The New OBB Cook Book, Available Now!

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We’re SO excited to introduce you all to our
National Bestseller!
“Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites”

Isn’t she a beauty??

This book has even more never-before-seen recipes than our last book, and they will stay exclusive to the book.  Here’s a teeeeny tiny sampling.  Seriously, there are SO many great recipes in this book.

Kate and I spent the last year up to our necks in dirty dishes as we created, tested, and fine-tuned some amazing recipes.  And we have a fantastic artistic team who worked on the layout and design of this book.  We love all of the little features and attention to detail that really make it a one-of-a-kind book.  Take the often-overlooked inside cover, for example.  Cuteness.

And like our last book, this one has a removable book mark that snaps right into any page in the book, and it’s got a conversion chart on it!

The book is spiral-bound, but with a hard back cover and the pages are glossy and splash resistant.  There is a photo (and sometimes multiple photos) for every single recipe.

Kate and I love cooking all year long, and one of our favorite things is the change of the seasons and the food that reflects that.  We love cooking with things that are fresh and in-season, and that’s the whole purpose of this book.  It’s separated by seasons:

So you’ll find creamy roasted butternut squash pasta and maple-glazed cookies in autumn, peppermint ice cream and garlic-rosemary prime rib in the winter, creamy asparagus soup and sweet roasted carrots in the spring, and creamy ice pops and grilled meats in the summer.  Sprinkled throughout the book are mini-tutorials on crafts, holiday activities, and foodie gifts, and there’s even a whole section of cupcakes and frostings!

You can find our book at many book stores, but here are some of the major ones:

Walmart and (Every Walmart in the US should have our book in stock, with the exception of the “neighborhood market” stores that don’t carry books at all.)

Barnes and Noble

Sam’s Clubs and Costco stores:  Selected Stores, over 150 across the US

Deseret Book Stores and Deseret


  1. Can you pre-order this on Amazon? I like to get the triple points on my Amazon card by ordering off their site.

  2. I’m so excited! I love y’all’s first cookbook. I’ve featured it on my blog and it’s been a prize for a giveaway I hosted – I always recommend it to my friends to get when they are looking 🙂 YAY! It looks so gorgeous!

  3. So happy this one will have the awesome features of your last cookbook (hard cover, spiral bound, glossy pages, color photos & bookmark) AND can’t wait to try out the new layout of cooking for the season! I’m pre-ordering for sure and hope you magnificent ladies get the spot on the best-seller list you deserve 🙂

  4. OK, I have used and abused your last cookbook. Some of our favorite family recipes are in there! I cannot wait to get this one!

  5. I don’t typically buy cookbooks because I mostly set them on a shelf and they collect dust while I search the internet for the perfet recipe…BUT, since A.) you were all sneaky (ok…business savvy) and put recipes in there that I can’t get on your website (which, let’s be honest, is usually where I end up in my internet searches anyway) and B.) those photos of the recipes made me want to lick my computer screen….I’m all signed up for my pre-order.

  6. Quick question…I’m fairly new to your site 🙂

    Is that the only website to preorder? And once it’s available in September, will it be available in other bookstores? Thanks!

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