S’mores Hot Chocolate

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I know. I have issues. A slight addiction to warm chocolaty drinks. I just posted some of my favorite specialty flavors, but this one needed its own post! If you’re in the SLC area, you can tune into KSL’s Studio 5 this morning and watch me whip this up live. Cross your fingers I don’t burn myself or over-do the marshmallows and catch the studio on fire. Not that that would be anything like me
This drink has all the elements of the toasty fire-side (or oven-side) treat, but in a drinkable form! It’s out of this world. Try it in mini-cups for an after-dinner treat or a big ol’ mug after playing outside in the cold.First up, the graham crackers! How do you include graham crackers in a beverage? First dip the rim of your mug in melted butter. I use salted butter because I like how the salt cuts the sweetness of the drink. Then dip the mug in crushed graham crackers.

Gorgeous, right? Next, the chocolate. I’m using a classic Hershey’s bar, but you can use any chocolate you like. I personally like using the dark Hershey’s bar, cuz that’s just how I roll….
Break up those chunks and put them right in your mugs
Now to make the chocolate into hot chocolate, just pour in hot milk. I always use whole milk when I do special drinks like this because, well, it tastes good. And it’s kind of naughty. And I’m always secretly jealous of my babies when they get to drink whole milk every day.
Use a pitcher with a good spout on it so you don’t mess up your pretty cracker rim. Just pour, don’t stir. It’s doing magical things in there.
Leave those mugs there and prepare the marshmallows. You can’t have a s’more without a toasty marshmallow, right?

Place them on a baking sheet. You don’t have to line it with parchment like I did.  I just like to waste paper.


Place them under a broiler on low heat and sit there and stare at them. Really, don’t go anywhere, just stare. I don’t care if it makes them feel awkward, you’ll be happy you did when you don’t start a kitchen fire.

When the marshmallows are done, carefully stir up your hot chocolate. I like to partially stir so I still have some chocolate goo at the bottom to eat. Just like a real s’more.

Top each mug with a couple of marshmallows, and drizzle with chocolate sauce for pizazz. Yes, I just said pizazz.
These are suuuper cute and delicious in mini mugs as well. Bring a tray out after dinner, or for a party and your guests will literally fall at your feet. Tell them to get up and try your amazing hot chocolate.
(Mini mugs are from World Market, lots of you are asking!)  One other thing I will mention is that this syrup is amazing. I haven’t seen it in stores, I’ve just had it at the coffee shop in my hot chocolate, but if you’re a fan you could order some, it’s amazing!

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To see a live demo of this recipe, and also my hot chocolate barset-up, press play below!



  1. I want to try some of your amazing hot chocolates, but if you noticed it's 50 degrees here in Utah!! It's crazy weather!

  2. My kids feel so special when I make them hot chocolate – they get giddy and dole out the hugs like crazy.

    I'M giddy over what their reaction will be when I make this super treat.

    Thanks for helping make me a celebrity to my kids!

  3. Sara, the link to the mysterious syrup is broken; it doesn't go anywhere.

    I grew up on hot chocolate for breakfast every morning and still love it as a special treat when I can't sleep or I've been out in the cold.

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