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So summer is right around the corner–for some of us more than others (my kids are out this week!) Which means that for families, there’s more swimming, popsicles. sleeping in, later nights, grilling, fighting, declarations of “I’m soooooo boooooored!”, and kids asking every 15 minutes if they can have a snack. So while summer is magical and wonderful and it’s amazing to step away from the daily grind for a few months, sometimes you’ve gotta treat yo self. I’ve picked a handful of my favorite summer luxuries and not only am I sharing the things I love, but I’m giving away a box of all these things (plus a few little extra things I love!)

  1. Rodan + Fields Mineral Facial Sunscreen. Full disclosure: I’m not selling this. This isn’t an affiliate link, meaning if you buy it, I don’t get any kind of perk, money, product, anything. I just love it, which was never the plan because I am really not a fan of direct sales. That said, earlier this year, I had tried literally every type of product they make except for Accutane for acne (and I’m in my thirties…I don’t need adult acne in my life) and finally decided to give their Unblemish regimen a shot. It really helped, but I have very sensitive skin and I felt like washing it twice a day with Unblemish was a little too much for it, so I started using the Soothe regimen at night. Between the two of them, it’s slowly been solving my problems.

The Soothe regimen came with a mineral sunscreen, which I didn’t necessarily need because I already had sunscreen in the moisturizer I was using in the morning, but I really love using this during the day (and sunscreen for me is a must–fair skin + fair hair + a family history of skin cancer + a history of burning = no bueno). I hatehatehate just about every facial sunscreen because they feel oily and greasy and make me break out and they stink, but this is none of those things. It’s definitely spendy, but mineral sunscreens just are expensive and this doesn’t cost as much as others I’ve seen.

2. Contigo Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles. Hi, I’m Kate (“Hi, Kate!”) and I’m a water bottle junkie. I have so many, but Contigo water bottles are consistently my favorite, both for my kids and for me (the self-sealing bottles are a deal breaker.) I love these bottles because a) they keep my drink cold all day, even in the heat, b) they’re a manageable size, c) they’re spill-proof, d) they have a little part that snaps over where you drink so if you toss it in a bag or take it on a hike, it keeps the mouth part covered, e) you can drink with one hand, so it’s perfect for the gym or when you have your hands full, and f) it doesn’t make your water taste like metal (which is usually my problem with stainless steel bottles.) This two-pack is a fantastic deal, way cheaper than buying them individually.

3. Raffaelo Almond Coconut Truffles. So a few weeks ago, a friend of mine gave me a box of these and my life has been changed. I’d never had them before, and I’ve got them squirreled away in my cupboards and ration them out like there’s a shortage. The funny thing is that if I were to pick a treat, it probably wouldn’t be white chocolate or almonds or coconut, but the combination of them is a.maz.ing. You can probably find these cheaper in stores (although they can be kind of tricky to find–look with the premium chocolates like the Lindt Truffles)–check Walgreens and CVS (of all places). I’ve also seen them at Target, but at my Target, they’re only packaged in larger boxes with other truffles.

4. Dry shampoo is an essential during the hot summer months and finding the right dry shampoo can be kind of a challenge. I got a sample of Living Proof Dry Shampoo (trial size and full size) in my Ipsy box about a year ago and it quickly became my favorite. Most dry shampoos smell so strong and have kind of a baby powder smell to them, which I’m not super into. I also feel like a lot of times, they’re not doing a whole lot except making my hair smell kind of like a sweaty baby, which is nice on a baby but not so much for me. I love the herb-y smell of Living Proof and yeah, it is strong, but not as strong as others I’ve tried. I also feel like it actually makes my hair less gross. I bought a full-size can of it in November and just barely ran out, so a little goes a long way!

5. The Coco Shea line from Bath and Body Works this year is SO amazing! I’ve been loving Coco Shea Coconut Body Lotion (the cucumber is also fantastic) for my body. Sometimes coconut-scented products take on a weird smell after awhile, but these just smell amazing, start to finish, and aren’t too heavy or too light.

I’m super excited to give a box of my favorite summer treats away, so if you want a box of all these things, leave a comment telling me the thing you’re most looking forward to this summer! When you comment, make sure you use an email address you check frequently in the email address field (you don’t have to leave it in your comment). The giveaway ends Sunday, May 21st at 10:00 pm Central time and the winner will be announced in my post on Monday, May 22nd.

Fine print: This giveaway is NOT sponsored, meaning we pay for the cost of the prizes. All opinions are our own. There are some (but not all) affiliate links in this post. Winner must have a US mailing address.


  1. I am looking most forward to summer for the warm weather. Something about the weather changes your mood entirely. I want you go to the beach for sure and just relax!!! Enjoy your summer everyone!

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