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I have a long-standing love affair with Etsy. I love unique, homemade stuff, but I’m not at all crafty. Like, not. at. all. So I love that there’s a place where I can easily find exactly what I’m looking for (or discover things I never knew I was looking for. Or, like that time I was 8 months pregnant and had taken an Ambien, woke up and discovered $300 worth of baby stuff I had apparently been looking for and had ordered in the middle of the night.?) Etsy and I go way back. We’re tight.

I also love supporting small businesses and will do it any chance I can get (by the way–be sure to check in next week because we’ll have all sorts of amazingness on sale in our shop!) 

One of my favorite small gifts to give are pins that might have some meaning to someone. Now…this isn’t the perfect gift for everyone–like, if I gave my dad one of these pins, I know it would promptly wind up in the trash. But if someone flaunts their love of popular culture in everyday life, chances are they’ll love these pins (I have a smattering of them myself–a Pawneee Goddess pin, Peggy Olsen from Mad Men, and one I got at the Ingrid Michaelson concert a few weeks ago.)


In fact, when my son was the youngest brother in Peter Pan a few months ago, at the end of the show, he gave the guy who played his father a Mouse Rat (from Parks and Rec) pin from Heartificial Pins and Mr. Darling was quite touched. 

So where do I get them? My favorite shops are Weirdo Weapons (that’s where Peggy came from and they also have quite a few Stranger Things pins if you have a Stranger Things fan in your life) and Heartificial Pins (which is where my Pawnee Goddess came from–they also have things from Elf, The Office, and Gilmore Girls,

jim heartificiali heart jess heartificial

plus they always hand-write a funny message on the envelope that has a reference to the pin you ordered; it’s such a great touch). With both shops, their stock varies, so if they’ve had something in the past you know you want, keep checking back. You can also follow them on Instagram; Heartificial Pins is here and Weirdo Weapons is here

If you’re looking for someone who likes a little Treat Yo Self in their lives, check out Bubble Creek Soaps.

Bubble Creek Soap

This is actually my cousin’s shop and I die every time she posts pictures–they are SO GORGEOUS and I want to eat them all, but I can’t because they are soap. She has amazing handmade, naturally scented (and naturally enriched) soaps to keep your skin clean and healthy and smelling amazing. The Grapefruit Mint? Pretty sure I need that in my stocking this year. Plus, if you use the code BESTBITES, you can get 10% off now through the month of December! To follow them on Instagram, click here

When I did my Facebook Live Turkey series a couple of weeks ago, one of the most consistent questions was where I got my “Choose Joy” sign from. 

choose joy

That would be one of my FAVORITE Etsy shops, Just Add Sunshine. Now…with her and the next few that I’m going to share, if you like their stuff, you must follow them on Instagram because they sell out of their stuff so quickly that they only open their shops periodically. They announce on Instagram when they’ll be restocking and it goes fast!!! It’s kind of like a game. A sad game that I hardly ever win, but when I do, it’s really exciting. You can follow Just Add Sunshine on Instagram here.

Another favorite sign shop is Joobilee Designs–she actually made our shop sign when we were at Pinner’s Conference last year and I kind of wish I could hang it up i my house all the time. I can’t because it’s huge and also in Idaho and also doesn’t belong entirely to me. It’s okay, though, because I have this and I keep it up year round. It’s even more adorable in real life.

It's a wonderful life

 If you want to follow her on Instagram, click here

If you love the string art trend, Honaker Homemaker is the best there is (plus there’s tons of stuff in stock right now!) 

honaker homade

So, so much cute stuff! You can follow her on Instagram here.

Now…I’ve never actually scored anything from Jelly Bird Signs, but I’ve been a long-time admirer. Someday it’ll happen.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.13.28 AM

She’s another one you’re going to have to follow on Instagram to know when her shop is restocked.  

If you’re looking for baby and toddler clothes that are SUPER well-made (so not like those lame onesies where the vinyl falls off after you wash it), Jen at Sew Bee It is your girl. She makes adorable printed onesies and t-shirts, but she also sews all kinds of incredible items, like these maxalones, which are super-cozy pants that grow with your kiddo.

sew bee it

She’s great to work with (especially if you want something custom) and she’s offering Our Best Bites readers 15% off any order with the code OBBFRIENDS. Follow her on Instagram here

A few years ago, KatyGirl Designs made our Christmas cards for us and she did such an amazing job. She does a lot of other graphic design and typography work as well, so if you’re looking for greeting cards and prints, she’s an awesome resource. Follow her on Instagram here

cakeFinally, I love Holly Casto Design for all sorts of fun printed stuff–tote bags, mugs, prints, clothing items. I got this for a friend before she moved and I kind of wish I had one for myself.

Be the Leslie Knope

You can follow Holly on Instagram here.

If you need even more ideas, I get a lot of great ones from the Editor’s Pick pages over on Etsy.

I hope that gives you some unique gift ideas this holiday season! We’ll be back next week with all sorts of deliciousness, plus our own sales and fun new products, so stay tuned!

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  1. I tried for a month to get a jellybird sign but it was too frustrating! I found someone else on etsy that did a custom of a verse I wanted and I loved it. I love her stuff, but the stress of ordering and trying to get it made me have to stop checking for awhile:) Now, one small business I need to check out and order from as well is YOURS:) I should get my sister in law some of your olive oils since we are both such big fans of your recipes!

  2. I love this post. I love ogling the stuff at Just Add Sunshine….but I’m never fast enough either! I also love @thelilfeltshoppe. Totally adorable felt banners. That was a lotta love in that post….

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