Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites Cookbook Giveaway!


First of all…the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Well, maybe not THE moment, and maybe not all of you, but if you’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting for us to announce the winner of the iPad.

So we entered the numbers into the handy dandy random number generator and this is what we got:

and this is what #199 said:

Janeen has been contacted and responded–congratulations, girl!

So with that done, we’ve got another exciting giveaway! We’re giving away a copy of our new book that’s hitting stores on September 12!

Check out this post to get all the details on our new book. Wanna know something else that’s cool? With our last book, if you didn’t live in the Western US (and not even all of the Western US), you pretty much had to get the book from Deseret Book, Amazon, or special order it from  your favorite book store. Well, this time around, our book will be available in every Walmart in the US and every Sam’s Club that sells cookbooks. That means that even in my tiny little corner of Louisiana, I’ll be able to find my book! I can’t wait!

So to win, tell us what your favorite holiday (any holiday!) tradition is! The giveaway runs from now until next Thursday, August 30. We’ll announce the winner on or after Friday, August 31. Please be sure to leave a comment on this post and not send a response through email or on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Christmas Eve at my house with a yummy dinner and then Christmas morning at my parents with a yummy breakfast!

  2. I’ve come to enjoy being the host of an annual gingerbread decorating party. It was a tradition of my husband’s side of the family but now that we live away from family we have become the hosts of ourcown We all look forward to it!

  3. My favorite tradition is having a top ready-made New Year’s Eve dinner (yeah, all coming from a frozen food store here in France, where the hubby & I choose things we couldn’t afford on a regular basis…), just for the two of us, after spending weeks baking various sweet stuff from America or the UK (mince pies, cinnamon rolls…) for everybody!

  4. Christmas! My family has lots of traditions for Christmas and Christmas Eve, from our annual Christmas Eve program to how we buy stocking stuffers to when we start and how we open gifts. It gets me excited just thinking about it.

  5. On Halloween we go trick or treating and then when we are done we have pizza and watch a Christmas movie. It is so fun to go through all the candy and get into the Christmas spirit!

  6. I love the 4th of July! We go back to the small Arizona town my amcestors settled and celebrate there. Town breakfast, parad, BBQ, rodeo, fireworks…love it all!

  7. A new tradition we started last year is wrapping Christmas books, then letting the kids open one each night in December. Each wrapped book is numbered, so it’s a fun countdown to Christmas.

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