Smucker’s Orchard’s Finest Giveaway!

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NOTE:  This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all of you who entered! The winners have been notified, and they are #464 (Natalie), #1151 (Wendy), and #1307 (Gloria). Y’all have 48 hours to respond before we pick new winners! 🙂

I have a confession for you all and I hope it’s not too shocking: I am not a fan of jam. Not a jam fan. I like homemade freezer jam because it basically tastes like sweetened fruit, but most jam is just too sweet and sickly and cooked fruit-ish for me. If you’re dying to know what I put on toast or peanut butter sandwiches, I like butter on toast and honey on my sandwiches. Am I weird?

Well, I thought I hated all regular jam until I went to Smucker’s last month and I got to try their Orchard’s Finest preserves (and then discovered, in a cruel twist of fate, that they don’t sell it where I live). Even the names are pretty–Pacific Mountain Strawberry and Coastal Valley Peach Apricot and North Woods Blueberry and Fall Harvest Cinnamon Apple. And the jars? Don’t even get me started on the jars. Y’all know how I feel about adorable jars and bottles.

I love this jam because not only does it taste fabulous, but it’s fancier than your average jar of jam, so it’s great for holiday entertaining or gift-giving. Instead of just handing someone a jar of jam (anyone remember the Gilmore Girls where Rory and Lorelai forgot to get Luke a present in Europe, so they brought him a jar of jam and he found it lame?), you could fill line a basket with a festive tea towel and then fill it fresh croissants or homemade rolls and then add a jar of jam with a ribbon on it.

Or you could make a plate of these cookies and deliver them with a jar of jam and a copy of the recipe.

If you’re having a party, you could serve up a plate of crackers and slices of crusty bread with some of your favorite cheeses and a few jars of jam. It’s elegant and easy and requires zero to little prep (which is totally what I need right now!)

Because it’s getting close to Christmas and because it’s Thursday (which has always been my favorite day…don’t ask…), we’re giving away 3, count ’em, three of the following gift baskets:

-6 jars of Smucker’s Orchard’s Finest preserves in a cute little crate
-A set of spreading tools (or something similar)
-$100 gift card to

To enter, leave us a comment telling us how you’re getting into the holiday spirit right now! You need to respond here on this post in the comments section, not through email or on Facebook or Twitter. The giveaway is a short one! It will end next Tuesday, December 13 and the winners will be announced on Wednesday morning.

**Thank you to all who entered! This giveaway is now closed!**


  1. I am baking and candy making! I have recipes that I only make during the holidays, so it always puts me in the spirit.

  2. I am so excited to start baking! I can’t stand it 🙂 It’s my most favorite thing to do during the holiday season!

  3. Watching cheesy Hallmark and ABC Family Christmas movies, listening to lots of Christmas music on Pandora and doing a Christmas countdown with my 3 adorable little girls…lots of fun things going on here.

  4. :o)mmmmm smuckers! i am making all kinds of fun diy projects for gifts for friends and family :o) craftin’ up a storm, and listening to christmas music 24/7 AND drinking my weight in hot chocolate!! :o) woo!

  5. This year has been a hard year for my family due to illness and other things, so I am getting in the spirit by just appreciating the things that we have and enjoying the time we have together!

  6. Today I got my girls dressed in some of their holiday finest and I am going to ATTEMPT to take their picture by the Christmas tree. Wish me luck…they are 22 months and 9 months old…lol.

  7. We are making up some Christmas treats and rocking out to Christmas music while the lights from the tree twinkle (yes, all day long)! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  8. We are getting into the spirit with our advent calendar! Each day we have a special activity, treat, or service that we do as a family! Life. Changing!
    All of us have been able to feel the Spirit of Christmas so much better this year! 🙂

  9. Of course, I’m baking!! Sugar cookies for the kids to decorate, homemade candy, and cinnamon rolls to give away as we go caroling. I love this time of year!!!!

  10. I’m hosting a cookie exchange to get to know all the people in our new area and to get to try lots of different cookies!

  11. I’m making homemade hot fudge sauce to give to friends and wrapping all of the presents….while listening to Christmas music!

  12. Christmas music ALL DAY. And we’re going to chop down a tree in the woods on Saturday. Can’t wait!

  13. We finally got all the decorations out and I will start baking cookies and fudge next week for friends 🙂

  14. Baking, Baking and MORE baking! I have about 4 holiday parties planned at my place this year – from a Cocktails & Cookies event with girlfriends to a secret santa event!

  15. My oven has been getting a work out this week. Baking yummy treats always gets me in the holiday mood. Add in the Charlie Brown Christmas CD and instant holiday spirit!

  16. Ummm, BAKING, of course! I turn on the Christmas music channel, dance to some tunes while the little guy is napping, and bake my heart out 🙂

  17. We decorated the tree last night while listening to carols. I buy ornaments for our 5 grandkids each year to hang on their tree and then to have to hang on their own trees when they grow up and move away. As I hang our kids handmade ones and package the ones to give our grandkids I am reminded how fast they will grow up while being filled with gratitude for them all.

  18. In my home, we’re getting in the Christmas spirit a little differently this year! It’s the last year in our home, because we are having to downsize, so we’ve completely decorated it to the COMPLETE overdone stage, and then we’ll be taking it all down this week, to celebrate moving into our new apartment. Though we’ll miss our home, it’s still nice to celebrate what was, and then to also celebrate what will be. 2011 has been a rough year, but we’re making the best of it!

  19. Picking the biggest tree that will possibly fit in our living room, doing lots of holiday baking, and enjoying the season with my family because my shopping is finished!

  20. We’ve been getting in the Christmas spirit by doing different Christmas craft projects. The kids are having fun making them and I’m having fun displaying them 🙂

  21. Getting ready for my sons Christmas Concert tonight, and we’ve been baking up a storm! Tree is up and ready to be trimmed and the house is “begining to look a lot like Christmas!”

  22. I watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. I’ve been making soft gingerbread cookies (and eating them) like a mad woman, wrapping presents, listening to Chrismas music and getting ready for baby #3!! I love the Christmas season!

  23. My kids and I watch Christmas movies everyday – we rotate between the three DVDs that I have which are Home Alone (1 &2) and Elf (which usually gets played more often than not) though I’m starting to enjoy watching Home Alone with my children because even though they’re 3 & 4 they love watching the ends of the movies!

  24. I’m finalizing my ideas for Christmas, listening to Christmas music, and enjoying the Christmas lights at night. I need to do some baking, but we’ll have to clean the kitchen first. 🙂

  25. Honestly, right now I’m trying to cram to finish my history exam. After that’s done, I will spend tomorrow decorating my house and then on Saturday we’ll go get a tree! Yaay!

    P.S. That jam is making my mouth water…

  26. I already wrapped first Christmas gifts (who said it’s too soon?) and those were inexpensive wrappings made out of recycled paper, old newspapers, used (cup)cake coasters, etc. Already made a list of cookie recipes and designs for 3 gingerbread houses for my dear friends 🙂 because Christmas is about giving and having nice time!

  27. I put up my Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving! I’ve been baking cookies and listening to Christmas music galore!

  28. We just put up our tree last night, so I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. I love the idea of the jam/croissant gift basket!

  29. Our first snow was the initiator of my Christmas Spirit. From then on, i’ve listened to nothing but Christmas music. Decorations went up the day after Thanksgiving. To keep the spirit alive I have a list of Christmas projects, including homemade caramel sauce and other baking.

  30. Helping my kids right Christmas letters to Santa and going out shopping with them to see what they light up about. It is always fun to watch how your kids react to things at Christmas time.

  31. I am getting into the holiday spirit today with a visit from a dear friend and her 4 children who will be coming over in a couple hours. I’ve baked a yummy pumpkin crumb cake and will serve hot cocoa. Our tree is trimmed, the nativity set is up and the Christmas music queued up. Tomorrow we are going to the annual Journey to Bethlehem program put on by a local church with live camels, horses, donkeys, sheep and Roman soldiers. Then on Saturday we are going the a singing Christmas Tree. Now if only it would snow . . . 🙂

  32. Today I am making Christmas gifts for my kids and our family gift exchange. I LOVE homemade gifts! My girls and I also made Christmas cookies while we sang along to Christmas tunes, which was amazingly fun!

  33. I am trying to get in the festive spirit by doing activities with the kiddies (like Santa and songs). It’s been a little hectic, so it’s about the best I can do!

  34. We are getting in the festive spirit by making your Peppermint Bark Rice Krispie treats tonight & then watching Christmas movies as a family 🙂 Love your blog!!! Happy Holidays to you & your family!! 🙂

  35. I’ve been trying out new recipes to bring to holiday partys and making lists for what I need to do once I START christmas shopping.. since I havent yet.

    Actually… I bought my boyfriend a SIMPEL watch.. thanks to your post and great deal!! But thats it so far : )

  36. We just had our annual cookie exchange, so that’s getting me in the spirit. Plus, there’s shopping and making treats for my son’s teachers. And of course viewings of “A Christmas Story.” 🙂

  37. We listen to/sing Christmas songs, and every evening when it starts getting darker we turn on our Christmas tree lights and enjoy.

  38. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by having the kiddos help decorate the tree a little more every day, decorating all my co workers offices, and reading over lots of recipes! Also, helping my best friend plan a Welcome Home/Merry Christmas for her beau coming back from Afghanistan!

  39. I just finished putting the last ornament on the tree, the stockings are hung, and the kitchen is clean and ready for a mess of baking for our holiday parties coming up. While my husband is at work nights, I listen to Christmas music and finish the beanie I’m making. 🙂

  40. Just made some 5 ingredient Christmas cookies for my food blog! My house smells like Andes Mint Chocolate baking chips…mmm!

  41. We do a couple of Christmas advents, one activity based and one more spiritually based. Decorating is done and now to finish shopping, wrapping, and baking.

  42. Honestly, I wish I could say my holiday spirit was totally up to par right now but my 1st floor flooded yesterday and ruined all my Christmasness. I’m going to try to move it all to our bedroom and see if we can’t make Christmas in our room be the best Christmas ever.

  43. My family is getting into the Christmas spirit by buying gifts for 3 individuals with intellectual disabilities that wouldn’t normally get Christmas. My kids even said they would be willing to not get presents for each other and use that money to buy these gifts. It has really put us into the Christmas spirit.

  44. I’m baking your Candy Cane Kisses cookies and watching The Grinch on repeat with my 18 month old.

  45. I’m at work and getting in the holiday spirit by smelling all of the lovely dishes peole have brought for our Holiday potluck! The next 40 mins better fly, my tummy is a rummbly!

  46. I’m preparing our family’s 12 days of Christmas activities! I’m really excited, because nobody but me knows what is coming 🙂 IT’s going to be so fun!

  47. My five year old and I are doing a month of kindness, and we are also making a lot of our holiday gifts! They are both really good lessons to teach this year!
    Happy Holidays!

  48. Oh my goodness, I LOVE Gilmore Girls! It’s so funny you brought that up, too, since I was thinking about that when I was reading!

    I am finishing up my semester abroad, and just thinking about being home for the holidays is getting me in the spirit! Otherwise, I’ve been walking around London, soaking up all of the decorations, lights, and spirit.

  49. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by getting my kids into the holiday spirit. We turn on the Christmas tree lights first thing each morning, listen to Christmas music in the car or on Pandora, attend concerts (my husband is a band teacher and we’re both musicians, so we have lots to go to!), watch fun Christmas movies, and we try to do one little activity each night as a family. That’s the Christmas spirit to us… family time. Drinking hot chocolate and making paper snowflakes… doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

  50. We are spending our family time watching a Christmas movie every night after dinner. During the day, I am baking cookies and candy to mail to my dad and to give to Project Rudolph Germany. They give cookies to wounded warriors and deploying troops 🙂

  51. I am listening to Christmas music and we wnet to the mall to see the decorations and lights! We went to Cracker barrel and that always does it the smells and the crackling fire and all of those trees! Beautiful!

  52. I’m listening to Christmas music, of course! And finishing up my final exams–that always gets me into a good Christmas mood.

  53. By explaining to my kids why we dont celebrate the holidays, why other faiths do, and how to be respectful

  54. I just made your Candy Cane Cookies this morning (for the 1st time) and it has totally changed my attitude this Christmas. It hasn’t felt like Christmas despite my tree and decorations. One taste of those cookies has gotten me feeling festive like “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” Thank you and Merry Chtistmas!

  55. I’m having a little more difficulty getting into the holiday spirit than normal, being pregnant with #7. But I think I’ve finally gotten there. I put up a few decorations yesterday, turned on my favorite classic Christmas music, and wrapped presents. All things I love about my favorite holiday of the year!

  56. I am hosting my first Christmas Cookie Swap this Saturday and using so many wonderful Our Best Bites recipes! Spreading the Our Best Bites word in MS!

  57. Up until this point I haven’t done anything except plug in our Christmas night light. Sad, I know. I’m trying to get in the spirit with Christmas music, but it just hasn’t been cold enough here. Tonight I’m making fruitcake with my grandma. It’s our tradition, and it’s actually really good (not like most fruitcakes). Maybe I’ll be more spirited after baking… 🙂

  58. My finals are doing their best to keep me from getting into the holiday spirit, but I’m listening to a good mix of Christmas music as I study.

  59. We read a different Christmas book each night with the kids. They love it and we get reading time and Christmas spirit in. What a great time saver. 🙂

  60. Oh and the way I am getting in the spirit is playing Christmas music while I decorate. My husband just got out the hospltal and I am behind in decorating. Singing with the carols lifts my spirit and helps me remember why we celebrate

  61. I’m getting in the holiday spirit by listening to Christmas music every chance I get. Like now, while I’m at work. I just love the holidays!

  62. Taking the kiddos to Grandma’s house (2 and a half hours away) to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. We’ll be singing and dancing and laughing all the way!

  63. It’s a combination of my homemade advent calendar that contains Turtles chocolates and my Christmas story advent calendar where we sing a carol, read a scripture and a short Christmas story every night. Also, the lights always help!

  64. We’ve put up the tree, bought the presents, wrapped most of them, got Elf on a Shelf this year for the kids, and are singing songs. Baking scheduled for this weekend.

  65. My kids and I are doing activities with our advent calendar this year. Today it’s making lego ornaments, candies, and pomender balls.

  66. All my shopping is done, cards are sent, and halls are decked. Now I’m just enjoying the season and getting ready for a cooking day. I’m giving my friends your Pies in a Jar! Thanks!

  67. My kids this year are really into Christmas. There excitement about decorating the tree and the outside is contagious. Love that they are choosing to watch Christmas shows on T.V. with me because they know I love them. Everyday we do a little more to get ready for the holidays, listen to Chrismas music and are just plain enjoying the season to come.

  68. I always try to be in the Christmas year round. Decorating a bit early for some and trying to make my house festive and welcoming. Cookies, treats, cupcakes and candy as well as jellies, breads and everything homemade. Christmas music and an open door for everyone as well as a Christmas all season open house! Merry Christmas!

  69. Just mailed off the Christmas cards today; started baking this week; decorations are up; and having a ball attending all the Christmas parties and shows!

  70. I am keeping busy making candy and cookies and snacky type foods to give family and friends for gifts this year ! It’s going to be a tight Christmas for us, but at least we have the means (and talents)to bake up a bunch of yummy treats !

  71. I bought marshmellows and evaporated milk yesterday to make your fudge. Yum! I am still shopping like mad and hoping to mail far-away packages tomorrow.

  72. I am getting into the spirit by listening to Xmas music, wrapping gifts, doing fun Advent stuff with the kids and Baking,Baking,Baking!

  73. I’m listening to Christmas music, baking delicious holiday foods, and working on Christmas presents I’m making for my family. I love this time of year!

  74. The Smucker’s Cherry Preserves is my absolute fav. This with cream cheese on toast is breakfast every day! Watching alot of Christmas movies with my daughter.

  75. My husband and I bought a Christmas CD (our first one together because it is our first Christmas married!)but he made me wait until after Thanksgiving to listen to it! But we were out of town at our families’ so before we left to come back we bought Christmas tree decorations and my uncle gave us a real tree and we drove home in our little red car (perfect for Christmas!) and set up or tree and decorated it after Church that Sunday and ever since then I have been listening to our Christmas CD with our tree lights on every time I am home! And when I’m not home I am thinking about wanting to be there! (not such a good distraction though when I’m trying to study!)And this Friday I get to bake cookies and cupcakes for our church Christmas party and making those pie in jars that I found on here as part of Christmas presents for our family! I can’t WAIT!:)

  76. I’m in the throes of finals, so most of the Christmas-y things are waiting until Monday, but I’m writing to the tune of Christmas music, and one little plant in our apartment is wrapped in Christmas lights. Can’t wait to put up the tree on Monday!

  77. I am getting into the holiday spirit by planning what holiday treats I am going to give away and who needs Christmas cards from me!

  78. I am currently snuggled up on the couch under a big blanket with my two cuties. Later we are going to make some Christmas cookies and read a Christmas story.

  79. I just finished my Christmas shopping. So now it is Christmas music all the time and I’m still slowly putting out all of my decorations.

  80. I am starting my month of cookie baking to get into the holiday spirit. My husband and I eat roughly two dozen cookies every other day…is that bad to do?:D

  81. We have decorated our apartment with about a ton of Christmas lights and a small tree. We listen to Christmas music all the time– from Bing Crosby to the Nutcracker. Sometimes my husband and I like to go to stores and just walk up and down the Christmas isles talking about our different Christmas family traditions and what we’ll do in our family.

  82. I have been baking at least a batch of cookies a week (so far I have 3 different knds…snickernoodles, ginger gems and gingerbread men)

  83. I just made wreaths out of free trimmings from Christmas trees yesterday and today am making ornaments out of heavy gauge wire. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loudly for all to hear!!!

  84. Oh I love Smuckers! Anyway I am getting in the spirit by decorating the house and baking and planning our fun activities to do when my daughter is out of school. We’ve been reading Christmas stories and my youngest daughter loves A Star So Bright. She loves the sparklie star through out the book. She is also excited for Santa. Each time she sees him she gets all happy and says “Santa, Santa!” (she is 2)

  85. I’m baking cookies for the annual Christmas Cookie Exchange party I attend every year. Starts the season off wonderfully and yummy.

  86. I’ve been baking holiday treats for my husband’s co-workers. If it’s red and white it most likely has been made the past few weeks. I love baking, but always have to find someone to give the goodies to, because if I keep a full batch at my house I will certainly try to eat it all myself!

  87. Made goodies and went Christmas caroling last night to 15 houses! Finally got up our Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music on my computer, on my tv, and in my car (basically every room I walk in and everywhere I go!). AND… going to do some more Christmas shopping for my 4 wonderful children, who, btw, LOVE Smuckers jam!! 😉

  88. My husband and I have set aside all day Saturday to putting up our tree and decorating the house! Yay! Finally!

  89. Every night, after I get my daughter in bed, I’ve been turning off all the lights in the house except the Christmas tree lights. I even folded laundry like that last night. Easy, free, and relaxing…my favorites :). Merry Christmas and thanks for introducing us to a great-sounding product.

  90. I’m working on some homemade crafts to bring home to my family for the holidays. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we have good weather for our drive from SLC to Washington!

  91. Our family is getting into the holiday spirit by baking cookies together. Those preserves would be awesome in some thumbprint cookies! YUMMO!

  92. Music, baking, decorating, crafting, festive movies, parties, etc. I’m trying to do a little of everything to get in the holiday spirit. And it’s mostly working. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  93. I’m getting in the mood for Christmas by finishing my presents-buying early so I can focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

  94. Of course I remember that Gilmore Girls episode! Love that show. Getting into the holiday spirit around here by listening to Christmas music – all the time! Even when I workout. 🙂

  95. The tree is decorated, the lights are on the house. I have almost finished making my Christmas cards (now I have to write in them). It’s time for baking and wrapping and trying not to jump up and down too much that my daughter will soon be home from college. Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la….

  96. I’m usually lazy about decorating for the holidays, but we just did the exterior lights this past weekend and I have to admit it’s helped to get me into the holiday spirit.

  97. Baking … I never get in the mood early, but once the bug hits I’m going 90 miles an hour with my hair on fire until after New Year’s, and I LOVE it!!!

  98. Making goodies for daddy who is currently serving his 4th tour in Afghanistan (army) . We have a 3 year old and 3 month old together so lots of crafts are happening in my kitchen everyday. We’ve made him pies in a jar, ginger spice cookies, sugar cookies, fudge, peppermint bark and peanut brittle, and even little hand and footprints made into reindeer using a simple homemade molding clay recipe :))

  99. I have finished putting up the holiday decorations. My kids are really starting to get Christmas this year and are so excited. Every time we see Christmas lights they go nuts. It is fun seeing Christmas thru my children this year.

  100. Taking a few minutes to relax and look at the twinkly lights on my Christmas tree gets me in the holiday spirit. I’m excited to try your super easy fudge with the cute peppermint marshmallows I bought yesterday!

  101. Making Christmas cookies. Planning our extended family Christmas Eve brunch. But definitely got into the Christmas spirit by listening to a Christmas devotional this past Sunday evening.

  102. I am up to my elbows in cookie recipes and wrapping paper! We fully decorating the house last Saturday, minus the tree. We’re waiting for my hubs to get done with finals before getting and decorating the tree. Now I am just busy trying to keep up with all the details…the cookies, the lights, the Elf on the Shelf, the Advent…I love this time of year!

  103. Christmas songs on the radio, Christmas cookies and fudge being made almost daily and planning on giving them away while caroling as a family for FHE on monday to our primary kids and elderly sisters from church.

  104. I’ve been playing Pandora’s Children’s Christmas station and my house is filled with singing, dancing and the occasional broken Christmas ornament.

  105. Making gifts for others and finding ways to give to those less fortunate does a lot to get me in the Christmas spirit.

  106. Well, I finally got my tree up last night. I’m having a tough time getting into the spirit of Christmas this year for some reason. Maybe now that I’ve got my decorations up I’ll start feeling more of the Christmas spirit. BYW, I made my own jam for the very first time this year. I thought it turned out pretty good.

  107. My 3 boys and I are going to decorate our Christmas tree (that we won in a school raffle), listen to music and drink hot cocoa. Fun times.

  108. Got the house decorated, having our business party this weekend, then off to CA to spend Christmas with our son and his family!!

  109. I’m getting into the Christmas spirit by watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel, listening to Christmas music ALL day long, and by planning my holiday baking recipes.

  110. What another fun giveaway! One of these days I’ll win one (probably not really)! Anyway – I am keeping up my exercise routine during the holiday season so I can enjoy all of the goodies that come and still enjoy the way my clothes fit! Happy Holidays!

  111. Listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas CD while stamping Christmas cards and gifts. When I’m not stamping, I’ve been decorating/baking/making holiday treats.

  112. We are decorated, ordering gifts, and my husband & I are starting a new tradition of reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ together. We will be spending it with family (including a new niece & brother in law) & we are beyond excited!

  113. We just started what I hope will be a really fun holiday tradition. On Sunday night we all got into our jammies and slippers, grabbed our favorite blankets and stuffed animals (for the two little ones) and got in the car to drive around and look at Christmas lights. I made hot cocoa and put it in travel mugs, then made popcorn and gave each family member a bag with a candy cane attached. We listened to Christmas music while we drove around the city. It was wonderful!! This weekend coming up? Gingerbread Men and maybe even the whole Gingerbread House. : )

  114. I feel the same way as you do about jams! Even homemade cooked jam is gross to me. Freezer is the only way I can eat it! I would love to try these!

    This year I am having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit with being sick and pregnant so I am playing lots of Christmas music to try and bring some in the house.

  115. Are you kidding me? I made the Peppermint Bark Rice Krispie Treats yesterday for the girls at church and that totally got me in the spirit. I went home after church and got my Christmas decorations out and started decking the halls, and the kitchen, and the stairwell…well, truthfully I had already planned on doing that but the Treats helped. I won’t say how many I PERSONALLY partook of, but let’s just say that my husband is lucky to have one to try when he gets home from a trip. Just sayin’…

  116. I’ve not set foot in a store to buy gifts yet. Instead, I’m doing laundry, cleaning the kids’ rooms (I surprised each of them with a small tree in their rooms yesterday), and listening to Christmas music. I do need to sit down with my list, but getting into the hustle and bustle of the holiday while my house was out of order seemed unwise. And so far, I’m more into the season than I can remember feeling in recent years. My to do list is long, but my spirit is peaceful.

  117. We are having a blast getting ready for Christmas! Our shopping is done and we’re enjoying all our Christmas movies. Our Elf on the Shelf is keeping our little one in line so we’re happy about that too! I’m excited for all the parties coming up!

  118. I’m getting into the spirit by getting my supplies ready for making Christmas gifts. I’m making fancy caramel apples for everyone!

  119. I hope this doesn’t double-post…! I am focusing on being grateful, that’s the best way I’ve found to get into the holiday spirit. 🙂 (and also, I am going shopping for chocolate, dried cranberries, and slivered almonds to make chocolate bark for my coworkers!)

  120. I’ve been baking Christmas cookies and treats for gifts with my kids, listening to Christmas music all day long, decorating our house, wrapping gifts,and we’ve been reading the Christmas story in Luke so the true reason for Christmas is in our minds as we’re getting ready

  121. Besides hanging the lights, displaying the incoming holiday cards and decorating the place – the reason I was visiting your site in the first place was because my husband and I decided to have a different kind of holiday party. Instead of hosting a big party where you can’t really talk one on one to your friends and go broke buying a ton of food – we’re having several small cocktail parties, after work, during the week with just a handful of friends. So far it looks like we’re going to have a total of 7 soirees! Could be crazy but it will definitely be fun and festive!

  122. Recently, I’ve been practicing “O Holy Night” with a group of women to sing as a women’s double trio in Church on Sunday. 🙂

  123. We’re making cookies to take to my husband’s co-workers, and we’ve been giving out candy canes to people we see each day (with a little Christmas note attached), like cashiers at the grocery store, the mailman, etc. It has been fun!

  124. We’re making cookies to take to my husband’s co-workers, and we’ve been giving out candy canes to people we see each day (with a little Christmas note attached), like cashiers at the grocery store, the mailman, etc. It has been fun!

  125. Tonight I’m getting in the holiday spirit with a bowl of homemade ice cream and hot fudge with some candy cane joe-joes sprinkled on top!

  126. Christmas is a favorite in our home! My three year old and I bake daily, have put up all the decorations, and sent a letter off to Santa! We read Christmas stories daily, and talk about Christ, and the true meaning of Christmas. Oh, and loads of Christmas music, crafts, and cards!!!

  127. What a great giveaway! I’m getting in the holiday spirit by enjoying the 60 degree temps we’ve been having here in South Florida. Perfect for leaving windows open while baking and watching our Christmas tree sparkle 🙂

  128. Making cookies, watching christmas movies and listening to christmas music helps me get into the Christmas spirit!

  129. Ive got my collection of nativitys out and am teaching my little man some fun Christmas songs! Love the holiday season! Thanks for the giveaway!

  130. We have Christmas music playing round the clock. I love it and often find myself or my 5yr old dancing and singing along.

  131. In addition to making some of your cookie recipes to give cookie dough gifts this year, I mailed my holiday cards this morning. =)

  132. I am decorating my house with Christmas decor and baking up a storm lately! I’ve been making anything mint and chocolate to get into the Christmas mood!

  133. Today I finished Christmas shopping online (except for my father-in-law, what in the world do I get him, maybe jam) and now on to the baking neighbor gifts, you know, in between babysitting three kids and two of my own.

  134. Making cookies, listening to Christmas music and going shopping! Also writing little notes to my primary kids with little treats, and avoiding my homework!

  135. My three year old is getting me in the holiday spirit this year. I don’t know what it is but it just doesn’t quite feel like Christmas yet (maybe it’s becasue time went by so fast this past year or what). Anyways when he comes home everyday from preschool singing songs for their Christmas program he sure starts getting me in the Holiday Spirit 🙂

  136. My family has set up our tree and decor, I’ve bren doing alot of test baking of goodies,my daughter has been sing carol and playing Christmas music, My son made a wish list for Sants, and this weekend we are taking pictires for our cards

  137. Putting up decorations and looking at Christmas lights. It’s been fairly easy with a 2 1/2 year old 🙂

  138. We broke out all of our Christmas books and have been reading them with the kids, listening to Christmas music, and now I’m going to be starting on my Christmas goodies this weekend.

  139. I’ve been spending time baking and decorating Sara’s famous sugar cookies while listening to Christmas music and totally enjoying myself. 🙂

  140. I am planning the menu for my Christmas Wrapping Party where I invite 10 friends over to wrap their presents. I provide wrap, tissue, ribbons, tags – they just bring their gifts to wrap. It’s a perfect combination – I make yummy snacks, we have fun together, they are “productive” and leave feeling so accomplished. So now I’m trying to decide what brunchy items to serve….this is my favorite thing to do for friends.

  141. We’ve just started making some homemade gifts for teachers today. What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  142. While i am suppose to be working, I am surfing the web for all kinds of fun Christmas traditions to start with our new daughter and doing some online shopping!!

  143. I’ve been reading about Christmas traditions in other countries lately! Also I’ve been shopping and preparing to go visit our families soon!

  144. Still not feeling the holiday spirit yet – this has been a very busy last few weeks working. I’m looking forward to spending time with family, and hopefully then I’ll start feeling a bit more like Christmas.

  145. I am baking and making holiday decorations. I love that the kids are old enough to participate in making crafts and cookies!

  146. We pick out new christmas mugs every year. Then the night we set up the tree we drink hot chocolate in our new mugs

  147. We decorated the tree last night, I am finishing the inside decorations today, and we are listening to non-stop Christmas music. We will also be going out as a family caroling and delivering goodie plates to neighbors, friends, those that live alone. And if that doesn’t put me in the Christmas spirit, then I guess planning and carrying out the ward Christmas party should, right? Love those little jars of jam!

  148. Our cookie party is this week, so my house is COVERED in cookies because I do all my cookie baking the week before and whatever doesn’t get packed up and shipped out in boxes ends up as my cookie contribution to my cookie party. (My favorites are your Cadbury Egg Cookies w/ Hershey’s Mint Chocolate Chips – not Nestle’s green and black mix – has to be the Hershey’s ones!) There is nothing that gets you in the mood better than a cute little kid decorating sugar cookies – we go through a LOT of sprinkles around this time of the year!

    P.S. I’ll buy you jam and send it to you if you’d like – you know I’m not a big scary man! 🙂

  149. Christmas music, decorations, making treats (to eat and give away), reading Christmas stories with the kids…I love all the things we do as a family right now, it’s so easy to have the Christmas spirit about!

  150. I’m getting into the Christmas spirit by making felt Christmas trees with my class of 4th graders. They are going to give them to their parents!

  151. Cute jars! I have been trying to listen to Christmas music to get me in the Holiday mood. So far it isn’t working very well, I might need to amp it up a bit!

  152. Today, I’m making Pipineer (a tiny Swedish cookie) and a huge batch of homemade, ready-to-use hot cocoa mix. My kiddos love hot cocoa every morning in darling Santa mugs!

  153. I love holiday crafts with my kids. We are busy bees making ornaments of all varieties for them to gift to our loved ones.

  154. Christmas tunes, decorations up, advent calendar rolling, lots of family time, and baking in full force!

  155. I listen to Christmas music at work and in the car starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Always puts me in the mood!

  156. I am a firm believer in not beginning celebrations for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. That being said… I’ve been baking every week (good thing I work or it would be daily!) and I’ve already got my Christmas cards out! What hasn’t happened is the tree which greatly upsets me. I have a perfect pre-lit tree that gets covered in purple and silver ornaments. It’s not up bc my three year old keeps getting sick!! You know how they can be needy to begin with so of course it’s amplified by feeling icky :-(. Fingers are crossed for no more vomit today! That would be a wonderful gift for me this year! So until then my holiday is on hold. In the meantime, I am compiling my list of baked goodies and kiddie craft projects to try to squeeze in!

  157. I always have a Cookie Exchange the first week of December, which forces me to get my house decorated for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s great to have a whole month of Christmas!

  158. I have my holiday movie selection ready to pop into the DVD player and fix a cheese plate, grab a glass of wine for me and apple cider for the hubby.

  159. I love Christmas music, cool weather, wrapping presents, giving gifts, decorating for Christmas, baking, candy making, fudge, toffee, hot cocoa, and hot apple cider. Singing…..these are a few of my favorite things…..

  160. We just moved states and our new apartment has no where for me to display my Christmas decorations, and my husband prefers not to get a tree till we have our own home, so any chance I get I’m listening and singing along to Christmas songs with my baby!

  161. My method this year of getting into the holiday spirit is crocheting a number of scarves for the families my company adopted for christmas. We only just moved into a new house the week before thanksgiving so its been difficult for me to be in the cooking mode yet.

  162. I am getting into the holiday spirit by decorating my home with my favorite Christmas things, AND this year I have hired a young woman who is getting a new business going for herself. She will be putting white lights in my backyard trees. This is a first for me and I’m quite excited to have a winter wonderland throughout not only the holidays, but all winter long!

  163. We are not getting ready at all yet! My daughter is doing a big service project for the huricane victims and my living room, family room and van are full of christmas gifts for the children affected! We may not every get a tree up I think!!! lol

  164. I’m listening to my Christmas Pandora station at work 🙂 and (don’t laugh) cutting off a link from our Countdown to Christmas paper chain… you know, like the ones we used to make in Primary? Yeah, we have one of those in the office!

  165. we are all home sick with a bad cold, so we are all enjoying being in our PJ’s with the Christmas lights on, and the Christmas music playing, and the kids love watching Christmas movies. Forced family time:)

  166. We are enjoying the season by making Holiday treats. We make homemade english toffee for all our neighbors it’s a fun tradition.

  167. Working on neighbor gifts, sewing, buy presents, struggling with our Christmas card, shopping, listening to good ol’ Bing Crosby croon out those Christmas carols!

  168. This very minute I’m getting into the Holiday spirit by making Chex Muddy Mix and putting them into OBB tins (adapted from the Mother’s Day tins) 😉

  169. Watching Christmas movies, buying gifts, and trying to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Life is Good 🙂

  170. We decorated our Christmas tree the other day, which made our world 100% more festive than it had been, and I’ve already baked and given away 2/3 of a batch of my grandmother’s Danish Christmas bread.

    Can I mention we are totally out of jam right now, and at 6 months pregnant, I don’t feel like making more freezer jam right now?????

  171. My family makes about 12 pumpkin logs you give to friends and neighbors
    With christmas music playing, hot cocoa sipping, and today as a family
    Driving to Vegas for some fun family time…I love Christmas!

  172. I am trying to get things done early this year, so I will be able to really enjoy the week before Christmas with my family instead of feeling all stressed out trying to get last minute stuff done. I even got most of my presents wrapped last night (which I am usually doing on Christmas eve)

  173. Listening to Christmas carols and keeping up with wrapping the presents every day as the UPS man drops them off 🙂

  174. Wow, what an amazing giveaway, I can’t wait to find and try that jam! I am trying to do little activities with my kids that are holiday themed, we have made and decorated cut out sugar cookies and painted ornaments this week!

  175. It is just not the Christmas season without watching Muppet Christmas Carol. And on Christmas day, the BBC Doctor Who special.

  176. What am I not doing to get into the Christmas spirit?! That is the real question. Anytime my son watches anything it must be Christmas related, Christmas decorations are up, Christmas radio station is tuned, Christmas books from library are checked out, and constantly talking about how Santa’s elves are watching! Christmas joy is being felt here and I love it!

  177. Today I’m making pizza cookies to decorate to ship to friends and relatives.
    I’ve visited their orchard and yes, they do have delicious jams.. I’m a jam fan 🙂

  178. Just this morning I loaded the dishwasher with our everyday Christmas dishes. Time to start using them. Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful goodies.

  179. Finishing the house decor., making/baking treats to eat and give away, sending out Christmas cards, singing with the choir. The usual, traditional things, with a little service stuff tucked here and there.

  180. We are going to cut down our Christmas tree this weekend and I cannot wait. Holiday lights are up and now I am ready for just a little snow.

  181. I am the same way with jam. I’d rather have butter and honey.

    As far as getting in the Christmas spirit, I’m watching my 2 year old really discover all of the fun things about Christmas. Everything is amazing to a two year old. Especially Christmas. I LOVE experiencing Christmas through his eyes!

  182. Got decorations us, and I’m listening to christmas music, talking to my pooch and making cinnamon bun popcorn for my good neighbor gifts. I love the holiday season!

  183. Sewing some gifts for the kids, watching Christmas movies, doing a book advent with the kids… Feeling pretty Christmasy around here! P.S. Can I win if I’m in Canada?

  184. We finally put our tree up last night and it looks fantastic if I do say so myself! We got into the holiday spirit by drinking eggnog and listening to Christmas music while we decorated.

  185. I was so proud of myself for getting the Christmas lights on the house all by myself…but it took me another week to get the indoor decorations down! I finally decorated the mantel last night, though, and my kids were thrilled.

  186. I’m planning how I’m going to make all the cookies I want to before Christmas with an almost 3 yr old and a 3 month old attached to me in one way or another. 😉

  187. We’ve started decorating (tree is up, decor is out, its simply a matter of rearranging!), baking is being done, and a new table cloth is being made. In fact the fabric dye is drying as I type!

  188. Our Christmas starts right after we eat Thanksgiving dinner. The tree is put up. The stockings are hung. And we watch Christmas movies. My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas morning. I make a huge breakfast and watch my happy kids open their gifts as they cheer, ooh and ahh. 🙂

  189. I am listening to Pandora with only Christmas music, finally got the lights ont he tree yesterday, and tonight I’m gonna put ornaments on. Oh, I will also be printing out Christmas messages for our 12 days of Christmas since it starts soon…

  190. Made Best Bites Fudge last night to give away. Have to make more. I want a digital candy thermometer from Santa.

  191. Oh, everything! Getting our Christmas gifts out to be sent today; finishing up Christmas letter and cards; decorating our home and tree; finalizing shopping, and baking. On the spiritual side – listening to music and reading the scriptures.

  192. I’ve been watching all of the christmas shows and singing carols with my little ones but it just wasn’t working. Then last night new england finally got some snow so now when I look outside it actually looks and feels like christmas.

  193. This jam is fabulous! I recently bought a jar of the tart cherry! About fainted from happiness when I spread it over a biscuit!

    Today I am finishing up a new Christmas tree skirt, and trying to narrow down my list of cookies I want to make this year. I’d like to get the dough done up and frozen this weekend, so when my adult children come home all I have to do is bake off sheet after sheet of yummy cookies!

  194. We are getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating our house today! We put a big garland around our front door and are going to add lights to our topiaries tonight.

  195. Remembering my grandparents and keeping their spirit alive as we prepare for our first Christmas without them.

  196. Busy making “Family Night” baskets for all of our families. A game, some Popcorn & Bowls, lots of home made cany & cookies. We love this time of year!

  197. We put up the tree yesterday and tomorrow we are going to do our holiday baking and candy making!! So excited to have my 3 year old help make treats with me!

  198. The house is decorated, have a glob of pretty wrapped gifts under the tree and the girls are having a playdate making cookies with friends!

  199. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by having Christmas music playing
    constantly in my home…and of course tons of baking!

  200. I am going to a brother in law’s band concert tonight, parties this weekend, parties and things all next week, and making lots of yummy treats!

  201. I’m working on the spirit. It’s cold in the mornings, which is good. The afternoon’s, however are warm and takes away the feeling of Christmas somewhat. I’m taking my son to the mall to look at decorations this evening and that should put us in the spirit. I love Smucker’s jams, haven’t seen that style though.

  202. Working hard to finish up my cross-stitch ornament presents! Seeing Santa’s face come to life in my stitches makes me in the Christmas mood for sure!

  203. I bake a lot, but I really only bake cookies around the holidays – it is a true sign (and wonderful smell) signaling that it’s time to rock around the Christmas tree 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway and happy holidays!

  204. Christmas music, Advent, LDS First Presidency Christmas Devotional, and reading a new Christmas story each day to my twin boys who are three!

  205. Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and trying to get our cards sent out! It’s been a busy (but fun!) few days!

  206. I am getting ready for the holidays by sending out my Christmas cards and wrapping up my Christmas shopping. And trying to remember the reason for the season!

  207. I’m enjoying anxiety thinking about having to see family memebers I have been fighting with. I also made homemade sauerkraut in jars, as gifts!

  208. Cookie party this weeknd. I baked a 5-gallon pail’s worth of gingerbread and sugar cookies. Already made the butter caramels, cinnamon marshmallows, toasted coconut marshmallows, and caramel marshmallows (oh, yeah, that was an experiemen gone REALLY well!) Still need to do the peanut butter balls, the chocolate dipped everything, and then the cookie decorating on Saturday.

  209. I created a list of 25 Advent activities to do with my 2 1/2 year old son. We do a Christmas activity each day, and are having a lot of fun with it!

  210. I am making your FUDGE for a cookie exchange coming up on Saturday with some girlfriends! 🙂 Listening to Christmas music while I do and waiting for my electric fireplace to arrive! 🙂

  211. To start the holiday spirit I have put up Christmas decorations through out the house. Even helped my in-laws with there decorations while singing Christmas songs. Watching Christmas movies (love ABC family channel). Getting presents (that my husband refuses to let me open) from my family in Flordia. Helping out friends that are having a rough Christmas. And on Christmas day at 5am going to my in-laws and scream at the top of my lungs “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.

  212. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by finishing school. I graduate in a week and a day, so just being done is making this Christmas season SO great! I will soon have time to really focus on Christmas instead of studying for finals.

  213. Opening a door on the advent calendar each day and sharing the treat with my hubby and daughter! And singing Rudolph and Jingle Bells with her – she’s 2 – every night before bed. She loves pointing to her nose with Rudolph.

  214. I am slowly getting holiday decorations up – not at a feverish pace! – just gradually! – i get a little anxious when I am forced to DECORATE! NOW! as the children sometimes demand. Trying to enjoy the little moments and take more time with children, not the preparations 😉

  215. We’ve got the tree up and trimmed, the Christmas music going 24-7 (okay, not quite) and I’m adding more decor all the time. I love it!

  216. I’m totally into the holiday spirit…because I found my husband the perfect gift! Finally, after three failed years! So now I can cool down and concentrate on the Christmas part.

  217. What am I NOT doing to get in the holiday spirit?! By 11am today, I already had peppermint bark, brownie bites with peppermint hershey kisses, and chocolate peppermint marshmallows made. Tis the season!

  218. My family puts the decorations up the day after thanksgiving. i set up the tree and my village and listen to christmas music, not to mention the constant smell of holidday cooking the whole month of december. then we all go to my moms house christmas eve and have dinner and spend the night. the kids LOVE it and its something special we do with my parents. they love having all the kids around the house for christmas morning 🙂

  219. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by finally shedding my 15-year run of an anti-Christmas attitude. I’m starting new holiday traditions with my 3 kids (age 3 and younger)! Baking star-shaped cookies, learning new Christmas songs, and just being grateful for what we have, even though it may not be much. Christmas is getting exciting again!

  220. Right now I am baking mint chocolate chip cookies and listening to Christmas music… I am just now getting in the Christmas mood!

  221. Decorating for Christmas always gets me in the holiday spirit – I love pulling my ornaments and nativity set out of the box. And I always read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”

  222. I am getting into the holiday spirit with lots of Christmas music and movies and doing fun holiday crafts with my kids! Oh ya…and an ugly sweater Christmas party this weekend that my best friend and I are hosting! It’s going to be great and we are featuring a few of your recipes!

  223. I love decorating the house for Christmas! We get all the Christmas books out to read with the kids. I bake WAY too many desserts… yes, feeling like christmas!

  224. mmm … Now you’ve got me hungering for that jam! …lol. We’ve already begun our Christmas cookie baking and I’ve got three or four projects on the craft table waiting to be finished. There’s lots to do and still plenty of time to do it, so I think we’ll get it all done in time.

    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!

    Snoopy 😀

  225. already started the holiday baking/candy making for distribution TOMORROW (Friday), and of course my tree went up the day after thanksgiving… SO in the holiday spirit ova here!!! 😉 kristinmik at gmail

  226. The decor and good food really help me get in the Christmas spirit. Of course, the food is sometimes too good – it’s hard to not pack on the pounds!

  227. We just moved in and the Christmas stuff was one of the first things out of the boxes and I also made time to bake some cookies in the midst of unpacking 🙂

  228. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by making some handmade gifts! And fudge. Lots of fudge, because it’s not Christmas without it!

  229. We’ve been into the holiday spirit for a while (our tree has been up since before Thanksgiving – gasp!) But instead of buying presents for each other, my husband and I are spending our gift money on a family in need and we’re so excited to do it secretly and anonymously!

  230. I am eating candy cane kisses, listening to christmas music, watching christmas movies, and reading christmas stories to get in the holiday spirit!

  231. I’m cutting out snowflakes to decorate our home! (Our first Christmas in our new house…we don’t have boxes and boxes of decorations…yet.)

  232. The honest to goodness truth, I’m doing nothing “right now” to get into the spirit. Just feeling tired, overwhelmed and pregnant. But I am still smiling and looking forward to all of the Christmas fun. I guess “right now” I am setting up my visiting teaching and trying to decide how to bring my sisters Christmas cheer and the true Spirit of Christmas. Yeah! 🙂

  233. I have a Christmas party TONIGHT so I think that’s a pretty good way to get into the holiday spirit. We’re also going to cut down a tree this weekend and get the house decorated.

  234. Lately I’ve been trying to get over the writer’s block I have so that I can finish writing our Christmas letter. We need to get these Christmas cards out!

  235. My son and I had to move in with my stepmom in August so we aren’t in our own home and the spirit is eluding us. But we try. We head outside for snowman making and into town to watch the local parade. 🙂

  236. Christmas music is my go to for getting into the spirit, and this year Michael Buble put out a Christmas album, and so I am in heaven :).

  237. I love listening to, and sipping hot cider while reading a good book by the Christmas tree!

  238. We are doing a Christmas countdown. Everyday we get to see what “Christmasy” thing we get to do that day. So far we have had eggnog, had breadfast for dinner and wrapped presents. The kids love it. 🙂

  239. I’m listening to Christmas music and shopping (on-line) for the kids’ gifts. I’m hoping to start baking soon!

  240. I am getting into the season by listening to Christmas music at work, baking my favorite treats, and turning the Christmas lights on as soon as I get home from work

  241. Reading Christmas stories at night, setting up the decorations, and getting ready to bake goodies. Also taking my 7 year son to the store so he can pick some presents out and donate to a adopted family through my husband work.

  242. Listening to Christmas music, decorating the house, baking Christmas goodies, reading Christmas books to the kiddos. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

  243. I have seen White Christmas the movie AND the live stage production in the past 2.5 weeks, my apartment is all decked out with lights and a tree, and I am working on my christmas music list on spotify now. I love December! I also love Smuckers. and this blog. 🙂

  244. Tree is up, most of the presents are wrapped, doing our advent calendar every morning. Unfortunately, my little hand mixer died the week before Thanksgiving, so no making cookies for us this year. 🙁 I am hoping for a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas!! (Fingers crossed!)

  245. I’m deep into my Christmas gift-making madness, desperately working on a new crocheted afghan for my littlest who loves them, and trying not to think about the jammies I need to make…for all 5 of us! Eek! 🙂 But I love every bit of it.

  246. Oh I need this…I can taste it already! We have been watching Christmas movies almost every night! This weekend we have a full line up: Pilgrimage to Bethlehem, A Christmas Story play, Church dinner, and parade! Throw in me randomly quoting Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear…” Yep, we’re completely and totally in the Christmas spirit!!! I love it!

  247. started playing christmas music around the house. that gets me into the holiday spirit fastest. hope i win! <3

  248. I have been baking different cookies for a Christmas cookie wreath for my little nephew who thinks he’s cookie monster! My husband and I are also getting decorations up this week and listening to lots of Christmas music!!!!!

  249. This year I have found my Christmas mojo! Last year was a dud. My boyfriend was struggling with serious health issues (later diagnosed as MS) and Christmas only went forward for my two sons. What a difference a year makes…This year I’m weeks ahead in my baking and have most of my candies done, almost all my shopping done…I even went home on my lunch hour today and decorated my kitchen! I’ve NEVER seen those jams either, but I’m sure they’re the best like everything else Smuckers puts out. Merry Christmas 🙂

  250. We get in the spirit each night by lighting our advent candles. We’ve baked cookies, decorated the tree, set up the nativity, and rock out each afternoon to holiday tunes!

  251. Tonight I am taking my boyfriend to see the tree at Rockefeller Center for the first time, and we will grab hot chocolate and go ice skating on the weekend! I love the holidays!

  252. I’ve got the tree up, the stockings are hung, and the presents I’ve ordered online (because is there any other way to shop anymore?) are arriving daily! I’ve still got baking and candy-making to do, but I sure am feeling Christmasy!

  253. I’ve got my tree up and the house decorated. We are listening to Christmas music all the time too.

  254. My Christmas cards are almost ready and as soon as we move those decorations are going up! I’m also anxious to start some Holiday Baking with my six year old daughter. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

  255. Our work secret santa gift giving is really getting me in the spirit! The falling snow outside my window right now helps too! 🙂

  256. We are hanging out with friends and family while we make Our Best Bites sugar cookies! It is seriously the BEST sugar cookie recipe I have ever found and so easy to make. Yum!!

  257. Going shopping for gift for friends and family,turning on the Christmas music. Makes it a little more festive with the snow on the ground!

  258. Walking around waving my arms around to Christmas music in order to practice conducting skills (especially cueing) for upcoming Christmas Concerts! And of course, spending waaaayyyy too much money on candy and stocking stuffers!

  259. I am watching a Christmas movie as we speak. I love all the made-for-TV Christmas movies that are on each year. My DVR is full of them!

  260. I already decorated my tree. Earliest I’ve ever gotten my act together. And I found the station that plays Christmas music. Been listening on my drive to work. 🙂 Love it!

  261. We’re thinking about getting our first real Christmas tree! And I made two batches of fudge already. Jam cookies? Yes, please!

  262. listening to Christmas music
    lots of family traditions (story every day, doing acts of service to earn ‘hay’ for the manger we have, etc.)
    The decorations.

  263. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by doing LOTS and LOTS of baking! One of my favorite things to do normally, but it just explodes this time of year.

    1. And I remember that exact Gilmore Girls episode! Lorelai tried to make up some story about it being made by an illiterate French orphan – so great

  264. I also wish jam didn’t have so much sugar. Although, one year my husband made some jam with sugarless pectin. I think my words about adding sugar to taste got lost in the rest of my instructions. So he didn’t put any sugar in the raspberry jam. It was soo sour!
    Anyway, that jam sounds really good. We’ve been listening to lots of christmas music and enjoying our first real pine tree.

  265. I am getting prepped for all of my holiday baking. I went out and bought cookie tins, gift tags, all of my baking ingredients and even sprung for a couple of silpat liners this year to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

  266. Trying to teach the true meaning to our 2 year old, making fun candy and starting to get the decorations going!!

  267. We do an advent-type of thing every night that includes a song, scripture, and poem or story. We also play holiday music on our internet radio station any moment we can!

  268. My husband and I have been singing Christmas carols at the piano in the evening before going to bed. And I’ve been reading the book “The Spirit of Christmas” which is a compilation of short Christmas stories by several authors, one of whom is my mother, Cheryl Barker!

  269. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by listening to “Now That is What I Call Christmas” mainly for the first cd with all the “old” Christmas songs. I love it! That and taking my kids to Santa Village to make merry and give to those in need.

  270. I’m getting the house ready to host a Christmas cookie making party! Of course the house would be ready faster if the stomach flu would leave it already! Thanks!

  271. I’m planning my neighbor gifts. It’s so hard! I have about a million things I’d love to cook/bake and share with them. I also listen to Christmas music during my planning time at work.

  272. We baked apple pies and took them to our local fire station to say “Merry Christmas and thank you for your sacrifice” to the fire fighters. Of course, the little tour of the station and fire truck were a nice treat to my son.

  273. We’ve been opening a Christmas book a day. Just borrowed a bunch from the library and wrapped them up, and the little ones LOVE it.

  274. Playing christmas music and getting ready for our Christmas trip to be with the family in Northern California…and wishing that I get to win this fun basket of goodies (esp. with the 13th being my birthday).

  275. Oh man. And lorelai told the story about the jamstress. Hahaha. Im finishing up a christmas quilt for the holidays– and as my hubs LOVES brow ans crackers and jam, this would be rad.

  276. Christmas is my favorite Holiday of the Year….so MERRY CHRISTMAS. I am in the season, I have my tree all decorated, my mantle, my kitchen and other things. So have a cherished holiday with your Family like I am going to do.

  277. At this moment i am prepping for the youth groups week 2 advent lesson on peace, but i have done a lot this week. I have watched christmas movies while cleaning and working on projects. I have also listened to a ton of christmas music.

  278. I turn on the tree every morning, turn on my favorite Christmas Pandora station, and light my spicy candle. I am not a candle person but Prego with 4 kids has the Scrooge in me fighting to get out.

  279. the usually baking and shopping, but I also have been buying new christmas cds for myself to increase the holiday magic in my home. 🙂

  280. Packing up the kids and giving fresh baked artisan bread to the neighbors. Some jam would be awesome to go with the Christmas we are sharing! A good way to get into the spirit for our family is to gather our old coats and take them to the women’s shelter so they can see how giving makes a difference.

  281. My daughter and I are going to see The Nutcracker this weekend. She’s only four, but she loves to dance, and has watched The Nutcracker on video. I hope she loves it as much as I think she will!

  282. the list is really never ending…. Christmas music, chocolate turtles, wraping presents, preparing 12 days of Christmas for the love of my life, baking a million CTWM cookies to give away to neighbors in those adorable tin can treats idea that I got from YOU, and making a list of all of the candies and good yummy things I want to make and gobble right up out of the pan, and getting Christmas cards ready for those we love.

  283. I have been baking up a storm! I love Holiday baking! Nothing else helps me get into the mood better than being in a warm kitchen listening to Christmas music and whipping up a fresh batch of cookies! Tis the season!

  284. I am busy making cookies and candies to sell and hot cocoa mixes and pancake mixes to give as gifts! And I really wish I had that new jam right now for one of my cupcake orders! (I use berry jam mixed with stuff as a filling) Thank You for this fun opportunity! :o)

  285. My kids and I have been baking baking and you guessed it, baking! they are loving passing out treats to their friends and neigbors.

  286. I’m busy finishing sewing doll clothes, decorating, and baking. One of the cookies I make are my Husbands favorite, a thumb print butter cookie with jam in the indentation. Doing little thing’s that only I do, for my family and friends is what put me in the Christmas spirit!

  287. I’m getting in the Christmas spirit by making all new stockings for our family. We had a new little baby a few months ago, so I decided to just start over so we’d all have matching stockings. They are turning out adorable and making me feel very festive.

  288. Decorating usually gets me in the Christmas mood, but we have also made it a tradition to visit the ‘Festival of Trees’, where all trees are decorated and donated and sold, then all the proceeds go to the Primary Childrens Hospital.

  289. I’ve already decorated my tree and turn on the lights every minute I’m home. I’m also looking forward to a Christmas baking/treats marathon with my mom and sister soon!

  290. An advent calendar (German style, with a little chocolate for each day) – and yes, I have one too, not just my teenagers! Slowly getting the house decorated. Reading scriptures which prophesy of the coming of Jesus. Planning what to bake this weekend. Wondering when I’m going to get my cards mailed!!

  291. Party planning!!! My son was born on Christmas eve and he’s turning four this year 🙂 He love, love, loves baked brie with jelly wrapped in puff pastry! We serve it every year for his Christmas eve/birthday party/dinner. Always a big hit. Can’t wait to try it with the Orchard’s Finest this year!

  292. We have our decorations up, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and wrapping presents!!!

  293. I’ve had the Christmas music blaring since before Thanksgiving. Neighbor gifts are up and going! I even put a Christmas tree up in my classroom, and draped lights over my chalkboard:)

  294. I have been making lots of sweets- cookies, cake, and brownies…. plus shopping, tree decorating, and lots of sweet pics of my baby boy.

  295. We’ve been slowly introducing our 2 toddlers to some of the classic children’s Christmas movies and I feel a little more festive with each one.

  296. I’m home at my parents house for the holidays this year. I am looking forward to some time off to buy presents, decorate their tree, and bake christmas cookies with my mom! I absolutely love holiday spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves) so I plan on lighting a bunch of candles all month and letting the warm scents fill the house!

  297. I’m making lots of cookies. I made two batches of your cookies yesterday and they were delicious!

  298. Christmas cookies this weekend! Super excited! This is me and my husbands first Christmas together and it is fun to mix our two families traditions!

  299. Yipee! What a fun giveaway! We are playing lots of Christmas music around here, put the tree and decorations up last week, and are having a fun baking day with my kids’ grandma tomorrow (to make Christmas cookies).

  300. My favorite way to get into the holidays is make some yummy hot chocolate and turn off all the lights except the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music!!

  301. I just finished putting up all my Christmas decorations. Usually, it’s a one evening kind of event. This year it took 3 whole days because we had to squeeze it in between school, hockey practice and church functions. It’s all finally up and I’m happy!

  302. Yum!! What a delicious giveaway. I love to set up my collection of nativities from our travels in the US and Foreign. Also, love to look for new recipes for Christmas Breakfast with our family. There is one that has been a staple for almost 40 years but others come and go.

    Have a God Filled Day

  303. We have the cutest advent calendar that me and my sis made years ago- every mornng I try to talk my 2 yr old into being excited about it- and we watch Rudolph every night!! Gotta love it!!!

  304. We have been making lots of crafts, cards, and tags. I love it. Next week I will start the baking 🙂 O-my favorite time of year!!!

  305. We are going caroling with friends and while caroling deliver plates of goodies, fruit, and a cup of soup and bread, to widows and widowers in our area. We always come back come back to our house and share our goodies that everyone brings and have hot chocolate. We did this growing up and always caroled “redneck” style. We would pile into the horse trailer and go place to place. So fun and great memories.

  306. Amidst baby preparations (I’m due Dec. 27th), I’m trying to find the time (and energy) to get our tree decorated with my 3 year old. It’s been up for a few days now, it just needs the “stuff” on it!

  307. I’m gathering supplies to make sugar scrub for gifting and I’m making an awesome Christmas ribbon wreath — time consuming, but I’m so hoping the final results are worth it.

  308. Putting up our pencil tree this year! No room for our full-sized one. Plus there’s always delicious holiday BAKING!

  309. I’m just now starting to get into the Christmas spirit…tree and lights will go up this weekend, and the classroom won’t be decorated until next week. Yikes, it’s coming quickly!!

  310. I’m just entering the goody-making phase of the holidays. The peppermint bark rice crispy treats are on my list and I’m really excited about them!

  311. Having an open house to welcome friends and family. . homemade goodies and a grand fresh cut tree!! AND Michael Buble Christmas cd.. Now if I can just get it all done!! hehe

  312. These look so good I need to check if my grocery store carries them. This year we had our first baby, so we’re enjoying starting traditions of our own. So far we set up the Christmas tree and decorated the house.

  313. I love this time of year. I am getting in the holiday spirit by reading my children a Christmas book every night before bed time. We get a new Christmas book each year to add to our collection. So fun!

  314. Tonight we are going to see our community Nativity display. They are beautiful nativities from all around the world! Nothing helps me feel the real spirit of the season. Thanks!

  315. The holiday spirit has been slow in coming for me this year. I am in my final semester of school and will graduate next week- as long as I finish the research paper I should be working on instead of reading this blog! I haven’t had a lot of time to think about the holidays yet, but last week my friend gave me a recipe for the most delicious toffee I have ever eaten and I made a batch and hid it from the kids so that I could eat it all! Everytime I have a piece I feel like a little bit of Christmas is melting in my mouth! I’m looking forward to making a whole lot more and sharing it with my neighbors so that they can feel a little holiday joy, too. After all, the Christmas spirit is better felt with a little chocolate to go along! And some jam would taste really nice with the cinnamon toast we traditionally have on Christmas morning!

  316. I am getting into the holiday spirit by decorating my house! I love the lights on the house and the tree and everything in between! 🙂

  317. I’ve been singing a different carol each day — finding the music and singing through all the verses. Such good messages in the verses we don’t usually hear and of course, the main verses are old favorites.

  318. just opened a box containing a fresh balsam fir wreath that i ordered from a child who was going door to door to raise money for a missions trip! because we’re going to FL for Christmas, we didn’t put up our tree. the smell instantly put me in the Christmas spirit!

  319. Just trying to get through one more week of school finals, then I can let the holiday spirit set in!

  320. Decorating the house, attending Christmas parties, and getting my daughter excited about Santa. She is 2 this year and finally getting the whole idea of Christmas. Super fun 🙂

  321. I played violin in 3 performances of the Messiah last weekend, and my oldest sang in 4 choir concerts. This week, we cut down the tree, and we hope to get it decorated. We’ve had donut holes and hot chocolate, sung carols together, and now we’re fighting off an early germfest (croup and strep are hitting hard).

  322. We are gettin in the Christmas spirit by packin it up to head home to the bay, while listenin to Christmas music and rockin around the Christmas tree! Good times!

  323. You crack me up with you glass jars. Anyway we are getting into the Christmas spirit by doing little acts of kindess everyday. I sure enjoy your site. Merry Christmas ladies.

  324. Right now we are getting ready for Christmas by celebrating new jobs, decorating trees and cookies, and counting little blessings every day!

  325. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by being almost done with Christmas shopping!!! It’s bringing a great amount of cheer into this house. I’m so glad I just have a little wrapping to do each night and a lot of baking and cooking which I enjoy. I’ve been picking out recipes for weeks!

  326. Listening to Mariah’s “all I want for Christmas is you” while perusing Christmas cookie recipes!

  327. I am listening to Christmas music galore, enjoying doing an advent calendar with my little one, and spending way too much on Christmas gifts for her! I love this time of year!

  328. I did more shopping online today (my favorite way to shop – free shipping and no lines!) and I’m getting my daughter ready for her Christmas Ballet Dress Rehearsal. They’re dancing to Michael Buble’s “Holly Jolly Christmas”. The dance is so cute and always makes me smile (they’re 5) and I just love Buble singing my Christmas songs. 🙂

  329. Mmmm, that’s looks really good. I would love to win this giveaway.

    right now I’m working on a baby name plaque for a baby. I’ve painted it and am sanding the edges to look distressed. Can’t wait to see it come together.

  330. Plugging in the Christmas lights when it gets dark and watching my son’s eyes twinkle with delight every time!

  331. I am trying to live through finals week before I can get excited about Christmas! Shopping and cookie baking to begin asap!

  332. I’m knitting a sweater as a gift for my 3 year-old daughter and very soon I’ll be making goodies for goody plates to give out to friends. 😀

  333. I’ve been wrapping presents and making hard candy and buckeyes. Next week is fudge and toffee! 🙂

  334. I can’t say I’m that festive feeling yet. I’m doing my best by listening to music, reading kids their Christmas books. I’m getting there bit by bit.

  335. I’m printing out a ton of holiday dessert recipes and getting my baking lists ready for the holidays!!

  336. I will be spending the weekend making some of my favorite holiday treats to share with everyoneI know! I am looking forward to my home being filled with the smells of Christmas baking!

  337. Getting ready for the holiday spirit by; the music of course!! In the house, on the phone, & in the car!! Loving it! 🙂

  338. Tree is up and cookies have been made! We have been reading the Christmas story with our kiddos and rehearsing for the church Christmas program.

  339. well .. the past few days I’ve been sick, so today I’ve been shopping on Amazon 🙂 but Sunday we took the kids to look at Christmas lights and this weekend I have making Christmas goodies on the to do list, hopefully it can get done.

  340. I’ve been making messes of cut-out cookies and construction paper nativity scenes with my 2-year old! And feeling very festive while listening to him constantly singing his rendition of the Little Drummer Boy 🙂

  341. I am getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating the house with lights, setting up the tree and baking cookies and watching christmas movies with the little ones. Also just attended my daughters Holiday concert and that really put us all into the spirit of things.

  342. Today I am adapting your candy corn sugar cookie recipe that I love, to make little candy cane cookies, which I will mail to my Air Force son who is deployed.

  343. I am currently getting in the Christmas spirit by baking and constructing a gingerbread house, we do this every year and the girls love it!

  344. I take my grandkids and great granddaughters to an annual event in KC called Christmas at the Lake… and they have zillions of lighted displays all around the lake… our tradition is to take the kids reallly late soo we can drive really slowly and watch all the owls in the trees lite up and the “electric snowball fight that goes over the car… it is wonderful and that is the start of Christmas for us!!!

  345. Once or twice a week (beginning last week) my boys and I are making a different kind of Christmas cookie together. We put half in the cookie jar and freeze the other half. The plan is to bring out our assortment of cookies on Christmas Eve! I decided to do this because every year I wish I had made more of a variety of Christmas cookies, or had not made them so early in the season (because we ate them all and then had none on Christmas!). It’s been really fun so far!

  346. We are getting the house decorated and in a day or two we are making holiday candy. This is something my husband loves to do(he discovered last year making candy is fun).

  347. Our family is keeping things pretty simple this year so I have been doing extra community helping activities with my Camp Fire group and loving it. Nothing like a group of 5 to8 year old doing community service and making little gifts to give to those who need a pick me up!

  348. Christmas carols fill the apartment and I am making a DIY cookie platter so I can fill it with fluffy sugar cookies to share with family and friends! 🙂

  349. Spending the days decorating our home, shopping for gifts and listening to Christmas music! So excited to celebrate the birth of the Christ-child!
    My baking starts next week – Smuckers would fit right in! 🙂

  350. I made up some “Smell of Christmas” simmering potpouri. I love it it makes my whole house smell like Christmas!

  351. We are putting together a quick Christmas party / Open House before my son leaves for Brazil next week!

  352. Nothing is better to get you in the mood for Christmas thana 5 year old son that is LOVING the season more than ever! Every bit of it to the tree, making gingerbread house and everyday looking for Chippey Elf! Tonight we start reading Christmas books under the Christmas tree!

  353. We are remodeling our kitchen, so my world is a mess right now!! I got the hubs to put up few lights outside anyway! I am listening to Christmas music to get me in the mood…..

  354. I’m preparing to host a Mother-Daughter Christmas Luncheon! Doing lots of baking and listening to Christmas music while preparing!!

  355. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by shopping!! Even though we haven’t even begun decorating for Christmas yet, we have been busy shopping for our loved ones.

  356. Just pulled out the advent calendar and opened up all 8 of the first few days at once 🙂

  357. I am so with you about adorable jars and bottles. Love that. Sometimes buy a product just because it looks so cute. So I would love to win this prize.
    And of course love the jam.

  358. Well it all started baking your very own WHITE Chocolate Peppermint Mousse Cake for Christmas church dinner and needless to say i had no left over of the cake and tomorrow making peppermint bark rice krisp treats tomorrow!! Also made the chicken and wild rice soup in love with!! I just love all the recipes in the calendar 2 out of 12 recipes so far two thumbs up!!

  359. One thing I have done to get in the Christmas spirit was to anonymously give a gift of money for a little boy I know who has Luekemia. I forgoed getting some of my other Christmas gifts so that I could help give this boy the gift of life.

  360. We are baking lots of cookies for the families of kids undergoing cancer treatments at our local hospital. It’s an annual tradition in our house.

  361. We get out the decorations together as a family and start decorating! Kind of looks like Christmas threw up in our living room with a 3 year old helping…gotta love Christmas time!

  362. Finishing up decorating by getting out the ladder and putting up the high stuff, garland, stockings, etc.

  363. I have been making ornaments, making Christmas decor always gets me into the spirit. Thanks for the giveaway

  364. Wrapping sweatshirts for 2nd graders at an elementary school in poor section of our city. Our children are grown and gone…love to shop for these little ones! Next on the list, bake date pinwheels which is a tradition in our house.

  365. We’re reading Christmas books (and ordering new ones!) constantly. We also switched our bedtime songs to Christmas ones. And we bought everything we saw in Costco that was peppermint flavored! That was an impulse….

  366. I put up the tree and will decorate it this weekend but, my favorite thing to get out is my collection of Nativities. I only have a few but I love each one and can’t wait to display them around my home.

  367. Normally I go all out for Christmas: baking, decorating, gifting. But this year I’m prego and ultra sick… so I’m enjoying looking at the Christmas tree my husband put up and scarfing sugar cookies with my 2 year old. Not too shabby.

  368. I am getting in the Christmas spirit by reading Christmas books to my children and playing Christmas music. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  369. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by decorating the house with Christmas lights, stockings, a tree, etc.

  370. To get in the holiday spirit, I’ve been wrapping presents and watching Frosty the snowman with my kids! I would love some jam…but if you chose someone else I’ll love you anyway! Thanks for all the fun ideas — we’re making your frosted sugar cookies this week!

  371. I am getting into the holiday spirit by hosting my 11th Annual Cookie Exchange Party (lots of baking) and listening to Christmas music.

  372. Wow, that jam would be good to have on some toast while we put up our christmas tree this weekend. Starting to decorate to get into the holiday spirit.

  373. I have a Christmas tree candle melting until I get my real tree…and I am trying to get all of my handmade Christmas cards together to be mailed out!

  374. Just read Anne Voskamp’s Dec. 7 post at She shared how her young son asked a piercing question “What are we getting Jesus for his birthday?” that altered their traditions. Now they choose to sacrifice something in order to contribute to a charity.

  375. I am getting ready to print out address labels for my Christmas postcards (that I just had copied and cut) and enjoying reading in my freshly decorated living room next to the tree.
    PS. We like to have toast with PB and cinnamon. French toast with PB and syrup is good too. One of my daughters likes PB and cinnamon in her lunch each day.
    Oh, and our area Nutcracker ballet is this weekend and my husband and daughter are in it, so I’m pretty busy backstage and listening to the score over and over again. =)

  376. Well trees up all decorated and family winter pictures are displayed. Decorations are spread through out the house. I decided this year to wrap the gifts in a more creative way. I wrapped a gift to look like a snow man, the other like the front of santas coat, a gift bag painted with a string of lights and two gingerbread girls dressed in a candy cane themed dress. Would love to be able to add a pic to show the creativity that had been happening in my home!

  377. My family has started our Christmas baking for the year! My sister and I spent the entire weekend last weekend at my mom’s house baking all of our favorite Christmas treats from our childhood and adding in a few new ones that sounded too irresistible to not try! I’m heading home again this weekend! My parents’ brand new freezer is full of our Christmas goodies to hand out to family and friends!

  378. Today I went through all my recipes and made a list of old favorites and new yummies I want to try. Our work (and shopping ) is done for the year so it is time to clean up, decorate up, and eat up !!!

  379. The kids have made it very easy to get into the holiday spirit. Listening to Christmas music on the way to school, reading Christmas books every night, the nativity calendars and holiday crafts. It is fun to be in the holiday spirit with them!

  380. We’re getting into the holiday spirit by putting up our cmas tree today. I know it’s “late” for some people, but my first sweet kitty I ever owned passed away right b4 Thanksgiving (after my mom passing in August, and my dad passing in February), and I still have a hacking cough chest cold from Thanksgiving that just seems to linger, so I’m happy to even figure out what day of the week it is!

    BTW, I’m always excited about jam and preserves that use sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. It would be better if I knew whether it was cane sugar or not, but I also just LOVE the adorable little jars. I know for absolute sure we’d eat the blueberry, triple berry and tart cherry…the rest might be better savored by gift recipients 😉

  381. The lit up Christmas tree always puts me in the mood for fun! Then getting all my lists in order and checking things off one by one… yes, I am a bit OCD. 🙂

  382. Christmas will be pared down this year, since baby is due any day now. But we have an advent calendar and are making candy pretzels just like we’ve done in years past. Fun giveaway!

  383. I am getting into the Christmas spirit by seting up for and making centerpeices for my church Christmas party, although becuase I’ve been doing that I haven’t put my tree up so I will be very busy decorating all weekend!

  384. baking with my daughter (she’s 10), trying new recipe’s. I like to have all the Christmas lights on and candles lit with a fun Christmas movie in the background as we attempt something, trying not to make a mess and giggling when we do.

  385. Attended Christmas concert on Saturday which sets off the season. Started Dickens, Life in the Year of Christ. Made your delicious fudge to take to a neighborhood gathering and will assess all activities to make sure they aren’t busy work but things that will bering family and friends together.

  386. I’m getting ready to begin my holiday baking. Oh I am volunteering at the Salvation Army Christmas distribution center this weekend 🙂

  387. I love getting in the holiday spirit. I’m still finding things to decorate around my house. I love going out and Christmas shopping and seeing all the store decorations. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  388. Getting into the Christmas spirit started happening when our family hung our ornaments on the Christmas tree. Each year everyone gets one that had special meaning from the year. Fun to relive old memories.

  389. We have a list of Christmas activities written on a large piece of paper — it’s taped to our basement door, right in view of our table, so we see it every time we sit down for a meal, and then we discuss what we’d like to do from the list that day! 🙂

  390. Compiling my shopping list for the goodies that I want to make for others. Updating addresses on my mailing list and sending out our Christmas cards. Since we just moved, I’m trying to come up with a creative way to push aside the moving boxes so we can bring out our Christmas decorations.

  391. Oh, what a great giveaway. Thanks for a chance.
    I am actually taking a break from mixing up Christmas cookie dough. I have made 4 different batches plus a pan of fudge. That is how I am getting ready for Christmas.

  392. Writing out Christmas cards; shopping for family members presents… Helping my grandma with her little tree in her apartment… it’s all cheery!

  393. My Christmas gift shopping is done, so now I’m getting in the mood by working on my Christmas Day menu (yum! It’s a day to celebrate life, family, good will and good cheer for all!) – Happy Holidays!

  394. I started “getting ready” in October with Christmas music and shopping. We decorated inside and out and put up our tree after Thanksgiving. Then, we went to several parades and craft fairs. Next on the agenda is the Nutcracker ballet and a hayride through Tanglewood Festival of Lights! I heart Christmas!

  395. Christmas shopping at the mall with friends, Christmas music playing, kids musical program at church, small town “old fashioned Christmas,” house lit at night by Christmas lights……the season has begun and I love every minute of it!

  396. Buy making holiday cookies of course :c) Got the tree up & the inside decorated. Just gotta get some lights up outside & wrap the gifts! great giveaway! thanks :c)

  397. Today we are celebrating my husbands birthday so holiday spirit has been put on hold, but tomorrow I will start back up again with a day of simple crafting with some friends!

  398. Already started giving away your homemade fudge/fondue to neighbors last Sunday. The tag said “Merry Christmas! Fudge & kisses, the Hough family” 🙂

  399. Rushing to finish doll clothes for my granddaughters’ Christmas gifts. Then I can begin baking Christmas goodies and making yummy home-made candies.

  400. If you like putting honey on your toast you should try whipped honey!

    As for how I am getting in the holiday spirit, I just put up my Christmas tree, and will be wrapping presents to Christmas music, while I play the fireplace DVD on my tv complete with fireplace scented candle!

  401. I’m getting in the holiday spirit by singing and performing with the Chorale….
    Yes, we need a little Christmas, right this very minute . . .

  402. We just got back from a Western Caribbean cruise, so I’m struggling with the idea that Christmas is just around the corner (my brain is still on a white sandy beach with clear blue water splashing around it). I am blasting Christmas music like crazy, and digging out the decorations so I can get at least 1 tree up. Three Christmas parties next week should help the situation some. 😀

  403. Putting together gifts for neighbors and friends, enjoying the “advent calendar” (twenty-four Christmas socks hanging from a rope with a treat or activity in each) with my kids.

  404. Staying up late making Christmas presents while listening to Josh Groban’s “Noel” cd in the background, and my Christmas lights and nativity lit up. Oh I love Christmas!

  405. Putting up decorations. I do most everything in hot pink and lime green. It makes it fun and it slightly strays from the norm.

  406. Decorating my tree and apartment helped get me in the holiday spirit. Also, I’ll be doing some holiday baking this weekend as well. That always helps too!

  407. The grandkids and I have been making cookies for our neighborhood gifts. There’s nothing beetter for a holiday boost than spending time with grandchildren.

  408. My apartment block has a rule against real Christmas trees. So this weekend i am getting into the Christmas Spirit by smuggling the best smelling, most Christmas inspiring real tree into my suite…in the dark of night…after which I will make hot chocolate and gaze proudly at my rule breaking fraser fir…ha ha ha. Happy Holidays from Winnipeg!

  409. I’m planning our Christmas menu and trying to prep as much as I can in advance. Good food definitely gets me ready for Christmas.

  410. I am listening to Christmas music, Michael Buble’, while decorating the house and checking Pinterest for hand print gifts to make the babies parents at church!!
    I’m Jammin for Jam!!
    Thanks for the giveaway even if I don’t win!
    Merry Christmas

  411. I just made cinnmon bun caramel popcorn and handed it out to my kids teachers for the holidays. They all loved it and have even asked for recipes!

  412. I am making Christmas cookies and burning Christmas-scented candles to get me in the holiday spirit!

  413. I love shopping for the perfect gifts for people on my list! I’ve been making a list & shopping for it for the last 2 months!! I love this time of year!

  414. I play Christmas music, decorate the tree and attend the holiday music program at my children’s school. I love Christmas so it’s not hard to get into the spirit.

  415. We are watching holiday favorites like Frosty the Snowman and new shows too like The Elf on the Shelf. Speaking of the elf, I have been super busy repositioning this thing every night but it has so been worth it to see the look of delight in my daughter’s face when she finds it each morning. Looking forward to getting our tree and decorating this weekend. 🙂

  416. Yesterday we put more ornaments on the Chritmas tree. Today I have rearranged the Nativity my 5 year old son keeps moving around like action hero’s…. Made fudge and am now on my way out the door to make the ruffled Christmas tree skirt that I keep seeing pop up on Pinterest. Good times! :)Pam

  417. I am getting into the Christmas spirit in the following ways:

    I have put out my Santa Collection
    I have been listening to Christmas music.
    I have been Christmas shopping.
    I enjoy reading emails full of recipes and decorating ideas.

  418. Reading blogs about Christmas ornaments, traditions, etc.
    Also, we have a scripture advent going with pictures of parts of the nativity every day in December.

  419. I am making gifts while Christmas music is playing in the background.Wrapping special gifts with little tags I am making too.Just enjoying the days before Christmas.

  420. My husband and I decorated the tree last night while we had Christmas music playing and were enjoying hot chocolate! My husband said we couldn’t decorate unless we had the hot chocolate!

  421. What am I not doing to get in the Christmas spirit? Parties, shopping, cinnamon rolls to neighbors and friends, stories with the kids, and enjoying the lights and decorations.

  422. We finally got the lights on the tree, making cookies, listening to Christmas carols on the radio and getting ready for our daughter to come home from her freshman year at college!!

  423. Some really angelic neighbors are playing secret santa to our family. We are very grateful and since we’re already getting presents we’re really trying to be more nice than naughty.

  424. My house is all decorated (my hubby says he feels like Kris Kringle threw up in our living room) and I am holiday baking my little heart out! 🙂

  425. I am getting ready to make homemade candy. I have a great recipe for microwave peanut brittle.

  426. I am playing Danish Christmas carols, on utube, that remind me of days long ago, and making Christmas goodies.

  427. We have our decorations up and are trying something new this year. I made a countdown to Christmas link to put around the tree and written on the inside of each little link is an activity to do as a family for the day. They range from making snowangels to drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace! My kids LOVE it and I love that it is bringing us all a little closer!

  428. We decorated our house like never before this year. We have family and friends visiting us a lot this month to share the Christmas cheer with each of them!

  429. I’ve set my christmas music into my computer’s playlist and put up the tree and the lights. I will start preparing some of my favorite traditions such as salmon balls and crab wontons. I wont be spending christmas with my mother this year and so what better way to keep her tradition going strong

  430. Have been busy decorating with the family. Made gingerbread men as well this week. Getting ready to have a little party for my kids and their friends tomorrow…we’re making gingerbread houses! 🙂

  431. I love this time of year. So much fun stuff to do. One of the things I do is make treats (this year was salted caramels) and bring them to all my neighbors along with our Christmas card. It’s a fun way to personally wish all my neighbors a Merry Christmas 🙂

  432. Baking cookies, candy making, christmas music, making plans with family and friends. Try to enjoy all of it because it will be gone before we know it.

  433. I’m trying to get into the spirit by finally decorating my tree. We’ve had so many other expenses lately that Christmas just seemed like another expense, so I’m getting my priorities straight and trying to focus on the Spirit of Christmas, not the materialism.

  434. Since we are a homeschool family, I decided this year, with my 7 children, to make widow baskets for those belonging to our church and a few neighbors. So many friends have given to us these past years, I thought it be time we do the same in return 🙂

  435. Well, I am trying hard to get in the spirit but it is difficult. I am a widow and have been alone for a long long time and Christmas gets harder every year. I will be alone this year also. I keep myself busy trying all the different recipies and I have a neighbor who is alone also so I share what I make. Probably want win but it has given me something to do. I really love getting your recipies.
    Merry Christmas.

  436. made gingerbread houses from scratch for the very first time. My 5 year old decided it was snowing and covered his with royal icing!! So fun.

  437. We finished decorating the tree last night! That combined with our Elf on Shelf, Gingerbread, has definitely gotten me into the spirit!!

  438. Ooh – we love Christmas at our house (and some jam, too!) We’ve got the tree up and decorated, gifts wrapped and sitting temptingly under the tree, Christmas music playing, movies waiting to be watched, packages arriving in the mail, good food cooking, temperatures dropping … it definitely feels like Christmas around here!

  439. I bought new monogrammed stockings this year and we have several new ornaments on our tree, so it has been fun seeing our house more festive than it has been for the past few years at Christmas.

  440. I’m doing an advent with my 19 month old daughter and every day she wakes up and says “mallows!”!(marshmallows) and wants to look in the advent to see if there are marshmallows in it today. Love it!

  441. My husband and I are going to England next week and will gone for nine days. Because we’ll be away from home for such a large chunk of this all-important month, I knew that I’d have to really make an effort to get into the Christmas spirit as soon as Thanksgiving was over. I think it was right after we finished eating Thanksgiving dinner, I started nagging the husband to get our Christmas tree and decorations down from the attic. Since then I’ve listened to holiday music and had our tree lights turned on every day.

    ALSO, as a consolation prize (because touring England just isn’t good enough by itself) we’ll be visiting several towns that really go all out for Christmas. There’s a market in one town that has holiday booths set up all month selling seasonal foods and…other stuff (can you tell I’m really only interested in the food part?). And in another town, there’s a castle that does special tours just for the month of December to show how ye olde riche folkes celebrated Christmas.

    This is gonna be the best Christmas we’ve ever had! And a basket of jellies would make it just that much better. 🙂

  442. I spent my free evenings and Saturdays, wrapping gifts at them mall for a fund raiser for Habit for Humanity. My family decided not to do the commerical Christmas this year.(Yes, that means not putting up a Christmas tree) My kids are older and would rather not spent their time putting up and taking down decorations. I work full time and so we all share in the tasks around the house. We are celebrating Christ’s birth. So instead of shopping and buying things we don’t need. We are all donating our time to serving others. We are also donating food bags and giving to various organizations that need help. It is a different Christmas for us but it is a lot less stressful!

  443. I am mailing my Christmas cards tonight! After the cards are out, all I have left to do is enjoy the season 🙂

  444. This year we decided to try a totally homemade Christmas. It has been very fun and sometimes challenging. So right now we are making barns and horse stables and trying to keep the work hidden from our kids. I would love to give away a croissant basket with jam. (I don’t usually eat jam either I do the honey.) Thanx for the idea.

  445. We finally got our tree all set up – – the tree with the coordinating ornaments. I love setting up a fun tree too with all of our homemade ornaments, and hope to to that this weekend. Having the tree lights on and Christmas music playing is the best way to feel the holiday spirit at home!

  446. Made some yummy Christmas sugar cookies per request of my 2 year old little girl and then had a Christmas dance party with her and my 4 month old baby boy! I just love Christmas! It makes me happy!

  447. Where do I start? I think I really feel the Christmas season when I make holiday presents with my children. We have made Carmel’s, have the ingredients for marshmallows and are marble painting cards this year! Joy!

  448. I’ve got a pine scented plug in going…just to make me think my tree is up…which it isn’t but it sure makes me want to do it soon. I’ve always had a real tree…never artificial!

  449. We’ve been reading books and having Christmas related FHEs. Just got out the Christmas decorations – – I’m behind!

  450. I am 5 weeks away from giving birth to my first child and being that this is a blessing (due to my age and being a cancer survivor) this is a REALLY special time for me. I am definitely in the Christmas spirit!

  451. Lots of baking going on — getting ready to pack for my trip to Toronto to bring my family home to Texas!!

  452. I’m getting in to the Holiday Spirit right now by filling the room with Christmas music at work. I’m singen’ along to these awesome Christmas jams and dancen’ like it’s Christmas day! =)

  453. I’ve been in a big “jam” trying to get ready for Christmas! ha ha My kids are off track from school so I can get absolutely nothing done! OH Wo is me!

  454. Holiday spirit is in full swing here in Oklahoma(just down the road from you) and has been for weeks now! Baking up daily loaves of fruit studded quick breads(with Smuckers Finest for a glaze!) to deliver to the elderly in local nursing homes. As well as baking the gingerbread people with the 5 yr old grandson. He is loving finally reaching an age to help out and to learn all the Christmas hymns! This is the best Christmas ever.Winning would just top the tree for me! : )

  455. Having a mug of warm mulled wine, listening to Christmas music and doing my internet shopping! Ho, ho, ho!

  456. I went to a performance of White Christmas last night, it was great! Mostly just shopping so far but looking forward to my daughter’s choir concert next week.

  457. I decorated my tree the weekend before Thanksgiving and started listening to Christmas music, even though I got complaints from my family!:)

  458. We have our tree and decorations up and have been singing along to Christmas stations on Pandora and in the car as well as reading the kids Christmas books daily. Right now we are watching Christmas movies and baking our first round of Christmas cookies. Yum!

  459. We have the elf on the shelf, Christmas count down & are making a different holiday craft everyday!

  460. I am getting together all the stuff I need to make Christmas goody baskets for my loved ones. It’s so hard to narrow down the list of cookies and other yummy stuff!

  461. My car is set to the local Christmas music station, we have our tree lit during waking hours, Christmas books at bedtime, everyday we do 2 advent calendars 🙂 and there is A LOT of baking! Pies, cupcakes, cookies, cookie bars, brownies…. Yummers. Most with “Christmas Sprinkles” for good measure. 😉

  462. We get in the Christmas spirit by decorating the house and doing lots of baking for family and friends.

  463. Went caroling last night, listening to Christmas music on pandora, and hopefully me and the kids will making goodies soon!

  464. I work at an elementary school and the students make it impossible not to be in the holiday spirit. They are so excited about Christmas! It is truly a special time of year!

  465. Been playing the Christmas music since Thanksgiving and going to bake cookies tomorrow with my sister-in-law. In the evening getting together with my MOMS group for dinner and our annual gift exchange. I am making pizzookies with chocolate cookie dough, peppermint ice cream, hot fudge and a mini candy cane garnish!

  466. to get in the spirit…I put on my red robin shirt, was cooking all week long candies for gifts (your recipe for caramels, pâtes de fruits (fruit jellies), marshmallows (chocolate, rose, orange blossom)) and still have to make some mint chocolate bark, coffee truffles, ginger bread truffles, root bear fudge…stop me !!!! or I’m not going have time to prepare the Christmas …

  467. Decorating, crafting, planning family get-togethers & annual shopping trips, and LOTS of Christmas music.

  468. A little crafting, a little Christmas caroling to the radio, a little time spent shopping with my daughter. A little addressing of envelopes, baking of goodies, keeping of secrets and giving unto others. And a whole lot of prayers of thankfulness.

  469. Today I got into the Christmas spirit by making your chocolate peppermint cupcakes in a jar! I made these last year, and they got rave reviews. So I couldn’t let this year go by without enjoying them again!!

  470. Getting into the spirtit this year is tough, since we received bad news about my father, and I am to far away from my family to help out, with all the problems that have arisen because of it. So, I try to get into the christmas spirit this year by finalizing my christmas menu, this is the first year in our new house, and it is the first time, that we are hosting for the whole family (in-laws). But the thing I most look forward to, which will get me into the whole christmas mood is, baking cookies with my three girls in a couple of weeks, (to which I will invite the mother-in-law, since she wants to bake cookies with the girls, but her baking abilities need a little help. This will be a huge undertaking, since I am not only planning to bake cookies for my family, but also some for the in-laws and my new neighbor, both of them have a sweet tooth, but are very limited with their baking abilities, so I might as well help them out and spread a little christmas goodwill.

  471. We are a week into our Christmas advent activities. To it we are putting together a care package for my niece who is serving a mission in Peru. I love that my kids are excited to open the envelope every morning!

  472. Making lists, lists and more lists….what my kids want to bake this month, what gifts needs to be bought…pretty much all of them, what still needs to be done before the big day…of course with christmas music in the background!

  473. Baking, getting crafty w/ my glue-gun, listening to Christmas Music, all while enjoying a little eggnog!!! Fa la la la

  474. Got my Christmas cards out last night and am making some cute nativity sets out of wooden blocks later today.

  475. I am busy wrapping presents and sending out my Christmas cards today. I also popped into Target and picked up some of those yummy Christmas Cadbury treats!

  476. I just finished decorating my house and baking a ton of fudge. Next up, planning the menu for Christmas Eve Dinner.

    I love Smuckers Jam and I would love to win this giveaway. Since my kids prefer PB&J almost every day for lunch, they would flip over all of these different jam flavors.

  477. Trying to finish up my Christmas shopping online…and making cookies after the kids get home from school.

  478. Doing a little decorating each day while playing Christmas carols loudly! Rehearsing twice a week for our Christmas choir concert. And, tonight we are going out to dinner with friends and then to see Straight No Chaser.

  479. I think the better question is what am I not doing! We have advent candle lighting every night before bed, we have our advent good deed chart kickin, carols on in the car, a Christmas movie in the evening and now it freezing here (at least for a few days, Im sure it will be 80 degrees by MOnday). Love just sitting staring at our Christmas tree!

  480. I am decorating, baking, and each night we read to our children a Christmas story by candlelight. I love the Christmas season!

  481. I just helped my mom wrap “Gammie Jammies” for all her grandkids. She does the wrapping and lets me tie on the ribbons. Feels very Christmas-y!

  482. I listen to Christmas music and have all the classic Christmas shows on my DVR. I’m getting ready to bake some goodies, especially since my youngest will be home from college next week.

  483. Nice gift! I am a jam lover, so this would be very welcomed. Today, to get in the holiday spirit, I put out all the lighted lawn ornaments – 2 spiral trees, 1 twiggy, glittery tree, 2 rope light presents, a rope light train, some white reindeer, and a bunch of little snowmen. And all of this when it’s 30-ish degrees (yes, I’m nuts!). I’m sort of surprised that they all work as it’s been a few years since they’ve been used (we weren’t in the mood last year after losing my mother-in-law, father-in-law and grandmother in the span of 3 months. So it’s wonderful to have the cheery decorations again!

  484. I’m investing in charitable agencies making an effort to have a link between the person I am giving in honor of & the gift I “give”*; trying to be more mindful of others who are in need in addition to getting special gifts for my loved ones. (Give to a food pantry in honor of someone who has a job and able to provide for their family; give for a child to go to school in a 3rd world country, in honor of your child’s education; options are unlimited!! Here’s one: )I’m also going to try to cull out closets and donate items to help people who can use the “stuff” I’m not using.

  485. I’m making gingerbread houses with my friends!! 😀 And listening to Christmas music, which we are all singing along to (and terribly out of tune, I might add).

  486. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit. I do have the car radio set on the 24hr holiday music station and I think I have caught my favorite movie (A Christmas Carol – George C. Scott) 3 nights in a row, but I haven’t even brought out the christmas decorations yet 🙁

  487. Geting in the holiday spirit by crashing the christmas tree to the floor…almost did it a second time! Watering an overloaded and unblanced tree is not too holly and jolly! Making sugar cookies tomorrow 🙂 Good cookies always help the “grinchies”.

  488. To get into the holiday spirit I am listening to Michael Buble’s Holiday album and making some christmas decorations. I love christmas time!

  489. I am making a lot of candies and treats to take to family and friends. And of course last minute gift shopping!

  490. How am I getting into the Christmas spirit? Slowly! I’ve managed to set out my advent calendar, and do a little shopping (mostly on-line). I need to tidy up a bit in order to make room for the tree. Maybe I just need to make my family sit down and watch “The Bishop’s Wife” or “Last Holiday”…

  491. Christmas cooking, reading the Christmas story from the Bible and singing carols- some of our favorite things right now.

  492. I am making homemade bath scrubs to give away for Christmas and burning a B&BW Christmas candle. 🙂

  493. Holiday baking, Snow angels making, Christmas is in the air……
    The fire is roaring, Shopping bills soaring, Neighborhood treats to share……..
    Waistline expanding, Family is landing, Heavens blessings are none to compare.

  494. We’re getting into the holiday spirit with our advent calendar and the seemingly endless process to get all gifts wrapped in time.

  495. These would make great gifts to go with the scones I make every year (Vanilla and Vanilla with Chocolate Chips)!! I will be shifting to baking mode starting next week.

  496. Been sick but have started to wrap because I can do that sitting down. Been shopping online. It’s fun to get all those packages.

  497. We finally got up our Christmas lights and have been making an advent calendar with our girls! So fun 🙂

  498. I get the urge to renovate some part of my house…..crazy I know, but I listen to Christmas music the whole time!

  499. My husband and I are getting into Christmas with our advent calender. Each day has a note or an activity to do that either of us wrote. It is so fun and we take turns opening each day! I love this time of year. I also LOVE JAM! I hope I win!!

  500. This website makes me so happy! Everyday I watch this site for fun exciting recipes and ideas for the holidays. I have a list of things I have been inspired to make for our holiday get togethers and with my two sweet daughters. Bottom line…..I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!

  501. YUM! My office is decorated…is that close enough? Can’t decorate the house until next week when I am on vacation. I have cats and they like to be very naughty when I am not home, so it really works best for me to put up the decorations when I’m on vacation so I can watch their every cat like move. ha ha. Oh wait, I forgot, I’ve already watched two Christmas movies and I’m watching a third one tonight! hee hee 🙂

  502. This weekend, I’ll be starting to bake cookies for a small Christmas Tea Party next week. I can’t wait to bake another batch of your beautiful sugar cookies with glacé icing!

  503. I am cleaning up after fixing a princess dress for one of my daughters’ gifts. She won’t leave the house in anything but a princess dress. I found one at a garge sale in pretty good shape; well I guess anything would be in better shape than the one she currently wears everywhere!

  504. We are getting into the Christmas spirit by doing anonymous acts of service for people. It has been a challenge getting the kids on board, which is one big reason why we *need* to be helping others – the kids need to be a part of it to learn about compassion and Christ-like love.

  505. We have christmas decor up in the house and will be going to our local botanical gardens next week that are all done up in lights! Very festive!!

  506. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all of the great recipes and other fun ideas.
    Today I finally started to decorate our Christmas tree…it’s been “up” for the last week, but I haven’t gotten to the ornaments until today. We also put up the advent calendar that has little fabric characters that visually tell the story of the birth of Christ. We got to put up eight of them today, and it was so fun to see my 4-year-old really get into the spirit of putting them up!
    Other ways of getting into the Christmas spirit…I’ve been preparing some fun things to send my kiddos that aren’t with me right now for the 12 days before Christmas. I hope they enjoy it!

  507. Oh, my goodness, my 91 year old father loves Smuckers. I definitely will give him this goodie. I am so busy sewing up last few presents for family and friends. Seems like good intentions of starting earlier in year never work out. Got my fingers crossed!!! Love your cook book so much!!! Sharon

  508. I am doing shopping for a friend who has six children (3 are special needs), and they have had a rough time lately with a serious illness of one of their children and a death in the family. So to help take the stress off her, I am doing all her shopping (food, gifts, wrapping gifts, etc). I much rather give than receive but would love the Smuckers give away…

  509. Baking cookings, hanging ornaments, lighting up the house, knitting a stocking, and singing all of my favorite Christmas songs!

  510. I am making my Christmas baking list right now! I love baking lots of goodies and giving them out to friends and family. Gotta share the calories!

  511. Those jars are adorable! I am getting into the Christmas spirit by doing our Christmas ornament scripture Advent with my kids. Each night we learn something else about Christ’s birth in the Bible. 🙂

  512. I am trying to enjoy moments with my kids without stressing over the details. Shopping is almost done and that’s a big stress reliever.

  513. I’m having a tough time getting into the Christmas Spirit today. I have a case of the grumps. Maybe carols will help?!

  514. It’s hard getting in the Christmas mood this year, there’s no snow to be seen in Utah! I’ve been listening to Christmas music, but really need to start decorating! At least my shopping is done. Today is DS’s 11th birthday and I’m determined to get the tree up as soon as we finish the birthday festivities. PS – We love Jam! Haven’t tried this kind yet!

  515. This bottles are so cute. What gets me into the Christmas spirit is reciting “The Night Before Christmas” to my younger grandkids while making cookies.

  516. The tree is up and even lights in my kiddos bedroom. But for me, Christmas Spirit really kicks in when I put the Christmas carols on full blast and hit the kitchen to make toffee with chocolate. Yay! Happening this weekend!

  517. We have Christmas music and Christmas movies on, hot chocolate and scones!! Yummy, yum, yum!

  518. we are making a popcorn chain for the Christmas tree today, going to see the lights at temple square saturday and i’ll be spending the weekend making treats for neighbors and my husband’s coworkers!

  519. I’m not getting in the holiday spirit because I’m due to deliver my 3rd baby any day! I’m excited but huge, tired and have a sore back. So all my preparations are based on tiny clothes, diaper bags and car seats!

  520. I’m getting into the holiday spirit by baking up some yummy Christmas goodies! This jam would be good to use when making my thumbprint cookies!

  521. I am teaching my daughter how to make fudge so she can start taking it to her fellow nurses. They always appreciate homemade goodies!

  522. Reading a Christmas story each night from a wonderful book my sister-in-law gave me a few years ago. We also sit down together and open the Christmas cards we receive each day and read them as a family to see what everyone has been up to this year. 🙂

  523. I am baking goodies and wrapping presents while listening to Christmas Music on my favorite radio station The Word FM. Thanks, I love jam!

  524. I’ve been busy with work and school, so I’ve only gotten our wreath up so far. But this weekend, we’ll be doing the whole tree/house decorating thing. 🙂

  525. I’m getting ready to start my celebrating by starting to bake cookies! First is going to be Paula Deen’s Praline Cookies and next up will be a new recipe: PB&J cookies!

  526. Listening to christmas songs reminds me of the spirit of christmas everyday. I love this time of year!

  527. I just made sugar cookies (aka shape cookies) with the kids and we’re listening to Christmas Music.

  528. Getting in the spirit by sending “Our Best Bites” cookbook and calendar to a friend for Christmas!!! LOVE the cookbook!!

  529. Shopping, baking, decorating, singing…filling every minute of the day with something Christmas!

  530. To get in the spirit we’ve been listening to Christmas music and wrapping Christmas presents. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂

  531. Christmas Music everyday … kids Christmas piano recitals and chorus performances … gingerbread houses … viewing the lights. December is in full swing 🙂

  532. There is nothing better than Christmas music to bring that holiday spirit as well as all of the classic Christmas movies!

  533. I’m baking Christmas cookies to get into the spirit. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh-baked cookies!

  534. Every year, I make a new advent calendar for my little girl. This year, I made a forest of trees, made of rolled paper, into tree cones. Under each cone, I would place a tiny treat, prize, candy, or a note, telling her there’s a prize under the tree. It has always been a special time, counting the days down to Christmas with her. Always on Christmas Eve, we have a tiny birthday cake, and we Celebrate Jesus’ birthday and have cake on that evening. We have a candle in the middle for her to blow out- and to make a wish for our family on that night.
    Christmas is very special to us, considering we weren’t able to have children, God blessed us with one 7 days after Christmas, 7 years ago.

  535. Christmas music a plenty and an ELF party tomorrow night complete with Stephens hot chocolate, hot chocolate mix-ins, and yummy homemade yuletide ice cream! Mmmmmm . . .

  536. I’m getting my daughter ready for her Nutcracker ballet performance (she’s 5 and playing a Bon Bon -too cute!).

  537. I am listening to Christmas music and cooking up a storm for my Christmas party this weekend! 🙂

  538. I live in Tucson AZ so it is a little harder to be festive without snow or the fireplace burning, but I wear a scarf anyway! I also make the inside of my house feel toasty warm with scented wax burners and baking some of your Ginger Spice cookies. Besides I can decorate a cactus with lights too! While I can’t “Let it snow” here I can’t still dream of a white Christmas.

  539. I am hosting my fourth year of a OCD cookie exchange. There are rules and guidelines………that way no one is shorted out on quality. Happy Holidays!!

  540. We are getting in the Christmas spirit by listening to lots of fun Christmas music, attending our kids Christmas concerts and by delivering yummy treats to our neighbors. We love this time of year– even if it is so cold! 🙂

  541. I’m getting in the holiday spirit by making cookies…lots and lots of cookies. My house smells like Christmas!

  542. I’ve been making never-ending batches of caramel corn to give to all the neighbors while listening to Christmas music (NOT from the radio because they play the same 15 songs over and over!).
    It was funny that as soon as I saw the jar I thought “oooh, what a pretty jar!” and then your next sentence was “Don’t even get me started on the jars.” Yes, you and me both, Kate!

  543. We just had out annual Christmas candy/cookie bake day and we’re going to be decorating our Christmas tree tonight. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaways and fantastic recipes!

  544. I’ve gotten into the spirit by decorating the house! Today I bought fresh garland for our front porch (a first) and also found some WAY cool gifts for my honey. Can’t wait to wrap them!

  545. I am getting into the christmas spirit by listening to christmas music. I also enjoy this time of year because I get to bake for others. I am getting some great ideas from your blog! Thanks!

  546. My cousin got me started on the advent calendar activity thing last year, and although mine is not anything close to as cute or creative as the adorable one here on OBB, my kids love opening a window up each morning to find a piece of paper telling them what Christmas-y thing we get to do that day.

  547. We’ve been listening to Christmas music all day & I made a Christmas countdown chain today with my 4-year-old!

  548. Today we made snowflake ornaments for the Christmas tree. My parents always saved the cute/cheesy ornaments I made, so I plan to return the favor. 🙂 (My boy is almost two, so this is the first of many…)

  549. HAPPY holidays everyone…My grandchildren 8 of them have made bags and filled them with cookies nuts crackers, fruit drinks,coupons for McDonalds,wash cloths, toothpaste, mints, candys,gum. and some with dog food. When we drive around town we hand them out to the homeless. This is such a great time with all of them and they feel so happy to be able to help others out.

  550. Starting my Christmas baking for our first Christmas party next week and watching “It’s a Wonderful Life,” my very favorite Christmas movie.

  551. I am getting into the holiday spirit by eating everything sugary and bad for me possible. Which is why I need this jam, like stat. Thanks a bunch! 🙂

  552. Unfortunately, I’ve only gotten as far as bringing up the boxes of ornaments and decorations from the basement because my husband just had hip replacement surgery and between playing the loving nurse for him, driving him to his therapy sessions and doing all of his daily chores in addition to mine, that’s as far as it has gone. “My plan” is to have the house looking festive by the end of the weekend. I say “my plan” because he’s got cabin fever and has mentioned a “field trip” for Saturday to get “us” out of the house…. ahhh my dear one, he still doesn’t know the elves aren’t the ones who make our house look all Christmas-sy.

  553. Yum – what great ideas for the jam. I am getting ready tonight by doing really easy goodies. Pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and then in crushed candy canes. I am also making Oreo cookies dipped in melted mint chips and vanilla chips. Easiest baking I have ever done!! These are great tucked into gift baskets, or simply wrapped in cellophane and tied with a ribbon for office gifts. Yummy too.

  554. I went Caroling with my kids today to a nursing home. There were (good) tears, laughter, and singing. It was great!

  555. There is nothing like being with young children to help you find & then increase your holiday spirit. All of my children have grown & left the nest so it now falls to my 20 second-graders give me the boost I need. They are so joy-filled…it’s contagious!

  556. I getting ready by trying out recipes I want to use during the Holidays. That way if I run across any missing information or things I don’t absolutely love, I know not to use them!

  557. Lots of stuff….
    Getting the house all decorated
    Lots of Christmas carols
    Going to The Nutcracker with my daughter
    Holiday baking and cookie exchanges
    Holiday parties
    Menu planning for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
    Sending out and receiving holiday cards
    Hearing the Hanukkah story every year on speakerphone with Grammy

  558. I’m still adding a few decorations and tonight I’m going to do some gift wrapping (and nibble on some cookies!).

  559. My whole family is going to get together this Christmas! (26 1/2 of us!) Isn’t this a wonderful reason to get excited! 15 stocking have been hung already,12 more to go!

  560. The kids and I are creating lots of Christmas crafts, giftd and ornaments and i am making MOST of my cards this year….in a week or so the baking and candy making will begin!!!

  561. My Christmas shopping will be done this weekend if I could stop buying things for my son! And my tree is up! Now deciding if we can do the 12 days of Christmas this year and for who!

  562. My family is getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating, baking, cooking up some yummy cold weather bites, and watching all the old classic Christmas shows on tv. Love this time of year!

  563. My shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped and my house is decorated! I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since November! 🙂 (But the decorations didn’t go up til 12/3) 🙂

  564. Decorating the house is a biggie here. I also love to read to my kids the various Christmas books we’ve collected over the years.

  565. It’s still dark in the morning when I have to get up for work, so I light the Christmas tree and sip my coffee. As I sit there I try to remember not to rush, to be patient and that everything will get always does!

  566. Decorating the Christmas tree and making gingerbread cookies puts me in the Christmas spirit. Wrapping presents does too. 🙂

  567. Lots of baking and packaging of cookies for friends, neighbors and family members.
    Tomorrow is the first trip to the PO to mail cookies to my grandson and his parents. Wonder how long those lines will be!?!

  568. We’re getting into the holiday spirit by singing Christmas songs while baking Christmas cookies! All while looking at our lit up Christmas tree!

  569. I spent last week in NYC and seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center really set the holiday season in motion for me.

  570. Pulled out the Christmas stories and made some fudge! The fudge disappeared way too fast so I guess its time to start making more Christmas treats! Yum

  571. I have decided to make gifts for everyone this year (except for the kids cause hello…toys are needed for my sanity) I am making red velvet krispie treats, your Peppermint Bark Krispie Treats, peanut butter balls, sugar cookies with frosting and Lady Gaga inspired gingerbread men/women. Can’t wait! Hope I win…I love jam!

  572. I am waiting until after my granddaughter’s birthday this weekend to really get into the spirit of the holiday. I can’t deal with more than one thing at a time anymore. The jams look great though.

  573. I get in the holiday spirit by totally decking out the house in decorations both inside and out, put on some Christmas music and bake something that smells like gingerbread or cinnamon.

  574. We have been watching classic Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music. Our six-year-old son is also in a local production of “A Christmas Carol” this weekend, so we’ve been having lots of nights of practice to fill our holiday time.

  575. This year instead of spending a bunch of money on presents for each other, my boyfriend and I have decided to donate to all 3 of the local animal shelters here in Spokane. We felt that the animals in need were way more important than a gift that will more than likely be stuffed in a closet by next Christmas. The gift of giving to others will always be more fulfilling! 🙂

  576. Today I decorated the sanctuary in our Church , helped the elementary kids pick and wrap presents for their families and celebrated a good freinds 79th birthday!! (Whew I’m exhausted!!)

  577. Hi girls… I am home recuperating from breast cancer surgery this week… the tree is already up, and boy would I love some yummy jam!

  578. listening to christmas music. looking forward with great anticipation to our church’s christmas eve service…

  579. I to see the lights at “Temple Square” which I just love! Visit friends and family and try to get heartfelt gift for all those I care about. Yes that means coworkers too. 🙂 I can’t wait to watch elf and read the Christmas book. All are mists in getting me in the festive mood.

  580. Honestly, I’ve been in a “Bah, Hum-Bug” for the past two years. Thankfully, I work with Kindergartners everyday and they can make anyone happy. It’s fun decorating, making Christmas crafts, singing songs, and talking with them about Christmas.

  581. Hmm, this one is harder for me since I’m Mrs. Grinch this year. But I am trying to lighten my mood with LOTS of Christmas carols and holiday recipes. I’m going to make pancakes tomorrow with red and green sprinkles. Pretty sure the 2 year old is going to go crazy!

  582. Just went to the annual Christmas Madrigal Dinner benefit for Hospice. It always gets me in the Christmas spirit. And this weekend is the Christmas Tour of Homes to benefit local non profit groups. It’s so much fun touring others’ homes all decked out for Christmas!