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It seems like just yesterday I was uploading pictures to announce our new little bundle and here we are now and my little guy is one month old today!

our best bites sara

I thought it was the perfect day to share some of my current faves for the little babes (and their Momma’s.)

Solly Baby Wrap

There are a lot of options when it comes to baby-wearing, and I’ve tried a lot of things in the past 9 years with 4 babies and the Solly Wrap is my favorite.   Their fabrics are so incredibly soft and lightweight, that it doesn’t even feel like it’s on.  I wear mine around the house even, when my little Gavin just wants to be held, but I need both of my hands.  He is instantly soothed every time I pop him in there.

Our Best Bites Solly Wrap

I’ve even tried similar styled wraps, but one of the things I love about the Solly Baby wrap is that you don’t need an extra suit case to carry around loads of fabric.  It’s so comfortable to wear and it folds up into it’s own little pocket and it fits into my normal purse.  They come in lots of gorgeous colors, and the Solly Baby team is stellar. I absolutely love companies with great stories, and I love that the founder, Elle, started her business in a little sewing nook at home.   I especially love these wraps in the newborn phase when the little babies can just sit there close to your heart, and they’re so light you hardly notice them there!

Muslin Blankets

It’s been 4 1/2 years since I last had an infant, so during my pregnancy I asked for recommendations for favorite baby items on Instagram.  One of the most popular things people mentioned were Aden and Anais Blankets, which were new to me.  They’re large, lightweight blankets made from muslin, which gets softer with each wash, and they are pretty fabulous.

Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

Aden and Anais however, are also pricey.  If you’re interested in name brand, Amazon has some great deals, like this set– which drops it down to under $9 per blanket.  They also make discounted lines for both Target and Babies R Us.  However, I have several other brands that are just as great.  The blankets I use the very most are these very ones by Summer.  We started using them to wrap up our little burrito in the hospital the day he was born and he still gets curled up in them every day.

Our Best Bites Swaddle Blankets

Pick Your Plum has some in stock right now, too. Muslin blankets are great because they’re so light-weight, yet so soft.  They’re great for swaddling, using as a nursing cover, covering up a car seat, laying down on the ground to change a diaper, using as a burp cloth, you name it.  I reach for these over and over again so I’m glad I have a big stack of them!  They make great baby gifts, too.


Baby gowns

My favorite newborn item, hands down, are little sleeper gowns.  My boys pretty much live in these exclusively for the first 1-2 months of life.  Babies basically eat, sleep, and wet themselves in an endless cycle those first few months and these little gowns make it so easy to keep them cozy and get those diapers changed fast.  No buttoning, snapping, and fighting.  Just pull their little legs out and easy-peasy.  I especially love this little set that Carter’s has out right now, and matching hats?  Perfection.


Our Best Bites Baby Gowns

White Noise Machine

My 3 older boys still sleep with a fan on at night, even in the dead of winter, because that’s what we used for white noise when they were babies.  This time around we got this slick little noise machine.  It’s got lots of noise options, takes up little space, and works great.  In our house, it signals bed time and my little one sleeps so much better when it’s on (which means Mom and Dad sleep so much better when it’s on.)  If you have a little one who’s having trouble sleeping, seriously, try some white noise.

Conair White Noise Machine


Little Umbrella Prints

Have you guys seen The Little Umbrella?  It’s such a fun site, and it has an awesome section of free, customizable printables.  Play around with it- it’s so easy and so fun.  I made these cute initial prints for my boys’ rooms and they look so professional and custom!  You pick any colors you like and fill in your info and then it prints right out on your own printer.  I made custom art in about 30 seconds and felt like superwoman.  These would be super cute baby gifts, too!  (Totally unrelated to baby, but I LOVE their *free* Thanksgiving Suite– you can customize all of those colors, too.  So fun!)

Our Best Bites Little Umbrella Prints


Leather Pacifier Clip

For the stylish babe who’s SO over those totally infantile paci clips… lol.  I love these cute leather clips.  The braided one is from Madeline’s Box and the thick strip is from Sugar Lime.  I bought both of these through Brickyard Buffalo, where they were discounted.  I love how they look with a cute outfit, and again- they’d make a unique baby gift!

Our Best Bites Leather Binkie Clips

Project Life

Lastly, I just wanted to mention a couple things about keeping memories of those little ones.  Knowing this is my last baby has made me insanely sentimental (like, more so than a normal hormonal postpartum lady) and I want to savor every second because they grow SO fast.

Project Life App

I’ve told you lots about my different systems for scrapbooking and memory keeping (you can read about it here).  As a busy Mom of four, so many of my photos these days, especially of my newborn, are taken with my phone.  With a baby, everything is so in-the-moment so I find myself quickly snapping away while he’s sleeping on my lap, or while he’s looking cute on a walk, or whatever.  I love the Project Life App for taking those little snapshots and actually doing something with them.

Our Best Bites Project Life App

I had a couple of pages done before I even left the hospital!  I also still love and use the Collect Photo App, which makes it easy to capture a cute photo of the baby every day and watch him grow over the coarse of the months.


So those are some of MY favorite things- tell me, what are your favorites??



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  1. Thanks for this post! My boy #2 is a week old now. He caught us by surprise and came a month early! So I feel like I am playing catch up a little with the things I wanted to get for him. I especially like the Little Umbrella prints! So cute!

  2. This is so timely! I’m having my fourth (also my last) on the fourth and I second all of these. I just started playing around with project life and I’m sure it’ll be such a saver with baby memories. I have a moby I didn’t love so you just convinced me to buy the Solly id been eyeing for awhile. I love my a+a wraps from my last baby and added a few more, plus the crib sheets this go around. While I’m ready to be done being pregnant-I’m starting to be a little sad it’s my last!

  3. We bought the exact same sound machine for our fourth last year and I love it. When we travel we have an app we use that we leave on all night and it has helped so much!

  4. I love those leather pacifier clips. So edgy! Our daughter is almost 5 months old and someone gave us their old Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper. We have LOVED it. It lets your baby sleep inclined so she’s slept much better through colds or gas bubbles in her tummy. You can cart it all over the house and has a tiny footprint which is good for us in our small home (where the doors are too small to let a pack and play through!) She likes to sit at the dinner table in it, too since she’s up at the level the rest of us are, instead of near the floor where she was in a bouncer or swing.

  5. I love the wrap, I wish I would have invested in one for my first; definitely on the list for baby number two!

  6. I don’t have any baby product suggestions (my “baby” is now 12-years-old and there are all kinds of things now that didn’t exist when she was an infant). I just had to comment that I LOVE the baby pictures! He is absolutely perfect and those are some seriously kissable little cheeks!

  7. I love Aiden and anais burpy bibs, and gift them to all of my pregnant friends. They’re thick and absorbent and much cuter than the white cloth diapers I used to use.

  8. Hi there! Someone just told me about your blog post. What a sweet surprise to see my binkie clips on here! Thanks so much!! I’m so glad you love them and shared your love for them on here! Xo

  9. I seriously love these posts in The Scoop as much as your food posts. Thanks for taking the time to do them! I discovered the muslin blankets with my last baby, she’s 20 months now, and we still use them all the time. They’re especially nice here in Vegas where it gets so hot. They’re so lightweight and breathable I can use them even during the summer. I’m dying to get a wrap from Solly Baby for my next one. I’m due on April. I follow you on IG and have loved the striped hat and sleeper your little guy has been sporting. Thanks for letting us know where it’s from. Enjoy this newborn stage! He’s adorable.

    1. I have a muslin blanket that someone gave me when my daughter was born. We loved to swaddle her in it and it quickly became one of her favorites. As she got older she wouldn’t go to bed without having it with her. I noticed that if she dragged the blanket by a corner it would get long and skinny and I had the thought that it could get wrapped around her neck. A couple of times I took it out of her crib after she had fallen asleep, but I didn’t always remember. One night when she was about 18 months old I went in to check on her after she was asleep and found her on her stomach with the blanket around the front of her neck with both ends down her back. I quickly pulled the blanket off and and as I did she coughed like she was trying to get air. This was one of the scariest moments of my life and I am so grateful that I checked on her when I did! I know these blanket are meant for swaddling, but they are often used other ways too. I just wanted to put this out there so that people realize they can be dangerous if used after a baby can get loose from a swaddle. I now tie my daughters blanket in knots and she snuggles up to that to go to sleep.

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