The Christmas Gift Every Family Needs — Circle with Disney

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I have a complicated relationship with the Internet. Obviously, it’s a huge part of my life–there would be no Our Best Bites without the Internet. I’ve made some amazing Internet friends who have become lifelong in-real-life friends. It’s how I stay in touch with my family when I live on the other side of the country and connected (and reconnected) with friends I thought I’d never see again. 

But, spending as much time as I do online, I’m very aware of the dangers that come along with it. I know how easy it is to stumble into something I didn’t want to see (like that time I was searching for a picture of a fleur de lis for my daughter’s Louisiana project for school), how scary the social side of social media can be, how watching silly videos on YouTube can suddenly turn into something not so silly. 

I have a 5th grader, a 3rd grader, and a preschooler and they have had very, very little online experience, mostly because I’m just too scared to let them loose but I also haven’t been able to find a great internet filter. I also know what a time waster the Internet can be (believe me, I know. I’m the world’s greatest procrastinator; if you know I should be doing something semi-unpleasant, you also know you can find me on Facebook.)

We live in a digital world and it’s becoming more and more obvious that my kids need to know how to navigate it. My 5th grader has 3 different teachers and extracurricular activities that all use an online message board system. He’s the president of one of the after school clubs, but his online participation has been minimal at best because the only time he can get on is when I’m there to log in with him. I’m starting to see more and more that we have to have a solution; I don’t want to be the mom who has that kid who leaves home and discovers the internet for the first time and really discovers it because he doesn’t know how to use it responsibly. I also don’t want my little kids stumbling into the dark side of the Internet and not knowing how to get out. It’s the Wild West and I have to be the one to set the boundaries, but I also can’t always be there.

So needless to say, I’m so excited to FINALLY reveal what I’ve been looking for for years now! Check out Circle with Disney, the only gift I can basically guarantee won’t give you buyer’s remorse. It is awesome.

Every family
needs this in their home.

Don’t believe me?
Watch this video clip and you’ll be sold too.


Best part…

It’s on sale today only!

$85.00! (regularly

pic 1

You get to be the boss of how much time your family is online and what they’re exposed to!

4 Awesome things you can EASILY do with

  1. Set appropriate filters for EACH DEVICE. Use the
    pre-designed ones or customize your own.

pic 2

2. Track where your family is spending their
time online.

pic 3

3. Give your devices a BED TIME!pic 4

4. PAUSE the internet! Yes. you. can.

pic 5

Here are some testimonials from Circle users:

“As the father
of four kids from elementary through college age, I am not exaggerating when I
say Circle is EXACTLY the device I have been looking for to control the internet
in my house. Circle truly is peace of mind in a little white box.”
– Wayne

“Circle has
literally changed our lives and how our family spends time on the internet. My
worries of what my children could be exposed to online has changed overnight
by the use of Circle. I can pause the internet anytime making getting chores or
homework done much easier these days.”
-Terra Nyce

makes it easy for me to protect my kids online, monitor usage across all our
home’s devices, and create conversations with the entire family. It’s rare that
something is simple and effective, but Circle is both.”
— Michael

For me, this isn’t really a gift someone wants so much as it is a gift someone needs–kind of like a vacuum. But way better.

To learn more about Circle, see more demos and testimonials and everything it can do, click HERE



  1. Just wondering if you could share your pro’s & con’s for this device now that you’ve had it for a short while. It really sounds almost to good to be true. Thanks!

    1. I’ve really loved it. Sometimes it’s a little glitchy, blocking things it shouldn’t be and stuff like that, but it’s usually an easy fix. Definitely the most customizable of any internet filter I’ve ever used!

  2. My issue with internet filters is that my email (Very G rated stuff in there) gets put in the inappropriate category, even things like OBB. I can’t seem to find something that filters the bad stuff well but doesn’t shut me out of things I use often. How does this do?

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