Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites Cookbook Giveaway!


First of all…the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, maybe not THE moment, and maybe not all of you, but if you’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting for us to announce the winner of the iPad.

So we entered the numbers into the handy dandy random number generator and this is what we got:

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So with that done, we’ve got another exciting giveaway! We’re giving away a copy of our new book that’s hitting stores on September 12!

Check out this post to get all the details on our new book. Wanna know something else that’s cool? With our last book, if you didn’t live in the Western US (and not even all of the Western US), you pretty much had to get the book from Deseret Book, Amazon, or special order it fromΒ  your favorite book store. Well, this time around, our book will be available in every Walmart in the US and every Sam’s Club that sells cookbooks. That means that even in my tiny little corner of Louisiana, I’ll be able to find my book! I can’t wait!

So to win, tell us what your favorite holiday (any holiday!) tradition is! The giveaway runs from now until next Thursday, August 30. We’ll announce the winner on or after Friday, August 31. Please be sure to leave a comment on this post and not send a response through email or on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. My favorite holiday tradition is having my son pick our special Christmas Eve dinner. We’ve got from waffles, green beans and water at age 2-1/2 to steak, crab and other wonderful delights as he grew older.

  2. Growing up, Santa’s elves would ring the doorbell and leave new pajamas for us on Christmas Eve. Now, our little elf (Bruce) brings them for my kids. I love seeing the kid’s reactions when they see presents from Bruce the elf on the doorstep.

  3. My favorite holiday tradition is making sweet cinnamon wreath bread for my friends and freezing it in a pie tin before it’s cooked so they can make it whenever they want to. No one wants cold, stale bread.
    My mom used to make it on Christmas morning and we’d wake up to the yummy smell.

  4. I love Thanksgiving because my cousins and I always gather together to cook Thanksgiving dinner. All our parents get the day off as we take over the kitchen! πŸ™‚

  5. I love love love Christmas morning…we eat EGGNOG FRENCH TOAST {with all the lovely breakfast trimmings}, open our stockings as breakfast cooks, eat…open more presents…watch Chrismtas movies and loaf around in PJ all morning…its a magical morning for sure!!

  6. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve at my parents’ house. Growing up, our house was the place where all the extended family would meet. It is still that way today. You never know who will show up!

  7. My favorite tradition is to watch old family movies all day long on New Year’s and eat chocolate with the kids. And Secret Santa for Christmas! πŸ™‚

  8. My favourite tradition is breakfast/brunch at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve (The main day in Norwegian Christmas celebration), where all their descendants come with their spouses. We are anything from 30-35 people. We eat rice-porridge where grandma have hidden almonds and those who find it get a marzipan pig and Santa comes with a present for everyone.

    I love it.

  9. I love stayting up late with my husband on New Year’s Eve, eating appetizers, then toasting the New Year with sparkling cider.

  10. I’m so excited for your cookbook! My favorite holiday tradition is the day after Thanksgiving my family gets together for a pie party. We all gorge on pie, play games and laugh. It’s the best!

  11. Having our own family 4th of July pledge of allegiance, followed by eating waffles with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.

  12. My favorite holiday tradition would absolutely have to be making cookies for Santa and putting them out with milk. We make sugar cookies with green frosting and decorate them with red hots. We also always make coffee cake for breakfast on Christmas morning! Love love it!

  13. A new tradition we started last year is wrapping Christmas books, then letting the kids open one each night in December. Each wrapped book is numbered, so it’s a fun countdown to Christmas.

  14. I love the 4th of July! We go back to the small Arizona town my amcestors settled and celebrate there. Town breakfast, parad, BBQ, rodeo, fireworks…love it all!

  15. On Halloween we go trick or treating and then when we are done we have pizza and watch a Christmas movie. It is so fun to go through all the candy and get into the Christmas spirit!

  16. Christmas! My family has lots of traditions for Christmas and Christmas Eve, from our annual Christmas Eve program to how we buy stocking stuffers to when we start and how we open gifts. It gets me excited just thinking about it.

  17. My favorite tradition is having a top ready-made New Year’s Eve dinner (yeah, all coming from a frozen food store here in France, where the hubby & I choose things we couldn’t afford on a regular basis…), just for the two of us, after spending weeks baking various sweet stuff from America or the UK (mince pies, cinnamon rolls…) for everybody!

  18. I’ve come to enjoy being the host of an annual gingerbread decorating party. It was a tradition of my husband’s side of the family but now that we live away from family we have become the hosts of ourcown We all look forward to it!

  19. Christmas Eve at my house with a yummy dinner and then Christmas morning at my parents with a yummy breakfast!

  20. Our family isn’t Hispanic, but we live in TX, so tamales on Christmas Eve is one of my favorites! Or making cut out sugar cookies & decorating!

  21. My favourite holiday tradition is spending Christmas Eve with my family at the beach. In Australia it is hot in December and the beach is a great place to watch the sun go down and prepare for the next days excitement.

  22. My favorite holiday tradition is delivering the cakes my mom makes. She makes tons of cakes every Christmas for friends and neighbors.

  23. My favorite holiday tradition is making a big traditional Thanksgiving dinner with my favorite aunt and sitting down for a wonderful meal with my favorite people in the world!

  24. My favorite Christmas tradition is lining up from youngest to oldest and walking down the stairs to see our presents.

  25. I love making sweet treats at Christmastime. Growing up – we always made peanut butter blossoms and chocolate chip cookies. Now that I’m married, I added my in laws’ tradition of buckeyes and potato candy too πŸ™‚

  26. I love Easter because it is a really spiritual holiday. I love going to church on that day and then later driving to my parents house and having a nice dinner.

  27. I love being with family for Christmas. It seems the only time of the year when everyone really really tries their hardest to get together!

  28. I am already counting down the days until Christmas! 124 days to go, if you were curious πŸ™‚ I love the month before Christmas. I make so many Christmas cookies and I give them as gifts. Many of them are traditional ones that my mother made when I was little. I love making them and sharing them with people. I can’t wait!

  29. I have a “newish” tradition that I love. My dad was diagnosed with celiac about 5-7 years ago and I’ve gotten interested in gluten freee cooking and baking since then! For thanksgiving the past few years we have had my family come to our home and done a completely gluten free thanksgiving meal. Noone has complained and my favorite dish is my “surprise” stuffing made from… wait for it… tortilla chips!!!

  30. Every year for labor day, my parents have bunch of people over to watch the local parade that goes by their house, have lunch (usually sloppy joes and all the other great potluck/picnic type foods), and check out the local festival. It’s been every year since before I can remember and the best part is that it’s an extremely low stress time with a variety of good people

  31. I have a “newish” tradition that I love. My dad was diagnosed with celiac about 5-7 years ago and I’ve gotten interested in gluten free cooking and baking since then! For thanksgiving the past few years we have had my family come to our home and done a completely gluten free thanksgiving meal. No one has complained and my favorite dish is my “surprise” stuffing made from… wait for it… tortilla chips!!!

  32. Holiday traditions are the BEST! How to choose just one? I like advents: Halloween scary story advent, Thanksgiving family tree advent, Christmas activities/service advent and Christmas children’s book advent. So wonderful!

  33. My mom is Danish so we have the tradition of having rice pudding for dessert on Christmas Eve. Most people don’t lke it that much (though I do) but everyone takes a good sized helping because hidden in the bowl is one full almond and the person who gets the almond wins a prize. My uncles have been known to sneak in extra almonds, cashews, etc to pretend they’re the winners, but it’s always fun to see who will come out the winner and how they serve up themselves.

  34. I love that my whole family meets at the same pumpkin patch every year. the little cousins have tons of fun together and so do the adults!

  35. Favorite holiday tradition before kids was Memorial Weekend, because for many years, it was a solo weekend for me. My husband would go with friends to the Indy 500 and I would get to enjoy and savor my much loved alone time. Not your typical holiday favorite, but one I adored!

  36. Christmas Morning before we head over to the in-laws and my parents. Our little family sits in front of the tree, reads the bible, and opens our few small gifts for each other.

  37. My favorite holiday tradition at Thanksgiving is to let my mom cook! πŸ™‚ I’ll never beat her Thanksgiving dinner. But with your cookbook, maybe I can at least try!!! πŸ™‚

  38. I LOVE holiday traditions, so it’s hard to pick just one, but I would have to say making & decorating sugar cookies at Christmas!

  39. Every year growing up, my parents and grandparents each gave me a Christmas ornament. By the time I moved out, I had well over 60 ornaments of my very own, and they all mean something to me. (Since my birthday is Christmas Day I got a lot of extras from well meaning friends who didn’t know what else to get me…) My tree isn’t all matchy-themed, but it is very special. I’m carrying on the tradition with my own little ones too.

  40. A few years ago we started a tradition of ordering take out Chinese on Christmas Eve so we can prepare our Christmas morning breakfast and Christmas Day feast. We love it. Would love your new cookbook!

  41. I love the holiday season- and this time of year marks the start for me! My wedding anniversary is in August, September is my birthday month, and October means Halloween and then we high tail it into Thanksgiving and Christmas. My favorite tradition during the holidays is Christmas Eve- dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant with close family and then dessert and a cheesy Christmas movie in our Christmas PJ’s. I buy new and special PJ’s every year for Christmas Eve! This year will be different and such a blessing- my sweet twin baby girls are due around the first week in December:)

  42. We always do fondue on Christmas Eve. Different types of fondue all throughout the day. We call it a “Day of Dipping”

  43. My family is still pretty young, so traditions are still in the works. But one thing I love to do is attend the Methodist Christmas Eve services with my grandmother. It reminds me that the message of Christmas transcends individual faiths and invites everyone to come to Christ.

  44. I am a big Christmas fan. I got married around Christmas and my family has a large open house Christmas Day serving these green drinks with green creme de menthe, rum, half & half, and ice..serve blended..YUM

  45. I absolutely love Christmas! My husband and I have the tradition to decorate the inside of our apartment with lights and snowflakes! It’s like living in a little winter wonderland. πŸ™‚

  46. My favorite holiday tradition is baking sugar cookies with decorator icing. My twist on this is that instead of using a Christmas tree cookie cutter, I use a palm tree and decorate them as you would the usual with the green fronds touched with colored “lights.” Seems to fit right in here in Florida!

  47. My favorite holiday tradition begins when the air starts to get crisp and the leaves begin to change. The whole holiday, festive season is my favorite. Its like one constant celebration from September clear till January 1st. So when the weather starts to change, its the beginning of my favorite months. And my tradition to start off the festive season is to bring out my Autumn decorations, make soups, gather several pumpkins, eye my Christmas decorations and new ones that they put out in the stores early. I also might sing Christmas songs in my head before November. =) I love your cookbooks, and this one sounds perfect!

  48. On Dec. first the kids decorate a gingerbread house. I fill it with small presents and treats. On Christmas eve they get to smash open the house to retrieve their first Christmas gifts!

  49. A birthday is a holiday right? For birthday’s at our house we decorate with posters, crepe paper, and balloons all over the house. We get birthday donuts from our favorite bakery first thing in the morning and then open presents! It is that persons favorite day of the year!! I love your cookbook so much. I seriously can’t wait for the new one!!

  50. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July…we head to the beach at my moms and lite the biggest bonfire we can….and watch the fireworks next to the ocean. The kids run around with sparklers until they get tired enough to snuggle into our laps. Heavenly bliss!

  51. We do special themed dinners for every holiday. Growing up, I loved helping my mom plan dinner in a pumpkin or a candlelight dinner for Valentine’s, and now my kids are enjoying it just as much as I did.

  52. I love the fall and anything to do with the fall. We go on drives through the canyon to see all the leaves change colors. Pumpkin patches, hay rides, corn fields!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. I love Christmas because of the reason behind it but for the holiday itself the fourth of July is my absolute favorite- great weather, food, parades, and fireworks all in one day… Could a person really ask for more?

  54. When I was little my Mama told me that the 4th of July was the countries birthday so I was convinced we needed a birthday cake. We’ve made one every year since. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions!

  55. I love Thanksgiving. It’s time to reflect on all we have and be with family. No costumes, no gifts to buy, no serious decorating–just family and gratitude!

  56. I love Halloween. My sisters and I get together every year and take all of our kids trick or treating. There are 14 kids total so it’s definitely and adventure.

  57. I love our tradition to read from the New Testament the story of Christ’s birth before we open any gifts on Christmas. It helps us remember what we’re really celebrating and helps to take the focus away from the gifts a little. πŸ™‚

  58. We host a large adult Easter Egg hunt each year since there are no longer any small kids in our family-I stuff and hide hundreds of eggs!

  59. Instead of doing Christmas Eve as a big family get together we stay home and do something as a family. I make a nice dinner, we watch a movie and read a few Christmas stories. The Elf also brings the family a present.

  60. Our favorite tradition is extended family Christmas Eve celebration. It’s a time where we get together with people who have other plans for Christmas day, and eat, play games, and open a few gifts. It’s so much fun.

  61. Sleeping in Christmas morning and then slowly opening presents one by one. Hopefully this year it will include an OBB cook book.

  62. With every birthday we celebrate with cinnamon rolls. (there are 6 in our family-that’s a lot of cinnamon rolls) to celebrate Jesus’ birthday we have cinnamon rolls too. My kids love this tradition and making them the night before makes for a relaxing morning.

  63. Not really a holiday, but my favorite end-of-school year tradition is to take the kids out to breakfast at the Original Pancake House. I love eating breakfast out and rarely get the opportunity.

  64. How to choose! I love Easter and finding the hidden Easter baskets and eggs, and the combined dinner with both my husbands and my families.

  65. We open one present on Christmas Eve, and it is always pajamas. It is so fun to open our presents Christmas morning in our new, sometimes matching, pajamas.

  66. Congrats on your book being more widespread!
    My favorite tradition is to take a crazy family picture on each person’s birthday.

  67. I love the holidays period. It means we all get together and. Usually lots of food is present. But my most favorite is the ballet west nutcracker with my mom, sisters and my daughters.

  68. My favorite season is Fall. I love all the fall flavors and smells and colors. But my favorite family tradition is to make cookies for Santa with my boys on Christmas Eve. We make them fresh and put them out with a note for Santa. The kids love to help and they get excited when the cookies are missing the next morning.

  69. My favorite tradition is stretching out Christmas morning by having one person choose a gift for another to open, waiting while that gift is opened and admired and the giver is thanked, then having the last recipient choose the next gift.

  70. We always do appetizers for dinner on Christmas eve. The Kids loved it when they were growing up. They would call it “Snackers”.

  71. My favorite holiday tradition is of course food related! We always make “Mexican spoon bread” for Thanksgiving which is SO random because we have zilch Mexican/Spanish heritage at all. It’s a carnal sin to make this dish at any other time through out the year. Maybe that’s why it is so DELISH?!

  72. My most tradition-filled holiday has got to be Christmas. One of our favorite things to do was to make a new tree ornament. Growing up, we each made an ornament each year and when we left home, my mom gave us a box filled with all of the ornaments we had made for our own tree.

  73. I have pre-ordered the new book but I would still love to win one for my mom!! Thanks for the giveaway!! My favorite holiday tradition is doing fireworks in the driveway on the 4th of July and it’s so fun to write your name with sparklers!

  74. We do not have any set in stone traditions, but as our daughter gets older I am looking forward to starting traditions with her.

  75. 4th of July–We have a breakfast with my entire side of the family. It’s like a mini family reunion. We all love it…especially the kids.

  76. We have great Christmas Eve traditions. We have chicken tortilla soup (delicious!) and then we read the Christmas story from the Bible as well as a sweet old story about some animals celebrating Christmas.

  77. I love many of our Christmas traditions, especially when my sister and I were young and we would sleep in the same room on Christmas eve and play games when we couldn’t sleep since we were so excited for the morning

  78. We live in the same neighborhood that my mom grew up in, and every Christmas morning since she was little, the local fire department drives Santa around on it’s fire engine and passes out candy canes. We open presents while keeping our ears tuned for the first sounds of the truck coming our way. Three generations of us together, sharing the same awesome tradition.

    Thanks for the giveaway. Your first book is a favorite of mine!

  79. My favorite holiday tradition is having a cookie exchange with the ladie in my family. It’s so fun to get together before the madness and just hang out.

  80. Each year I cut out and paint wood Christmas ornaments for each of my four adult children and one for myself. These are pretty detailed with different themes of Santa or snowmen and at least every third year a Christ inspired theme. On the back I list the highlights from the year of that families life and important events: new job, starting school, Baptism, achievments and the like. The ornaments are dated and become a journal for the family that can be enjoyed each year as the tree is decorated..

  81. My favorite tradition is having a Nazarene Supper on Christmas Eve. We all dress up like the people from Jesus Christ’s time and eat a candlelight dinner of fish, fruit and vegetables, nuts, cheese, bread sticks, and dried fruit. We then act out the Christmas story and have angel food cake for dessert to celebrate baby Jesus’ birthday. I’ve done it since I was little and have continued doing it with my family!

  82. On the morning of someone’s birthday, we play Disney’s “Happy Birthday to You!” song really loud – to make sure everyone in the whole house remembers whose birthday it is. Birthdays are personal holidays, right?

  83. My favorite is every year since the first year my husband and I were married (8 1/2 years), we have a nice candle light dinner on November 1st and start listening to Christmas music…it is a way to welcome the holidays.

  84. I love the magic of Christmas – I love the true meaning behind the season too! My family likes to to have an activity every day during December leading up to Christmas. It’s such a great bonding and special time!

  85. I love Christmas Eve dinner. We prepare foods that people during Christ’s time may have eaten. Since we have some picky eaters this tradition is loosely translated, but the idea is very special in our home.

  86. I’m an April baby so we always celebrated Easter (my favorite holiday) along with my and my grandmother’s birthdays. It was fun to have everyone together!

  87. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around the city on Christmas Eve, looking at all the lights. Everyone in pajamas, and coming home for some hot chocolate and then straight to bed.

  88. One of my favorite holiday traditions is on birthdays! We do something called the ‘special plate’. Whoever’s birthday it is gets their favorite meal and eats with the special plate (my mom went and got us our own special plate- it is just different than the rest :)). Once we are done eating we all go around the table and say one thing we love about the birthday person! I love it and will have it with my own kids!! πŸ™‚

  89. My favorite is leaving our shoes out when we were kids and getting candy or a small toy from the elves if we were good πŸ™‚

  90. Your new cookbook comes out on my birthday–guess what’s on my list? For birthdays we always blow the candles out twice, the second time so all the kids get to join in on the fun!

  91. I love seeing all of the lights in the neighborhoods during Christmas and I also love seeing a gorgeous turkey cooked before it’s cut up. Can you believe I’d never seen a fully cooked turkey before it was cut before I got married? Yeah my mom always cut it up before she cooked it for some reason… Haha

  92. My daughter and I make and decorate cut-out sugar cookies every Halloween. One gets her name and year and she gets to eat it the day of trick-or-treating. Love the fall!

  93. My favorite traditions are any that involve spending time with family. Or maybe I’m just sentimental since this year well be the first time I won’t be with my family since I’ll be a state away having a baby… I guess the hubby and I will need to start some new traditions of our own!

  94. The whole family comes to my house for Thanksgiving and it makes for my favorite day of the year! Everyone contributes to the meal and we fill the house with games and songs and love and laughter. The best ever!

  95. Nothing beats Christmas! Cozy cute winter clothes, an excuse to eat the best fatty foods, lots of guests and of course, presents galore! Love it!

  96. We have a candlelight dinner as a family on Valentines Day. That’s pretty ordinary, but my favorite part is when my kids refer to it as our spooky dinner. (Because, you know, that’s totally the vibe we’re going for on Valentines!)

  97. I don’t know if it’s a certain tradition I love, I just love the feeling we get around the holiday times! Yay for giveaways!

  98. My favorite childhood holiday tradition is my dad making Christmas morning breakfast for our family. Loved it! In our pj’s, with new toys, and our whole family enjoying a happy breakfast!

  99. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We adopted our son right around then. The first time we got to see him was on Thanksgiving day. We took him home the next day. And he LOVES Thanksgiving! Pumpkin pie is his favorite. My favorite tradition for that holiday is counting our blessings, and we always count him first!

  100. Thanksgiving…homemade EVERYTHING! From the pie to the bird to the rolls, I love having all of my favorite recipes and sharing a meal with my favorite people.

  101. Oh favorite holiday tradition….how to choose….it’s between sprinkling reindeer food on Christmas Eve and reading Twas the Night Before Christmas and trick or treating with the family and having a big bowl of chili afterwards!

  102. Growing up my mom would wrap our bedrooms with toilet paper while we were asleep on our b’days. Was always fun to wake up to:)

  103. My favorite holiday is Christmas, and my favorite Christmas tradition that we had growing up was that all 6 of us kids would camp out in one bedroom on Christmas Eve. We stayed up late together and woke up early together, and waited and waited and waited together for our parents to finally be ready to let us out to rush into the living room. I’m excited for my little ones to get a little older so that they can all enjoy a Christmas Eve sleepover too! =)

  104. My dad’s family is Polish, and every year we get together on Christmas Eve to have a typical Christmas dinner plus homemade pierogies, kielbasa, and sauerkraut. I’ve always loved celebrating our heritage this way πŸ™‚

  105. We’ve been doing an advent calendar with scriptures every evening for the month of December the last couple years and that’s been really special.

  106. I LOVE Christmas and after opening gifts in the morning we eat my mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls and quiche – AMAZING!

  107. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve stories. When my husband and I got married, our grandparents gave us a pretty binder with their favorite Christmas stories. Then, they have sent us more stories each year for Christmas. We love seeing our collection of stories grow and we LOVE getting together and reading our favorite ones!

  108. How cool your book will be available across the country!

    My favorite tradition is my mom’s thanksgiving sweet potatos. Mashed with lots of butter, brown sugar, walnuts and marshmallows. It just makes me feel like home!

  109. My favorite Holiday tradition is helping my sons make presents for their cousins for Christmas. I love the handmade tradition. πŸ™‚

    I have your first cookbook and I definitely need this one! Wooohoo!

  110. My favorite Christmas tradition is the Stephan family gingerbread house contest. We each get to decorate a gingerbread house and their are prizes given out at the end!!!

  111. I love christmas mornings with my kids and grandkids. Everyone comes over to open presents and stockings. So fun to watch them

  112. My husband proposed to me on Presidents’ Day, and we celebrated by baking a blueberry pie. Years later, we still have a pie for Presidents’ Day, and other minor holidays as well!

  113. My favorite holiday tradition is receiving pajamas as a Christmas Eve gift and then wearing them on Christmas morning!

  114. Hmmm, how do I choose just one…on Easter we roll colored eggs down a big hill. That is one of our favorites (although we love them all)!

  115. I love the ceremonial passing out of the presents on Christmas morning and the opening of gifts one by one so everyone can ooh and ahh appropriately πŸ˜€

  116. Fish Tacos for Christmas Eve…my favorite holiday tradition! A lot of my kids friends love our fish tacos…so we always have a good crowd!

  117. our favorite tradition is a Christmas one – on Christmas Eve before bedtime I read The Night Before Christmas to my children (who are now 18 and 16) and then they put a thumb print inside the front cover and we write in the date and where we are spending Christmas that year. If we are spending Christmas away from home, the book is one thing I have to be sure goes in my suitcase. It’s fun to look back and remember which years we spent in which home, or with grandparents.
    Can’t wait for the new book and new recipes for my family to enjoy.

  118. My favorite holiday tradition(s)is what my girls call our Christmas Tradition. It includes seeing the lighted walk-through displays at two nearby parks, making our Christmas cards and gifts for teachers and friends and doesn’t end until NYE when we have our appetizers for dinner party and watch movies until time to turn on the TV and watch the ball drop. They consider everything we do from Thanksgiving to New Years ‘our tradition’ and if we ever miss one part they have to find some way to make it up.

  119. My favorite holiday tradition is trading candy with friends/siblings after a long night of trick-or-treating…but since I’m a little too old for that now I’d have to go with decorating the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music!

  120. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. For me it is just the food, family and fun! My mom would always make my grandma’s pie called an Egg Nog Pie which is to die for and we would only have it at Thanksgiving.

  121. My favorite Christmas tradition is to read Christmas stories and drink hot chocolate (and some nights have cookies) every night in December.

  122. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving dinner in some location for about 15 years (I’m 36). This will be the first year where a few of my family members are traveling to my home to have Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more excited to start this new tradition.

  123. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas gifts. I enjoy shopping for the perfect gift for everyone and then exchanging them. It’s so much fun watching them open the gift.

  124. Last year I made a “Thanksgiving tree” out of craft paper and everyone wrote what they were thankful for on colored leaves and filled up the tree. Such a great visual of all our blessings!

  125. My favorite holiday tradition is on Memorial day we drive down the back roads and collect wildflowers to decorate our loved ones graves. Afterwards we eat brunch at the local restaurant. The drive to pick flowers and the brunch afterwards are always filled with stories about those who’ve passed before us.

  126. My entire family gets together every other year in McCall ID for Christmas for cross country skiing, sledding, and general fun. The night before Christmas, we spread a blanket out on the floor and tell the Christmas Story (complete with costumes & singing), eat a Shepherd’s dinner (flatbread, meats, cheeses, dried fruits), and then everyone opens 1 gift. It helps us remember why “we” celebrate the holiday.

  127. My favorite holiday tradition is that every Christmas Eve we make Santa cookies and while they are cooling we all hop in the car and drive around to look at the Christmas lights. (We recently added tracking Santa on Norad too!) :0)

  128. 4th of July is my favorite- I love the BBQ’s, homemade strawberry ice cream, parades, fireworks… aw, sad it ‘s over!

  129. My favorite Holiday is the 4th of July because there are always cute and creative food ideas! This year, I made your red, white, and blue jell-o. It was a hit!

  130. My favorite holiday tradition is fondue on Christmas Eve. Since I am married I only get to have it every other year now because my husband’s family has Christmas Eve traditions also. I prefer the fondue though.

  131. We always have pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve… a GIANT pizza from a local place that is the size of our dinner table! And of course, fabulous homemade desserts. πŸ™‚

  132. It was getting baskin robbins ice cream and driving to the next little town to look at Christmas lights (we’ve done this for the last 5 years of our 6 year marriage), but we’ve moved to TINY (we’re talking like 500 people) town WY and will have to start a new tradition!

  133. Fourth of July! We dress up in red, white, and blue and visit the capital, eat lots of good food, and have a family&friends softball game. It’s great fun. Life is Good πŸ™‚

  134. One of my favorite holiday traditions is touring the neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. The large displays are great, but we make a special outing to check out neighborhoods that really do it up right. We grab cookies and hot chocolate and poke along, pointing out our favorite houses. It is one of my favorite nights of the year.

  135. I love the 4th of July in Provo. It starts with the freedom run, hot air balloons, parade, BBQ, fireworks! What could be better?!

  136. I think one of my favorite things to do (and it’s only become a tradition during the last few years) is have a family Christmas party several days before Christmas. The whole extended family comes and we play Minute-to-Win-It games and eat lots of yummy food. Even the smallest children can participate and they love watching thier parents compete in the games too!

  137. My favorite holiday tradition is when my Dad would use his missionary flip charts to re-tell the Easter story. We’d all gather on Mom and Dad’s bed Easter morning and have this quiet time before the chaos of the egg hunt and ensuing sugar highs.

  138. My favorite holiday tradition is our Family Winter Gathering anywhere between Thanksgiving and New Years. The date is picked by the host/hostess of the year. We all bring a favorite finger food we have found that year. So I will be gleaning your site and others to find exactly what i want to take this year. It is the only time that our entire extended family meets together throughout the year.

  139. My favorite holiday tradition is our Christmas advent calendars. We have multiple versions, from a felt tree with ornaments, number blocks, and chocolate. I try to do the same things with my kids that I did growing up.

  140. Our Italian Easter feast is my fave – our family makes my great grandmother’s recipe for ravioli every year. The tradition goes back over 40 years.

  141. My favorite holiday tradition centers around homemade gifts from the kitchen. I am the family baker, so I’m always getting requests for old favorites as soon as November rolls around and continuing through the holidays. I also like to try my hand at new goodies, too. Last holiday season I made salted caramels for the first time and they went over so well that I had family members coaching others on the best way to eat them in order to get the maximum enjoyment. I still had people inquiring well into February abot any I may have stashed away and now, in August, reminding me to make them again this year!

  142. I love our family’s tradition of a big breakfast after opening presents on Christmas morning. My family is all spread out across the West and so we still do it via skype. It’s pretty hilarious.

  143. My favorite holiday tradition as a child my parents would fill our stockings and hide them for us to find. They always hid them in the most creative places! These days it’s just me and my husband, but we will still uphold this tradition by hiding eachother’s stockings.

  144. Sadly, we don’t really have any “traditions”. The ones we did have slowly gone aside as my parents divorced 2 years ago after 40 years together and my mother in law passed away last winter. This year my father in law doesn’t want Christmas at his house and it’s been there forever. So, we are going to start new ones this year. Lots of GREAT ideas here!

  145. I feel like we are still getting into the grove of our own little family traditions. But so far, my favorite christmas tradition is walking around the corner, by the American Museum of Natural History, picking out a little tree (that will fit in our little NYC apartment) and having the kids carry it home (with a lot of help from us). It has surprised me how much I love this very urban tradition since, in my heart, I feel like a very rural sort of gal.

  146. I love to bake Christmas goodies every year way before Christmas that involves all the warm spices such as cloves, ginger, oranges, cinnamon etc. I only make these goodies for Christmas and one of the favorite things I love Christmas morning is setting the table with a bright red tablecloth and making a warm rice pudding that I serve with cinnamon sugar.

  147. Something definitely at Christmas time, probably opening up a present on Christmas Eve with our house lit only by candlelight!

  148. One of my favorite traditions comes from my husband’s family. They have a simple dinner of bread, cheese, and peaches on Christmas Eve. This year, I added honey and home made French bread.

  149. my favorite holiday tradition is to make a home cooked meal with my family and then to gatherer together to watch a movie on new year’s eve. we have been doing this ever since i was in elementary school, and i can’t imagine a new year’s eve without it.

  150. My favorite holiday at Christmas is to have Santa hide th stockings and we all have to find them before anyone can open them.

  151. I love all Christmas traditions. Especially making Christmas cookies! My daughter was old enough to help this year, soo fun! πŸ™‚

  152. My favorite holiday tradition is the hidden pickle at Christmas time. We did it as kids and now I love to see my kids and niece hunting for the pickle for a silver dollar from Grandpa and the right to pick the first present!

  153. Our favorite holiday tradition is having Donuts by our Fire Pit on Halloween Night. We invite all our neighbors to come around back and visit and eat donuts!

  154. I love holiday traditions! One of my favorites is the traditional German meal that my mom makes on Christmas eve. We then read the Christmas story and sing carols. Love spending time with my family!

  155. All the girls get to stay home from school/work and make homemade candy at the beginning of december to give away for christmas!

  156. I never realized how much I treasured my family’s odd little Christmas traditions and how dang many of them we had until I spent my first Christmas with my boyfriend’s family! We always do Christmas the same every year and my top favorite traditions have to be having Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner, my dad reading the story of Christ from the bible before we go to bed, and something special and fancy for Christmas morning breakfast!

  157. I would love the book! My favorite holiday tradition is driving around at Christmas time and looking at all the lights with my son, also sharing The Lord’s Supper at home on Christmas Day!

  158. My favorite holiday is valentines day. I love writing little notes to my kids and husband…letting them know different reasons why I love then.

  159. My favorite holiday tradition is called our Fall Favorites Basket Swap Party. Everyone brings a basket filled with things that mean the most to them in the fall season. Then we put each in a trash bag so no one can see which is which and then we do the white elephant exchange rotation where you can choose one blind from the table or steal someone else’s. In the end, every one goes home with a basket filled with someone else’s favorites that might end up becoming one of their new favorites too. I love it!

  160. One of my favorite holiday traditions is “cookie day” around Christmas time where the kids all get to decorate gingerbread and sugar cookies. My mom did it with us and friends since I was a little girl, and now all 5 of us girls do it with our kids and friends. πŸ™‚

  161. My favorite tradition is sitting with my husband Christmas Eve (usually very early in the morning Christmas Day) looking at the tree with all the gifts wrapped and stockings filled, eating cookies and talking about our blessings.

  162. My favorite holiday tradition is Thanksgiving dinner with my family and all the kids playing and just hanging out together.
    I can’t wait to see your new cookbook – I LOVE the first one!

  163. My favorite holiday tradition is seeing the lights at Temple Square and reading A Moose in the Hoose with the family. It’s a book that has been out of print basically since it was first printed, but my family loves it.

  164. My favorite holiday tradition is making pies on the morning of Thanksgiving with my sister, while watching Christmas movies.

  165. We always had Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner. When I married my husband, I found out he had the same crazy tradition! We must have been made for each other..

  166. My favorite tradition is having pizza, salad and soda for dinner and Christmas sugar cookies and egg not for dessert on Christmas Eve.

  167. My favorite holiday tradition is delivering Christmas cookies to all of our neighbors on Christmas Eve! it’s always fun to see the smile on their faces and to wish them a Merry Christmas.

  168. One of my favorite traditions is every year for Christmas my family gets Cokes in the glass bottles and makes sure that they are ice cold and then we drink them while opening presents.

  169. This didn’t start until my siblings & I were all older – and now carries on into my family with my children – but we don’t open presents on Christmas morning until we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. It just makes me laugh.

  170. On Christmas Eve my family always makes a big mexican dinner. After dinner we all get to open our Christmas pj’s and we read Christmas stories, drink hot apple cider or chocolate and then drive around town looking at all the lights in our jammies. I just love it because my girls are so little and everything is still so magical to them and it just reminds me how important and special family is!

  171. We don’t live near any family, so we have holiday meals with friends also not near their own families. We eat Indian at Easter and Chinese at Christmas. It’s a nice opportunity to catch up and relax during what are normally busy times.

  172. My favorite holiday tradition is that I make pecan sticky buns for the family on Valentine’s day. As the kids get older, they will be more involved in the process too. πŸ™‚

  173. I love the tradition of opening a gift on Christmas Eve. It was so exciting growing up, and now it’s so fun to watch my own kids get so excited to do the same thing. πŸ™‚

  174. Like so many people, I have MANY favorite holiday traditions. But one that my husband and I started on our own that I love is that he makes delicious homemade hot chocolate, and we quietly drink it together under the light of the Christmas tree with Christmas music playing in the background.

  175. One of my favorite holiday traditions is making our goodie plates to deliver at Christmas-time… The hubs makes the candy, I do the cookie baking and our son does the icing decorating. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the new cookbook!!

  176. My favorite holiday tradition is our Christmas Eve family get-together. We did this when I was a child and my husband and I have carried it on through our 41 years of marriage, in one form or another. We have four kids and 9, almost 10, darling grandchildren. We have a dinner where everyone brings one of our favorites (including sugar cookies decorated with your Best Bites glace icing!), then we have a program where any may share a talent, sing a lot of carols, then we finish up by having all the grandkids act out the Nativity story while grandpa reads it from the scriptures. Sometimes we even have a new baby to be the baby Jesus! It’s the best!

  177. Well with Halloween coming up, it’s on my mind, although I wouldn’t say this is THE favorite tradition cause I think I could pick just one…we make gourmet covered apples every fall around Halloween and they are so delicious.

  178. Favorite holiday tradition? We call it the annual Hosford walk out. That special moment when someone in the family gets upset enough and tired of being surrounded by family that they storm out of the house in tears. We even place bets on who it will be each year! πŸ˜‰

  179. For Valentine’s Day, I made heart shaped sugar cookies and write our names on them. The kids love that they each have their own special cookie!

  180. My grandma has made an egg custard dish (with leaks) every year since I can remember for brunch on Christmas. It’s my favorite tradition. I LOVE it and I have to have it every year for it to really feel like Christmas…this year I will be at my own home for Christmas for the first time ever and it was the first thing I thought of that I needed to make sure I remembered to make.

  181. My favorite holiday tradition is baking homemade pies & rolls and cooking big dinners for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  182. On Christmas Eve everyone in the family gets to pick one thing to eat for dinner. I love the things that the kids come up with. I always know when they really like something because they say, “I’m going to pick this for Christmas Eve.”

  183. This is so hard to choose one. . I’m anxious already that the leaves are changing and the weather isn’t crisp yet. . Fall is my favorite. And my great grandma’s pumpkin pie!

  184. I love to open Christmas pj’s on the night before Christmas as a tradition. Can’t wait for your new book to come out!

  185. I discovered your website recently, and love it! So many great recipes! The first recipe I tried was your homemade fruit roll ups, yum!
    I admire both of you ladies, your story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and blessing the lives of other women πŸ™‚

  186. I love all holidays that our family gathers together. We have a ball, eat way too much, and don’t sleep enough. Makes for the best holiday celebrations. I love the prep that goes into Thanksgiving dinner, the Christmas carols around the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, the small-town Independence Day celebration, the caramel popcorn at the fireworks … I just love holidays.

  187. Our family’s favorite tradition is making fondue for dinner on Valentine’s Day and eating it by candlelight. It must be served with a bottle of sparkling cider of course!

  188. My favorite holiday tradition is to open a wrapped Christmas book each day in December counting down to Christmas eve. My kids LOVE it and look forward to it every year!

  189. Easter! The Saturday before Easter we always have a big family picnic, usually out on the desert somewhere. We hide tons of eggs and prizes for the kids to find and try everyone’s new favorite recipes!

  190. My favorite holiday is my birthday! Not that it’s on any special national day, but it’s special to me. And it just happens to be Nation Grouch Day, and I just happen to be a grouch.

  191. I love halloween! Everything about it. The costumes, the candy, the decorating… I dress up every year- that’s my favorite πŸ™‚

  192. Christmas Stockings! I have such fun shopping for months ahead to find little things, both practical and fun ( all very inexpensive and most are meaningful) to fill their stockings with.. Even my husband.

  193. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I think I love it becasue there is no presure for gifts and it is all alone in the middle of Summer the best time of year. I also love all the food and fun that goes along with the 4th and I’m so excited for your new cookbook. I can’t wait.

  194. I absolutely love looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve! It was a tradition in my family and has been continued by me and my husband!

  195. My favorite holiday tradition is our kids looking for the pickle on Christmas morming. There’s always an extra surprise for the one who finds the pickle!

  196. I COULD NOT LIVE without our three candy corns after Thanksgiving. We share three things each that we’re most thankful for, and it always makes that day extra meaningful. If I someday have to substitute the candy corn for something else, okay, but I couldn’t live without this tradition!

  197. when we have Thanksgiving dinner at my in-laws, we will grab the snowmobiles and sled into the woods to cut down our Christmas trees. The kids love

  198. Favorite Easter tradition is to go to church on Easter Sunday at 7 am and celebrate Christ’s Resurrection! πŸ™‚

  199. My absolute favorite holiday tradition is reading “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”. My mom read it to us a chapter a night before Christmas, and now I do the same for my little guy with my husband :D. Traditions are fantastic!

  200. I LOVE Halloween. My favorite Halloween tradition is home cooked chili before a night of trick-or-treating. I have also been doing a Halloween party for neices and nephews (and now my own kids) for the past 7 years! sO FUn!!

  201. That’s a hard one. I guess it’s the whole of Christmas Day. We do our special dinner the night before so it’s Mac n’ Cheese with hotdogs that night. We spend the entire day just hanging out, no chores, spending time as a family, and enjoying our gifts. I love the downtime!

  202. One of our favorite traditions at Christmas time is when my husband makes his family’s “secret” recipe candy. It is delicious. It takes hours to make but the kids look forward to it every year.

  203. My favorite and my kid’s favorite holiday tradition is at Easter. I hide the Easter baskets at night and leave a note with a clue on the fireplace. They have to work together to figure out the clue which leads them to another clue. After figuring out about 10 clues, the last one leads them to their hidden baskets. My oldest is 13 and he still loves this game. I need to start making them harder though, since they are getting older.

  204. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating for Halloween, and designing cute Halloween costumes. When I was little, I would start thinking about my Halloween costume in July. πŸ™‚ I am currently pregnant, and due October 27th, so this year I probably won’t have a Halloween party, but having my son’s birthday close to Halloween will be a great excuse in the future!

  205. one of my most favorite holiday traditions is going runner sledding with my family on Christmas Eve. Though the sledding was always fun, being together with my family was what I really cherished!

  206. My favorite holiday tradition is during Christmas time. My Mom and I bake TONS of cookies together every year. It is always a great time to try new recipes and spend time together!

  207. My favorite holiday tradition is opening presents oldest to youngest in our family. That way the little ones have to wait until grandparents have opened first- it is fun watching them wait patiently.

  208. My favorite thing about the holidays is watching my kids and how they react to certain traditions. Years ago I started making our Halloween dinner fun, making spider web tostadas, creepy crawler pudding cups, and witch’s brew punch.

  209. My favorite holiday tradition is watching The Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate before Christmas! Close second is carving pumpkins for Halloween πŸ™‚

  210. My favorite holiday tradition is making tamales at Christmas time. I’ve been doing it since I was 6, ever since I could spread masa on a corn husk; it’s been my favorite. One year while we lived in Oklahoma, away from family, I invited a friend over to help me keep my tradition. I totally cried but the tamales were so good.

  211. I love holidays when we get to have a big family feast. All of the yummy food around Thanksgiving and Christmas is excellent.

  212. For Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) it is making all the pies the day (or 2) before Thurs. We have as many pies as people typically…last year we had 31 people and 24 pies (and 10 of the people were toddlers). πŸ™‚
    For Christmas- on Christmas Eve we do chocolate fondue- have done it with my family growing up and now I am continuing the tradition with my little ones!

  213. My favorite holiday tradition is watching the fireworks during the Fourth of July weekend with my family- it’s extra special because the Fourth of July is my birthday!

  214. Favorite holiday tradition = homemade cinnamon or orange rolls on Christmas morning! Yum! πŸ™‚

    I would love to win your new cookbook (or your previous one!)

  215. Thanksgiving is my favorite…more relaxed than some of the others. It is a good day to spend time with family having a delicious, memorable meal!

  216. New pjs on Christmas Eve and roasting marshmallows/ campfire/s’mores on my birthday weekend in September! Looking forward to the new cookbook. Looks amazing!!

  217. Oyr family always gathers on Christmas Eve and watched The Polar Express on while eating homemade Christmas goodies and drinking hot chocolate.

  218. My favorite holiday tradition–Oh how do I choose which one?–We take a family picture of us sitting in front of our nicely decorated tree in the living room. The kids have a tree they decorate with their homemade ornaments in the family room and then they help decorate the living room tree with the ornaments we have purchased for the kids each year (1 per child), also ornaments from our travels, old family ornaments, etc. We send the picture as a homemade Christmas card to friends and relatives and also an 8×10 to grandparents and make one to hang on our wall. It is fun to look back at how the kids have changed through the years.–Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  219. We have so many wonderful Christmas traditions, but one of my favorite holiday traditions is my whole extended family gathering at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Everyone brings their specialty, but my mom does most of the cooking and it is AMAZING every year. With no pressure for gifts or any other holiday expectations, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time every year with wonderful family, yummy food, and the opportunity to reflect on all the many blessings we have in our lives.

  220. i love thanksgiving. My favorite is the Turkey. I love being in charge of the stuffing, the turkey itself, the basting and of course the gravy! YUMMY!!! only 3 more months. Plus who doesn’t love Black Friday!?! lol.

  221. Thanksgiving and Christmas. The whole family congregates from all over the country and we cook together, laugh together, and make wonderful memories that we will all share forever.

  222. I love Halloween because after it is over, then it is almost time for Thanksgiving and Christmas! My favorite family tradition was waking up really early and hanging out upstairs with my siblings until my parents turned on the Christmas music and we could come down and open the folding doors to the living room where all of our gifts were waiting.

  223. My favorite Christmas tradition is sitting down on Christmas Eve and listen to my dad parents tell the Birth of our Savior that is found in Luke. They have recorded it on cassasett tape since they have passed away many years ago!! Very touching never can go one Christmas without crying!!

  224. My favorite Holiday tradition is getting a book from “baby new year”. When I was growing up, we’d wake up on New Year’s day to a brand new book from baby new year. It was a great way to start the new year. I plan on carrying on this tradition with my own children.

  225. Christmas time is the BEST! My mom makes AMAZING homemade chocolates of every kind! The grand kids love the “chocolate room” at Grammy’s! But the best part is taking plates of chocolates to the neighbors and caroling in 4 part harmony as a family!

  226. My favorite holiday tradition opening stockings on Christmas Eve after getting back from mass. It is like a mini preview to what is to come. Plus it makes everyone very well behaved while we are at church πŸ™‚

  227. The night before school starts…family dinner, pick a word for the year, and have a cake to celebrate the new school year. The kids love this tradition–and so do I!!

  228. I think my fave is New Year’s Eve… having friends over for an appetizers only feast and playing games in front of a warm fire. What could be better than friends – family – and great food!

  229. My favorite holiday tradition is walking down our town’s main street on Christmas Eve. It’s usually deserted with the sidewalks full of snow but we pile on the snow gear and boots and go for a walk. My mom started this tradition many years ago and we still do it in her memory as she has since passed on.

  230. Favorite, FAVORITE holiday tradition is making Spudnuts with my mom at Christmas to take out to all her friends and family. They are delicious and I usually want to eat the ENTIRE batch, which is hundreds. Mmmmm!
    I also just bought your first cookbook and have used it almost every day! (Holy cow!) I need this one too. Don’t worry. If I don’t win, I’ll probably buy it. (At walmart, yay!) πŸ˜‰

  231. Oh our favorite holiday tradition is a new one I started a few years ago. Since my girls are adults now, it’s harder to buy Christmas presents for them so I decided to do “Christmas Boxes.” They each, plus my son-in-law, get a beautifully wrapped banker’s box and whatever fits in there is what they get. That helps me and it still makes it fun for them. I usually wrap the gifts inside just for fun. I did this the first year and then almost didn’t do it the second year but they all loved it so much that they wanted to make it a tradition. Go me! I actually started a cool tradition! Who knew?

  232. Christmas of course because of the celebration of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our daughter now 15 absolutely loves our tradition of homemade cinnamon rolls. She knows it’s time to wake up and come down stairs when she smells mom’s famous sweet treats. We all come together and enjoy a BIG hot roll and a glass of OJ. What could be more special. She has told me that it just doesn’t smell like Christmas until she smells the cinnamon.

  233. Favorite holiday tradition is Thanksgiving cooking in the kitchen. My mom and all my sisters and I spend the day in the kitchen baking and stirring and mixing and cutting and whipping up yumminess while talking and laughing and tasting and enjoying each others company as we prepare the feast! πŸ™‚ Thanks! You guys are awesome!

  234. My favorite Christmas tradition is putting up the tree with the whole family. I also love going for a card ride and looking at all the Christmas lights. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  235. My favorite christmas day tradition is eating at my in-laws and wathing movies all day with my husband and a cup of hot chocolate. Cant wait!

  236. My favorite holiday tradition is anything that has to do with Christmas. We still spend Christmas morning with my parents, even though I am long out of the house and have kids of my own. We all wake up early (well, everyone wakes up early because I wake them up!), we have coffee in our pajamas and make fun of my Dad for how long he takes to open gifts. Love.

  237. I just love Thanksgiving – the prep, the houseful of people, the feast, the leftovers, the naps, the board games… just a wonderful family time.

  238. Thanksgiving – remove the top and bottom from a can of cranberry jelly. Cut the cylinder of jelly into slices, then use a turkey cookie cutter to make cranberry sauce turkeys, just like my mom used to do.

  239. I love invited someone older without lots of family around to share Christmas Eve with us. It helps us pay attention to others and not just ourselves. Perfect thing for the night before Christmas!

  240. Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family. My mom bakes 14 different kinds of pie. She would love a copy of your new cookbook.

  241. My favorite Holiday tradition is sorting Halloween candy, at the end of the night everyone dumps their bags, organizes into types and trades favorites.

  242. My favorite holiday for cooking is Christmas and sharing plates (trays) of homemade goodies with friends and family. It is a hectic time of year but we have our “required” homemade treats to enjoy throughout the holidays. I would love, love to win your cookbook. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes you share!

  243. Oops! Forgot to mention my favorite tradition. That would be anything to do with Christmas. Especially having Christmas family dinner {all dressed up and fancy} on Christmas Eve…making it memorable and special…..but then more casual and relaxed and full of service on the actual day of Christ’s birthday…..reminding us of his humble birth and beginnings.

  244. My favorite holiday tradition (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s) is preparing and enjoying dinner with family and friends.

  245. i love memorial day, we always do some kind of bbq, and i know that in a few weeks summer vacation is right around the corner!!!

  246. Oh, wow, I can’t wait to see your new cookbook! How exciting. My mom is the absolute queen of pies and her pumpkin and apple are fixtures at every Thanksgiving. I always save room for a piece of both. Mmm.

  247. My favorite holiday tradition began before I was born. My parents wanted a religious way for thier children to understand the meaning of Christmas without it becoming a commercial free for all. On Christmas norning when we were kids we would have birthday cake first thing in the morning blowing out the candles and singing happy birthday to baby Jesus. My mom told us we gave gifts to one another because Jesus was in our hearts and this was His day. In this way the holiday was never primarily focused on what we wanted for Christmas, we understood that the day was about the birth of Jesus. All of my friends that learned of this tradition in our house now use it with their kids too.

  248. My birthday is the day after Christmas so I have always loved the Christmas season! Especially the tradition of making Christmas sugar cookies and any other sweet treat! πŸ™‚

  249. I love decorating our traditional CHristmas cookie with family and friends. I’ve been doing this for over 40 yrs and use a very old German recipe for the cookies..they have just a hint of lemon…and get better the longer they sit! Yum! My mom started the tradition; I continued it with my kids and now my grandchildren! (My DILs don’t use my cookie recipe…sad…they prefer a simpler sugar cookie.

  250. My favorite holiday tradition is making cookies with my mom and sister, then having a cookie exchange with all the girls input extended family!!!

  251. My favorite Christmas Eve tradition is watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” with my family. Since this is done after an evening spent with extended family, it’s a little difficult to stay awake for it. We always try though.

  252. My favorite Holiday tradition is baking things for friends with my Mom and Grandma for friends for Christmas.

  253. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Cooking Day with my best friend. We spend a day making every treat we love or have been wanting to try, then give away plates to our neighbors. So fun!

    1. Oh…my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving…all the fun of Christmas without the pressure of giving and receiving presents. I love cooking a healthy, tasty spread for Thanksgiving and having friends and family over.

  254. Growing up, my family always picked out their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve or a few days earlier. It was so fun and exciting all going out together to choose our own tree. And we’d also put out one nativity figurine each day of Advent and on Christmas morning, we’d put Baby Jesus in His manger. We’ve also gone to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and that was incredibly beautiful. Now that my husband and I have 2 very young sons of our own, I look forward to coming up with some Christmas traditions of our own. πŸ™‚

  255. My favorite Christmas tradition involves food (of course!). We have a special apple salad that we typically make only for Thanksgiving and Christmas because that’s when the big red “seeded” grapes were available. We’ve made it other times, but it’s just not the same.

  256. My favorite tradition would be what we do on christmas eve. We decorate cookies for santa and read the Night Before Christmas, then we open 1 presents each. Kids LOVE it!

  257. My mom didn’t cook much while I was growing up, but I knew I could always count on homemade chili and breadsticks on Halloween. I still look forward to it every year and I’m 28!

  258. My favorite tradition is baking our Sausage Souffle while we open stockings then taking a break to eat all together before we hit the big presents! This is a tradition first started by my in-laws and it just works so well! Can’t wait to see the new cookbook to add some fun new recipes to our holidays!

  259. My favorite holiday tradition is watching my kids break a pinata filled with yummy candy, eating Panda express for dinner with fortune cookies, making a funny family movie and having fireworks all on New Years Eve!

  260. I love our family time on Christmas Eve. Our children get new pajamas and we have a delicious family dinner and settle before the fire as Daddy reads the bible to us all and we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

  261. One year we ended up having Lobster instead of Turkey on Thanksgiving. Since then it’s kind of become a joke tradition. We call it Lobstergiving. πŸ˜‰ Last year for Thanksgiving we went to the beach for a week. I wish that could become a tradition, but I don’t think I’m so lucky!

  262. My favorite holiday tradition is celebrating Advent with my family. We read part of the Christmas story each Sunday leading up to Christmas, light candles, sing songs, and enjoy the lights on the Christmas tree! LOVE IT!!!!

  263. This is easy- my mom makes lasagna with her out of this world meatballs. She will be 90 this October and even though I have her recipe, my meatballs and sauce are not as good as hers. She finally has stopped asking me if I want something different. I’ve told her, if I had to choose a last meal, this would be it.

  264. My favorite holiday tradition is the amazing brunch we have on Christmas morning. My sister, mom and I collaborate on the best recipes and come up with a wonderful spread that we look forward to almost as much as opening presents!

  265. Sorry, actually 2 favorite holiday traditions: we always,ALWAYS, go to Austin, TX to watch the fireworks on the river every July 4th. AND I always like to make pralines for Christmas gift giving.

  266. I love to dye easter eggs with my little girl and sweet niece and nephew.. then the hunt of course! It’s such a fun time to be a kid again!! Thanks for the giveaway! I pretty much exclusively cook your recipes now so this would be awesome to have in print!

  267. One of my favorite family traditions is at Christmas. We travel to the mountains in our area and go to a Christmas tree farm and pick our tree. We make a day of it. thanks for a chance to win your book. I love the cookbook I already have of yours.

  268. We put flour on our doorstep every year for Easter. The bunny always manages to step in it on his way in our house to hide Easter baskets. Our kids love following the footprints to find their baskets!

  269. One of my favorite holiday traditions is going around the table before Thanksgiving dinner and saying what each person is thankful for.

  270. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking cookies & candies for the neighbors. I love trying out new recipes. πŸ™‚

  271. My favorite tradition is “ewwwing and ahhhhhing” with my family (aka driving around and looking at Christmas lights) after Christmas Eve church service!

  272. I love our Christmas Eve party at my grandparents’ house each year. We play the same games, Santa makes an appearance, and everyone is in good spirits! Then we all gather back up the next morning to celebrate Christmas Day!

  273. It’s a toss-up. I love Thanksgiving because that’s the time I make my fabu pumpkin pie and my hubby’s favorite peach pie, all from scratch. The turkey and stuffing are secondary. πŸ˜‰ I also love the Christmas food traditions! We do a cookie ‘buffet’ at church after Christmas eve service, and thus starts the carb/sugar fest of the holiday. Usually plan a big breakfast with baked french toast, or make cinnamon monkey bread to snack on while opening gifts, then having some sort of heavy breakfast, and hang out in the PJ’s all day watching movies or playing video games.

  274. My favorite “holiday” tradition is having a Kentucky Derby party every year. We live in Florida in the winter and Indiana in the spring, summer, and fall. It’s the only party we have while we’re in Indiana. I LOVE cookbooks and I would really like to have yours.

  275. My favorite tradition is spending time with the family on any occasion. I love to see the grandchildren. Food is always a part of most gatherings.

  276. Christmas Eve our whole family that is close enough gets together at my house (about 15 of us) to have dinner and then after the dishes are done , we exchange gifts and open them. Then Christmas morning Santa comes to each house leaving more presents.

  277. My favorite holiday tradition is after a yummy Christmas eve dinner and after all the kiddos are wearing their new jammies, loading up the entire family (including aunts, uncles, & cousins) to drive around to look at Christmas lights. Each family has Christmas cookies and a thermos of hot cocoa to enjoy on the ride. So much fun!

  278. Our favorite family tradition is to open up new pajamas on Christmas Eve…and if the kids are really good, maybe another present too! πŸ™‚

  279. IF I happen to win will you please sign the book? I have so much fun in December hiding the “Elf on the Shelf” every night before I go to bed. My grandson 1st thing in the morning searches until he finds him then we can have breakfast…
    Thanks for your blog it has been great to receive every day.

  280. My favorite holiday is Christmas because it’s when I get to spend the most time with family! However my favorite holiday tradition is for sure at Halloween! My cute grandma goes all out and decorates her home and we have a huge party! Everyone dresses up and we have a couple of competitions: one for best costume and another for best/ creepiest party food! SUCH good times with the fam!

  281. My favorite holiday tradition is at Christmas. I have gherkin ornaments, and on christmas day when the kids come over (when they were little, it was before they got up), I hide the ornament in the tree. The first one to find it gets a special gift. It usually is a new ornament to add to their collection. I love doing this and so do they. It is a Bavarian Christmas tradition.

  282. For sure a book would be much better to have rather than saving every email with those marvelous recipes.
    Best tradition for our family at Chanukah and Xmas is to make our prime rib with all the fixings and having the family share it.

  283. I enjoy Halloween because it’s not too busy with traveling, I like to make yummy cookies with my boys, and I LOVE all the different colors of leaves on the trees.

  284. My favorite holiday tradition is a morning devotional we have for Easter. We have a simple, yummy breakfast (like cinnamon bread from a bread machine) and we read and talk about the resurrection. It’s wonderful, simple, and starts the day out with the right spirit. It also makes sure that we’ve talked about and focused on the true meaning of Easter, in the midst of all the other Easter activities.

  285. ON my birthday, we normaly go to the country fair for the day. my wife checks out the latest in crafting, my son checks out the latest in rocks and gems. My other son looks around for good deals, and I check out the wood crafters. We go to the concert and watch the fireworks. Its a full day that is looked forward to each year.

  286. My favorite holiday tradition is that my hubby takes the whole family out for dinner on Christmas Eve. As it’s such a busy day (and night – HO HO HO) he does it so that I don’t have to think about what to cook and there is no messy kitchen for me to have to deal with.

  287. My family always did 12 days of Christmas for a family at our church. It basically involved sneaking up to someone’s door and dropping off presents and then hiding and watching the family (especially the little kids) go crazy and wonder who had left it! It was always fun to come up with the little tags on each package and make them fit the 12 days song!

  288. I love anytime in the fall! I love watching the leaves change and the chill in the air. Nothing taste better than a nice crisp freshly picked apple.

  289. My favorite holiday tradition is anything I can do with my kids at Christmas time…baking cookies, making gingerbread houses, looking for the elf, annual holiday brunch, decorating the tree, Christmas hayride, and introducing them to all the old Christmas shows on TV that I used to watch when I was growing up.

  290. My favorite is our advent calendar tradition–we have an activity that we do each day–sometimes something fun for the kids, sometimes something to serve others. Always great memories!

  291. Growing up, my parents always did a fun back to school “party” in our ward:a corn feed. Basically all you can eat corn on the cob and had sides as potluck. I am starting this tradition myself this year and hope it turns out as successful as theirs!

  292. One of my favorite holiday traditions is wrapping up our Christmas books and opening one every day of December. My boy loves reading and it makes the books new and special each time, plus it’s fun to open a present every day! Oh, and we love making cookies for all our neighbors!

  293. My favorite holiday tradition is giving gifts to some of my needy students without them knowing where they came from. We would just say they were delivered to my room and I was asked hand them out. We would do it just before the end of the last day before Christmas vacation so that the other children weren’t aware that some children got gifts and they didn’t. The look on thier faces was priceless.

  294. Favorite holiday tradition? All of them! πŸ™‚
    Seriously though, my favorite is my dad’s turkey stuffing on Thanksgiving. He makes it the night before and it slow cooks in a low oven all day. Smells soooo good. When it is done cooking at like 11:00 pm the Wednesday before Thanksgiving he and I stand at the counter and eat little bowls of it for a late night snack. We eat all the little crunchy bits lol! I love sharing the tradition with my dad, and he makes the best stuffing ever!

  295. Watching “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas” every December 25th. Not only was it a gift from my sister but her birthday also happens to be December 25th.

  296. Hands down my favorite holiday tradition is making all the candy and baking treats at Christmas time! It just wouldn’t be Christmas without fudge, pepermint bark, frosted sugar cookie cut outs….. you get the idea!

  297. my favorite holiday tradition is waking up early christmas morning, and getting the kids in the car to head over to grandmas house… in pajamas and still with sleepy faces:)

  298. My in-laws have the best Christmas traditions and I love being part when we spend Christmas with them. We decorate a few hundred gingerbread men and either doorbell ditch or Christmas Carol to leave the cookies, a card, and sometimes other presents as well. They also do their own Christmas Jar full of change throughout the year and leave it for someone in need. I love being a part of those traditions!

  299. I love decorating the Christmas tree with my husband. When we picked out our first tree to bring it home, there was something so special about continuing this fun childhood tradition as a family of our own. We were a family of our own! Grownups! So fun. πŸ™‚

  300. I love Christmas! Lights, decorations, presents, parties, cold weather and snow. Mostly I love the food and the few things I make only during the Christmas season! Thanks for the giveaway. Love your first book and use it often. Can’t wait the the second! πŸ™‚

  301. My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas Eve when I gather my family, some now married and some still at home and we have a special Prime Rib dinner (better than I’ve ever tasted in any restaurant) by candlelight. We then go down by the Christmas tree, have a special Christ-centered devotional, which usually includes me reading a special new Christmas storybook and giving each family that Christmas book and an ornament that I’ve found or made to go with the book. We then give each other our gifts and open them with hugs from each other as we give to each other. This way, these special gifts don’t get lost in the fray of Christmas morning. Each of my kids love Christmas Eve much more than Christmas morning, as do my husband and I because of the feeling of love and warmth that is present.

  302. I love Christmas Eve reenactment of the nativity with my mom’s side of the family. It is a great time to get everyone together and remember the birth of our savior.

  303. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is our Christmas Eve whole fam damily gathering. My 6 sibs and I and all of our kids (all 29 of them) and my parents get together in my parents little tiny house, and eat and sing, and tell the Christmas Story from the Bible and eat Brunkager and rice pudding to see who will find the prize at the bottom of their cup… honor of my Danish Great-Grandmother. Mostly I just love being together with all my loved ones…it makes Christmas for me!

  304. My favorite holiday tradition is doing our advent calendar with Christmas books. The kids take turns picking out a Christmas books and unwrapping it. We read one each night and on Christmas Eve we read the story out of Luke 2. We wrap up the books at the end of Christmas the previous year so they are ready to go the next year.

  305. No holiday would be complete without the food! But my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I was born on that day. I know lucky for my mother! πŸ™‚ Because my birthday falls on or near Thanksgiving each year it is tradition for us to have the tree up by my birthday as a gift. See how I roll! And we always have to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and see the finale when Santa arrives ushering in the Christmas holiday.

  306. My favorite holiday used to be Halloween, but my new favorite holiday is now Christmas. I love the cookie baking, christmas tree decorating, getting together with family & friends over the month of December makes it one of the best times of the year.

  307. Easter Doughnuts!! Every year, we spend Holy Saturday making yeast doughnuts for our family of 60. Ok… maybe it’s only 30… but it’s a BOATLOAD of doughnuts. I’ve moved away, but I’ve still made doughnuts the past two years… I probably didn’t need to make a full batch for the 6 people who were at my house this year though…

  308. My favorite traditions are on Christmas eve and Christmas morning. We go out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant (my husband proposed there on Christmas eve many years ago) then home for dessert, leave cookies out for Santa and read Twas the Night Before Christmas. On Christmas morning we have a special breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls and quiche after we open presents, and then over to my parents house for a traditional turkey dinner.

  309. My favorite Christmas tradition (how to pick just one!) is making a Christmas Countdown with ideas that our family creates and then doing one each day. They are easy (Read a Christmas story) to creative (craft) to doing something for someone else (a “Ho-Ho-Go!” similar to “Boo”ing a neighbor). My kids love it and they get so excited to run down the stairs each day and discover that day’s activity!

  310. i think my favorite holiday tradition is hanging out with family on christmas eve. there’s something so magical and wonderful about christmas eve…

  311. Our Family does a “Simple White Envelope” we all give money to one family group each year that family decides how to use the money, they have given to charities or people in need,schools, clothing, every year is different and each family gets to choose and work together on it. On Christmas they open the White envelope and read to us what they have done, this is the gift we all share.

  312. My favorite tradition is (unfortunately) getting sick right before Christmas and watching my husband totally and completely step up to the plate to make sure our kids’ day is special. This has happened about 4 times in our 20 years together and I love him more every year.

  313. One of my favorite holiday traditions is making Christmas “stocking” for the men in our family out of socks. The take one sock and stuff it with it’s pair inside the sock. Then fill it with all the goodies as you would a normal stocking.

  314. Long time follower, 1st time commenter (I really want your cookbook!).
    2 fave traditions. 1. Family competition awarding whoever comes up with the best Halloween-themed food item at our annual family Halloween bash. 2. Being served our very own Cornish hens at Christmas eve dinner. πŸ™‚

  315. I would love your new cookbook! My favorite tradition is reading Christmas books with my kids. We have quite the collection and read multiple books every night in December.

  316. I love all holidays – I like Thanksgiving because there is no stress of dressing up, usually you get a bunch of days off of work and school, it’s colder outside, fall colors, visiting family and great food!

  317. My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. I love celebrating love, sounds cheezy I know. Each year I write my family a Valentine’s poem and highlight each child and my husband with their own little section of what they have been doing since last year. I always make it silly and funny, and sometimes clever (I must admit) and it is always looked forward to by everyone at our “pink” dinner that night. I have them all saved in a little book so we can see what each year has brought us (since I won’t scrapbook to save my life).

  318. When the grown kids come back home with the grandkids too and wake up Christmas morning all together!!! Fun times!

  319. Hmmmm… favorite holiday tradition…My favorite traditions is decorating our live Christmas tree, with John Denver going in the background, and homemade caramel popcorn.

  320. I love April Fools day…. Is that a holiday! πŸ™‚ I love to trick my kids with different food, like chicken pot pie that really is banana pudding with vegetables made from starburst, or a mashed potato and meatloaf cake. We all look forward to the dinner surprise every year! So fun!! I ordered 2 books for my daughter and daughter in law, but would love to win one for me!!!

  321. My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve dinner with cookie decorating (for Santa’s pleasure, of course) and the reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. (I can’t wait till your cookbook comes out!!)

  322. I love the 4th of July, in Utah you can find a fireworks display somewhere every weekend. Last year we started the tradition of making the 4th of July fruit pizza from your site. So good!

  323. My husband’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because it is so relaxed. I love our Christmas morning brunch that always includes sausage balls….a favorite of our girls.

  324. We started a tradition 3 years ago of having homemade fondue on Christmas eve-I absolutely love it! Best dinner ever! So many choices and cheese and chocolate-you cannot go wrong!

  325. Christmas morning all of our married kids and their little ones gather at our house for a French Toast breakfast. Then opening presents, card games and playing with the grandkids.

  326. My favorite holiday tradition – for any holiday – is having family together. With family scattered all over the US, this doesn’t happen very often any more.

  327. My favorite tradition is to take the kids to go see all the Christmas lights through our town and open Christmas eve pjs. Just being together as a family makes it special!

  328. Our favorite holiday tradition is to read the children’s chapter book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, on Christmas Eve. When our kids were little we would read a chapter a night for about a week prior to Christmas, ending with the last chapter on Christmas Eve. Now that they are older we do a marathon reading session on Christmas Eve. So fun. You should read it. It’ll make you laugh and cry. No sappy Christmas stories for our group.

  329. My favorite holiday tradition is cooking a grand and exotic meal for Christmas eve. Last year, we made a Cajun feast that was delicious :).

  330. My dad was a commercial pilot, so he was often gone on holidays, but the ONE tradition that we still have (he’s retired now) fondue as a Christmas treat – and NOW we can have it on Christmas eve, although in years past we have had it whenever Dad could be home to make it and share in the fun. Ah, Christmas fondue. I’m not sure if I even love the taste of the traditional recipe, but I love the family spirit I feel when I taste the melted cheese and crusty bread.

  331. One of my favorite holidays is Christmas time! I love the music, the lights, sitting in a warm home while watching it snow!! Some of my favorite traditions include our family Christmas Eve Feast!! Yum yum! I love your first cookbook, it’d be exciting to win the second!!!

  332. Hmmm…this is a hard one! I don’t think I could possibly choose a favorite tradition, as each holiday my mom made certain to have many traditions sprinkled throughout each one. But there is nothing like all of our many Christmas traditions. It’s a beautiful time for me and my family.


  333. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas treats, putting together cute little goodie plates, and then delivering them to our family in friends! (Of course we eat quite a bit as we put the plates together… tasty and fun!)

  334. making cookies during Advent in prep for Christmas. With 9 kids each of us picked our favorite kind(s) and made those with mom. It was so much fun. I am trying to do the same with my now growing family.

  335. I love baking for all holidays but especially at Christmas. It’s a given that you must bake excessive amounts of treats and goodies for all of your family and friends…. and yourself. πŸ˜‰

  336. My favorite holiday tradition is our Christmas Eve dinner. My husband makes a menu, shops and cooks for it. It is just our little family of 4 and very casual and relaxed. Just what I need to slow me down so I can enjoy Christmas Day.

  337. My family has been joining in a neighborhood gathering on Christmas eve for 47 years (crap, I’m old). Neighbors bring a log to the fire at our local park and sing Christmas carols for an hour. Santa Claus shows up and hands out candy canes to the kids. It’s early in the evening so everyone can do their own celebrations as well.

  338. I have two favorite holiday traditions:
    1) My mom makes one pie for each person in our family (8 pies, awesome!) every Thanksgiving.
    2)All my siblings sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve (now we are mostly all married and gone.) I hope my kids will begin this tradition some day!

  339. For the last 5 years my friend and I have been hosting our OCD Cookie Exchange. The OCD refers to the fact that all cookies need to be made with flour and homemade……plus a lot of other requirements that would bore you. But, everyone looks forward to putting in their recipe, even months in advance, to secure their favorites. plus there are no duplicates at the party!!

  340. We have a Christmas tradition of 2 breakfasts. Caramel sticky buns while we open presents, then breakfast casserole when the whirlwind ends!

  341. My favorite tradition revolves around the 4th of July. My Granddaughter was born on July 2nd, my Brother on July 3rd and my Niece on July 4th.Before the burn bans started we would always get together with all aunts, uncles, grandparents and set off fireworks on the farm.

  342. My favorite Halloween tradition is having my closest co-workers over for some cut-out cookie baking and decorating! Making them scary, bloody and fun is a yearly tradition for us and then we take them to work and let everyone else enjoy them.

  343. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas pajamas, opened on Christmas Eve. Thanks for the chance to win! Love your first cookbook!

  344. I know most people probably do this, but every Christmas Eve we get new pajamas. My parents started the tradition and now my husband and I do this with our children. After we open our new jammies we all load up in the car and drive around the fun neighborhoods with awesome Christmas lights displays. Then we come home and if it’s cold enough (we live in the PHX area) we have hot chocolate and watch the Nativity Story and get the kids to bed early so Santa can come. πŸ™‚

  345. We love our Christmas tradition of sponsoring a less fortunate family for the holiday and supplying them with groceries to make a delicious meal, as well as Santa gifts for the whole family. This tradition was started by my mom when I was a kid, and carried on by me and my son!

  346. My favorite holiday tradition is at Christmas. My husband loves the nativity story and we have 6 or so creches here from plastic to glass to our special Hummel one and it’s become a tradition that he and our boys set them up; I am not allowed to mess with them at all. The tree is all mine, tho.

  347. My favorite holiday is the fourth of july, I love the parades, bbqs, fireworks, and all the little activities I get to see my kids do, they experience something knew every year for me it’s like christmas in July without all the presents!!

  348. I love going to the Christmas Eve candlelight service with my little girls. Then we head home, stay up late, open our presents that we gave each other (we save the grandparent/cousins/etc gifts for the next morning!), eat yummy food, and watch Christmas movies. I think I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. =)

  349. I love to make my great-grandmother’s butterhorn rolls for Thanksgiving and to spend the holidays with friends and family πŸ˜€

  350. My favorite tradition is Christmas breakfast with my family. But now that my little guy will almost be 2 this next Christmas, I think some new traditions will be happening!

  351. I love watching Charlie Brown Christmas and listening to the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack in anticipation of the holiday season.

  352. My favorite holiday tradition is Thanksgiving dinner with all the family. As part of that, remembering all the blessings we have received over the year.

  353. I love summer… My favorite holiday tradition is the BBQ at my parents pool, then waiting for dark for the fireworks to start on the 4th of July.

  354. It’s hard to choose, but one of my favorite holiday traditions is making a fancy candlelight dinner for my family on Valentine’s Day. My kids love it!!!

  355. Our favorite is our Christmas Tradition..
    My kids are all grown and we have grandkids and yet they are all still here for Christmas Morning to open gifts that “Santa Brings ” and the traditional Christmas Stockings I love it!
    Christmas is still by far my favorite Holiday from making our traditional Christmas goodies ( that everyone asks for every year) to Opening Santa gifts on Christmas morning..What’s better then all your kids and grandkids home for Christmas :))

  356. Ok it is Halloween all the way over here! I spen all year looking for the exact craft/treat to make for my giveaway to trick or Treats!

  357. My favorite holiday tradition is making Gingerbread houses, with my children. We usually invite another family to join in the fun. We all look forward to this, even me and I’m the one making all of the Gingerbread walls, roofs, and chimney’s.

  358. We don’t celebrate holidays but we do celebrate our anniversary. Our tradition is to give our kids gifts too since we don’t celebrate anything else. We usually have a special cake and balloons too.

  359. A very sneaky leprechaun visits our house every St. Patrick’s day and leaves footprints that lead to a pot of gold. It’s a lot of fun for our kids!

  360. MY favorite holiday is Christmas! I started a tradition spending one whole day baking cookies n treats! My girls have started helping now that they are older 11 and 9)! We look forward to making them and delivering them!!

  361. On New Year’s Day every year, I put together a slideshow (OK, so I just press “play” on the pictures loaded to my computer) of all of the pic’s from the previous year. My 3 girls, hubby, and I, hang out, watch the slideshow, and have fondue as we remember and laugh about all of the events of the previous year. It’s one of our very favorite traditions, and something we all look forward to. Fondue is such a slow process it gives us plenty of time to be together and enjoy the start of a new year.

  362. I love driving the 14+ hours to get to family for Christmas–ok I usually don’t do the driving and really it’s being able to see people I usually never see. My grandma has 7-8 large tins filled with different cookies in each one. One Christmas my husband ate so many cookies that a week later he was still feeling the effects and went to the doctor about it!

  363. Well, since Halloween is around the corner, I’d have to say carving pumpkin, making pumpkin recipes and watching Night Before Xmas!

  364. Overall, Christmas is my favorite because I get two weeks with my husband and sweet kiddos to warm my heart in the middle of the cold and bleak winter, and we get to celebrate our Savior and His miraculous birth! {And all the yummy food!} We have an awesome advent calendar with little boxes that we get to put traditions and treats in for each day of the month. We enjoy doing the small things just as much as the big things!

  365. In my family, we have our formal dinner on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas everyone makes their own personal homemade pizza. It’s so fun!

  366. Oooh, I SO want that book! πŸ™‚ And of course, I have to share a Christmas tradition because it’s the first thing that comes to mind. I’m loving the new traditions my husband and I are starting with our small children. They are a combination of traditions each of us enjoyed growing up, and Christmas Eve evening through Christmas morning is my favorite part. We celebrate the night before with ham chowder, homemade rolls, a Christmas movie and new pajamas. Then on Christmas morning, the kids have to get up and have breakfast (always mini boxes of cereal!) before they can dig into presents. The anticipation is so exciting and fun!

  367. Well, I can’t pick just one favorite holiday tradition, but we always had swedish pancakes for dinner on Mother’s day growing up and I loved it! I am a sucker for crepes in general, but stick strawberries and whipped cream inside and I’m in heaven! Now if I could just get my kids to make them for me!

  368. My family does “secret cupids” every year – kind of like secret santa. We would go shopping in my mom’s bedroom and then leave gifts every day for a week for a secret member of our family. It was so fun!

    I LOVE your other cookbook and use it all the time. Hope I win!

  369. Our favorite tradition is our 25 days of Christmas activities. We love to come up with a different mix of family, service and Christ-centered activities do to together during December.

  370. I love spending Christmas eve with my family. We go to church, come home and an evening of food, laughs and lots card games.

  371. My favorite tradition is Christmas morning! The whole family come to mom’s house around 10:30 a.m. for a big breakfast. She and I do this every year and it is always a good time with family and great food!

  372. My favorite family tradition is outdoor concert watching around the fourth of July with my family. Love the relaxing, cool evening air on a Utah summer night.

  373. My favorite Christmas tradition is when the kids set up their own makeshift tent in the living room next to the Christmas tree. They make cookies and leave them right next to the door of their tent with hopes of catching Santa Claus.

  374. My favorite Christmas tradition would have to be decorating gingerbread men with icing. It’s fun to see our kids join in the fun now that they are old enough and it brings back memories of doing it as a child. I’d love to win your cookbook!

  375. I love the whole holiday season! My favorite part is being with family and cozy-ing up next to my hubby. I also love making Christmas candy that my Grandma Great taught me how to make!

  376. My favorite “Family Tradition” is getting together on Christmas Eve and reading the story of Christ’s birth together with family. We have a Christmas Stocking for Jesus and each of us write down on a piece of paper what our gift to Christ is going to be for the year…anything we want to work on improving in our lives…and then the slip of paper goes in the sock and is left for the next year…when we get together and pull them out. We pass them back to the owner so they can ponder how they have done on their gift. We then pass out new papers and write down our gift for the next year. Of course we have good food which always includes some of your recipes! We love them!

  377. My favorite family tradition is making Christmas cookies with my son. I always loved doing it with my mom, and this year I think we’ll let the little one join in because he’ll be 2 by then. I also love listening to Christmas music but not until after Thanksgiving. It just puts me in the best mood.

  378. My family loves to pile in the back of the truck with blankets and we drive through a part of town on Christmas Eve that has miles of streets lined with luminaries and all of the houses are decorated to the max. The whole neighborhood is into it and cars drive slowly through with only the parking lights on. Many homes have music playing and there is usually a Santa handing out candy. We take cocoa and snacks and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Now my granddaughters love it! Then we go back to a big pot of clam chowder.

  379. I love the month of December…baking cookies, picking and setting up the tree, watching Christmas movies, holiday parties, family time, yummy food and who can forget Christmas PJs! πŸ™‚ So many wonderful things to look forward to this Christmas!

  380. My cousin and I have a silly tradition that you can’t eat Pumpkin pie between Labor Day and the end of the Thanksgiving Meal. We call each other and make sure that we are both behaving.

  381. My favorite tradition is making and decorating cookies on Christmas Eve as a family and all getting Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve.

  382. My husband and his brothers create a haunted hayride every year for our family’s Halloween party. Everyone always looks forward to it. You guys should come check it out!

  383. I love my mom’s tradition of having breakfast casserole and. Innamon baked apples for Christmas morning. She was able to actually be a part of Christmas morning instead of cooking the whole time because she did all of the prep the night before! Plus I loved waking up to the smell of wassail on the stove, and baked apples and breakfast casserole in the oven. I’m definitely going to carry that tradition on in my family:)

  384. I love birthdays, including half-birthdays! We celebrate my boys’ birthdays and half-birthdays by making their favorite dinner and dessert and giving them a small gift.

  385. My favorite tradition for all the holidays is dressing up my kids in the holiday colors and taking pictures of them. Not a normal tradition but I do it for every holiday. πŸ™‚

  386. I always bake quiche on Christmas morning and my in-laws sleep over to watch our daughter open gifts. Coziest, happiest morning of the year!

  387. Favorite holiday tradition is to wake up early Christmas morning with my cup of coffee in hand while everyone else still asleep, make my family’s favorite breakfast. It’s not long before they all wake to smell of Christmas morning πŸ™‚

  388. Christmas breakfast with my hubby, parents and sister… with a coffeecake recipe passed down through the generations…

  389. I would have to say that one of my favourite traditions is during the Christmas holidays we get together with my siblings, their spouses and children and have a huge sushi party. It is an all day cooking event, but well worth it. I love to shop at the asian grocery store and find cool new foods to add to the feast.

  390. My favorite family tradition is going to my Nana’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. It smells like turkey the minute you walk in the door, and her garland is on the staircase…it’s just magical πŸ™‚

  391. I think my favorite holiday tradition is opening one Christmas present on Christmas Eve every year and it’s always new pajamas to wear that night. Something I’ve done since I was a little kid and started with my own little ones.

  392. My favorite holiday tradition is when my mom makes a sausage roll on Christmas morning. I love waking up to the smell and I look forward to it all December!

  393. When my whole family (siblings and parents etc) gets together for holidays we do a journal jar. We all draw prompts and then write a journal entry on the prompt we picked. Then we read them all to each other. We love it and it’s a great way to connect.

  394. On Christmas Eve we all get to open one present and it is so hard to pick which one! I grew up with this tradition and now open one gift on Christmas eve with my own family.

  395. I discovered Our Best Bites when I planned a Halloween party and was looking for creative food ideas. My grandkids love this holiday and I like making it fun for them.

  396. My favorite holiday is the fourth of July. Because the family comes together that we haven’t seen and everybody brings different dishes that is supposedly are there specialty.

  397. My favorite holiday tradition is acting out the nativity story with my family….as children and now as adults with our own kids.

  398. My favorite holiday tradition is spending Chistmas day at my mother’s house. Everything from the menu, her tree, the table, and how her entire home is decorated follows a very over the top theme that is very different each year. It’s a wonderful day filled with family, food and lots of fun.

  399. My favorite tradition is letting my children,who are adults now, pick what I cook for our Christmas Eve meal. We’ve had lasagna, chicken fried steak, you name it. After dinner we open our gifts. It’s always lots of good food and fun!

  400. Favorite holiday tradition is sending the kids and daddy out to cut down a tree while I get all the decorations out and ready. Then we all decorate the tree together.
    Also – I love the tradition of brining a turkey. My family loves it.

  401. My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving! Its not just about all the delicious food, its also about the fact that its a holiday where family comes together to just be together. There isn’t any obligation to buy an endless amount of presents. All you have to do is enjoy the food and each others company.

  402. I love making sugar cookies for a variety of holidays. I decorate them according to the holiday. It is my favorite recipe and it always turns out so good! I start craving them at Halloween!!!! Yummmy!!!!!

  403. My favorite Christmas tradition is the baking. I LOVE trying all sorts of new Christmas cookies and bars and sending a tin full of them to my dad.

  404. My favorite holiday tradition (hmmmm, this is tough) I would have to say is having the Missionaries and my dad over for Thanksgiving Dinner every year. We love welcoming them (the Elders) into our home and making them feel like they’re at home with a super tasty homecooked Thanksgiving dinner! Then after dinner, we all play Scategories!!

  405. Congratulations to Janeen on winning the iPad. Congrats to OBB for the new cookbook and being able to find it in more places. I love halloween. I don’t know what it is about it but I have loved it since I was a kid (and no it’s not because of all the candy, but that doesn’t hurt matters).

  406. At Thanksgiving, we all go around the table and say what we are thankful for in alphabetical order (first person says something that starts with A, second person B, etc.) Fun for the kiddos!

  407. My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree with my family. We would put all our crazy handmade ornaments up, light up the tree, read the Christmas story, and eat Christmas cookies. It was simply bliss!

  408. I absolutely love the night we get out all our Christmas decorations… it’s like magic fills our house and my little mans eyes just glow with excitment! Love, love, love it!

  409. Being a housewife in the 40’s and 50’s, my Mom used to always make everything from scratch. Today’s times are different with both of us working during the day, but I love home cooking. On Thanksgiving, it has, and always be a family tradition in my home to make everything from scratch. We also always have at least 1 new recipe to try every holiday.

  410. Thanks to close friends, we enjoy a unique holiday tradition. Our clever friends host a holiday get-together every year on Dec 23rd, calling it “Christmas Adam” (because Adam came before Eve, ha!). Always a fun time of good friends, good food, and lots of good times.

  411. My favorite holiday tradition is making Swedish Meat Dumplings with my daughters for our Christmas Eve feast. We had these every Christmas Eve when I was growing up, made by my Grandma. Today I still use her recipe.

  412. Pick me! Pick me!!! My favorite holiday tradition is decorating sugar cookies with my kids. It was a favorite thing for me to do with my mom when I was a kid, too!

  413. My favorite Christmas tradition is going into the city, going to see the tree and all the window displays, I love living close to NYC.

  414. I love Valentine’s Day. I know it is a “hallmark” holiday. But I love it, love people and love showing love to them. I like hearts, I love red and pink, and I love baking heart shaped cookies. Yep – I am just a sap at heart! Oh and would really really love to have your book – goes along with loving your blog!

  415. Love your website and love love love your cookbook! My sis and I talk about you guys all the time! My favorite holiday tradition is carving pumpkins with my kids on Halloween and then we roast the seeds and eat them.

  416. I love getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve. The kids get new pajamas, and it’s so fun to see how excited they are to lay out cookies for Santa. Love this age!

  417. My favorite holiday tradition is singing Christmas carols with my family each Sunday night for four weeks before Christmas. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christ!

  418. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and we put brown paper on the tables and let people write what they are thankful for. So fun! And I’m so excited about this new cookbook!

  419. thanks for the giveaway! my fav tradition growing up was picking my fav meal for birthday dinner, and i’m excited to do that one with my kids. birthdays are big celebrations in our house!! πŸ™‚

  420. Does Valentines count? Mom used to give us all a flower for Valentines! Loved that! I don’t give flowers but I try to give my children a treat and note of some sort.

  421. My husband’s Nana passed away a few years ago. She use to make the most amazing Christmas cookies- that literally took days to complete (and seconds for us to eat as soon as she arrived at the holiday party). Every year since she passed, we get together with my in laws to recreate the “Nana Cookies.” we are terrible at it! But we use her old hand written recipes and her original presses, cutters, and serving platters- and by the end we have all told the same Nana stories we told the year before, and eaten dozens of burnt/raw/mis-shappen cookies. It is the best part of Christmas.

  422. My favorite tradition growing up was for birthdays and Christmas. My mom used to make my great grandma’s coffee cake for us. I’ve started doing that with my own family now.

  423. My favorite is actually one of my husband’s family’s. Every year we make our gifts for one another instead of buying. A lot more heart and thought goes into them and the result is a really special Christmas morning watching one another open what we have worked so hard on. Priceless!

  424. My favorite holiday, hands-down is Christmas. My favorite traditions are the little local things we do every year. We take the kids to a Christmas train ride one weekend, then to a “snow” at an outdoor mall(it doesn’t really snow where I live). The kids just love it!

  425. I love Easter. Everything about it from the Easter egg hunts to the brunches to the Easter Bunny. And of course the renewal of spring, remembering my Savior, and family.

  426. My favorite holiday is Christmas for so many reasons…it’s hard to pick a favorite tradition for that time of the year. I do love making homemade gingerbread houses with my kids though!

  427. I love what Christmas stands for and getting together with my family to share in some yummy delights and wonderful stories.

  428. My little boys love helping me to make cookies for Santa. It’s a new tradition for us, since they’re only 4 and 2, but such a fun one! I look forward to many more years of making Santa cookies.

  429. I love and adore Christmas music–look forward to it all year, but we make ourselves wait to start listening to the first CD until the Dishes are down after Thanksgiving dinner!

  430. Christmas eve we read the Chistmas story and have a little program then the kids put on new Christmas pj’s and we go for a ride around town to look at the lights and hopefully get the kids sleepy.

  431. My favorite tradition is birthday pancakes!! Kids sometimes have their party on the weekend and not on their birthday so what do you do special for them on their actual day? A big family sized stack of birthday pancakes all piled as high as they can go and then a candle stuck in the middle. A picture of them in front of the pancakes holding their fingers up for old they are. It’s the best!! No matter where or what day their birthday is on…you can always make it special!!

    That and pizza for Christmas Eve. Who doesn’t like pizza?

    And there is celebrating my grandmothers birthday (who passed) by all the adult grandchildren and my own mother coming together on her day dressing up in her house dresses and making her standard fare of biscuits and gravy! Yum!

  432. Our family tradition is pizza on Christmas eve. At least it used to be. It’s hard to grill pizza in knee-deep snow, and that’s the only way I’ll cook pizza anymore. So now that we have such an awesome recipe for gourmet caramel apples (thanks OBB girls!), maybe our new tradition will be eating caramel apples on Halloween instead of trick or treating!
    I thought your book was coming out on September 11. Now I have to wait one more day!

  433. I love going out to breakfast on Christmas Eve morning with the fam. Been doing it since we were young to get us nice and tired that night πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the new book.

  434. I love Christmas. Our family travels 30 minutes to the nearest mountains and has breakfast at the lodge and takes a family photo in the same spot every Christmas eve morning!!Living in the desert we love this tradition because there is usually snow and the fresh air, pine trees and family makes it really feel like Christmas.

  435. I love Christmas. We live in the desert and so on Christmas eve morning we all drive 30 minute to the nearest mountain range and have breakfast at the lodge and then take a yearly family photo in the same place each year. The fresh air, pin trees, family and snow really makes it feel more like Christmas. Also, a nice warm cup of hot chocolate makes everyone feel all warm and fuzzy too.

  436. One of my favorite holiday traditions is putting up the Christmas tree on Sunday evening after Thanksgiving. It gives us the whole long weekend to spend with extended family before we start the Christmas season.

  437. I’ve always lived far away from extended family, so Christmas has always been spent traveling to the homes of others. Consequently my favorite Christmas traditions are the ones leading up to Christmas – like making ginger snaps. The smell of the spices and rolling the little balls in sugar remind me of when I did that with my mom.

  438. Ooooh! I know I only will have teeeniest chance to win this, but I adore your first book and this new one is one my wish list, so I would LOVE to win it, of course!!! Here’s hoping!

  439. my favorite holiday tradition is the miracle of the christmas tree. my dad plants an avacado pit that he claims is magical. within an hour it’s sprouted and it continues to grow in a night to a full grown tree! it grows with the help of kisses – can’t wait to do this with my children!

  440. My sister, mom, and I get together for a massive treat/ cookie making day … Recipes may change throughout the years but it always includes English toffee and Kringla!

  441. My favorite Christmas tradition is the special sausage/egg casserole that we eat every Christmas morning. We always look forward to Christmas Casserole!

  442. I love Thanksgiving. We have a paper turkey cut-out that we add feathers to every night in November. On each feather we write something we’re thankful for. If I win, this November I would put, “winning the new OBB cookbook:)”

  443. My favorite holiday tradition is scouring the ads during Thanksgiving (after eating of course!) and creating a plan of attack for Black Friday festivities to begin.

  444. Every 4th of July we get together with ALL of my husband’s family. We enjoy a family BBQ, games, and prizes for the kids. Then we go to Stadium of Fire, where they have an amazing patriotic program, musical entertainment, and of course, fireworks.

  445. My fave holiday is Christmas! My fave tradition is one my hubby and I started when we were 1st dating and continued with each kid we added to our family. We went to see Santa and get our picture w/him and every year after our family has all been in the Santa picture each year. Every year I get out the scrapbook to look through all the diff. Santa’s and how diff. we all look each year. It’s allot of fun! πŸ™‚