting board, but most likely you have to go scavenging to collect all of the little kernels off the counter. Somewhere during this process you’ll step on the ones that landed on the floor and make a smooshy mess.

Here’s a greattip. Grab your bundt pan. Don’t think you have a bundt pan? You probably do. Check the place where you keep all of your wedding presents that you’ve never used. I’m thinking I need to post some bundt recipes. The bundt pan has the perfect little perch for a piece of corn- see?

Just cut down that corn cob and all of the kernels will land right in the pan. If you really don’t have a bundt pan, you can accomplish the same thing by using a bowl inside of a bowl, like so:


  1. I’ve gotta leave this comment…
    I just put up 25 dozen ears of corn yesterday and I think electric knives are the greatest thing to happen to corn on the cob since stick butter! You’ve gotta try it as it is way better than any of the corn gadgets you could buy and it sure save your hands when you’re doing a bunch or cobs.

  2. I just finished freezing corn and getting it all over my kitchen counter and floors, had we only checked in with you a few hours earlier! BTW…can’t WAIT for the cupcake recipes, those you brought over were so good. Thank you so much!

  3. Hmmm I was going to leave a comment about how Eric did a really good job cutting that corn…. but it seems those comments are already taken care of….
    About the corn zipper- did mom get that for you? She was looking all over the kitchen for one the other day because I was making the squishy corn-on-the-floor mess… oops 🙂
    Anyway, she thought maybe she got one for you and not herself?

    Oh and I LOVE bbq corn. But it has to be grilled outside the husk!! Non of this tin foil crap… hehe

  4. The NHMAA of course! (National Hand-Model Association of America)

    Got the most expensive one they had, but man my corn is worth it!

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