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Since Kate is making her way back from the happiest place on earth, and I’m still recovering from having my kids home all day on a 9 day holiday break aka spend all day in our jammies, go on a laundry strike and trash the house spree a lovely Thanksgiving week, we wanted to make a quick announcement today and then we’ll be back in the kitchen cooking and crafting this week.


We are really excited to announce that we’ll be participating in something called Time Out For Women.

What’s Time Out For Women?  Said best in their own words:

“We know it is not necessarily easy to raise happy, righteous families and live as women of God in the 21st century. There are days when your perspective dims a little and you long for someone to remind you who you are and why you’re here. And that is the mission of TOFW—to be one more encouraging voice in this often challenging world.”

I’ve attended TOFW in my own home town and found it so inspiring, entertaining, motivating, uplifting, and just plain fun.  It’s truly a unique experience and Kate and I are thrilled to be presenters on the 2012 tour!

Time our For Women holds events all across the country and we’ll be at a few this winter-spring, and a few next fall:  (UPDATE:  We had told you Harrisburg, PA was cancelled from our schedule, but we will be there after all!)

That’s Ogden UT, Orlando FL, Arlington TX, Harrisburg PA, Denver CO, Logan UT, and Phoenix AZ.  We’re excited to visit some new places and hopefully meet more of you!

Also, right now through December 6th, you can hop on the early bird special and get tickets at a discounted price.  Click on the city you’d like to attend in this link for all of the details.   If you’re not ready to register just yet, you can register later with a group of 4 or more people and get the same deal in a group discount.


Again, don’t forget to to enter the current giveaway by clicking here, and then we’ll have a yummy recipe on Wednesday and a too-freaking-cute-for-words winter craft (using stuff from your fridge!) on Friday.  Happy Monday y’all!



  1. Oh my heck! I am so stinkin’ excited for you to come to Logan 🙂 My mom, grandma, my sisters and I went a few months ago and we vowed that we would make it a tradition!! I can’t wait!!

  2. Oh I hope I can make it! Did they change the Ogden one to Layton. I am not seeing Ogden on the website but Layton is for the same dates.

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