Silhouette Black Friday Sale!


You may have not won our Silhouette Cameo giveaway, but you can get a great deal on one starting this Friday.  Here are the details!

First of all, almost everything in the Silhouette On-line Store is on  sale already, like vinyl, tote bags (that’s what I’m buying!) sketch pens, software, and more:

But we can make it even better.  Skip the code mentioned in the ad above and instead use the code”BITES” and instead of 30% you’ll get 40% of everything in the store! (Except for excluded items mentioned in ad)

Want a CAMEO??
Now, you’ll notice that ad says this great sale excludes the Cameo.  That’s because the Cameo isn’t even in stock in the on-line store.  But don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered there too!

Best Bites readers can go to a secret Black Friday page by   –> clicking here <–  And on this page, starting Friday, you can purchase a Silhouette Cameo with a great discount by using the code BITES Now- I don’t know what the discount is, they didn’t tell me; it’s a surprise!  But I’ve been told it’s great.   So if you’ve been wanting and hoping and wavering, now’s the time to pull the trigger, people!!

Sale runs from Friday November 25 (12 midnight MST) – November 28th.  But do note:  the Silhouette Cameo machines will sell out.  There is a limited quantity available for this great deal so if you’re going to do it, do it!  Remember, you won’t find the Cameo in the regular Silhouette shop, you must go to this secret page.

If this is what you’re asking Santa for this year, copy this web address and send the link to this post with your Santa right now.  Or click the “Share on Facebook” button at the end of this post to share it!


  1. Does the Cameo print? I’ve seen that the Cricut Expression 2 is a printer as well. I am also new to this and want to buy the right one! How exactly does it work? For example, I have a real intricate design, do I print it then I have the cameo cut it…help! Thanks!

    1. No, the cameo *cuts*, but you can set it to print things on your normal home printer and then cut them out on the cameo.

  2. Yes, online it says, “The Silhouette CAMEO™ will only be available here between Nov. 25 12:00 AM MST and Nov. 28 11:59 PM MST” Hope this helps.

  3. Does anyone know exactly when the sale starts and what time zone? I have had my eye on one of these bad boys for a while and I really want one… don’t want to miss it!

  4. Can anyone tell me the differences between the Cameo Silhouette and the Cricut? I have never used one so I don’t want to regret buying the wrong one. Any imput would be very helpful!!!!

    1. Suzanne the Cricut you buy cartridges, you don’t need your computer to use it, and I think it has an easier learning curve.
      The Silhouette you don’t have to buy cartridges but you do buy the shapes you want off the Silhouette store they sell for about 99 cents. They have sales and you can join a package. You can use all the fonts you have on your computer.You have to have it hooked up to a computer to use it. Just depends on what you are looking to do. I hope this helps.

  5. I’ve been “borrowing” my neighbor’s Silhouette since June (do squatter’s rights apply?). I figure if I never say anything to her about it she may never ask for it back (she is “borrowing” my Cricut in exchange). So the question is…do I give her back her small Silhouette and buy my own Cameo or do I pretend what’s hers is now mine and therefore cannot justify buying the Cameo just because it’s available? Such a torturous question.

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