Strawberry-Watermelon Slushie {and Ice Pops!}

It wasn’t long ago that I was saying boo to summer weather and trading my oven-free dinners and ice cream posts for fresh baked cinnamon rolls. And while it’s still nice and mild here (hallelujah!) the sun has certainly been shining and I’ve finally been feeling the season.  I know it’s already scorching hot where a lot of you are, so I bet you’ll especially appreciate this yummy slushie drink.  And do you want to know a secret about me?  You all know by now that I can’t stomach seafood, but you know what else makes me nauseous?  Fresh watermelon.  Weird, right??  I love watermelon candy and gum, and everything else, but I have a hard time eating the plain fruit.  So a few weeks ago when I re-shot pictures for this Cutting a Watermelon Tutorial, I was stumped as to what to do with all of that juicy fruit!  I stumbled upon this recipe and it was perfect.  Combing the watermelon with strawberries was the perfect combo and my whole family loved these.  (And then I went and delivered the other half a watermelon to a friend’s doorstep!)

It’s pretty darn simple, and you might already have this stuff around.  Just roughly chop some strawberries.

And juice a lemon

Toss both in your blender along with some cubed watermelon and some sugar,

and blend blend blend.  When its nice and smooth, add ice cubes until it reaches your desired level of slushieness. I think I went for about 4 cups at least.

Pour it into cups and top with an umbrella if you are like me and tiny umbrellas make you happy.


Feeling like a drink now?  Check out other great beverages (all virgin and family friendly!) in our Beverage Section.


  1. YUMMY! We still haven't had the greatest weather yet but I will have to try this once it finally decides to warm up!

  2. What a great idea! My husband and I just bought a huge watermelon and am getting sick just eating the cubes. I'm definitely going to try this.
    Oh, and we do the same thing with leftover smoothies. We freeze them and they're always fabulous!

  3. Love watermelon and strawberries:) I made your Caramel Cake for Fathers Day-total hit!! I posted it on my blog with some variations. Feel free to check it out:)

  4. I have followed your blog for over a year now today decided to read the "about you". Maybe you have posted about where you live before, if so I must have missed it, but I too live in Boise. Love your recipes and especially your "little one" stories as my "little ones" are now all grown. Thanks for the lovely recipes and the stories. Yesterday I made your baked beans, Paula Deen's cous cous salad and Pioneer Woman's Olive Bread. You gotta love blogs.

  5. We made this for our Family Home Evening treat tonight. It was a HUGE hit! My little ones all prayed tonight that the popsicles would freeze-over so they could have them nice and early tomorrow;-) (We live in Phoenix. The libations start early around here in the summertime!) Thank you for yet again another hit recipe. You truly have become my "trusted" recipe site. Others have failed me, but your recipes are consistent winners.

  6. Watermelon makes me nauseous too. It just has weird texture. Surprisingly, this year I have been a ton better. I can almost eat the stuff. I just made a slush similar to this last week. Yummy stuff!

  7. This was so yummy! My kids loved it, and I can't decide which is better-the Popsicles, or the drink. I didn't have lemons so I used limes, it was fantastic!

  8. I would love to try this recipe. DO have a recommendation for popsicle molds? And where to purchase them? LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  9. Stacey- I have a bunch of different popsicle molds and I just buy the cheap kind. You can get them anywhere like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. They only cost a few bucks. I also usually just skip the plastic tops they come with (mostly because I always end up losing them) and buy actual popsicle sticks at the craft store.

  10. I tried this today and it was delicious! I will be making this all the time now! I already told the kids I'd make them into frozen pops and I told my husband that I'll make an "adult" drink for us. Thank you!

  11. I looooooooove fresh watermelon! I could probably eat an entire one if my stomach would allow me to but it usually starts aching after half of one 🙂 This slushie looks absolutely delicious though! Will have to try it out!

  12. @ Stacey: We got some molds at Wal-Mart that are awesome! They have a straw in the plastic top so that when the popsicle starts to melt, they can drink it, instead of letting it drip all over the floor. Love it!

  13. Just made this! Delish! Our watermelon wasn't super-duper wonderful so we added a bit more sugar. Thanks for sharing ladies!

  14. YUM! I didn't have lemons on hand, so I used lime juice instead and it tasted fabulous. It was a bit more tart than I liked, so I added some extra watermelon to sweeten. My kids will love the ice pops!

  15. oh yum!!!! just made this tonight and was quite impressed! i didn’t have any fresh lemons on hand either so used some lemonade i had and some bottled lemon juice. it turned out great!!
    Thanks! i love your website!!

  16. I use crushed watermelon, sugar and lemon juice. Then I put it in my ice cream maker. No need for ice and it’s tastes so much better than a sno cone 🙂

  17. I didn’t have any strawberries, but had some bluberries I had frozen a few months back. I also didn’t have enough lemon juice so I added enough lime juice to get enough. These slushies are so good! The leftovers are freezing in the freezer right now! Thanks for the recipe!:)

  18. I made this today only cut back in the ice and added more fruit. I also added fresh lime juice and lime zest….AAAAAAAMAZING!!!!

  19. This was to die for!!! I just wish I had more strawberries on hand so I could make more tomorrow! My watermelon was getting a tad old and you couldn’t even tell. Yum! Another home run!

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