The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey and Gravy

You guys, Turkey Day is almost here! If you’re still looking for the perfect bird and the easiest, most delicious gravy, look no further–these are our tried and true recipes that can’t be beaten!

perfect thanksgiving turkey and gravy

Seriously. The turkey is brined, slathered in herb and garlic butter, injected with savory goodness, and roasted. And foolproof. And this gravy is the joy that makes life complete.

Both of these recipes have quite a few comments, so if you have questions, leave them on this post because there’s a greater chance they won’t slip through the cracks! And if you’re still looking for some more Thanksgiving inspiration, poke around in the recipes below and see if any of them grab your fancy!

  • Oreo Candy Turkeys!
  • Roasted Garlic Chipotle Sweet Potatoes


  1. For the last 2 Thanksgiving feasts, I’ve been basking in the glory of Turkey Queen! All thanks to your recipe! For the brining process, we used brining bags(they were by the oven bags). So no bucket and cleanup after. Just brine in this big ole bag and toss it when done. We were always ham people until your turkey recipe came along. THANK YOU!

  2. Perhaps this question is already in the other comments but I don’t have time to read through them all. If you’re cooking extra bone-in breast do you cook it at the same time as the whole turkey? Would it all fit? I have 12 adults and 7 children coming to Thanksgiving dinner and I’m worried a 14 lb turkey won’t be enough.

  3. I’m a HUGE fan of the bag method! I’ve always gotten a Butterball (already brined) and used the bag and had rave reviews. Then last year someone gave us a “farm fresh” bird and I made it the same way without brining. Not as flavorful–definitely needs to be brined!! Butterball in Bag for the win!!!

  4. Made your turkey last year for my in-laws and it was a HIT with a crowd of 50+ (actually made two of them 🙂 Was so excited to share it with my side of the family this year, but they were too nervous to “try a new recipe” for Thanksgiving, so they planned the menu and made assignments while I was out of town 🙁 I was totally bummed, so I think I’m going to treat my own littles and I to a smaller, bone-in turkey breast version that you posted about for Christmas…that way we can at least have a good turkey sometime this year! Plus, I make what we call “Turkey Whirls” with the leftovers…yum so excited!

  5. I know that good gravy needs flour to thicken, but I have gluten-free family members coming for the holidays. Any tips on how to switch out the wheat flour for gluten-free flours or cornstarch?

  6. I made this turkey three years ago when I hosted and looking forward to making it again this year. It is by far the BEST Thanksgiving turkey I have ever had and not only that- actually fun to make and present. The house smelled good for days after I made it. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Your gravy recipe looks awesome but it won’t stay on the page long enough to read it, unfortunately. The page keeps switching to an ad for SodaStream and then back and forth repeatedly. 🙁

  8. Seriously, you are not kidding… it is the BEST Thanksgiving Turkey! I have tried every method for Turkeys… deep frying, doing a brine, slathering in butter, covering with cheesecloth and your method is the best. I did it 3 years ago and my family raved about it for weeks. Then the next Thanksgiving my family asked, “Are you going to make the Delicious Turkey Again?” So that is what it has been called in our house and now I don’t mess with the method, just follow your recipe!

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